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Kevin Gates -
'Only The Generals Part II' OUT NOW!

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3 Dez 2021



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Comentários 2 226
Duece Poppi
Duece Poppi Mês atrás
Gates kept his word and recorded a vlog
Life of Shaad Gray
Life of Shaad Gray 4 dias atrás
Ha ha facts
She's Tia Pumpkin
She's Tia Pumpkin 17 dias atrás 🥰
james Anderson
james Anderson 21 dia atrás
Aye I was just about to say that. I'm glad he on this type of time
slime drip
slime drip Mês atrás
Fire fr !
Brvzil Ent.
Brvzil Ent. Mês atrás
Phresh Air
Phresh Air 15 dias atrás
It’s not boring to us. We got to see someone change they whole life around. It’s not boring it’s inspiring. Hope you don’t stop and be proud ✊🏽
ASMR Rich Mês atrás
This lit ☮️ Burdock root and sarsaparilla will fire you up too in. The morning ☮️ it’s herbs pertaining to the blood which gives you Iron which =Energy
Stackz Frost
Stackz Frost 6 dias atrás
What is that ? I’m trying to buy it so I could be more healthy
Jennifer Patience
Jennifer Patience 7 dias atrás
Dustin G
Dustin G 19 dias atrás
Spot on. Iron(blood/life energy) is FE on the chart. Fe is faith.
Camary Thomas
Camary Thomas 26 dias atrás
Can you tell me where you get the burdock root from ? I don’t see any on the intl sebi site
GorGeousGalProducts 26 dias atrás
Facts! good advice!
Golden Aura Tarot
Golden Aura Tarot Mês atrás
I appreciate how he is educating us on living a better life.
Golden Aura Tarot
Golden Aura Tarot 17 dias atrás
@Fuckhowufeel504 you replied to the wrong person. 🙂
Fuckhowufeel504 17 dias atrás
& yall groupie asses still gone eat bad
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
Mauda Vercher
Mauda Vercher Mês atrás
I love me some Kevin Gates. It’s him for me. Every flaw and every stripe! This man must be protected at all costs!! 💙
Christine Spencer
Christine Spencer 14 dias atrás
Yeah he has grown to be pretty Awsome
She's Tia Pumpkin
She's Tia Pumpkin 17 dias atrás 🥰
L SAUSEY Mês atrás
Big facts. So many hate him because of his realness. Just like Montana of 300. Both of these men are genius but nobody recognize real anymore 🙄
StreetPharmacist Mês atrás
It ain’t never boring when someone handing out free game I appreciate you gates seriously 💯
Fly and Loc'd
Fly and Loc'd 11 dias atrás
Adam Goodling
Adam Goodling 16 dias atrás
I agree 👍 💯
She's Tia Pumpkin
She's Tia Pumpkin 17 dias atrás 🥰
Afterword with Angie
Afterword with Angie 19 dias atrás
Facts! Never boring. I got alot from be more consistent with my seamoss, that minerals are key, & consistency with discipline can change a person mentally & physically. I LOVE KEVIN!
Spartica Mês atrás 🙏🏻🌇
Michael Rice
Michael Rice Mês atrás
I’ve been coming off opiates like pain pills energy drinks and I started taking the CMOS and a lot of natural greens and that’s from listening to Kevin Gates thank you you’re probably one of the people that help save my life by doing this
Michael Rice
Michael Rice 5 dias atrás
@RosayMula thank you 🙏
RosayMula 5 dias atrás
@Allena Davis I totally forgot about that do you have to take it everyday
RosayMula 5 dias atrás
Been there done that the struggle is real. Eating good definitely makes you feel good I also enjoy soy protein shakes and herbal teas
Renegade77 Killa city chiefs
Don't give up just take it one moment at a time some moments are longer than others. Don't let the bad ones start over
Michael Rice
Michael Rice 7 dias atrás
@Monique Parr thank you 🙏
Lee White
Lee White 6 dias atrás
I start spring semester Monday - needed this to reignite the flame, my 22 year old daughter has always been into Kevin's music, me not so much at first until something about him clicked-in to my spirit. He's a pleasure to watch and learn about. Thanks Bro!
Idont Care
Idont Care Mês atrás
Fasting is the key to a flat stomach. Don’t eat when you wake up, drink your nutrients like Kevin does. Let your body use and burn the fuel from the previous day. Pick a time frame to eat between and be strict about only eating during that time frame. You can eat anything and as much of it as you want if you live this way. Also, walk. It’s great exercise. You deserve to feel your best 🤝
ArayaDay 10 dias atrás
I’m currently doing this plus GOLI lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks and I learned to LOVE TA WALK
Pull up Papi
Pull up Papi 10 dias atrás
Your body doesn’t stop digest food when you sleep.. but to each his own
Vicky 10 dias atrás
@P T can you drink while your fasting or nothing at all cause I wanna try this
Ashley Ivena
Ashley Ivena 12 dias atrás
You’re right
Naturally Gifted
Naturally Gifted 12 dias atrás
Facts! So true!
lexiimonroekiss Mês atrás
I love Kevin Gates!! An image of an evolved man. Following his career and life has been nothing short of entertainment but educational as well. His f-ups he embraces no correction necessary, his growth you either accept or not. But genuinely, I feel this man has put a lot behind his elevation. I’m proud of the man you are and even more excited about the man you will be many years to come. Keep going Great Man!! I see you!! #BWA
She's Tia Pumpkin
She's Tia Pumpkin 17 dias atrás hey babe
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
Chelsea Kay
Chelsea Kay 8 dias atrás
Love Kevin’s energy & when he talks about nutrition! ❤️ He’s on another level with respecting & giving what his body needs.
Kennedy Kellie
Kennedy Kellie Mês atrás
Need more content like this 🙌🏾 love learning bout it all.
She's Tia Pumpkin
She's Tia Pumpkin 17 dias atrás hey Kennedy 🥰🥰
Isabel Imlay
Isabel Imlay Mês atrás
I love you so much Kevin! I’ll watch your “boring” content all damn day! You really have been helping me get through this past year having to cope with my man in prison.. Its hard here without my partner, but no joke you give me strength man on days when I feel like I have none left.. thank you so much for everything you do! I’m telling you, no joke you inspire me to be better for me and for him! Keep on doing you baby! 🙏🕌🤍
JATESSA Jatessa 6 dias atrás
Yes gurl I couldn’t have said this better, my man has been gone nearly three and I’ve been pushing myself to keep finding ways to continue to cleanse my body, mind and soul. Important components I feel very much needed with such a challenging situation. I find this man’s aura to be so refreshing, like you said I could listen to him all day. Of course when not spending phone and video time with My Man☺️
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah 28 dias atrás
Bro...ive been quietly watching your trajectory for round 10 years now. You have a fascinating journey and its been a pleasure and inspiring to watch your progression. Much love, stregnth and blessings to you and your people from up here in Seattle. 💪🏼
Shánese C
Shánese C Mês atrás
Now this is quality content. It’s really not boring it’s empowering. Much respect to you and I love your wife’s channel so motivational. Many blessings 🙏🏾
Monique Slatton
Monique Slatton 28 dias atrás
If your asking who is wife is you don’t listen to his music !! He literally had a song called Dreka. On many of his songs he shouts her out and she is the model for his video Power
Xenia LéAndra
Xenia LéAndra Mês atrás
@Melissa Brown It’s all about business when you don’t see them together. They’re locked in for life. She’s the plug’s daughter that he always talks about. They’re locked in for eternity ♾. He always says it, there’s no leaving.
Spartica Mês atrás 🔉☑️
Oakland559 Raiders1
Haha 😂
Sierra Drakeford
Sierra Drakeford Mês atrás
This wasn’t boring… loved this, you’re giving out jewels 💯 stuff we all need to know right now.
john jones
john jones Mês atrás
Continue to put this type of info out there. Sometime it's not the message it's the messenger. Alot of people would tune in and receive this type of info. ✌
nicolesensoryasmr Mês atrás
You should keep creating these videos. I watched the video of you and DDG, you're very informative. Ppl are interested in health, now. I know I am. You should continue with this type of content.
Beats By Scanlan 1133
I love this! Keep goin Kevin don’t stop brotha 🙌💪🙏💙
Empower Broadcasting Network
This man literally taking time out his day to show his fans that he a REAL PERSON... Gotta respect it... #BigGeneral #Yea 💪💯
Bbeautiful Porsche
Bbeautiful Porsche Mês atrás
Man respect it’s only right to his fans! That’s take out time and money for him… Equal balance of energy exchange… using your platform to make an impact now that’s big!
Wolfy 5Svn
Wolfy 5Svn Mês atrás
everyday individuals wish they cared about their bodies or had the dedication to be this healthy.
ArizonaAkinTv Mês atrás
Shit ain’t boring big bruh keep it coming 💪🏼💯 need to know this shit, I be feeling like shit sometimes and don’t even be living that fucked up anymore so I’m really focusing on my eating too. great to learn about what the body needs
MacLivetv Atm
MacLivetv Atm 3 dias atrás
I learned so much from this one episode I need to start watching stuff like this definitely wasn’t boring keep telling more information people don’t tell stuff like this
Merissa Gibson
Merissa Gibson Mês atrás
This was the most genuine video I’ve seen so far on BRvid. Love how he know what he really needs to be healthy ❤️
E Martinez
E Martinez Mês atrás
Good looking out Kev always dropping them jewels. You 💯 all day! Anything you do aint boring to us you always entertain and your music 💯% 🔥🔥🔥 You a Legend forever. You carved your name in our 💙. Life long and strong KING
Chasing Carter
Chasing Carter Mês atrás
Yesss please drop more “boring” vlogs 😍 love the behind the scenes of your life. Especially this healed / healing Kevin.
Summer Days
Summer Days 24 dias atrás
@Zach Digilio It's sarcasm lol because Gates said it was boring himself lol so we are asking for more of his "boring" content. Don't be so quick to be rude and negative to people. Damn
Spartica Mês atrás
tezzly x
tezzly x Mês atrás
Plzzzz 💯❤️
Brandon White
Brandon White Mês atrás
@Zach Digilio He put "boring", pay attention.
Zach Digilio
Zach Digilio Mês atrás
Lmao if they're so boring then why watch it an give him views hating ass people 💀 😂
Tinley 10 dias atrás
Thank you Gates. This is absolutely inspiring and empowering. I will live a healthy life by your example 🖤
sthside garduno
sthside garduno 20 dias atrás
Definitely want more of the “ boring content” lol keep ‘em comin… please an thank you! Love ya Gates! 🤍😇
Cali Smooth
Cali Smooth Mês atrás
This made me so happy fr fr i was smiling the whole time❤️🙏🔥
Naya H
Naya H 16 dias atrás
I can listen to Kevin all day. You gon learn something or be inspired each time. 💫✨
Elanormalbebe89 Mês atrás
We definitely need more of these kevin man I remember when I first found out about gates a coworker put me on man I was hooked to every damn song he had it was ridiculous ima "make em believe" was my theme song to get to work for a while shoutout to my puertorican brotha makes me happy to see you happy stay blessed 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷.
Baba Jibagte
Baba Jibagte Mês atrás
Ayyy Itsjusme
Ayyy Itsjusme Mês atrás
“Respect” still on my playlist from like 2015
VegazBoyz Mês atrás
Make em believe lol you a REAL fan. That was my shit. That was like 10 years ago.
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Brown 15 dias atrás
Love it.A very positive, loving way to start your day.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Mês atrás
I appreciate how he is educating us on living a better life.
Adam Goodling
Adam Goodling 16 dias atrás
I fucking love Kevin. Always inspiring me. Ty for the tips man. Ima definitely use them!
Diana Mendez
Diana Mendez 9 dias atrás
I’m diabetic type 2 and on a lot of meds that require me to eat with food. But I’ve seen a lot of this kinda fasting and I think ima try it!!! Thanks Kevin
King Mike Network
King Mike Network Mês atrás
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
Dajiana Burroughs
Dajiana Burroughs Mês atrás
This isn’t boring! Please keep doing this. I smile every time 😌
SmokinAce609 21 dia atrás
I ingest all that! It feels so refreshing to see someone in the RAP game coming from the gutter have a healthy regiment like this.. Salute !
Anure McGee
Anure McGee Mês atrás
Kevin 🔥🔥🔥 so powerful because you know, knowledge is power. Thank you for sharing !!! I can’t believe i wasn’t subscribed!!!! Keep these coming !!!!!!!!!!!
Jomanda Odoms
Jomanda Odoms 12 dias atrás
so this is what its like to experience the calm Kevin! Love it. Definitely not boring by any means
Chance South
Chance South Mês atrás
Please keep doing this love this typa content from you! 💪🏻
Candy Washington
Candy Washington Mês atrás
This is so motivational because I have been reading on sea moss. Kevin Gates has motivated me to order some sea moss and try it. I love ❤️ Kevin and Dreka’s positive energy. FYI: I am not a morning 🌞 person either. Blessings to the Gates family.😇❤️😇
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
We Do Recover
We Do Recover Mês atrás
I love it. Keep them coming
Dasha Swindle
Dasha Swindle 21 dia atrás
You definitely the the truth! I love hearing you speak fact’s logic and wisdom. For me you got to make it make sense. You definitely do that for me and I thank you for being you.
Diary Of Yamila
Diary Of Yamila Mês atrás
I’m here for it boo! Love youuu Kevin , you inspire me ♥️
amourlashai 24 dias atrás
We definitely would like more videos Gates on your spiritual journey! It’s the way you explained things to me. It’s the culture for me. 😂 I learned a few things from you in simple ways whereas learning it from you know who. Thank you!
Kris Kros
Kris Kros Mês atrás
You are so amazing ❤️! I listen to your interview a lot and you really help me! I’ve been on my spiritual awakening journey for awhile now and it helps me hearing you talk about yours and you have si much wisdom! Forever a fan love and light
Halo Rose
Halo Rose Mês atrás
As boring as you think your morning might be we loving it because you putting us on some real shit. Health and wellness. Appreciate it sir.
TRAW 25 dias atrás
We need more videos Kevin great content it was definitely much needed 🔥🔥🔥
alana woods
alana woods 17 dias atrás
Keep it coming! This is the type of information we need
Jigaboo Mês atrás
We appreciate you for this gates. I love this 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
iBrayo Mês atrás
Ain't nothing boring about this brother. Keep em coming
Omari Ra Spiritual King 999
I appreciate the knowledge you always give. May peace be upon you and your family. 🙏
CHELSEY LESTER 19 dias atrás
Tiffany Rodriguez
Tiffany Rodriguez Mês atrás
Please please please more videos like this ! Just shared this with my boyfriend , been trying to nurse him back to life . Thank you for this 🤍
AJ Atchison
AJ Atchison Mês atrás
Im here for more videos!!! I started out listening to your music but im intrigued and excited to know Gates behind the music. Keep dropping them videos
Marvin Randolph
Marvin Randolph Mês atrás
Right on Kevin it's good to see you doing it man you already got 7 million subscribers and you just started not too long ago right on bro God bless
Special K
Special K 21 dia atrás
He definitely kept his word...Keep going please!!
lil Darrius
lil Darrius Mês atrás
Don’t down play your morning it’s exciting especially when you can learn from it
Cho tell it like it is
I love watching his live ,or anything he do I just love him
Amena Riley
Amena Riley Mês atrás
Kevin we genuinely love who you are as a person so whatever content you produce will always be supported!💯💯💯
She's Tia Pumpkin
She's Tia Pumpkin 17 dias atrás hey Amenaaaa🥰
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
Miracle Riley
Miracle Riley Mês atrás
Kamari Star
Kamari Star Mês atrás
Yaaas ! We want more. I love the organic life style 💫
Ms Ross
Ms Ross 24 dias atrás
Very informative, not boring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and what you’ve learned and learning. 🌸
KINGY FLAY Mês atrás
Yea….. Definitely keep this coming!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
J Leigh
J Leigh Mês atrás
Def more of your "boring" life. You educate us. Great to see you in such a healthier mental and physical place. You and Dreka are my inspiration to push harder and make my goals realities! My favorite power couple fr
tezzly x
tezzly x Mês atrás
Jon Whitehwad
Jon Whitehwad Mês atrás
Mine too
Victor Alejandrez
Victor Alejandrez Mês atrás
Keep being you! We all love too see it….we need it ❤️
Kae P
Kae P Mês atrás
😂 I love this content. Plz keep it coming!
Tiffany O'Neail
Tiffany O'Neail 13 dias atrás
I just love his voice.. he's so calm
Cori Law
Cori Law 19 dias atrás
Idk why but I just felt such a feeling of pride and joy and inspiration watching gates love himself and his body with this nutritional ritual ♥️♥️♥️
Peculiar Royalty Tv
About to have me waking up early on my day off. 🦅💛💪🏾
lil chris
lil chris Mês atrás
FACTS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Spartica Mês atrás
justin brew
justin brew Mês atrás
Same ....
Fax!! . ..
Dj Gnocchi
Dj Gnocchi Mês atrás
Lisa Teng
Lisa Teng 20 dias atrás
Your words inspire me so much!! You’re my daily motivation '!! Thank you!! Stay blessed and humble! R
TheOnlyKes Mês atrás
Gates really putting us on some gameeeeee I appreciate you sir! I will be trying out this sea moss to better my life #UpInRank
Sherry Dunn
Sherry Dunn Mês atrás
Never boring ..always has something interesting to say
Ben Thorpe
Ben Thorpe Mês atrás
You can tell this guy come up from the bottom and fought his whole way there look at kitchen it's beautiful keep hustling man you made it
Jonathick Mês atrás
Hope we get more of this!
Sparkling Stxar
Sparkling Stxar Mês atrás
GATES!!! I love this video, please make more. Thank u for the game & ill be looking forward to more! 😘
Debbie Swiatkowski
Debbie Swiatkowski Mês atrás
Now this is quality content. It’s really not boring it’s empowering. Much respect to you and I love your wife’s channel so motivational. Many blessings 
s2t88666 Mês atrás
Now this is quality content. It’s really not boring it’s empowering. Much respect to you and I love your wife’s channel so motivational. Many blessings 
Michelle Mês atrás
5:00 I love how patient he is with tearing off that paper towel lol couldn’t be me
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
Summer Days
Summer Days 24 dias atrás
Kevin!! Omg I love you, Dreka and the kids. Thank you for sharing your "boring" content lol I appreciate it. I love health and fitness talks. Very educational information you're sharing and people need to know. Thanks again for being you. Gates for life 💯💜
bobi miiu
bobi miiu Mês atrás
Keep up the grind brotha stay strong mentally man because BRvid comments can get pretty nasty sometimes but you got this 👍 you built different 💯
Bubbleg26 Mês atrás
I love this, thank you for sharing with us.
Chad G
Chad G Mês atrás
Keep it coming Kevin, appreciate you taking the time out to feed our mind with knowledgeable things to help our body
vinny duke
vinny duke Dia atrás
KEEP DOINg this we need moreeee
Jamal Hayes
Jamal Hayes Mês atrás
Definitely glad I took time out of my day to watch this informative video 👏🏾!!!
AJ Blac
AJ Blac Mês atrás
Asalamulakum Kevin we need more of this type of content my brother
BurdensFan Jen
BurdensFan Jen Mês atrás
Yes Kevin we’d love more boring stuff like this from you 😂🤣
Sabrina Gardner
Sabrina Gardner Mês atrás
Need more of this!! Love vlogs with Kevin!
Lacey Bynum
Lacey Bynum Mês atrás
I saw Kevin in concert in Louisville in 2016. Best night of my life.
Henny Naaay
Henny Naaay 8 dias atrás
“You can use any kind of jar, it don’t have to be this jar” lol kevin is so adorable
Doreen Collective
Doreen Collective 12 dias atrás
Keep it coming!!!!💯
Toby Telles
Toby Telles Mês atrás
i appreciate your work kevin. god bless you and your family
Dj Gnocchi
Dj Gnocchi Mês atrás
#ThatPart 💯
Deidra Raquel
Deidra Raquel Mês atrás
Jessica Mês atrás
Im here for it sir!! Yes i definitely fucks with you!!! 💜🙏
momo 2003
momo 2003 Mês atrás
This is great content man🤩 drop more vids like this more often.
Krazy Kayy
Krazy Kayy 18 dias atrás
Kevin energy is giving me “why my wife got me doing this “ 😂❤️
Subie Francis
Subie Francis Mês atrás
This man wasn't lying when he said the vlog was en route lmao. Shout out to ddg for getting him to do this
Donald Mack
Donald Mack Mês atrás
R&G channel
R&G channel Mês atrás
I love it I want more boring content this is the kevin we love to see 😊😆 !!!!
Deandrew Cherilus
Deandrew Cherilus Mês atrás
Keep doin ya thing God Appreciate you n your team💯
SyntaxOnline Mês atrás
wish I could download this and rewatch it everday
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