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GoldenEye 007 is back! Originally released for the Nintendo 64 system, the legendary game is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members on 1/27.

#GoldenEye007 #NintendoSwitch

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24 Jan 2023



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Comentários 3 918
ComiCross 2 meses atrás
Finally!! This is incredible! To see a licensed video game get ported to a video game collection is unheard of. Plus they added online, and widescreen! It really shows how legendary this game is on the N64.
train_go_boom2065 Mês atrás
@ComiCross jurassic park in sega collection
Richard Richard
Richard Richard Mês atrás
@Tommy K22 Extra wiiiide.
Richard Richard
Richard Richard Mês atrás
@Miguel Angelo Sadly not.
Richard Richard
Richard Richard Mês atrás
@lemmingscanfly5 Wasn't there already an Xbox remaster with Daniel Craig replacing Pierce Brosnan?
Paul 2 meses atrás
This, WWF No Mercy, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and Mario 64 are what made playing the Nintendo 64 so special to me.
Maggot McKenzie
Maggot McKenzie 3 dias atrás
If only we could get No Mercy on n64, but they'd have to get around missing wrestlers who either now work for other companies or are erased from history
ProjectSh4dow Mês atrás
If Nintendo were to work out a deal with the WWE, AKI, and the Wrestlers (and the families of those who've passed) it could be possible to get WCW/nWo Revenge/World Tour and WWF Wrestlemania 2000/No Mercy.
Man that no mercy game was iconic I still play the emulator to this day 😂
Onder O
Onder O Mês atrás
Starfox and killer instinct to add. 007 is THE game that made the system so special. 4 controllers, amazing graphics for its time and best of all....FPS. This was a weekend routine for me n my friends for quite some time. Used to get incredibly competitive. Tons of smack talkin and overall just a ton of fun. Man I miss the good ol days. I still play n64 once in a blue moon but it just doesn't have that same feeling. Makes you realize how spoiled we are with today's technology and how unreal graphics and gameplay have become. Nonetheless, a classic for sure.
John Grain
John Grain Mês atrás
True 💯💯💯
B Spencer Nolan
B Spencer Nolan 2 meses atrás
Goldeneye is the greatest example of the phrase, "They didn't have to go this hard" in gaming history.
AMV Labs
AMV Labs Mês atrás
@Richard Joyce "case in point", point in case doesn't mean anything
33LB Mês atrás
@XDarkEcho halo was building on what goldeneye first achieved. goldeneye was really the game that showed FPS could be done on console, and not just PC.
Tim R
Tim R Mês atrás
@XDarkEcho Halo carried the torch
Zack Fair
Zack Fair Mês atrás
The music in this is fantastic. Grant Kirkhope and Graeme Norgate are legends.
Richard Joyce
Richard Joyce Mês atrás
@XDarkEcho both were considered modern for their own time. Halo was just really damn good. If it wasn't for goldeneye though, nothing really would have innovated the genre. Halo was many years after goldeneyes release but there were a good number of people who grew up with Halo
MrDrBoi 2 meses atrás
This game is a classic and honestly, the single player still holds up!
Thy Staff
Thy Staff Mês atrás
Got the GameShark for 64. Unlocked entire levels for play with it on multi-player. Instead of being a run and gun it made it a hide and seek play. Definitely improved the experience.
2Ganons69ing 2 meses atrás
Naiyel Jules
Naiyel Jules Mês atrás
Thank you Rare, Nintendo and all parties that came together and made this possible!!! This game was a huge part of my childhood.
jase276 Mês atrás
@Xavier Williams And they went under because of Microsoft locking them in their dungeon, lol
Beau Walker
Beau Walker Mês atrás
@Xavier Williams Nintendo has some rights to the game too though, I hear.
K-Mart Mês atrás
@Noelio Emerald-Isle same here bro. Lmk if you find out
Noelio Emerald-Isle
@Xavier Williams But can you just buy the game, just for story mode without a subscription on Xbox??... Have a Switch, but don't want a subscription just for one game, even though I have the N64 and Goldeneye up in the attic
Jen Richardson
Jen Richardson Mês atrás
I was born in 85 right when the first Nintendo came out. This was my favorite game growing up. I absolutely loved this game growing up
Alex Lin
Alex Lin Mês atrás
I'm born in 95 so I'm more used to playing newer games but I still love GoldenEye.
SuccessMenu Mês atrás
It's still my favorite game.
Thomas Casson
Thomas Casson Mês atrás
86' here. Right in the middle of Nintendo goodness
John Stein
John Stein Mês atrás
1988 model and I feel you 😅😭 Cheers from San Diego California
Diaz de los Muertos
‘84, here. This game is legendary. Going over to a friend’s house to play N64 usually meant playing GoldenEye. I remember all those cheat codes you could unlock-special rules, like slappers only, or Paintball Mode!
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 2 meses atrás
The music in this game is iconic. I’ll be turning up the volume for this one.
Admiralty86 3 dias atrás
Please spell the sound he makes when he's shot in campaign mode.
FireFlame 10 dias atrás
I put it on my stereo, and blasted the entire game as loud as possible
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Mês atrás
@Sasuke some games I play at a normal volume? I’ve been blasting this music loud on my sound bar. Not bizarre at all…
Sasuke Mês atrás
"I'll be turning up the volume for this one" is such a bizarre thing to say. Do you usually play everything on mute??
Jennifer Franklin
Jennifer Franklin Mês atrás
@RBenG boring af
carl595 2 meses atrás
The memories 😌 wow. Takes me back over 20 years, especially that music 🙌🏾
carl595 Mês atrás
@Null I did indeed! My cousin rented it a few times also, and we used to play it occasionally instead of Goldeneye 😌 Great times.
Null Mês atrás
Did you ever play Perfect dark when it got released? I would rent that at blockbuster before I bought it myself. Turtle sims and dark sims. King of the hill in the complex level. Room to the north up on the top of the area through the hidden grates. Then use the laptop gun on the wall to kill everything below and use the dragon gun as a proxy mine. Best times ever.
G cage
G cage Mês atrás
Used to listen all eyez on me n play this game all nite back in97
Pedro Monteiro
Pedro Monteiro Mês atrás
A classic! This game is timeless!
Multiplayer was the best playing with friends after school back in the day and screaming at the top of our lungs from all the competitive fun this game gave us. The glory days of gaming. So awesome.
Null Mês atrás
This brings me back to my early teen years. WOW, So many memories.
K M Mês atrás
the fact that this has online multiplayer is a childhood dream come true.
willie Scott
willie Scott Mês atrás
@NathanSifuGaming I was so angry with the false advertisement. There’s no match making and I was really expecting that in this day and age . I don’t understand how they couldn’t have pulled it off
NathanSifuGaming Mês atrás
It's not actually, them advertising the online multi-player is actually pretty dishonest. See, the original apparently DID have wide screen support on the N64, and the "online feature"? Yeah it's just the Nintendo Online friends invite only feature, no matchmaking! And to make it even worse, the Nintendo online multi-player is the equivalent of a friend plugging in a player two controller, except they're not in the same room, so you still see the other players screen! It still gets split! I honestly felt scammed by this, if you happen to already have Nintendo online with the expansion, enjoy i guess, but I personally wouldn't buy Nintendo online + expansion JUST for this game.
Dan Hodson
Dan Hodson 2 meses atrás
My entire teenage years wrapped up in one game in a nostalgic blast from the past. What a time to be alive!!
encycl07pedia Mês atrás
@⁎𝐋𝐚'𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚⁎ LMFAO! You think I don't like the original Goldeneye? You really need to work on reading comprehension, kid. 1. As classic as the N64 version of Goldeneye is, it's hardly ageless. Take it from someone who has actually played it this decade: the clumsy aiming alone ages it. 2. I never said it was archaic, either. It's 25 years old and a game that old and fully complete shouldn't be priced for hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you want to play it 10 years down the line. 3. You have to be online to download it and use the subscription. There is very likely an online check-in system to verify you're still subscribed. That's how online subscriptions work. "Banjo-Kazooie being announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate." Wow, kid. You have no idea what actual significant events are. You are just another sad example of Dunning-Kruger.
@encycl07pedia This is an ageless classic dude, and by the way, there's people that's never even been able to play this game, so it's actually asinine to insinuate that this game is archaic just because it's not the most recent game on the market, like as if it's been played universally or something. I'll also give you another fact that you may be unaware of, on the Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack membership, the N64 games and Sega Genesis games are able to be played OFFLINE. Allow me to repeat that, OFFLINE, which means that your switch console (if you have one) doesn't have to be connected to the internet continually in order to play them, which ALSO means that you can play these N64 games AND Sega Genesis games on the go. All of that makes the membership worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. So please, try not to be a spoilsport, you may not be a fan of this game for whatever reason, but this is one of the most unprecedented events to ever grace the video game industry and us gamers right next to Banjo-Kazooie being announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. RareWare games are legendary, arguably as legendary as Nintendo's own legendary IP, which is a remarkably noteworthy achievement within itself. Anyway, I'll stop right there, because I've said more than enough. Peace out bro✌️.
Indeed good times
Jimmy Bean
Jimmy Bean 2 meses atrás
Damn right I vividly remember sitting in front of my tv playing none stop, I miss that era of pure excitement.
encycl07pedia 2 meses atrás
Never ever forget that this is what was promised when they released Goldeneye for the Wii and it was a COD clone without voice chat and the worst online "friend" system ever conceived. Don't pay Nintendo a subscription fee just to play a game that is over 25 years old now.
Kurtis Morris
Kurtis Morris Mês atrás
I used to love playing this game, along with No Mercy, WrestleMania 2000, and Killer Instinct Gold on the N64 back in the day.
Dark Nemesis
Dark Nemesis 2 meses atrás
Goldeneye 007. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I’m getting goosebumps!
Esteban Santibanez: Two-Oh-Plus! The Dolby Fan
@RetroGuy Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64's got a Metacritc's must-play score of 96 out of 100.
RetroGuy 2 dias atrás
Not bad for a game based on a motion picture.
Esteban Santibanez: Two-Oh-Plus! The Dolby Fan
There's no time to die... It's time to prime with Amazon-owned an MGM Beverly Hills studio!
CuteClaire Mês atrás
Great choice of music. This is a classic
I agree I grew up on this game I didn't really see the movies but played this game more so.
Kaiser Etherington
Kaiser Etherington 2 meses atrás
I have never been more excited for a video game port in my entire life!
David Nutter
David Nutter Mês atrás
So many memories coming back. This game was my childhood.
Are S.
Are S. 2 meses atrás
Wow! Finally! At 41 I’m eager to revisit this game that was such a large part of my life at 16. 😁
encycl07pedia Mês atrás
@Kraken 500 "like i bought a car, then i crashed it, so now i can take your car" No, it's more like you bought a car, it was destroyed by lightning, and then the insurance company gives you nothing in return. You're entitled to play games as long as you own them. Nobody loses a car/game. Lightning strikes happen. I'd love to see you talk to people who had their homes destroyed by things like tornadoes: "You shouldn't live in places where cyclonic systems occur, duh!"
Kraken 500
Kraken 500 Mês atrás
@encycl07pedia it's not your copy either, this isn't hard if you have it in the basement or something hidden in a box that THAT is your copy, not something you downloaded illegally and no according to my logic you would be replacing the copy or returning it, not 'multiplying' it, lol how is this difficult, if i buy a car i can't just take someone else's car because it is identical to mine "What happens if you bought 50 Virtual Console games on the Wii, your Wii dies after being struck by lightning. That must mean that you no longer are entitled to play the 50 games you bought and paid for, right? And you think the customer would be stealing if they got emulated copies of those? " YES precisely, you bought THOSE copies, you made that choice, that dosn't mean that you are owed every other copy forever it is your responsibility to take care of the things you decided to buy like i bought a car, then i crashed it, so now i can take your great logic dude
encycl07pedia Mês atrás
@Kraken 500 Who said anything about selling it? If you own it, you own it. It's the same game, dude. It's not stealing. I'd understand if you were talking about paid DLC or something, but the N64 hardly did that at all. "you bought a copy you have the right to that copy, not some other copy" So, by your logic, if you buy a game on disc that's scratched, you can't go back to the store and return it because they sold you a bad disc? According to you, you're ONLY able to have that copy which you purchased. Getting another copy for free would be stealing. What happens if you bought 50 Virtual Console games on the Wii, your Wii dies after being struck by lightning. That must mean that you no longer are entitled to play the 50 games you bought and paid for, right? And you think the customer would be stealing if they got emulated copies of those? They didn't sell them. They didn't sell the Wii. Lightning can wipe out an entire game library and you think it's stealing if they don't pay for the same games multiple times, assuming you can even buy them anymore. LOL!
Kraken 500
Kraken 500 Mês atrás
@encycl07pedia lol you bought a copy you have the right to that copy, not some other copy that dosn't dive you the right to every other copy you have to show that you own it just like when you sell it you no longer have the right to it and the kindle copy of a book becomes stealing when you are copying it it from someone else think mcfly,
encycl07pedia Mês atrás
@Kraken 500 When did I say to use an emulator with a copy they don't own? It's the same game. It's not like they made millions and millions of different versions of Goldeneye that was unique to each cartridge. If you bought Goldeneye for the N64, you already own it, regardless of what hardware you play it on. If you bought it on the Virtual Console, it's yours, too. You'd better tell people with a Kindle app and a Kindle that it's stealing to have one copy on their app and one on their Kindle. You can't do that! It's stealing. JFC, kid. You're not bright at all.
Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham 2 meses atrás
The nostalgia is real
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Mês atrás
One of the best games of all time❤
Notable Savage
Notable Savage 2 meses atrás
Lobbing grenades through the openings between the two giant rooms in the temple onto unsuspecting opponents was the absolute best. That and planting a ton of mines in the bathroom at the facility to trigger instant death upon respawn. Loved it.
Jim Mês atrás
My brother and I were guilty of the prox mines in bathroom too lol, same with all our neighborhood friends.
Saiyan Nation
Saiyan Nation 2 meses atrás
Man i was hoping for a physical copy to own. This game was literally my childhood.
Bingo Baz
Bingo Baz Mês atrás
Also it will be the only game I like on the n64 expansion. Meaning I will need to stay keep my annual subscription just to play one game. Unless they eventually add perfect dark, top gear rally, shadows of the empire and blast corps. I was hoping for a physical too. But tbh I am not really surprised I kind of knew it would just be added to the expansion subscription
Fabio Pereira
Fabio Pereira Mês atrás
Esse game marcou minha infância, sensacional! Um dos melhores, senão o melhor do gênero na época.
Retro Gamer 64
Retro Gamer 64 2 meses atrás
This was peak gaming back in the day when I was a kid. Us 90s kids had a blast playing split screen with friends.
Jim Mês atrás
Nobody was allowed to play as odd-job though
Dogman15 Mês atrás
But the game already has split screen. It's just that it's horizontal, that's all.
im not your friend buddy
@Dogman15 Nimtendo won't sell as many units if they have split screens.
Potatoesfromsaturn Mês atrás
So true. Back then, it wasn't about leaderboards or how good you were. It was honestly just fun playing & hanging out with your friends in the same room.
VGMStudios Mês atrás
Oh it wasn't just you 90s kids that were having a blast believe me.
arkin2263 Mês atrás
I love how this is currently #6 on trending
Bobby Bernard
Bobby Bernard Mês atrás
It’s 4# now
CrazyBlackDragon 2 meses atrás
As a 90s kid, I'm tingling with excitement. But I've since learned not to get my hopes up too high. We shall see.
Eric Wetzel
Eric Wetzel 2 meses atrás
Love this game. Epic on so many levels. Brings back some memories. (Gen X'r)
King Samu
King Samu Mês atrás
Still one of my favorites!
Trent M
Trent M Mês atrás
My cousin and I used to play the split screen multiplayer on his N64 all the time... the nostalgia is strong with this one.
Ashley .Stone
Ashley .Stone 8 dias atrás
Yep. I just texted all my cousins about it and told them I'd they don't play with me I'm telling their mom. We're all in our 30s
Petit Thom
Petit Thom 2 meses atrás
Thanks for putting this ultimate masterpiece ! I hope that Banjo-Tooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day will come on the Switch Online 😁
RetroGuy 2 dias atrás
@Jessie Beck I highly doubt that game will be added to the Switch.
wbs Mês atrás
If Conker gets a Switch release I will buy one immediately. I love the Conkers BFD release on Xbox in Rare Replay but the lack of online play was a letdown. The multi would be perfect for online play especially if it let you swap bots for real players for full online matches. If BFD got a Switch release it would easily be one of the best classic games for online play available.
Ur2ez4me81 Mês atrás
@YM Microsoft too possessive? Banjo was bigger than Conker so I’m not sure why they would hold back on that game.
The Official Pug Channel ( Shrek is a Legend )
@Mira kakarotto un momazo We're not talking about Banjo lmao
The Official Pug Channel ( Shrek is a Legend )
@B The difference is those games are clearly adult ones with a look that won't get kids interested. Conker on the other hand fools parents into thinking it's a kid's game which is why they don't allow it on the platform
Buckie Smalls
Buckie Smalls Mês atrás
Right in the nostalgia.
Be Prepared
Be Prepared 2 meses atrás
Such an awesome game for it's time. Instead of saying "Game Over" if I blew up something essential for an objective, the game just let me roam forever confused. I loved it.
Mac User
Mac User Mês atrás
Ands when you die you have the iconic blood falling with the Bond music playing.
MrCrazychristian86 2 meses atrás
Oh, the many memories I have from this game. I remember the many epic battles that me and my friends had playing this game.
Corey Bruton
Corey Bruton Mês atrás
One of the Greatest N64 Games of All time.
KiNG CARLOSvV 2 meses atrás
This music is so iconic! I do miss the N64 days.
xxflaxxdread Mês atrás
@TroubleMakerBros 😂😂
KiLDiG dot com
KiLDiG dot com Mês atrás
@TroubleMakerBros I like the n64 controller. Its easy to use.
Rob Carnage
Rob Carnage Mês atrás
@TroubleMakerBros you show em bro. really important business you're on.
TroubleMakerBros Mês atrás
@MARIO THE UNDYING ah. the most hated controller is the most inventive but yet that ugly design has never returned in any form. wonder why
@TroubleMakerBros the N64 controller is not supposed to be held all at once, it has 3 different ways to grab it, with the "d-pad, z button, analog stick and l button" combo, with the "d-pad, a, b, c, l and r buttons" combo and the sm64 one "analog stick, a, b, c, z and r buttons" combo
Danny A
Danny A Mês atrás
“what you know about multiplayer on that Goldeneye on that 64?” ♪ such a classic. 1997 here we come!!!
Gustavo Gabriel
Gustavo Gabriel Mês atrás
Nostalgia pura 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Alpha Re
Alpha Re Mês atrás
Soundtrack is absolutely awesome
Pololaguanabana Mês atrás
Tommy Ohlrich
Tommy Ohlrich Mês atrás
FINALLY a modern port of the best game to ever exist. This has been like a decade overdue. Thankyou nintendo/Microsoft for hammering it out with MGM and the musicians for so long. ♥️
ProjectJ 2 meses atrás
Got memories of playing this with my dad when I was a kid. N64 era is so nostalgic for me.
gustavo argumanis
gustavo argumanis Mês atrás
25 years ago, this game's multiplayer was a full addiction in my neighbourhood I realize now that I had a good childhood
MarMax Gaming
MarMax Gaming 2 meses atrás
Man that’s so epic, love the trailer. I just came out with a Top 10 Hardest Goldeneye missions on 00 Agent a couple months ago, I’m glad to see this is going to be on switch online! How crazy is that!
Marcus Fitzgerald
Marcus Fitzgerald Mês atrás
What’s amazing is that this masterpiece was developed by around a dozen people. Also this is a really hard game to beat so prepare yourselves.
Lerpus B. Derp
Lerpus B. Derp Mês atrás
Mac User
Mac User Mês atrás
@The Violet Bunny I wouldn't call it crappy. It worked for games that were in development alongside it like Super Mario 64. Goldeneye got screwed because Rare had to use a Sega Saturn controller instead because Nintendo wouldn't let them see the N64 controller. It was gonna be a Virtua Cop clone at one point.
The Violet Bunny
The Violet Bunny Mês atrás
Especially with these crappy controls Nintendo was to lazy to fix
JB Mês atrás
I’m still dead in the jungle - send help
Jim Mês atrás
That and a little known fact that I didn't discover until last year. They added multi-player at last minute and didn't tell the Company or financers. The rest is history!
Frank White
Frank White 2 meses atrás
Those falling animations are gold.
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze 2 meses atrás
Hmmm. My teenage years... maybe it's best to leave those awesome memories.
Setnaro X
Setnaro X 2 meses atrás
This really needs a separate download/physical version to keep the game preserved for as long as possible. What scares me about this being a download only in a service you can't purchase separately is that eventually it'll be removed from the store.
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez Mês atrás
@slateran and you see, that's my point with emulation. You will always have that insecurity of, is it had the game supposed to play? Or is it because of the crappy emulation? I am happy to spend $100 on a video game to support the developers and let them know these are the kind of games that we want. If you think about it, $100 is very cheap if you think about how many hours of entertainment you get versus everything else on this planet. If you got to the bar with friends you're going to spend $150 on drinks just for one night and you're done. If you try to go fishing for the weekend or if you try to go to a shooting range, it's all expensive. I spent about $50 on movie tickets and it'll be over within 2 hours. So I find it hard to believe how people complain about the price of video games.
slateran Mês atrás
@Alex Mendez for older games yes. Alot of old games are actually 60 fps by default but that's a case by case basis
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez Mês atrás
@slateran wait. Emulation does that?
slateran Mês atrás
@Alex Mendez interesting enough it breaks certain games like ocarina, at least in terms if bomchu physics since they are tied to fps. Sometimes slowdown is actually intentional. I think jak 2 is another good example where higher framrate basically breaks a later boss lol
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez Mês atrás
@slateran Yea that’s true. Some games can be better. I wish Stunt Race FX ran at a decent 60 fps.
BeyondtheHorizon 2 meses atrás
Nostalgia overload! They did a good job with this commercial notice
KIRIYAMA83 2 meses atrás
Que JUEGAZO!! De lo mejor de finales de los 90s
BenjaMan64 Mês atrás
Welcome back, Mr. Bond, so good to see you again. We've been expecting you.
OtDog 2183x
OtDog 2183x Mês atrás
Nostalgia Overload 🗣️🥺
Kohakka Nuva
Kohakka Nuva 2 meses atrás
Finally! After all these years! A dream come true
AL _EvoZ
AL _EvoZ 2 meses atrás
One of the best shooters of all time! This game was amazing even till this day. Welcome back Bond!
Antonio Miranda
Antonio Miranda Mês atrás
@nova _ yeah that be a dream come true cuz that would make a lot of people very happy cuz those times back then the lobbies were always full of people. I used to play till dawn.
nova _
nova _ Mês atrás
@Antonio Miranda seriously man I wish the same, but zero chance Nintendo does this sadly
Antonio Miranda
Antonio Miranda Mês atrás
I also would like nintendo to bring back goldeneye 007 wii online but that won't was also fun
octo Mês atrás
@AL _EvoZ Nah you say that as if it were the only FPS on the N64 when there are far BETTER games that represent that era like Perfect Dark or The world is not enough which is a better 007 game than goldeneye by miles.
SidNightWalker Mês atrás
@Bazooka Tooth you do know that this is still one of the most original FPS games ever made because of how it rewards you for NOT shooting, right? Not that you're actually accurate, if you think iron sights make that much of a difference then you simply haven't played enough of the genre.
GymAndSun 2 meses atrás
Testament to the fans asking for it, definitely wouldn’t have happened without the insane nostalgia and interest
Who else just went full nostalgic mode 💕
Jennifer K.
Jennifer K. Mês atrás
Yes finally!!! As a kid my family used to play this together in the multiplayer, my mom my step dad and little sister, two kids who probably shouldn't have been playing it, one who was like 3 definitely shouldn't have been playing it, all sitting around the tv playing 007 can't wait to do it again!!
Wesley C
Wesley C Mês atrás
This game is a legend, my childhood.
Heinrich Mês atrás
I remember in the 90s going to a buddy of mine's house and watched him play this for hours, even to this day I've never seen the movie all the way through. (I've seen the end of the movie where they have the fight on the satellite dish)
Dustin Blaise
Dustin Blaise 2 meses atrás
Man what an absolute rush of Nostalgia! The music, sounds graphics! Played this all the time when I was a kid. Can't wait to play it again!
SchwiftyPS5 Mês atrás
I had so much fun with the proximity mines when I was a kid.
Alexander Ludi
Alexander Ludi Mês atrás
This game saved my childhood ❤
Hailee Mês atrás
My sister and I were just about to get the old 64 out to play this! Now we don't have to worry about it and we are so happy to see this make its way to the switch!
Birdman Mês atrás
This and perfect dark were as good as it gets back in the day!
Anthony Mês atrás
This takes me back to when I was 4 months old. I only made it past the first mission but it was worth it.
Bruno Lima Dias
Bruno Lima Dias 2 meses atrás
90% of my playtime back then on the 64 was in this game. Even though, I don't remember the ending very well because it was too difficult for me as a child and I mostly replayed the other chapters. It's just awesome having the chance to beat it on Switch this time around. Thank you. ❤️
Andrew Fishburn
Andrew Fishburn 2 meses atrás
@John Giallanza Why would you give them your game if you'd unlocked all the cheats ?
leftyfourguns 2 meses atrás
Bunker 2 and Control were absolutely brutal for us 90s kids. Had to get big brother to take care of those
John Giallanza
John Giallanza 2 meses atrás
I remember the good old days where my friends would challenge me to beat their game and unlock every cheat… They brought in their 64 goldeneye I brought in mine, we traded, and I ripped through the entire damn thing unlocking all 23 codes and beating the game 007 in a day. “All done did you bring my game back” “what no I thought you’d take a while”. The time was 1998, 8th grade, and I was the GoldenEye champ of my friends. Fast forward 25 years, and all the true GoldenEye fans who will be playing this in 2023 are going to be so good… even I’m nervous LOL. Be prepared to get wrecked by folks with countless hours of gameplay and training 😂
Andrew Fishburn
Andrew Fishburn 2 meses atrás
@Bruno Lima Dias Yep. It was remastered for the 360 and it's great. It can also be switched on the fly from the new to the original graphics.
Bruno Lima Dias
Bruno Lima Dias 2 meses atrás
@Andrew Fishburn well, they did remade the game but it was never released. Somebody leaked the game pretty much completely done in 2021, if I'm not mistaken.
Comic Book Deep Dives
This is along time coming! Thank you Nintendo for figuring out the logistics for this!
Satan Claws
Satan Claws 2 meses atrás
As much as I wish you had the remaster this is pretty awesome
Twistedinnocence86 Mês atrás
Nice that older folks like me can relive the glory days and young kids can experience it as well.
Christopher Hightower
this brings back lots of memories. :)
Damien Mês atrás
Love how they showed proximity mines being used everywhere in the trailer for the multiplayer part. They definitely know their target audience lol.
Claudio's Collection
Claudio's Collection 2 meses atrás
NEVER would I have thought this day would come, thank you! This is gonna be my favorite game of the year! Again!!
lilweedoholic 2 meses atrás
NAK3DxSNAKE 2 meses atrás
This is the slickest ad Nintendo has EVER put out. More please.
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
Driving the tank was one of the coolest features of the game at the time.
Jim Mês atrás
I forgot about that!
hugobadmf 2 meses atrás
This is AWESOME, i remember playing this game for hours and hours with my friends, time to buy a set of 4 N64 Switch controllers
Ernesto Perez
Ernesto Perez Mês atrás
I used to play multi on this with my cousins all the time back then. Ahh good times 😌
Rocket TheStarr
Rocket TheStarr Mês atrás
Can't believe it took them this long to release this!
Rich Gray
Rich Gray 2 meses atrás
Can't believe it's finally happening! The nostalgia rush is off the charts. So much fun just messing around in this game.
dylan moya
dylan moya 2 meses atrás
Thundark 2 meses atrás
@A D 🤓
A D 2 meses atrás
Finally happening lol. It's literally the exact same game that we've been able to get for free on emulators for over a decade, also in higher res and frame rate. I wish they'd pulled their fingers out and made some effort to actually improve on the graphics, add to the levels and details etc. They just re-release old classic titles now to cash in, but put no effort whatsoever into doing anything more with them.
NinMar 2 meses atrás
Unbelievable to think of all the legal process that had to go through for the game to finally get re-released once again! PS: Goldeneye 007 is the first Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch Online app game to come with a widescreen option. Would that mean that other games could also have this option in some update?
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez Mês atrás
The only game I can see a widescreen option in is Perfect Dark if it comes to the NSO, which I can see happening in the future. It has a widescreen option like Goldeneye
Daniel W
Daniel W 2 meses atrás
So much nostalgia.
NickMario1 Mês atrás
tomas garza
tomas garza Mês atrás
I was 6 in 1997. I was not even aware of this game's existence until the early 2010s. I did play the other n64 games for years to come, like Banjo Kazooie or Pokemon Stadium, and a similar FPS called "Turok 2". I must say, I'm surprised to find out it's one of N64's highest selling games.
Tiago 2 meses atrás
Best part about Goldeneye still are the OST and sound effects.
Informational Mês atrás
Oh my goodness! My childhood game!!!
Gadget Tron
Gadget Tron 2 meses atrás
The fact that someone is Baron Samedi in multiplayer in this video makes this whole thing a 10/10
V. B. Sr.
V. B. Sr. Mês atrás
Thanks to Goldeneye my five year old son at the time in 1997 was hooked on playing this game. Now he's a software engineer. 😀
MichaelAngelo Palacio
The good old Times!😀
christi land
christi land Mês atrás
Aww man! So cool! My brother and I used to play this on the 64 all the time!!! It will be cool to be able to play it once again
Onyebuchukwu 2 meses atrás
Brings back memories
MZW-STUDIOS!!!™ 2 meses atrás
This really takes me back! I remember this being the only game I played on my n64. I just might revisit this!
T Greg
T Greg 2 meses atrás
@Spruce Mouthman Mario Kart Mario 64, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, NBA KOBE Courtside, Perfect Dark, WWE No Mercy. N64 was a great console it had no business competing with the much more powerful PS1 but it did it fought tooth and nail
MZW-STUDIOS!!!™ 2 meses atrás
@RyanREAX fr
RyanREAX 2 meses atrás
Mischief Makers, Iggy Wrecking Ball, Zelda, Mario, Kart, Banjo, Pokemon, and more
Spruce Mouthman
Spruce Mouthman 2 meses atrás
@MZW-STUDIOS!!!™ oh I forgot one . also nfl blitz!
MZW-STUDIOS!!!™ 2 meses atrás
Fr. it was that, smash and Mario kart for me.
TreDATRUTH 26 dias atrás
This is a Classic 🔥🔥🔥🎯
Alex Rademacher
Alex Rademacher Mês atrás
Man this takes me back.
Shaamya Dishner
Shaamya Dishner 2 meses atrás
Aw Snap!!!! Ya'll tryna get me back in my college mindset!!! I don't know how I got my degree because I was playing this game so much!!
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 meses atrás
I was wondering why they haven’t done more of this
Mac User
Mac User Mês atrás
Either EA or Activision got the Bond license after this. Rareware was gonna make another Bond game but had to make an original IP instead and used the same engine for it. That became Perfect Dark.
Even though I've never played it on the N64. This will be my first time experiencing GoldenEye 007 for the N64.
Maynor Sterling
Maynor Sterling 2 meses atrás
Literally a classic game for a golden era on the video game industry.
Rose Heart
Rose Heart Mês atrás
I love that they played up to proximity mines, I loved those. Probably not enough to make me blow the dust of my Switch(and get it repaired), but it's a nice gesture.
Kareem Ali
Kareem Ali Mês atrás
Wow super nostalgic!
Num1MarioFan Mês atrás
the fact its in widescreen is dope
Delone Hayes
Delone Hayes Mês atrás
I've still never felt the kind of pressure i felt in that games story mode till this day. Even when I knew exactly what to do it was still a sweaty situation.
GojiraXDAN Mês atrás
Wish it could be bought separately but looks like it will be a blast.
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