Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | Jan 22, 2023 | FreeDawkins

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21 Jan 2023



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Comentários 642
Tamuta Mataora
Tamuta Mataora Mês atrás
Curry vs Kyrie has got to be one of the All Time match ups
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
It's 4 to 1wake from your stupor
JACK Liu Mês atrás
no doubt .
Vasilis Neorun
Vasilis Neorun Mês atrás
Kyrie is probably the only PG in the NBA who can go toe to toe with Steph Curry on any night on the big stage.
Dennis kimani
Dennis kimani Mês atrás
@Patrick Archuleta what part of NBA are you watching? He got a ring with cavaliers. Infact he made the winning shot.
Dennis kimani
Dennis kimani Mês atrás
@Patrick Archuleta you mean he doesn't have a 💍 or isn't part of a championship team? GSW is the only championship team 4 now.
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
Wake from your stupor accept Christ
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
@Cameron Powe on the contrary if you play for your self and not for your teammates your are like Satan thinking he is all that he knows he is nothing more than ashes.may u wake and find Jesus Christ he loves you and died that you may see all the greatness ha can do don't let it slip away twb, tragedy. God bless don't ever be sure of life it can be taken from you in a instance.
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
@Cameron Powe being a NBA champ in basketball terms is the achievement of a hoops players grow up kid I've been watch learning and respecting all hoop players in the NBA except when they become dirty players neither you or I have won a NBA title, you are right he has not got a ring,now this is not a good thing ,one more thing in Oklahoma curry 99%of games played the warriors chewed them up and spit them out.Bottom line kid
Sonny M
Sonny M Mês atrás
Kyrie is really playing for that big contract that no one wanted to give him earlier in season. He’s on his best behavior too 😊.
JACK Liu Mês atrás
@Chip yard thats why gov in my country dont give their heart at their work !
JACK Liu Mês atrás
@zSPARTAA03 thats how u push him to work
JACK Liu Mês atrás
no one is trusting him anymore. Once u give him the contract, no more hard work for him
Chip yard
Chip yard Mês atrás
This is a terrible truth in the NBA, (and team sports), players playing well, doing all the right things, then once the contract is signed they relax or go off the rails entirely.
Mildred Chapman
Mildred Chapman Mês atrás
Because he let them out him back in his place so he gotta be one of good boys after all the fuss he made I guess he has nothing else to say about religion
Necroform Mês atrás
When Kyrie plays with such purpose, he's unstoppable.
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
@K A I feel bad for you all the hate you have for the best get this thru your skull until he Evan wins 4 more NBA champions and no then we can all say good things not of hate.
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
When he wants to be traded .Bottom line
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
@K A were listening president biden
Mildred Chapman
Mildred Chapman Mês atrás
What happened to him the other night they lost
K K Mês atrás
When Klay defending Kyrie,I will recall that Christmas game and those finals
Hamza Tariq
Hamza Tariq Mês atrás
Kyrie irving owns clay pot and mcflurry fraud
Z Tang
Z Tang Mês atrás
Yes, at the same position, the dream of childhood come back!
B!G W!LL Mês atrás
Kyrie just loves cooking himself some warriors, that match up is always exciting, great game for both teams
Mildred Chapman
Mildred Chapman Mês atrás
He should have been cooking when they lost the other night go curry
1 2 3 Four Five
1 2 3 Four Five Mês atrás
Ever since the nets realized there's no easy way to a championship, they've been doing really well. They traded for the right pieces and it's a very solid all round team.
Tuấn Khải
Tuấn Khải Mês atrás
It's good to see Kuminga stepping up. I don't see him breaking out now, but next season... gonna be fun to watch!
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
First of all no one's life is garaunteed. Never look to a future if you have hate if you care about people players do it with dignity God bless
Counselingover Coffee
This loss should be on Steve Kerr. Steve's problem is he relies too much on his set rotation or timed subs, ignoring flow of the game, if players are hot or not, and if a group or unit he has on the floor is working or not. There was a group on the floor consisting of Divicienzo, Kuminga, Curry, Looney, and Ty who was kickin ass but Kerr's rotation or pre-arranged subs screws up any flow the group makes. I thought Divicienzo, and Kuminga kept kyrie locked down. Kerr should have played these 2 for more minutes and limited wiggins and Klay. Sometimes you just gotta know how to read your players body language. Wiggins and Klay were off tonight Kerr should have leaned on others.
Unphazd Mês atrás
Don't worry this won't be happening in the playoff or late games that need to be won to get to the playoffs... I believe in Kerr
Hamza Tariq
Hamza Tariq Mês atrás
You're blaming that guy who brought GS 4 trophies in the first place.
Slim Jong Un
Slim Jong Un Mês atrás
@Kix Pineda Exactly. The Raptors got extremely lucky. Every possible thing that could have went wrong for the warriors went wrong. It's not Curry's fault, he needed help. If James Harden wasn't stumbling around on one leg the entire 2020 playoffs, they would have cruised to the finals. They almost pulled it off with KD's buzzer beater but his foot was too long and it wasnt a 3.
Slim Jong Un
Slim Jong Un Mês atrás
@Apoc Morrow Because the nets are a great team. They should have got a shot at a championship but Harden got hurt at the wrong time.
Capt Cav76
Capt Cav76 Mês atrás
Holy crap this was a high quality game! Warriors just don't have it all their own way anymore.
Rhino Mês atrás
The Warriors blew another double digit lead at halftime
Improvised Mês atrás
As per usual.
Hamza Tariq
Hamza Tariq Mês atrás
Warriors trash
Gary Winston
Gary Winston Mês atrás
Inconsistency doesn't win championships.
Keith Rogers
Keith Rogers Mês atrás
It's like what tf do y'all start doin after that...jus say " we got the lead now 360 trick shot everything?"
Cameron Powe
Cameron Powe Mês atrás
@Brandon Ninja yes he is
InfoHubZA Mês atrás
What a crazy game! Go Nets!
9some Mês atrás
and dray w/the fmvp
Jayson Anonuevo
Jayson Anonuevo Mês atrás
Curry vs irving is always the best to watch ❤️
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
What a fast pace game, would make a lovely finals
Let's Sing
Let's Sing Mês atrás
A great game by both teams however Irving proved his legacy
collabo Mês atrás
Kyrie Irving is phenomenal
Duy Nguyễn
Duy Nguyễn Mês atrás
It's a good game. Intense till the end. The warrior's loss is on Kerr, not the players. Still a great team though.
Bushi EK3
Bushi EK3 Mês atrás
Great game for a neutral fan 🔥🔥🔥
Raquel Carey
Raquel Carey Mês atrás
I put this loss on the coach Donte was killing it even Ty Jarome was playing better than Klay but Kerr went with Klay anyways. Looks like we're either going to win or lose with Klay. If he's off and Donte hitting his shots plus playing defense even Kuminga played better than Klay. 😤😤😤😤
Hamza Tariq
Hamza Tariq Mês atrás
If it wasn't for Kerr your curry wouldn't even be curry today.
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow Mês atrás
@Patrick Archuleta I didn't ask a question.... why do you ask?
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
@Apoc Morrow what was your question
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
@New Media you don't need to be a number one seed anyone can win it that's what's exciting. It is not because he is my favorite player.Bottom line God is my favorite Evan when I don't act like it there are dozens of dirty players in all sports.Bottom line
Platinum Dynasty
Platinum Dynasty Mês atrás
when you're a big fan of both teams, its crazy to know the nets won! CRAZYY
Kevaughn95 Mês atrás
No KD, No Problem! Great game!!!
Jay Borough
Jay Borough Mês atrás
Kyrie put the clamps on Curry and cooked his teammates when on offence ! Love to see it! - Claxton, please continue to work on your free throws 😭
Victor Kong
Victor Kong Mês atrás
someone signs this young man Kyrie for a shoe deal!
deLima Mês atrás
8:29: The exact moment when kyrie shimmy the shoulders like Curry in front of Curry and Klay🤣🤣
Davy Alain Deglave
Davy Alain Deglave Mês atrás
KYRIE oh my god... INSANE... GOD!
Gabriel Valverde
Gabriel Valverde Mês atrás
me encanta cuando Irving les agua la fiesta .
Albert Mês atrás
Si que si. Jaja
Alex Wainaina
Alex Wainaina Mês atrás
Championship hangover..GSW are really struggling to close out games. On the brink of victory and literally handing over W's to opposing teams. They've got to find a way to get back and soon. L's are demotivating after doing all the hard work.
Jofinsky Mês atrás
Kyrie was ICE! With great help from teammates even without KD. Just worried about KI getting overworked in regular season .... Coach V needs to rest him more ... regular season games not as important as playoffs!
xiami Mês atrás
Kyrie proving AGAIN who's the better player between him and Steph
Aldene Rowe
Aldene Rowe Mês atrás
What a difference in the scores of the last game between these two teams...
Jeffrey Vargas S.
Jeffrey Vargas S. Mês atrás
kyrie!!! oh my god, that was fantastic!
englewood price
englewood price Mês atrás
Klay and Kyrie must be sick of the sight of kyrie. he offensively kills them everytime. Klay looking like his game is slowly going.
Doksh Mês atrás
🎉 Great 🎉 match 🎉, Nets 🎉. Congrats 🎉
Vladimir Sempio
Vladimir Sempio Mês atrás
Should have played the same players as in the Cavs game. Only steph played with heart and passion among klay and Green. Kuminga, Loone and Poole played well and Ty as well.
Troel Mês atrás
Clutch Irving is always incredible.
Zebb Mês atrás
I have said this and had to say it always that the Warriors need a bigman that can score on his own. Remember when Bogut was on the Dubs. Warriors should make a move come trade deadline. Myles Turner is ok or John Collins
Chaewon Kim
Chaewon Kim Mês atrás
And now the problem is the main 5 the bench unit actually carried the scoring for most the game
Alex Shen
Alex Shen Mês atrás
It repeated so many times this season, GS is done totally!
A1 Mês atrás
A good year/season for warriors usually encompasses the coming month when they rest a lot and go all out during the playoff, they can't and probably their contention will die, possibly with another injury to Curry, the hero works no longer sustain.
I bring the Last words
WTH! I dont believe it! Kyrie is phenomenal carrying this team 💪
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
God is who made all things including people. Bottom line
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
He has had very good games then like any player you can come out and struggle all game it happens to all players but if you honor God you can do all things with God who strengthens them,us I hope you understand sometimes people idolize other people that is a major mistake we all make so ask God for peace pray so you are not cut off.god bless
Evan Mês atrás
The critical moment still depends on Kyrie Irving
Andy Chris Ebane
Andy Chris Ebane Mês atrás
Oh my god GSW choke again🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️. This defeat really hurts
Improvised Mês atrás
@Zeshawn Ali Kyrie owns Curry and Klay.
Jet Fox
Jet Fox Mês atrás
@Hamza Tariq The fans can be trash but Warriors have won 4 Championships in the last 8 seasons lmao you have to be a mediocre hater to trash them out
Jet Fox
Jet Fox Mês atrás
@Rhoda Parinas you sound like if you've been waiting for this moment your whole life LMFAO wait till the playoffs than talk.
Mike John
Mike John Mês atrás
Rigged nba
Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer Mês atrás
7:37 this is unreal
Mickael Quach
Mickael Quach Mês atrás
Thank you for the resume. The resume is much such better than others. There is suspense and we pretty appreciate that
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
On the contrary better days than others vice versa get rid of the attitudeask God for peace,like you said,I tell you this the remnant of God will make it then the not so good plain and simple they will not enter the kingdom of the creator.Bottom line
F F Mês atrás
Blessings 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾 Throughout the game Kyrie and Seth were locked-in. The Warriors are bring their collective game as well. The playoff vibes is appearing lol After the break, we on 😊
R W Mês atrás
If the Warriors would stop blowing their leads by continuously trying to make unnecessary 3s, and missing most of them… they have a much better record in the standings right now. Why Kerr isn’t telling them to stop doing this, is beyond me.
Mickael Quach
Mickael Quach Mês atrás
Go nets go nets. Show them that we also can win without kd 🥳🥳 thanks kyrie !💪
†Gods Disciple†
gsw fans crying baby haha
yvngx Kysean
yvngx Kysean Mês atrás
@Shakeem Brownnigga y’all are currently in the 10th seat after winning the finals. Wiseman was out but kuminga stepped up. This ain’t last year y’all better hope y’all even make the playoffs this year WITH CURRY 😂
Shakeem Brown
Shakeem Brown Mês atrás
@Mickael Quach I'm a warrior fan
Mickael Quach
Mickael Quach Mês atrás
We absolutely need kd for playoffs. Otherwise we'll get sweep again
Shakeem Brown
Shakeem Brown Mês atrás
And cannot win playoffs 😆 😆 😆 only regular season
Inocencio Virgilio
Inocencio Virgilio Mês atrás
Kerr's fault to let thompson play in the last minute
R Music
R Music Mês atrás
I dont have enough words to express my anger at this stupid loss
Rigo López Yz
Rigo López Yz Mês atrás
Kyrie Irving!!!! 👊👊🚀🚀💪💪
진율하 Mês atrás
Anyone can tell today is the right game to take away Thompson, who messed up the whole game during the clutch, but the incompetent Kerr insisted on Thompson until the end and made the team lose. Even when there was a big gap in the game, he tried to push Thompson away, easily forgot all the scores, and offered the excuse to chase his opponent, but the best Curry stuck in the corner, couldn't even touch the ball properly, and only Thompson and Wiggins dashed all day.
Shakeem Brown
Shakeem Brown Mês atrás
@ケイ how he is better and curry have 4 rings
Giannis Mel
Giannis Mel Mês atrás
Curry was really bad as well in the clutch, like he often is.. And since his return he's been a liability in the 4th with all those turnovers
moaz ahmed
moaz ahmed Mês atrás
51 points and some crazy games he is the best 1 bad game he is done and trade him try to think with your head bro
ケイ Mês atrás
@Rafid Ammar nahhh irving better at this point
ケイ Mês atrás
@I bring the Last words thats why irving 100% better
진율하 Mês atrás
Is Thompson the adopted son of Steve Kerr? Even though I'm not good at this, I'm still using the clutch. Isn't it the right game for Kumminga and Divinchenzo to play today? Throughout the fourth quarter, Thompson made a 10-point reversal, gave Irving an end-one during the clutch, and he was pierced, forcing Green to come to help, giving O'Neill up to three points, all of the worst offense and defense.
João M.
João M. Mês atrás
Sometimes Kerr runs the team like my grandma would.
jtak edit
jtak edit Mês atrás
Klay this match..... 4-17 2PT and 0-7 3PT ❄ how 👀
Cameron Powe
Cameron Powe Mês atrás
Curry overrated
Brixcorder Mês atrás
He’ll be back no problem
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
To the nba world this is nominal klay warriors fans just stay gassing him up
WAP Mês atrás
Ky got real estate on Klay
Jeremy Lofipo
Jeremy Lofipo Mês atrás
Klay chokin again. He's not a clutch shooter. He's in there with the best but I wouldn't give it to him to make the final shot.
gor9027 Mês atrás
The Warriors are having one of the biggest championship hangovers in NBA history. There's a legitimate chance they could be the first defending champ since the 1999 Bulls to miss the playoffs.
anton azlor del valle
8:22 that steph flopping hahah
Isaac Debeila
Isaac Debeila Mês atrás
Curry, looney, JK, Ty and Donte should have played more minutes this game Kerr needs to understand you need to win more games to secure a spot and have confidence in the playoffs
Gloire Mês atrás
What a game 😅🔥
陳允昊 Mês atrás
KI is unstoppable 🔥
†Gods Disciple†
Yes Kyrie and His Team is Unstopable if they want💪🔥
David Taylor
David Taylor Mês atrás
He's got an army behind him.
Ddd555 Mês atrás
Watanabe did a good job at 4Q 1:55
Ismail bila
Ismail bila Mês atrás
Kyrie making good decision, and seth did a great job 🔥🔥
Kwan Mah
Kwan Mah Mês atrás
hand clap for nic claxton.. I am impressed.
RVD Mês atrás
That was simply HORRIBLE basketball from my Warriors! It's like someone switched out an entire team after the first half. Where was Curry? Where was the coaching? Where was the defense? Where was the energy, drive, and passion? Where was the 3-point shooting from the first half? Where are my 37% THC Brownie Scout doobies?! I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caleb O'Brien
Caleb O'Brien Mês atrás
Klay should’ve stayed injured
AFO Mês atrás
"What they gon' say now???!" - Kyrie, probably
dcg929 Mês atrás
With the way he coached, maybe Kerr placed a bet on the Nets?
TheGuider Mês atrás
Welp, there was no stopping Kyrie this time...
Kamelody Mês atrás
I really think that the warriors ain't going nowhere until they make some critical moves wiseman and moody for Turner and B. Hill . And I can clearly see that Steve Kerr is the responsible for G.S. last couple losses.
JACK Liu Mês atrás
hey Dawk these final minutes video are great ! i like this better than the whole game highlights . ( because it shown the miss shots n the plays as well)
Boketto Collections
Nice W for the Nets..
Ataca Pelly Oficial
Tiene que cerrar más la defensa y buscarse un pivot recuperador, vamos Golden State Warriors Go
Patrick Archuleta
Patrick Archuleta Mês atrás
Its ok
Exa 02
Exa 02 Mês atrás
Why Klay took 5 iso shots in a row for the Warriors when the game was almost finish for a Warriors win, he was trash all game and decided to be the hero 🤬🤬
Albert Mês atrás
Joey Abug
Joey Abug Mês atrás
Kerr needs to play Klay on back to back games. Him not playing ruins his rythm. He simply doesn't have the legs to shoot. You can see his shots are flat. I get their concern about his longevity but it's simply not working. Find a compromise. Perhaps limit his minutes in back to back games. He was spectacular when Steph was out and I think it's due to him playing bigger minutes and consistently.
Lim Ray.Jiahao
Lim Ray.Jiahao Mês atrás
Great game!
Thierry Niamien
Thierry Niamien Mês atrás
Ben simmons passing wow!!!!!
Summerits0211 Mês atrás
Kuminga will be beast 2-3 years from now.
Re'em Artsi
Re'em Artsi Mês atrás
Kyrie is just too good offensively
Wallace Oliveira
Wallace Oliveira Mês atrás
Golden Stention está jogando brincando e não vai a frente com essa postura...
Doraemon168 Mês atrás
Just like the Golden State wanted to lose this game. The bench performed much better.
playeroflife Mês atrás
Klay.. your killing me!! Choking!! Please start DiVincenzo! Klay have a seat. ty :)
Roy Simangunsong
Roy Simangunsong Mês atrás
Kyrie the Real PG managed the ball for himself
Mauro Mês atrás
Kyrie god mood
Brandon Ninja
Brandon Ninja Mês atrás
It was a mistake letting most of their bench players go. The Warriors need to make a trade or this season is a wrap.
Em More
Em More Mês atrás
Warriors will finish 43-39 and make the play offs at the very least. But will make the finals. I might be frustrated by their loss, but I think playoff team, they will be goated
Donny M Nurawan
Donny M Nurawan Mês atrás
Klay feelings 0-7 from downtown 😂
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang Mês atrás
Brick Thompson cost them another game, well done.
Aziz Mukadi
Aziz Mukadi Mês atrás
Good game & Good nets
Stitch Grimly
Stitch Grimly Mês atrás
GSW snatching defeat from the hands of victory yet again.
Hakim Lubis
Hakim Lubis Mês atrás
Kyrie is smokin'
SousukeGaming Mês atrás
GGWP. I tot NET will lose this one but IMPRESSIVE!!
Grace Wanjiru
Grace Wanjiru Mês atrás
great game.
medoz3 Mês atrás
whats is with Wiggins we miss the man
Ryszard Kiliński
Ryszard Kiliński Mês atrás
Where the hell is our next big man?! Does Kerr really thinks we can rebound with 6.5 feet guys on the floor?! We cannot outrun every team, they kill us on the boards...
A V Mês atrás
Win 1, lose 2, win 1, lose 1. When can we go on a 10 game winning streak like all the other teams.
Cesar Cordova
Cesar Cordova Mês atrás
What a game 😳
Tonderai Nyawera
Tonderai Nyawera Mês atrás
Thank you Kyrie
uvolhdn Mês atrás
now, imagine if KEVIN DURANT was playing...
Doğan Gürbüz
Doğan Gürbüz Mês atrás
Can someone explain why Coach Draymond Green took out 8 minutes in the 3rd quarter and didn't take any in that period and started 5 with Poole and left Looney substitute, he's crazy
OGSauceDaddy Mês atrás
@Apoc Morrowthink they’re leaking into small ball and simultaneously rewarding Poole for playing defense. Not saying I agree with it.
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow Mês atrás
Yea why is Poole starting over Looney? What's he thinking? He's done that twice in the last 3 games... it's not working!
Doğan Gürbüz
Doğan Gürbüz Mês atrás
Nu Defeat writes Steve Kerr. Poole starting out in the top 5 without Looney. Draymon Green leaving with almost 8 minutes left in the third quarter and never coming back. Worst of the match is Klay using the last ball
Bevan Ritete
Bevan Ritete Mês atrás
Kyrie Irving 🔥
Stephen Tan
Stephen Tan Mês atrás
What’s going on with Wiggins? Shocking stat line for him.
RenZ ✔
RenZ ✔ Mês atrás
@Tiger K wiggins regular stats are usually below 18 points per game
Mildred Chapman
Mildred Chapman Mês atrás
I think Steph wanted to lose he didn't try at all
Tiger K
Tiger K Mês atrás
gonna take a while for him to get back to 100% after the injury
unkz Mês atrás
Warriors bench 🔥🔥
ATEEZ - 'Limitless' Official Music Video
Cafonaço #rogerioceni #ceni #spfcxtvbr