Golden Buzzer: 10-Year-Old Roberta Battaglia Sings Lady Gaga's "Shallow" - America's Got Talent 2020

America's Got Talent
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Roberta Battaglia received Sofia Vergara's first ever Golden Buzzer! Watch Roberta sing a lovely rendition of "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
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America’s Got Talent," NBC’s No. 1 summer show, returns in May with fresh new faces and familiar favorites, along with the excitement, thrills and feel-good performances that viewers have come to love each season. Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell is back at the star-studded judges' table with fan-favorite comedian Howie Mandel. Acclaimed actress and international superstar Sofia Vergara joins as a new judge this season alongside returning judge and global fashion icon Heidi Klum. The dynamic Terry Crews returns as host. With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features an impressive array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
Golden Buzzer: 10-Year-Old Roberta Battaglia Sings Lady Gaga's "Shallow" - America's Got Talent 2020
America's Got Talent


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3 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
adam TV
adam TV 5 minutos atrás
Seriously 10 years old 🙄
Timothy Earley
Timothy Earley 27 minutos atrás
She is like a tiny lady gaga she should get the chance to meet lady gaga
Shelton Melancon
Shelton Melancon 44 minutos atrás
Looking at the winner of agt
Annikah Ellis
Annikah Ellis 56 minutos atrás
She looks older than me and I’m 14
ArgentumEmperio Hora atrás
Was this perfect? No Is she going to maintain this voice of hers forever? No ... but who said either one of these are negatives? At 10 years old having the bravery to show up on an AGT stage, sing one hell'of'a difficult song and unless I am missing something doesn't have master class levels of professional training ... This kid, for the first time ever said not just at someone who's younger and smaller but an actual kid at 10 years old, is EASILY going to go the distance if she decides to stick with singing. If she gets a master class trainer, one that also understands that she's 10 years old meaning that she has other things in life to learn as well even if she devotes her entire life to singing... can *anyone* just imagine what she'll be able to do with her voice in just... another 10 years? She hasn't gone through puberty to the extent that she's fully developed biologically speaking so her voice WILL change, which is why she's going to need a professional trainer to maintain a healthy growth of it whilst maintaining its qualities... if she gets that... Screw any future AGT contestants and screw musical icons and idols who inspired and set standards for music; she'll go way beyond any and all vocal musicians of today's day and age. She's TEN YEARS OLD! Bloody hell...
Weerawatch Suriyo
Weerawatch Suriyo Hora atrás
Her voice is same as Lady Gaga Amazing!!!!
Troy Buchanan
Troy Buchanan Hora atrás
What song was at the end
安全炜 Hora atrás
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony Hora atrás
I don't know that the golden buzzer helps the contestants. I mean, remove the idea of winning the show as their goal, and replace it with having a music career. Then winning is nice, but secondary to them performing in front of the largest audience, as many performances as they can. That's the true value to the show, their chance to win enough fans to carry over to a music career. So getting the buzzer only robs you of an extra performance. Well that's how I see it, and I think they do the theatrics of the Golden Buzzer because that keeps people watching more to the finals, which helps them keep viewers, but at the expense of the contestant.
ArgentumEmperio 36 minutos atrás
I don't think so Because here's the thing about these Buzzars: They are Golden tickets... that weren't won by luck, they were won because they were deserved There's a lot of valid criticism of talent shows due to their nature of exploiting the contestants, something which is true with AGT, BGT, etc.; and part of that is that unless you get _second place_, you often don't get anything but fleeting recognition. Even winners of these shows tend to shoot into starhood and then vanish due to that they become so closely tied with this show, meaning that when they don't show up on it... no one knows who you are most of the time. The second place finishers tend to be the ones who received votes and people feel saddened by that they lost. So... they follow them, to see what they end up doing. This is a known phenomena that generally speaking, unless something extraordinary spectacular happens with the first place contestants winning shows like these... people forget them, because they are "That year's winner" and that's it. Whereas the people who _almost_ wins gets generally speaking a numerically speaking smaller following but one that actually follows _them_ ... not just a show. The Golden Buzzar does something else; because there will always be a winner each season... but there's no rule to say that someone who received the Golden Buzzar is the winner. That's an extraordinary accolade that garnish followings and even followup stories; no one talks about folks taking second place, third or so on... but folks talk about "Did the Golden Buzzar win? If so, which one?" Is it enough to make up for the loss of screen time and gathering of followers? I'd say so, because whether directly or indirectly, you do have big influential people who has to recognize your accolade no matter if you win or lose, because you were one who were chosen, not lucky, not at the right time and right space, not having had your biggest contestant win their show so they go to the finals or any of these things... In a way... if you look at this from a writer's perspective, the Golden Buzzar is a real life example of what a "Chosen One" actually is. When used correctly... that's a pretty big thing to add to any CV!
Sam Jeffries
Sam Jeffries Hora atrás
dana norris
dana norris 2 horas atrás
wow , 10k thumbs down , to listen to and watch this 10 yr old perform and to see that she has recieved that many thumbs down makes me wonder just how many people are high on glue or something , unbelievable to me , Roberta did a incredible performance , 10 yrs old , shake ur head people !
Lisa Nelson
Lisa Nelson 2 horas atrás
I Love you guys so much
Mabel Horta
Mabel Horta 3 horas atrás
Her voice is so natural and so clean. Great job kid!!!
Hola Q ase
Hola Q ase 4 horas atrás
I admire this little girl, her voice is great! ... And feel sorry about all them youngsters being bullied. In fact, I was 6 years old, when I started pre-school, and I was bullied. It is a terrible experience...but, we should definitely talk about it, but I surely believe that talking about it on a show, as a plus+ aaall the time, it is just sometimes endless...we should in fact stop this coward behavior that has gone on and on for soooo long. I am 48 years old and this coward behavior was against me 42 years ago...not a new behavior of a bunch of cowards I believe. congrats to Miss Bataglia. With all do respect. R.S.M.
jose diaz
jose diaz 5 horas atrás
She was really gd id be proud as a parent
Anna Beatriz
Anna Beatriz 6 horas atrás
Wow Great I.m Brazilian my name is Max
Harman Kaur
Harman Kaur 6 horas atrás
She made our hometown proud ❤️🇨🇦
aiylah Carter
aiylah Carter 6 horas atrás
The next lady Gaga in the making ❤️ she is a wonderful soul.
I'M A KOOKIE 6 horas atrás
Her age: 10 Her looks: 15 Her voice: 25 Wow her voice is incredible
Jazzy 7 horas atrás
Jazzy 7 horas atrás
Jazzy 7 horas atrás
Amanda Gliptis
Amanda Gliptis 7 horas atrás
She's 10 not only does she sing perfectly. She is also singing in front of thousands of people. I can't sing in front of anyone..that's including my mom.
aml ib
aml ib 7 horas atrás
She can sing but shes cringe lol
davey dudely
davey dudely 6 horas atrás
first show that size gotta be scary as hell for a 10 yr old. but it totally MAKES the video that she nearly chokes with nerves til simon offers her water. her performance afterwards blows everybody TF away!
Nadia Hamood
Nadia Hamood 7 horas atrás
im in awe at this voice omg ...superb
mdb2168 7 horas atrás
Crazy talented youn lady ! I hope Lady GaGa sees this performance ! I cried happy tears for this girl ! AMAZING !!
veronika poplavska
veronika poplavska 8 horas atrás
Wait I’m sorry this is the best singing I’ve ever heard I’m-
Sevda Bashiri
Sevda Bashiri 8 horas atrás
Simon when he hears the girl sing: 👁️👄👁️
Mei Lin
Mei Lin 8 horas atrás
The people dat disliked said“ dis I like ”
Fox Cost
Fox Cost 8 horas atrás
Gurl I was tearing up so much wen she was like let’s see who’s gonna Bully you after this and the slow mo comes in and you can just see her face and omg this was amazing.
The Amazing Nora and Ava
I love the song and ... how?
Fofa Singh
Fofa Singh 9 horas atrás
I won. She look like she was looking behind her
Nicholas WILLIAMS 9 horas atrás
WOW!!!! This rendition to a piece with much difficulty she aced it she vocally matured and really expands the octaves of this piece and her dynamics could’ve been a lot more open but overall very good performance !!!!!
Виктория Болдина
То чуство когда ты руссич и не понимаешь что происходит
Ava Hargrove
Ava Hargrove 9 horas atrás
i’m scared to go ask the neighborhood boys for their number here she is singing in front of millions
Cottage core Gay frog
Cottage core Gay frog 10 horas atrás
Her voice is so deep for a 10 year old but it’s so beautiful my goodness
Lj Garcia
Lj Garcia 10 horas atrás
Two words: The Orphan
Kimn Mayllia
Kimn Mayllia 10 horas atrás
Juntos e shallow now
Dark•Wolf 10 horas atrás
Is it just me or is Roberta’s voice amazing and then isn’t she just beautiful for a girl her age?
jaz 10 horas atrás
imagine the greater voice shes gonna have after she gets more experience❤️
Arc Angel
Arc Angel 11 horas atrás
10 year old:when i was little.... Me-Ok😏
Chris-StyleIt YourWay
Chris-StyleIt YourWay 12 horas atrás
Amazing voice and amazing soul!
Mia Torres
Mia Torres 13 horas atrás
Why does she sound just like lady Gaga
NAWFAL NL 13 horas atrás
Hello Kitty
tom solomon
tom solomon 14 horas atrás
yeah she's so sweet
mohd muslim Marsim
mohd muslim Marsim 14 horas atrás
Floramae Bango Linto
Floramae Bango Linto 14 horas atrás
As a Filipino people we have a very great teens singers and we can do that in easy way
ArgentumEmperio 30 minutos atrás
Ehm... 1. That's a big claim, mind wanna back it up with anything? 2. Even if that's true... you still said "teens", that means 13-19 year olds which whilst still impressive... She's a kid at 10, sings in front of a live audience, with viewers numbered in millions online, being one of the few people who not only showcased her skill but also was acknowledged and chosen to be a receiver of a Golden Buzzar which in a way, garners more praise than even winning a show like this. So... Unless you mean to say "the average Filipino kid is a savant" which I'd love to see any proof of if you mean to claim that... you missed a HUGE portion of why she's so damn impressive!
Jürgen Böhm
Jürgen Böhm 8 horas atrás
You are just world champions in ridiculous self praise.
Erika Kielec
Erika Kielec 14 horas atrás
Omg I was actually sooo happy for her when she got cheering and a golden buzzer bc she went up and she was sooo nervous and she sang like she’s sang on that stage a million times!! SHES FREAKING INCREDIBLE AND SHE DESERVED THAT!!! keep it up girl u nailed it!!
Freia Nicole Almaden
Freia Nicole Almaden 14 horas atrás
Naelle Assad
Naelle Assad 14 horas atrás
“Who’s gonna bully you after this “ Me : why she just brought up bully’s 💀 he said “bet you have amazing friends “
Mànu 14 horas atrás
damn shes very mature for her age
Abraham Gaddi
Abraham Gaddi 15 horas atrás
She sounds like Miley.
mãjdølïňê Tunisienne
Me at 10 years old playing with dust in front of my house
Vanamala G
Vanamala G 16 horas atrás
What a nice song 🥰
Jay Owin
Jay Owin 16 horas atrás
This video makes my eyes sweat
Kelly Estelle
Kelly Estelle 16 horas atrás
Idk why I'm crying:')
Fatou Ndiaye Niang
Fatou Ndiaye Niang 18 horas atrás
Its Angelina
Its Angelina 19 horas atrás
i am 13 and i am a potato
Banjop K k
Banjop K k 20 horas atrás
I'm falling in love with her
BelieverInHope_ 20 horas atrás
They are definitely lying about her age !! So that they can bring people to click this video 🙄
ArgentumEmperio 26 minutos atrás
Do some research then Contestant's information tend to be public since ya' know... they are real life people whom one can search up and find meaning friends, family, acquaintances, schools, etc. They all have information that can confirm whether information is real or not Basically... its pointless lying about something which can be fact checked by anyone with a computer/mobile phone and an internet connection.
Jürgen Böhm
Jürgen Böhm 8 horas atrás
That's a bad joke. Right?
T Iger
T Iger 20 horas atrás
I told myself I was not going to cry, but a tear still rolled down my face. She has a voice that can make a tiger cry.
T Iger
T Iger 21 hora atrás
If she is ten, where is the voice coming from. She sings like an adult woman, such a mature sound form a child, amazing.
astrokee City
astrokee City 23 horas atrás
When i was 10, my voice sound like chirping of bird 🐦🐦🐦.. It was like kuchkuchkuchkuch🐥🐥
xoxo gaming
xoxo gaming 23 horas atrás
her voice is like a firecracker sofia chose a really good golden buzzer and its really hard to inprest the judges she should win agt and i love the song shallow
Минурахон Халиловна
Alex Both
Alex Both 23 horas atrás
She was amaizing...well deserved golden buzz! Greatings and all good wishes for this amaizing kid...
Ashley Er
Ashley Er 23 horas atrás
Woah 10k dislikes?! How many accounts does her bullies have?!
Nika Ayu
Nika Ayu Dia atrás
Terharu banget 😭
Sally Evans
Sally Evans Dia atrás
So sweet I love so much
agnes'ls Dia atrás
Rod MacKinnon
Rod MacKinnon Dia atrás
Her at 10. On AGT. Me at 41. Can't fold socks properly
luis erez
luis erez Dia atrás
She looks like a young old lady lol
Simply Pets
Simply Pets Dia atrás
I thought she might faint when she got the golden buzzer
Ceddie's Client
Ceddie's Client Dia atrás
That's was just really amazing. Like wow it made me cry 😭🇵🇭
CubedGGs Dia atrás
Everyone: she's so good at singing Me: how are there so many people out there during covid
Henry Lei
Henry Lei Dia atrás
This kid is going all the way. Bullies will be watching her win ATG. That’s raw talent, a true prodigy.
Lois Loves Cheese
Her personality is so charming
Sarah Ali
Sarah Ali Dia atrás
She sounds like she’s 18 when she sings and even when she’s freaking talking she does. Is this like a woman stuck in a 10 years body? And she even looks like she’s at least 13 I swear she’s like a mini adult. Is this why people bullied her? If so, that’s literally so dumb and stupid.
Lara Ortiz
Lara Ortiz Dia atrás
why am I sobbing 😭😭😭
Jadyn Daugherty
Jadyn Daugherty Dia atrás
Omg she is so good
Alvin Payne
Alvin Payne Dia atrás
Great job
cash macgregor
cash macgregor Dia atrás
she has the maturity of a much older person. great voice.
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