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Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Godzilla vs. Kong - Official Trailer #GodzilaVsKong
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25 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
Justinv.x Dia atrás
King Kong is a king but can a king stop a god
G C Dia atrás
GojiFan1985 6 dias atrás
Bruh this reaction... it’s fine, but nobody shrank, Kong is just big. Kong jumped when he punched Godzilla anyway, so it would make him look bigger, Godzilla was in a squat position, making him look smaller. Kong is part of natural titans!!
Nathan Nate
Nathan Nate 6 dias atrás
roblox 911
roblox 911 7 dias atrás
I will teach you guys but wait it might be a excuse for spoil so that godzilla is fake so the guy comes out after the old man says these are dangerous times he made the mechagodzilla because his dad died because the king of monster movie in there his dad died because he try to make godzilla get ssome energy to kill ghdorha so he is try to kill real godzilla but the people keep helping godzilla so he is trying to kill both and also the movie in old godzilla vs mecha gozilla movies there was a monster who helped godzilla so kong is taking his spot to help real godzilla to kill mechagodzilla also the king of the monster movie there was kingghodora head was taken by the bad guy so he might help making mechagozilla and they might make mecha kingghidora because the old movie was like that I think it is like this.
Just Kelly
Just Kelly 7 dias atrás
Mary Lyn Joy Amora
Mary Lyn Joy Amora 8 dias atrás
I want that Thor's hammer
Jack Madden
Jack Madden 8 dias atrás
isn't king quite a step down from GOD!!
Apriandz 9 dias atrás
They buff kong.
팔신암 10 dias atrás
2:54 reaction start
Derek 10 dias atrás
3:51 Why is he here Me: It is Godzilla vs Kong movie
tommyZ _YTgaming
tommyZ _YTgaming 11 dias atrás
My best guess is wether godzilla sense ghidorag or his finding his egg hinting baby godzilla
Vongola Ventisettimo
Vongola Ventisettimo 12 dias atrás
Dragon he's a dragon not a lizard he doesn't do that tongue thing -Mushoo
Janice Vir
Janice Vir 13 dias atrás
There is another Godzilla called mega Godzilla saw it in i video
Ace. 14 dias atrás
"Ah, it's a monkey" 😂😂😂
Royal Cult
Royal Cult 14 dias atrás
15:41 That's a special cargo ship to all mutant.. 8:30 n yes this is mecha godzilla
Hadiul Tahsan
Hadiul Tahsan 15 dias atrás
Kong bows to no one Godzilla: Then he'll die standing
Brooding Chef
Brooding Chef 14 horas atrás
@obdiane I think kong will win because he could push godzilla into a buliding
obdiane 8 dias atrás
Right!! I am a Godzilla fan..but, we shall see what happens.
Jacob Walther
Jacob Walther 16 dias atrás
Let’s be honest realistically Godzilla would thoroughly CURBSTOMP Kong. There is just 0 competition
Jaded Panda
Jaded Panda 16 dias atrás
Godzilla didn’t shrink, it’s called scaling. The size of Godzilla was never consistent in any movie and changed sizes to better emphasize the monstrosity for dramatic purpose. Kong was only a child in skull island so it’s safe to say he grew bigger. Godzilla may look smaller but he isn’t. Also the city makes him look smaller because of the towering skyscrapers, but in reality he isn’t smaller. It’s just scaling.
Kelin Hawkins
Kelin Hawkins 16 dias atrás
It doesn't matter how small Kong is in movies in the old movies and comics they were the same Size.
Chef CJ Nobles
Chef CJ Nobles 17 dias atrás
The gaming ghost !
The gaming ghost ! 17 dias atrás
Kong was a infant in skull Island he is fully grown now
Arka Jit Saha
Arka Jit Saha 17 dias atrás
Stop saying him a monke..... He's King Kong..... The apes... Our ancestors ❤️❤️❤️
Thomas ABABA
Thomas ABABA 17 dias atrás
kong is actually expected to grow much higher the only reason we havent seen tall kong is because of to many war druing before kong birth. many kongs dead to end war leave kong alone. i suggest you read kong life.
Thomas ABABA
Thomas ABABA 17 dias atrás
this going to be like supermen vs batmen.
{ TWICE } 17 dias atrás
Why does everybody Say Is godzilla smaller Why does no one come to the idea that kong is just bigger As he was in kong skull island
Lx- Silva
Lx- Silva 17 dias atrás
Notice how Godzillas atomic breath isn't like all fire and stuff it's like a laser beam or something
DallasHustla2000 18 dias atrás
I guess the question is do think Kong is the same size as the Kaiju from Pacific Rim? Godzilla has to be their size if not bigger. P.S. Do you think they'll ever have Godzilla in the Pacific Rim franchise?
Alukard TheDeathknight
Alukard TheDeathknight 18 dias atrás
Kong skull island is a child and been on that island since 1920 for 40 years from 1960 to i guess 2030 the time line set in so yeah 70 years can change him and he is now a young adult so he still has time to fully grow
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan 19 dias atrás
We want Destroyah! And I want Mechagodzilla to be a vegeta type of character
Edgar Angel
Edgar Angel 19 dias atrás
Godzilla is not smaller, kong grew up and now he is an adult
CG Davidson
CG Davidson 19 dias atrás
"BRUSH YOUR TEEEETH" I see you PG 300 reference
Klim99Ytc 19 dias atrás
Godzilla counter strike punch at Kong.
Jackmerius Tacktheripup
Godzilla is trying to get Kong to join with him as humans work to destroy them both with mechagodzilla. I’ll bet 1 mil doge coin on it
Berg Katse
Berg Katse 20 dias atrás
“Brush yo teeth!” 😂
Osiris Rex
Osiris Rex 20 dias atrás
The guys in the middle look like they're in a classroom.
Nerd Chronic
Nerd Chronic 20 dias atrás
Lol I love that Aaron always uses the “brush your teeth” line from that 300 PG video
PinkPotatoe 777
PinkPotatoe 777 20 dias atrás
My theories: Godzilla is angry at humans because they created MechaGodzilla and they are using it to make the people think the Kaijus are dangerous and they need to be erradicated after what happened in the last movie. Godzilla is being controlled by a new device like the ORCA in Godzilla KOTM At the end, Kong and Godzilla will team up to fight a bigger threat
Kiko Yao
Kiko Yao 20 dias atrás
The clear winner ....I reality it's Gojira... True and Only God and King of all Monsters...
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 21 dia atrás
Guys, I'm having a tough time with the way you pronounce nuclear
JOHN GAGE 21 dia atrás
Both are to popular to kill if they will end up fighting mechanism Godzilla together
Windel Tagbo
Windel Tagbo 21 dia atrás
Big CGI battle coming up.
Ron Bampton
Ron Bampton 21 dia atrás
Its rodo godzilla godzilla is to good to be evil
angers karin
angers karin 22 dias atrás
Wait so they made kong over 300 feet high just to match godzilla? in the kong movie he already seemed to big to fit on the island.. bet they made the island bigger too.
Wasteland Gypsy
Wasteland Gypsy 22 dias atrás
when they are going down the subway at the very begining....mecha godzilla. Kong is not fighting Pappa G
Satan 22 dias atrás
Who ever chose the music deserves a promotion
Wally West
Wally West 22 dias atrás
Whoever wins. We lose.
Antwon Harbin
Antwon Harbin 22 dias atrás
It’s mechaGodzilla
kurogane toloumu
kurogane toloumu 22 dias atrás
i feel like thats not godzilla could be 2 who knows
Codyx 22 dias atrás
You're wrong. Kong is the perfect size
Akaza Seven
Akaza Seven 22 dias atrás
The dude in the right is making me cringe, he is with them when they react to king of the monsters and skull island trailer and yet he is reacting to this one again without seeing those 2 films, are you serious??
Also what does it matter? If I haven’t seen every marvel movie was I not allowed to watch the endgame trailer?
It’s a reaction group they’re pretty much all always in the videos.
adam bump
adam bump 22 dias atrás
Godzilla is the same height he was in but Kong got bigger cause he was a kid in 1972 but in 2021 he's older & bigger.
Daljit Singh Bhullar
Daljit Singh Bhullar 22 dias atrás
Kong is powerful but Godzilla is immortal
JyPex 22 dias atrás
They dramatically shrunk Godzilla.
613 ottawa4life
613 ottawa4life 22 dias atrás
I think the ship scene is real godzilla and hes just pissed cuz he knows they made Mecha. The last scene might be mecha and does lose his skin idk 🤷‍♂️🍻
Gabriel Chaney
Gabriel Chaney 22 dias atrás
Alot of questions they had was already answered in Skull Island if they would have saw it lol
Chase Embrey
Chase Embrey 23 dias atrás
It’s funny being a huge fan of these movie monsters and watching there guys get it so ass backwards
zaandarbrow 23 dias atrás
Donkey Kong vs bowser !
Kymera OP
Kymera OP 23 dias atrás
The guy on the right is a dick In my opinion just keeps saying unrelated comments sorry if this upsets anyone
Nini Davis
Nini Davis 23 dias atrás
Humans don't matter in Godzilla and Kong ..Its all about the Fight !! By the way Eric .love your Beard ... Also I did not like the thinner Godzilla ...i hope the theaters re open here ...
Antoine Richardson Jr
Antoine Richardson Jr 23 dias atrás
There also blueprints of mechagodzilla in this trailer also
Antoine Richardson Jr
Antoine Richardson Jr 23 dias atrás
Yes mechagodzilla
Skeleton Master
Skeleton Master 23 dias atrás
Does he have a off switch ? Too noisy!
Wildraven Gaming
Wildraven Gaming 23 dias atrás
There was a Godzilla species he wasn’t created by nuclear energy
Thatguy Pablo
Thatguy Pablo 23 dias atrás
Godzilla: basically a *god* who can blast *pure energy* from his mouth, and an *indestructible hide* king kong: **bIg mOnkE inTenSifIeS**
All fun and games until Kong pulls out a comically large glock.
Jack Theflash
Jack Theflash 21 dia atrás
Elaine Byrne
Elaine Byrne 23 dias atrás
That boat that they are on is the biggest aircraft carrier in the world at 10034 feet Kong and Godzilla are about 400 feet each that boat could easily have them on it
Antiunna Butchee
Antiunna Butchee 24 dias atrás
These three Godzilla’s lol
Sal Scalici
Sal Scalici 24 dias atrás
I believe in Kong Skull Island, it was said that Kong was just a baby if you will. Still not at full grown size. And that took place in the 70s. So if this is present day, he continued to grow
Vinsmoke_Sanji 24 dias atrás
Sorry but it sounds so cringy when I hear people say "nukelar" instead of "nu-cle-ar"! It's like Febyuary.... just FFS learn hos to speak. And not just them, I do enjoy their movies and trailer reactions, I even heard scientists in that field pronouncing it that way!! 😫😫
lordtechsan 24 dias atrás
IDK who is who here but whoever the guy is on the far right of the screen is annoying AF. Dude shut up and watch the trailer, then react.
Akaza Seven
Akaza Seven 22 dias atrás
He is with them when they reacted in Skull island and King of the monsters TRAILER but he didnt even watch them in the theatres? He shouldn't even be here reacting. I really dislike it when people react to trailers and didn't watch the movie. Cringe
Pixel Crafts
Pixel Crafts 24 dias atrás
Mechagodzilla? pause the trailer at 1:42 , thank me later
Kneegrow Slayah
Kneegrow Slayah 24 dias atrás
How tf did you make a movie trailer 20 minutes long
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 24 dias atrás
john c reily and john goodman are also in kong skull island blindwave
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 24 dias atrás
oh yeah that's really sad that kong's mom and were killed by the skullcrawlers spoiler alert sorry
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 24 dias atrás
i want to see mothra and the giant turtle
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 24 dias atrás
oh hey pacific rim vs.godzilla vs.kong
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 24 dias atrás
oh yeah there are rumors that godzilla is being controlled by aliens and that's why he's bad in this movie
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 24 dias atrás
kong and godzilla are considered monsters but at the end of the day humans were and always shall be the true monsters
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra 25 dias atrás
Kong Skull Island was a prequel to the movie franchise. It was based in the 70s. Kong was an adolescent at the time. So he grew substantially.
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra 25 dias atrás
Kong had a weapon, made of a bone (possibly MUTO bone) and a Godzilla's dorsal fin, or a dorsal fin of an ancestor. That's why it was able to absorb the atomic breath.
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra 25 dias atrás
What u saw at the 4 second mark, that was mechagodzilla, toy prototypes were leaked last year. Godzilla doesn't yet know about mechagodzilla. However, Godzilla senses something familiar. And he's turning over everything trying to find it, it's driving him bananas. Kong is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also Kong's ancestors battled the Godzilla species at one point.
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra 25 dias atrás
Godzilla, in this movie franchise... Godzilla's species has been around before man or at the time of ancient human civilizations. Because, remember, in King of the Monsters, in one of the underground caves, there was the bones of Dagon, a Godzilla ancestor.
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra 25 dias atrás
There are two different winged serpants. Warbat and Nozuki. That's what kong swung, one at the other.
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra 25 dias atrás
Here We Go by Chris Classic
Hieu Luu
Hieu Luu 25 dias atrás
WTF? There's a kids table now?
Francisco Octavius
Francisco Octavius 25 dias atrás
11:05- Don’t worry Rick. You didn’t miss anything except one of the worst DC movies ever made. Funny as hell review. 19:50 -it is Stormbreaker right down to the Thor coming down on Thanos move.
Sharingan Lycan
Sharingan Lycan 25 dias atrás
Why did it look like they werent in the same room😂😂
Webinatic 25 dias atrás
Your reactions are like watching paint dry on the walls
ItzKingAdZz 25 dias atrás
“Or... he’s pissed off cause he’s not actually the last one” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 25 dias atrás
Kong actually was growing up in the skull island movie they mentioned he was only a baby during that movie so now in Kong vs Godzilla he’s fully grown
Mint Berry Crunch
Mint Berry Crunch 25 dias atrás
Please watch Shin Godzilla. You guys would love it.
The Flash 24
The Flash 24 25 dias atrás
If only Gorilla Grodd was in the movie.
abstrusecandy 25 dias atrás
Man do I love me an educated channel
Kash 25 dias atrás
From what I know of the lore Godzilla and the other Titans were “awoken” by nukes and there’s some sort of “hollow” under the earth
corrosion _
corrosion _ 25 dias atrás
Godzilla: radioactive lizard that shoot laser Monke: stick
Labyrinth 333
Labyrinth 333 25 dias atrás
No Godzilla is roughly the same size he was in KOTM, but in skull island Kong was roughly 100 ft tall and as skull island was set in the 1970s Kong has grown to just under Godzilla’s height. I know that that is difficult to get your head around but just know that Kong is the biggest in this movie then any other he’s been it.
Jamie Poole
Jamie Poole 25 dias atrás
Trailer reaction with someone who hasn't seen the previous movies and who proceeds to make child like comments the entire time
Dávid 18
Dávid 18 25 dias atrás
,,King" Kong
Syed Sami Ulhaq
Syed Sami Ulhaq 26 dias atrás
Godzilla isn’t smaller , king Kong is bigger.
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