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In theaters and streaming exclusively on @HBOMax* March 26.

*Available on @HBOMax in the US only, for 31 days, at no extra cost to subscribers.
From Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures comes the long-awaited face-off between two icons, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” the next epic adventure in Legendary’s cinematic Monsterverse, directed by Adam Wingard.
Legends collide in “Godzilla vs. Kong” as these mythic adversaries meet in a spectacular battle for the ages, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Kong and his protectors undertake a perilous journey to find his true home, and with them is Jia, a young orphaned girl with whom he has formed a unique and powerful bond. But they unexpectedly find themselves in the path of an enraged Godzilla, cutting a swath of destruction across the globe. The epic clash between the two titans-instigated by unseen forces-is only the beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the core of the Earth.
The film stars Alexander Skarsgård (“Big Little Lies,” “The Little Drummer Girl”), Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”), Rebecca Hall (“Christine,” “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Joker,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”), Shun Oguri (“Weathering with You”), Eiza González (“Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw”), Julian Dennison (“Deadpool 2”), with Kyle Chandler (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”) and Demián Bichir (“The Nun,” “The Hateful Eight”).
Wingard (“The Guest,” “You’re Next”) directed from a screenplay by Eric Pearson (“Thor: Ragnarok”) and Max Borenstein (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” “Kong: Skull Island”), story by Terry Rossio (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”) and Michael Dougherty & Zach Shields (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”), based on the character “Godzilla” owned and created by TOHO CO., LTD. The film was produced by Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, Eric McLeod, Jon Jashni, Thomas Tull and Brian Rogers, with Jay Ashenfelter, Herbert W. Gains, Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Yoshimitsu Banno and Kenji Okuhira executive producing.
The director’s behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Ben Seresin (“The Mummy,” “World War Z”), production designers Owen Paterson (“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” “Godzilla”) and Thomas S. Hammock (“Blair Witch”), editor Josh Schaeffer (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters”), costume designer Ann Foley (“Skyscraper”) and visual effects supervisor John “DJ” DesJardin (upcoming “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”).
Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present a Legendary Pictures Production, A Film By Adam Wingard, “Godzilla vs. Kong.” The film will be released nationwide in 2D and 3D in select theaters and IMAX on March 26, 2021 and will be available in the U.S. on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release. It is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language.


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24 Jan 2021



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ChildishCayde 13 minutos atrás
I’m back here after seeing that it was confirmed it will not be a draw
viseth panhareth mom
viseth panhareth mom 20 minutos atrás
Go kong
aditya mani
aditya mani 23 minutos atrás
Only 25 days remaining I cannot wait to see movie.
RAJU Mondal
RAJU Mondal 26 minutos atrás
“We need kong” “The world needs him” Godzilla: y’all just going to pretend that I didn’t just save this planet twice?
ZxoN _
ZxoN _ 37 minutos atrás
Song title pleaseee
MEMESTITCH EBUUR 41 minuto atrás
I think the godzilla that fighting long is mechagodzilla the real Godzilla suppose to have the heat wave that rodin gave him but I did not see godzilla use it
A1B0T BR14N 45 minutos atrás
how do the city rebuild after these fights that trillions of dollars
John Gombeski
John Gombeski 50 minutos atrás
Godzilla is hurting people and we dont know why? we need kong the world needs him. 2 years later : Kong is hurting people and we dont know why? we need ghidorah the world needs him!
Daksh Samrudh Kasi
Daksh Samrudh Kasi Hora atrás
what is the song of this trailer ?
Scribby Hora atrás
2:16 That's some Thor vs Thanos shit. But this time, he went for the head.
Bruh06 9 minutos atrás
He took note of what happened in infinity war.
Rag 97
Rag 97 Hora atrás
well the latest trailer shows that kong is tough enough to take the atomic breath, there goes the atomic breath 1 shot ppl
Andi Chen
Andi Chen Hora atrás
The real quetion is 2:08 what is this
Anonymous Hora atrás
Kong gonna win no godzilla my whole family think godzilla gonna win
EE GW Hora atrás
Basically just watched the whole movie right here. They don't leave anything for the theaters anymore
BoxGamingYT Hora atrás
Godzilla: king of the monsters Kong: im about to end this whole mans career
friendly kiki
friendly kiki Hora atrás
Tream Godzilla 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Mr Eboric
Mr Eboric Hora atrás
Yeah sure that carrier can support like 400 thousand extra tons sure why not
Bloxy Bros
Bloxy Bros Hora atrás
abulfasl Hora atrás
Wait is the movie theaters gonna re open cuz they are all temporarily closed
abulfasl Hora atrás
@Arjun Sinha no they’re not what state do you live in I live in Sacramento they are all temporarily closed
Arjun Sinha
Arjun Sinha Hora atrás
They are already open
Lord Jersy Bizarre
Lord Jersy Bizarre Hora atrás
"Madre no es la que engendra, madre es la que te voy a partir" -Kong
itsmeow ω
itsmeow ω 2 horas atrás
in trailer we will see kong is the best godzilla hmm idk
Muhammed Shibin
Muhammed Shibin 2 horas atrás
മലയാളി come on
Adrian Aguilar
Adrian Aguilar 2 horas atrás
1:15 woah😲
snoxbox 2 horas atrás
Godzilla blows his fire through a battle ship but can't blow through Kong's tiny metal shield. Something fishy here.
Dominic Ramirez
Dominic Ramirez 2 horas atrás
UltraNova 33
UltraNova 33 2 horas atrás
I would love to see Kong and Godzilla against Mechagodzilla
Snitxh. 2 horas atrás
1:42 ummm the background rebooting?
President Obama
President Obama 2 horas atrás
Who would win? 1. literal god who can shoot fire from his mouth, has defeated a three headed monster thought to be unkillable 2. Monke
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 horas atrás
In America, you watch movie In Soviet Russia, movie watches you
FACHREZA CHANNEL 2 horas atrás
Cool .. May we always be healthy .. And hopefully the corona will pass quickly .. Those who like action movies stop by 🙏
Banankos 2 horas atrás
But will either Godzilla or Kong survive the current pandemic? 😮
mrkwns24 2 horas atrás
1:54 Am I seeing the Super-X there over Kong's shoulder?!
Said •
Said • 2 horas atrás
Really no one remembers pacific rim.? This films music is taken from there
Ammar Rizvi
Ammar Rizvi 2 horas atrás
Godzilla: You were never a God. You were never even a King Kong: You have to save.... Mothra! Godzilla: WHY DID U SAY THAT NAME?!
KONG 3 horas atrás
I'm gonna win🦍
ShiRo 3 horas atrás
Godzilla saved the world yet they asking why he's hurting them now for hurting him!
Z M 3 horas atrás
1:42 Takiya Genjieeehhhhhhh
Godzilla 3 horas atrás
#teamgodzilla #teamkong who do you teame who?
Didi Es Oliva
Didi Es Oliva 3 horas atrás
Diceeee team mechakeña
Rod Munch
Rod Munch 3 horas atrás
Kong likes blonde haired white girls, what is this crap?
Cyrus Malvecino
Cyrus Malvecino 3 horas atrás
King kong is fast godzilla is like a tank
CikoCiwa The EnderManZ
CikoCiwa The EnderManZ 3 horas atrás
CikoCiwa The EnderManZ
CikoCiwa The EnderManZ 3 horas atrás
CikoCiwa The EnderManZ
CikoCiwa The EnderManZ 3 horas atrás
Drawasaurus Productions
"Godzilla is hurting people and we don't know why." Godzilla: Are you guys going to forget that you tried to kill me like 3 times, and you blew up my home? People: ... People: wE dOn'T kNoW wHy.
Moisés Filipe
Moisés Filipe 3 horas atrás
MechaGodzilla in 0:03, put in 0.25 speed and you will see it! This movie will be Kong vs Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla!
ViA 3 horas atrás
1:26 being a godzilla fan, I literally felt that punch.....
Tolai Solia
Tolai Solia 3 horas atrás
Love Kong more
yamaha_7 3 horas atrás
This movie is gana be fucking lit!!!! GO MONKEY!!!!! 🦧🦧🦧
Aadi Pandey
Aadi Pandey 3 horas atrás
Godzilla fans: he has nuclear fission, nuclear fusion capabilities, he will win Kong fans: MONKE
TheHeat5000 3 horas atrás
2052 trailer: 'Godzilla's son is hurting people and we dont know why'
Anna Fisher
Anna Fisher 3 horas atrás
What if Nintendo made their own version of this trailer and it was Yoshi vs. Donkey Kong?
Haziel Jimenez
Haziel Jimenez 3 horas atrás
Porque no le pusieron en español
DoyTruz 3 horas atrás
Siapa yang menang yak hemmm bulan ini omggg
Jaden Deo
Jaden Deo 3 horas atrás
u see a clip of mecha G ? its just a theory a FILM THEORY
Jaku Herrin
Jaku Herrin 4 horas atrás
Can anyone tell me when this is released? Google keeps switching from the 25th, 28th and 31st of March
WATCHER 4 horas atrás
"we need kong" huh really Godzilla just saved the world with 3 headed dragon and the world needs kong what the fuck? This is bullshit
prowar gamer901
prowar gamer901 4 horas atrás
Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes•5 Years Ago
Be a monke flip
Godzilla vs kong trailer vs everyone
Lol fake cocomelon commet on a godzilla vs kong trailer
Yami 4 horas atrás
Does anyone the know the same of the song that starts playing when they start to fight
Emmanuel Espinal
Emmanuel Espinal 4 horas atrás
cant wait.........
iKlupz 4 horas atrás
Imagine if neither of the 2 of them win and it all comes down to a 1v1
Jim and Tish Guinn
Jim and Tish Guinn 4 horas atrás
1:44-1:47,Godzilla is hurting people and we don’t know why.,me:really it’s not like you blew up his home and almost killed him when he tried to kill the 3 headed dragon
Christian Escobar
Christian Escobar 5 horas atrás
I heard the rock is that movie
AG - 03RR 857936 Edenrose PS
This is weird godzilla strenght = 4000 men but kongs strenght = 1800 men
kdog 1208
kdog 1208 5 horas atrás
Yall notice that godzilla actually used his ttail? Kinda sus and you see how is movements are different so maybe it isn't godzilla but mecha godzilla or *space godzilla*
indominus Rex
indominus Rex 5 horas atrás
• mizukiwastaken •
• mizukiwastaken • 5 horas atrás
And their the last ones left: two seconds earlier there where creatures they were throwing around Me: say wha? Also me: maybe last of their own kind?
DOOM Studios
DOOM Studios 5 horas atrás
Challenge watch this trailer until March 31st
-CRK- Clan
-CRK- Clan 5 horas atrás
1:51 eleven stranger things
KhaosBoy 5 horas atrás
Kong is fine for me
LucTemetNosce 6 horas atrás
I live for this
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 6 horas atrás
Let me get one thing straight Godzilla is a radioactive dinosaur that stands another 50 feet taller then Kong and spits fire we all know who would really win💀
SlenderMyFav 6 horas atrás
"We need Kong, The worlds Needs him" Godzilla in 1962: *Having Violent Flashback of Kong choking his mouth a huge tree log*
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez 6 horas atrás
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 6 horas atrás
How has this trailer already been out for a month? Lol what the heck
JoonREC1 6 horas atrás
1:44 Was that the dad from king of the monsters?
Kaijufan Triple Battle
Kaijufan Triple Battle 5 horas atrás
laura Cecilia gonzalez
laura Cecilia gonzalez 6 horas atrás
El mejor video del mundooooo 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
ieat caribou
ieat caribou 6 horas atrás
Did they shrink Godzilla or make Kong bigger?
Gott Zilla
Gott Zilla 5 horas atrás
Kong bigger
Ya boi Aimyet
Ya boi Aimyet 7 horas atrás
yellowdognut45 7 horas atrás
This gonna show yall why he’s called KING KONG 😤
Malik Light
Malik Light 7 horas atrás
Big Dawg
Big Dawg 7 horas atrás
If they play faneto by chief keef before a fight it’s a instant classic
aravind sai
aravind sai 7 horas atrás
The Mythic Mystic Adventure
Team Godzilla for life!
Bradley Brooks
Bradley Brooks 7 horas atrás
MichaelGodzilla Is hurting people and we all know why and they're saying Godzilla the bad guy and they're saying we need kong when all he does all he on his islands which was Godzilla he saved people
Angry Kevin
Angry Kevin 7 horas atrás
"Godzilla is out there and he's hurting people and we don't know why" *Proceeds to Nuke him Since 1954*
AUTBeNNY6 Dinh 7 horas atrás
The same person
The same person 7 horas atrás
Babyduckling 7 horas atrás
Why did Godzilla shrink to be so small
Gott Zilla
Gott Zilla 5 horas atrás
He didnt Kong got bigger
Raf Games
Raf Games 7 horas atrás
Best movie from years
Francis Xavier Gallego
Francis Xavier Gallego 7 horas atrás
i think godzilla and kong is rivals
Jilly Billy
Jilly Billy 7 horas atrás
Team Godzilla Theme Song for Godzilla - Godzilla Eminem
Freddy fazman Pgclean.familyfriendly
Ik it won't happen but I think it would be cool if ford brody 2014 returned on team godzilla
Victory Games
Victory Games 7 horas atrás
Peter Wotta
Peter Wotta 7 horas atrás
You better put "Godzilla" by Eminem in this movie
Matthew Awdry
Matthew Awdry 7 horas atrás
Godzilla: *reading news paper* Kong: *shouts at water* Godzilla: WHAT THE FU@* DO YOU WANT TIME TO WOOP THAT A$$
Jason 8 horas atrás
This film is 2 HR 52 mins long.. just been confirmed
Ultra Black Instincts
Ultra Black Instincts 8 horas atrás
I voting for Kong but ngl they were disrespecting Godzilla in this Trailer
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 8 horas atrás
Kong: playing chess godzilla: playing checkers..
tania ramos
tania ramos 8 horas atrás
Espero q saquen mas películas de este universo , por es algo increíble , saludos desde peru
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