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As the "The Strong Woman Competition" begins Vice Principal Strong Woman meets her biggest rival - a woman named Heather Swanson who recently identifies as a woman.
"Board Girls" S23

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South Park is the Emmy and Peabody-award winning animated series co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone about four boys living in one screwed-up Colorado mountain town. Between local and global tragedies, as well as parental and celebrity interference, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.

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15 Nov 2019



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Comentários 21 200
South Park Studios
South Park Studios Mês atrás
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Crusty bits in my Skiddy Underpants
Stunning and brave!
I hate you Bitch
I hate you Bitch 8 dias atrás
@ØØ Ø 🔥
Chichopuente 8 dias atrás
Just go to South Park's original site
Scooter 21 dia atrás
Not available in my country lol
Sebastien Poole
Sebastien Poole 24 dias atrás
South Park Studios no that website is trash. Watch free episodes of South Park:
Justin Spence
Justin Spence 4 horas atrás
Fucking Genius
ART W 13
ART W 13 5 horas atrás
Macho Tran Randall Savage
Efkar Asi
Efkar Asi 5 horas atrás
Dingleberry 😂
Still Wind87
Still Wind87 5 horas atrás
This was 👏!!!!
MrFeupinha 6 horas atrás
You guys are legends keep it real.
George Mason
George Mason 7 horas atrás
Get what U wish for lol
George Mason
George Mason 7 horas atrás
FUCK YEH #equality
Rex Haus
Rex Haus 10 horas atrás
The fact that it’s Macho Man Randy Savage makes this perfect.
Abraham Perez
Abraham Perez 10 horas atrás
Macho man Randy Savage
Gabriel Patten
Gabriel Patten 11 horas atrás
So brave
Jess Lovely
Jess Lovely 13 horas atrás
"Luck is for DUUUUUUUDES!" 😂
Squiddle woddle
Squiddle woddle 13 horas atrás
It makes me mad how real this is
111915 528518
111915 528518 14 horas atrás
I still support Transgenders in sports... JUST FUCKING KIDDING 🤣🤣🤣
JOHN SUH KIM 17 horas atrás
Obviously its wrong to degrade someone just because they are of a social Minority, but being equal and being privileged are two different things.
Cliff Curtis
Cliff Curtis 20 horas atrás
Yeah and can you believe there's people who actually believe it's more important not to hurt a transgender's feelings by telling them they can't play because "BIOLOGICALLY THEY'RE A MAN". That and using women's bathrooms was all pushed by the Liberals who are now attacking America with riotous mayhem and starting forest fires because they think Trump might put a stop to this and other such nonsense.
Temsumongba Jamir
Temsumongba Jamir 22 horas atrás
Well Dia atrás
Why we all came for : dingle berry
Jade bylund
Jade bylund Dia atrás
Macho woman Sandy Ravage. What a legend
T’s Life
T’s Life Dia atrás
Classic 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Meister ZZhen
Meister ZZhen Dia atrás
Welcome to the new world
Parody nothing, this is what's going on.
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams Dia atrás
I can’t believe they didn’t ban comments 😂
Deplorable Covfefe
Its so stupid and true and halarious....
Stefano L
Stefano L Dia atrás
A Dominguez
A Dominguez 2 dias atrás
Women who participate with men identifying as women, have what's coming!!! They have no one else to blame but themselves.
g4tnew newg4t
g4tnew newg4t 2 dias atrás
2020, check her if she's packing.
Chaparro Chaparral
Chaparro Chaparral 2 dias atrás
Women looked for this and i''m not sorry
Matthew Cage
Matthew Cage 2 dias atrás
Talking about strong women .... .... the WTA is really the WTF. And even one of the shining examples shamelessly calls out her own;
Black Magician
Black Magician 2 dias atrás
"I'm not here to talk about my transition. I'm here to kick some f#$%-ing @$$!"
The Iowan
The Iowan 3 dias atrás
Everybody wants equality until they actually have it
Sr. Gamesalot
Sr. Gamesalot 3 dias atrás
Miss woman....🤣 macho man!!🤣
moxigen 3 dias atrás
too be fair... the modern times make it easy for south park.
yeeyee yeeyee
yeeyee yeeyee 3 dias atrás
This isn't that bad of an idea
Elvis Sorna
Elvis Sorna 3 dias atrás
The song seems to be based off of BOC's Godzilla hahahaha And this is why South Park still continues to be awesome
Elvis Sorna
Elvis Sorna 3 dias atrás
LMfao this is the best shit in a long ass time. holy shit im dying
Incredible how South Park predicted so many bs things that happened in the real life : the trans trend in women sports, the black riots after the so-called hate crime, the gluten trend, the addiction to social networks. It's like even the SP characters make more sense than "journalists",athletes, senators and politicians in the real life.
W M 4 dias atrás
Literally, we are living in a south park episode.
NightNight 4 dias atrás
Unfortunately this will most likely get banned for "hate speech" in the next decade.
Ricky Munoz
Ricky Munoz 4 dias atrás
Oh please this is not even what its really like if so then they would have all got a trophy 2:40
MAGADETH 4 dias atrás
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Pizza 4 dias atrás
The funny thing is that this parody is more of a documentary...
jase gtree
jase gtree 4 dias atrás
Vladimir Ortega
Vladimir Ortega 4 dias atrás Lol
Jim Scara
Jim Scara 4 dias atrás
and there you go
mtaylor935mt 4 dias atrás
Pretty much!
Lottery max
Lottery max 4 dias atrás
Gaetana Nelson
Gaetana Nelson 5 dias atrás
So Randy Savage is now a Heather?
Matt Diamond
Matt Diamond 5 dias atrás
Got that Dingleberry? it’s David Perry. lol
Matt Diamond
Matt Diamond 5 dias atrás
I say good riddance female sports. You twats brought it on yourselves with your liberal lunacy.
number 3
number 3 5 dias atrás
Sadly when a trans person win one "women tournament", that year will not have a "woman" name written in Sport History, the story will have the name of a "man who say he is a woman", is really sad. But SJW (women are SJW too) are dominating in USA, is their own fault.
Nysterixa 5 dias atrás
Rachel McKinnon
Em d
Em d 5 dias atrás
Reality is worse 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
P. CB 5 dias atrás
I am the ultimate little league trash talking father!
Mark McKinzie
Mark McKinzie 5 dias atrás
"Is it correct you just started identifying as a woman 2 weeks ago" "I'M NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT MY TRANSITION"
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia 23 horas atrás
I'm here to kick some fuckinnn ass!!!
Notaliberal Fromcali
Notaliberal Fromcali 5 dias atrás
nose 5 dias atrás
I love this episode!!!
John O Sullivan
John O Sullivan 5 dias atrás
CNN and Democrats need to educate themselves with facts and not what they want to this
DoeDonDoe 6 dias atrás
Its funny cause it's true.
MarTy Oz
MarTy Oz 6 dias atrás
all those "triggered" dislikes lol
Billy Two Cents
Billy Two Cents 7 dias atrás
Everyone Else: "Lol so is why we need to keep trans women out of women sports." Me: "Did Strong Woman just snatch 550 lbs!?"
RMJ1984 7 dias atrás
1:46 That freaking riff, would love a full version of that song.!
Her aggressive attitude towards the other women is motivating .
J L 7 dias atrás
WOW looks like th like dislike ratio is gona be same as trump win landslide
amysharp6 7 dias atrás
Can’t women have anything!?! Lol
Gneo Z
Gneo Z 8 dias atrás
People that call them 'trans' but have no basic understanding of biology are making it worse for people that are actually trans that have body dysmorphia.
I hate you Bitch
I hate you Bitch 8 dias atrás
Woman oof
Heinrich Von Ofterdingen
His "Aha" always got me hahaha.
dark4krad 8 dias atrás
Now the Oscars want diversity for a movie to win Best Picture. Basically the directors don't get to hire whom they want. It takes freedom away from the creative process. I don't know man, this world keeps getting weirder every fucking year.
CJ T Dia atrás
Choose one Profit Or Oscar 🤣
Oscars are a joke. Since the black community decided to boycott the event because they didnt receive enough prizes, now it's NOT the best movie or best actor who get a prize but any movie or performance made by a black/latino/gay person...
markponicki 8 dias atrás
I identify as an amorphous consciousness transcending race, gender, and sexual orientation. I am all groups/demographics and yet I am none. I don't understand why people get to feel like they're a different gender than they were born, or be confused about and then figure out their sexual interests/orientation(s)-but people can't feel the same about their race. I don't feel like just a white guy even though my skin is white-and yet I know that is all people will care about if I tried to adopt any cultural customs of people who have a different skin color than me. I don't have black, latin, or asian skin and didn't grow up in their cultures, but I still identify with all of them. All that said, I'm not looking to appropriate anyone's culture or customs. I know that society still only sees skin color when it comes to issues of race and so I act like I imagine a normal white guy would and I stay in my lane-only being true to myself when I'm alone. I just wanted to say my piece and point out the hypocrisy of people who claim to be open minded about people's identity until it comes to skin color-then they can't see past it. Imagine being told you can't identify as a woman because you have a penis and were born a man or vice versa. Imagine being told you can't be part of the LGBTQ+ community because you primarily had sex with people of the opposite gender and therefore can only identify as straight. You're doing the same thing when you can't look past someone's skin color when they try to tell you they identify as another race than the one they were born into. Either it's all ok or none of it is. You don't get to cherry pick and act like a morally superior person. You're not. You're still a bigot. Cheers.
sam 8 dias atrás
markponicki 8 dias atrás
hilarious. isn't this what everyone thinks Joe Rogan is a transphobe for saying?
T.B.A.R.R.O. 8 dias atrás
"All your sports trophies belong to us. AND those Women's Sports Scholarships too!" - Trans-athletes everywhere
Lekok 8 dias atrás
When David said "OK" he was thinking " bitch, I'm trying to help you."
mikiroony 8 dias atrás
Her face. HER FACE when she sees Macho man. Priceless.
sandy666ification 9 dias atrás
These days south park is more a faithful documentary than a parody show
Snail[ ]Slug
Snail[ ]Slug 9 dias atrás Godzilla - BÖC
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 9 dias atrás
I cant watch this with a straight face it gets me everytime
mc bizzle
mc bizzle 9 dias atrás
so so so funny! "i aint here to talk about my transition " ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
Kowal The warior
Kowal The warior 9 dias atrás
randy savage falls over in the grave
John Smith
John Smith 9 dias atrás
Too bad Heather didn't box against Strong Woman
Curtis Harvey
Curtis Harvey 9 dias atrás
I can always count south park for raw and honest episodes of any topic, even if i disagree.
Mark Heyes
Mark Heyes 9 dias atrás
Women took all that time in calling for equal rights. Now that they have a recognised women's division and MEN are stating that trans women (who will always be MEN) shouldn't be in the women's division, they're all up in arms about it. Just adds to the proof that you can't fucking please women
Nick Sexton
Nick Sexton 9 dias atrás
if you add up the iqs of every commenter here it'll still be below average
the cobra
the cobra 9 dias atrás
What episode is this?
Сергей Л
Сергей Л 9 dias atrás
А бородатая девочка ничего такая😍
payz hayz
payz hayz 9 dias atrás
On the bright side, many radical feminists who were cheering on the destruction of male only spaces, like demanding girls be let into the boy scouts, are now being cancelled and protested by their own movement for being transphobic because they are against this.
Jean de La Fontaine
Jean de La Fontaine 10 dias atrás
1:23 😂 Dingleberry
Surfmus 10 dias atrás
Like Peter Griffin said at the USO show. "Just wanted to remind you fellows what you're fighting for."
Doof Senpai
Doof Senpai 10 dias atrás
That Heather Swanson got a whole lot of beefcake.
Christopher Norman
Christopher Norman 10 dias atrás
@2:06 listen to the women's grunts and then Heather's 😂😂😂😂😂
chaoswiggles 10 dias atrás
That back up singer saying strong woman gets me every time😂
Darcy Mcnabb
Darcy Mcnabb 10 dias atrás
Go chicks with dicks
nick borkowski
nick borkowski 10 dias atrás
Our wrecked society is making it way too easy for South Park writers these days
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen 10 dias atrás
Southpark tells the truth again. How does a man, with a penis win the ESPN woman athlete award? You know, Bruce (The Basket Case) Jenner. He is dating a transgender but not surgically altered man/woman. Ya to crazy for me to understand. Is it a guy or a girl? Way to messed up yo know. Go team. Kick a home run, Pitch a no catch, Hit a touchdown. This is what sports mean now. They have politicised our free time. I loved playing and coaching baseball and basketball. I was an assistant coach. But I can't do it any longer. Parents are mad when I make their kid run laps for not listening. I had a monthly background check. I'm not mad about that. I am glad that they did. But, the parents. They are not pleasant. My kid didn't play enough. Well your kid doesn't learn the route, transfer the ball, field the ball, or hit his cut off man correctly. All terms apply to both sports. We also had a B or higher rule. If you didn't make a B in every class. You couldn't play, but you had to show up for practice. If you don't show for practice, you don't play. Easy? Wrong. Parents would always tell me, he practiced in the drive way or catch with their dad. Wrong. Video games aren't practice. Down down up, isn't going to let you dunk in real life. Especially when you are 13 years old and 5 foot.
Mac lord
Mac lord 11 dias atrás
I always knew that def Leppard was pretty gayfish.....(do you likes fishdicks?)
Eric Douglas
Eric Douglas 11 dias atrás
South Park is literally the only show on Comedy Central in the last 25 years that actually makes fun of liberals
Tracey Burns
Tracey Burns 11 dias atrás
Thank God for South Park. I hope they never go away.
Burn#Loot#Murder BLM
Burn#Loot#Murder BLM 11 dias atrás
Putin watching this as he tells his multiple beautiful blond escorts to make him a sandwich
Andrew Kirkland
Andrew Kirkland 11 dias atrás
It is such a good randy savage impression RIP.
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