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Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on BRvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.



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Comentários 80
Meagan Sherry
Meagan Sherry 3 meses atrás
Wow, spoiled brat or what!
Jemima victor
Jemima victor 3 meses atrás
The eye shadow on the water line tho 😟❤❤❤
loyalchica 5 meses atrás
How pathetic Jaclyn its obvious you're a man!. Youre A man wearing makeup...
Ola T
Ola T 8 meses atrás
Here in 2019! Just missing Jaclyn’s presence on BRvid. It hasn’t been the same in SO long. I wish you all the best, Jaclyn. I hope your makeup line comes back from this. The girl in this video dreamed of the life you have now. Please start doing weekly videos again. Much love and success to you. Learn and grow. 💕
Gwin & Tonic
Gwin & Tonic 9 meses atrás
I miss this jaclyn I used to adore you, then all of a sudden you stopped being my favourite beauty youtuber when money became more important to you than anything else.
Samantha Millerbis
Samantha Millerbis 10 meses atrás
I will say you are just the cutest but also have came a LONG way with Your production and editing
Samantha Millerbis
Samantha Millerbis 10 meses atrás
Why are you such a godess
Janvier Balser
Janvier Balser Anos atrás
cute earrings
Jessica Trasvina
Jessica Trasvina Anos atrás
Your dog is so cute!!!
Dayshai Hartshorn
Dayshai Hartshorn Anos atrás
Watching 2018
Ellen Williams
Ellen Williams Anos atrás
Binge watching Jaclyn's channel 2018 😊
Alynna Marquez
Alynna Marquez Anos atrás
omg jaclyn 😓❤️
Kira Havird
Kira Havird Anos atrás
I learned so much from this video, like the difference between using synthetic and natural brushes. Synthetic packs on the color: natural softens and diffuses the color. Thanks Jaclyn!!!
Isabella Grace
Isabella Grace Anos atrás
Can you react to this one?! 😂☺️😍❤️
April B Woods
April B Woods Anos atrás
How do we know if a brush is natural or synthetic?
Lullie Vee
Lullie Vee Anos atrás
That flex tho! Haha
Michelle Anos atrás
April 2018. ❤️
Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb 2 anos atrás
2018. Still love this. Still love touuuuuu
Natalia Vázquez-Gonzalez
Lol jk
Nikki DeLamielleure
Nikki DeLamielleure 2 anos atrás
BSM BEAUTY 2 anos atrás
2018 anyone ♥
Megan Agens
Megan Agens 2 anos atrás
Hillary Love
Hillary Love 2 anos atrás
Omg this was the first video i watched of hers ❤
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia 2 anos atrás
Video #6 2:08 am ... I love this video! This is the spunky bubbly Jaclyn Hill I’ve been waiting for!
Bam Glam Buzz
Bam Glam Buzz 2 anos atrás
2017 takin it back!
Arshad Mahmood
Arshad Mahmood 2 anos atrás
Love u
Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson 2 anos atrás
You are just the cutest! I remember when I first watched this in 2012 & bought my first ever Mac foundation. Still the same Jac. 💙 my boyfriend can’t believe I still watch your videos after all this time & i always say, “you haven’t gone anywhere & so neither will she” 😂😂😂
Nancy Bravo
Nancy Bravo 2 anos atrás
I love going back and watching videos from When you first started. No doubt that you are extremely talented. These videos help me when I'm down and remind me that dreams come true. Lately it's been very difficult for me to see the positive in life and these videos have saved my life on numerous occasions . If you ever read this.... thank you ! You've saved this insignificant girl from Chicago life sooo many times and you're an inspiration . Everyone goes through rough times and I pray one day things will get better.... til then, I shall continue to fight everyday like you down and may be one day ... things will get easier. Stay blessed and positive.
Melissa Copeland
Melissa Copeland 2 anos atrás
Is it just me or my imagination that Jaclyn did not use false eyelashes.
Diana Flores
Diana Flores 2 anos atrás
It’s 2017 and I’m watching this , she’s literally the same person ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tabitha iesha
Tabitha iesha 2 anos atrás
Watching this video gives me so much inspiration! It's a blessing to see how far you've come 😻 You are truly goals!
Kaylee Wood
Kaylee Wood 2 anos atrás
Who is watching this at 4 million subscribers
Jocelyn Ochoterena
Jocelyn Ochoterena 2 anos atrás
Jaclynnnn are you going to go back to your first BRvid video like other MUA's have been doing..... pleaseeeee
salena y
salena y 2 anos atrás
Wow her face looks completely different. Guess she's had some work done...
Riley Hand
Riley Hand 2 anos atrás
I leeeeerrrrrrve your blooper intro!
Michelle Hankins
Michelle Hankins 2 anos atrás
You had the highlight trend down before a lot of people did! Love this and miss this!
The_Spiritual_Witch 2 anos atrás
iv been going through your old videos & my goal is too watch every single one of your videos! you are so beautiful Jaclyn inside & out! so proud of how far you have come! love you girl!
Yellow_Feather74 2 anos atrás
that's not Georgie...but adorable...luv watching the old videos
Loati 2 anos atrás
Lots of people say that she's changed a lot. The only change I notice is that she now is more confident and extrovert and that is not a bad thing. She is the same goof sweet person, the only reason people hate on her is because she has money and success. Jealousy and resentment makes people hate other people
Breezi. E
Breezi. E 3 anos atrás
Who's watching in 2017🙌🏻🙌🏻love this Jaclyn 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Lulu Beaauty
Lulu Beaauty Anos atrás
Hey im watching this 2018
Doctor Aby
Doctor Aby 3 anos atrás
watching this in 2017 i love that there was background noise in the back bzc i am always angry at my peeps for the noise they create while i am filming now i know i am not the only one ^_^
Courtney Tucker
Courtney Tucker 3 anos atrás
same jaclyn in 2017 💕 so here for it!! congrats on 4 mil girl 👌🏼
Jenyfer Perez
Jenyfer Perez 3 anos atrás
Still have a heart of gold ! I love you and that personality of yours 😅😘
Glitter alien
Glitter alien 3 anos atrás
Breana Barhorst
Breana Barhorst 3 anos atrás
I LOVE this 😂 You said "you can do 3-5 layers and it'll still look natural" 😂 Gurl you've been highlighting since the beginning of time ⭐️❤ so cool to see how far you've come. More than cool, it's incredible ❤ I hope the rest of your life is blessed & you keep using your life to do good ❤
Kaitlyn Cole
Kaitlyn Cole 3 anos atrás
I don't know why everyone says she is different. Jaclyn is still the same person! Such a sweet person always entertaining to watch
Susana Garcia
Susana Garcia 3 anos atrás
i'm missing this Jaclyn Hill. but will always be in love no matter what ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Taylor Banc
Taylor Banc 3 anos atrás
I would LOVE to achieve a nice spring look with my new makeup from the GIVEAWAY :-)
Geli B
Geli B 3 anos atrás
You probably won't see this comment, but I love your videos ☺️
Kariane Jacob
Kariane Jacob 3 anos atrás
Love to watch old videos like that ! You look really not 100% happy.. When we know your story we can see that! Love you Jaclyn u made so many progress!!!!!
Sarah Boswell
Sarah Boswell 3 anos atrás
Omg baby Jac 💕 you seem so much more happy now (not saying you aren't happy here lol) just you sound so happier in your recent videos
AbutifulNightmare 3 anos atrás
This is where your personality first came out! Same Jaclyn we all know and love now. Yaaaasss!!!
Katie Veitch
Katie Veitch 3 anos atrás
Jaclyn, I just watched this video after watching your new Becca video and wow. The change in your voice is what caught me the most, not because of maturity but the excitement and happiness in your newer videos is so evident through your voice and you can just hear how far you've come! You are inspiration to come this far, not just in makeup ability and business success but in just reaching a goal in general. Well done girl, thankyou for being an insanely great role model for so many young people out there. ❤️
Kaydon K
Kaydon K 3 anos atrás
I feel the exact same way. Jaclyn has come so far in life and I'm so proud of her!
It'sJosh 3 anos atrás
Chrystal Michelle
Chrystal Michelle 3 anos atrás
Why are you such a goddess?! I seriously can't right now, you look absolutely gorgeous! Love you as always!
Adriana Meneses
Adriana Meneses 4 anos atrás
2016 looking back 134
Abby Dereje
Abby Dereje 4 anos atrás
Of course Jaclyn makes the same faces when putting on concealer back in 2012
emris 4 anos atrás
Oh my god I found this GEM! You're still perfect here and now. This just shows that you really don't change and you don't let social media change you. Love you!
Brianna Wilson
Brianna Wilson 4 anos atrás
Ahhhh! I randomly started looking through all your old video! The first video I ever saw of you was with Nicole g and you guys were doing the blindfolded makeup challenge! I died!!!
Brianna Wilson
Brianna Wilson 4 anos atrás
Been obsessed with your videos since then(:
Gigi Libra
Gigi Libra 4 anos atrás
The beginning, I died, I fucking love you!!
Nurse Yara
Nurse Yara 4 anos atrás
Awwww went way back!
Katie Bontrager
Katie Bontrager 4 anos atrás
Love this!
Maria Munoz
Maria Munoz 4 anos atrás
I forgot how before you would say "um um" lol I thought it was a cute nervous thing you did & but now you dont say it but HELLO you got 2 million subbies so why b nervous, right ? You made it jajajaja FYI you've gotten better with time like wine .... Can I hear a YASSSSSSSSS 😘
Rachel Bradley
Rachel Bradley 4 anos atrás
That scream tho😂😂😂
Inward Essence
Inward Essence 4 anos atrás
Aww what happened to Pixie?
Emeline Everaert
Emeline Everaert 4 anos atrás
Its her moms dog :p
Carolina Gonzalez
Carolina Gonzalez 4 anos atrás
is that pixie ??
Lydia Grundy
Lydia Grundy 4 anos atrás
ha lol you made me jump at the start of the video
Katie Miller
Katie Miller 4 anos atrás
Omg. LOVE IT. Jaclyn hasn't changed a bit. Don't worry about the haters girl. Baby llama don't need no DRAMA.
Kristina Abbate
Kristina Abbate 4 anos atrás
Look at far you've come! Amazing 💄👑 ❤ u
Bonnie Haas
Bonnie Haas 4 anos atrás
I love how you explain why you use the brushes you do. super informative!! I appreciate you!
Southern Grace And Beauty
LOL the scream at the beginning. I almost dropped my bowl of noodles -_-
Gigi Libra
Gigi Libra 4 anos atrás
+squidgetpj92 this comment is beautiful
Emilie Garza
Emilie Garza 4 anos atrás
hey jaclyn! After watching your recent snapchat and seeing your old facebook pictures I was inspired to watch a Throwback Video (: I just have to say that I am so proud of you. You have become an amazing role model for women and teenagers. What you stand for is beautiful, and you will always be seen as an empowering and stunning women to me!!! I look forward to continue watching you grow into an exquisite women!! love you!! xoxo and ps- even back in the day, your highlight has always been on fleek:)
Antoinette Elias
Antoinette Elias 4 anos atrás
#tbt watched this way back. yassss #startedfromthebottom
Michelle F
Michelle F 4 anos atrás
Omg watching this made me realize how much has changed but how little YOU have changed! You're incredible! Can't wait to meet you in New York this week! Love you Jaclyn! xo
Ciera Golliver
Ciera Golliver 4 anos atrás
Awww Pixi!
Rosy Kaercher
Rosy Kaercher 4 anos atrás
Is see what you mean know.... But thats ok you look still beautiful😘😘😘👉🏽👍
Claire Boon
Claire Boon 4 anos atrás
I love old jaclyn! That brush tho..
Claire Elsley
Claire Elsley 4 anos atrás
I love old Jaclyn! That foundation brush tho..
Chelsea McCoy
Chelsea McCoy 4 anos atrás
Same Jaclyn in 2015! ❤️
nona M
nona M 4 anos atrás
same craziness and cuteness
Maria Tran
Maria Tran 5 anos atrás
Like how your not to serious and have fun during your videos!!!!
Laced WithLacey
Laced WithLacey 5 anos atrás
Love youuuuuu!!!
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