GIVĒON - Heartbreak Anniversary (Live At American Music Awards)

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Giveon performs Heartbreak Anniversary live at the 2021 American Music Awards

"For Tonight" available at:

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21 Nov 2021



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Comentários 2 325
Bribe Mês atrás
Giveon is truly talented ❤️❤️
Nadhifa Oumar
Nadhifa Oumar Mês atrás
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Mês atrás
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Hello verified BRvidr
nina Mês atrás
It's so wholesome how he went to shake V's hand. And the fact that they both have deep and soulful voices, hoping the two collab one day. Also, Giveon's face at the end was so cute lol. edit: Giveon literally quote tweeted wanting to do a collab with V. I can't believe this, hope we can get these two on a song one day soon!!
Princeyj 2 dias atrás
Ppl who said V isn't a soulful singer? He's probably the most soulful one in the group, but I'd question that too since they all sing with a lot of emotion. But V does sing from the soul no cap, even Iris Stevenson the famous choir director and vocalist who inspired the movie 'Sister Act' pointed that out immediately when he sang 'Oh Happy Day' with the praise and worship crew for her lol. His voice has a lot of heavy emotion when he sings and he's one of the best in the group at expressing it when he sings, ppl probably don't notice since he doesn't have many lines in the group and the group always covers pop, hip-hop, genres that keep him on the other side of the fence, but if y'all listen to their discography there are songs you'd catch yourself trippin from his vocals. Bts live performances is probably the best way to catch his raw vocals, I like 'Magic shop' in particular, even tho he doesn't have much lines he expresses whatever lines he has with depth. There are plenty more performances also that ppl can checkout.
MrRoblox 10 dias atrás
@Titan'sbride UwU oh my god You should try to listen to V's songs sometime Think twice before you criticise And your doesn't make a lot of sense and whatsoever Having a deep voice doesn't mean your not a soulful singer There are people out their who love his voice For which am one Army Forever 💜
Althaf Alfarizi
Althaf Alfarizi 11 dias atrás
nina 18 dias atrás
@Christopher I recommend checking out his new song Christmas Tree:) It's just his raw vocals, minimal instruments, and mostly vocally driven. Kinda acoustic pop if you're into that. It's in English too.
Titan'sbride UwU
Titan'sbride UwU Mês atrás
@Nicola57 🤷
Vante209 Mês atrás
Major respects to Giveon! The way you moved your mic to your other hand just to shake BTS V's hand was so humbling and touching!! I LOVED IT! Your performance, your vocals, your humbleness to even bow to BTS V after shaking hands was so touching! Please collab with him, he's a big fan of yours!
nahid begum
nahid begum Mês atrás
Today giveon saw that fans wished for Giveon × V collaboration and he also express his feelings for collaboration with V. Just crossed finger V saw Giveon tweet and give us collaboration
And I’m a huge fan of giveEon AND BTS V
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Mês atrás
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excuj me🐣
excuj me🐣 Mês atrás
Dark Mês atrás
Giveon is incredibly gifted.
pastryy Mês atrás
Yooo...bro !!🙂👋🏻
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Mês atrás
But can we appreciate the harmonies... I mean they sound so good with GIVĒON voice.. its just PERFECT😩
Annie Ray
Annie Ray Mês atrás
1:35 GIVEON is shaking hand with my BIAS. SUCH A HUMBLE PERSON😭💜
Annie Ray
Annie Ray 6 dias atrás
@Naadiya Mxmed yes:)
NoNeed 11 dias atrás
@Naadiya Mxmed ahhh i see Thanks
Naadiya Mxmed
Naadiya Mxmed 11 dias atrás
@NoNeed a group you stand but you love one member little more
NoNeed 13 dias atrás
Tf with the replies 💀 Anyways what's bias?
ABCDEFG 13 dias atrás
@SC TV รู้ได้ไงว่าเขาพลาสติกละ?
Mash Art
Mash Art Mês atrás
Insanely talented
JH H Mês atrás
Goosebumps 🥺🤩🥺
Curt Mês atrás
Auto tune.
Pulina Mês atrás >
Hello verified BRvidr
Alvin Cunningham
Alvin Cunningham Mês atrás
Can't wait for a mash-up 😊
Majique 7 dias atrás
3:14 His reaction to the crowd clapping for him is adorable he did amazing👏🏽👏🏽
Nabilah Patel
Nabilah Patel Mês atrás
I've heard this song but the live absolutely shook me. His voice is fantastic!!
R. C. Bullar
R. C. Bullar Mês atrás
2:20 "It's cold outside" is sooooo gorgeous with the vocal following the instruments.
Onyi Mês atrás
This song will never get old to me, I literally have been singing this song ever since I first heard it. I love it so much, keep up the great work!
Christine Harris
Christine Harris Mês atrás
I wish he was able to showcase his other songs. He is more than just Heartbreak Anniversary
Jvn 3 horas atrás
for tonight would of been a good one.
Mary Og
Mary Og Dia atrás
Yesss! I would love a performance of "vanish" "world we created" and another one of "for tonight"
Margie 3 dias atrás
KITTY BROWN 6 dias atrás
@OrBital VoRtex have you listened to them. He had some good stuff. Check them out please. His voice is awesome on ALL of them 😍 heartbreak anniversary is the best but the others are good too
Althaf Alfarizi
Althaf Alfarizi 11 dias atrás
From his voice I felt that he was a bit nervous but he killed it
Neil Matthews
Neil Matthews Mês atrás
He's amazing, him stopping to shake hands with tae. His precious smile at the end! He will continue to be great!
Jelly4rm904 Mês atrás
@Kevin Duong Ohhhhhh gotcha! Thanks! I couldn’t see his face lol
Kevin Duong
Kevin Duong Mês atrás
@Jelly4rm904 Taehyung, V, BTS☺️
Jelly4rm904 Mês atrás
Tae who?
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Mês atrás
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I gotta admit that this was one of the best performances of that night!
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro Mês atrás
This song, is just for those who understands talent!! Such a beautiful song!
T 26 dias atrás
You are handsome.
YouKnow Elgin
YouKnow Elgin Mês atrás
This guy has never made one bad song.
Caila Carrasquillo
Caila Carrasquillo Mês atrás
This is crazy asfff
Joaquin Moreno
Joaquin Moreno Mês atrás
As a big fan of Giveon, his song fields is kinda bland after multiple listens but everything else great!
Emangret Mês atrás
@vinnie don't worry, they probably listen to "gang bang" shit
Mitali Samdariya
Mitali Samdariya Mês atrás
@YouKnow Elgin huh fair enough
Etherio Noon
Etherio Noon Mês atrás
Naw his song “fields” is kinda weak but I love his music doe
Itstasiag 7 dias atrás
I wish more performances were like this, just so personal and where we can only focus on the artists voice and subtle movements and the band. I still love performances that are hype and lights everywhere as well, but appreciate this a lot 💛
jecob smith
jecob smith 9 dias atrás
damnnnn those beats were crazy, any album can go viral with *authentic views* .
isyed agrum
isyed agrum Mês atrás
Se nota la humildad de este artista y lo respetuoso que es, me encanta su voz y su canción ♡
Ariana Corpus
Ariana Corpus 7 dias atrás
He has a very unique voice. That's what makes him a great Artist and Musician.
Ariana Corpus
Ariana Corpus 3 dias atrás
Like I literally never seen or heard anyone else with a uniquely deep but great voice. Have you?
dabratjod!ne x
dabratjod!ne x Mês atrás
Giveon is a amazing artist, his vocals are beyond out this world and no one can say otherwise!!
dabratjod!ne x
dabratjod!ne x Mês atrás
@Gab Rodero why?
Isaac Tayba
Isaac Tayba Mês atrás
@Gab Rodero true they are well know for there singers but the beers are at Australia thats what were know 4 lolll
Gab Rodero
Gab Rodero Mês atrás
go to the philippines. lets see hahahahahha
dabratjod!ne x
dabratjod!ne x Mês atrás
@Tnc874 you’re* you need to go back to school lol
Tnc874 Mês atrás
your a lunatic
johigg 28 dias atrás
Giveon was amazing! A special shoutout to his background singers they slayed!
Julia Mês atrás
o tanto que eu amo a voz do giveon não tá escrito, ele é muito perfeito!
Nayelie Morales
Nayelie Morales Mês atrás
Encerio está canción es tan hermosa y la voz del artista no se diga , es tan relajante y profunda. Pdta: Ame la interacción de Giveon con Tae y el respeto que el mostró junto con la sonrisa de Tae al estrechar su mano y seguir disfrutando de la melodía
Flávia Letícia
Flávia Letícia Mês atrás
A voz desse cara é de arrepiar ❤
Stephanie Bodenheimer
I like that whoever planned this performance didn't go the extravagant route because his sound and his tone deserved the spotlight with no distractions. What an enchanting voice.
Michael Maps
Michael Maps Mês atrás
You said it well. With that voice you don't need some flashy gimmicks to support your voice
Nina N
Nina N Mês atrás
Also those "fake artists" that performed and gave entertaining performances are more successful than you will ever be.
Nina N
Nina N Mês atrás
@Kristan Grande Just because you add a heart doesn't mean you are right
Kristan Grande
Kristan Grande Mês atrás
@Nina N no♥️♥️♥️
Perry Dorsey
Perry Dorsey Mês atrás
Preethi Acharya
Preethi Acharya 23 dias atrás
His vocals is on whole next level !! Beautiful song!!
Delan Devina Moore
Delan Devina Moore 13 dias atrás
i must say those beats were crazy like hell, any song can become famous with *authentic views* .
Thavanya Singh
Thavanya Singh 22 dias atrás
I literally listen to the live version especially this one EVERY SINGLE DAT
princessannie Mês atrás
Who else plays this video on repeat? Just me? Okay. But all jokes aside, GIVEON has a beautiful voice. His tone is so emotive and soulful. I love
Paulette Tomazzelli Nardi
Você é maravilhoso, sua voz é um presente de Deus !
Riki Daisuke
Riki Daisuke Mês atrás
beautiful voice😍
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace Mês atrás
Never heard him live before! His voice is so beautiful🥰
Drips Of Eden
Drips Of Eden Mês atrás
He deserves all the love and support in the world. I’m so incredibly proud of him and this performance was beautiful. This man has never made a bad song and his voice is just *chef kiss*
Agnes Bertiz
Agnes Bertiz Mês atrás
Just give him a Grammy now. Absolutely stunning and mesmerizing voice.
Anaïs C
Anaïs C Mês atrás
@MsVanillaSugar Oh yeah, pop and rap are the most promoted, I guess it depends on the eras of history, but this one yes focuses on these genres (after that depends on the parts of the world, but yes as a whole). Who says R&B won't become a major genre in the future ? I also think today that pop and rap are running out of steam (especially on the western side), now few pop singers or rappers give us something that we have not heard before, so the genres are dying out, it's more and more competitive and repetitive, the only pop/rap that sounds different comes from other parts of the world because they are influenced by other cultures, we'll see what the future holds.
MsVanillaSugar Mês atrás
@Anaïs C And the reason why you mostly hear of performers who sing mostly Pop and Rap music is because those two genres of music are what is most popular and most promoted. I love R&B music....always has, always will....but R&B music has never been a popular genre. I really do not know why....been searching for years for the answer to my own question? Global artists, who are beloved, mostly sing Pop songs that are in English. 2nd in line is Rap music😕. Just think about Taylor Swift...she started as a Country music singing artist...and we all know that female country artists are not that recognized in the Country genre. As soon as she switched music genres...moving from Country to Pop...Taylor became a worldwide Global sensation.
Anaïs C
Anaïs C Mês atrás
@Honeymoon Records I think you're confused, she was not everywhere, she was present in the US, a little in Europe, and still very little, mainly in English-speaking countries. The fact that she comes from Disney is not a pipeline, it's just a fact, she comes from a machine that holds a lot of power in the western industry, her company has invested a lot in her, it's not a secret. Just like the fact that without radio support, she would be out of the hot 100. But Giveon can't fill a stadium right now either, that's not at all negative, they're still young, but when it comes to real artist revelation, Giveon should have been nominated. And other, older artists should also have been nominated (Grammys) in categories where a lot of artists like Olivia had nothing to do in it in the first place. I only cited her to draw a parallel with Giveon because they are both new, but I can cite other names of nominees who are quite unknown to the general public and who have had many nominations while artists who really did this year sometimes weren't nominated at all or only once. That does not mean that she has no talent, however, she does not bring anything new in the mainstream musical landscape, but there are artists who are real revelations but who unfortunately do not have the industry behind them. Without the collaboration with Justin, Giveon would have had less visibility even though he is very talented and has a real stage presence, a charisma. Olivia's success is actually very moderate, she doesn't have a core fanbase yet, she has casual listeners but her fanbase doesn't fill stadiums, and I don't blame her or take her down, she is still young, but yes, she does not fill a stadium, the success she has is very exaggerated to compare to reality. Olivia has been advertised at festivals where seats, even free ones, haven't been taken, yet you think she's a massive star, people should have been scrambling to see her, but no. The AMAs too, it's the fans who vote, she had seven nominations (still too many nominations when there are categories where she should not have been), she only left with one win, she doesn't really have that many fans. She has yet to build on her success, so no, she definitely doesn't fill stadiums. But it's not a drag, it's just a reality check, she still has a lot to do if she is to get to the level of a massive pop star. She must grow, I don't see how that is negative.
Honeymoon Records
Honeymoon Records Mês atrás
@Anaïs C olivia rodrigo can’t fill out a stadium?? what?? she is quite literally the biggest break out star this year and has been EVERYWHERE. she already has 2 songs with over a billion streams and tbh i think the disney star to pop star pipeline was exhausted a LONG time ago. both olivia and giveon are extremely talented and the world saw that and that’s why they’re both successful. you don’t have to tear one artist down just to boost another up
Amanda Mabika
Amanda Mabika Mês atrás
Grammys are nothing at this point
Cesia Betania
Cesia Betania Mês atrás
It's perfect!
dameria hamblin
dameria hamblin 6 dias atrás
This my first time hearing this and as soon as he started singing i got chills. He have a wonderful singing voice .
Aishwarya P.
Aishwarya P. Mês atrás
This song on live is so so good...amazing voice. It's so calming
mochimindah Mês atrás
That handshake is everything 💜
Jaira Ross
Jaira Ross Mês atrás
He's amazing, him stopping to shake hands with tae. His precious smile at the end! He will continue to be great!
Anaïs C
Anaïs C Mês atrás
@Annie Ray What is the understanding that you and your buddies struggled with ? Yes, Taehyung.
JMochi Mês atrás
@Annie Ray Yes
Annie Ray
Annie Ray Mês atrás
No Fear
No Fear Mês atrás
AJarOfBTS Mês atrás
his voice is amazing, it felt like wanting to slow dance with someone you really cant let go, I checked out some of his other work aswell and For Tonight is amazing to
joonie's Jjin
joonie's Jjin Mês atrás
His voice 🥺 its like he is going to cry..what a soulful performance 💜
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá
Esse cara é foda! 🇧🇷❤
Rafaela Vianna
Rafaela Vianna Mês atrás
Perfeito 😭😍❤️
pax carane
pax carane Mês atrás
1:36 such a sweet moment . and Giveon's voice is top tier honestly.
Nayomi Thomas
Nayomi Thomas 7 dias atrás
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Mês atrás
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Pulina Mês atrás >
monobear. Mês atrás
@BTS V who is a member of BTS lol
BTS V Mês atrás
@Stephanie Gleam that was taehyung actually
Lenice Ueno
Lenice Ueno Dia atrás
His voice is the most beautiful of this decade!!! Love, love, love! 💯❤💟💘
itsjustme Flo
itsjustme Flo Mês atrás
His voice is super unique! When I say I never heard anything nor anyone similar that sounds like him…. I mean that lol. Love his voice!
micheal faraday
micheal faraday Mês atrás
this song is❤️
Our Children Matter
His music makes you think about all the stuff goes through and his voice speaks to your situation as far as love & relationship goes omg big influence and major vibes. Great music and a great person.
Snow Kim
Snow Kim Mês atrás
He has such a deep rich soulful voice. And the fact that he stopped during his performance to shake Taehyung’s hand and even bow, he’s so cool and humble. Because I know Taehyung was vibing to his song. Totally loved that interaction.
Pulina Mês atrás >
Yegha Jamyang
Yegha Jamyang Mês atrás
I thought that was kris Jenner 😭😭😭
1 2 3  BTS 7 Forever
@Kashikaa Luthra It's at 1.39 - but Tae is in the shadow so you can't see him clearly but that was definitely Tae sitting at the end of the row near the stage.
Fatima Mês atrás
@Vu Ngoc Diep that’s Becky G and her husband!
Vu Ngoc Diep
Vu Ngoc Diep Mês atrás
2:15 what’s their name?
Sonia Deveau
Sonia Deveau Mês atrás
Giveon goes so hard on this, never disappointed. he is not like other rappers who are going viral by using *A u t h e n t i c v i e w s* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
Ronilson Sampaio
Ronilson Sampaio 7 dias atrás
He's not a rapper. He's a singer
ZiralliRex 27 dias atrás
@Tied fr
Tied Mês atrás
.....he’s not a rapper
AgentCody Banx8
AgentCody Banx8 Mês atrás
Damn I wasn't expecting his singing voice to sound exactly like the studio version. Very few artists are like this. Amazing
Tania Mês atrás
Su voz es ESPECTACULAR, realmente me fascina su voz y es una hermosa canción.
Charmaine Glover
Charmaine Glover Mês atrás
I’m so thankful that they let his voice be heard in it’s original form. Love this. The holiday season just got better!! Sheeeshh.
28andee Mês atrás
His gesture at the end. So humble. And he shook the hand of another artist I also immensely admire. This is perfection.
Malak Mês atrás
@Curt ever heard of a baritone voice?
idk bruh
idk bruh Mês atrás
@Sariel lmaoo calm down
angel de la cruz
angel de la cruz Mês atrás
@Curt autotune? U don't have ears
Naoh Mês atrás
@Curt lmao
Curt Mês atrás
Maybe because auto tune did 90% of the singing.
Lakshmi S Narayanan
I've fall in love with your voice...💜 Amazing vocals...great performance...loved it...
BYM Mês atrás
I didn't know him and was watching the AMAs while working at home. Man was I speechless when I heard the first notes.😍 Totally mesmerized. Now I'm listening to his songs on repeat. And yes also loved the sweet interaction with Taetae.
Jono Nolan
Jono Nolan Mês atrás
Same here.
Same same same
Isabella Mês atrás
I love this song so much and this is an incredible performance by him
Union Sun
Union Sun Mês atrás
The amount of times I've had this playing on loop is unhealthy
joel Mês atrás
Que buena interpretación!!! 🔥
Reshma Ravi
Reshma Ravi Mês atrás
He has such a great voice I just can't express myself how I feel when I hear heartbreak anniversary
아시아 Mês atrás
Giveon’s voice just naturally evokes goosebumps on your skin
Ksu Ksana
Ksu Ksana Mês atrás
Wow ! So high class music , respect Giveon!!
Sacha Senga
Sacha Senga Mês atrás
His voice messes me up, it's just beautiful + the moment he shakes his hand Taehyung I'm still not getting over it wonderful performance 🤧😍❤
Pulina Mês atrás >
Sacha Senga
Sacha Senga Mês atrás
@KDRR RR we are on the same wavelength, me too it would be a dream that Giveon collaborates with Tae together, it would be a little gold ❤
Anaïs C
Anaïs C Mês atrás
@KDRR RR Yeah, them two have a duet would be amazing.
KDRR RR Mês atrás
Taehyung loves this type of music, i know im dreaming but would be amazing if him and Tae collaborate in the future both baritone singers with beautiful tone, just mesmerizing us.
yeontannie Mês atrás
Giveon’s voice is truly soothing
Emma.JIMIN💜 Mês atrás
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰PERFEITO DE MAIS
Runch Randa.
Runch Randa. Mês atrás
La voz de este hombre es increíble, te da una sensación tan relajante. Sus canciones son increíbles y además ese día dio una gran presentación en los AMA's. Por cierto es genial y lindo de ver que le dio la mano a Taehyung, hermoso momento de respeto y admiración. PD: Amaría que ambos colaboren.
Gaby Polo
Gaby Polo 4 dias atrás
cocuerdo contigo
Yessica Corona
Yessica Corona Mês atrás
His voice is something else. Like the first sprouts of spring, cherry blossoms. Like the thaw of spring. It's comforting and hopeful and fantastic and whimsical!
Kat Guillermo
Kat Guillermo Mês atrás
This guy literally has a slowed + reverb voice irl,,,,it's so good
David James
David James 28 dias atrás
You Mês atrás
Mês atrás
Camila Mês atrás
Giveon is such a blessing to my ears
Nalisha Chetty
Nalisha Chetty Mês atrás
It was so freaking cute how giveon went to shake V's hand. I was screaming so hard at that part omg. I need them to collaborate! V is such a huge fan of yours.
Valentina Girott
Valentina Girott Mês atrás
this presentation showed me that he has such material to be a tremendous artist. he’s so promising
Elizandra Fontes
Elizandra Fontes Mês atrás
Arrasou 🇧🇷
AlyKofi Mês atrás
Just watched this it was so good his vocals are no joke!
i love myself but i ♡ keshi more
Aucelora Mês atrás
I did lyric for this😇💜😜
_jeonjungkook97 Mês atrás
your music , your voice just ✨ AMAZING ✨
Trash human
Trash human Mês atrás
Que homem que voz!
Belen Pistan
Belen Pistan Mês atrás
El es increíble!! Me encantó su presentación🤲♡
raisa Mês atrás
his voice is so precious!! so deep and rich, gold.. you can feel emotions and feelings!!!
The Manning Mode
The Manning Mode Mês atrás
I'll never stop loving this song. One of the most beautiful songs ever.
Iboy Dafreshest
Iboy Dafreshest Mês atrás
Giveon never ceases to amaze me with his voice, it's so delicate and soulful at the same time.
Linda tl
Linda tl Mês atrás
This is sooo goood!! loving every part of this performance!!
Lourdes V
Lourdes V Mês atrás
Just love his voice, so gifted!
Jhulye Brenda
Jhulye Brenda Mês atrás
que encanto essa voz
cherisallen Mês atrás
Love his voice! So soulful 🙌👏❤
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Mês atrás
His smile at the end is priceless I’m glad he’s received the recognition he deserves
gabriella Mês atrás
strawberrylove Mês atrás
This’ll probably be the song we’ll look back on when we’re older and reminisce on our memories🥲
Rashad B
Rashad B Mês atrás
Yasss 🥺
But can we appreciate the harmonies... I mean they sound so good with GIVĒON voice.. its just PERFECT
armyarianator⁷ Mês atrás
His voice is just wow
Aretha Wellman
Aretha Wellman Mês atrás
So proud of you, you deserve everything💜
keepgoingfwd Mês atrás
I loved everything about this performance! His depth of lyrics, distinctive vocals that pulls you in, shaking hands with V and being humbled for a moment. The end of the song where he is beaming and puts his hands on his cheeks like "wow! I just did that!" (So cute!!!) Oh I am so in love with this!
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Mês atrás
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Bianca Celine Diane
Everything that u just said, I can't move on from this performance.
Kwon 2kim
Kwon 2kim Mês atrás
Jin was giving him 2 thumbs up at the end..
Charlie t
Charlie t Mês atrás
My fave performance of the night-- one of a kind❤
Captain Rbrt
Captain Rbrt Mês atrás
The way you sang this song is very full of emotion. I really love this Heart Break Anniversary.
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen Mês atrás
His voice took my breath away! He sounds so amazing! Give him Grammy already! ❤️
carla g.
carla g. Mês atrás
This song hits me so hard. A Masterpiece....
nee _
nee _ Mês atrás
1:38 was such a warm moment! these two would kill it on a track together. manifesting it.
Mendoza Yucra Maria Isabel
Hermosa canción.. 💜💜💜
Jeon Jung Kook
Jeon Jung Kook Mês atrás
Me encanta la canción 😍
Fabimr10 games
Fabimr10 games Mês atrás
Já imaginaram dueto , ( V e giveon ) muito top
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