GIRLS IN PUBLIC VS GIRLS ALONE || How You Do Things Alone VS In Public! by 123 GO!

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Do you feel like you can really let loose when you’re all alone? We’re talking, stuffing your face and dancing in your underwear kind of alone time…
Don’t be embarassed, we all do it! Today, we’re learning the difference between the way you act in public versus when you’re all by your lonesome.
If you could relate to these public vs reality scenarios, share these hilarious clips with your friends!
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Comentários 3 158
sin killergamer
sin killergamer 2 horas atrás
Want life hack watch 123 go
Ash Martin
Ash Martin 5 horas atrás
Reese Buenaflor
Reese Buenaflor 15 horas atrás
I act in public like I'm just in my home lol...
arns knud
arns knud 16 horas atrás
𝗜 𝗲𝗮𝘁 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝘀𝗲
Eevee Love
Eevee Love Dia atrás
Or in your underwear😂
Eevee Love
Eevee Love Dia atrás
Emily: and would never dare eating with your hands😄😂😁😄😝
Le'Nita Mack
Le'Nita Mack Dia atrás
We will be there at seven
Leah _Wolfie
Leah _Wolfie Dia atrás
Savannah Penn
Savannah Penn Dia atrás
The finger under the nose doesn’t always work
Savannah Penn
Savannah Penn Dia atrás
Choking in public just be truthful
Savannah Penn
Savannah Penn Dia atrás
1:48 ew
Nancy Duong
Nancy Duong 2 dias atrás
The dancing one i can definitely relate
Mina Thapa
Mina Thapa 2 dias atrás
I also but yes dancing ok , no I eat mouth full and no small bite in public , I can do as I want to do in sellfie in public I choked hard in public alot of time I laugh with my hard open in public also nope not my problem I sneeze loud in public sorry not me push up and more ummmmmmmmm my style hoodie pants or anything no make up in public because I don't like to if than nothing it's wasy
Mina Thapa
Mina Thapa 2 dias atrás
Yep long as hell
Gymnastics Gamer 101
Gymnastics Gamer 101 2 dias atrás
I never new a turned off iPad is so funny... at least put something on it ! Ummm yeah that’s it ...
Jessica Shelomitha Zevanya
Please Dont be crazy alivia
Emma Mhizha
Emma Mhizha 2 dias atrás
Who eats che and ice cream 🤢🤢🤢🤮
ranjit surana
ranjit surana 3 dias atrás
Too funny
Esmay Russell
Esmay Russell 4 dias atrás
Please can you use your real voices so we know more about all of you
Kinkin Olaviaga
Kinkin Olaviaga 4 dias atrás
Samantha Lujan
Samantha Lujan 4 dias atrás
123 go cool even you can even hide makeup
ᎩꂅꂅϮ PLAYZ 5 dias atrás
Don't worry Olivia, ur secrets are safe with us *presses the upload button*
Sophia Huynh
Sophia Huynh 6 dias atrás
I hate food it’s gross ok
luli gashu
luli gashu 6 dias atrás
Emilie Hart
Emilie Hart 6 dias atrás
This is so not relatable for me. When I laugh or sneeze I do it the same in public as at home.
Erys Ongjangco
Erys Ongjangco 7 dias atrás
I love olivia im your fans
Hannah H.C
Hannah H.C 7 dias atrás
I will say alone
Ana Würth
Ana Würth 8 dias atrás
4:21 Whaching funny videos and drinking coffe then few seconds later shes gona blow spits water and you see the scren its black. Good job 123 go!
century21 family
century21 family 8 dias atrás
I would never dip anything in dairy why im allergic to it but like if you ever did it.
Ta'leiya Wehrman
Ta'leiya Wehrman 9 dias atrás
That’s so me when I am alone 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Raina Snowflake
Raina Snowflake 10 dias atrás
I miss Vicky and Curly Sue
Afifa Ifrahim
Afifa Ifrahim 10 dias atrás
I don’t sneeze quietly in a public place. I also don’t eat with manners in a public place(I stuff my face) and I laugh like a bomb has gone off. Oh well . Guess this is my natire
Cassandra danila
Cassandra danila 10 dias atrás
I just want an alone😂😂😂 who's like alone just hit the Like plssssss Like
Nalva Bomfin
Nalva Bomfin 11 dias atrás
A minha boeda,A minha boeda tô to finais.só palhaçada hoje
Georgia Peach Jones
Georgia Peach Jones 11 dias atrás
When I was on a fancy cruise there was chicken nuggets and fries I ate the chicken nuggets and fries with my hand no one judge me because if you don’t be you’ll be suffering in pain
Yun Chen
Yun Chen 12 dias atrás
I like the sneezing alone, hit the like button if you do too.
GachaPlayzYT Dia atrás
Bish wat O-o
sarah tayibah
sarah tayibah 7 dias atrás
malak aslanova
malak aslanova 12 dias atrás
When Emily does the laughing and eating in public, it looks fake
Raina Snowflake
Raina Snowflake 10 dias atrás
malak aslanova yeah right
Only One MITCH!
Only One MITCH! 12 dias atrás
Where is lilly and Vicky
Honesty 13 dias atrás
5:19-5:22 5:27-5:29 5:31-5:33
david bawi
david bawi 14 dias atrás
Ice cream and French fries don’t go together
Only One MITCH!
Only One MITCH! 12 dias atrás
They do when home alone
Qaiser ch Azam
Qaiser ch Azam 14 dias atrás
Umm that's not what girls do only somereasons at correct.
Babbyhuskie_wolf W
Babbyhuskie_wolf W 14 dias atrás
Ya im eating a fry with a fork even if your in a nice resusrnt
Kyli Evans
Kyli Evans 15 dias atrás
Me: this movie is hilarious Friend: you're literally looking into a black screen
Look Around Lucy
Look Around Lucy 10 dias atrás
In it
Look Around Lucy
Look Around Lucy 10 dias atrás
Natalie Anderson
Natalie Anderson 12 dias atrás
Kyli Evans I saw that too
Cornel Tanasov
Cornel Tanasov 15 dias atrás
Ewww she puted the fries in the ice-cream and she ate it 1 like=1 pray for fries in ice=cream
Lamija Mandal
Lamija Mandal 15 dias atrás
1:11 Just eat the Damn Hamburger with Your hands
Levy Naciongayo
Levy Naciongayo 15 dias atrás
I love this video
Anthony Velez
Anthony Velez 15 dias atrás
Lol lmao gosh ya funny lol
Gemma Clarkson
Gemma Clarkson 16 dias atrás
How many people are whaching in 2020
ItzJane Editz
ItzJane Editz 16 dias atrás
I don’t care how i sit home alone. I watch videos on my phone on the FLOOR.
Rachel’s Videos
Rachel’s Videos 17 dias atrás
Right side up
Gaming WithToys
Gaming WithToys 17 dias atrás
That McDonald’s frie box is fake but it looks good to eat
Jamieandrachelle McCue
Jamieandrachelle McCue 17 dias atrás
De eta Siii espanos
Aasiyah 17 dias atrás
OMG 😲 did she actually choke!!!!!
Syeda Fatima Bukhari
Syeda Fatima Bukhari 17 dias atrás
chloe zhang
chloe zhang 18 dias atrás
my mom don’t put on make up
gillian mclaggan
gillian mclaggan 18 dias atrás
I love you guys
Karthika.v Karthika.v
Karthika.v Karthika.v 18 dias atrás
In 123 go do video in your voice pls
Karthika.v Karthika.v
Karthika.v Karthika.v 18 dias atrás
Emily your so much interest to eat in home
Dayanand Singh
Dayanand Singh 18 dias atrás
You are amazing
Lilac Flower
Lilac Flower 18 dias atrás
I want to hear your original voices,plz plźzzzzz😣
Marymae Mercado
Marymae Mercado 19 dias atrás
Comment =you like troom troom Like =you like 123 go!
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