GIRLS IN PUBLIC VS GIRLS ALONE || How You Do Things Alone VS In Public! by 123 GO!

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Do you feel like you can really let loose when you’re all alone? We’re talking, stuffing your face and dancing in your underwear kind of alone time…
Don’t be embarassed, we all do it! Today, we’re learning the difference between the way you act in public versus when you’re all by your lonesome.
If you could relate to these public vs reality scenarios, share these hilarious clips with your friends!
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#funny #awkward #123GO
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Comentários 80
XxGalaxia BobaXx
XxGalaxia BobaXx 33 minutos atrás
So relatable
Narayana R
Narayana R 6 horas atrás
So nice video
Gamer Sydnee
Gamer Sydnee 22 horas atrás
Olivia= i should go out more often ) me= um have you heard of corona?
Jediael Nashua Mairom
Jediael Nashua Mairom 22 horas atrás
This is really me in public and in private
Honesty Dia atrás
5:19 5:27 5:31
Squirrtle LoveReeses
Maddie Kayser
Maddie Kayser Dia atrás
To be honest I'm not relatable at all
Lila Begun
Lila Begun 2 dias atrás
Olivia is too funny right,and her laughing is beautiful
Geetha Bashyam
Geetha Bashyam 2 dias atrás
Olivia is acting silly in home and public
Sunya Khan
Sunya Khan 2 dias atrás
Great vid!!
Charlotte Njie
Charlotte Njie 3 dias atrás
Hi am a. Fan of you I love you guys
Manish Rathi
Manish Rathi 4 dias atrás
During lockdown we can't eat french fries 😭😭😭😭😭
Amelia Haynes
Amelia Haynes 4 dias atrás
I like pupli I
Amelia Haynes
Amelia Haynes 4 dias atrás
Hi I am going to call you tomorrow I love you very very happy happy birthday hope you have a happy birthday happy happy birthday hope you have a happy birthday happy happy birthday 🥳 hope you have a happy birthday happy happy birthday hope you have a
Amelia Haynes
Amelia Haynes 4 dias atrás
I lick pupils places
jillian cabano
jillian cabano 4 dias atrás
I dont do that Like u
vicky chaudhari
vicky chaudhari 4 dias atrás
It is so much funny 😆
ʕ っ•ᴥ•ʔっ Ok bye
Jace master of arms Wise
Ppl think
Lea Kendirjian
Lea Kendirjian 6 dias atrás
1:52 it’s not ice cream it’s a McFlurry
Tick tock girl Dances
Tick tock girl Dances 6 dias atrás
Her holding the laphing is still wired tho lol
Dixie Levengood
Dixie Levengood 7 dias atrás
olivia is my favorite girl in 123 GO
Nishta Reebye
Nishta Reebye 8 dias atrás
No I am the true champion at eating
Agnieszka Mazurek
Agnieszka Mazurek 8 dias atrás
in a posh cafe I eat nicely but In mcdonalds I eat like a pig
Javeda Khan
Javeda Khan 8 dias atrás
OMG if you eat fries with ice cream so leave a comment 🍨🍨
America Johnson
America Johnson 9 dias atrás
Safiya Shaikh
Safiya Shaikh 10 dias atrás
I wanna hear their voices
Magical Dimples
Magical Dimples 10 dias atrás
5:27 looks like she has 2 heads lol 😂
Ben Simiyu
Ben Simiyu 10 dias atrás
Can. Vicky make a massage $$🙂🙂😎😎😘😘
Jarica25 11 dias atrás
Emily:whatever getting a Coffee is a nose Me:insted of Coffee its water
Lexi_ Gacha
Lexi_ Gacha 12 dias atrás
if i was emily i would do that too but with manners of course!😉😉
Mandi Balla
Mandi Balla 12 dias atrás
1:21 You call that a nice resturant? Well done 123 go
Tanuja Bhagwandin
Tanuja Bhagwandin 12 dias atrás
Wow 😅
Sahana Bhat
Sahana Bhat 12 dias atrás
Love your videos
Gabby Pening
Gabby Pening 12 dias atrás
gabby pening 😇i love you 😄😂
Arredondo hd Arredondo
Arredondo hd Arredondo 12 dias atrás
I don't choke on food
Nda Xan
Nda Xan 12 dias atrás
Nda Xan
Nda Xan 12 dias atrás
nisha JiYa
nisha JiYa 13 dias atrás
I hate emily
mahnezey 13 dias atrás
4:18 I never knew watching nothing was so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂
mabels vlogs lanphier
mabels vlogs lanphier 13 dias atrás
If this is for kids then why is there a bad word which is sexy in there. Like that doesnt even make senses
Shenell H
Shenell H 13 dias atrás
Clear coffee Ok
Gajendra Tarale
Gajendra Tarale 14 dias atrás
Ha Ha
Rachael Claussen
Rachael Claussen 14 dias atrás
Hi im a 3d grader and im leraning divition😊😊😊😐😊😊😊😊😊
Christy Andrea
Christy Andrea 14 dias atrás
Emily is watching nothing she acting 🤫
kristen rosado
kristen rosado 14 dias atrás
At the resturant y is she the only one there ?
Arely Vega
Arely Vega 14 dias atrás
A guy was twerking in the back round 🤣
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 15 dias atrás
I am not like that . If I will do like that then I will be scolded very badly by my mother and father
Feroza Harripersad
Feroza Harripersad 15 dias atrás
What is Emmys number
Qween Elizabeth smith
Qween Elizabeth smith 15 dias atrás
No one keeps there napkin on there lap, no one eats there burger and fries with a dum fork and no one chews with there mouth closed duuuuuu😡😡😡😡👿👿👿😠😡😾
Marijan Budić
Marijan Budić 15 dias atrás
Sofia Harutyunyan
Sofia Harutyunyan 15 dias atrás
5:10 that’s what my long, 45 second sneezes look like
Mustafa Nittoor
Mustafa Nittoor 15 dias atrás
I love Olivia who like her hit a thumbs up👇 lets see
Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin 15 dias atrás
But I'm not trying to be rude
Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin 15 dias atrás
It was water not coffee next time get it right
Being alone is for a few months now since there is coronavirus
magi Q
magi Q 16 dias atrás
Bong Honorio
Bong Honorio 16 dias atrás
Who loves dipping fries in vanilla ice cream No one just me?
Melinda Carlock
Melinda Carlock 16 dias atrás
I love your videos / an you
Qween Elizabeth smith
Qween Elizabeth smith 16 dias atrás
I'm only nine and I hate using manners and like who cares what someone things just do what you want duuu
Lotus House Restaurant
Lotus House Restaurant 16 dias atrás
You wouldn’t supposed to eat hamburger and fries with a fork you should eat it with your hands that is normally what people would do even if they are in public
Chloe Love
Chloe Love 17 dias atrás
I like123go
Juvae Sibayan
Juvae Sibayan 17 dias atrás
Bwahahahahahhahah nyaaaaaayyyyy you made me laugh 123go! Ilove itttttttt! Good job!
Siti Aishah
Siti Aishah 17 dias atrás
Character same like 5 minutes craft & videos too?
Hafiz Aqib
Hafiz Aqib 17 dias atrás
Noor Abbas
Noor Abbas 18 dias atrás
😂😂😂😂😂😂 very very very very funnye
Alidore Oliveira
Alidore Oliveira 18 dias atrás
And she was cracking up the screen wasn't even on
Steven Pennington
Steven Pennington 19 dias atrás
I wonder who does the voiceing
Yonghui Zhang
Yonghui Zhang 19 dias atrás
No girl eat food like that
ᎩꂅꂅϮ PLAYZ 20 dias atrás
4:42 "Ah, I should go out of the house more often" After covid-19 breakout: " Ah, I should stay home more often "
Scott Fraser
Scott Fraser 20 dias atrás
4:21 she is watching nothing
Sofia and sab Conanan
Sofia and sab Conanan 21 dia atrás
Conanan fam
Shamalamma d.j
Shamalamma d.j 21 dia atrás
I know that you will not Like first😀
Shamalamma d.j
Shamalamma d.j 21 dia atrás
Like first read more
Shamalamma d.j
Shamalamma d.j 21 dia atrás
Olivia is super
Sadie Lee
Sadie Lee 21 dia atrás
Does Emily where a bra? XD
Clare Peirce
Clare Peirce 21 dia atrás
D Al
D Al 23 dias atrás
If I see a can of Juice alone I put in my face like this ohhhh thats the stuuuuuf
Kathrina Langford
Kathrina Langford 23 dias atrás
flamingo fan
flamingo fan 23 dias atrás
Me at a dance party: *walks Other kids* having the best time of their life's Me: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The other kids: COME DANCE WITH US Me: um I just um can't dance Other kids: oh that's really weird 5 seconds later Me: *dabs 50 times* Other kids: YOU JUST DANCED, GET HER
My Sloth world
My Sloth world 23 dias atrás
When it was laughing she had nothing on her IPad lol
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