Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'FOREVER 1' MV

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Girls' Generation's 7th Album "FOREVER 1" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platforms:
💿 Physical Album ➫ 2022.08.08

02 Lucky Like That
03 Seventeen
04 Villain
05 You Better Run
06 Closer
07 Mood Lamp
08 완벽한 장면 (Summer Night)
09 Freedom
10 종이비행기 (Paper Plane)

Girls' Generation Official

Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'FOREVER 1' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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4 Ago 2022



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Kayne Santos
Kayne Santos Dia atrás
LOVED THE INDIVIDUAL SCENES/SHOTS OF THE GIRLS! It summarizes the established careers they have individually, it shows how they are still unbeaten for the past 15 years as a group Girls' Generation & individually successful career women 💕 0:12 Taeyeon performing as a soloist (concerts & tours) 0:28 Yoona reading scripts for Dramas/Movies 0:40 Sunny in various TV shows & guesting, famous celebrity 0:42 Reminds me of their Helipad 'GENIE' performance which is the most watched live broadcast in SK with 17.2% rating, real-time number of viewers is 8.6 million people 0:48 Hyoyeon DJing (DJ HYO), she wanted to be a world famous DJ 1:05 Yuri acting, modeling ads, endorsements, photoshoots 1:15 Tiffany on a plane since she’s from America who goes back & forth to Korea, still getting new schedules, scripts, castings, etc. 1:33 Seohyun the musical actress 1:50 Sooyoung signing autographs, booked and busy for movies and dramas 2:16 Walking on the red carpet to receive awards 2:27 This is probably the DAESANG. SNSD is the first girl group to win both disk and digital daesang (Grand prize) 3 times in a row 2:41 Reminds me of the THE BOYS MV
오렌지상큼 16 horas atrás
한국인보다 소녀시대를 더잘아네 .. 긁적..
Jess Kyle
Jess Kyle 16 horas atrás
@Kayne Santos aahhh i see ok thanku :D
Kayne Santos
Kayne Santos 16 horas atrás
@Jess Kyle it's a movie filming :)
Elizabeth kim
Elizabeth kim 21 hora atrás
No sé cuántas veces se me salieron las lágrimas pero... Solo sé que ellas son una parte de mi, me siento muy orgullosa y muy agradecida de haberlas conocido 😭❤️✨😍
khaled ahmed
khaled ahmed 15 horas atrás It's here finally.
Yonier Ramirez
Yonier Ramirez 22 horas atrás
Amo en verdad espere 5 años y no me arrepiento como sone desde el 2014 no paro de amarlas y como se reinventan estoy llorando 🥺 desde los 11 años escuchando mis SNSD ❤️ y ahora con 20 años aún sigo escuchando las
Lía Sanz
Lía Sanz 21 hora atrás
Estoy muy emocionada, por el regreso, esperó sigan haciendo más música, las amo ♥️🤩🤩.
Yulsnsd🤩 22 horas atrás
No me canso de ver el MV todo una historia en menos de 4 minutos
AE Top Musics
AE Top Musics 4 dias atrás
Nunca pensé que viviria de nuevo un comeback de las soshis y estoy feliz de poder vivir este momento histórico.
Silv Dia atrás
Estamos igual, pense que ya no podria pero aqui estamos, con esta joyita
siti fatimah
siti fatimah 4 dias atrás
Yess forever
OHHH YES🔥🤣 4 dias atrás
Here finally
Farida Mo
Farida Mo 4 dias atrás It's here finally
냠냠냠 19 horas atrás
소녀시대 멤버 하나하나가 바쁘고 할일도 많을텐데 탈퇴 안하고 이렇게 바쁜 와중에 음원내고 활동하는거 보면 너무 좋음ㅠㅠ 그만큼 돈독해보여서 더 볼맛 나는듯 틀니 끼고 딱딱 거려도 좋으니 이렇게 같이 활동하는 모습 계속 봤으면 좋게따
No puedo describir el amor que les tengo a todas, de verdad, cada vez que las veo mi felicidad vuelve
未知 17 horas atrás
아니 뮤비에 그동안 소시가 했던 컨셉 다들어가있쟈나ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 영원하자는 메세지도 중간에 다만세 도입부가 깔려있는 것도 그냥 모든게 팬들을 위한 컴백이라는걸 보여주는 것 같다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ SONE인게 정말 자랑스러워💗 우리 꼭 영원하자 Forever1🙏
Busy Bee
Busy Bee 22 horas atrás
In the industry where loud music and dark concepts are thriving, it's so refreshing to see SNSD dong this concept. The message and the video is so bright and emotional yet the music is upbeta. love it.
Elflames maharani
Elflames maharani 22 horas atrás
Agree.. this song gives vibes of bright sunshine, fresh summer and Ray of hopes
Asyifa Ramadhan
Asyifa Ramadhan Dia atrás
지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로다 소녀시대!! 영원히 소녀시대!!! #FOREVER1
Julia Anjos
Julia Anjos Dia atrás
Snsd para sempre.
nina vo
nina vo 20 horas atrás
So refreshing! They slayed the mature, sophisticated looks yet clothing in Gen Z idol style. Bubbly and popping as their forever number 1 title. Always on trend! Keeping it up #girlspower
Brenda A. Min. Terrones
Brenda A. Min. Terrones 18 horas atrás
Me llevó a mis inicios, fue tan nostálgico, unas diosas, las amo. Es una canción preciosa y todas ellas se ven etéreas.
Jhon Replay
Jhon Replay 22 horas atrás
que satisfação e ver essas mulheres cantado novamente adoro SNSD mano meu grupo favorito yoona como sempre linda esse retorno foi maravilhoso.
julissa B
julissa B 20 horas atrás
Esto se siente como un sueño hecho realidad
Chiayo Chi
Chiayo Chi Dia atrás
Let’s confuse new kpop fans. Let them questioning why there are so many kdrama actresses in this girlgroup mv. Kkkk-~ Love your comeback so much GG! Knowing you all since i was a high school student and now i already passed my 30… you all still slay the stage just like you did years ago! Beautiful, fresh choreography yet so elegant. No need to put so many complicated dance moves to fit ‘girls crush’ vibes. I hope all of you continue doing great things together in the future. Saranghae!
Jess Kyle
Jess Kyle Dia atrás
Alex Yoonito Yong
Alex Yoonito Yong 20 horas atrás
Girls Generation Forever 1 we are one !!! Lets go 20M !!!!! S♡NE Queen Forever 1 !!!!!! I Love You Girls Generation we are one!!!!
Sirena Sam
Sirena Sam 20 horas atrás
Yolanda Agustin
Yolanda Agustin 22 horas atrás
송송상 18 horas atrás
지금 생각하면 진짜 다들 매력 하나하나 다르고 멤 구성이 쩐다
bejo toyolo
bejo toyolo 16 horas atrás
Jervies Monroe
Jervies Monroe 22 horas atrás
There may be many talented idol groups who debuted throughout all these years... But Girls Generation will always have a special place in my heart since the day I became a Sone. GG FOREVER 1 and always. 사랑해 💗
Berserker Game
Berserker Game 4 dias atrás
I cant stop smiling while watching. SONE and GG Forever 1!!!!!
Dawn35 2 dias atrás
@KookieSunny22 it's a compliment ofcourse. For me it's GG or no one
KookieSunny22 2 dias atrás
@Dawn35 Wdym? Is this a compliment or an insult?
نايون Nbkekke
نايون Nbkekke 2 dias atrás
Terry Blend
Terry Blend 3 dias atrás
They deserve a smile and all the happiness from the depth of the heart
김소연 19 horas atrás
5년만에 정식으로 컴백한건데 노래 너무 좋아요 앞으로 계속 활동해 주세요 ㅠㅠ
khaled ahmed
khaled ahmed 15 horas atrás It's here finally.
Mia Rinawati
Mia Rinawati 19 horas atrás
I have been a SONE for over 13 years, I'm literally crying seeing this MV, so much emotion inside. Thank you for always stay with us❤ GG 4ever
blueblue05 21 hora atrás
Can't wait for this Thursday's FOREVER 1 comeback stage!
Myori chan
Myori chan 19 horas atrás
What I love about SM is they never disband their idols, so we as a fan will never stop hoping there will be another comeback!
ellyssax 4 dias atrás
15 years in the industry and yet they did not disappoint! GIRLS GENERATION EVERYONE!!!
하루 종일 듣기 좋은 노래 - Ballad Music
대단해! 모두 같은 마음으로 손을 든다🙋🏻 ↓↓
Bintang bin
Bintang bin 19 horas atrás
Forever love GG
ML* Lype
ML* Lype 22 horas atrás
@Peacemaker Water is for you toxics 😂
Yoona jjang
Yoona jjang Dia atrás
@Peacemaker At least our Queens reached 15 years but never disband? Is your fave can do that? Just wanna remind you what happened to 2ne1 when blackpink debut. THAT MAY HAPPEN TO YOUR FAVE
Thu Letter
Thu Letter 19 horas atrás
My youth, my girls, my queens, my home. Girls, we are forever. We're still forever 1 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
박복 21 hora atrás
어쩌면 요즘 스타일은 아니기도 하고 메세지가 너무 센 곡이다보니 대중픽 아닐까 걱정스러웠는데, 듣다보니 소녀시대의 시원한 보컬을 너무 잘 느낄 수 있어서 여름에 딱 좋다 역시 소시=대중 진짜 청량함은 정점을 찍었다. 수록곡인 빌런이랑 무드램프도 너무 좋음
ㅇㅇ 19 horas atrás
소시=대중 이러노 지금 음원차트를 봐라ㅋㅋ 대중픽인지ㅋㅋ 소퀴들이랑 소시가 레전드인줄 아는 한녀들 밖에 안 들을 듯 홀리데이 때랑 손나 똑같은 레파토리~
Becca 22 horas atrás
Guys, guys! I Just realized, this came out on the day of their debut, august 5th! How much more perfect can this get?
Alexia Mountain
Alexia Mountain 21 hora atrás
It's for their 15th anniversary, that's why on their debut date :)
소피 23 horas atrás
who's watch this over and over but still can't hold ur tears and end up with big smile bcs you're so proud with the girls. yasss, we are foreverrrr. GG4EVA!!
Deobi Deobi
Deobi Deobi 4 dias atrás
"Girls are forever~" Finally Legend, Queen, Goddess SNSD Are Back!!!!!!! Welcome back!
Betty Laura
Betty Laura 4 dias atrás
Here finally
안께란 19 horas atrás
처음엔 노래가 쫌 애매인가 했는데 두번, 세번 들을수록 들을때 편안하고 시원하게 들림 :) 매년은 힘들어도 종종 모여서 음반내주면 좋겠어요! 너무 멋있어! 소시 영원🎉✨✨
Starthistle 21 hora atrás
I just wanna say.. this video is such a flex. Them showing that they're successful in their chosen fields AHHHHHHHHHH MY SONE HEART IS SOARING
chickenmcnuggets 18 horas atrás
forever as a SONE, started to love them when i was 7 and now i’m 19 still being here for their 15th anniversary !!
Abida Hassan
Abida Hassan 16 horas atrás
Being a 3rd gen stan and now that the 3rd gen is almost at its end, never rlly thought I'd be able to witness a girls generation comeback!! I've always admired them as individuals and now seeing them as a group is beyond wonderful
Dharmendra Singh
Dharmendra Singh 4 dias atrás
I'm 33 years old and feel like I'm 18 again. GIRLS GENERATION are legendary queens
Kyna Lim
Kyna Lim 20 horas atrás
Sampe bro!!
Charles Kuku Mendoza
Charles Kuku Mendoza 22 horas atrás
fahs 23 horas atrás
I am 29 years old SONE...since 2009
I AM MAVIS Dia atrás
Same here over 30
김현주 Dia atrás
Mandy Lauj
Mandy Lauj 18 horas atrás
I find myself coming back to this song multiple times a day. There’s just something about it that makes me feel like I did in the past when I first became a Sone and kpop stan during my childhood😭The feeling of pure love and innocence rushes back giving me goosebumps that doesn’t feel the same as today’s kpop.
Chanelle Archibeque
Chanelle Archibeque 19 horas atrás
Oh wow, I wasn't expecting to cry upon pressing play and seeing them all together again. SNSD is back. 😭❤
Thái Bình Lộc
Thái Bình Lộc 22 horas atrás
Iqlima Oei
Iqlima Oei 18 horas atrás
VicinityQueen Dia atrás
I literally crying listening this song, Proud to see our SNSD no matter what their do. The song is amazing, have deep meaning and catchy. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Aps Eunha
Aps Eunha 18 horas atrás
Yes like me. .always no 1 for GG
Rock Cactus
Rock Cactus 21 hora atrás
Here finally
Nazmi Lao
Nazmi Lao 22 horas atrás
same here sis
Trung Hiếu Nguyễn
Trung Hiếu Nguyễn 22 horas atrás
like they just debut
16 horas atrás
와..진차 뭔가 마음이 웅장해짐..그냥 소시짱😍
JA SS 18 horas atrás
Sunny's voice is so pretty. Patiently waiting for her solo debut too
Ailin 16 horas atrás
Rainhas! Meus amores! Amo demais!!
Dorothy 17 horas atrás
Girls Generation u are forever the best 💅 SLAYYY QUEEN 👑
치미새 Dia atrás
팍팍하고 버거운 삶에 희망이 되어주는 노래와 가사 밝고 예쁜 웃음까지 크흡 내가 가치있다고 말해주는 것같아서 참울컥하고 너무 좋네요 감동적이어요 포기하지않고 끝까지열심히하겠습니다 우리는 영원하니까요 히히히 소녀시대여 영원하라!!!
Carolina Espinosa
mariamonica Beltran
mariamonica Beltran 20 horas atrás
Matagal ko na to inaabangan COMEBACK!! 😍😍😍
Elizabeth kim
Elizabeth kim 21 hora atrás
Queens are back ✨👏 Better than ever!! I'm S💓NE since 2011 and it's an honor ✨
Easy Nation
Easy Nation 16 horas atrás
In the near future when all current comeback activities already ended and SNSD back to their solo activities, I really wish they will make a MV for 'Paper Plane', as it is also very emotional and hopefully time will find us again and everyone (SNSD and Sone) could achieve our higher dreams! And SoKor need to prepare a lifetime achievement award for SNSD!
Alianne Dangoy
Alianne Dangoy 16 horas atrás
goosebumps! it's feels like it was just yesterday when I was vibing to Oh! and Run devil run. Girls generation really brings back my childhood:))
RA2020IN Dia atrás
지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대!💗
Maria Mora
Maria Mora Dia atrás
Ese es mi himno
Julia Anjos
Julia Anjos Dia atrás
Snsd para sempre. Girlgroup da nação. Vocais. Visuais.
lachimolala•* 17 horas atrás
snsd got me into kpop! i was obsessed with twinkle in kindergarten. it sounds like a lie but im serious. i sang with my mic, i have videos. then 2ne1 got me into it more. i just wanted to cry listening to this song. kpop is a huge part of my life and stuck by me at every stage of my life. it helped me when i was happy, sad, every emotion. i am now in highschool and everything is confusing, but snsd holds a special place in my heart. they introduced me to something that would heal. thank you snsd!
C308S25章秀漮 16 horas atrás
They are literally legends ✨ Love this song !!!! Best 2022 summer song ☀️☀️ Congratulations on their 15th anniversary ✨✨✨
Sakura Gurl
Sakura Gurl 19 horas atrás
OMG!!! 😳😆😍💕💕💕 Their first song as a group in five years!! SNSD, welcome back! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖💖💖
nesthea mari nava
nesthea mari nava 19 horas atrás
Jean Danielle Rabano
Jean Danielle Rabano 4 dias atrás
Girls Generation are LEGENDS. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. This comeback is a gift for Sones.
happy one
happy one Dia atrás
let hear it twice/ 3 times, you will be addicted! dont hurry to criticize it!
Dineshwor Moirangthem
Dineshwor Moirangthem 3 dias atrás
@bltvd don't try to fight with us we the sone's tasting k-pop songs since 2007 2nd gen ......u know what I mean ...
catherine lim
catherine lim 3 dias atrás
@juli828 wdym? this is snsd on their own identity, on their own sound, on their own color. it is easy for them to come back with a song that's very catchy and trendy, but this comeback is more of a love letter and celebration with their fans that waited too long for them to be active as a group again.
km 3 dias atrás
@bltvd if you were a fan you would have smilar reaction as juli even if you wouldnt like the song. Btw that's song is very snsd-like. How did you even "become a fan" lol
Autumn Fever
Autumn Fever 16 horas atrás
These are the girls who got me through a very dark phase of my teen years, I can't describe how I'm feeling now. It's beyond words.
Ly Naysee
Ly Naysee 22 horas atrás
The original kpop girls group is back! They will forever be my favorite group!
none of your business
none of your business 20 horas atrás
Finally k-pop feel come be honest 4th generation songs are for haters but legends will be legends look at their lyrics how they describe their love for us (for fans)
Babii Waanjai
Babii Waanjai 19 horas atrás
Yeeaah our queens are baack
Misal Rana
Misal Rana 4 dias atrás
*Their solo screen shot tells about the their individual careers and at last they are all together for SNSD because no matter where you are and what you do, SNSD will always be FOREVER 1* 💗
Mr.Farkhan 4 dias atrás Yeay. Video finall realese now
SkyShadow Reviews
SkyShadow Reviews 19 horas atrás
You girls are still so beautiful! Thank you for bringing out a new song! You girls started my kpop adventures! ❤️❤️❤️
Win Hasan
Win Hasan 21 hora atrás
FOREVER 1 Girls Generation💚🦋
JA SS 17 horas atrás
Let's enjoy this comeback and also work hard for our girls so they can win trophies ^^
김연우 17 horas atrás
노래 너무 좋아요 ^^
A-list 17 horas atrás
Lobsterkingabled Dia atrás
They didn’t just give us a reunion. They gave us a WHOLE album!! Thank you SNSD for loving us SONES!
Rock Cactus
Rock Cactus 21 hora atrás
Here finally
markor skhembill warjri
markor skhembill warjri 18 horas atrás
I'm addicted to this song can't wait for the live stage
A-list 18 horas atrás
fefefe 18 horas atrás
Me too
Melodies_Memory of exy
Melodies_Memory of exy 18 horas atrás
Same.! Thursday!!
eva pachas
eva pachas 18 horas atrás
las amo!!!!
Abc 16 horas atrás
Covers Full Kpop
Covers Full Kpop 21 hora atrás
Mis niñas, mis hermosas niñas, las extrañaba tanto :c
munle 0407
munle 0407 3 dias atrás
There's no denying SNSD's popularity and success in all respects. They are a complete girl group. Girl groups these days are very popular because they are in their prime but SNSD has always been the standard for junior groups to look up to. You can deny it because you haven't been through SNSD's peak period. Think about how successful and popular your idols are during this period, SNSD used to be like that and understand. There must be a reason for the long existence of an Idol group. SNSD is currently still receiving a lot of attention and that is a testament to SNSD's success. Wish the juniors after 15 years debut will still be like SNSD now. ❤️❤️❤️
Suraya Sue
Suraya Sue 3 dias atrás
Yasss indeed 👍👍
Piet Tinash
Piet Tinash 3 dias atrás
Here finally
munle 0407
munle 0407 3 dias atrás
@Connor Allan I don't know. No one can predict the future
J 그린
J 그린 3 dias atrás
Definitely 👍👍
Connor Allan
Connor Allan 3 dias atrás
I mean BTS will probably still be huge in 8 years.
김민해 19 horas atrás
돌아와줘서 감사해요 나의 요정들 ♡
Eunice S
Eunice S 18 horas atrás
Hands down to the whole production team! Looks like the MV was directed by a SONE!❤️
Anafelix Calderin
Anafelix Calderin 15 horas atrás
Hermosas a pesar de tener más de 30 años🥺❤❤❤
Marco Gro
Marco Gro 21 hora atrás
Por que esto no tiene mas vistas? ❤️❤️❤️
Dharmendra Singh
Dharmendra Singh 4 dias atrás
I'm 33 years old and feel like I'm 18 again. GIRLS GENERATION are legendary queens
jr al
jr al 4 dias atrás
I'm 23 and I'm feeling like 12 when I know them
SunnyUnnie 4 dias atrás
Same here! 30+ SONEs unite 🙌🏻
Mimi S .Unisha
Mimi S .Unisha 4 dias atrás
I understand I am 24 and I am feeling like a 14 year old when I first came across them
mtc 16 horas atrás
You guys are my first love story. Thank you for coming back and giving us this special album. It's worth the wait. You mean a lot to me.
Mim Kpop
Mim Kpop 16 horas atrás
I feel I've watched this a thousand times, addictive 😍
novembergrams 16 horas atrás
SNSD!! Legends!! Probably one of the first girl group where each member was able to attain their own character/career outside of group activities. (Even Sica) Forever 1 💗🫶🏻
Brandon Hien Le Tran
Brandon Hien Le Tran 22 horas atrás
Been following them since their debut! I can't believe it has been 15 years already. Being around the same age as them has really made me feel so connected throughout the years. Love seeing how much they have grown and transformed. Girls Generation forever ❤️ please come and tour in the US!
Angga 22 horas atrás
Time flew so fast huh? :)
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