GIRLFRIEND’S FIRST JETBLAST! A321 & 757 Takeoff from Skiathos Airport | JSI Plane Spotting

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Subscribe here ➤ Join us at the spotting point as I convince my girlfriend to stand behind a Thomas Cook A321 and a TUI Boeing 757 taking off! Watch the aircraft line up and wave to the pilots before joining us for the jetblast. Spoiler alert: her hair got messed up!
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Canon Legria HF G-30


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2 Ago 2018



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Comentários 48
Oddly Strange
Oddly Strange Anos atrás
Love her hair
Kevin Wiltshire
Kevin Wiltshire Anos atrás
Wheres the 777 when you need it
Lost world channel
Lost world channel Anos atrás
Is there any heat coming out
suspicionofdeceit Anos atrás
A380 next.
Dannyboi07 Anos atrás
I was there that day and saw the tui plane
leSharky Anos atrás
Woo Hoo!! :) xD
Emma lamb
Emma lamb Anos atrás
I was there on the second, I’m so mad I wasn’t there to see you because I am one of your biggest fans.Also I love skiathos airport jet blasts there’s nothing better.last of all I looked in the armeretto bar and saw a dvd made by you and brought one and I’m loving it!🛬🛩💺🛫✈️ I would love it sooo much if you could like my comment,it would mean a lot to me, thank you for your attention.
godtrekYT Jason
godtrekYT Jason Anos atrás
That devilish looking smile on the 757 creeps me out.
FinnX Anos atrás
Al Quinn
Al Quinn Anos atrás
I remember my first jet blast. I was in love and at a beach wait, I'm not some idiot who would care about this (why is this a recommended video?)
MallardDuck AZ
MallardDuck AZ Anos atrás
You have a girlfriend? Lucky. That’s something I’ll never have :(
許願翰 Anos atrás
I want the girl’s IG.hahaha
Mollie Anos atrás
Hair dryers lol.
NewfieParamedic Anos atrás
Never been on the tail end of a take off but I did watch an Antonov An-225 come towards me taking off. I was on the edge and he used up the whole runway. That was scary!
Veve Veverita
Veve Veverita Anos atrás
Veve-veverita-verry Nice,thank You!
Kage Krôss
Kage Krôss Anos atrás
Don't they have the same engines? You have a beautiful girlfriend!
Muhammed Areeb
Muhammed Areeb Anos atrás
Should have waited for the 777.
lolpo555 Anos atrás
Planning on getting single?
Michael Georgiou
Michael Georgiou Anos atrás
No way I was here on friday
Davey2 Anos atrás
Feel the pawa!
Desmond C.
Desmond C. Anos atrás
You could misinterpret that title very much ;)
John Mclaren
John Mclaren Anos atrás
Brilliant video! Cant believe i never made it in the shot as i was standing a few feet away from you on the Thomas Cook takeoff!
cdimmm Anos atrás
nothing but compressed air
Gustavo Sauer Rentas
757-200 é mais bonito.
FlightFilms Anos atrás
The 757 was like “Let me show you the REAL power!”
hassaan zahid
hassaan zahid Anos atrás
Now she wont say boring again
Sabeillard x
Sabeillard x Anos atrás
Great fun, man!! 😁😁😁
Hoy Sum
Hoy Sum Anos atrás
Amar Mams
Amar Mams Anos atrás
Hi great vidéo. I want the same teeshirt like you
Defenderone Anos atrás
Very nice. No need to go to hairdresser. But wear glasses for protection.
spadgm Anos atrás
You never forget your first time.. ;)
SD Anos atrás
real smart....especially if you catch a small rock with your teeth or eye!
e30kitty Anos atrás
Both are stupid so it would be natural selection and i would be happy :))
Sterlingjob Anos atrás
SD what we need to do is go there and chuck gravel on the runway...!!
Alastar Anos atrás
So Read more
KarlosBricks Anos atrás
that's one line too many...
Paulo Roberto Abreu
Very, ver good! Paulo BRAZIL!
swissaviation Anos atrás
that 757 showed her who's the boss!
rick berland
rick berland Anos atrás
George - G
George - G Anos atrás
Τι εννοεις εισαι ιδιωτικός πιλότος;
George - G
George - G Anos atrás
giorgos V ΑΑΑ οκ
giorgos V
giorgos V Anos atrás
George - G μικρά Αεροπλανακια
Beast gaming Assassin
I like your videos bro
AviationUpclose Anos atrás
I bet that's not the only thrust she encountered that day
AviationUpclose Anos atrás
All in good spirit mate! Nice video
craigers37 Anos atrás
airbus 737
airbus 737 Anos atrás
AviationUpclose how do you mean?
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