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YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
Laguna Police Ticket Lamborghini Passenger WE'RE IN TROUBLE
Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police


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23 Nov 2021



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DailyDrivenExotics Mês atrás
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یخ فروش جهنم
Hello i have special video from alex choe that he is going to heat some girl in motorcycle do you want to send it dde?
Anthony Gibbo
Anthony Gibbo Mês atrás
@Cielo Ame where do I send my details for winning troller of the month or whatever you said
Cielo Ame
Cielo Ame Mês atrás
@Anthony Gibbo Congratulations ! You've won ! Stay tuned for where you can pick up your parking pass for troller of the month .
Anthony Gibbo
Anthony Gibbo Mês atrás
@Cielo Ame stop talkin rubbish every tuber tries to promote they shit to death am I rite ? Ya I thought so
Yachari kingdom
Yachari kingdom Mês atrás
Seen a Lamborghini Huracan yesterday the La C8 too seen quite a few mclarens
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Mês atrás
MARC is knocking it out of the park with these CINEMATIC shots!
Mark Dhillon
Mark Dhillon Mês atrás
Top level mate , these videos hit hard ad the behind the camera team are the real MVPS
Chris Towles
Chris Towles Mês atrás
Totally agreed!
West coast Turbos
West coast Turbos Mês atrás
Don't you need brains behind the operation tho?
Keegan Gaudry
Keegan Gaudry Mês atrás
Plot twist. It’s the camera using Marc for these shots…
TimeBucks Mês atrás
Dave & Damon are hilarious together.
Sheik S
Sheik S Mês atrás
Bribe Mês atrás
That was the most amazing 1 minute of video . And the winner of the Oscar goes to ....Dave.
sonic1722 Mês atrás
That ending was brilliantly thought out and executed. MASSIVE props to Mark and the editor on it!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Question, though. How many times did Dave run out of gas during that shoot? 🤔🤔🤔
Vanjo Mês atrás
A huge shout out to marc, dude is killing it with his cinematic shots. And that last part where damon knocks on dave asking if he'll be going or not.
Ronald Thompson
Ronald Thompson Mês atrás
I wonder how many people miss it because they don't watch to the end...
That last part was Hollywood quality.. MARC is amazing.. They might need to get him a super car here before long..
Gianluca Schiavi
Gianluca Schiavi Mês atrás
That's very funny!
lAC StiCh
lAC StiCh Mês atrás
Dave & Damon are hilarious together. Ending was sick , it felt like a scene out of a movie!! Mark is killing it
omgurheadsgone Mês atrás
Felt like I was watching the OG fast and the furious on acid at the end with that clip! Dope cinematography.
Christina Holroyd
Christina Holroyd Mês atrás
Mark did an amazing job at the cinematography, honestly watching DDE feels like an episode of some epic series, well I guess it is exactly that at this point.
JC Mês atrás
Mark and the van are definitely adding to the quality of the vids. Keep it up!
devil vanky
devil vanky Mês atrás
The ending was unexpected yet hilarious and well thought and executed.. would love to see more of such in future vlogs for sure.. keep up the amazing work Damon and dave and crew.. DDE DDE DDE
Phantom Nova
Phantom Nova Mês atrás
@Ali Akhzari it's Damon who did it. You can see it by the end credits
Ali Akhzari
Ali Akhzari Mês atrás
The only problem is that dave can't drive like that probably famon or someone else did it
devil vanky
devil vanky Mês atrás
@Jordan Rochow bet it just gets better and better each day
Jordan Rochow
Jordan Rochow Mês atrás
I loved the ending too. The cinematography was amazing. Super entertaining sequence of Dave in real life daydreaming about how he could drive if he had skills lol 😝 keep up the good work guys
devil vanky
devil vanky Mês atrás
It's always fun to see what new tricks damon and dave got up their sleeves
Otoniel Cardona
Otoniel Cardona Mês atrás
Man I love when Gintani talks abouts cars, the dude's a genius, we need a Gintani BRvid content asap
Bert Favelle
Bert Favelle Mês atrás
Love watching DDE grow ! The videos get better and better. Loved the little movie at the end ! Great job guys !!
Fran M. L
Fran M. L Mês atrás
The dream shot was bananas! Some pro shit right there! Amazing content, and Alex is a find! You guys need to keep this partnership for a long time!
Angie Mead King
Angie Mead King Mês atrás
Love it! Nice ending! I need a car done by Gintani!
silent5kill3r Mês atrás
It's awesome how you guys constantly up the videos, editing, and shots!! Amazing work from everyone at DDE, definitely can tell it takes endless hours of hard work!! Keep up the great work YSOB🤌
Romeo Taylor
Romeo Taylor Mês atrás
That ending!! Yasss! That was one of those moments where you see something you’ve always wanted but you didn’t know you’ve always wanted. DDE needs their own Netflix series or TV show with Marc calling the shots on cinematography. Damon and Dave… Keep Marc with y’all at all costs. The channel is great but he’s just brought in this extra layer that’s just fking amazing. He fits so perfectly, y’all won the jackpot with Marc.
MashePotatoes Mês atrás
Hahahaha the end of this was seriously great!!!!!! Y’all are the best! Thanks for another awesome time! DDE for life 💪🏻
Quattrings Mês atrás
You should do more of those cinematic videos, i really get Need for Speed vibes, do it with all the cars.. Or well the ones that Damon has :')
Austin McClure
Austin McClure Mês atrás
The ending was insane. That was by far one of the best personal edits I’ve ever seen. Words can’t explain how awesome that was eh.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Mês atrás
Mark did an amazing job at the cinematography, honestly watching DDE feels like an episode of some epic series, well I guess it is exactly that at this point.
chding zuure
chding zuure Mês atrás
Love watching DDE grow ! The videos get better and better. Loved the little movie at the end ! Great job guys !!
Pradip Tiwari
Pradip Tiwari Mês atrás
You guys are taking it to the next level . Great work . 🔥🔥🔥
Nakib Sayyed
Nakib Sayyed Mês atrás
Mark did an amazing job at the cinematography, honestly watching DDE feels like an episode of some epic series, well I guess it is exactly that at this point.
GugiTheRealest Mês atrás
I’m loving this cinematic vlog style! Makes me want to watch the video over even more than I did before! Marc you’re a camera God YSOB!
MRMichael Lepp
MRMichael Lepp Mês atrás
That ending was amazing… so glad Marc is on the team 🤟
jo_ clarke1960
jo_ clarke1960 Mês atrás
The great cinematics continue. Good to see they weren't a one off with the SVJ. Seems the VLOG bar has been raised, a pat on the back for whomever put it together 👍
williamlorenzo1025 Mês atrás
Epic ending fellas! that was the cherry on top to a great video. Still entertaining me after all these years. Thanks bros!
Ant Murphy Photography
We just need "Beverly Hills Most hated Ferrari" and the whole series will be complete lol
aarvidson Mês atrás
Then the most hated Egg
yash Mês atrás
F12 is there for that my boy
rdnoker Mês atrás
They could do Porsche with the cgt and Nissan with the r34 and Honda with the itr
Andy Mudhoney
Andy Mudhoney Mês atrás
The F12 would have some serious potential,?
Jokerpsyco Mês atrás
Gonna turn this into a series lol
Mike McElroy
Mike McElroy Mês atrás
Daves dream sequence was pretty awesome at showing off a car aside from just rips. Would love more of that and the old overhead drone footage from way back.
David Gwyn
David Gwyn Mês atrás
Y’all need to do more videos like this with Dave!! Love it!!
venom5809 Mês atrás
Well damn, Marc has some serious skills, well done, well done.
pat owens
pat owens Mês atrás
The ending of this video is next level DDE 🔥🔥that was hilariously unexpected ! More clips like that! Clips like that would be perfect for the stories channel!!
Mr.A B
Mr.A B Mês atrás
thanks mark and jcuttin for the montage at the end without them the vlog would not be as good as now and special thanks to making fun damon and dave
D Z Mês atrás
Filming and editing has gone to a whole new level. Super content as always!
ben wampler
ben wampler Mês atrás
Dave kills me 😂😂 great ending. Mark knows how to shot his shit lol
Life In-Sink
Life In-Sink Mês atrás
Seriously one of the best moves Damon made, regarding the channel, was bringing Dave on. He's a freakin riot, and provides such a comedic vibe to the channel! That...and hiring Jamie, who is an absolute genius and legend, to do all the editing! And yes are valuable! Sound moves Damon...sound moves...
Emmanuel Just E
Emmanuel Just E Mês atrás
When Dave said "Fuck you Damon" I felt it 😂😂
Snowflake Killer
Snowflake Killer Mês atrás
@Jean Sandu bruh I bet you're a lot of fun at parties
Jean Sandu
Jean Sandu Mês atrás
If i remember well, he said a few years ago also.)
John Mês atrás
That was a great vid, enjoyed every part of it. Keep up the great work!
Steven Mês atrás
The quality of some of the shots on your videos lately are insane. The ending to this vid was 10/10. Keep it up boys, love the vids.
C Trox
C Trox Mês atrás
Thanks to the DDE team for making dull Damon exciting. LOL! Just couldn't resist. One of the better episodes without the 720.
James Cromartie
James Cromartie Mês atrás
Seeing these shots, take your time making the videos man - this changes the game YSOB 🤘
eichler721 Mês atrás
Funny and cool video loved the ending and keep killing it with this kind of content. DDE forever
TuPapa Gaming
TuPapa Gaming Mês atrás
and… THATS WHAT YOU CALL A HIGH QUALITY ENTERTAINING VLOG🔥 The best ones on social media🤫🤯
Anthony Aguirre
Anthony Aguirre Mês atrás
This is hands down the best ending ever! We need more Dave driving videos screw Damon's 😂🤣🤣
Alipen Mês atrás
Those high quality videos/scenes are next level and fkn insane! Keep it up boys
Narciso Galvao
Narciso Galvao Mês atrás
This is the Greatest ending ever. Great job Mark.
LoC-O Mês atrás
Stepping up the game my friends. Keep it up.
Erick Contreras
Erick Contreras Mês atrás
Mark is a forever a legend on this channel 🤘🏻🤘🏻 awesome shots
Michael Mês atrás
That outro was 🔥🔥🔥!!!!! Great job guys and Dave getting brave with sliding the 675! I see you Dave!!! Drift viper next!?!?!? Lmao 😂
Menus 1415
Menus 1415 Mês atrás
Wow! Just wow! Marc is amazing! The last few seconds going opposite ways was awesome!!
Jamal Lasha
Jamal Lasha Mês atrás
The End of this vlog is FUCKING GOLD!!!! As I stated before, production quality through the ROOF. C'mon 10 million subs!!! Keep up the good work guys, love the growth.
Michal michal
Michal michal Mês atrás
An amazing episode, outro fully pro holywood made production ;) Marky Mark deserves more than a Dodge!!
Kamel Ali
Kamel Ali Mês atrás
I like a lot how the videos are getting better and better very glad that Mark is on the team best wishes yall!!
SunnyD Mês atrás
Marc is incredible please do this with every car in the collection, show off all the cars and Marc's incredible cinematography skills
John Russelle Ramos
What a hilarious ending 😅 but that was amazing ❤️ Nice work guys.. Ps. I Did not pause the vid at 15:54 to see damon driving
Sander Jonker
Sander Jonker Mês atrás
Those last minutes of "Dave racing" was awesome. We need more of that! Btw, imo there is no other channel that beats the quality and fun content. DDE for the win!
West coast Turbos
West coast Turbos Mês atrás
Badmankevo Mês atrás
Badmankevo Mês atrás
Please Do well to dm Mr Collins on what's áppp with this no. in words. ⏬ PLUS ONE.
Badmankevo Mês atrás
Yo! Thanks for watching!! You can start making pr0fit like me in just three hours, don't miss out 👇 Hit up Mr Collins on what's áppp ⏬.
R Benedict
R Benedict Mês atrás
Have a happy thanksgiving to Damon, dave, and all the DDE fam
Agent SS
Agent SS Mês atrás
The videos with the van are so fire I feel like they capture the presents of these super cars so much better than the normal vlog
BTO Collection
BTO Collection Mês atrás
. Mark is doing a great job. Keep up the great work guys. Always a great follow
deven row
deven row Mês atrás
Loved that ending!! Please do more like that with the rest of your cars! Hahaha
R-D J Mês atrás
Ending sequence was hilarious 😂😂😂. Nice job Jamie and Mark.. and Dave 😂 ✨🤘🏾✨
Patrick Birck
Patrick Birck Mês atrás
You guys are fcking killing it! Honestly taking car vlogs to a whole new level
iBlackNaruto Mês atrás
That Ending with Dave was spectacular! 👌🏾 Y’all definitely need to do that again with Dave and his Twin Tubro Lambo for sure! I really like fr
BAbullitt Mês atrás
I swear the production value alone makes it seem like I’m in a theatre keep killing the game fellas!
Richard Harter
Richard Harter Mês atrás
Another great video guys, and loved the way you ended it, very different but awesome at the same time
Engage RC
Engage RC Mês atrás
Glad to see the 675LT get some love in this episode. It's right up there with the Carrera GT as one of my favorites..
Chris Ledbetter
Chris Ledbetter Mês atrás
Yes!! Can everyone just stop for a second and give props to Marc! DDE stepping there game up!
stuart birch
stuart birch Mês atrás
Firstly a big hello from all in the UK ,great McLaren build so far your a brave brave man pushing the engine from the McLaren to even more power hope it doesn't explode on you with all that extra power .Have you throught about strengthening the block and head to take the extra up grades just a thought that's all best of luck DDE from stu ,b
Thatbagged_fg1 Anthony
Damn DDE with the bangers like always 😂
mahesh paisolla
mahesh paisolla Mês atrás
you are awesome marc! killin it bro
Michael Ruiz
Michael Ruiz Mês atrás
Miss you guys, no video in about a week or so! Always nice to wake up to more content.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Mês atrás
The great cinematics continue. Good to see they weren't a one off with the SVJ. Seems the VLOG bar has been raised, a pat on the back for whomever put it together 👍
Jay Som
Jay Som Mês atrás
The ending was pretty god damn good. Bravo boys! Great work.
Seriously. Dave's part in the end was fantastic! You guys are going to get a movie deal! Props for wearing a Dodgers hat too. You're in LA now.
Giorgio Dal Mas
Giorgio Dal Mas Mês atrás
The end of the vlog was fucking gold! This kind of footage is pretty famous anyway...but no matter what, who had the idea to implement it within the vlog should be awarded for the great thought and the video shooting!👍🏻
joel briffett
joel briffett Mês atrás
Okay let's all be honest here. The ending montage was amazing!!!!🤤
No_Edits Mês atrás
Holy Sh*t. You guys have really took your vlogs to the next level! 10 Mil will come soon.
Ruairi Murphy
Ruairi Murphy Mês atrás
I love mark and how he's always looking like he's over Damon and Dave's shit, great persona
Kais Noah
Kais Noah Mês atrás
I thought this awesome driving at end is too good for Dave ... It turns out that it was just a dream
Andres Mês atrás
That was a pretty good ending scene you guys should do that with all of your cars in different scenarios
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Mês atrás
The ending was insane. That was by far one of the best personal edits I’ve ever seen. Words can’t explain how awesome that was eh.
Meme Mania
Meme Mania Mês atrás
Dude is killing with the Cinematic shots❤️
Sudeep Mês atrás
We need more cinematic endings like this..🔥🔥
Jonas Mous
Jonas Mous Mês atrás
the driveby shot at the end was amazing when the mclaren drove to the right and the van drove straight
SneakerPimp Mês atrás
The cinematography on the ending was absolutely fantastic. Well done!
ElHeezy 420
ElHeezy 420 Mês atrás
Next level filming and editing Would love the behind the scenes on the stories channel!
Robstarr6996 Mês atrás
Marc is KILLING IT with the cinematic shots! LFG DDE!
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston Mês atrás
Good to see the 675LT back, but I think the chrome wheels need to go. So gloss black ones to match the inserts on the car would look nice👌🏻👌🏻
random events
random events Mês atrás
You know damon was the actual driver for the end scene. Dave would find a fence to go through if it was him behind the wheel. Damon is 1 smoooooth operator 👍🏼👊🏼✌🏼
Jessie Rios
Jessie Rios Mês atrás
Always fun to watch, that short in the end awesome and hilarious.Thans for all the hard work and great vids
Sam Owings
Sam Owings Mês atrás
It’s like a _tornado_ of cameras, and loudness, and hilarious insults when you go walking into Gintani to see Alex.. I’m certain he loves it though! 😂
Jason Harris
Jason Harris Mês atrás
Love it. I saw the SVJ over at Gintani. Sounds amazing. Seems much wider and lower in person.
alodulio Mês atrás
Love the cinematic shots, completely different vibe from the usual vlog.
doddi & max
doddi & max Mês atrás
We love you too alex thank you for repair all the dde cars
Benni Benassi
Benni Benassi Mês atrás
We need more Dave mad man driving 😂
seap Mês atrás
I must admit you guys are great cinematographers. That Dave daydreaming sequence was top-notch. We need more of that eye candy!
discodoug420 Mês atrás
DDE Supervlogs 🔥👍 That was awesome.. the ending was some cool shit.. the quality of the cinematography is on point 👌
Anthony Bonavenia
Anthony Bonavenia Mês atrás
Yo mark is an absolute unit, loved the cinematic shots!
Kyle Quinto
Kyle Quinto Mês atrás
Those cinematic shots are straight FIREEEEEE!!! Keep it up DDE
Eis o defeito da Fiat Toro!
Visualizações 99 904