Gingerbread Cookies - You Suck at Cooking (episode 70)

You Suck At Cooking
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History of Pimblokto:
If you like gingerbread, and you like men, then you'll love Gingerbread Men. You'll also likely enjoy any other kind of gingerbread. Even if you dislike men.
Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin
Basically the recipe with some spice modifications. And NO FROSTING. Much like brownies, gingerbread should be enjoyed purely. Unless you prefer frosting. Could also be dunked in tea or coffee I bet.

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23 Dez 2017

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Comentários 8 412
Kyra Busbridge
Kyra Busbridge Dia atrás
Gingerbread nightmare
Kyra Busbridge
Kyra Busbridge Dia atrás
A clumpy bowl of regret
kacie 2 dias atrás
im always drunk when i watch your videos wand i m convincedc youre alaways drunk when you make these
M3M3 2 dias atrás
This is so emotional omg
Irina Macaranas
Irina Macaranas 2 dias atrás
everyone is sad bout pimblokto… honestly i think im the only one who feels bad for devon
Paperfish100 6 dias atrás
Watching this the day the opportunity rover died makes me even sadder :(
Curby Bustamante
Curby Bustamante 8 dias atrás
It looks like the creature from apex legends in the sea
Laorin Filet
Laorin Filet 9 dias atrás
I came here for gingerbread cookies and now I am having these feels about Pimblokdo why man
kai jakobsen
kai jakobsen 9 dias atrás
Face reveal
Black Panther
Black Panther 10 dias atrás
I'm not crying... your crying.
Devon 11 dias atrás
How do you get a child to star in ur EPs?
The lost cow
The lost cow 11 dias atrás
Am i the only one who laughed at the robot skit? I have no soul
Random Weeb
Random Weeb 12 dias atrás
Sadder then titanic(ಥ﹏ಥ)(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
- ,' rosie ', -
- ,' rosie ', - 12 dias atrás
Why tf I crying huh
Chlorophyll The Rainwing
Can you just eat the dough raw?
Gecko 14 dias atrás
I really like your channel, discount HowToBasic
Koorite 15 dias atrás
I legit teared up at this...
William Rosa
William Rosa 15 dias atrás
brought tears to my eyes
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 15 dias atrás
Here, this will cheer you up.
ColoniaAgrippinaRex 16 dias atrás
Are you gay?
Sniper9warfare 16 dias atrás
5:00 You suck at cooking predicted the future
Flamingducky 17 dias atrás
Award winning acting give this man an Oscar
Kozie Embers
Kozie Embers 17 dias atrás
Dose anyone realize that that fort in the woods probably took ages to build
An Ace
An Ace 18 dias atrás
whose kid did you kidnap for this skit
Crofinnts 2
Crofinnts 2 18 dias atrás
alternate version of cooking of howtobasic
Dippy_DoT_Mann 19 dias atrás
Wacky magic mechanical wangjangler
TheShadowLord007 19 dias atrás
this is a classic and always will be
Tom Kastelic
Tom Kastelic 19 dias atrás
dammm my heart broke
Fabio 20 dias atrás
RIP Pimblacto, forever in our hearts.
Brns Cly
Brns Cly 21 dia atrás
You Suck at Cooking confirmed HowtToBasic at 1:56.
Rock McThornberry
Rock McThornberry 22 dias atrás
Dark_Mr _Man
Dark_Mr _Man 22 dias atrás
The FBI 22 dias atrás
This is my favourite video on BRvid because there’s a wang jangler
Steve Leeb-du Toit
Steve Leeb-du Toit 23 dias atrás
The Pimblokto scene made me wee out my eyes?!
Isabella Adkins
Isabella Adkins 24 dias atrás
*hey let's build a fort* *turns on PS4*
Zombie Molly
Zombie Molly 24 dias atrás
Ok, now I'm binge watching...... Apparently, this is the cooking show I have been looking for.
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 24 dias atrás
Epicgamer123 24 dias atrás
DAD; why you crying so damn loud
ice is
ice is 25 dias atrás
Amoni Lester
Amoni Lester 25 dias atrás
This just made my heart cry. 4:34 6:37
Sadie Gacha Life サディガチャ
R.I.P Pimblockto was the beat friend of a college student since he was like 5
Adam Wiegand
Adam Wiegand 26 dias atrás
I was waiting for him to add half a spoon
Henry Gooding
Henry Gooding 27 dias atrás
The of pinblockto
Henry Gooding
Henry Gooding 27 dias atrás
We will remember you pimblockto
ps4 and netendo switch gamer
robby send me here
Z M 28 dias atrás
Wangjangler that’s a new one.
Alexander Ford
Alexander Ford Mês atrás
Jesus Christ the thumbnail tho
Watermelon the rainwing
Saddest thing *EVA* 😢😭😢😢
slenderman Mês atrás
3:07 I have become, the gingerbread.
Cho Chak Man
Cho Chak Man Mês atrás
I actually cried at 4:34
Maddox Barretto
Maddox Barretto Mês atrás
This is depressing
papermachebombshelter _
I didn’t expect to be subjected to this pain
snow shade wolf 14
snow shade wolf 14 Mês atrás
I made gingerbread once, I brocke a wooden spoon cos the dough was to thick
David Chacon
David Chacon Mês atrás
wait so ysac has a son
Conner Smith
Conner Smith Mês atrás
PikachuNate !
PikachuNate ! Mês atrás
Me no get story line
Cookie Moon
Cookie Moon Mês atrás
3:17 is that... SCP 939?! O.o
yellow bubbles x_x
yellow bubbles x_x Mês atrás
I was actually crying because of the fuking robot😂
yellow bubbles x_x
yellow bubbles x_x 28 dias atrás
+Toaster Penguins but bimblocto is a robot
Toaster Penguins
Toaster Penguins 28 dias atrás
yellow bubbles x_x it’s not the robot it’s bimblocto
nerdhouse 13
nerdhouse 13 Mês atrás
This got emotional REALLY fast😕
지영안 Mês atrás
Wtf have I watched
white cheddar
white cheddar Mês atrás
Damn, due to the thumbnail I was hoping you’d made a gingerbread AT-AT. Good effort tho
Cattr Meow
Cattr Meow Mês atrás
Kurtis Wade
Kurtis Wade Mês atrás
this is genuinely sad man like, I came for gingerbread not depression
Derin Edala
Derin Edala Mês atrás
What centaur has a tail like that? That's a goddamned andalite.
Lizzie Dizzie
Lizzie Dizzie Mês atrás
Question, can I substitute the faceless egg with an egg with a face in it
Gracie wolf
Gracie wolf Mês atrás
Why was pimblokdo so sad? Until they started eatin gracie gingerbread. It got me emotional Top 10 anime deaths number 1
Mês atrás
[ᖴᖇØᔕŤ ] The Child Gamer
Electric wang-jangler. Lol!!!!!!!!1!1!11!111!1!1!1!1!1!!1!
Mariam Hassan
Mariam Hassan Mês atrás
ok but am i the only one who thought young YSAC sounds suspiciously a lot like Lucas the Spider???
penblocto storyline is amazing
Angel Mês atrás
Just a tip if you need to measure our honey, golden syrup, or anything sticky, just oil the measuring device first and then it’ll all just slide right off
a l
a l Mês atrás
How can i have missed this channel, it's pure goooold!
Noah Jones
Noah Jones Mês atrás
Why why why why why why whyyyyyyy
Deniz Ce
Deniz Ce Mês atrás
Was it intended that your gingerbreadman hase a penis? 😂
gator 0
gator 0 Mês atrás
Didnt cry when a family member died didn’t cry when a close person died didn’t cry about the horrible stuff on the news but I was ABOUT TO CRY FOR A FAKE NO FACE CHARACTER WHAT IS THIS
Maxence Camus
Maxence Camus Mês atrás
this looks like haschisch
Generation Z
Generation Z Mês atrás
Love me some wanglitude
Qewxler Mês atrás
Pimblokto ;-;
EmeraldGaming Mês atrás
You suck at having friends should be your channel name xD
Homie Dodo bird
Homie Dodo bird Mês atrás
This episode almost took me on the brink of crying because of how sad the story is and every time I rewatch the scene it’s so hard not to cry
Просто Leonid
This is my last liked episode, this is not what your chanel is about.
BretonBrosActing Mês atrás
no intro sequence
Pomegranate Mês atrás
02:00 I have the same pillow lol
Aviv Frai
Aviv Frai Mês atrás
This is the saddest thing i’ve ever seen
ummm i_need_a_name
ummm i_need_a_name Mês atrás
I'm a weak fucking wimp because this made me sad
Joyce K
Joyce K Mês atrás
Spray the measuring cup with some of that non stick spray or put in a bit of oil and the molasses slides out no problem
IJustChoked Mês atrás
whxzz Mês atrás
The Ending of this Emotional Movie was kinda Whack
Gareth Johnson
Gareth Johnson Mês atrás
What has happened to you?
Cooper Terry
Cooper Terry Mês atrás
This is so sad 1 like = 1 respect
Lynda Megson
Lynda Megson Mês atrás
this is so sad
Jay45 Semedo
Jay45 Semedo Mês atrás
Is that the 9 tail fox
Billy The squid
Billy The squid Mês atrás
Rip pinblockdow
PastelxPetal Mês atrás
I came for ginger bread Instead I got a ocean of tears
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter Mês atrás
so many dislikes, jesus
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller Mês atrás
Aside from the array of feelings this provoked, mad props on making the Pimblokto box opening looks so real. You even twist-tied his arms in the box! For a scene that was no more than a few seconds! Your attention to detail is unparalleled and definitely not taken for granted. Happy 2019 YSAC!
titas totas
titas totas Mês atrás
The whole volume of my stomach literarly hit the screen then it all came back at the end
dhanraj ramdhan
dhanraj ramdhan Mês atrás
its 2019 any news about pinblokdo pls
Xanon TM
Xanon TM Mês atrás
he's went home now...god pimblokto's story hit me so hard in the feels
Jackson Butler
Jackson Butler Mês atrás
Imma cry in a corner now
Gunnar H
Gunnar H Mês atrás
Who watches this for fun 😂
A Nerd And Her Books
I’m so sad now
Trinity Franzel
Trinity Franzel Mês atrás
Because the stick fort in the night didn’t look FUCKING TERRIFYING
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