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Mega Transports: Superyachts | Engineering Documentary
A shuttle service for luxury yachts - across the Atlantic with the “Yacht Express”.

Transporting a ship by a ship - this becomes necessary when the super-rich want to have their super yacht available at a vacation paradise at the other end of the world, but under no circumstances want to sail it there themselves. That's when specialized companies like Sevenstar Yacht Transport come into play who take yachts across the oceans to the still so smallest islands on huge transport ships, or as a mass delivery to the Côte d'Azur. Always under the watchful eye of the owner, the luxury liners have to be handled with velved gloves, using mechanics, divers and logistics specialists attached so that they survive the trip without scratches.

This Episode of MEGA TRANSPORTS shows the Atlantic crossing of 10 highly valuable luxury yachts on a special transport ship: The Yacht Express. The cargo on the mega transporter is worth 188 million dollars in total!

Before it can begin its journey, the superyachts have to be loaded safely - by “Float on - float off” technique: the semi-submersible yacht carrier allowes the yachts to float on the submerged deck, before special divers can place special cradle systems under water, to stabilize and secure the mega yachts. They have to work with the utmost precision - and under extreme time pressure. The route from Port Everglades, Florida over the straits of Gibraltar to Genua, Italy also has many hurdles in store for the mega transport. The captain has to monitor wind, weather and waves on the route carefully, to make sure the luxury yachts arrive safely at their destination.


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16 Jan 2020



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Comentários 588
Thanks to FREE DOCUMENTARY for bringing such incredible episodes for us..😍
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 anos atrás
I was wondering how they got these big boats around the country without someone actually having to sail them to new locations.
pim van munster
pim van munster 2 anos atrás
Nice to see such passionate people doing their work very well
frenchphot 2 anos atrás
I worked once for welding the yachts supports on those big ships in 1999 in Toulon France, that was a very impressive experience. Dutch, Russian, Filipinos crew as usual.
Bas Anos atrás
Poly FoamCoats de kosten. Het blijft goedkoper en flexibelere om buitenlanders termijn contracten te geven ipv een nederlander een vast contract met alle bijbehorende pensioen en andere sociale lasten.
Poly FoamCoats
Poly FoamCoats Anos atrás
@Bas Why? How do you mean? Ben ook Nederlands trouwens
Bas 2 anos atrás
The Dutch are thrown out a while ago. 😢.
frenchphot 2 anos atrás
@rif42 cheap, positioning on demand, strong, rustless, .....
rif42 2 anos atrás
Do they really weld and cut welding for each loading? Why are there not rows of rails with series of holes to fix the supports?
beebee c
beebee c 2 anos atrás
These men the captain of the ship ,the chief engineer,henry evans and others who dive deserve a huge salary and honorarium,benefits ......they have a job well done....
Bill Whoever
Bill Whoever 7 dias atrás
​@Mario Samper ​ with a speed of 15knots you travel 667km/day, the distance from port to port is about 8.000km considering the ship is not traveling in a straight path you would travel lets say about 12000km (probably less than that) which will take you 18days considering constant 1.2 tone / hour fuel consumption you would spent about 520tones of fuel which will probably cost you less than 500k$ this means each customer would have to pay an avg of 50k$ for the fuel (depending on the size of the yacht of course) which is cheap considering the big one is rented for 300k$ per week. You can afford moving your yacht for a single customer to rent. Ofc the cost is even higher cause there is not only the fuel to pay for. The fuel is likely a very small percentage of what is paid.
Mario Samper
Mario Samper Anos atrás
with 1,200 liters of fuel per hour the ship spends, imagine the amount paid for each yacht.
ali sardo
ali sardo 9 meses atrás
Yakht express captain is doing a very special job as does the whole crew members ,fascinating job no easier than carrying containers 👍
Tuhafeni Omtwa
Tuhafeni Omtwa 9 meses atrás
Salute Captain and his members for the good job they have done💪🤘...🇳🇦🇳🇦
Fernando Queiroz Popovic
"A ship that ships, ships" brilliant
Igor Filipovic
Igor Filipovic 8 dias atrás
Interesting name and surname's.
Elmer Frejoles
Elmer Frejoles 2 meses atrás
Thanks for spelling it correctly, too!
Vladislav Stukov
Vladislav Stukov 7 meses atrás
That's really hard to pronounce
Ace B
Ace B 10 meses atrás
Neal Moreau
Neal Moreau Anos atrás
@Hudman H.A. and
Sam Houston
Sam Houston Anos atrás
That has to be back breaking work to lift those square channel hull supports to stabilize the yachts- especially 10 divers and 16 yachts- both sides !!! Good job dive crew !!!
Marek Hajduk
Marek Hajduk 2 anos atrás
Great doc with super shots... very good job! I really enjoy watching!
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin Anos atrás
Thanks for posting this. Never knew the amount of work involved transporting my luxury yacht across the Atlantic. I won't complain as much next time.
poopy pants
poopy pants Anos atrás
Hi there 😊😀😀😀👋😊
Richard Osungu
Richard Osungu Anos atrás
Aussie Steve
Aussie Steve Anos atrás
Never seen a ship like this before, what a fantastic vessel, brilliant job everyone, to everyone involved in the making of this video thank you, that was so interesting, i was hooked all the way through, thanks for sharing,👍
Free Documentary
Free Documentary Anos atrás
Thank you for your kind words!
Ione Tusani
Ione Tusani Dia atrás
Thank you for sharing this information. I now learn something new about the affective of the passing cargo ship 🚢 near by other objects that flows in the water. Watching from New Zealand 🇳🇿
Annette Kleynhans
Annette Kleynhans 7 meses atrás
As a totally ignorant person these mega yachts always raised the question in me “seriously, how do they cross big angry oceans” Thank you ...... so much explained.
Jttv 4 dias atrás
Most of these yatchs can easily cross on their own, but it puts a lot of wear on the engines.
Lord Walker
Lord Walker 8 dias atrás
They generally cross the southern Atlantic where it’s not as rough, I’ve watched a few BRvid videos made by people who work on these big yachts and they filmed crossing the Atlantic.
Handy Wijaya
Handy Wijaya 2 anos atrás
Now I know how those yachts is delivered and travelled for thousands of miles from it's home origin.Please do your next video about transporting cars.Especially supercars as I'm wondered how the world's most expensive cars like Lamborghini and Ferraris are distributed to each of its showroom all over the world
Really Riley
Really Riley 2 anos atrás
Handy Wijaya umm planes!!!
fakrul islam
fakrul islam 5 dias atrás
what a fantastic ship and its operations..... really wonderful.
Subzero 2 anos atrás
cant keep up with the documentary! amazing work, are you guys only on youtube or on a tv channel too?
Tuhafeni Omtwa
Tuhafeni Omtwa 9 meses atrás
I am with u
Richard Giles
Richard Giles 18 dias atrás
So much skill and knowledge to do this task 👏👏
Panky Anos atrás
correct me if i am wrong but can't those superyachts easily sail the atlantic
Chris Michalop
Chris Michalop 10 meses atrás
I had served on a similar ship. Actually it was a war/landship of Hellenic (Greek) Navy Forces, that carried on it, small marine vessels. "Δ/Π ΝΑΥΚΡΑΤΟΥΣΑ, L-153" (ex SS-MAIDAN)
Wilson Carrero
Wilson Carrero Anos atrás
Do your documentaries look great, will they have Spanish or subtitled versions? Thank you.
Cran Gilpin
Cran Gilpin Anos atrás
Wowww this is soooooo fascinating I'm in awe
Jaroslav Grigorin
Jaroslav Grigorin Anos atrás
So great number of Russians working around the globe in various places and companies makes me especially proud of my people once again!
oneashiish 3 meses atrás
CIA thanks you as well.
L vN
L vN 8 meses atrás
Dutch Company, foreign employees
Huawei Y6
Huawei Y6 8 meses atrás
I'm very proud of the best technology development and pop in for the world
Sean D
Sean D 2 anos atrás
Their so rich they can take a flight and deliver their own yachts
Till Rumohr
Till Rumohr Anos atrás
@Jempyiii oh man, I'm beginning to wonder wether as native speakers they're actually at a disadvantage when it comes to the intrecacies of their languages grammar - for neither having had to systematically study them nor caring that they're never righ - or if its simply to do with the weather. Sure makes you think... Jokes aside, google is probably at fault here.
JA van der Voort
JA van der Voort Anos atrás
Mark Louie Esmas
Mark Louie Esmas Anos atrás
@A Frog Hahhahhahahhahhah
A Frog
A Frog Anos atrás
Bet they can even use "they`re" correctly..
Domovilu Melimilla
Domovilu Melimilla Anos atrás
Y cuál es el problema? Mientras no sean políticos, que disfruten su dinero.
boltonky 2 anos atrás
Really interesting doco and i am more interested in clients as a large % of people and crews i have meet over the years spend more time traveling than actually with the owner being on the boat. Although i must say there are some crazy super yachts out there with systems close or as good as military grade :)
Val De Maar
Val De Maar Anos atrás
Men managing the physics. a WOW way!
Bong Merced
Bong Merced 2 anos atrás
Ive seen during 1980 nippon express delivered 5 units of new 32 mega watts each power barges to NPC unloaded in naga cebu Phillipines . Took 3 days to discharge and pump out the water
Hans Olsen
Hans Olsen Anos atrás
Its so nice to be rich ....and we can use this service ....
Bernard Silva
Bernard Silva 3 meses atrás
Singapore our shipyard we modified similar two ships "Banda Sea" and "Bali Sea" around ten years ago. Our Sambcrop Marin has same ship too.
naahdispute 2 anos atrás
Imagine being this rich
John Towe
John Towe 3 meses atrás
At least if it sinks they have plenty of escape options 👍
strongdan1 2 anos atrás
Thanks keep bringing them we love it 🇬🇧🇨🇦🇺🇲🇪🇸❤️
General Pinochet
General Pinochet Anos atrás
Documentary makers can't live without drama I guess 😋
David 9 meses atrás
But then it isn't a documentary, it's (mindless) entertainment.
sloergod Anos atrás
"The Yeach-Express cannot submurge fully" ...... She's made of iron, sir! I assure you, she can...
mpeugeot Anos atrás
Torpedo in the water... LOL.
Dong Mar
Dong Mar 2 anos atrás
Yeah, im extremely proud of it, Filipinos are well known for the excellence in HOSPITALITY field.... Filipinos can work slowly but sure quality outputs... Filipinos can even smile even in the midst of sorrows
mpeugeot Anos atrás
The only thing better than a Filipino is a Filipina... :) Yes, my Filipina girlfriend approves of this message. :p
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman Anos atrás
Great documentary.
kudzaipe cana
kudzaipe cana 3 meses atrás
37:54 im happy to hear that filipino is on list😂😂😂 so proud that they are among to the crews
Edward White
Edward White 11 horas atrás
That was just a superb documentary even though it was just one big advertisement.
Manthey Manthey
Manthey Manthey 2 anos atrás
impressive, especially the divers
Manthey Manthey
Manthey Manthey 2 anos atrás
@Niclas Johnsson i have 0 knowledge abt diving, from my point of view i dig that
Niclas Johnsson
Niclas Johnsson 2 anos atrás
Nothing impressive, just a group of idiots that do jobs like that without communication to the surface, in my eyes its just waste of time and just adding the risk of failure and they should try dive in waters where there is zero visibility and do precision stuff. diving where they are diving is like diving in a aquarium. and probably they pre installed all the support-legs before the divers went in to check it just for the excitement / talking as a commercial diver.
mpeugeot Anos atrás
Well thank god that the super rich can have their playthings delivered wherever they may need them... LOL... Seriously, ending this with the quote "The Yacht Express, a unique transport ship for yachts, it's ability to cross the open sea makes the difference. Thanks to this megatransporter, luxury yachts are available to the super rich in every corner of the seven seas whenever they want." Can you imagine the horror if the super rich couldn't have their yachts any where they wanted them at any time they wanted.... Oh the humanity. I have nothing against the super rich, hell, I would be happy to be one of them, but seriously, I don't give a fuck whether or not they get to have their playthings on every corner of the seven seas - unless they are cutting me a check.
kristoffer3000 14 dias atrás
@mpeugeot Define communism.
mpeugeot 14 dias atrás
@kristoffer3000 because the only reason communism has failed over and over again is because it's never been done right... LOL.
kristoffer3000 14 dias atrás
@mpeugeot they exploit so many people whilst having the means to make a SIGNIFICANT difference in the world yet not doing it so they're pretty much automatically evil. You should really read some Marx. :)
mpeugeot 14 dias atrás
@kristoffer3000 I might be able to accept that most are, however, I doubt that all are evil. If someone tells you that something is always, never, must, or should be a particular way, they are probably wrong.
kristoffer3000 14 dias atrás
@mpeugeot You need to read some more if you think billionaires aren't evil, seriously. Literally all of them are monsters.
rif42 2 anos atrás
This is the kind of moving company for the 0.2%, those poor owners with small yachts that have use shared transport for their boats to cross the Atlantic. The 0.1%'ers have yachts large enough to send the crew to sail across the Atlantic on their own.
Jot Pe
Jot Pe 2 anos atrás
Until now I would have bet that yachts can sail across the ocean.
kofi Sachey
kofi Sachey 17 dias atrás
Cost of servicing (crew, fuel, remuneration etc) + general risk. Not worth it. A little perspective: Some rich folk in some part of Africa like to show off their expensive toys in their villages. A Lambo or Bugatti could very well make the journey but knowing the risks, they ship these high-end vehicles from the city to their villages.
Håvard Slettvold
Håvard Slettvold 2 anos atrás
@Givis Giviauskas He doesn't know what he's talking about. Most larger boats can cross the oceans just fine. Most of those in this video, in fact. But staffing, risk, fuel, etc, costs more than just shipping it, most likely.
Givis Giviauskas
Givis Giviauskas 2 anos atrás
@Gplus sucks big Why would they need new paint job or decks? Because of salt impact or what?
Gplus sucks big
Gplus sucks big 2 anos atrás
They can, they would only need a new paintjob after crossing and new outward decks lol
sirbackdoorbandit 2 anos atrás
Cheaper to ship then the fuel it would use to cross. The small yachts do not have enough fuel to cross the atlantic so the ownersoften ship their yachts
Sander Slette
Sander Slette 2 anos atrás
Let me say something crazy! Isn’t is possible to drive the yachts to their destination?
kofi Sachey
kofi Sachey 17 dias atrás
You're right but it doesn't make economic sense plus they're open to more risks. Owners want to avoid all of that and pay a one-off price far cheaper than doing it themselves.
Atlantianreborn 2 anos atrás
You don't, you pilot a ship/yacht. If you transport over land, then please explain how a 47 meter yacht can turn a corner on land? You see the problem.
Maksu 2 anos atrás
it would run out of gas in a few days. a 70ft, 6000 litre yacht burns on avarage 100L for every 22KM 1300KM and its empty. for comparison australia to new zealand is 2000km
Foub 2 anos atrás
@Kipngetich Gideon These are not some island yachts, no problem to cross open seas with such ones. the reason of such transportation is cost. It costs much more less to transport this way
Kipngetich Gideon
Kipngetich Gideon 2 anos atrás
Yachts do not have the ability to cross open seas
Jon P
Jon P Anos atrás
Narator: "1 liter of water excess will be disastrous and could be the end of the world". So dramatic. Im sure the captain and crews are so relax and been doing these for several times now.
Oleksii Anos atrás
Also this job is insured if not over insured, so riches sleep like a babies because they have 0 risk for their boats.
Sondufu Amnon
Sondufu Amnon 2 anos atrás
Great job done Guy's
Tinah Tina
Tinah Tina Anos atrás
I'm from Africa.. When I was a baby if I saw anyone who looks like this captain I would ran away so fast.. I was so stupid, coz from the movies bald headed men were really bad people😂😂
Daryll Oberes
Daryll Oberes Anos atrás
There are ships more enormous than like the ship shipping a whole oilrig
Pinoy Ako
Pinoy Ako Anos atrás
Great responsibility with great salary💯
Josué Rodrigues
Josué Rodrigues Anos atrás
Gostei du vídeo para bem muito bom
KEVIN 5 dias atrás
Humans are amazing 🤩
Zimasa Madikizela
Zimasa Madikizela Anos atrás
Oooh maan Bowie was in the water for 10 hours nonstop woooow good job well done team.
Satyajit Ganguly
Satyajit Ganguly 21 dia atrás
Gosh! never imagined a Ship is built to carry the Ships !!
Maikelli Ebita
Maikelli Ebita Anos atrás
happy to heard that there are Filipino Seaman who was there! God bless you all SIR!
143sassygurl 8 meses atrás
@Demitra Hawkins does it matter? as long as it's understandable
Boosted Damo
Boosted Damo 9 meses atrás
That’s cool and all but are they getting their fair share?
Demitra Hawkins
Demitra Hawkins Anos atrás
To heard??, anyways it's English not Tagalog 😂😂
Ryan Wilke
Ryan Wilke 5 meses atrás
I want what Bowie’s on! So relaxed and positive
Jon P
Jon P Anos atrás
Mega-trasport cost $60millions? Is this figure the cost to transport or the cost of the ship? If it's the cost to transport, then that's ridiculous, overstating! *edit: unless they're paying $1million each crew.
Merve Anos atrás
Can you please tell me the name of a ship? What kind of ships can carry yatch???
Elmer Frejoles
Elmer Frejoles 2 meses atrás
So is it cheaper for those yachts to get ship like that on a cargo ship, than on shipping by itself?
Tinah Tina
Tinah Tina Anos atrás
How often does this happen 😱😱😱😱😱
Funny Quiz - Offer Quiz Q&A
Great responsibility, nice video
nyrbsamoht Anos atrás
47:29 - thank god. i can sleep soundly at night knowing this
Wayne Raath
Wayne Raath Anos atrás
very important to know that the super rich can still have fun while the rest of the world deals with abject poverty. whoop whoop!
If it sinks, each crewmember gets their own luxury lifeboat
Durval G
Durval G Anos atrás
Dont it feel weird to b on ur own ship but getting ship by another ship?
Electron 101
Electron 101 Anos atrás
It should of had it's own crane to lift the yachts
Hinatasimp 69
Hinatasimp 69 Anos atrás
But they said it was revolutionary tech at that time
Sunny Days
Sunny Days Anos atrás
Electron 101 should HAVE had
Rangga Oktavirgiawan
Hebat luar biasa mantap.
Elena Orgas
Elena Orgas Anos atrás
hi congratulations to all of crew ship and captains,, godbless u all and godstrengh to all crews
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Anos atrás
Notice the filipino crewman, and that most filipino crewmen has long hair much like his. But not many people know why. Its because they think its too expensive to cut the hair abroad, so they wait till they are back home. Even most people in Philippines dont know this but just ask the crewmen, its true.If youre in the airport in Manila you can tell by the hair length if a seaman is inbound or outbound. Those who work on cruise ships are exceptions because they need to look presentable and get free haircut onboard.
Pedaço de Galho
Pedaço de Galho 2 anos atrás
That's funny, a yacht of millions of dollars can't go to Europe by himself, and right now there in the middle of the ocean were probably have a self constructed sailboat going wherever he want.
Ganz Bestimmt
Ganz Bestimmt 2 anos atrás
@MrVeinemeinen ​ The captain should not be the problem. A lot of motor yachts are just not transatlantic due to fuel limitations(and don't have to be because they were simply not designed for that purpose). The Buggati example is pretty fitting. I guess your crew gets finally a few days off + you have no wear on the engines and generators + no fuel consumption. So it could be worth even for transatlantic vessels under certain circumstances.
MrVeinemeinen 2 anos atrás
I guess it could with a good captain, but my guess would be- why risk boat that expensive, if you can pay 250 000 and get it delivered. Havent seen Buggattis transported on their own wheels.
Drentse Redneck
Drentse Redneck 9 meses atrás
The owner has a bigger boat then the superyacht owners.
Ruslan L
Ruslan L Anos atrás
Amazing idea!!! Guys what is the name of the company ??? I'm a Mega yacht owner :)
Rimrock300 9 meses atrás
Their contact info written on the side of the ship, with letters big as Texas. Guess you found out long time ago)
Hinatasimp 69
Hinatasimp 69 Anos atrás
You are?
Probus Excogitatoris
Or you could...well, just sail the boat to the right destination in first place. That's what boats are for.
Le Mystra007
Le Mystra007 3 dias atrás
Sebastiaan Doeswijk
Those ships are not meant to cross oceans my guy and also they don’t have the range for that :)
edgar asunda
edgar asunda 2 anos atrás
Wish to be on board
Khamaruzaman Man
Khamaruzaman Man Anos atrás
Which is cheap to transfer super yacht by ship or by own sail
y e e
y e e 2 anos atrás
That would be like shipping your car to somewhere.😂 No one does that, right? Oh, wait.... rich people do
chri5mc 2 anos atrás
Unless people were scheduling months in advance to rent your car for far more than it cost to ship it?
Merv 2 anos atrás
@steven berthy Yeah, if that car meet was a few thousand miles away lol.
steven berthy
steven berthy 2 anos atrás
more like towing your car to a car meeting
Liam Svensson
Liam Svensson 2 anos atrás
Car makers ship cars to
Mr. Evans
Mr. Evans 2 anos atrás
I love ittt 🇮🇩
Raden Bahagia
Raden Bahagia Anos atrás
In future towing barge for sea sand must the cargo sand must be sailing in this type of ship .
bastian bastian
bastian bastian 8 meses atrás
Wow verry nice 😍😍😍
Maycon Ricardo
Maycon Ricardo 11 meses atrás
i love yatchs,top video
Free Documentary
Free Documentary 11 meses atrás
Yeah me too. It’s anchoring off St. Tropez. 🤣 wouldn’t that be nice? But one can dream.
David Avila
David Avila 21 dia atrás
i wonder how it costs to transport a yacht from Miami to Portugal ( Algarve)?
Diary Kay
Diary Kay 2 anos atrás
when the rich have their needs
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Anos atrás
Many of these are charter yachts, creating jobs and adding to the worlds financial growth - which the regular mans living standard relies on a 100%. The ones who are not charter also has crew, creating growth, and even building them created vast values for the yard workers, without the yacht industry ten-thousands of italian families would be living in poverty on social security. None of it would be possible without the rich.
Dige245 26 dias atrás
To make it unsinkable, let’s half sink it 😂
Billy Wang
Billy Wang 6 meses atrás
It's cheaper for some of these big luxury vessels to be transported rather than sailing across themselves 😂
ᛗᚤᛋᛏᛁᚳ ᚠᛚᚩᚩᚠ
That lil Lifeboat at the bow ,must feel like the most useless thing on Board ..
Frank John
Frank John 2 anos atrás
A boat transporting boats. Who would've thought?
DHINO 2 anos atrás
That superyacht is the ship tenders
tirzha prinsloo
tirzha prinsloo Anos atrás
Why is'nt this big cargo ship automated. The moment when the yaucht is in position then it is fastened automatically done by the captain. He can see everything on screen.
John Connor
John Connor 8 meses atrás
250 K is cheap compared to what it would cost to take the yacht across the Atlantic, they will easily use 250 K liters of fuel on that on the crossing, and the owner has to pay for the crew on top of that. Not to mention, that is they hit rough weather, things, expensive things may like interior for millions of dollars may break underway and also the engines will be able to boast 500+ hours of additional engine hours, that's a lot of money too. You said these Yachts total to millions of dollars, that must be the understatement of the century, that yacht freighter can easily transport several billion dollars worth of super and mega yachts. Oh and the Sky Fall mega yacht you mentioned, its 300 K dollars plus expenses to charter pr. week. PS oops, I should have watched on and not checked it for myself, you are spot on on that one.
Mr11ESSE111 Anos atrás
some superyachts are almost bigg as tanker too,this here are smaller ones
Mr11ESSE111 Anos atrás
@Ploffy Kha with yachts it goes with comfort and luxurious inside more then with sizes !! so basically if you rebuild and equip nice fishing boat of 10-15meter size you have Yacht
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Anos atrás
@Mr11ESSE111 Also remember the physics in this, a canoe or ocean kayak can be very long but are insanely small compared to an 8 meter weekend cruiser. You are way off here, maybe unable to understand scaling. Super, and even mega yachts, are tiny.
Mr11ESSE111 Anos atrás
@Ploffy Kha so normal yacht is basically fishing boat
Ploffy Kha
Ploffy Kha Anos atrás
@Mr11ESSE111 24m hull length is already superyacht. There is no exact definition but in the community it most definitely is a super, that makes it de-facto. If anyone came and said a Pershing X8 is not a superyacht he would get some very weird looks. Or, even the X7, look at it and then try to lie to yourself that its not.
Mr11ESSE111 Anos atrás
@Ploffy Kha from abramovich are 150+ meters and that from 24meters are basically ordinary yachts because everything smaller are bigger glissers
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson Anos atrás
If the ship gets into trouble they can rescue themselves,
Theo 10 meses atrás
How many shipping cost for this? I can't bear to hear it 🥲
Joebeth Ryan
Joebeth Ryan 2 anos atrás
in every ship that travels around the world for sure there will be 1 or more Filipino crew..
Edward Mubasen Hubsen
Edward Mubasen Hubsen 6 meses atrás
@mpeugeot 🤣🤣🤣🤣
mpeugeot Anos atrás
@Bas are the Filipino's aware that such a ship exists... LOL.
Bas 2 anos atrás
Nope sailed and still do at vessels without any filipino.
SullyBugs 2 anos atrás
Sylvester Carl Igoy
That radio call to the captain, looks like a radio transmission of a call from a russian mafia boss 🤣
Demitra Hawkins
Demitra Hawkins Anos atrás
Peppe Ddu
Peppe Ddu Anos atrás
It's probably cheaper to buy two boats rather than shipping the same boat across the Atlantic twice a year.
nice gaming dk
nice gaming dk Anos atrás
@2010Hals because of this thing called, range and waves
2010Hals Anos atrás
thats a great thought, except for the 16milliondollar yacht. I just wondered why they just sail themselves over the atlantic. cant be that hard
tobiassssssssssss Anos atrás
can that boat skyfall not cross the atlantic or any other ocean on its own?!
Emosi Ugavule
Emosi Ugavule 21 dia atrás
👏 Amazing
christian macri
christian macri Anos atrás
How can you cross atlantic and be sure to avoid 4m+ waves??
christian macri
christian macri Anos atrás
@CapnAce79 are freak waves avoidable/an issue? I want to cross in a 28m motor boat (expoxy wood hulled flybridge twin engine). I would like to keep at 8knots to preserve fuel and alternate on one engine, hence speed. Surely a freak wave could hit the float on/off without warning?
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wow thats one huge transporter
Al Ahmeed
Al Ahmeed Anos atrás
والله ارقى حياة ان تعيش في مثل هذا سفن رايعه روعه روعه روعه
Kipngetich Gideon
Kipngetich Gideon 2 anos atrás
Mega transporter🙂🚢
Paijo 2 anos atrás
Keren banget .. bagus informasinya .
koplak dotcom
koplak dotcom 2 anos atrás
Escritorez 2 anos atrás
Bang bang Karen hokus pokus to you too.
Being the Grim Reaper is FUN!
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