George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - Oct. 30, 1974 - Entire fight - Rounds 1 - 8 & Interview

Levi Johansen
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George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali
George Foreman defends the Heavyweight Championship of the World for the third time against former Champion, Muhammad Ali. Ali at 32, had been given little change against the fearsome puncher who had knocked out both Frazier and Norton, whom both had beaten ali in the past, in 2 rounds. The fight took place in Kinshasa, Zaïre (todays Congo), and was put together by promotor Don King. This is considered by many as the most significent fight of Muhammad Alis career. The fight was called Fight of the Year for 1974.
Their records at the time
George Foreman: 40-0
Muhammad Ali: 44-2


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18 Dez 2010



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young B
young B 6 anos atrás
Float like a butterfly; Sting like a bee; Rest in Peace; Muhammed Ali
Mirash Dragani
Mirash Dragani 3 dias atrás
@محمد خالد just
Mirash Dragani
Mirash Dragani 3 dias atrás
@Richard Milliken just
Khairulimbran Hassan
Khairulimbran Hassan 6 dias atrás
ya ya ya ya ye cd cd ye
Wahyu Sukarno
Wahyu Sukarno 8 dias atrás
@Unbacked Salt p.
craenor 2 meses atrás
One of the greatest performances in the history of the greatest heavyweight boxer ever, and he wasn't even close to the capabilities he sported in his prime. It's not just Muhammad Ali who was robbed of those three years of boxing; the entire world was robbed of what might have been. Go back and look at this fights between 64-67...he was almost untouchable. He could throw a jab literally faster than you can blink. Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.
Sora Kazama
Sora Kazama 12 dias atrás
I can't agree. I don't think he could handle the guys that he fought in that age as younger ali. His chin was tougher when he was older and he still had great movement in his mid 20s. 22 year old ali I can't see beating Joe or Norton reliably.
VOZAMARAK TV - ART 17 dias atrás
@craenor You're absolutely right. Ali in his prime (Well, at least the next best thing to his prime which we never got to see) was a masterpiece of the sport.
craenor 22 dias atrás
Going undefeated in boxing is more of a statement about the quality of opposition in the era in which you fought and your fighting style than it is your overall greatness. I'm not saying Rocky Marciano didn't fight quality opponents and wasn't great. He was a Top 10 Heavyweight (probably Top 5), but he didn't fight opponents the calibre of Liston, Ali, Frazier, or Foreman in their prime. Marciano himself said that Ali was the fastest heavyweight he'd ever seen, and he further said that were they able to have fought when each was in their prime, Marciano wouldn't have altered his fighting style for Ali. And that really is the biggest difference. Ali had to reinvent aspects of his style at various times in his career, and he was able to do so with phenomenal success. But for my two cents, the Muhammad Ali who fought Cleveland Williams in Houston in 1966, was untouchable. A Marciano/Ali fight, when both were in their prime, might have gone the distance, but Ali would still have been dancing circles after 15 rounds, without a mark on his face.
Senshi. 22 dias atrás
@Elizabeth Anderson Floyd and Fury retired undefeated
BF4pawntard 2 meses atrás
People today have absolutely no idea how great George Forman was ,he obliterated every boxer he came up against and Ali was given no chance in this fight and there was calls for the fight to be binned for the sake of Ali’s health . This was his greatest triumph and cemented him as the greatest heavy weight boxer of all time .
pan pan
pan pan Dia atrás
Never a truer words spoken
@KING MEEZER Ali also had to be tough as a two dollar steak to WEATHER what George brought. Bottom line is he came out and BAM! Threw a straight right hand into George’s kisser-BAM!, he did it again, Nd BAM! In boxing throwing a right is DANGEROUS, leaving you exposed, without having sent a jab to even distract, size up, measure the distance. Essentially Ali TOLD the Bully he DID NOT RESPECT HIS POWER OR HIS PROWESS. Its an insult, basically, and just as he’d stood tall and told the Champ “You’ve been hearing about me since you were a child and now you are about to meet your Master”. But he had to weather the storm, and he did, and just drained his man. Greatest Sports and Personal Redemption story (his battle with The Man robbing him of his Prime, all of it). Peace
Sora Kazama
Sora Kazama 12 dias atrás
@the famousdjx the thing is nowadays if you stay like that you can and will lose by the ref thinking you are taking too much damage
Sora Kazama
Sora Kazama 12 dias atrás
@KING MEEZER foreman had he survived would have won on points that's why. Foreman was also pissed and didn't wanna listen to nobody until after that fight. Ali didn't listen to anyone either lol
02drpyro Dia atrás
I would argue that this is still the single greatest sporting event of my lifetime and I was born in 72. I was two years old.
Kibombo Emmanuel Julius
I've watched this fight for a minimum of 100 times in the last 2 years alone, simply the greatest sports performance in history
Mark R
Mark R 29 dias atrás
I'm about to watch this fight for the first time.and I know you're jealous and happy for me. if you let me know you heard this, I'll let you hear how good this sounds to be.
Srinivas J
Srinivas J 2 meses atrás
Wasted lot of time kid sir, any how jts your life, make full of it
craenor 2 meses atrás
But the question was greatest sports performance in history. Shattering a mile and a half record by 2 seconds, a record which stands today, easily, gets my vote. Secretariat wasn't even the greatest American race horse. I'd give that honor to Man o' War. But Secretariat's Belmont performance is unrivalled, imo.
conish64 2 meses atrás
Secretariat was the greatest American horse of all time. Not nearly the best ever
Satya Sharma
Satya Sharma 5 anos atrás
Well, Ali said he will drop Foreman in 8 and he did it. Foreman is still all praise for Ali saying that Ali could have punched him when he was falling but did not. Ali never hurt anyone more than he should and in several occasion signalled to referees to stop a fight so he does not have to keep beating anyone. Ali was a sportsman, not a slugger. We may not see another heavyweight like him for ages to come.
Norvel White3
Norvel White3 9 horas atrás
​@Fire Water they should not have insulted him by calling him his old name they knew how offensive this was to him yes they did it anyway so they bought that upon themselves
Krzysztof Kałuża
Krzysztof Kałuża Mês atrás
@Garry Miller nie
Nick Cross ¥
Nick Cross ¥ Mês atrás
That’s crazy, he just let him punch himself out and took advantage of his weak moments when he got tired. Totally awesome game plan for somebody as big as George, especially since it was 80° with almost 100% humidity. God bless Mohammed Ali.
natural blockade
natural blockade 6 dias atrás
Excuses! Excuses!!
Nick Cross ¥
Nick Cross ¥ 10 dias atrás
@guess who Absolutely. This video completely proves it. He was out-weighed by a lot, out-powered and stood little chance in a better situation. But, brawn can rarely win against brain, especially on the genius level. Which is what Muhammad Ali did. Took into account the heat and humidity, took into account that George could easily punch himself out, due to his physique be stronger than anything cardio. Between the two, he had him and his corner from the first Bell. It’s just a huge blessing that Mr. Ali didn’t have a glass jar and wasn’t easily knocked out or down. Because those shots were hard and a lesser fighter would’ve gone down with one of them. Truly amazing. This is a fight that should be shown on the rotation to let people know how mental ability is just as important as physical, when it comes to heavyweight boxing. Take advantage of any advantage you can have, outside of physical prowess. Bless you, buddy. Have a great weekend.
guess who
guess who 10 dias atrás
Muhammad Ali is the 🐐
Thomas Johansson
Thomas Johansson 26 dias atrás
The greatest of all time!!!!❤❤❤
Blane Nostalgia
Blane Nostalgia 2 meses atrás
Two masters colliding. Two top 10 best heavyweights of all time. The audience are lucky to witness such a legendary battle.
Foreman 21 hora atrás
1:03:54 One of the greatest talks in boxing history... R.I.P ALI 🦋🐝
Fernando Miguel Cruz
Fernando Miguel Cruz 2 meses atrás
As a long time Ali fan I'll say it as I think it was: it seems that Zack Clayton only counted 'till 8, but I don't know if the time keeper has a word about this. Either way, for all those who still think this was a bad call, check Ali's right hand just as Foreman is falling. He could have landed the right hand once more and Foreman would have probably got a 100 count. Ali had mercy and Foreman himself recognized that.
Anon1441 11 dias atrás
Your all fools, George foreman has said himself in an interview that the stoppage was incorrect for two reasons. He said 1. That he was perfectly fine and whilst on the ground he could have got up straight away but he was looking at his corner as they had planned and you can see his head is up from the canvas looking in the direction of his corner as they are instructing him to take the all the time he can to rest so he was waiting on their call and they were counting as per referee and then they told him to get up in time and he did. and 2. the referree didnt count to 10 so it was an early stoppage
People Don’t think
People Don’t think 15 dias atrás
@Uncensored in the beginning of the match they explain the rules. According to those rules the counting continues even after the bell. That’s why it doesn’t matter if there were 8 sec left or 2 sec left. When the boxer falls, the counting will continue until 10 and if unsuccessful, the other fighter wins. People don’t pay attention to the rules therefore are commenting with 8 sec left.
Uncensored 16 dias atrás
there were only 8 seconds left
People Don’t think
People Don’t think 19 dias atrás
Foreman touched the floor at 51:55 and stood up at 52:07. This is 12 seconds
2 Hours of Meditation
“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” - Muhammad Ali
James Dabney
James Dabney 2 dias atrás
@Sherman Harris q
salwa kemala
salwa kemala 2 dias atrás
@Sherman Harris ò
Erich Grünberg
Erich Grünberg 3 dias atrás
@Elgin Mehmeti Tyson wouldnt hit the target because Ali was so fast in hisprime..
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 7 dias atrás
I am the greatest of all time !!
Average Joe
Average Joe 20 dias atrás
Man i miss ali! Never be another like him! Much respect to both these warriors
Anna Susanti
Anna Susanti 2 dias atrás
George Foreman was definitely not at this best here, otherwise he would have KO'd Ali in just a few rounds.
ja 2 meses atrás
When you think a fighter is unbeatable, a monster, you fear the worst. And then the storm passes and the sun comes out. A Champion
Gregory Carlson
Gregory Carlson 2 meses atrás
That was truly the Golden Age of Boxing; never to return, I fear! George Foreman was and still is a great man! And when you see him on TV, he still looks like he could kick somebody’s ass!! That fight happened during the best years of my life. Tremendous fight, and a lot of nostalgia for me!!👍👍I suspect I’m not alone!!
Gregory Carlson
Gregory Carlson 2 meses atrás
@j gunther You’d better believe it my friend!! Re-watching fights I haven’t seen in years reminds me of what great fighter he was! A good man too! If you haven’t seen that vid of some of his funniest moments, check it out! You’ll laugh your ass off! He just came up with this stuff off the top of his head! Very smart man too ! Thanks for the reply!!👍
j gunther
j gunther 2 meses atrás
It couldn't have been the golden age without Ali! He was the indispensable part!
YouRug Anos atrás
"The punch he did not hit me while I was going down made him the greatest person in my eyes" George Foreman
Carl Stark
Carl Stark 3 dias atrás
@William Forde ta 😘
William Forde
William Forde 3 dias atrás
@Carl Stark you are beautiful
Chillout 4 dias atrás
Even tho foreman used to finish ppl that way
Hamzah Martamanggala
Hamzah Martamanggala 6 dias atrás
Rogério mariano silva
Rogério mariano silva 2 meses atrás
Foreman foi mais lutador , mas nessa luta Ali se superou , foi gênio !
Deryk Richards
Deryk Richards Dia atrás
The greatest of all time!!
SubZero 63
SubZero 63 Mês atrás
Ali was really the best at anything he could set his mind to… He was one of the best at boxing, public speeches, trash talk, and hiding his nervousness… Later in his life, He said in an interview he was nervous and he didn’t think he could beat Foreman. I didn’t notice any negative emotion from Ali until after I heard him admit that he was indeed afraid. Now looking back at this, I can kinda tell just by his elevated alertness and how he was trying to finish Foreman in the beginning… Hopping around, scared to get hit, and hitting him as hard as he could.
THE AVENGERS 27 dias atrás
Back to this legendary video for the 100th time love him 🐐🔥 - May 2022
Harry Balasgna
Harry Balasgna 6 anos atrás
The only fight in Ali's career that I would have bet the house that he had NO chance to win. I was wrong. Foreman (for you youngsters who don't remember) was the 70's version of Mike Tyson. NO ONE lasted more than a couple of rounds with the Monster, George Foreman. He was a terrifying man in the ring who had destroyed everyone that Ali had lost to. Besides the Tyson-Douglas and Clay-Liston fights, this was an upset of epic proportions. God Bless you Muhammad, you will be loved and missed.
Youtube Premium
Youtube Premium 20 dias atrás
Sifiso Khumalo
Sifiso Khumalo 2 meses atrás
@Ivan Baccarat thats the point in life is to play smart which Ali passed with flying colours
Mr. Majestic
Mr. Majestic 3 meses atrás
@sandy beaches Those were Frazier and Norton punches from 3 brutal fights with each that went deep to the end .
Moossun Hassam
Moossun Hassam 9 meses atrás
Donivan Hummel
Donivan Hummel 8 dias atrás
This fight does remind me of a time when boxing was on top. Everyone knew who the heavyweight champ was. I like Tyson Fury, and as great of a personality as he is, the majority of people likely can't tell you who the heavyweight champ is. MMA killed boxing but watching fights like this reminds me of what we lost.
Tim Sexton
Tim Sexton 5 dias atrás
@Excaljbur ⚔️ Likewise, in the 80s
Excaljbur ⚔️
Excaljbur ⚔️ 5 dias atrás
I agree with this statement for the most part. Sadly, I would also add that the fall of boxing was internal as well; corruption and awful promotions expanding numerous weight classes just created a convoluted field. I miss those days, I was in my teens in the 80s and saw some great fighters.
Tim Sexton
Tim Sexton 6 dias atrás
*_TRUST !!_*
star milgoudus
star milgoudus 7 dias atrás
Jayzy .
Buster Highman
Buster Highman 3 dias atrás
Man, Ali's 3-2 combo was a thing of beauty
nobody Mês atrás
OMG ,Ali ... so much experience and endurance to keep 8 rounds against this machine ! Very ferocious body punches by Foreman ,Ali was incredible ! Legends like him are immortal ! P.S. Respect to Foreman as well ,he choose the most logic strategy ,he thought his power body punches will calm down the champ ,but Ali is one of thoses few exceptions in boxing.
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh 2 meses atrás
Incroyable, j'ai eu des frissons tout du long. Ali était humainement un grand homme mais sur le ring il avait tout d'un gladiateur. Je suis jeune et je sais très peu de choses sur la boxe mais le respect que j'ai pour lui est incommensurable
Chtioui Ahmed
Chtioui Ahmed Anos atrás
"The best punch in the fight was the one he didn't give me when I was falling down" George Foreman
“Because it would have been inelegant”, as a writer of a smart political tv drama once wrote, comparing their lack of reply to a political foe to this, “Like the punch Ali didn’t throw against Foreman as he was going down because it would have been inelegant”, lol.
Rael Villalobo
Rael Villalobo 25 dias atrás
Ali Rohmin
Ali Rohmin 4 meses atrás
Kus plus
Thomas Downard
Thomas Downard 8 meses atrás
@Todd Hellyar Jesus lives! James 1:2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; James 1:3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. James 1:4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. Job 40:7 be strong like a man like a man... Even Muhammad Ali believes theres a God!
Gregory Carlson
Gregory Carlson 2 meses atrás
Ali was the greatest of all time!! And he made it as entertaining as Hell !! My heart still breaks over his last few years of his life. God rest his soul.🙏
sean passby
sean passby 2 meses atrás
Such an amazing fight and atmosphere was electrifying and the final knock out was awesome 🥊🥊🥊
Dylan Davies
Dylan Davies 2 meses atrás
Absolute legends of the sport of boxing
the legion
the legion Mês atrás
Man Ali came into this fight knowing exactly what he needed to do to beat foreman and exactly how he needed to be doing it. He was playing foreman from the first bell til George foreman landed face first on the loss . Phenomenal performance here
redraider 55
redraider 55 4 anos atrás
im 57 years old and i remember watching this with my father i would be 13 yrs old , when ali knocked George out,we were both jumping up and down,and running around the living room in Bolton ,England,one of the funniest memories of my father.
Joe Average
Joe Average 28 dias atrás
We lived All
PETER CHAN Mês atrás
@Claudio José l广吖心
Luisalida Peñaloza arrieta
@Ayan Shaikh lo 0ppññpññ problema
Resty Cartojano
Resty Cartojano Mês atrás
X@redraider 55
Tim Sexton
Tim Sexton 6 dias atrás
Growing up, I was lucky enough to witness the tail end of Ali's reign. Muhammed Ali is the *_GREATEST_*
Ibrahim Adegoke
Ibrahim Adegoke Mês atrás
First time watching this in 2022 and Ali still remains the Greatest of all time 🐐
Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas 9 dias atrás
GOAT. His greatness cannot be approached.
William Fell
William Fell Mês atrás
The Greatest of all Time!!
MrEjidorie 3 meses atrás
I was a Japanese senior high school student at that time, and none of my classmates including me believed Ali`s victory. Because of his victory, I learn that a miracle could happen, and he taught me that "Never give up, and continue making efforts to the last ditch." Later, George Foreman regained the Championship at the age of 45. Great George also did a miracle. Ali and Foreman are my greatest heroes.
Desmond Clifton
Desmond Clifton 3 dias atrás
Haulilujuah AMEN on "miracles"never seen duDE fight was5years to young
Vincent Colpa
Vincent Colpa 4 dias atrás
Vaughn Sangalang
Vaughn Sangalang 6 dias atrás
miracle it was a miracle everybody but ali ali knew he was gonna win that match
Troy Dixson
Troy Dixson 14 dias atrás
The man was up he beat the count
Romansa Mês atrás
So many times I see this fight, I'll never bored.
Stexas 23 dias atrás
Stuart Ryan
Stuart Ryan Mês atrás
Amen to that. Still the greatest fight of all time.
Syndicate Productions Taranaki
What an Epic fight .I've just been watching Mike Tyson fights.My father won a bronze medal at the Tokyo 64 Olympics where Cassius Clay made his name.This has to be one of the best fights ever.Massive hype.Ali will Always be the greatest
Almuhtaram Zamil Khalfan
No uppercut,no body punch from Mohammad Ali and still managed to win the fight!
Medan Dubbing Official
Yadro 8 anos atrás
What amazes me now is the fact that Ali had mercy in the very end when George was falling. What a real sportsman.
Faiz Sheikh
Faiz Sheikh 9 dias atrás
J UI’m uU
Faiz Sheikh
Faiz Sheikh 9 dias atrás
J UI’m uU
Faiz Sheikh
Faiz Sheikh 9 dias atrás
J UI’m uU
Faiz Sheikh
Faiz Sheikh 10 dias atrás
J UI’m uU
Aster Aiko
Aster Aiko 22 dias atrás
An era gone, seems we can't get great boxers like these guys. Ali shone brighter than d rest cuz of his charisma and speech. Enjoyed this.
Chris Taravella
Chris Taravella 2 meses atrás
Ali was simply "The Greatest"😍😍😍
Cristhian Cahuantico
Baboon 123
Baboon 123 5 horas atrás
Decent fight. Unfortunately the referee was paid off by Ali’s team hence why he stopped the fight instantly after Foreman beat the count. Would have liked to see what happened had the fight continued.
Jean Kamono
Jean Kamono Mês atrás
What a fight! I was at that time at primary school but never been tired to watch this fight between this two greatest of all time, Mr Ali and Mr George in Kinshasa DRC.
Arminius' Descendant
„I hated every minute of training. But I said:’Don’t quit.- Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion.’ ” Muhammad Ali
Richard Milliken
Richard Milliken 4 meses atrás
@Brad rawsner Yes, it is, was incredible that Big George came back 20 years later and won the Heavyweight Boxing title at 45. The George Foreman that destroyed Frazier & Norton was not the same Boxer that fought against Ali. I believe that Foreman's trainer was paid off by the mafia to drug his water, that would cause George to be lethargic and exhausted & heavy-footed before the fight even started. The Ref, Zach Clayton wasn't penalyzing Ali for grabbing behind George's head & neck on a regular basis through-out the fight. The ref only counted to 8, when Foreman was on his feet and there was only 2 seconds left on the clock for the 8th round and the ref never evaluated George's condition. All of these outliers lead me to believe this fight was fixed just like Liston's fights against Clay/ Ali.
Brad rawsner
Brad rawsner 4 meses atrás
@Richard Milliken Look. My only point was that big George comes back at age 45 and wins back the heavyweight title. That alone, puts him near the top all time.
Gogolando Mês atrás
Ali was genius. I've seen this fight so many times. Each time, learn something new. I have never seen a boxer change up his style so much like Ali. He always did what he had to do. Amazing to watch. RIP you Beast!
Haroun Yasine
Haroun Yasine Mês atrás
39:39 If Ali landed that punch, it would be over in round 5. What a SCARY punch.
Tarik Bourhail
Tarik Bourhail Mês atrás
Such a great man in every way.
Andre Andrade
Andre Andrade 2 meses atrás
Luta lendária
Ahmed El
Ahmed El 10 meses atrás
Even in 200 years people will watch this and think damnn I wish I had lived in his time. RIP legend you never die. ❤️
Babú Lah
Babú Lah Mês atrás
@Brad Owen Who asked you? And who cares what a nobody thinks?
Ahmed El
Ahmed El 3 meses atrás
@Mr. Majestic some aliens will then find it and think they wished they have lived in his time
Mr. Majestic
Mr. Majestic 3 meses atrás
We will be lucky if we have people in 200 years in the age of the bomb .
Rita Banerjee
Rita Banerjee Mês atrás
I fly like a butterfly, and sting like a bee. ALI the greatest. He made boxing a art.
pcorey182 3 horas atrás
They say Muhammad Ali was the greatest maybe that's true but the best there ever was either Joe Louis Or Rocky Marciano.
Penelope Corcoran
Penelope Corcoran 2 meses atrás
Historic, Epic fight. I remember George Foreman doing a guest shot on Six Million Dollar Man. Awesome.
Ulfnarr 2 meses atrás
52:50 one of the hardest hits of the whole match
sea 2 meses atrás
Oh wait the chair
sea 2 meses atrás
Aleksander701 2 anos atrás
almost 45 years later and people still watch this historic fight
Reginald Chase
Reginald Chase Mês atrás
If it was 45 then it's 47 now
Brahim Boumarag
Brahim Boumarag Mês atrás
Mohammed Ali, depuis qu'il s'est converti à l 'islam, il n'a jamais manqué de gagner les combats. Grâce au Bon Dieu qui l'a soutenu. Le long de sa carrière de boxe.
Dasri Dasri
Dasri Dasri Mês atrás
D' sories
D' sories 2 dias atrás
This was past ali prime but he still manage beat and knocked out prime Foreman. Insane. Imagine if he fight in his prime between 24-29 . The records would be so different. But even they stole from him. He still so good. So good looks like he trolling his opponent lol.
emsquare Mês atrás
Ali The Great....May his soul rest in peace.....
Samko Ranjbar
Samko Ranjbar Mês atrás
God bless Mohammed Ali god never going to create another like him never he was more than great he was a legend he was the one that everyone till today love's him he always will be in many people's hearts he was the greatest God bless Mohammed Ali.. love from parsia we always love you Mohammed Ali..
Samko Ranjbar
Samko Ranjbar Mês atrás
Till today no one could dance like him in the rings god bless you Mohammed Ali legend of boxing
FPS Dovah
FPS Dovah 4 meses atrás
I don’t think we will ever get another person like him.
Raven Aussie
Raven Aussie 4 dias atrás
@macdonald You also made a claim; the one about Fury not being better than Ali. So you tell me why I'm wrong. He's absolutely the best of this era. What makes you say this era is one of the weakest? What's weak about it? You're just a casual who copies what everyone else says without doing your own research.
macdonald 4 dias atrás
@Raven Aussie lol - youre the one making the claim so tell me what makes fury the goat? We dont even know if he's the best in the division of his own era which is one of the weakest eras for HWs in boxing history.
Raven Aussie
Raven Aussie 4 dias atrás
@macdonald Come on, actually provide an argument. Give me something to work with. Actually say something to strengthen your argument, otherwise you're just an attention-seeking troll who's also an absolute casual.
Micael Campos
Micael Campos Mês atrás
🗡🛡🔥 Bonita luta 🔥🛡🗡 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Paul Kaz
Paul Kaz Mês atrás
First time I've watched the full fight. Ali owned this from round 2 and was landing the better punches, Foreman looked knackered by round 5. It was only a matter of time.
Morg Boat
Morg Boat 2 meses atrás
after kind of being interested in boxing from afar for a really long time, this is the first match i’ve actually watched all the way through. and just. wow.
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 2 meses atrás
Ali was truly THEE GREATEST and ROCKY MARCIANO two bad asses
S. Mar Carter
S. Mar Carter Mês atrás
Wow Ali always is just the best of all time.....this really proved it....
Rakan 3 meses atrás
2022 and I'm still watching. Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all the time
Vaughn Sangalang
Vaughn Sangalang 6 dias atrás
@Freedom Of The Press nah ali would deck tyson
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 7 dias atrás
You talk too much ! I am the greatest of all time !
Bpi Gyi
Bpi Gyi 14 dias atrás
@Evan Kiely . . ..
Chillout 4 dias atrás
Ali pegged this man from start to finish with straights and jabs. He was faster than foreman. For those thinking it was the heat, Foreman threw 450 punches. He was just fine
Nathaniel Ormsby
Nathaniel Ormsby Dia atrás
im surprised to see the amount of hand fighting and tugging on the head.... weird you dont see that anymore. is that a rules change, or the sport just evolved past it?
dog paw
dog paw Mês atrás
my generation don't need another hero: GOAT ! ps. on so many levels.
Jason Sheffield
Jason Sheffield 2 meses atrás
Seen this fight many times and still love it
Flip Flop
Flip Flop 6 anos atrás
Foreman interview about Ali match "I was over-confident when I fought him. I’d gone through fighters who’d beaten him, such as Joe Frazier and Kenny Norton. All I thought was, “Should I be merciful or not?” I thought he was just one more knockout victim until, about the seventh round, I hit him hard to the jaw and he held me and whispered in my ear: “That all you got, George?” I realised that this ain’t what I thought it was."
Ruben Maya
Ruben Maya 8 dias atrás
Donivan Hummel
Donivan Hummel 8 dias atrás
@CHM Productions - Hmong Music , Hmong Songs I think history was pretty fair to Big George. His aura of invincibility was broken by the Ali fight. Same happened to Tyson after Douglas and jail. However, he eventually remade himself. He won the heavyweight championship again after 40, he became a great entrepreneur with the grill, he was beloved by many for his jolly personality and eccentricities like naming all his kids George lol. History has been great to Big George.
Brad rawsner
Brad rawsner 11 dias atrás
@Chris Morgan And that doesn't mean that foreman didn't fight stupidly. Ali still could've let foreman expend all his energy, but had foreman fought smarter, conserving his energy, Ali's plan would've failed, as Ali himself would've been tired by the last few rounds, just like he was dead tired by round 15 vs. Joe Frazier in Manila. Get back to me when you figure that out, soy boy.
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan 11 dias atrás
@Brad rawsner That doesn't mean the fight was rigged, as you suggested. It does mean that it's observable that Ali used superior strategy to get Foreman to wear himself out. I think you educate yourself as to what the term "rigged" means and get back to us.
“I just turned 32 years old and I knocked out George Foreman-I MUST be The Greatest!”
**jerry** gaming
**jerry** gaming 3 dias atrás
I'm watching on 2022 ali was one of the greatest boxer of all time
Kenneth Piggott
Kenneth Piggott Mês atrás
He's the Greatest!!
Ademir Barreto
Ademir Barreto Mês atrás
O melhor de todos os tempos
David Roles
David Roles Anos atrás
I was in the UK when this fight took place. I had grown up watching Ali, from when he first fought Henry Cooper ( as Clay then). He became my absolute hero, and revolutionised what a heavy weight boxer could be. When Ali fought Fireman I genuinely feared for him. Because of the time difference I woke in the morning fearfully listening to the news on the BBC expecting to hear that Ali had been destroyed. The sheer joy I felt when the result was broadcast, was mixed with amazement. I am now over 70, but this victory still stands out as the greatest sporting victory in my life. I still watch it, and still get goosebumps with a smile on my face.
Kwame Boadu Kissi
Kwame Boadu Kissi 4 meses atrás
I got goosebumps reading your experience. Cheers
Jayem Brown
Jayem Brown 6 meses atrás
Wait, ali fought a fireman?
lufhopes peacefully
lufhopes peacefully 10 meses atrás
do u read quran
Anderson Armstrong
Anderson Armstrong Anos atrás
Nice one Dave,stay strong.
Le Fez
Le Fez Anos atrás
@Junkman2000 The main comment.
shahzad jawaid
shahzad jawaid 27 dias atrás
Hands down No questions asked ALI is G. O. A. T
OMNI KING 6 dias atrás
Just watching this in 2022 to remind myself of who the GOAT is.
thelonious1234 Mês atrás
I've seen this a million times before, and never noticed that moment at end, where they're trying to hoist him up and he tells them to cut it out. He knows that never ends well with big dudes.
Nazareno Orefice
Nazareno Orefice 2 meses atrás
only Big george had a 25 years career in heavy weight box.Simply incredible .Boxers have a prime of 6 7 years. It tells you a lot.Especially the ones who are saying that Ali was old,32, when he won against Foreman, if Ali won against Norton and Frazier Foreman destroyed them literally.Like Tyson he was a destroyer. Nobody ever destroyed Foreman even when he was 45. Ali ,who is a fantastic stylish and clever boxer won.There nothing to say,he fought better. Foreman overconfident committed many mistakes , and Ali a fast clever and agile cat took fully advantage of them. One single mistake is enough against Ali and generally speaking in heavy weight boxing. Foreman 42 learned how defence was important.And as an old man never landed on canvass,simply incredible. Ali was the victory of speed and technique ,Foreman a low technical boxer with heart and a natural explosive body. Not a body builder withouth an explosive punch like Holyfield Bruno and many others. There not much to say Ali was extraordinary.But foreman must own a place in the list of the greatest boxers ever. This was a fantastic match ,two fantastic boxers so different tactically and technically.
UnworldlySam Anos atrás
First round starts at 21:10 However, this video is an incredible piece of history and highly recommend that it be watched from start to finish.
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez Mês atrás
@wtfgoogle 0uia4
Tony Espiritu
Tony Espiritu 4 meses atrás
vassius cl ay .d ego maniac
Repa Susanti
Repa Susanti Anos atrás
@Leo Derosia mkmmi
wtfgoogle Anos atrás
and if you're me, you'll watch it 20-30 times. So far.
Fkn Compton
Fkn Compton Anos atrás
Yeah I wanted to skip to the fight so bad but I found the commentating interesting as well
Mushtaq Ali
Mushtaq Ali 2 meses atrás
What an epic fight !
plsdnttkeourguns🙏 22 dias atrás
Roy Chambers
Roy Chambers 2 meses atrás
Never have hollow words sang so true " I am the greatest " Mohammed Ali
Javier Pena
Javier Pena 28 dias atrás
If the ref didn't let Ali hang on so much he'd probably got knocked out. Not to try and take anything away from Ali, he fought a smart fight. And although foreman was stronger and a harder puncher, they're both big men and Ali's punches are also very hard and do a lot of damage. Fast punches, and speed equals power. Tremendous fight.
Ali74 4 meses atrás
Arguably the greatest performance of the century in all of sport. A past his prime Ali had no right to win this fight against a knockout machine. The great man cemented himself as the greatest that night.
Romario ali Vásquez ramirez
@Norma Frassine Ali es el mejor ese foreman es el más malo de todos los tiempos una cagada como boxeador k solamente x grandote se apega para boxear es más malo esa caga para pelear Ali tiene todo habilidad talento
Ongkicks gaming
Ongkicks gaming Mês atrás
@Ashraful Kader Mahin thats not a technique .thats only trashtalker.punch and running only .and his foot work but no power .that so stupid.
Ashraful Kader Mahin
@Ongkicks gaming Watch something else, kid. You will not understand the essence of Ali's technique
szythe Mês atrás
Ali turtled because he knew he couldn't win straight up. Worked well, but the people praising him for his "genius" and how "incredible" he is for it are fanboy coping hard. Made for an extremely boring, drawn out, and overall lame match. Ali just ran away and dodged/blocked the whole time while running his mouth. Imagine if George Foreman did the same this match? Instead he decided to man up and bring the fight, as he should. Pretty unsportsmanlike of Ali tbh, guess karma eventually caught up with him after he ate thousands of punches
Jim Ross
Jim Ross Mês atrás
@ALLIN GOLD A slave will probably try harder, especially if they knew they were going to be killed if they didn't perform well, so you got a point I guess.
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam Mês atrás
When I get time, I watch. An incredible thiller. Hats off for both.
Tad Kingsbury
Tad Kingsbury Mês atrás
Ali was The GREATEST !!!!! no question about it ......hands down ,the best ............
68majortom Mês atrás
"am I the greatest of all times?" Yes you are Sir!!
Glenn parent
Glenn parent Mês atrás
Michael Pavlov
Michael Pavlov Mês atrás
great fighters, great men
noobi core
noobi core 5 anos atrás
People are intentionally unable to disassociate Ali the man from Ali the boxer. I'm an ex boxer. Ali's footwork and speed where/are the best of any weight division He was the best ring tactician ever. For two decades, he took out everyone in the heavyweight division. Like or dislike Ali the man, Ali the boxer is the best to have ever set foot in the ring.
they Elli
they Elli 3 meses atrás
Michael Wasi Ami
Michael Wasi Ami 11 meses atrás
Nigel Laird
Nigel Laird Anos atrás
Truth bro -- never be another, ALI the GOAT
Saddam Hussain
Saddam Hussain Anos atrás
I rank "Ali the man" higher than "Ali the boxer" because of what he has done outside the ring.
Mike Audette
Mike Audette Anos atrás
In his book HEALING, Ali admits that he was guilty of religious intolerance for decades and only came to believe otherwise later in his life. Co-written with Thomas Hauser, HEALING is a fantastic book that fans of Ali may appreciate.
Sebastião Alencar
Sebastião Alencar Mês atrás
Assisti muitas lutas desses Icones
Raheel Ahmed
Raheel Ahmed 2 meses atrás
A careful watching of video and commentary shows that Ali was in control right from start of fight ...Foreman was hitting Ali on body wildly but Ali scored beautifully nd quicklyy
moviebuff1941 15 dias atrás
Damn, Ali took it all in round 5 for 2:30 seconds…then turned ON THE HEAT
the legion
the legion Mês atrás
If world leaders had just half the enthusiasm and excitement as this ringside announcer then there would be no more war .
Adib Siddiki
Adib Siddiki Mês atrás
If you like this commentator, check out George Foreman vs Ron Lyle, then check out Larry Holmes vs Ken Norton. Then Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson, but make sure you watch the version where Bob Sheridan does the commentary, not anyone else. Also, Ali vs Chuck Wepner
Adib Siddiki
Adib Siddiki Mês atrás
I wish Bob Sheridan did the commentary for all boxing matches
A̸H̸M̸E̸D̸ 3 anos atrás
*_Float like butterfly sting like a bee RIP the champ the greatest boxers of all time Muhammad Ali_*
Dr Joyraj Ghosh
Dr Joyraj Ghosh Mês atrás
@Babú Lah Ali is unreal in this fight , the way foreman hit him with solid full strength kidney punches , no man in the world could stand that . Ali is like an iron man , those punches didn't cause any damages , absolutely none !!! Unbelievable , just unbelievable . Foreman lost the fight even psychologically .
Dr Joyraj Ghosh
Dr Joyraj Ghosh Mês atrás
@Babú Lah yes that's true .
Babú Lah
Babú Lah Mês atrás
@Dr Joyraj Ghosh So did the ref warn Ali or take away points? The boxers must obey his commands at all times. In all competitive sports athletes adjust their tactics based on how the ref is officiating the contest. A foul is only a foul if the ref calls it.
Fahad Hussain
Fahad Hussain 2 anos atrás
@mudeye at this time Ukrainians don't know about boxing
bonnie nadine newman
bonnie nadine newman 2 anos atrás
@DICK TRICKLE you can bet that was top of mind thinking back. Nothing more graceful and divine than that man.
Biden Numbskull
Biden Numbskull 20 dias atrás
These were the times of titans,… legends.
EVNSTVN 58 2 meses atrás
At the 52:51 mark, what did Ali say to Don King?😳 You would have thought Don was in the ring by himself! Whatever Ali said to him....Rocked him!😳
Zatch Mês atrás
14:30 "Imma kick your ass." This has got to be one of my favorite boxing moments ever.
Adam 29 dias atrás
Manuel Ordoñes
Manuel Ordoñes 2 meses atrás
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