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Who knew that being so low could keep your head held up so high?

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26 Fev 2019



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Comentários 18 088
Geography Now
Geography Now 4 anos atrás
The lowest elevation in Europe yet tallest people in the world. Welcome to the land that...MAKES its own land. The place where water is your biggest enemy and friend. Europe's interesting, meticulous, yet a little crazy and adventurous son, the #NETHERLANDS. -...Oh and for the record, that random dude is Hannah's little brother.
Cyan Froggy
Cyan Froggy Mês atrás
6:14 You swapped the names of the roads. The top one is the E22 or A7, and the bottom one is the N302
Cort Will
Cort Will 3 meses atrás
Love the Curly guy, he's so very funny 🤣
Peter Ang
Peter Ang 6 meses atrás
@kasper41291 And Israel too
Minh Contant
Minh Contant 4 anos atrás
As a Dutchman, the strong lack of bicycles in your video upsets me. We've even got public bicycle chargers for our electric bikes.
paul wassenaar
paul wassenaar 15 dias atrás
@Somalia Do you speak any of the Cushitic languages?
Somalia 15 dias atrás
I love how it’s called Nether-lands but it has so many canals and green hills
marinus18 21 dia atrás
Indeed. Bikes have been tied very strongly to Dutch nationalism especially recently with the Russian oil crisis. The Dutch bicycle infastructure also is being copied all over Europe. The new bicycle storage in Amsterdam is dripping in Dutch nationalism.
paul wassenaar
paul wassenaar Mês atrás
@vilanokaizo Zo weinig....😉
vilanokaizo Mês atrás
@paul wassenaar zoo wijnig fietsen serieus iedereen fietst
Julia van der Sar
Julia van der Sar 2 anos atrás
I’m Dutch, I live in the Netherlands. This guy explained our country better that my history teacher!
marinus18 21 dia atrás
Though while the total population density is higher it isn't as crowded as many people often like to imagine. Something to consider is that the Nile delta is about the same size as the Netherlands but has over 3 times the population. However while Egypt has that incredibly dense region it also has massive amounts of empty desert and that forces the average density down. So it isn't that the Netherlands is horribly crowded, it's just that it doesn't really have many empty areas.
Bo Ongering
Bo Ongering Mês atrás
Ik weet nu meer over Nederland dan ik daarvoor deed lol. En ik ben nederlander
Dutch_gigachad Mês atrás
Ik ook.
Aimsty Mês atrás
DarknessOfGoodness 4 meses atrás
@Mike Van Bijnen ik ook
pheniks0 3 anos atrás
that is actually the first time i hear an american pronounce "gouda" correctly, well done
dn 2 meses atrás
@Zigi Samblak and pronouncing schiphol as "shiphole"
Andy Ottaviani
Andy Ottaviani 8 meses atrás
Totally true.
Jubberwocky 9 meses atrás
howda you pronounce that?
brood exe
brood exe 10 meses atrás
@Jules hahahahaha
The lazy Dutchman
The lazy Dutchman Anos atrás
It was very funny and amazing he said it good
Marc ristau
Marc ristau Anos atrás
As a German whose ex is a Dutch girl I’ve got to admit that the Netherlands is still my favorite country in Europe. The Dutch also have mastered combining high work ethics with an relaxed attitude that I wouldn’t have thought possible.
m҉i҉k҉e҉y҉ 8 dias atrás
I have a great grandpa that was german and a great grandmother that was Dutch 🤙
Austria-Hungary Mês atrás
you mean a niederländisch girl
d_m_c_2006 2 anos atrás
We dont say : “Its raining a lot today”. No, we say “WAT EEN KUT WEER”! And i think thats beautiful.
Xolani Miel
Xolani Miel Mês atrás
Wan n zeikweer
Xolani Miel
Xolani Miel Mês atrás
RelfGamer Mês atrás
in the netherladns whe dont say :hey look a macdonalds.whe say:MACCIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marchellee Anos atrás
Hello, I just wanna share some stories about my grandfather who is a veteran and grandfather's friend who is a veteran Dutch soldier. He ever told me about his struggles when he was still under colonialism. at that time he was caught by the dutch army and after interrogation he was allowed to go home. when he was detained and interrogated, there was a dutch soldier, he was very nice. he brought my grandfather went home at that time. After many years of independent Indonesia, when my grandpa saw the Dutch people who are on pilgrimage at the Dutch cemetery, he talked with them in Dutch because he was fluent in Dutch. maybe at that time the Dutch army who helped my grandfather heard the news in the Netherlands so he visited Indonesia. After that they met again and they became best friends until now. The Dutch veteran also visits Indonesia every year in August to carry out the commemoration of Indonesia's independence. But now he has died. My grandfather is really sad because he has passed away. Im also sad because he was very good to my grandfather and also to me.and now my grandpa also passed away. but I'm sure they must have been happy there:').thanks for read this.always spread kindness and love
Eelke Westra
Eelke Westra Mês atrás
that's beautiful bro
Jesse A
Jesse A 5 meses atrás
Jan Fun Riebeeck
Jan Fun Riebeeck 4 anos atrás
Kan julle Nederlanders my Afrikaans verstaan? Like as jy doen
John T
John T Mês atrás
geen probleem. Is gewoon 17de Nederlands ( Diets)
a totally real human
a totally real human 2 meses atrás
Fat floppa caracal
Fat floppa caracal 2 meses atrás
Klein beetje
joanxsky 2 meses atrás
ja ik begrijp je
Kyper 4 meses atrás
Ja ez
Mili 3 anos atrás
The Netherlands really do never forget Canada liberated them during WW2. I am canadian and went to the netherlands for a music festival and was treated so insanely warmly everywhere I went. Very good people.
Luna McLean
Luna McLean 2 meses atrás
Yeah they're soooo happy with their multiculturalism and post-communism 🤣
Matt Tyce
Matt Tyce 7 meses atrás
In my city Zutphen there is a whole neighbourhood where almost every street is named after canadian soldiers or canada. One canadian soldier died there and he has a cross to remember him with flowers laying there regularly.
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
Love Canada🍁🌷
Fam. Saes
Fam. Saes Anos atrás
John Visage
John Visage 2 anos atrás
I live near the Dutch border and i can confirm that the Dutch and Flemish people are the best of friends. And as friends do, we make fun of eachother.
Gerben time
Gerben time 6 meses atrás
@IdkwhattonamemychannelbutiwanttomakeitatmaxlongPls it's fine, the Dutch vs Belgians meme is pretty obscure.
@Gerben time i didnt get the meme sorry
Gerben time
Gerben time 6 meses atrás
@IdkwhattonamemychannelbutiwanttomakeitatmaxlongPls I don't hate Belgium, it's the same meme about France and England hating each other. As for the name part, everyone's name means something and the other guy basically pointed and laughed, I wouldn't have minded if they made a joke about my Dutch heritage but he pointed at my name, so I made a counter argument against his joke.
@Gerben time imagine complaining about people because they were born in a country ya don't like also hi i also have a name that translates into a word
Dive_Deep Anos atrás
Louis Garidel wel to us Brabantians they are , why are we called North Brabant because southern Brabant is Belgium, we are linguistically and culturally the same we are Roman catholic, unlike Hollanders
Rave Dave
Rave Dave Anos atrás
Canada and the Netherlands have an unbreakable bond 🇨🇦❤🇳🇱
Lex Buren
Lex Buren 3 meses atrás
canada is very friendly to us, and the other way around. CA NL ♥
VivaHollandia32 2 anos atrás
Literally that sets Netherlands apart from all the countries is a the best country wide cycling infrastructure in the world, yet it is not mentioned.
TryingDutchman 11 meses atrás
@Carlos Caminando those are 3 cities, not an entire nation.
Emiel Vogels
Emiel Vogels Anos atrás
@Carlos Caminando copenhagen is not the same, cycling infrastructure is way better in the Netherlands.
bugre Anos atrás
I’ve been hit by a car 4 times this year so yeah it’s great
A Weird Human
A Weird Human Anos atrás
The whole water thing sets them apart
Ideitbawx Productions
Ideitbawx Productions 19 dias atrás
This was an excellent video! My Oma actually lived in the Netherlands during WWII, and she met my grandfather there, who was serving for the Canadian military. If you ever heard stories about the "Dutch war brides," my Oma was one of them. About the music section, one artist of note (no pun intended) is Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, aka that guy who remixed that Elvis Presley song in the early 2000s. While his early work fused EDM with rock & metal, he went on to make music for video games and movies, including Scooby-Doo, Deadpool, the Sonic The Hedgehog movies, and several films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Elin 2 anos atrás
I'm Swedish. I had a long distance relationship with a dutch guy. The Netherlands is a really cool country, and I'm happy that I've had the possibility to visit. I really miss Poffertjes!!
Elin Anos atrás
@6helloworld9 jazeker
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
poffertjes zijn lekker
Elin Anos atrás
@Cyril Widdershoven hallo, hoe gaat het ?
Elin Anos atrás
@The lazy Dutchman i agree
Elin Anos atrás
@corbeau hahaha i don't care if it's just dough because it's sooo tasty!!
Julia Stetter
Julia Stetter 3 anos atrás
Silently crying because the Dutch guy called my province “North-Holland” when it’s really “North-Brabant” 😂 Also, a small note: Willem van Oranje was NOT the first king of the Netherlands. He was what is called a “stadhouder”. The Netherlands didn’t become a kingdom until 1815 with the first king being Willem I van Oranje (they sometimes get confused because they’re both called Willem).
John T
John T Mês atrás
@Dive_Deep Nope ... erger nog die Hollanders hebben eeuwenlang de rest van Nederlands als slagveld gebruikt
Altijd Sjors
Altijd Sjors 7 meses atrás
Dat had ik ook rip noord Brabant man
Julia Stetter
Julia Stetter 7 meses atrás
@Brian J. yes I know technically Louis Napoleon was the first king but since the Netherlands was under french occupation we don’t really count him as our first king 😂
Brian J.
Brian J. 7 meses atrás
The first king was actually Louis Napoleon, under french rule, during the time Napoleon took over the mainland of europe. But yes, the first dutch King was William I
Dive_Deep Anos atrás
frustrating that he dared to call Brabant Holland Wij benne Brabant en ginne ordinaire Holland nie
Ruben Heldens
Ruben Heldens Anos atrás
I’ve visited all the Dutch municipalities and I’ve lived in two of them, Aruba and Saint Marten. I’ve been following you on yt since 2015 when I’ve lived in Saint Marten. Thanks for al the ADHD geography info. I’ve learned so much from you about my favorite topic. I’ve visited 60 countries so far. I even visited Afghanistan three times. The country of your first episode. Keep up the good work, Barbs. Greetings from a Dutch, long time fan.
Flying Dolphin 101
Flying Dolphin 101 Anos atrás
St. Marten is a beautiful place. My cousins’ wife is from there and we went there for the wedding
corbeau Anos atrás
leuk, lekker alles zien! :) Ik doe wat dat betreft niks, altijd leuk om te horen dat iemand wel een passie heeft ;)
Nerdy Gal 613
Nerdy Gal 613 3 anos atrás
Hello Dutch people! I’m from Canada.🇨🇦 thanks you for the gorgeous tulips you send us everyone year, it’s very sweet of you to do that and we appreciate it very much! ♥️
Dutchskyrimgamer .Youtube
We, the Dutch Low Saxons have not forgotten the Canadians. My besties are Curaçaos-Canadians.
Nielsi B
Nielsi B 9 meses atrás
Thanks for saving our asses! If you ever visit let me show you around 🇳🇱❤️🇨🇦
Jakub Podolak
Jakub Podolak Anos atrás
The Netherlands are blessed with such beautiful, geographical variety of sceneries.
RyNaR 4 anos atrás
The highest peak of the Netherlands is a person
Charles-Antoine Brossard
Yeah it’s my friend Douwe cool guy 😊
ғιsн Mês atrás
Ironically, Zandvoort, the circuit that hosts the Dutch Grand Prix, has the wildest elevation changes on the entire F1 calendar
Syd Liquid
Syd Liquid 2 meses atrás
Haha, it must be a 350 m long person then.😉
Triangulll 2 meses atrás
I know this is a joke but actually the highest peak it’s a mount of 325 meters lol,only few parts of Netherlands have true elevations
Tacoman 3 meses atrás
As a Dutch person I 100% agree
Dirk Rovers
Dirk Rovers 2 anos atrás
Me as a dutchman, i can say that the part of "gekoloniseerd" is the pure definition of accuracy
KarstenCrafter Anos atrás
elke video dat over nederland gaat terwijl ze engels spreken/zijn heeft wel een comment met G E K O L O N I S E E R D en elke nederlander gaat stuk als ze het lezen.
Dirk Rovers
Dirk Rovers Anos atrás
@fortnite balls most of m probably know
fortnite balls
fortnite balls Anos atrás
@Bisma Naufa nah fam
Bisma Naufa
Bisma Naufa Anos atrás
@fortnite balls you too
fortnite balls
fortnite balls Anos atrás
@Dirk Rovers do 5yo or 10yo kids know tht they sell some other bad stuff rather than coffee in the shop
Dylan Nix
Dylan Nix 3 anos atrás
One other thing: 98% of all the MDMA produced on earth comes from the Netherlands, more specifically from the province Noord-Brabant ;)
Max Anos atrás
@A Dutch Serbian guy Canada, Tjechië, België en Polen zijn ook landen met veel productie
A Dutch Serbian guy
@Max waar word het nog meer gemaakt dan?
Trouble Anos atrás
Alle tiener zeggen ja tegen mdma
Jojanekeee Anos atrás
Alle tieners zeggen ja tegen MDMA
Colin Bastiaens
Colin Bastiaens 2 anos atrás
Im from noord Brabant
Killian Anos atrás
Love to the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ♥ 🇮🇪 from Ireland
PARK1755 8 meses atrás
Love to both Ireland and the Netherlands from Utah! Beautiful cultures and fantastic people. 🇺🇸 ♥️ 🇳🇱 ♥️ 🇮🇪
Pawnless Anos atrás
thanks homie, irish people are welcome here
Tormain 2 anos atrás
Also a great friend of The Netherlands was Japan. We've had a trade agreement with them for over 400 years without any breaks in between. We were the only country to be allowed to visit when Japan closed the country. There was some strife during WW2 due to Japan removing Dutch rule over (now) Indonesia because of their oil industry which was vital for Japan's war effort. But we cool now.
อดุลย์ ไขบรรเทา
Hello. My. Friend
Milk Notfound
Milk Notfound Anos atrás
As an Indonesian I absolutely love this country
KMD_HNNSN 9 meses atrás
*visible confusion*
Bixelkoven 3 anos atrás
The tallest mountain in the Netherlands are the people.
Kawaii 3 meses atrás
Echt he
Adam El Gartit
Adam El Gartit 3 meses atrás
JK 8 meses atrás
lanky wimps
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
38MienaiKaze 3 anos atrás
As a German, we love our neighbors. I actually worked at Phantasialand (theme park near cologne) this summer and there were a lot of dutch visitors. I then returned the favor and went to De Efteling with a friend and that was a great day.
Joran Padding
Joran Padding 2 anos atrás
As a Dutchman, it is my duty to declare that in the name of his majesty, King Willem-Alexander, this video has hereby officially been colonized by the Kingdom of the Netherlands!
Stefan Creates
Stefan Creates Mês atrás
@Joeri U lmao I didn't even catch that, that's hilarious :'D
Roy Levan
Roy Levan 8 meses atrás
Lukman Hakim
Lukman Hakim Anos atrás
Me, and indonesian = Oh no, run
Insana Dewi Putri
Insana Dewi Putri Anos atrás
@Thē NaNaû same
Benedict E.
Benedict E. Anos atrás
Love Netherlands, from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇳🇱
Moraien 3 anos atrás
Greetings from Germany. I love the netherlands. They have a national color. That's supercool. And the people are so chill and funny. At least those I know.
TigerValley62 2 anos atrás
Thanks. I think this is just cultural, but I LOVE flags with orange on them. I even wish sometimes we kept the old colours to differentiate ourselves with the colour that makes us proud instead of the standard blue red and white combo. By the way, no hard feelings about WW2 from this guy. It happened, let's move on😁😁👍🏼 🇳🇱🧡🇩🇪 Edit: I also have a cussin in Germany by the way. Lives in Duisberg. So I get to visit every now and then. You guys have the best beer on the planet after all😜🍻
Sidikai 2 anos atrás
@Rockin' Resurrection yes
SandsOfArrakis 2 anos atrás
@Rockin' Resurrection I've had German lessons in high school for 2 years. Speaking German generally isn't much of a problem for me. But writing and German grammar.... Ungh...
Nova Atom
Nova Atom 2 anos atrás
@Rockin' Resurrection yes i agree
Rockin' Resurrection
Rockin' Resurrection 2 anos atrás
@Nova Atom The problem actually is that our languages are so similar that it's hard for me not wanting to switch into German while speaking dutch
Dawit Belay
Dawit Belay 2 meses atrás
One of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. Kind people great food and quality of life!
Niek Zeinstra
Niek Zeinstra 3 anos atrás
You forgot about bicycles, in the netherlands we cycle a lot.
Tijnloeka Handelaar
Tijnloeka Handelaar 8 meses atrás
And The Ice man
mr.potato 8 meses atrás
Regina Andringa
Regina Andringa Anos atrás
Echt wel
Kevin Pinguin
Kevin Pinguin Anos atrás
Ja heel vaak hahaha!
jalabi99 2 anos atrás
15:25 here to remind everyone that Eddie van Halen's dad was Dutch and his mom was Indonesian RIP Eddie, heroes are remembered but legends never die
Dutch Reagan
Dutch Reagan 2 anos atrás
En Jimi Hendrix
Alzam malik Köhler
Alzam malik Köhler 2 anos atrás
Kharisma Mayyandra
Kharisma Mayyandra 2 anos atrás
Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair
Fun fact: New Zealand is named after the dutch province of Zeeland which means Sealand
LuukStory 9 meses atrás
He said that in the video.
hongbeansbae Anos atrás
i love the netherlands and it's my favourite country i visited even though i only went once. people there are so friendly and nice and also damn attractive lol. i wish i can visit again soon love from singapore!
Sebas In The Netherlands
I've living here for a month and I can confirm the awesomeness of this country. And also, how freaking tall is people here.
Khusnulail Rahmadewi
Khusnulail Rahmadewi 10 meses atrás
As Indonesian I'm sad cuz Dutch didn't influence our height during colonialism 😔😔😔
Ardi8 9 meses atrás
Maybe because Indonesians forgot to consume dairy products and cycling that Dutch usually do
Emma 4 anos atrás
In dutch we don't say "I love you so much" we say "je krijgt nog 1.60 van me voor die frikandelbroodjes, stuur maar ff een tikkie" and I think that's beautiful
Hilda van den Berg
Hilda van den Berg 10 meses atrás
Asian Guy
Asian Guy 11 meses atrás
So hard word
A Dutch Serbian guy
@Olaf Witkam 1.80? Je bedoelt 85 cent
Cheap life
Cheap life Anos atrás
alexander oudmaijer
ja man dat klopt (yes ma'am thats right)
Brïan Bultman
Brïan Bultman 2 anos atrás
I've lived my whole life in walking distance from one of those sand drifts and it's like the most normal thing for me. I never knew they were uncommon.
34 12
34 12 2 anos atrás
Dutch people are very nice I love what they are doing for my country Lots love from bangladesh
Deep Sleep Addict
Deep Sleep Addict Anos atrás
The Netherlands is a great country, i love the people alot. Can't wait to get back there soon
David Urban
David Urban 2 anos atrás
The "hmm we should hang out some time" comment from Bangladesh is actually pretty accurate, there are numerous projects of water management in other countries. The Netherlands also helped with the flooding in New Orleans in 2001(?)
Minoreducation Anos atrás
Yes, an 50 head strong American delegation visited the Dutch waterworks some months after the flood of New Orleans in 2005.They based their 'Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan' on Dutch flood control. The main idea is seeing water as an asset instead of a danger, so they gave much more room for water on a friendly and natural way. Less concrete and much more absordable surfaces all in and around New Orleans so it can absorb and store excess stormwater. We have those buffers everywhere in the cities in the Netherlands and combined them with recreational or/and natural functions. And around rivers we have spare-farmerland that can take the function of a temporaly waterbuffer when the river can't take all rainwater from hunderd of miles away (like Germany/France or even the Alpes).
SuperPrem 7 meses atrás
I've been watching this GN for almost 7 years now just because the content is absolutely amazing, and finally, today is the day I'm using this channel for a school project. Wow.
Whitney Taul
Whitney Taul 4 meses atrás
sanderflop 4 anos atrás
10% of people watching this: people interested in the Netherlands 90%: Dutch people
mr.potato 8 meses atrás
Danielle van der Lem
Danielle van der Lem 9 meses atrás
Tuurlijk Helemaal goed! 🇳🇱 Translation: Of course Very good!🇺🇸🇬🇧
Spiritman Productions
Spiritman Productions 9 meses atrás
Ik ben half Nederlands. Wat nu? I am half Dutch. What now? 😁
𝕃𝕒𝕟𝕖 Anos atrás
lmao juist
axo Anos atrás
9.99% of people watching this: People intreested in the Netherlands 10%: Dutch people 0.01% of people (me): Interested in the Netherlands because of pre-colonization
herman hesse
herman hesse 2 anos atrás
Love and huge respect! they are very beautiful, polite, good mannered and highly cultural people. Once I had flatmate from netherland and i still miss her, so nice girl! Love from 🇬🇪
ZalheraMV 3 anos atrás
Watching this video because i, as a german, visited the netherlands hundreds of times and realized i know nothing about this country. I still love it everytime i'm there
Antimony Cup
Antimony Cup 2 anos atrás
Vielen dank, Nachbahr :)
flyingtwindragon 2 meses atrás
Not only farmers but also sailors used clogs; they kept your feet warm and dry, but the main advantage was they wouldn't slip on the wet wooden surface of a ship's deck.
jmsmilfajt 2 anos atrás
So interesting country. Can't imagine an entire country being totally flat. I live in a relatively hilly Czechia, luckily in the Elbe valley which is the flattest part of the country so we have a "preview" of Netherlands there ... including similar agriculture, sand, flowers, wind mills and floods. Still we do see mountains literally everywhere around us in the distance on a clear weather.
Jake_b Anos atrás
For people who have never been in the Netherlands or aren’t Dutch, try stroopwafels they are delicious! I’m Dutch btw haha
yamigoops 4 anos atrás
*Lives in the Netherlands* *Doesn’t live in Amsterdam* *Americans asking how’s that possible*
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
Cheap life
Cheap life Anos atrás
@Fumuki foreigner you mean Americans 😂😂
Fumuki Anos atrás
Lmao I'm French and when you tell a foreigner you don't live in Paris they're gonna freeze for a couple of seconds wondering how it's possible
Dive_Deep Anos atrás
Amerikanen denken dat Holland een Land is 😂😂
365alby 2 anos atrás
laughs in sss and abc islands
Nelize 3 anos atrás
17:17 'Their little brother they love picking fun on and calling stupid, BELGIUM' This is so true we have way too many jokes about Belgium 🤪
Saf 7 meses atrás
South Netherlands* But why goes a South Dutch to bed with a brick and a torch? So he can use the brick to turn off the light and see of the light is out with the torch
Kjell Reuling
Kjell Reuling 3 anos atrás
Hans 3 anos atrás
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
flitsertheo well you’re to busy trying to figure out if Brussels is its own country or not
flitsertheo 3 anos atrás
On the other hand we Belgians have no jokes about the Dutch. There is nothing funny about these people.
NietTeGeloven 3 anos atrás
Watching this video is making me very proud being a dutchman.
crazykitten 3 meses atrás
My Sunday School teacher grew up in South Africa ( his parents were missionaries there) just by chance one of my classmates was from the Netherlands- Ted and Tone, short for Antonius, had a few times of joking together. Ted's Afrikaans was pretty well understood by Tone, I sat on the sidelines. I was close neighbors with an Amish family, so knew a little German and then married into a Dutch family. I sorta could follow along. Even the week Tone was asked to lead us in prayer, I still got enough to understand. So that's that. And P.S. most of the tallest are from Freisland- my Oma was Freis, and they actually have their own language. Handsome good- looking people from there.
Osoba anonimowa
Osoba anonimowa 2 anos atrás
I live in Slovakia (eastern from Czechia and southern from Poland) and my mother's boyfriend was living for three years in Germany - Nord Rhein Vestdallen and in the district that was about 20 km from border with Netherland. When we've arrived there, we went only for trip in Netherlands, just few times in Germany 😃 simply beautiful Netherlands
Hadewijch Mês atrás
Loved the video. Just a suggestion: There are three officially recognised regional languages in the Netherlands: Limburgs, Fries and Nedersaksisch (Low Saxon). And then there are the official recognised non-regional minority languages Sinti-Romanes and Jiddisch, and on the special municipalities Papiamento (Bonaire) and English (Saba and Sint-Eustatius). So basically the Netherlands has 8 languages that are officially recognised.
tom b
tom b 4 anos atrás
OMG, you didn't mention bicycles!!!!!! It's our life!!!!
Donald Fox
Donald Fox 29 dias atrás
Don't forget hondepoop!
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
EinStijn13 Anos atrás
@Justicar L I mean in any big city, like New York, London, Singapore etc. bicycles would be pretty damn handy as well It's just weird that they're so uncommon there
Eggon_1 Anos atrás
Wat vinden we van de wielrenners die oude mensen aanrijden.
Wow Jack
Wow Jack 2 anos atrás
We also have a soccer team called FC Groningen, which has almost the exact same logo as this channel.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Anos atrás
Wow Jack
Wow Jack Anos atrás
Victor Oprea Most viewers are probably American, so use ''soccer'' to not confuse them.
Wow Jack
Wow Jack Anos atrás
@Abdimalik Gaal Because he is American and most people watching are.
Abdimalik Gaal
Abdimalik Gaal Anos atrás
@Wow Jack then y did u say soccer
Wow Jack
Wow Jack Anos atrás
Lithia 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much for doing your research! I've seen so many video's about the Netherlands that talk about "fun fact's" "Need to know's" and "Weird things" but hardly any have actually done any research, which is really annoying. So thank you for making an accurate video :). And yes, Belgium is absolutely our little brother, like New Zealand is Australia's little brother.
ftdesa3 Anos atrás
You know even as a german, hearing johan cruyff described as these soccer players does hurt my heart. This guy was a phenomenal player, but as a coach, he revolutionized the way soccer was played with his tactics and strategies.
Justin 3 anos atrás
I love the Netherlands. I’ve been listening to edm for years from all kind of genres and after realised that most of the djs and producers are Dutch, I just fell in love with the country lol. Die hard hardstyle fan here!
wildsurfer12 21 hora atrás
Four years after this episode I finally visited The Netherlands and went speed skating in The Hague, can’t wait to go back!
skinnyindonesian24 4 anos atrás
We met them just before they shot this episode in BRvid Space LA, and they were the nicest people ever! Thank you guys!
skinnyindonesian24 4 anos atrás
@KangmasTris amazing video!
Adi Abdillah
Adi Abdillah 4 anos atrás
@Bon as if, your country is *also not important* to the rest of the show let them be, dude
Adi Abdillah
Adi Abdillah 4 anos atrás
Wait, you MET Barbs and the gangs in LA? What are you guys doing there anyway? Didn't expect you to be here as well, but it's cool to see you, bang Andovi
Mikhail 4 anos atrás
Didn't expect you here
MoonStars 99
MoonStars 99 3 anos atrás
the overall pronunciation was good but I have to say I flinched when you said Ijselmeer
12nunchaku 3 anos atrás
MatteMathias 3 anos atrás
Yasilmir... I think he meant: Eiselmer.. That's how i would say it.
potitishogun2961997 3 anos atrás
@MoonStars 99 Goed zo lol
MoonStars 99
MoonStars 99 3 anos atrás
potitishogun2961997 lekker
potitishogun2961997 3 anos atrás
@MoonStars 99 lol Fair enough XD Btw hoe gaat ie :P
L M 3 anos atrás
The netherlands is an amazing country - i love to live here!!!
Nishanth Anos atrás
Love to Netherlands, from India🇮🇳🇳🇱
Michiel de Vries
Michiel de Vries Anos atrás
Stet709 3 anos atrás
Also with the Netherlands and Canada: the Canadians liberated the Netherlands in WWII. I feel so proud to be of both countries (Canadian of Dutch descent)
GigaChadTheDemigod. 9 meses atrás
@Martijn B I’m Dutch mate, i am merely stating facts. The plan was for the majority of free French/Americans to invade France and for the British Empire forces to invade the Benelux countries. Though some polish people were involved with the liberation of our country, the size of if was pretty small compared to the Empire and most people don’t mention it. The propaganda of the French works till thos day when they make it seem that they freed themselves, while the truth is that the Americans carried them and only allowed them to enter paris first after the Germans were mostly defeated for a symbolic victory and for propaganda. We Dutchies have never forgotten the sacrifices, especially the brave Canadians. And yes, it was a invasion. Sure it was a liberation in our pov, but in tactical terms it was still a invasion.
Martijn B
Martijn B 9 meses atrás
@GigaChadTheDemigod. I don't know about the French, but the Dutch don't consider the British, Canadian and Polish forces entering the country an invasion.
GigaChadTheDemigod. 9 meses atrás
@Martijn B The Americans invaded France while the Canadians and Brits invaded the Benelux etc.
Martijn B
Martijn B Anos atrás
@Tuub Surely the Canadians and the Polish, as part of the British army, finally liberated the Netherlands as Montgomery's army held the Northern part of the front. But the Americans played role in the war in the air and their paratroopers played a large role in Marget-Garden.
Tuub 2 anos atrás
@Daniel Van Mook Americans didn't play a big role in the Netherlands, they were more concerned with invading Germany. The Netherlands was mostly liberated by the UK and its colonies.
LOCAL_FREAK 3 meses atrás
I loved the video as a dutch person , not even my parents could explain it this well!
Danny M. Roque
Danny M. Roque 4 anos atrás
Missing fun fact: the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world. Surpassing China, India, Brazil, and Russia. Pretty incredible for a country 1/10th the size of California...
PermanentlyBored 11 meses atrás
@Sofía Silva Valverde might want to get your information from any other source then weibo
archraskal 4 anos atrás
@Joe Bowden You don;t seem to be the type to be capable of identifying "a great history of powerful civilsations" anywhere on this planet.
Sofía Silva Valverde
Sofía Silva Valverde 4 anos atrás
@Eugene Balfour lol no I just read it's the eighth largest exporting country in petroleum, medicaments, equipment, blood (?), machine parts and computers, not agricultural products... Just a quick search to know they certainly dont surpass China in agriculture 😒
Joe Bowden
Joe Bowden 4 anos atrás
archraskal 😑
Offensively Alive
Offensively Alive 3 anos atrás
When someone uses “Miles Per Hour” instead of “FrikandellenBroodjes Per FietsBel”.
Genius ignotus
Genius ignotus Anos atrás
Go with metric then 🤣
Grote Scheiße
Grote Scheiße 2 anos atrás
Of gouda per haring?
Kharisma Mayyandra
Kharisma Mayyandra 2 anos atrás
Wait Fikandel=Netherlands Perkedel=Indonesia
Dimitri Vos
Dimitri Vos 2 anos atrás
Bitterballen per windmolen
FearZz 2 anos atrás
Im Dutch
wessel mebus
wessel mebus 11 meses atrás
As a dutchman i think that everything Said in this video is really accurate. Amazing video
Richard Silver
Richard Silver 3 anos atrás
This was amazing, thank you. I loved the video as a Dutch person. It was super funny and accurate. Also your pronunciation is completely fine and enjoyable. You did forget about bicycles, that's kind of one of our main things.
avity. Anos atrás
this guy explained stuff that probably 70% of the inhabitants here dont even know
MRX Anos atrás
or even explain!😂
ADMIRMART 2 anos atrás
All I have to say is that Dutch people have to be proud of everything they have. I probably wouldn't have favorite country if there was no electronic music,especially Martin Garrix!
Danny Anos atrás
People in Friesland are usually taller than the dutch people in the rest of the country, I live in a village near Heerenveen and almost all my friends are over 1.90 cm, I am standing at 1.98 which is about average here.
François D'aureville
François D'aureville 5 meses atrás
and all the Indonesians and Indonesian descents lower the average height of the country i imagine Indonesians arent the tallest people
Mike f
Mike f 4 anos atrás
Lol eindelijk een 95% correcte video. Keer een ander verhaal als "wiet, klompen, hagelslag en kaas". Heel veel mensen doen geen wiet en zowat niemand draagt klompen. Voor de rest wel trots op dit kleine landje.
He Ho
He Ho 3 anos atrás
Voetbal ook
Frodo Boschman
Frodo Boschman 4 anos atrás
Dan* idd mee eens
S vW
S vW 4 anos atrás
Ik droeg toen ik jong was (zo'n 10 jaar geleden) klompen en ik kom uit een dorp waar nog geen een boederij te vinden is. Niet de originele houten maar de houten klompen met leer enzo. Zat altijd best comfortabel hoor
Prison Escape
Prison Escape 4 anos atrás
Mike f haha idd
DeSpelletjesMan 4 anos atrás
Ryo Tanada
Ryo Tanada 2 anos atrás
You could have also mentioned that their East India Company (VOC, who also found that first stock exchange) can be labeled as the world's first megacorporation (like the ones in some of those dystopia fics); they got their own military, currency, their own system on their own! It eventually ended just before the 19th century. (I'm from Indonesia)
TheSuperappelflap 2 anos atrás
Some corrections: The animation for the provinces and the spoken names dont line up. Noord-Holland and Brabant (we dont call it Noord-Brabant) are switched. Nobody cares if you say Holland, its less syllables, maybe some country farmers will get upset, but generally its fine. You can pronounce Holland. You cant pronounce Nederland. Besides the tourist attractions mentioned we also have a lot of nature reserves that are unique in Europe. It's very easy to get around on a bike and we have tons of campsites. So, if you're looking for an affordable holiday in nature in Europe while never being more than a couple kilometers away from a supermarket you're in luck. We want to get more visitors who don't just go to Amsterdam. IJsselmeer is pronounced more like Aisselmeer than Jelsemeer. Pronunciation of the Dutch sayings was pretty good. Suriname recently found some huge oil fields and we let them have independence in 1973. So that story gets even better. I'm not even mad, I just hope they manage to keep most of the money and use it for good. "ietist" is supposed to be "ietsist". It means youre not religious but you believe in "something". I'm pretty sure our speedskating team does more steroids than the Russian team. Home birth reduces load on hospitals and there is always a qualified midwife present for the delivery. This is a very old tradition. Older than writing. Hospitals are also not very safe places for babies with weak immune systems, they are full of diseases. Clogs are still worn by people who work the earth, others wear high boots. Clogs are easier to clean and are more durable. Burgundy Hapsberg stuff isn't that confusing. Everyone spoke a form of Dutch from Groningen to Rijssel and Atrecht. Areas belonged to different factions at different times but they shared the language and a cultural identity. Leeuwenhoek is not pronounced as Luwenhoek but as Le:wenhoek. A long e sound, as in lake in English, is represented in Dutch by 'ee' or 'eeu' if its before a 'w', with more infection. Most people don't see Belgium as an extension anymore, but rather as a cousin that is a bit soft in the head. We do love them, as we love anyone who speaks our beautiful unique language. We just love to joke about recolonizing it. Would be for the best. And northern France as well, seeing as they just let it deteriorate for the past 200 years and we need land. It used to be a major industrial powerhouse. Look at it now. Overall there were fewer mistakes than I expected.
Dive_Deep Anos atrás
Ja super beledigend ‘t is al erg genoeg dat zullie Denken dat Nederland Holland heet maar deze Achterlijke Gladiool noemt Brabant Noord Holland ben beledigd as Brabander bennende
spiffay^ 10 meses atrás
fun fact: Canada also played a massive role in the liberation of the netherlands in WWII
NareHarry 2 anos atrás
Absolutely loved this, brilliant job guys!
Dey NM
Dey NM Anos atrás
Limburg ( minor typo on the map in the first few minutes) :D That being said this is what I learned in school, during 12 years of schooling summarized in 1 video. Just a fact about Papiamentu, it's more like Portuguese (the way words are pronounced can sound like Portuguese), it has some Dutch words, but also has Spanish. The word gezellig is one of my favorites, while the basic translation in English is coziness, it falls short of what it really means, it is used in so many scenarios.
FlyConeGuy 4 anos atrás
Yeah that is fun and all but you didn't mention the most glorious Dutch invention **F R I K A N D E L B R O O D J E**
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Anos atrás
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Anos atrás
TimelapseGaming Anos atrás
Frikandelbroodje is iconic for dutch
Nunkiwolf! Anos atrás
hoe word je een nederlandse student: goedkope energy en frikandelbroodjes, thats it
GaryTheCarry 2 anos atrás
This is an incredibly detailed summary of my country, well done!
Aeturnalis 3 anos atrás
One thing you probably should have pointed out about the relationship between Germany and the Netherlands is the similarity between Dutch and Low German. Low German is a minority language of northern Germany and the Netherlands, and is similar to both languages, sort of a mid-point on the West Germanic dialect continuum. They also have a shared history as both were formerly parts of the Holy Roman Empire and first areas to convert to Protestantism. Either way, cool video!
sevensixtyfourths Anos atrás
8:04 the loudness of the bleep probably hurt more people than the actual swear word 😂
traininsane dotcom
traininsane dotcom 3 anos atrás
Got to visit there a few times, seeing cities such as Maastricht, Amsterdam and a really great place, 3 landes punt. As a South African learning Dutch, I really wanted to come here, my 8th country
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan 13 horas atrás
As a Dutchman from a very Dutch Part of NW Iowa in the United States I am very proud of my Dutch Heritage. You are Velcome to visit our Tulip Festival in May!
solidPain90 2 anos atrás
You forgot to mention Germans and Dutch are best friends, but if we play football against each other we become the worst enemies for that amount of time, just to be best friends again after.
Cheap life
Cheap life 10 meses atrás
@End this Nonsense nou met de Belege gaat ‘t toch iets dieper natuurlijk hebben de Duitsers die plaats nu maar ik zou niet zeggen zonder vooral hier in ‘t nie
End this Nonsense
End this Nonsense 10 meses atrás
@Cheap life Dat was mijn punt toch? Het kleine land heeft issues met het grote land, NL met DE, BE met NL, en niet andersom. DE heeft geen issues met NL (of BE) en NL heeft geen issues met BE, enkel grappen.
Cheap life
Cheap life 10 meses atrás
@End this Nonsense neen gaat dieper dan enkel den Belge moppen ‘t Gevoel is wederzijds ge mot eens weten wat Belege allemaal over Nederlanders te melden hebben
End this Nonsense
End this Nonsense 10 meses atrás
@Cheap life Dus dat valt niet onder "it is just standard behavior of the smaller neighbour feeling inferior"? U bent Belg, of een Nederlander die goed is in het verzinnen van belgenmoppen?
Cheap life
Cheap life 10 meses atrás
@End this Nonsense Ge bent Nederland en Begie relatie vergeten 😂😂
Alex Jacobi
Alex Jacobi 4 meses atrás
Thanks for the amazing video, I use it as an introduction video to my international students. And it was amazing to spot you guys in the waiting line in de Efteling this autumn :)
JootjeJ 10 meses atrás
I used to work in the Zuidplas. It always disappointed me that the locals never really did anything with being the lowest point
dikke j
dikke j 3 anos atrás
Those old windmills were used for much more than just pumping out water! Sure most of them had that task but there were also mills used for sawing, making paper, flour, or even grinding the ingredients for gunpowder. For some mills it was even possible to swap out the tooling in order to change the task of the mill. These windmills were little factories, but people (like my great grandmother) actually lived in them.
Drunk Horse
Drunk Horse Anos atrás
Netherlands museums are really top notch, i also got one of those rabbit peluche in the airport in an adorable xmas outfits. greetings from italy.
Facty 2 anos atrás
Dutch people are tall because if the country floods they can still stick their head out of the water. Edit: Mom I'm famous!
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
6helloworld9 Anos atrás
Alex Martin
Alex Martin 2 anos atrás
When I was with the British Columbia Dragoons ( Canadian forces reserve regiment) at our centennial, 15 people from Veendam came out to celebrate with us. 1 of them was a young boy when we came through and liberated the town from the Germans.
J B 2 anos atrás
Thank you for your service🙏 and the liberation of my country! Greetings from the Netherlands.
Tomminator 3 anos atrás
There is ANOTHER Dutch dialect spoken in Limburg and Noord-Brabant. Not everyone uses it but alot of people do. And things like Carnaval or the Oktoberfeesten or any other huge party thingies in Limburg and Noord Brabant. Its a sort of combi between German and Dutch
Iraqi 9 meses atrás
I love Holland, and I hope to visit it one day.
Xu Huiming
Xu Huiming 3 anos atrás
Vincent's voices is like a robotic voice speaking backwards, especially when speaking Dutch.
IM AYKHARAAD 10 meses atrás
The conclusion is so clear and efficient. I love it! 😄😆
Nicky 3 anos atrás
Sea:*exists* Netherlands: *ik ga deze man’s hele carrière eindigen*
Dive_Deep Anos atrás
en zoist Dat heeft de Lef om Brabant Holland te noemen boicotte die gozer
KuoKuo Li
KuoKuo Li Anos atrás
Uday Varma
Uday Varma Anos atrás
@Koen Metekohy thank you :)
That random Guy on the internet
Oh oh je komt dichter in de plaats van weg te rennen kom je dichter
JeffDa Penguin
JeffDa Penguin Anos atrás
Ben je een boterham?
PlumDutchess 3 anos atrás
Very interesting video. I actually learned a few things about my own country.
Noel Samson
Noel Samson 2 anos atrás
for a small country, the Netherlands produced so much oil paintings... portraits, landscapes and still lifes in particular
[DATA EXPUNGED] Anos atrás
My personal theory is that the Dutch are so tall so their heads can stay above water during floods, clogs are actually emergency flotation devices (explains why they’re kinda boat-shaped) and the windmills are massive fans to hold back the water so they have time to put on their clogs.
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