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$26 sandwiches? This aint no London or Tokyo. We're going to straight up AFRICA!!

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25 Nov 2014



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Luka 7 anos atrás
Despite all it's issues, Angola can take solace in knowing it has one of the most hadcore flags in the world
Carinaminecat Games
Carinaminecat Games 25 dias atrás
Albania: Hold my two-headed eagle.
Carinaminecat Games
Carinaminecat Games 25 dias atrás
@Lebron Jesus yea
Carinaminecat Games
Carinaminecat Games 25 dias atrás
@flock of doves yea
Carinaminecat Games
Carinaminecat Games 25 dias atrás
Only behind Mozambique
Rayyan Ahmed
Rayyan Ahmed 7 meses atrás
Sheldon 3 anos atrás
Abraços do Brasil aos irmãos Angolanos. 🇧🇷♥️🇦🇴
chosen 7 meses atrás
Obrigado ❤️
DrGoldsylver 9 meses atrás
Greetings from France to both Angola and Brazil
Eduardo Cunha
Eduardo Cunha Anos atrás
@Lopes i am portuguese that was something like "Hug from Brazil to the angolan brothers
Juel Van Haek Rüder
Obrigado igualmente amigo Brasileiro.
Esther Adao
Esther Adao 3 anos atrás
I’m part Angolan part Nigerian but these summer I went to Luanda and I saw how many Chinese and Brazilians live in the luxurious appartements and houses. Also, there are Portuguese and Italians living in my country. I love Angola so much, the food, the hospitality, the weather...You also could have talked about Agustino Neto, the first president of the country...My country is very interesting I hope one day I’ll make the tour of all the provinces and Nigeria too...I love your video, it’s very informative and simple
Zouaoui Nabil
Zouaoui Nabil 18 dias atrás
Hello esther im from algeria.
Cor Lua
Cor Lua 6 meses atrás
What is your angolan and Nigerian tribe
ᰔ Asterix_Angel ᰔ
@Belmira Maconda estas a deitar bobagem.
X_KINGNETO_ X Anos atrás
@Belmira Maconda how is Agostinho a traitor?!!!
Anthony Almirall
Anthony Almirall 8 anos atrás
I am from Namibia but live in Angola for the past 14 years, $26 is not quite true, maybe in the luxury hotels, but normally goes for $8. Very beautiful country with different cultures and landscapes like said. To visit Angola you need a visa, but to get a visa you need a letter from a Angolan to invite you " carta de chamada" It could change, for Angola is starting to advertise tourism. One must know they ended a bad civil war and is working hard to get the infrastructure better.Corruption was also very bad, but the government is working on that.I love Angola!
Zouaoui Nabil
Zouaoui Nabil 18 dias atrás
@lucy miranda hello
Inhle 2 anos atrás
@Zolinho is that the same for South africans?
Jack the piece of jello
sooo many words🤪
Puro angolano Luanda
Puro angolano Luanda 3 anos atrás
Thanks for make it clear for all....May God bless my country 🥂🙏🏽
TheNunoTubes 8 anos atrás
You forgot to mention how we got our country's name :) It was from queen Nzinga who was an Ngola ruler, who successfully fought the Portuguese troops trying to colonize Angola until the last of her days when she died a peaceful death at age of 80 ( this was back on the 17th century so imagine that o_o ). She was a remarkable diplomat, one of the strongest women history has met and a military tactics genius! As long as she ruled Portuguese couldn't take Angola. There were many Ngola rulers but she's the one we dedicated our country's name to. I hope you read this because it's a very interesting story and I get goose bumps every time my family ( my family is Ovimbundu ) tells me her story. She's greatly respected! Once again I hope you read this :D And keep your channel up man. I predict nothing but greatness for this channels future. It's simple but constructive, very well explained matters. You clearly know what you're doing. So keep it going!! :D
br3menPT Anos atrás
@Angelo Joaquim Estou inteiramente de acordo com o que pensas sobre a História que é a ciência que tudo abarca, e que felizmente tive oportunidade de estudar. Mantenho a minha opinião sobre os comentários que escrevi. Embora reconheço que em relação a Angola estou bastante mais à vontade para o período contemporâneo, sobretudo século XX.
Angelo Joaquim
Angelo Joaquim Anos atrás
@br3menPT It's not just science. It's more than that. It's a form of understanding of how we came to be, it's part of us and it's important to help us learn from the mistakes and successes of the past, and grow better and together as a people 'cause for better or for worse we are all one, connected as species with the Earth and it's lifeforms. You wrote that comment like 3 years ago, I hope that you grew since then a that today you have a better understanding of the world.
br3menPT Anos atrás
@Angelo Joaquim Im sorry History is science its not nationalist propaganda
Angelo Joaquim
Angelo Joaquim Anos atrás
@br3menPT The cost line they had control over, which they named Luanda, was given to them (well, the correct term would be authorized) by the ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo at the time, Nzinga a Nkuwu. So they didn't always have control of the territory. Only after they destroyed the Kingdom of Kongo that they turned towards the other kingdoms it the territories, one of whom that resisted the most, the Kingdom of Ndongo, where Queen Njinga was born. To enforce her army and prevent the portuguese from dominating the region she conquered a neighboring Kingdom called Matamba, that's why she became known as "Rainha Njinga do Ndongo e da Matamba". Of course you'd think the portuguese always had control of the territory, you probably only read a version of the story. When history is told by those who've won they'll make sure that they're painted in a better light. You should aim to hear both sides of the story 'cause the real truth lies somewhere in the middle.
Angelo Joaquim
Angelo Joaquim Anos atrás
The name comes from king Ngola Kiluanji (which is redundant because "Ngola" means king/queen in kimbundu, but anyways...) and not his daughter Njinga Mbandi (not "Nzinga" as most people say and write, that's someone else from a different kingdom with a different language, culture and other things). His oldest son, Ngola Mbandi became his successor (ruled the Kingdom of Ndongo) after he died. In summary, the portuguese couldn't pronounce the word so they added an "A" at the front and the name of the colony became Angola.
Álvaro Faleiro
Álvaro Faleiro 3 anos atrás
Muitos sucessos para o povo Angolano 🙏, 🇵🇹❤️🇦🇴
Gustavo 10 meses atrás
​@Devizn e aqui eles roubaram o nosso ouro kkkkkik
Devizn Anos atrás
Devolve o nosso dinheiro tuga
Kiluanje-Tito Diwapanga
Obrigado mano
Sylvio 5 anos atrás
Sou do Brasil. Um grande abraço para os irmãos angolanos
V. Fontes
V. Fontes 5 anos atrás
Respeito por Angola!🇦🇴🇵🇹
GRoss074 6 anos atrás
i'm from angola. first of all, thank you for the video. it's very interesting. As an angolees i'm very sad to see how our country is doing. there is economic crisis. the president and his friends and family are very corrupt. they should do better things for the country.
Gustavo Gardel
Gustavo Gardel 4 dias atrás
@DhegaDheer nah bro, it is in luxurios places, I'm renting a 3 bedroom apartment in Kilamba's city (Cidade do kilamba) and I pay around 200-250 USD per month, in the city center you can probably pay 1000-2500USD per month, but yeah, you won't find a 10k apartment unless you're looking for a big house in a luxurious place.
Isitx GP
Isitx GP Mês atrás
Angolan not Angolees
DhegaDheer 2 anos atrás
The problem is that ur country is very expensive 10k for 2 bedrooms wtf ?
kucing 3 anos atrás
Aqui no Brasil colocamos um monstro que não respeita o que especialistas de saúde falam Ele é um genocida
The law is the law
The law is the law 3 anos atrás
@J S Isso já não tem piada.
Sou eu
Sou eu 2 anos atrás
Love Angola From Brazil 🇧🇷🇦🇴
richlisola1 Anos atrás
Why not write this in Portuguese?
TIC IT Anos atrás
Love Brazil too I live in Portugal I was born in Angola 🇦🇴🇧🇷
SeiLá 5 anos atrás
Olá! Eu sou brasileiro e mando um beijo para todas as pessoas de Angola 😘
Thegan 7 anos atrás
I love to see people pronounce our natural languages
ArvinRoido Atienza
ArvinRoido Atienza 4 anos atrás
Geography Now! : Can-bear-rah Australians: ITS CANBRUH, NOT CANN-BEAR-RRAH!
Sevy106 4 anos atrás
Erivanel Dias same
grogneux 6 anos atrás
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 6 anos atrás
Yeah I don't know why he tried to pronounce Kindonga with a clicking sound.
GeographicScholar 8 anos atrás
Angola is definitely a place I would keep my eyes on. It is poised to do many things in the future. There is so much potential in the nation, mainly due to geography. Coffee exports could go up again.
William Lee
William Lee 10 meses atrás
Timestamps for those who'd like to jump around! Intro: 0:00 Flag 0:22 Political Geography 1:03 Physical Geography 2:46 Demographics 4:22 The Friend Zone 5:29 Conclusion 7:34
Zolinho 8 anos atrás
You got a lot right, however, the kilamba town, is now fully occupied. The government subsidized the properties, making it easier for the local population to obtain mortgages.
mibaraka 10 meses atrás
@C Cssoma do the treat local’s with respect? I heard there’s hate towards black people in Brazil.
C Cssoma
C Cssoma 3 anos atrás
@Ramon Denner Deve ter algum acordo com o Brasil,pq aqui tem muitas brasileiros.
Ramon Denner
Ramon Denner 7 anos atrás
+Angolan Da Cunha brasileiro precisa de visto pra ir pra angola?
flower power
flower power 7 anos atrás
+Angolan Da Cunha bom saber! abraço do brasil!
Trekkie DownUnder 🇳🇿
After watching your much later videos like that of South Africa and Serbia, I gotta say, the quality has improved greatly since your first few videos in 2014. Love it :)
Kimberly Gray
Kimberly Gray Anos atrás
True! His first video even has a typo for the spelling of political.
Ronaldo Eger
Ronaldo Eger 2 anos atrás
A bandeira de Angola não tenta imitar a bandeira da URSS, ela se inspira nela em razão dos laços do MPLA com os ideais socialistas. Saudações ao bravo povo angolano, tão irmão do povo brasileiro 🇧🇷!
Ja Anos atrás
Vietname, URSS, China são bandeiras bem parecidas com a de Angola
Ja Anos atrás
Uns dizem até que foi inspirada na bandeira de Moçambique mas enfim ..são teorias da conspiração que jamais serão ditas com muita profundidade.
pizzapicante27 6 anos atrás
It was actually Cuban-supported, not Soviet-supported, according to the Soviet officials of the time and the Angolan government itself, the USSR only contributed around 4 transport ships while the Cuban army is widely considered the reason Angola won the Frontier War, (so, you know, 2nd time in a row the Cubans have defeated US-led forces, just saying). As a side note the Cubans insisted on the freedom of Nelson Mandela as a condition for ending the war, the Appertheid regime approved of this after the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, to avoid being defeated and probably invaded by the Cuban army, thats were Mandela's well known friendship with Castro comes from.
Gustavo Gardel
Gustavo Gardel 4 dias atrás
Yeah true, it was Cuban an USSR, but for MPLA mostly cuban army, but armaments more USSR
DmoneyS44 Anos atrás
@Zylnex xd yes, US supported would be more accurate
TCW_ 2 anos atrás
Bit late but the resistance to the mpla was led by unita supported by south africa not america
Mwangolé 2 anos atrás
morton christie this seems like a twisted version of what actually happened
Thegan 7 anos atrás
Angolan here lol.. My country is soo strange, we are in the middle of a Economic crisis and we still are able to bring nicky minaj to sing a night for billions of dollars. Our Democracy ( lol as if ) its really funny I thought president could only stay in power for 5 years max.. ding ding ding we have our new Record 35 years in a row congratz mr. president
mibaraka 10 meses atrás
@Nuria Manuel so you guys don’t have many or keep your traditional languages??
Ludnel Investe
Ludnel Investe Anos atrás
I'm from Benguela only
Vinily Anos atrás
wi n entendi KAKAKA
Marcos Queiroz
Marcos Queiroz Anos atrás
Muitos abraços do Brazil 🇧🇷 para angola 🇦🇴
naledi moreketla
naledi moreketla 7 anos atrás
So interesting that you don't mention Cuba. Since it played an important part in the liberation of Angola.
god is the best
god is the best Anos atrás
@Gintas Indreika and also if i get the feeling that if south Africa won then it may be worse
god is the best
god is the best Anos atrás
@Gintas Indreika the soviet union had nothing to do with Angola cuba acted alone
Mark García-Wilson
@Sus activities YES GAMERS LET"S GO
abc64pan 7 anos atrás
An African country with a $26 sandwich?!!!! Congratulations Angola, you've arrived baby!!! Monaco, eat your heart out!!
Tiago Rodrigues
Tiago Rodrigues 4 dias atrás
@Gustavo Gardel idk man, I just saying what he told me, I personally never went to angola, how are things now?
Gustavo Gardel
Gustavo Gardel 4 dias atrás
@Tiago Rodrigues bro, your friend is soooo wrong, 100 kwanzas pays 2 bus trips, or paid, because now it's even more expensive, and the mw is about 20k-30k kwanzas
Gustavo Gardel
Gustavo Gardel 4 dias atrás
@Tiago Rodrigues Also not too bro ahahahah, you can find them for 10usd, but not with good quality or with good quality but used, but with 50k you get good quality jeans
Gustavo Gardel
Gustavo Gardel 4 dias atrás
@Inhle Also not, you get them for 50-100USD
Tiago Rodrigues
Tiago Rodrigues 7 meses atrás
Gloriellee X That's what an Angolan friend of mine said, he lived in Luanda
SLVWRS 7 anos atrás
We're only getting better, so proud to be angolan
Pedro Medeiros
Pedro Medeiros 2 anos atrás
Abraço de Portugal 🇵🇹!
Pedro Medeiros
Pedro Medeiros 2 anos atrás
@J S És tolo😑 Deixa os angolanos estar....
J S 3 anos atrás
BigBoss Caos
BigBoss Caos 3 anos atrás
Just watch it 9n the Chinese....
P 5 anos atrás
Dalila Rodrigues we don’t have an economy problem we have a president problem
Bill Cook
Bill Cook Anos atrás
Would love to see him come back and redo these early episodes with his current experience and resources.
Star Shayla
Star Shayla 3 anos atrás
My dad is from Angola and my mom is from Andorra. I’m glad I found these, so informative. 💙👍🏻
Dhaz Anos atrás
Wow, didn't imagine that Angola speak portuguese, this channel really show you how is the world
FuturisticBagel 8 anos atrás
Feeling bad for Zimbabwe, gotta wait!
TimTam 4 meses atrás
@Dmitry Tikhonov turkmenistan now! im hyped
Dmitry Tikhonov
Dmitry Tikhonov 7 meses atrás
We're at Tunisia! Very soon
bishopknIIght Anos atrás
7 years in the future. We’re almost there, we’re at Tanzania
PineappleTheWorst Anos atrás
@Error 404 Still not zimbabwe, its been almost 7 years😂
Uran Games
Uran Games Anos atrás
@PuffzeraP we still got to wait for the USA
J 6 anos atrás
Definitivamente essas são as melhores aulas de geografia.
Altof Ctrl
Altof Ctrl 8 anos atrás
Great work!! You describe those countries very well, without falling into the paradigm of etno/eurocentrism most videos often tend to, so it can tell you put a lot of work into the research. Much appreciated, you should get more credit!!
Hüseyn Hüseynov
Hüseyn Hüseynov 2 anos atrás
Saudações do Azerbaijão! Angola e o meu país não têm laços sérios. Anos atrás, pensei que este país estava na África e era um lugar muito ruim. No entanto, este não é o caso, o país é um dos 10 principais países da África. 🇦🇴❤🇦🇿
Isaías Abinadí Sosa García
I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since we were in the A countries!! I really hope the cost of Angola has gone down since this came out 😅
Bogglesaur 6 anos atrás
I want to visit Angola one day, it is definitely in the top 5 places I want to go to in Africa. (Namibia or Morocco would be #1 and #2!)
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva 3 anos atrás
Portugal ❤️ Angola
Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper 8 anos atrás
the brazil-angola friendship made me think brazil was like "i know dat colonized feel, bro"
Guilherme Medeiros
Guilherme Medeiros 7 anos atrás
Hahaha its very funny how the host pronounce Portuguese words as if they were Spanish
Monique UU.
Monique UU. 2 anos atrás
Unfortunately our only options in school for foreign language class were Spanish, Latin and maybe French (until recently). So, many kids chose Spanish. We also think, assume Brazilians speak Spanish instead if Portuguese, it's embarrassing, but true. Infelizmente senão estuda sozinha e pesquisar, vai ficar cego e burro.
Harrison Quentintino
Harrison Quentintino 8 anos atrás
love this channel. Finally someone who is covering every country in one channel
Aidan Sokolov
Aidan Sokolov Anos atrás
@Geography Now wow how far this channel has come and it is still getting better every episode
Geography Now
Geography Now 8 anos atrás
Yes, but MAN it is HARD WORD! I need to assemble a team of like 5 people! So far the only help I have is my Cameraman Brandon
Mike Millhoff
Mike Millhoff 7 anos atrás
I love your content! Could you redo the Albania episode with your new standards? I don't live in Albania, nor have I ever been there, but for some reason I have a love for it. #AlbanianLove
GenoClysm 8 anos atrás
I feel honored to be subscribed to you this early. The effort you put into these videos is amazing, and if you just keep at it like you have, you'll become big no doubt.
Geography Now
Geography Now 8 anos atrás
Thanks so much GenoClysm !! I'll remember that name. haha You're one of the Geography Now Subscriber OG's!! LOL
Albert Vilorio
Albert Vilorio 8 anos atrás
This channel is very informative and entertaining I just wish they came out more often but keep up the great work
Geography Now
Geography Now 8 anos atrás
I wish they could too, but dude it takes a REALLY LONG time to edit them. I wish I could hire a motion graphics editor, then I could make a new episode like every 3 days!
Jacqueline 4 anos atrás
oh man u guys have grown so much! watching an old vid with the simple animations and the okay-ish audio quality just shows how much Geography Now has improved! You guys are great, keep up the excellent work!
Fernando Filó
Fernando Filó 6 anos atrás
wow i loved to watch this vídeo, Am angolan and i have learned more about my country with you. keep it up dude, lets discover Africa. Next time talk about Namibia
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes Anos atrás
Namibia is done
Aljim 4 anos atrás
It is not good that you learn about your country through someone else you should be the one knowing his country
Dani 4 anos atrás
I'm working on a college project about Angola and its political development, do you know anyone who I could interview? Doesn't require any special knowledge just 10 minutes. Thanks.
MDLP music
MDLP music 4 anos atrás
Manda um rala para mim no teu próximo vídeo
mmmmmm ok
mmmmmm ok 4 anos atrás
Angola, Namibia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, south Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon are so coool!!
Cosmopolita Космополита
Where’s my Angolans peoples? Thanks for taking about my motherland we’re proud to be Angolans 🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴
Ahmed Kazikian
Ahmed Kazikian 7 anos atrás
Barby! You've come so far since these early videos. I can't wait to see the production values for Zimbabwe!
Kyrgyz Jeff
Kyrgyz Jeff 5 anos atrás
Eduardo Pérez that is so true!
Hyperion 7 anos atrás
+Eduardo Pérez Lol
Eduardo Pérez
Eduardo Pérez 7 anos atrás
+Ahmed Kazikian Zimbabwe will be a hollywood produced documentary.
Zephyr N/A
Zephyr N/A 5 anos atrás
Angolan Flag makes me want to become a citizen just so I can fight in its military as a dual wielding mini gun operator.
robbingcars91 4 anos atrás
In 2015 I did a summer semester of study at the University of North Dakota. There, I met several students from Angola there to study English, and I was able to learn a lot of Portuguese. Since then, I've been wanting to go to Angola so bad!
Chris S.
Chris S. 8 anos atrás
This episode was really great, Paul. Seems like Angola is a pretty interesting country! Altohugh I've heard it's very hard to visit (visa regulations).
Meh Taylor
Meh Taylor 3 anos atrás
My man, angolan here. This problem is long gone now you can get it with ease through e-visa program... you can get turism visa and as in the country if you get interested in investing you can request a business visa and get one. New president new era. You're WELCOME.
MK17BRO 4 anos atrás
It’s not that hard but when you enter Angola you have pass different security like 3 times. But it’s the most beautiful place in Africa
Jorge Costa
Jorge Costa 6 anos atrás
They have imprisoned recently 12 activists for reading a book. Lovely country.
lucy miranda
lucy miranda 7 anos atrás
+Samuel Epicurus you got it. As a fellow Angolan, the government here is very corrupt, although they say and are trying to change a little bit, but that is going to take a while or not, we will see, but what makes this country is the people. when you get to know us you will love us and our culture.
Zolinho 7 anos atrás
King neto that's a big LIE
Anais Natural
Anais Natural 24 dias atrás
Much love to Angola from Algeria 🇩🇿❤️🇦🇴
César Afonso
César Afonso 4 anos atrás
As a portuguese, working in Portugal but mostly for Angola.. I see Angola as a country with a huge potential. If they work on their levels off corruption and alow foreign tourism investments.. they could easilly become the top African country. The trade/finantial partnership with the USA is one the reasons Angola is improving so much. I hope they become the top African country and not a country like Brazil, with so much richness but also with so much corruption.
Dean G
Dean G 6 anos atrás
If Angolas economy is completely oil based, does that mean they're experiencing a recession right now?
Covena White
Covena White 2 anos atrás
@Sjos Because the price of oil drops sometimes
Sjos 3 anos atrás
Why though?
Julia Lucas
Julia Lucas 6 anos atrás
Yes ... A very bad one !!!
Paul Cicero
Paul Cicero 8 anos atrás
I just found this channel today and I'm binge watching all the videos. Keep up the good work. I'm thoroughly enjoying each video.
duomaximus 7 anos atrás
Hey good job! I've started getting interested to a lot of country related stuff at a young age and so far i'm enjoying all the new info that im getting from your videos. Keep it up.
Chef Rafi's Awesome World
This is a great show! All American children and their teachers should watch it! When are the new episodes? Looking forward to Brazil!
Jesse van de Beek
Jesse van de Beek 8 anos atrás
I love the videos! Keep up the good work :)
Antoine Gérard
Antoine Gérard 8 anos atrás
Love Angola from Belgium ❤
nada 8 anos atrás
Just for the record, Angola had ties with a city in China -> Macau, Macau used to be portuguese aswell (until 1999), and so Angola and Macau had, (idk if they still have, but problably yes) a good connection.
Cian 7 anos atrás
Can't believe I only found this channel now, I love this sort of stuff, popped up in my recommendations. I can only assume you've gotten all the way to Z now so it shouldn't take me too long to get through it. Can't wait to get to my country (Ireland).
Cian 7 anos atrás
Yeah, didn't notice the date on the videos when I started watching so I didn't realize it started in 2014. I also underestimated what it takes to make these types of videos, so there's that.
Tom Allister
Tom Allister 7 anos atrás
You should already know this now, but he's his most recent video as of now is Chile. So yeah, it'll be a while before Ireland.
MDLP music
MDLP music 4 anos atrás
Thank you for talking about my country💖🇦🇴💖
Raymel Rodriguez
Raymel Rodriguez 4 anos atrás
In the friend zone, you missed Cuba. In Ondjiva (Cunene), people respond with "Obrigado" (thank you) when you greet them in the morning with "Bom dia" (good morning). It was weird at first, then after a while, I got used to it and, now in the US sometimes I do the same hahaha
Haagen 3 anos atrás
As an Angolan, you should be proud. The info in this video was accurate.
The Angolan Ambassador
Cidade do Kilamba isn't a ghost town anymore. :)
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes Anos atrás
Your profile picture
Walangcha Hang Yelingden
@Coolbird00 Turns out, no.
Archival Anos atrás
@Luís Ferrão só estou a brincar
Global Pod Media
Global Pod Media 8 anos atrás
I'm an Angolan, some of the findings here aren't quite accurate. But thanks for the effort, it was worth a shot. Always a patriot
MetalZeat William
MetalZeat William 8 anos atrás
This is a cool channel! I'm looking forward to more of your future videos. Keep up the great work!
MK17BRO 4 anos atrás
He should talk about Marginal in Luanda, one of the most beautiful places in Angola and Xyami Shopping. I was there with my family in July. Very good video👌🏾🇦🇴
paraescucharrap 5 anos atrás
Wow, today I wanted to know more about Angola because I am learning Kizomba and I asked myself: I wonder if Geography Now has a video about it. And it does!!! I love this channel
TVcarlinhos 6 anos atrás
This video is so amazing, i am from Angola and I just learned things that I didnt know....keep it up geography now
John Stevens
John Stevens 8 anos atrás
I love your videos, it's a great research work! I hope you'll continue this project! (btw it's Cabinda without "m")
koadk balc
koadk balc 8 anos atrás
I can offord to life there I'm from Angola I very beautiful country
Geography Now
Geography Now 8 anos atrás
DUDE I was SOOOO upset when I realized I pronounced it wrong. I was like "AHHH I already posted up the video and it's too late to edit!!" Haha oh well. There will always be a special oils-producing placed called "Cambinda" in my heart.
Johannes Nikitin
Johannes Nikitin 8 anos atrás
Really nice geography videos! Make videos about Belarus, Moldova and Lesotho! greetings from Finland! :)
Jarrett Wattenburger
Jarrett Wattenburger 8 anos atrás
Johannes Nikitin I'm waiting for Georgia, Greenland and Sweden. Greetings from the United States.
Iguanna Rock
Iguanna Rock 7 anos atrás
Really cool stuff bro! Congrats! If you want, when you get to Chile we can help you with some Chilean native & folk music to help contextualize even more your episode. Keep up the good work man!
Davi Stefani Lima
Davi Stefani Lima 4 anos atrás
I'm brazilian, live in Brazil, and i have a lot of angolan friend. THEY ARE THE BEST GUYS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!
Angobuscas 6 anos atrás
Really simple and clear description of my country. Things are changing for the better even price wise. Those prices are what the high earners are willing to pay on the best restaurants and hotels. Remember that minimum wages are quite low and not everyone would be able to accommodate these prices. Overall is a beautiful country that has loads to offer.
Madalena Joao
Madalena Joao 6 anos atrás
Thank you. I'm Angolan and I loved this video!
Mikkel Christensen
Mikkel Christensen 6 anos atrás
I am from Denmark, and I must say that you must have been ripped off by the place that had you pay 21 usd for a sandwich!!
Mikkel Christensen
Mikkel Christensen 2 anos atrás
Monique UU Well, the open face sandwich (Smørrebrød) is never with fries. Not ever. But denpending on where you get the thing probably you will have a drink with it. Though it seems the culture in Denmark and the US around drinks and such are very different. The open face sandwich is also a lunch thing where dessert also is not typical.
Monique UU.
Monique UU. 2 anos atrás
He was crazy to pay it as well. Not even in the US would I pay $25+ for a sandwich unless it comes with fries, a drink, dessert, an entree and main course afterward (plus a doggy bag for the next day).
C Cssoma
C Cssoma 3 anos atrás
2 usd for sandwish
gadora e 112
gadora e 112 3 anos atrás
@Bia Menezes u wont, beliave me!
Rico Jose
Rico Jose 5 anos atrás
old video its not like that anymore
TheOneTrueSam l
TheOneTrueSam l 8 anos atrás
Great videos. Very educational. Keep it up.
Taylor Windows
Taylor Windows 2 anos atrás
Angola was one of the 7 colonies of Portugal and its official language is Portuguese The Speaker countries of Portuguese are... Mozambique 🇲🇿 Angola 🇦🇴 Cape Verde Guinea Bissau 🇬🇼 Equatorial Guinea Sao Tome and Principe Portugal 🇵🇹 and Brazil 🇧🇷 Sofonic countries largest country Portuguese is Brazil 🇧🇷 I'm from New York and thank you for the 😊
Asheki Islam Badhon
Asheki Islam Badhon 2 anos atrás
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 Angola 🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴
Ways To Natural
Ways To Natural 6 anos atrás
I enjoyed the video, fam. I cannot disagree with what you said, because it is true. I actually learned a few things that I didn't know 😅 btw, the name of the province is CABINDA, with no "M" between the 'a' and the 'b' I enjpyed it very much!! Keep it up. :) ps: everything you said about the prices is different now. They are way higher!! 😩
Max McCormick
Max McCormick 8 anos atrás
It's nice to see this amount of effort going into a channel with below a thousand subs, keep it up! btw I wouldn't mind seeing a video on Argentina because all I really know about them is that they went to war with the UK over the Falkland islands and they are very good at (European) football, and considering how big and strong the country is, people should probably have a rough idea on the geography of the place.
Geography Now
Geography Now 8 anos atrás
Well you're in LUCK!! After I finish the next country, (Antigua and Barbuda) which I'm editing right now, ARGENTINA will be the next one! Stay tuned!
Jeff Gano
Jeff Gano 7 anos atrás
The Angolan enclave bordering PRC is called Cabinda, not Cambinda
TheCrazedCreator 8 anos atrás
THIS CHANNEL!!!! This is wonderful! Great voice, great knowledge, and just the right amount of cheese!
CloakedPerv 7 anos atrás
You pronounced your French so well on the other video so I'll help you pronounce Portuguese: Everytime you see an S in the end of a word, pronounce it like SH and an O like a U. "Baía dos Tigres" = Ba-ee-a dush T-ee-gresh! That sounds closer to it!
NixtroStrike 2 anos atrás
ANGOLA É NOSSA! (apenas no caso de ninguém ainda ter comentado)
Shreejita Banerjee
Shreejita Banerjee Anos atrás
I like the fact that he has got a good sense of humour...and at the last part, contries started speaking to each other...Oh gosh!!!!🤣🤣🤣. But anyways...good work...😁😁
Martin Frei
Martin Frei 8 anos atrás
Nice content, guys. Keep it up!
A. Biyoghé
A. Biyoghé 7 anos atrás
You'll find Luanda and many other African cities expensive only if you want to lead a west-life style. So when you go there, you'd better adapt, in other words, forget the hamburgers and shopping time in the malls (ridiculously expensive). eat local food and behave like the average Angolan, whom is not that rich.
CuteNCrazy 4 anos atrás
@Pedro Roque just depends where you look and most of the people I hung out in Angola never adapted, to the locals, you just need to "speak like them and be friendly"
Amy 6 anos atrás
UNIGAINS they lead average lives
Pedro Roque
Pedro Roque 6 anos atrás
Not that rich? Not rich at all lol
Mike Sands
Mike Sands 5 meses atrás
I am rewatching old episodes and they lose a lot from having so little culture elements. I hope you go back and add in more clips when you finish the main run.
EnidoxMusic 8 anos atrás
This is an incredibly good channel and I'm honoured to sub to it with only 13,000 subs before it gets really popular - which will happen!
blackgirldiary 5 anos atrás
Loved this video! Can you do one on Mozambique?
enter a name Last name
Where I live me and my mum got 2 hot chocolates, and two toasted and chesse sandwiches! And it was so nice! It had 3 layers of the real fresh ham and 2 layers of mozzerela cheese all that came to only £9.90
LUCAS 5 anos atrás
Eu amei o video especialmente porque fala do meu país. Agradeço já me escrevi
Oyindamola Olafimihan
Oyindamola Olafimihan 3 anos atrás
I'm Nigerian. i love Angola and Angolans
Diana R. Marta
Diana R. Marta 5 anos atrás
I was born in Portugal but I have an Angolan nationality (both of my parents are angolan) because just in 2005 Portugal made a law about kids that were born in Portugal were automatically Portuguese, and guess what! I was born before that! I never really knew the story of Angola until I was about 12 and that sucks! Since that almost my entire family is from there. I never saw a BRvid video about Angola and this one just made my day! Tbh I heard some stuff that I didn't even know but yeah nice work man. I'm proud to be Angolan
Diana R. Marta
Diana R. Marta 5 anos atrás
and yeah A LOT of things are expensive there. When my family comes here for vacation they just buy a bunch of stuff because it's way cheaper
Karthik Mukund
Karthik Mukund 6 anos atrás
Awesome channel, I subbed recently, and I'm hooked! Can't wait for India which is where I'm from. Also, could anyone tell me what is the background music for the most part? That guitar riff is so cool, and I really hope to see it being used in many more videos!
Ella Picavet
Ella Picavet 2 anos atrás
5 years later, 43 more countries to go and filming during a pandemic. That's some perseverance.
CT 5 anos atrás
Mistake: When Mozambique turns to Angola in the video and says "Should'nt we be speaking Portuguese?" Mozambiques official Language is also Portuguese ;) These videos are super dope!! Keep it up!
Daisy 6 anos atrás
I just subscribed to your channel and i cannot wait for you to do Kenya and dont forget to mention all the corruption we have. Your videos and research is impressive
QUITUTINCI TV 6 anos atrás
ActuallyDylan Anos atrás
' Test
ActuallyDylan Anos atrás
ActuallyDylan Anos atrás
I use apple pen test ⇒
chipetell 3 anos atrás
Rory_Emery 3 anos atrás
Make your own video
Abdul Sathar Sidhiqi
Abdul Sathar Sidhiqi 4 anos atrás
Maaaaan..... Iove ur contents... Am respecting your researches and effort.great work lad keep it top....a brother from INDIA
V. Fontes
V. Fontes 5 anos atrás
Olá Angola.... Cuidado com os chineses... Ao contrário de nós portugueses que temos ligações emocionais convosco os chineses não querem saber de ninguém... Acontece aqui em Portugal à anos. Abraço de Portugal 🇦🇴🇵🇹
J S 3 anos atrás
Arham Furqan
Arham Furqan 2 anos atrás
Greetings to Angola. Love from Pakistan... 🇵🇰 ❤ 🇦🇴
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