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Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you've never seen before. This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on Genji's Sword from Overwatch!

Ever wanted to ask the Man At Arms team a question? Now you can! Go to AWEme’s Twitter: @awemechannel and use with your question. The blacksmiths will be answering your questions with a video reply on AWEme’s Facebook.

Kerry Stagmer - Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer - Swordsmith
Ilya Alekseyev - Armourer
Lauren Schott - Goldsmith and Casting
John Mitchell - Fabricator
Ferenc Gregor - Carver
Rick Janney - Bladesmith
Bill Collison - Hilt Maker

Series Creator/Executive Producer - Andy Signore

Series Executive Producer - Brent Lydic
Episode Produced and Directed by CJ Schmidt

Line Producer - Phil Rogers
Production Manager - Brendan Kennedy
Office Production Coordinator - Jon Michael Burgess

Director of Photography - John Hale

Story Producer - Dave Cross
1st AC (Red Cam) - Jeremy Hall
Gaffer - Steve Scott
Grip - Danny Balsamo
Swing (Demo) - Kevin "Vinny" Campbell
Production Coordinator - Tricia Parris
Runner/PA - Bethany Michalaski
1st AC (Red Cam) - Joe Achard
DIT - Christopher Mariles
Set Medic - Celeste Bowe

Edited by - Patrick Burke
Colorist - Patrick Burke
Lead Assistant Editors - Stephen Erdmann & Matt Zimmel
Stunt Coordinator / Stunts - Casey Kaleba

Felicia McDaniel as Reaper,
Jimmie Rycek as Junkrat,
Nikkie Renea as Roadhog,
Matt Stagmer as Soldier 76,
Natasha Vineyard as Hanzo and
Quinton Lyle as Genji.

Head of Post Production - Michael Gallagher
Post Production Supervisor - Amanda Arellano
Content Manager - James Harrold

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27 Nov 2016



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Baltimore Knife and Sword
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Bondrewd The Sovereign of Dawn
Mada Mada
War General Bonez
War General Bonez Anos atrás
Can You Guys Forge Rory Mercury's Halberd?
Thomas Nielsen
Thomas Nielsen Anos atrás
Can you guys make either Vega handclaw or batman dark knight begins ninja sword
Mikesigno Ph
Mikesigno Ph Anos atrás
Can you make the sword of ichigo kurusaki
PAIN Anos atrás
How much for the sword and shuriken plus the armor
FeARsomETiger 4 anos atrás
Is it me or does anybody else think blacksmiths have the coolest job
•Qahnaarin Peacekeeper•
Gorou isn’t a furry!
Gorou isn’t a furry! 4 meses atrás
@Gonzalo Diaz don’t call us freaks, we’re nerds :)
winston 10 meses atrás
@Nicholas Tam 😂
Saimanohar A
Saimanohar A Anos atrás
Generally, any job involving creation of something is seen as cool. Because you bring out something which might not existed before. Maybe a new design, maybe with different materials, maybe something entirely new and unique.
FaultedSkink Anos atrás
i dont know, it looks pretty hot to me in that workshop :3
Shayne Madrigal
Shayne Madrigal Anos atrás
“Mom can we get genji” “No We have genji at home” Genji at home: 17:20
music Studio
music Studio Anos atrás
69th like!
Samuel Naidoo
Samuel Naidoo Anos atrás
"Considering Genji is modern day robocop " what a nice way to describe genji
Gorou isn’t a furry!
Gorou isn’t a furry! 4 meses atrás
Ikr? It’s super accurate.
Chenjinguooo 7 meses atrás
Love that too +1
Toverhond 2 anos atrás
I love the effort you put in edditing, costumes, pics and vids from the game/series/movies. All the litte details make it great
Just Gaming
Just Gaming 10 meses atrás
Got into the game overwatch and Genjis my main! Thank you so much for making his blades and shurikens to life!
Yuki - Yuna
Yuki - Yuna 4 anos atrás
I wonder how these guys sharpen a Pencil..
ezra mills
ezra mills Mês atrás
Simple, with a sword or knife
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott 2 meses atrás
With skill
Rory Carpenter
Rory Carpenter 4 meses atrás
Their teeth bro.
Rory Carpenter
Rory Carpenter 4 meses atrás
Their teeth bro.
Josué Ortega
Josué Ortega 6 meses atrás
You give them a pencil and they return you a sarissa
Yoannah 2 meses atrás
This guys are epic! Wow wow wow! Love it! My favorite forgers so far 💪 Amazing and funny!
JAP. ADAZOL 9 meses atrás
That's amazing, Genji's sword must be creative a swordsman.😀
lord nibba
lord nibba Anos atrás
It's nice to see that they didn't just make the sword but Also the shurikens and actually told us about the origin story of genji for those Who didn't know
Buukashka Anos atrás
Ваша команда в целом просто божественна, но Илья - мощь!😂
Slinging Fool
Slinging Fool 3 anos atrás
I love how they went to the extra effort to make the shurikens even though the requests were for the sword
DrNai Mês atrás
@Clips Productions it's an honest mistake
Clips Productions
Clips Productions Mês atrás
@DrNai No... the smaller blade is a wakizashi
DrNai 6 meses atrás
@Hey it's called a tanto
gabe2o2 3 anos atrás
Also love how they took the time to learn the actual backstory for the character
Hey 3 anos atrás
If only they did the short blade.
Erdem K.
Erdem K. 2 anos atrás
" I need healing " _-Genji Shimada_
[IYI]MontageZ[IYI] Anos atrás
I needa heeling
daniel vinceneo
daniel vinceneo Anos atrás
Do i said that?
Captain Werewolf guy The Ultimate LEGEND
Heh, Genji, since you and Hanzo are brothers, do not forget that I am the dovahkiin dragonborn
elp 2 anos atrás
Grogu 2 anos atrás
I Need healing
SAVAGE ELiTE89 Anos atrás
I’ve just found this channel and watched over a day worth of content, have y’all made the Sephiroth sword yet?
Matt Michalak
Matt Michalak 10 meses atrás
The original guy who hosted the show in season 1 did
Mo 2 anos atrás
The shape and effort put in this sword is amazing but irl Genji’s sword would be much larger than that
SadVoidz 2 anos atrás
Great Job guys, Very Entertaining👍
magnum_cx Anos atrás
As a newcomer, I was so ecstatically happy to realize that they actually worked
Agho Kinny
Agho Kinny Anos atrás
You guys are truly a LEGENDS❤❤❤LOVE IT
zendave69 Anos atrás
Genji's sword: Masterpiece Genji's disguise: not so good
dimitri 2 anos atrás
Awesome! Nice work!
alexandro98 5 anos atrás
Best part was at end when Soldier 76 did the golfer pose.
racer boy
racer boy 4 anos atrás
wow .
Judy Kussman
Judy Kussman 4 anos atrás
predators time bomb
Mr. David
Mr. David 4 anos atrás
alexandro98 lol for real
Jennifer Dedo
Jennifer Dedo 4 anos atrás
playing OverWatch what Dillon
KFC_ Console
KFC_ Console 4 anos atrás
Make Reinhart is hammer
brokenredflag 10 meses atrás
You guys are fantastic at what you do!!!
S0LEVIDEN Anos atrás
It’s perfect i love it and i’m a Genji main too
HailTsunami 2 anos atrás
If these guys can make swords as real badass as this, I'm scared at what they can make Gunwise.
Stanley Rich
Stanley Rich Anos atrás
@Lazarus056 ahh ok still they are pretty different
Lazarus056 Anos atrás
@Stanley Rich ...They did Mythilmester and Squall's Gunblade, both having revolver mechanisms.
Stanley Rich
Stanley Rich Anos atrás
Swords are completely different from guns just because they are made or metal doesn't mean that blacksmiths can make guns and gunsmiths make swords
Xxx xxX
Xxx xxX 2 anos atrás
Blacksmithing skills don't transfer to gunsmithing, gunsmithing is a whole different beast then blacksmithing.
pouty brat
pouty brat 2 anos atrás
Yeah... Their in deep communication with neo agget
Aprilia50cc 2 anos atrás
-Genji "I Need Healing" -Mercy "Your Support Has Arrived -Genji" MADAMADA" -Mercy " Flies To Void"
Vhumpy 5 meses atrás
Aka "no not yet"
Jordan Wong
Jordan Wong 5 anos atrás
For all you know,these guys may only main torbjorn...
Hamza shah
Hamza shah 3 anos atrás
KJlol 3 anos atrás
Jordan Wong 😂😂😂
Toaster Enjoyer
Toaster Enjoyer 3 anos atrás
They always underestimate de engineers XD
Gustavo Alberto
Gustavo Alberto 3 anos atrás
they only don't give ARMOR!
AnimationGlows 3 anos atrás
Jordan Wong you know the book skulldugury pleasent?
Chenjinguooo 7 meses atrás
Wow, a Dragon Blade created by these great guys o o. Plus they explained the process of the crearion mix up with traditional ways and modern one so it suited to be Genji's sword. Love it ^o^.
Ximena Felix
Ximena Felix Anos atrás
I never thought they would make it shine. I´m in love
Leandro Parker
Leandro Parker 2 anos atrás
Its definitily the ultimate blade, looks so beautiful.
The Mystic
The Mystic Anos atrás
I would love to use this as my close-up weapon for zombie apocalypse
Kiyosuki 5 anos atrás
You guys could have taken this and made just yet another Katana but with a green tint, but you went the extra mile to make this a unique build so great job there. Instead of yet ANOTHER Katana like some certain comments are asking though, why not something different like Corvo's Folding Blade, or the Dragonslayer Spear from Dark Souls (or better yet another weapon from Bloodborne, even if its a year out now. So many of those trick weapons would be amazing to see brought to life, it'd be a shame to just stop at the plain jane Saw Cleaver.). Maybe after the work on this, just take the plunge and attempt to create the Moonlight Greatsword from ALL the Soulsborne games. Always looking forward to another Historical build too if that ever happens. Maybe even another Shield. There's some amazing shield designs out there in the land of geekdom.
Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins 4 anos atrás
Kos parasite from bloodborne.
cyclonejokeroniisama 5 anos atrás
I agree with you on Corvo's folding blade
Just Noob
Just Noob 5 anos atrás
Kiyosuki how about... Yatogami and other 6 version?
Motiv Pigeon
Motiv Pigeon 5 anos atrás
Ludwigs great sword would be a neat challenge. Moonlight great sword is the better version of it yes but I think it would be a lot more interesting to see how they would make it. The Scythe would also be a very interesting as well.
Eugene Monotilla
Eugene Monotilla 5 anos atrás
Why not do the Galatine Prime from Warframe. Not only is the sword European inspired in design. It is also HUGE, like. 7 feet huge. I want something from Man at Arms that is ridiculous from time to time.
Ksiądz KaRo
Ksiądz KaRo Anos atrás
Wow! Good job guys!
No Post Central
No Post Central 2 anos atrás
Holy cow the dragonblade is awesome
Deco McCreadie
Deco McCreadie 9 meses atrás
I'm not an overwatch fan but that sword looks perfect
Tronchhh 2 anos atrás
Sub español por favor. Muy buen video!
bizijr 3 anos atrás
These are the kind of guys that would survive the zombie apocalypse.
Ospre I
Ospre I 2 anos atrás
Yeah terminalblue u got it right
This statement is false Nothing is true
bizijr depends on the zombie if it’s like left for dead then pretty much everyone dies but something like the walking dead most people would survive
Malik Roman
Malik Roman 2 anos atrás
@Dóra a felfedező ofisöl zombie deer is real next is humans
Stronghold Powder Keg
Stronghold Powder Keg 2 anos atrás
Jy Sampson nah it hasn’t happened
That won't happen fictional people
johnnyscifi 2 anos atrás
Do they eventually auction off these swords? Id love to get the virtuous contract!!!
Ibnu Adnan
Ibnu Adnan Anos atrás
Not only making blades, but they also know the stories behind them, very detail. That's what makes me speechless. Like they make it for fun, but also put their heart. Super!
Something 2 anos atrás
Como le molan los cosplays a estos tíos 😂
Mike Ivy
Mike Ivy 10 meses atrás
Even though I’m to old for this stuff at least I can appreciate ....traditional forging techniques....
sauel 2 anos atrás
Make the 3 katanas of zoro pleaseee
Zenx 2 meses atrás
BananaBoi 10 meses atrás
@Batabii no
Eduardo Farinas III
@Batabii oh they're referring to a different zoro
Kanishka Sandaruwan
@FluffyFiend Zorro doesn't use Katana he use a Rapier, but Roronoa Zoro from One piece anime does..
FluffyFiend Anos atrás
@Lone Beast I was about to say, I dont think zoro has katana
Mr. Simsimi
Mr. Simsimi Anos atrás
Looks a little unbalanced with the way they swing it. Still looks beautiful!
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Anos atrás
They should try making the Redeemer from warframe. That weapon looks soo cool as it kicks assess.
Gorou isn’t a furry!
Gorou isn’t a furry! 4 meses atrás
These dudes have the best jobs ever, hands down.
Azn Boii183
Azn Boii183 5 anos atrás
How is this not a show on history channel or discovery
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 anos atrás
Cloud Nucleus so? Is aliens historical?
Fazo 2 anos atrás
@Not Today that's not a question
Miguel Gonzaga
Miguel Gonzaga 2 anos atrás
Your seriously right bruh
CaptainTalon448 4 anos atrás
Closest thing to this show would be Forged in Fire. Sure it's your typical reality competition show but it's cool seeing what comes from them.
C G 4 anos atrás
Azn Boii183 because they wouldn't be free in there choice discovery or history channel would pick for them and then it wouldn't be as fun to watch
Eugenio Diaz
Eugenio Diaz 2 anos atrás
hi masters blacksmith. i'm been watching your channel for some time now. I have to say that your job is amazing. i wonder if your shop will make Dracula's sword from Blade trinity movie. i believe it will be AWEsome!
Mac Kettner
Mac Kettner 2 anos atrás
Okay......... thats just beautiful. I know its a lot of fluff but its BEAUTIFUL fluff. Great job guys.
Muhammad Sutrisno
Muhammad Sutrisno 2 anos atrás
can you build keris , a traditional weapon indonesia and malaysia. i would like to see that in your making, btw you guys are just amazing at making things, keep it up rockstar! love your work hehe.
DRAGON BBX Anos atrás
Iron Fire
Iron Fire 4 anos atrás
Awesome! i love how you combine old techniques and modern techniques in this one blade. I can't wait to watch more of your videos, i just recently discovered them. I love the smithing in particular!
Adilkhan Zhaxybayev
Adilkhan Zhaxybayev 2 anos atrás
I have a doubt about its functionality, although it looks good.
Dasui 2 anos atrás
The forged in fire people can learn stuff from these people
AdamTWood1 2 anos atrás
I would like to see you guys make the sword from sword and the sorcerer
Cafrio Fernando
Cafrio Fernando Anos atrás
Its nice using led to bring genji s dragon blade dragon fire but in real version its just radium and green mixed paint just mixed while forging and at last effect ready when it receives its sun light
Callum Neely
Callum Neely 4 anos atrás
You should do a medieval challenge. Only hand beveling allowed, no plasma cutting, only what would be available in the medieval times, maybe make a Knights sword
Daniel Hettinger
Daniel Hettinger 4 anos atrás
Maybe not "only" hand beveling, but definitely no modern grinding. Medieval blacksmiths did have whetstones and grindstones back then.
DumbleDerp 4 anos atrás
Callum Neely like a really generic, but effective sword
demo1337 Anos atrás
Man this makes me wanna try blacksmithing..very impressive
Spumoon 7 meses atrás
Shuriken actually embedding in a brick wall is both awesome and terrifying
Germantown Forge
Germantown Forge Anos atrás
You should make one of the swords from Fire Emblem. Like Ike, Marth or Lucinda.
Dusk 2 anos atrás
try making Ruby Rose's Crescent Rose Scythe. it would be a Badass addition to your collection.
Fajar Dwipayana
Fajar Dwipayana 2 anos atrás
Make the Elucidator sword please!!
Ali Deniz
Ali Deniz 2 anos atrás
büyük hayranınızım hep böyle bir kılıç istemişimdir.....
T- 115
T- 115 Anos atrás
I want a duel between someone with this blade and someone with Master Yi's
sixtynine skywalker
sixtynine skywalker 2 anos atrás
This is one of the masterpieces.
Родион Сигов
сразу стало понятно как называется эта часть меча 14:33 -)
Екатерина Степанова
Lethal Lettuce Russian's bad words from Ilya)
LethalLettuce 4 anos atrás
Родион Сигов you what
Владимир Симонов
И все таки мне не показалось)
Overkall Mês atrás
Looked like the overlays bulk up the sword and keep the sword from being able to penetrate. Need to invent a transparent sword-worthy metal so that you can illuminate it without overlays :) Awesome job!
Kenshin Padron
Kenshin Padron 2 anos atrás
It is sooooo cool good job 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤗👏🏻
‭‭アキュララ 2 anos atrás
8:37 isn’t it better to use a transparent tank ? i think it’s nice ideaツ
Кирилл Крылов
Момент с матом Ильи просто шедевр 🤣🤣🤣
That Guy
That Guy 5 anos atrás
I think their next project should be a bastion unit. They seem to have the skills to do so.
john thepirate
john thepirate 4 anos atrás
i think they could it would be a long ass video though
That Guy
That Guy 5 anos atrás
Emilio Ochoa the world could always use more bastions!
Emilio Ochoa
Emilio Ochoa 5 anos atrás
That Guy they'd basically be building a robot min gun do think they can actually build a mini gun
Tranquilius 684
Tranquilius 684 2 anos atrás
Such an awesome video
Jordan Par
Jordan Par Anos atrás
Can you make Guts' Dragonslayer Sword from Berserk? I know it might be physically impossible to wield, but still, it's awesome.
Omar Mor4
Omar Mor4 2 anos atrás
Lo que más me gusta en cuando la prueban jeje
Noah Degenhardt
Noah Degenhardt 2 anos atrás
Hearing Ilya call genji a "modern day robocop" is one of the funniest things I've heard in a while
Best Relax Music
Best Relax Music 3 anos atrás
"Берём эту пизду..." ахаха. Илюха ты лучший!!!😂😂😂👏👏👏 You are the best
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 2 anos atrás
Lover thw work on the blades with your team but i dont think is a good thing to substitute the wet stone with the belt. I have sethroth long sowrd and the bluster blade and both are hand mad and sharpened on wet stone. Is a love. I wish i could get my hands on a personalised katana.
Никита Мальцев
'' Сейчас берём вот эту п*зду.." Зачет!
VK Anos atrás
Урааааа русские есть везде!
Kirill Zakharov
Kirill Zakharov Anos atrás
@Mark Dela Cruz GTFOH Mr. IdonotspeakRussian
Kirill Zakharov
Kirill Zakharov Anos atrás
@Mckote da, eto bylo shto-to. 'nahui blyat'(vyrugalsya kak nastoyashchiy pezdets)
Zantexツ✓ Anos atrás
@Mark Dela Cruz or spanish
Mark Dela Cruz
Mark Dela Cruz Anos atrás
English please
Anderson Ferreira
Anderson Ferreira 2 anos atrás
Obra de arte
大麻刃 2 anos atrás
A cool weapon is reproduced and it's really exciting !!
JuansGotThis 5 anos atrás
my GOD !!!! this was a FANTASTIC BUILD!!!! you guys are just so awesome on your creativity always breaking boundaries ! never limited ! love it ! please keep up this amazing work! always gonna be supporting
Honey Moon
Honey Moon Anos atrás
Dude genji is favorite characters in overwatch i cant believe you made the legendary dragon blade you guys should make a specium sword from ultraman
mango_astronaut Anos atrás
A majestic blade. Perfect for a cyborg ninjas arsenal.
Mystery Of Earth
Mystery Of Earth Anos atrás
Me: mom I want genji Mom: we have genji at home Genji at home be like 17:19
aravindF430 2 anos atrás
Which is the most technically challenging forge by these guys? For research purposes
AychazYT 11 meses atrás
I was kinda hoping for someone to yell Ryujin no Ken wo kurae at the end, but that sword still looks awesome af!!
Undestroyerable Playz
Undestroyerable Playz 9 meses atrás
good job, these days, a lot of people don't clay temper their katanas anymore. Edit: Also, I like how they also added the shurikens
Jordi Roy De Groot
Jordi Roy De Groot 2 anos atrás
I feel like a REAL CHALLENGE would be making one of the AXE-BLADEs from MONSTER HUNTER
Dr1psy Dy
Dr1psy Dy Anos atrás
100 years later our grandsons will see this sword being sold in pawn stars
Bryan Chung
Bryan Chung 4 anos atrás
That seems like such a cool job
Hatem Alhrbi
Hatem Alhrbi 4 anos atrás
Kevin Guan I guess that is not what he means It is a funny and enjoyable job to do
Kevin G
Kevin G 4 anos atrás
"So uh what do you do?" "Oh I film myself making real life weapons from video games, movies, and shows and post them on BRvid"
The Top Thompson
The Top Thompson 2 anos atrás
I would love to own this
Djark Wendeln
Djark Wendeln 2 anos atrás
it is probably impossible but it would be really amazing. would you manage to make Havel The Rock's dragon tooth
Knocking Master Jirou
Knocking Master Jirou 2 anos atrás
It would be incredible to see Hanzo's bow made by you, gentlemans. Who more else thinks same?
Chad Hooper
Chad Hooper 3 meses atrás
Is it just me, or does anyone else get major goosebumps when that song hit's when showing off the finished sword?
I am Groot
I am Groot 4 anos atrás
Wow, a BRvid video where a hydraulic press is used for something practical...
Pakken's Backyard
Pakken's Backyard 4 anos atrás
I thought it was used to dismember ppl and stuff #JustSawThings
Jack King
Jack King Anos atrás
0:05 I can see his intention. This guy is from the future. He put Iron man pfp guy in front, to mourn him silently.
Niinbo 11 meses atrás
could u also do the short knife hes using to deflect (ability) its on this back on hips high
Shaun Perry
Shaun Perry 2 anos atrás
I actually wanna be part of ur team in the future
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂ 11 meses atrás
Me: Mom, can I have Soldier: 76? Mom: We have Soldier: 76 at home. Soldier: 76 at home: 17:38
enock Ashish
enock Ashish 2 anos atrás
Wonderful art
Arikato 2 anos atrás
Flow like water Swift as the wind A steady blade balances the soul MADA MADA BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I need healing
Gramps 2 anos atrás
What I would do to be able to get into blacksmithing. This channel makes me happy
ADZ 2 anos atrás
BRvid $100 knife making startup
Making Tanjiro's Katana from [Demon Slayer]
I Spent 1 Week In Realistic Minecraft!
Visualizações 3 200 000
Quebrei meu iphone😱 #shorts
Visualizações 416 646