Gary Moore - The Messiah Will Come Again

Patrick Webster
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GARY MOORE (4 April 1952 - 6 February 2011)
In remembrance to one of my all time guitar heroes, who sadly passed away a year ago today. This remains one of my favourite performances by him and I can still remember buying the original version, written and recorded by Roy Buchanan, when I was still a 15 year old boy and starting out learning to play the guitar.
This performance was recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1990 - a venue he revisited a number of times through the years.
Gary, you are sadly missed.


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6 Fev 2012



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Comentários 100
Dennis Gritsiyenko
Dennis Gritsiyenko 2 horas atrás
It's perfect.
Albin Bryzek
Albin Bryzek 8 horas atrás
12 years now unbelievable,but sadly true
MrLuskoff 8 horas atrás
As for me, it is the greatest guitarist...
Albin Bryzek
Albin Bryzek 8 horas atrás
the energy he gave us is still here
Albin Bryzek
Albin Bryzek 8 horas atrás
The Lord God gave him so much talent
Dan Hoerle
Dan Hoerle 13 horas atrás
I tear up everytime i hear this.
Neville Darman8n
Neville Darman8n 20 horas atrás
Absolutely awesome thanks 👌😍😍😍🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️
Chris Cross
Chris Cross Dia atrás
There are not too many guys playing right from their soul
Мария Мария
Потрясающая игра, высший пилотаж!!!
mike murphy
mike murphy Dia atrás
There tears coming out of his guitar. There are many great players out there but very very few like Gary Moore. Rest in peace.
Janis Klinnert
Janis Klinnert Dia atrás
Duuuuuuude that vibrato gives me the CHILLS. Holy shit. And his tone! Unreal!!
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 2 dias atrás
Such big hair! Such big hands! Such a big face! That all makes Gary so much Moore! Lol The only man worthy of Peter Greene's '59 LP! We are lucky to still share these moments in this modern age. Rest In Peace brother Gary. You will be remembered.
James Tucker
James Tucker 2 dias atrás
Gary here lays tribute the the great Roy Buchanon's version of "The Messiah Will Come Again". Let's remember that boys & girls. Beautify done here, and would make the Telle master himself quite proud. God bless them both. This isn't a song to be played. It's a song only to be felt. Peace, and be safe!
Mica Landero
Mica Landero 2 dias atrás
Pero cómo le vas a dar dislike a Gary Moore?! Atrevido!
ayaszveena 2 dias atrás
made my day :)
RPG 808
RPG 808 2 dias atrás
Moor wore a WIG most of his career. Very low self esteem. Take the wig off and he couldn't play!
Leandro Rockpala
Leandro Rockpala 2 dias atrás
Esse cara deixou saudade com essas caras de louko e pegada sem comentários nas seis cordas !!!
Krischaan 2 dias atrás
Wow! That tone!! Also that Les Paul "Greeny" now belongs to Kirk Hammet from Metallica! The history for that guitar alone tremendous. Let alone of those guitarist...
IrishGuitarGaz 2 dias atrás
George Harrison may have written While my Guitar Gently Weeps, but Gary Moore lived it. Never seen another player who could convey as much emotion through the instrument as he could.
Miche Gou.
Miche Gou. 2 dias atrás
Ouahhh !!!! +++++
spitfireace57 3 dias atrás
Thanks for the nod to Roy Buchanan.
JOIN ME I LOOK GOOD! 3 dias atrás
Rodolfo Ortega
Rodolfo Ortega 3 dias atrás
This is IT, the rest are phantoms
Sweetie 3 dias atrás
Around this time seems to be the high peak for Gary Moore's guitar performance in my opinion.
ggammel 3 dias atrás
In the dark of night, I turned on the radio, to hear this worshiping guitar. "A worshiping guitar," I exclaimed thinking that's how I would search for it online because Christian stations normally don't announce who's playing what. "This guitarist has surely used his God-given talent to worship and bring glory to his Maker," I thought, and as it ended, Ian Punnett, Coast- to-Coast announced, "The Messiah Will Come Again" performed by Gary Moore. Wow!
oh wow Don Airey on keys
Allyn Nichols
Allyn Nichols 3 dias atrás
A snippet of this being played in the night on KFI, woke me right up. Had to get up and write it down so as to not forget. Don’t be ashamed if you wept.....cuz he’s making that guitar cry.
fred d
fred d 3 dias atrás
Me too!
Terry Farley
Terry Farley 3 dias atrás
RIP Maestro!
Kimberly Hollingsworth
I just found this tonight.,.. as bumper music on a talk show.... and I am just in heart felt tears...! So beautiful!! I had no idea....!
James Town
James Town 3 dias atrás
My neighbors hear this too when I listen to this
Ben Craig
Ben Craig 4 dias atrás
the only guitar that can make Hammetts vibrato sound good lol. with Gary it's just divine.
Mohd Ariff
Mohd Ariff 5 dias atrás
He was the guitar actualy..#RIP Gary..😪
Jodi Acosta
Jodi Acosta 5 dias atrás
Doesn't matter HOW Gary achieved these INCREDIBLE sounds. What matters is his ABILITY TO MAKE THAT GUITAR CRY OUT TO JESUS, THE MESSIAH😍
markus frankenfeld
markus frankenfeld 5 dias atrás
The Messiah has come again.
Niels Koopman
Niels Koopman 5 dias atrás
Just stunning and fascinating to watch....never mind listen!
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis 5 dias atrás
I will never be able to play shit like that.
Shawn Bell
Shawn Bell 6 dias atrás
Stunning, just stunning.
chedderhead55 6 dias atrás
Always never thought I would hear this song played better than by Roy Buchannan........and then I heard Gary Moore's version....... Phenomenal!!
Kimberly Hollingsworth
I just heard it tonight for very first time.... and I’m in tears... so utterly beautiful!
George G Woolston
George G Woolston 6 dias atrás
hansgerd eisemann
hansgerd eisemann 6 dias atrás
Ein Gitarist der ersten Reihe !!! Unvergesslich!!!
sanja lang
sanja lang 6 dias atrás
Insanely good. Simple perfection.
Aleks Jeff
Aleks Jeff 7 dias atrás
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
Nicholas Collora
Nicholas Collora 7 dias atrás
Not quest. Question..when USA 👍 liberates Nicholas Collora youtube..just a homo sapien..8 scenes observe your 1 ➖ 8
Faded Blue Jeans
Faded Blue Jeans 7 dias atrás
One of the most underrated guitar players in the history of the world. This is a 10 minute song and I do not think he repeated himself once. Spectacular.
daniel laurence
daniel laurence 3 dias atrás
@Faded Blue Jeans Underrated is not the word. Not very famous perhaps, but not underrated.
Faded Blue Jeans
Faded Blue Jeans 3 dias atrás
@daniel laurence Compared to household names like Clapton, Page , Gilmour and the like, he does not have anywhere NEAR the name recognition that those players enjoy. Guitar players know who he is, and a few just general music lovers appreciate him, but for the most part his work has been overlooked by the general public. Its a shame too because he was every bit as good as any of those players. So yes, I am sticking by what I said.
daniel laurence
daniel laurence 3 dias atrás
Underrated? Don t say bullshit
trevor 7 dias atrás
Melodic too, not just a bunch of notes, thats the difference, anyone can shred. Master Moore.
Ellis Scott
Ellis Scott 5 dias atrás
trevor what I love about guitarists like this guy, Eric Johnson, Steve via and a few others. They're playing is super insane fast but while keeping it tasteful. That's why I could never really get with Eddie van halens playing, and while it's a terrible loss that he's gone and he was undeniably a legend in his own right I just found his playing to be rather dull despite being impressive
pie nasta
pie nasta 7 dias atrás
Bahh ! When i see all famous guitarist using pedals sound control ..... And then truly blues played only with a Gibson .
Zora M
Zora M 7 dias atrás
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet jesus Gary
ZoSo Page
ZoSo Page 7 dias atrás
I didn't know....lovely!!
Otty J Dee
Otty J Dee 7 dias atrás
A good rendition of a great Roy Buchanans Song....great choice Gary Moore
frank sespool
frank sespool 8 dias atrás
Great mechanical ,kinda soulful
frank sespool
frank sespool 8 dias atrás
I can't dance to it
Sold to be Diers
Sold to be Diers 8 dias atrás
''THERE'S ARTISTS WHO'LL WREST US UP & PLACE US INTO THEMSELVES & INTO THEIR WORKS. THESE ARE THE ONE'S WHO'LL CONTINUE WRESTING US UP... LONG AFTER THEIR APPOINTED RESTS IN PEACE.'' ~ gilpin 101020 Reckon as reckon might reckon then... He will bring the lyrics to Gary in due time on this one.
Francheska Arulani
Francheska Arulani 5 dias atrás
UR8UP2 JABBERWOCKY 8 dias atrás
Ramune Bos
Ramune Bos 8 dias atrás
Neseniai atradau ,!
theodore khonghat
theodore khonghat 8 dias atrás
Have always enjoyed watching n listening to his great performances since my school days n that craze still hasn't faded away..infact it's growing even stronger in are one great music performer this world has ever had...a gift GOD casts on you but sadly HE took you away'll always be missed...
J Randall Murphy
J Randall Murphy 8 dias atrás
I thought I'd click to see who this Gary Moore guy is. Wow. Either I've been hiding in a cave or he's one of those unsung legends ( or both ). Fabulous performance!
Alex Stuehmer
Alex Stuehmer 8 dias atrás
Anyone else here think The Scorpions were Moore fans? Or is it just me? "Winds of Change?"
michael Hawkes
michael Hawkes 8 dias atrás
That incredible ending brought a tear to my eye! I think I’m a decent guitarist but I can’t do this to an audience wish I could! Thank you Gary bravo, bravo!
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper 9 dias atrás
Henry Rathburn
Henry Rathburn 9 dias atrás
Hands down the most beautiful guitarist whom has graced our planet. This my friends is the real deal . Miss him .
Corinne Maarek
Corinne Maarek 9 dias atrás
Je suis juive messianique judeo chrétienne et considérer que je puisse vivre en Angleterre bournemouth près de l'Isle de wight et le sort en est jeté à bientôt j'espère que dieu vous bénisse god inside of everyone of us on earth proof itself that WE are all Brother and sister equal on front of god bless all of us signée Myriam Corinne du groupe unique les archanges à bientôt j'espère bisous sortilège yeah here i go again c'est un peu plus tard dans le monde céleste tout nous ramène à dieu créateur l'orgueil l'appât du gain n'est pas situé dans le monde céleste tout à l'heure Christ signifiant messager messie yeshoua as a Dreams coming from heaven IS just gorgeous Amazing incredible goddess of promises delivery IS thé way to receive thé life célébration of promises and love love god IS Big kisses god bless all Brother and sister equal on front of god and Christ and his légion of archangel play métal music and musicians make us dreaming and bring peace hope and happiness and talentuous long life for sure for music and musicians they are sons of god bless you for sure for eternity why not making Good instead of destroying de la part de ma p'tite chatte Providence Divine d'accomplissement prophétique empli d'amour et d'amitié signée Myriam Corinne du groupe unique les archanges à bientôt j'espère bisous sortilège yeah here i go again
pustoolio 10 dias atrás
And that guitar is now owned by Kirk Hammet.... she deserves better after being played by God himself.
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 11 dias atrás
This makes me want to slap Seymour Duncan right across his face. What in God's name made you think you could invent a guitar pickup that sounded better than this???? Congrats on your millions.
danielle hebbache
danielle hebbache 11 dias atrás
Thierry Elies
Thierry Elies 11 dias atrás
Roy Buchanan tribute.
Robert Dobbs
Robert Dobbs 11 dias atrás
Let me invite you down another "rabbit hole" with the Allman Brothers. "Soulshine", "Aint My Cross To Bear", "Whipping Post" , "Stormy Monday"
Terra Rider Adventures
Terra Rider Adventures 11 dias atrás
This guy is a f*cking legend I do not get who dislikes this video! Even if you do not like the music you should appreciate the feeling the guys plays with! Dah what a world seriously.
RodriurbinA g.
RodriurbinA g. 12 dias atrás
lo escucho ahora, y siempre va a ser un idolo......
Nicholas Collora
Nicholas Collora 12 dias atrás
About time that when the Americans respond 2 each other Nicholas Collora youtube love8 s gave the 8..
Phil Pots
Phil Pots 12 dias atrás
I've been asking friends to bring something to the table for 15 years , still nothing, they all tell me there are better yet nothing is shown. I love this man's energy, he is a god, fuck what they think.
Ricardo 12 dias atrás
こうのまい kounomai
Oh, what a wonderful performance that appeals to the depths of my heart!
THE RIDERS CLUB 12 dias atrás
what a performance Gary oh Gary, thank you for all the memories, missed so much! absolute legend!!! RIP BROTHER
chity chitita
chity chitita 12 dias atrás
Un monstruo notablemente el mejor guitarrista...qepd Gary Moore
JCKnuckles 12 dias atrás
So underrated!!
Royal Orleans
Royal Orleans 13 dias atrás
Saw Roy 8 times in the Bay Area..1st time a gift from my brother (RIP) for my 18th bday in 78..American Music Hall
X G 13 dias atrás
X G 13 dias atrás
Can't touch Roy tho
Gumersindo Reguera
Gumersindo Reguera 13 dias atrás
Un excelente violero con muy
John Gaffney
John Gaffney 13 dias atrás
I love shit moments like 4:24 - 4:27, thank God for them. Hugh Jackman. Huge Act Man. McHugeman. No derp.
popeye sailor
popeye sailor 13 dias atrás
Sounds better on a Tele
Mike Ivy
Mike Ivy 13 dias atrás
Wonderfully executed! Man I remember when I was touring! Nothing like him even EVH, (EVH had his prose and promise, ), but Gary was one of the last pure players along with Satriani...I loved Ronnie Montrose as well, (Town without Pity)... do t forget Steve Morse with the Dixie Dregs....
davsor08 13 dias atrás
Coming up on ten years already since we lost him. I was in pieces then and the passing of EVH this week brought it all back. Best treatment I could think of was revisiting this video. Everything that is the magic of true guitar mastery is in here. Thank you GM and EVH for your magic - R.I.P.
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 13 dias atrás
3:25 Holy Messiah even. I love the long pull be it Hendrix, Gus G etc. but this is the best I've ever heard! Outstanding
Syam house Thai food
Syam house Thai food 14 dias atrás
J M 14 dias atrás
Is he playing the infamous guitar that was previously stolen from Ronnie Montrose, sold to Gary, then Gary refused to let Ronnie buy it back after he learned it was stolen from him? There was even a court battle over it. Gary played very well. I can't deny that. But he lost my respect over that ordeal.
Lauren McW
Lauren McW 14 dias atrás
How is it I'm hearing this for the first time?!! I thought I had every album he ever made, but this is new to me. What a great gift to discover this tonight.
Vesa Kemi
Vesa Kemi 14 dias atrás
John Hughes
John Hughes 14 dias atrás
I have only one question how the heck can over a 1,000 dislike this video, a strange world we live in
Marco Alessandro
Marco Alessandro 15 dias atrás
i prefer the title : The messiah will come...pure heaven to listen to, but i can't bare to watch Seems by his expression of pain that maybe he had not played for a while and his finger tips are too soft...poor guy! ( and my pink guitar has better tone...because it's pink, you see...) Just kidding guys!! (but I AM truly not for all that trinity/blood sacrifice bunk...sorry again for any Christians reading
Daniel Wingfield
Daniel Wingfield 15 dias atrás
I really hope Kirk hammett's really loving his guitar.
Lawrence Santana
Lawrence Santana 15 dias atrás
For those who gave this song/video a thumbs down, you don't know what good music is so stop listening.
KUYA BUNSO 15 dias atrás
Im very sorry guys... Just enjoy the performance of Gary Moore, one of the best!! You dont have to Argue...
Michael Serrat
Michael Serrat 15 dias atrás
Gary Moore stay one of the greatest !!!!
Caballero Perez Angel
Caballero Perez Angel 16 dias atrás
✉⚡✴✉✉✒✉✉✉✉✉✉✉✉✉✉≠✉✉✉✉✉✉ Gar✴y M🌎ore🗿✴a$✴💹 wie ich hören kann hat er die Magie der ⚡Gitarre , In der ✴🌿Hand≠, \`. ......⚡uper.....ausre`≠ichend fe✴e/ Oder doch ✴🌿mucho fe✴e/ ________________ C🎹aballer✴o .` /.` / .`/ **♥*********"""""""""""""""""""*""""" \---
Lamont Christian
Lamont Christian 16 dias atrás
This sung should be called the party's over.bc when the Messiah comes it will be a glorious say this piece is a sound of regret.maybe if you're lost this is for you.
Leszek Ciomer
Leszek Ciomer 16 dias atrás
...po prostu genialnie piękne...
Samuel A
Samuel A 16 dias atrás
3:22 that is the most emotional bend i ever heard
Bruce Cox
Bruce Cox 17 dias atrás
Tom Thalon
Tom Thalon 17 dias atrás
Honestly, I have never heard of him as in heard him play. And I am not young. As a guitar player, I find him great..
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