Game Theory: The Stolen Souls of Minecraft

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Today Theorists, we are diving back into the weird and wonderful world of Minecraft lore! I bet you are saying to yourself, "MatPat, what is there left to uncover in Minecraft? You've solved so many things!" That may be true, but there will always be more. In this episode we are peeling back the mysteries of the Minecraft Vindicators and the power of souls introduced in the new Minecraft Dungeons. We're about to get spooky!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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30 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Cloud Doggo
Cloud Doggo Hora atrás
Here are multiple mini-theories. Maybe steve is an escaped experiment of the Illagers, allowing him to respawn. They captured one (or more) of his relatives (which were the Ancient Builders) when they saw the end portal with them in the vicinity. He escapes with nothing on him, and you log on to the game, continuing his story. They experimented on him and put many souls in him, allowing him to respawn. *Ethan Vance* thinks that Totems Of Undying are made of a Villager soul, and that's why they have a Villager's nose. I think that when steve has a Totem and dies, the soul transfers to him and makes the souls in his body overflow, causing him to not die and continue where he is instead of dying and respawning. Maybe starting a hardcore world puts you in the perspective of a steve who was not experimented on, so he can not hold multiple souls, which makes him unable to respawn. Maybe the Evokers are actually made out of souls, and the evil souls control them. Maybe the Vexes they summon are actually part of them being torn away, and the laughter in them is the evil souls fulfilling their purpose, with the screams being the good souls which are forced to be part of the Vex. Maybe they drop Totems of undying not because they were holding them, but because the Totems are little bits left of them. Involving Minecraft Dungeons (spoilers): Maybe the Orb Of Dominance is made out of evil souls and it told the Arch Illager to sacrifice the Villagers (the good souls) and even his subjects (the bad souls) to create the Evokers.
Aussie_Red_Dog Hora atrás
Your theory about them being exiled is right bc of Minecraft dungeons and the “evil” arch illiger being kicked out Edit: plus when you use soul speed on soul sand it has the same soul icon behind you as the Minecraft dungeons soul icon
Jung Kookie
Jung Kookie 2 horas atrás
It would be cool to see him do a theory about the cave noises. I'm actually curious on what he would come up with
SharkX 51
SharkX 51 3 horas atrás
I think that jungle villages where removed from minecraft because it was in the same boime as the jungle temple, (a possible ritual place).
Federico Accossato
Federico Accossato 4 horas atrás
And what about the pillager, they are not magic so they can’t do magical experiments but they have green eyes, so they are not possessed
pfp4ever 4 horas atrás
seto kaiba plays blue eyed vindicator in attack mode
Yusara Tokomi
Yusara Tokomi 4 horas atrás
In Minecraft Dungeons, I use the most fitting soul collector, the soul scythe.
LA - 05MS - Ridgeview PS (1509)
I found something super weird in minecraft the other day
Wivia Repo
Wivia Repo 5 horas atrás
I didnt know that minecraft had lore
Eliseo Acosta
Eliseo Acosta 6 horas atrás
the evoker's clap is stealing you soul and turning it into a vex and what is a evoker activating
Erin Harris
Erin Harris 7 horas atrás
So, I cant give pictures, but I found a nether portal that had two pieces of gold above it. There was netherrack surrounding it and a little bit of magma. There was also stone bricks around the obsidian. I replaced the obsidian and stone bricks and I went through. I spawned on top of a nether fortress but it seemed to be filled with nether bricks. It also wasnt one of the new, 1.16 ones. I found out it the overworld that there was a chest near the portal. There was 3 golden leggings, one with fire resistance 1, one with projectile protection 3, and one with unbreaking 3. None of them were damaged. There was also a golden shovel with unbreaking 1. Also un-damaged. There was 21 gold nuggets and 4 obsidian. I have a theory though, here it is: It is the piglins trying to escape the nether. They use gold (which also explains the gold at the top of the portal), because they live in nether fortresses, they have obsidian and gold in their chests, and they aren’t immune to fire so they would need the fire protection. They wouldn’t know what the world through the portal is like so they would need to bring protection. Could you please do a theory on this?
LA - 05MS - Ridgeview PS (1509)
I found that also
fnaf1000 8 horas atrás
its been a month now where is the next theory of minecraft
DarkAngelsCryMist 8 horas atrás
The next minecraft theory should be about why we the player are the last human around now that theory would be crazy
How2Get alife
How2Get alife 11 horas atrás
So vex are basically the stones from full metal alchemist brother hood
Ceer_wolfs 12 horas atrás
have you looked at or should i say listened to the cave sounds yet
Fabio De Rosa
Fabio De Rosa 12 horas atrás
me: sees 4:56 also me:lets see if unspeakable has done another video
Harry Nicholls
Harry Nicholls 13 horas atrás
dear Matpat Herobrine answers one question I've been wondering, who killed the wither the ancient builders created. he destroyed it and in that loneliness he became the Herobrine we know
Asus Zenpad
Asus Zenpad 16 horas atrás
مهدی سودایی
مهدی سودایی 17 horas atrás
Can u make a theory about striders or piglins
unknowed dude
unknowed dude 18 horas atrás
please make a new video the new nether update is here
Jigz Mallari
Jigz Mallari 19 horas atrás
Finn 20 horas atrás
Rip pop smoke 💫🕊
Areindeersskull 21 hora atrás
Anyone else notice the soul eater souls? no? just me? XD
Matthew Yeh
Matthew Yeh 22 horas atrás
this is how i think the evokers make a vex the collect soul energy release it a smush it together and mold it into the tiny shape they make them small to summon more at a time
A Person
A Person 23 horas atrás
Does anyone else wonder why beds explode in Minecraft?
basti Gamido
basti Gamido 23 horas atrás
Congarst sens yuru ruwend mancraft
Dustin and Coral Haley
Dustin and Coral Haley 23 horas atrás
MatPat: *talks about souls* Me: Mincraft is secretly FNAF
Gumball Usumaki
Gumball Usumaki Dia atrás
Patricia Mckenney
Please make a game theory of Herobrine
Sheena Webb
Sheena Webb Dia atrás හෝර්සා නැන්දා ඔව් අපි හොඳින් ඉන්නම් අපි හැමෝම හොඳින් ඉන්නම් ඔහු හැරී ආපසු පාලම වෙත ගියේය
Dantiel82 Dia atrás
Mojang * makes a funny easter egg * MatPat: L O R E
Arial Sans
Arial Sans Dia atrás
YO, GT! Get your Diet Coke-stained pants off, put on your Fireproof Netherite-limned swim trunks and dip your toes in the Nether! They’re TONS more theories there!
Arc trooper 2624
Arc trooper 2624 Dia atrás
Hey I have a theory on what the striders in the new 1.16 update could have been just like the pigins originated from pigs where like the striders originated from chickens the little hairs on the sides their heads to me they look like feathers and maybe they were brought through as a food source just like the pigs were . just something to think about
smikkelrat Dia atrás
More minecraft
Baz !
Baz ! Dia atrás
In my opinion, a thing that need to be digged is the magic power of ligthning in mincraft. They can transphorme mobs like pig, villager and creeper into zombified piglins, witch and charged creeper. They can also summon skeletons knights on skeletons horses. Also, now that bastion are in the nether and the new mecanics of piglins and hoglins being zombified when they go in the overworld exist, I think that the theory of the pigmen schould be upgraded. The new structure of ancient nether portal can be important too.
Baz !
Baz ! Dia atrás
And I have an other question : who made the igloo ? Is it the illager since the person who build it was clearly making experiment on zombie villager and almost find a way to retransforme zombie villager into normal villager ?
Baz !
Baz ! Dia atrás
Maybe long ago the ancient builder and the piglins lived in peace, they were trading gold for stuff, building bastion for their friend and one day they take with them piglins in the overworld but the piglins, inadapted to the air, were zombified. That event started a war between the two species and now piglins attak humans and live in ruins because they can't build so they can't repair the construct made by the ancient builder.
Pikachu88 Raichu
Pikachu88 Raichu Dia atrás
Using a axe to mine stone
CreeperFromMars Dia atrás
Someone made a datapack where throwing a totem of undying onto soul sand would drain the essence out of the totem and unleash lots of vexes. Sounds like it was inspired by this
Silver Gacha And Gaming
Mat Allen
Mat Allen Dia atrás
That’s twenty five dollars a month where I live
William Hurst
William Hurst Dia atrás
You know i was about to go to sleep, i dont know if I can anymore.
Doodle Monster
Doodle Monster Dia atrás killing every evoker i see.
Why wouldn’t evokers try to turn us into a mindless husk? Even if it wouldn’t work on us, the first thing an evoker would do is: try to use us as an ally. I saw a theory on a different video of yours, that the evokers could have made Steve- so that might be why they don’t try to control us: because we escaped when they created Steve and they know that we cannot be contained.
Acadee Alkana
Acadee Alkana Dia atrás
13:19 "The lost Souls of Minecraft are hunting for you..." Me: haha soul harvest go brrrrrrrrrr I'm happy that my favorite mechanic of Minecraft Dungeons is actually important to this lore. But a few points I must add: - What about the Lightning Rods, forged by the Geomancers? - If Lapis is used to reanimate/hypnotize Villagers into Vindicators, then what of the powers of Redstone used in fueling the Redstone Golems and Redstone items, like the Repeater, Dust, etc? Finally, a challenge for Game Theory: Make a conversion equation/system which translates 100 Damage in Minecraft Dungeons into # units of force (like newtons). Good luck, you'll need it...
Icey Dicey
Icey Dicey Dia atrás
Minecraft and the science behind beds
ShadowFox 2 dias atrás
Wait, what if the maps made out of the carpet are for the raids from 1.14? What if they are planning to rule all of the villagers in this case?
Manuel Atencio
Manuel Atencio 2 dias atrás
Since the new update came out the nether has been leaking into the real world of Minecraft what should we do and better yet what is teres to do
Propeller John
Propeller John 2 dias atrás
Now hear me out, couldn’t it be possible that evokers somehow got a hold of soulsand and maybe got the trapped souls out and used them to create vex’s
Garland Longhouser
Garland Longhouser 2 dias atrás
Yugi craft XD
Harrison Tayong
Harrison Tayong 2 dias atrás
So if in Minecraft dungeons skeletons zombies etc. Used to be normal ppl and the power of the there souls are used to fuel the players power what happen to the souls do they disappear if so the player is just killing innocent people that are already dead
Zac Gamer
Zac Gamer 2 dias atrás
Me watching the amazing world of gumball to take my mind off the theory 😂😂💔
Liam McLaughlin
Liam McLaughlin 2 dias atrás
Oh ya and the illager face in the mansion has GREEN EYES
Me ._.
Me ._. 2 dias atrás
Maybe that's why mojang doesn't want a cave update because they build the lore around Minecraft ,caves have almost no lore.
R#NdOm*ThInGz getting 10,000 subs without any vids
me when i see his: O____________________O
Antonio Tellez
Antonio Tellez 2 dias atrás
Vex sound:*exists* Mat pat:L A N G U A G E S
RainboTwocan RT
RainboTwocan RT 2 dias atrás
So MatPat, why is it when colored sheep break their offspring’s wool will be a combination of colors? (Even unnaturally occurring colors like a purple wool-ed baby when a red and blue sheep breed.) Could this be connected to the wool in the woodland mansions? Idk just a thought
Me And my cat
Me And my cat 2 dias atrás
Hay mat pat can you make a mini theory about the pigmen and piglins please!!!!
Eli Dettman
Eli Dettman 2 dias atrás
i have a ax!
Smol big Beam
Smol big Beam 2 dias atrás
4:56 Me:Unspeakable What are you Doing in Game theory Lol Edit:Can you di the next theory Why do you respawning in Minecraft
Estevan Romo
Estevan Romo 2 dias atrás
So nobody is going to talk about how Steve can jump 1 meter high like it's nothing
Enzo 2 dias atrás
Game: "Exist" Mat pat: interesting
Cubic Infinity
Cubic Infinity 3 dias atrás
6:00 "This is also true of the vindicators." Mat quickly comments, without making it seem like you should be paying attention.
LUNAR BLOODDROP 3 dias atrás
word vex means chaos
That Guy
That Guy 3 dias atrás
What are we vindicating decency
Aitana Viarruel
Aitana Viarruel 3 dias atrás
*MATPAT PLEASE SEE THIS* I was playing Minecraft with my brother and we kept finding all these broken random nether portals so we fixed them and went through them and found all sorts of things. We found what's called a Basalt Delta which is kinda like a Nether Fortress (we also found those too) and one thing we noticed is around the broken portals we found chest filled with materials the lost human civilization could've taken with them and things to make a nether portal. We also found a LEGIT WATER MONUMENT but that doesn't matter. When we took the first portal it lead straight to another one. I saw how it connects to your theories so I thought this would help you out. GOOD LUCK 👍
Aitana Viarruel
Aitana Viarruel 2 dias atrás
@Sir Red I know but I just thought that it might help out if he knew all this stuff heh😅
Sir Red
Sir Red 2 dias atrás
He already knew this
Sir Red
Sir Red 2 dias atrás
It’s a new update lol
Ellie Barrett
Ellie Barrett 3 dias atrás
Piglin theory!!! the pigman one was cool but they dont exist now so..
Intermet179 3 dias atrás
Pillagers, even though they have green eyes, could be vindicators with crossbows.
Intermet179 2 dias atrás
@Sir Red watch the other illager related minecraft game theories
Sir Red
Sir Red 2 dias atrás
Sir Red
Sir Red 2 dias atrás
But why do all of the vindicator shave blue eyes
Gabbi Rapallini
Gabbi Rapallini 3 dias atrás
You know, I would've done this if I was a game theorist. Oh, there's lapiz lazule inside a illager's head of a statue, strange. Welp, that's a theory, their brains are blue! And thats it. That would be my whole video :)
Maniac Mohawk
Maniac Mohawk 3 dias atrás
So if I give a soul sand stack to a evoker, he will have unlimited power?
Fahmi Wicaksono 2018
Fahmi Wicaksono 2018 3 dias atrás
O my god you are so smart. It makes sense now!
Mikah RK
Mikah RK 3 dias atrás
I am starting to turn the series of theories into a book.
Sir Red
Sir Red 2 dias atrás
So u copying the theory?
An angel stuck in purgatory
Hol' up Sven died?!
Tabhair 789
Tabhair 789 3 dias atrás
Zombies drop souls in McD literal soulless husks.
Cade Reuter
Cade Reuter 3 dias atrás
keep going
friendly foe
friendly foe 3 dias atrás
Soo when are you gonna make A theory about dungeons?
The mighty Trainthurnax
I don't quite think it was meant that the lapis was forcefully put into their heads, more so it was used in their rituals and incantations and what-not. Thus giving them their magical capabilities, like how we can use lapis for enchanting. Also, you use EXP you get from killing mobs and animals to enchant, that could be implied as their souls or life force being used in magic that makes you stronger and more powerful. That, and as stated in a previous video, lapis in real life was seen as having a spiritual or divine connection by various cultures and religions. This being the reason you can use lapis as a means to enchant in the game. Its the next best thing from actually having to go and get that EXP from other living things, it has that same powerful spiritual connection.
I Kill Naggers
I Kill Naggers 4 dias atrás
an evoker is basically a diet boss mob
Isaiah Coalson
Isaiah Coalson 4 dias atrás
I have more for this lore in Minecraft dungeons the iliger in the cuteness is kicked out from the village
Derex 4 dias atrás
Lol vinidcators sometimes spawn in patrols though so in a sense they're not ENTITELY limited
Byron Jolma
Byron Jolma 4 dias atrás
MINI THEORY: how do the skeletons hold up all their bones, well I think that the souls of the dead are possessing them
steven darnley
steven darnley 4 dias atrás
8:29 the most annoying mob in the game!
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