Game Theory: Super Mario Maker, BIGGER than the UNIVERSE! 

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In 2016 Nintendo reported that 7.2 Million levels have already been built in Super Mario Maker by the players. That seems like a lot, but in reality it doesn't even scratch the surface of how many levels this game has to offer. But it got me thinking - just how big is this game? How many different levels can actually be made?
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5 Ago 2017



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Legendary Hunter45
Legendary Hunter45 5 anos atrás
If MatPat was a teacher he'd be the only teacher I'd actually like to listen to
sweet neptune
sweet neptune 5 anos atrás
Legendary Hunter45 lol same
Brian C
Brian C 5 anos atrás
Legendary Hunter45 idk about y'all but I'd treat him like a normal teacher because at the end of the day he is just a NORMAL person like the rest of us
Zak 5 anos atrás
lol same
Bakadoof 5 anos atrás
Brian C what do you mean? They were just saying that some teachers don't make classes interesting and that they like the way he explains things.
Brian C
Brian C 5 anos atrás
Emo Snowman my point (in a nutshell): if you like matpat, and want him to be your teacher, it's ok that's fine whatever, but I would just see him how I see every other teacher: mostly mundane (did that clear things up?)
Damien McGirl
Damien McGirl 3 anos atrás
"There's more possible fun levels than the atoms in the universe and you managed to make a garbage level" -my friend directly after watching this
suratman suratman
suratman suratman 2 anos atrás
That just means you're rare my friend
SkimBee 2 anos atrás
Ok little timmy
Zayed N
Zayed N 2 anos atrás
Isaac Harris
Isaac Harris 2 anos atrás
Chai Hill
Chai Hill 2 anos atrás
The pain...
UmbreonYoshi28 3 anos atrás
Me: Man, I wonder how many levels are in Geometry Dash... Matpat: "bangs on my door" Me: "answers door" Matpat: You don't want to know...
Bronkwambler 3 anos atrás
If there's a limit to the editor just under the 13 minute mark, and all the different particles, movements, effects, blocks and decorations, the number would literally be incalculable, and I'm dubbing it a Dashplex from here on out
Primagen 3 anos atrás
It must be ∞
Jamie the Awesome
Jamie the Awesome 3 anos atrás
You won't even be able to SAY the number without running out of breath.
Mudkip 3 anos atrás
What about Emojis in an Emoji Creator
14 Kitsune 14
14 Kitsune 14 3 anos atrás
Oh no
Waccle 2 anos atrás
Rewatching this, somehow the editing, music, and the overall vibe is just more alive and exciting compared to the newer episodes
24\7 guy
24\7 guy 10 meses atrás
That’s 2017-2018 for you
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim 8 meses atrás
Thats nostalgia for you
jaiden_jail 3 meses atrás
@Jimmy Jim for us
Charles Hampson
Charles Hampson Anos atrás
Matpat: We'll never have enough space to store all these mario maker levels... Quantum computers: *Hold my beer*
GreenBlox Gamer
GreenBlox Gamer Anos atrás
More like *hold my bytes*
playing random games
playing random games 10 meses atrás
@GreenBlox Gamer ☕️
Quinzerrak 9 meses atrás
I doubt that even a quantum computer the size of the universe would be able to store all of them. It's simply not enough.
just something
just something 8 meses atrás
the size of the universe...
Quinzerrak 8 meses atrás
@just something Even that won't be enough to store such a number.
Awesomechicken Anos atrás
This is one of my favorite videos that Game Theory has made. its so fun to watch and I'm actually learning.
ggblister 2 anos atrás
Theory: how many possible geometry dash levels
Steelpump100 2 anos atrás
4 million
Ranon does some Stuff
Ranon does some Stuff 2 anos atrás
@Steelpump100 something tells me there’s more than that...Probably more than Mario maker
Steelpump100 2 anos atrás
Ranon does some Stuff nope
twistedgwazi 2 anos atrás
@Ranon does some Stuff Likely far more considering the HUGE amount of customization options available in that game.
NoBitClick 2 anos atrás
Eeyyyyyy GD nice :)
dijasom 3 anos atrás
if you imagine the universe had just one rule "it had to be complete able" then we could easily figure out how likely life was :p
Clovis Marin
Clovis Marin 3 anos atrás
Or that the note block and a lucky block can have something in it
Brett Lanigan
Brett Lanigan 3 anos atrás
But I’m not able
Eli S
Eli S 3 anos atrás
but with current human intellect, we lack knowledge of all the variables that would need to be considered for an equation like that
Mike conrad
Mike conrad 2 anos atrás
Jason Beard
Jason Beard 2 anos atrás
Is life really even complete-able?! I'm pretty sure that nobody's managed to get to the end yet. 🤔🤔🤔
Random Guy
Random Guy 3 anos atrás
Game theory: makes the longest theory with Mario maker. Nintendo: makes Mario maker 2 Game theory: WELP back to the drawing board.
brodie low
brodie low 3 anos atrás
Nark Reean
Nark Reean 3 anos atrás
Are we multiplying marioplex by 2 or adding more?
Mudkip 3 anos atrás
Andre Livingston either that or the Supermarioplex
R Anos atrás
brodie low OoP l
lolliii Anos atrás
this might be Marioplex™2.0.
Smasher boy 19
Smasher boy 19 4 meses atrás
Can I just say how much effort MatPat goes through to get content for us. You are amazing the game theorists
Literally God
Literally God 3 anos atrás
Nintendo: *mario maker 2* Matpat: Yes, a new theory. Also matpat: *cries in corner*
Roemon .C
Roemon .C 3 anos atrás
Also matpat: I have discovered the MARIOPLEX
Strai 3 anos atrás
A supermariosuplex i asume.
VinexPlays33 3 anos atrás
You got the same number of levels from before but... There is even more...
Spongey012 3 anos atrás
New themes, new items, custom autoscroll, blah blah blah...
Rosalita Bender
Rosalita Bender 3 anos atrás
You mean cries in closet
blu Anos atrás
The only thing he forgot is to multiply by 6 the possibilities of levels without a block because he didn’t mention the level theme for the sub area. He also forgot to mention that the height of the starting blocks and the end blocks along with the flagpole can be changed as well without placing a block.
Doboom Anos atrás
Is the height stuff for Mario maker 1 or only Mario maker 2?
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon Anos atrás
& glitches
manule danile
manule danile 4 anos atrás
Nintendo: impressive Matpat: i do my best Nintendo: we'll try this Matpat: try what Nintendo: Mario maker 2
Certified Idiot
Certified Idiot 3 anos atrás
Matpat: Are.. Are u fuccin serious
twopoint7 3 anos atrás
Kinhkills2 3 anos atrás
Kasra Pourahmadi
Kasra Pourahmadi 3 anos atrás
Matpat: Dies
Melinda Volk
Melinda Volk 3 anos atrás
Dexobite 2 anos atrás
Matpat: what to put on that first grid space Also matpat: puts an object that takes up 4 spaces
Mallory 3 anos atrás
You got to appreciate what Mat Pat and the theorist team does for us!!!
Blue ps4 controller
The dedication and smarts this guy has just scares the life out of me
Pointless 2 anos atrás
He missed -Sound Effects -Themes of the Sub-Areas -Block Limits/Entity Limits -Blocks that take up more than one space -You can place things after the flag -Height of the starting platform -Coins inside of ?, mushroom on fire flower, etc -Blocks can be placed inside each other (One way door on pipe, etc) -Sub area pipes take up 4 blocks -Mystery mushrooms -Decorations like the bushes that pop up on ground That’s all I can think of right now, might edit later
SomethingCatchy 2 anos atrás
Dang, I don’t even realize since I don’t really play the game
Draw Do 2
Draw Do 2 2 anos atrás
Daily Pointless Comedy this video is old
Albond 2 anos atrás
It would take a very long time to figure out the actual number, considering all of these things
Albond 2 anos atrás
Shreyassu Handral *too
Nicolas Jahshan
Nicolas Jahshan 2 anos atrás
I was thinking the exact same thing
GGGames 7 meses atrás
The amount of work you do in this is amazing great job
Trebor Alpha
Trebor Alpha 5 anos atrás
MatPat's math and science teachers must be SOOOOO proud of him now
Wangel 5 anos atrás
Trebor Alpha probably would be more proud if he became a scientist or so. We're still proud of him though.
Michelle Lit
Michelle Lit 5 anos atrás
Trebor Alpha #Mathpat
Trebor Alpha
Trebor Alpha 5 anos atrás
Operation No Control long live #mathpat
Baller Walruses
Baller Walruses 5 anos atrás
except he got most of the math in this video wrong
deg1studios 5 anos atrás
looked alright to me, although his estimations seemed a little shady... what was it you thought was wrong?
Liam Animates
Liam Animates 2 anos atrás
This man is so dedicated to his work I LOVE IT
Anthony Salkauski
Anthony Salkauski 3 anos atrás
You forgot: Ability to raise and lower start and end of levels Ability to change level theme in the sub areas That’s it I think
Triple 3 anos atrás
Sound effects, sound effects placed in items, or just sfx in air
NatDaGreat4455 3 anos atrás
And there is also 217 because he forgot to count 24 in length options
B.D.Animator 3 anos atrás
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon Anos atrás
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 2 anos atrás
This is one if my most favourite game theory episodes
Pugboi Gamer
Pugboi Gamer 3 anos atrás
Nintendo: I'm impressed Matpat: Well, I always try Nintendo: now do it again. matpat: .... Nintendo: (´・з・)
C - Arfred Villaluz
I don't really watch Matpat anymore, but I've always remembered this video. It was one of the first few I saw and it really showed that math could be used for more than just school and and real life situations, but also for fun and just figuring out stuff that isn't really all too important.
Freyja Huffman
Freyja Huffman 5 anos atrás
I feel like I learn more from MatPat than I do from my actual teachers.
Logan Darling
Logan Darling 5 anos atrás
You must have terrible teachers.
D B 5 anos atrás
Darkiplier When I was like nine I learned super much of this and I still remember it I am twelve now so what I am saying is that I know things that only adults know :)
Rat 5 anos atrás
Darkiplier lol same I know so much because of matpat
SpadesOfPaint Studios
SpadesOfPaint Studios 5 anos atrás
Daniel B Productions same
Leif 5 anos atrás
Kirby Quartz
Kirby Quartz 3 anos atrás
I just can’t imagine what the possible levels for SMM2 there are.(Tons of new features added)
Beef 21
Beef 21 8 meses atrás
I'm doing my best to do that now. It won't be as well edited or exciting as matpat's, but I'll try to make it watchable and engaging as much as I can.
Da Bort Sompsun
Da Bort Sompsun 5 meses atrás
Can’t wait till’ he makes the MM2 sequel video to this.
ArylBarrel 4 meses atrás
Will he?
Da Bort Sompsun
Da Bort Sompsun 4 meses atrás
@ArylBarrel Who knows?
Payne’s Gaming Galaxy
@Da Bort Sompsun You really paused at that frame in that simpsons episode just to get the PRETTY MUCH BANNED and INFAMOUS crossed-eye face?
Payne’s Gaming Galaxy
@Da Bort Sompsun also what is (in your opinion) the darkest simpsons episode in history? I think it’s “Alone Again, Natura-Diddly”
Da Bort Sompsun
Da Bort Sompsun 3 meses atrás
@Payne’s Gaming Galaxy yessir.
Skew 7 meses atrás
why does watching game theory just bring me pure joy?
Burger Boss
Burger Boss 2 anos atrás
This man *created* a new number to understand a video game. I have so much respect for him. But now he has to do it again.
Marty *
Marty * 5 meses atrás
"Marioplex" yeah I'm totally gonna need that oddly specific number (also nice ending music)
JDizzle 3 anos atrás
I won't deny this is my favorite game theory episode, but there are just 2 things that slipped through the cracks: -you can put sound effects - you can change the sub-area into all the different themes
Starcea Silvester
Starcea Silvester 3 anos atrás
Random Person
Random Person 3 anos atrás
But, unfortunately, a pipe is required for the subfield to exist is any real sense.
Dawnforge 3 anos atrás
Please calculate this number. It shall be the Luigiplex.
SpinnySponk 3 anos atrás
You can only have 49 time points and some items have different parts, because they are are bigger than one tile.
Ssundee Fan
Ssundee Fan 3 anos atrás
JDizzle and u can raise the start and end, also move them
RockAndRowland 3 anos atrás
Just came back to watch this video again, and I can’t stop either laughing or dropping my jaw at this.... this might be mat’s funniest video I’ve see
Dylan Frost
Dylan Frost 2 anos atrás
Fun fact: this number is equal to about 180 quattormilli-duoquadragincentillion, which is the 4142nd -illion number Edit: yes I know this isn't an official number, but it's not fake and made up by me either
Matrixzry Mutonium
Matrixzry Mutonium 2 anos atrás
Ok looks like you are one of the few
core _ eater
core _ eater 2 anos atrás
..are you matpats son
Dylan Frost
Dylan Frost 2 anos atrás
@core _ eater isn't he like five years old
core _ eater
core _ eater 2 anos atrás
@Dylan Frost yes and he's already smarter than his father
Ligaya Valonzo
Ligaya Valonzo 2 anos atrás
Or 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 million AKA 10^4142
Allu 11 meses atrás
Probably the most epic game theory episode ever
Joshua Perez-Rios
Joshua Perez-Rios 2 anos atrás
Fun fact: there are also more conceivable guitar solos than particles in the universe
J 2 anos atrás
Glad to know that the ending marks the beginning of an era where anybody could name anything if it wasn’t named yet.
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim 8 meses atrás
Listen im really tired. Am i dumb or are you saying givberish
J 8 meses atrás
@Jimmy Jim I just used uncommon words to make it seem fancier, and seem more real. I think anybody would be I bit confused when reading stuff late into night
TinyChip766 5 anos atrás
This video deserves a marioplex amount of likes
Cameron Bonanno
Cameron Bonanno 5 anos atrás
TheMunkki Well said. I agree.
J singh
J singh 3 anos atrás
This guys does so much hard work Most dedicated man i have ever seen Love you matpat.
Dallin Backstrom
Dallin Backstrom 3 anos atrás
this is probably the best episode of this show. Really like it.
Super Dejan
Super Dejan Anos atrás
Now I just wonder the amount of possible levels in Mario Maker 2, with all the new course elements, new theme, custom auto scroll, night themes, and vertical levels
Liampbjray 2 anos atrás
oh, the memories. This was the first-ever game theory video I ever watched
Electric Pepperoni
Electric Pepperoni Anos atrás
Samuel Driver
Samuel Driver Anos atrás
This one was great, can't wait for him to do super mario maker 2
ContentBot2.9 4 anos atrás
Time to calculate the Luigiplex for Super Mario Maker 2.
Intergalactic Potato
Intergalactic Potato 4 anos atrás
@Number 15 NO! The SuperMarioAndLuigiSuperDuperMakerplex
Mr.neil Vaccaro
Mr.neil Vaccaro 4 anos atrás
Mr.neil Vaccaro
Mr.neil Vaccaro 4 anos atrás
The rest are toadplexes
Chrisumaru 4 anos atrás
Silas Meinardus
Silas Meinardus 4 anos atrás
The ULTRAmarioplex
Adam Fazari
Adam Fazari 3 anos atrás
"if only there was a water resistant laptop i can use to write the whole episode in there it would be glorious!!!" *_SOMEONE PLEASE DONATE MATPAT A PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK LAPTOP_*
BoredYoshi 3 anos atrás
Even though he forgot the fact that there are some things that take up more than one grid space, a bunch of different factors can increase it to OVER marioplex. Like, decorations, sound effects, and the fact that you can change the height of starting and finishing sections.
lolliii Anos atrás
this episode is just want to show you how insane SMM1 is already insane enough, and now... *IMAGINE SMM2, It's bigger than 2 universes*
Krizi 3 anos atrás
You forgot to count in that some items take up more space, leaving you with less space. That gives a huge multiplier to everything.
[number 1 rated salesman] SPAMTON G SPAMTON
I love hearing matpat say big numbers,its fun
orangesilver8 5 anos atrás
Actually, there could be a name for that number if you wanted. The way to name number places after million in english is to just count in latin then add illion at the end. So billion (2/bi), trillion (3/tria), quadrillion (4/quattuor). So if you look at these number places, each one is effectively adding 3 to the power a 10 is multiplied to. 1 billion is 10^9, 1 trillion is 10^12, and 1 quadrillion is 10^15. So to find the equivalent latin number for that number we need to divide it by three, then subtract by 1, because the first three powers of ten aren't in latin yet. So 12,431/3=4,143.66. Subtract 1 and we have 4,142.66. This means the number place is going to be one hundred, of the Latin word for 4,137. This would be quattuor milia, centum quadraginta duo. So applying this to number places, we have quattuormiliacentumquadragintabillion. So, our final name is one hundred and eighty quattuormiliacentumquadragintabillion. (this is assuming you wanted to keep that 1.8 in the number. You didn't include it at the end, but I feel like it should be included) Marioplex is a bit easier to remember though. EDIT: I have recieved a few corrections from HydroXenon93 and have edited my comment slightly to fix them.
FlexablePichu 5 anos atrás
Send this to the top
Al 5 anos atrás
orangesilver8 I appreciate your work
Ev 5 anos atrás
swiwiws 5 anos atrás
Too many numbers... I'm not even gonna try to read this....
Ace Bordi Drift
Ace Bordi Drift 5 anos atrás
shiztu 3 anos atrás
MatPat: Man, Mario Maker has a LOT of makable levels! Mario Maker 2: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.
SailorGamer 23
SailorGamer 23 3 anos atrás
Oh god rewatching this and MatPat mentioned permutations and combinations. I have just started that unit in math and this video makes more sense to that all than my math teacher
NotSo 2 anos atrás
Right this second, there’s roughly like 7.866 billion people. In Suoer Mario Maker 2, Nintendo made it that each player can upload 64 levels maximum. That means that if every person in the world had made 64 courses, there would be just over 500,000,000,000 levels in SMM2.
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges 3 anos atrás
An alien race comes and we have this one really giant specific number unit. Love it. This video is history!
Gachanime Studios
Gachanime Studios Anos atrás
We need a sequel, the same question but for Mario Maker 2.
Ronove Ismund
Ronove Ismund 5 anos atrás
Man it would really suck for Mat if they came out with an update with new items/blocks/enemies or anything like that.
Mecha Code
Mecha Code 5 anos atrás
well it sucked for matpat since the begining, becouse he forgot block limits and sound effects xD
Sawyerthe 3 anos atrás
I’m sure people are wondering when Matpat’s going to do this for Mario Maker 2. I think he’s waiting for the updates to finish up.
a channel name
a channel name 2 anos atrás
7:10 in the final calculations you forgot to account for the making the amount of available blocks smaller if you have a sub-area, but that doesn’t really matter since you divided by a trillion. Another error is that giant enemies take up more than one block.
William Afton
William Afton 2 anos atrás
Imagine if there was an achievement for playing/creating every possible level.
Gachanime Studios
Gachanime Studios Anos atrás
No one would get it.
Determination 11 meses atrás
Achievement Unlocked. *_How Did We Get Here?_*
Joshua Perez-Rios
Joshua Perez-Rios 3 anos atrás
Fun fact: there are also more theoretical guitar solos than particles in the universe
Dr. Quantumus
Dr. Quantumus Anos atrás
this is amazing!!! only one thing you missed; the height of start and end things and the rotation of some blocks
Lilith Doig
Lilith Doig 5 anos atrás
10/10 for marioplex
Jordon Mills
Jordon Mills 2 anos atrás
You can raise the start and end of the levels. You can add noise effects to blocks. You can change sub area level settings. Pretty sure that's everything.
balloon 3 anos atrás
Well, the number of possible levels would honestly be bigger. There are more combinations/varieties of most items/enemies then just four. If glitches are taken into account, the number skyrockets Level themes in the sub area (he forgot that) moving the start and end sections up and down. Also, mat pat forgot to mention that some items take up 4 grid spaces, like bowser, clown cars, etc. Although that stuff would be insanely hard to calculate all together
Kristin Johnson
Kristin Johnson Anos atrás
The intro never gets old
Callixto 2 anos atrás
Maybe I'm late but i'd like MatPat to calculate how many levels you can make in Geometry Dash on a normal 60 second level
The Unvlog Channel
The Unvlog Channel Anos atrás
In mario maker 2, you can control liquid level in jungle and castle levels, and also day or night. There is also a 3D world setting with so many differences that it would probably make the math much harder. However, this and obviously many other things mean that marioplex 2.0 would be even absurdly larger than marioplex 1.0.
Arcal Ranem
Arcal Ranem 5 anos atrás
We need Nintendo to see this.
Jonah Steinfeld
Jonah Steinfeld 5 anos atrás
It's not even that unlikely that Reggie has or will see the video.
Carl Joosep Raave
Carl Joosep Raave 5 anos atrás
Jonah Steinfeld reggie made a video with matpat i think he will see this
Lax 5 anos atrás
Jonah Steinfeld yes it is, Reggie runs a company. He's worked with GT in the past, but that doesn't mean he has time to watch all their content
lunaJAY gaming
lunaJAY gaming 5 anos atrás
Arcal ikr? I liked just for the effort.
Maria C. Norton
Maria C. Norton 5 anos atrás
we do need nintendo to see this
Tobicito 3 anos atrás
He needs to do this again with Mario maker 2 since there’s new stuff
James Johnson
James Johnson 2 anos atrás
This is the type of stuff that keeps me up at night. And hey, how much larger is this number in Super Mario Maker 2?
Isaac Beeby
Isaac Beeby Anos atrás
Anyone else think that MatPat should do a 2nd version of this video for the sequel with all its new features and additions?
Hawra Marhoon
Hawra Marhoon 2 anos atrás
MatPat should be so famous right now, but he didn't get all the attention he deserved for all his hard work that took so long
ethan caners
ethan caners 3 meses atrás
The piano tuners in chicago had to be my favorite theoretical question of all my physics courses 😂
miles rothman
miles rothman 4 anos atrás
I like how he causally tells you how many atoms in the known universe there is
Liam Spain
Liam Spain 3 anos atrás
It's an estimate based on how many atoms are in the sun, which is also an estimate, and how many stars there are in the universe which is also an estimate, based on the size of the universe, which is... also an estimate.
TinfoilMoon 3 anos atrás
@Liam Spain everything is an estimate pretty much then XD
Andrea R.
Andrea R. 3 anos atrás
Liam Spain and is all about the the estimate of the visibile universe... still it goes on tho
Katelyn Pfister
Katelyn Pfister 3 anos atrás
What the What the 911
What the What the 911 2 anos atrás
The main problem with this video is that there is an entity limit which prevents the total amount of levels sure that is quite a lot but it is significantly lowered due to it
Joel Rosales
Joel Rosales 3 anos atrás
Amazing video, as always, although I have one question. Avogadro's number can be used to calculate how many atoms are in a certain substance. Even we as humans individually contain numbers of only one type of atom among others that even go as far as something times 10^23 and 24! And that's just one element! That number can easily be applied to at least 15 other elements in a single human body. So perhaps we could store them all! Yay for us and for Game Theory, both science and us teams of theorists including the man himself MatPat are awesome. 😎
Moses Gurule
Moses Gurule Anos atrás
Why doesn't this have a sequel by now? Oh. I know why. He values his sanity
TreeForest 2 anos atrás
Still one of my favorite videos he made
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Anos atrás
I love how Mat's freaking out about the amount of stuff in this game, when I'm sitting here knowing Geometry Dash would be ATLEAST 1 centillion TIMES the options.
James Whitla
James Whitla 5 anos atrás
New Theory Idea (Maybe?): How much health do us humans have? (You can use any game's health, to make it easier or harder, whichever one you like best)
LeviosaElm 5 anos atrás
LeviosaElm 5 anos atrás
Steven Rockwell
Steven Rockwell 5 anos atrás
Fantastic Idea
Original Name
Original Name 5 anos atrás
4rticwolf 5 anos atrás
Excellent suggestion
Westley Blakeslee
Westley Blakeslee 3 anos atrás
Some things you might have missed... Sometimes you can stack multiple things on top of each other. Also, there's an entity limit. Also, you can have different things pop on top of ground blocks. Also - you know what you get the point.
Commentee E
Commentee E 3 anos atrás
Btw I’d like how much Matt has grown, from a very tiny, less paid channel, then to this, it’s just crazy! Nice job Matt! I hope you see this, same with all of your crew, I love these videos, scaring children and making cringe-filled videos... wait, it’s not supposed to scare children? Oh.... but still, I love this channel and everything in it
Shadow of Sparta 06
Shadow of Sparta 06 2 anos atrás
Super Mario maker is an endless game this is why I like it
Originalitize 3 anos atrás
Welcome to Super Mario Maker the game where you can create infinite amounts of levels.
Jack Animates 1538
Jack Animates 1538 Anos atrás
I think it would be pretty funny if he added all the Mario maker two options
SergeantSnivy 5 anos atrás
You forgot that the autoscroll speed can be different in the subworld than it is in the main world.
Luke Kane
Luke Kane 3 anos atrás
You forgot to factor in the size of some characters, the total with that would have been 2 or 3 times as much
prarthana vig
prarthana vig 2 anos atrás
we have to agree that no mater what matpat always finds a way to add math to anything
gallade gamer
gallade gamer 2 anos atrás
If you want to make a number for the amount of super Mario maker 2 levels, it could be called a super marioplex
Mudkip 3 anos atrás
Imagine doing this with Super Worlds in Super Mario Maker 2
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
Sometimes I wonder what Matt's target audience is. He's explaining *multiplication,* something 9 year olds should have mastered.
ZeeIVee 5 anos atrás
A number bigger than diamond armor. Finally.
Dexobite 3 anos atrás
Matpat: what to put into that first grid Also Matpat: puts one of the only items that’s more than one space big
NephilisThy1 3 anos atrás
You know, there actually a bit more to account for. Like how tall or short the very end and very beginning is.
BackHDLP Anos atrás
I'm not even gonna think about how many more possibilities SMM2 has.
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 2 anos atrás
So the moral of the story: If you want to buy the universe, it costs only $60.
Nathan Candelaria
Nathan Candelaria 2 anos atrás
dude, i can't even imagine how many possibilities are there for a minecraft world to be made by a player xD
Wafflez are pog
Wafflez are pog 2 anos atrás
Well if the world is infinite then there’s infinite possibilities
Han Ulu
Han Ulu Anos atrás
@Wafflez are pog but it is not Infinite because they are borders
Wafflez are pog
Wafflez are pog Anos atrás
@Han Ulu how do you get to the farlands then if there are borders. What I’m saying is that you can still go further than the borders
Han Ulu
Han Ulu Anos atrás
@Wafflez are pog but the game crash at certain point but yeah it is technically Infinite.
Kingbull aka Dr.unofficial
@Han Ulu well actually in bedrock Edition there is no border but there is A certain point where the games generation starts to be weird and there’s a certain point where you can’t teleport any more. But he’s talking about the amount of worlds so like for example if I generate one world that counts if I generate another that’s two worlds possible so there is infinite worlds because it’s randomly generated sometimes it might be the same exact world but there’s infinite to be generated
Mavis Dracula
Mavis Dracula 4 anos atrás
Ok, now I'm super hyped for Mario maker 2 numbers to come out
Sebby Bouchard
Sebby Bouchard 4 anos atrás
Yes please do this mat
Rustybones08 4 anos atrás
Boi probably 5 times more
Skim Milk
Skim Milk 4 anos atrás
YumYumDuckDuck 4 anos atrás
Josh mcneely
Josh mcneely 4 anos atrás
Damn it i forgot the one with 2 blocks got to start all over again
Zipfy 2 anos atrás
It’d be AWESOME to see a Zelda Maker
Dylan McLoughlin
Dylan McLoughlin 3 anos atrás
Few problems, you can raise and lower the start and the end. There is a limit to certain things (e.g. you can only place 3 bowser + bowser jr.) Some things take up more blocks, thus lowering the amount of available blocks left Remember these for Mario maker 2
midnightgir6 Anos atrás
I love how Matpat turned himself into a female math teacher.
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