Galaxy S10 Durability Test - Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scratched?!

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is ready to be tested! See what your phone looks like with dbrands new skin Black Swarm: Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. Samsung just released the new Galaxy S10, the S10 + and the S10e. Samsung has always been a leader in premium flagships. Ive never had a Galaxy phone fail my durability test yet. Its time to see how the S10 holds up to a bend, scratch, and burn test. We'll be paying special attention to the in screen fingerprint scanner. Using ultrasonic fingerprint capturing technology... will it still work through scratched glass?
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Galaxy S10 Teardown video HERE:
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Comentários 80
Sid Thakre
Sid Thakre 11 horas atrás
I have that phone
Tirmy YT
Tirmy YT 2 dias atrás
Gratis=Free in Romanian
Rifat nur game
Rifat nur game 2 dias atrás
Adrian Gallacher
Adrian Gallacher 3 dias atrás
Wait, people want to socially isolate themselves??
A A B B 6 dias atrás
Where do you review these phone reviews or give followers
몰라나도 7 dias atrás
Whats the purpose of scratching all the phone??? Fact its useless.. bcoz people will never scratch or damage their phone.. there is no perfect gadget.. make your own cellphone company with anti scratch cp..
HECTOR 8 dias atrás
I just bought note 9 and now note 10.
Skye Vega
Skye Vega 8 dias atrás
"What we do next happens without protection" Phones: *gulp* Zack's girlfriend: *smiles*
Hamaza Opiuyt
Hamaza Opiuyt 8 dias atrás
N 12 dias atrás
Stop Phone eater
BmnGameBoy 15 dias atrás
My galaxy s10 came in russian and am proud of it
Nitin Damami
Nitin Damami 15 dias atrás
Samsung Galaxy is tha best mobile in the world
John Pant
John Pant 16 dias atrás
jerry i bought an s10. Do i have to remove the plastic screen protector?
grayheet 18 dias atrás
Anyone got caught within the first 45 seconds when he scratched the screen protector. I went like ohhhh s@£t then realized that it was the protector
VF28WWE 18 dias atrás
Vladimír Petija
Vladimír Petija 18 dias atrás
Thisman knows a thing about life :)
Gerald Roque
Gerald Roque 19 dias atrás
You know, if samsung would make the software update to 4-5 years, I would buy it.
Ryyguy Clips
Ryyguy Clips 19 dias atrás
He keeps trying to troll us with the screen protectors
777 21 dia atrás
Ludvig Tavelin
Ludvig Tavelin 22 dias atrás
I dont like you😐
Inayat Husain
Inayat Husain 22 dias atrás
Samsung be like mai madharchod hu jisme aaya
Onur öztop
Onur öztop 23 dias atrás
Huawei p smart 2019 Test Do it
Stefane Patenaude
Stefane Patenaude 25 dias atrás
2:20 "I'll pull of the swarm cause what happens next, happens without protection"
byun baekhyun
byun baekhyun 25 dias atrás
Im hurt
TeamGaming Go
TeamGaming Go 26 dias atrás
Would love to safe this phone's : D
ALdaaa404 27 dias atrás
Are you buy that phone from Indonesia or Germany?
MUGILAN Sivan 27 dias atrás
Do Samsung galaxy a 71
Z Dude
Z Dude 28 dias atrás
2:22 What we do next happens without protection Every "the office" fans ever: THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Nikolas Gamer
Nikolas Gamer 29 dias atrás
I am watching this exactly 1 year later
mynameistutti 29 dias atrás
He somehow always gets me with that screen protector....
Bloger 29 dias atrás
00:00 GRATIS ? where did he get that phone?
Techne Spechie
Techne Spechie 29 dias atrás
Watching on my s10plus
Samuel Mario
Samuel Mario 29 dias atrás
This made Indonesia...
John Smith
John Smith 29 dias atrás
This is kind of funny to watch.
Randy Santana
Randy Santana Mês atrás
Is the white strips on all sides of the phone just cosmetic or do they serve a purpose?
Windows Circle
Windows Circle Mês atrás
Me to my s10 Don’t worry he can’t hurt you Because I have a safe to put u in Also... When jerryrigeverthing entres a tech shop All the tech: NO PLEASE NOO all the sapphire tech sitting in the back 😂
Olerius Haynes123
Olerius Haynes123 Mês atrás
Fact: s10 is gone reach eol(end of life) in a month
YusukeKira stan
YusukeKira stan Mês atrás
That razor scratching the screen scared the hell outta me. Was so disappointed in Samsung for a sec there
First Name Last Name
God those scratches hurt.
Pierre Elmdam Mortensen
U buy phone after phone we are just sitting here and see ur vid whit 1 phone
Raydon Ryzeon aka Tobias
MY HEART MY MIND MY EARS MY ALL IS BLEEDING I'm going to cry softly for now
Ashik Ahamed
Ashik Ahamed Mês atrás
cringe maxxxxxx
Deltabravo1 YouTube
Are you going to do a s20+ Ultra 5g
Jaiden Cernuda
Jaiden Cernuda Mês atrás
It's ok s10 this man cant hurt u he won't touch u
Adriann Miller
Adriann Miller Mês atrás
Are you the fitness gram pacer test guy?
Lalnghatlien Zate
Lalnghatlien Zate Mês atrás
Review the galaxy a50s
Aakash Vj
Aakash Vj Mês atrás
Jerry waiting for ur samsung s20+ Durability Test
Z. Link
Z. Link Mês atrás
Thats broke my hart
Connie Mês atrás
Me tryna use my fingerprint when I washed my hand with .001% water on it: My phone: Bitch who?
Thomas Truther
Thomas Truther Mês atrás
They will never make another phone like the s6 active. It was too good. I have literally cooked it on an electric stove on high and it still survived for another year. If It wasnt for the charging port I would probably have never replaced it. And back then it came with 16mp camera. Was way ahead of its time.
Volg me op insta Atilla_399
1:33 oof
Aufarizqi Haidar
Aufarizqi Haidar Mês atrás
it's goods from Indo?
Arup Kumar Dolai
Arup Kumar Dolai Mês atrás
Sir I want to buy your usable knife
Xaniss Mês atrás
Am I the only S10 user that started reassuring my innanimate phone?
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Mês atrás
That scratching sound gave me the chills. I hate that sound
Posiedon22 Mês atrás
6:30 - he said that Face ID is less secure than fingerprint scanning. Not true. It’s a royally about 10 time MORE secure.
DNA RNA Mês atrás
Ultrasonic scanner is very different to optical please retract your statement
Sterling M
Sterling M Mês atrás
More secure than ultrasonic fingerprint scanning? I'd like to see the data to back that up.
cele ritas
cele ritas Mês atrás
Omg I have the s10 plus and didnt know you could unlock it using fingerprint even while the screen is off
Jasper Hopes
Jasper Hopes Mês atrás
Mine cracked when it fell off my desk
lєє αмαи
lєє αмαи Mês atrás
You allwaz broke the phone i saw your vedios..can you give me this phone working condition??
Ra Ka
Ra Ka Mês atrás
Best phone
Zack DePriest
Zack DePriest Mês atrás
1:36 Your a wizard, Harry!
Rikswordfyr Mês atrás
Kirk Lazarus
Kirk Lazarus Mês atrás
Liver cells are also hexagonal.
Akihiro Mês atrás
When samsung is gonna release a phone that is Zackproof?
Sweet Cheese
Sweet Cheese Mês atrás
bro can you stop hurting that beautiful phone
Asking Fire
Asking Fire Mês atrás
Watched this to see if the line around my screen was a protector or it was like the folds top layer
grant peterson
grant peterson Mês atrás
Watching this on my newly purchased S10..... it looks like I made a good decision. Just wish there was a screen protector that worked on it. Tried the MagGlass tempered glass and an Armorsuit. The glass protector somehow cracked while in my holster and the Armorsuit peeled the next day
hidazip Mês atrás
I never had scratches on a phone before, but I have scratches all over my S10+. Phones are getting more fragile.
Celix seleton
Celix seleton Mês atrás
These videos are torture for me. The metal scratching makes my teeth chatter
Think I'll keep my note 9 until the s15 can drive my jeep. Lol
DHD775 Mês atrás
Anyone else get chills when he scratches aluminum?
Mega Movie
Mega Movie Mês atrás
That phone came from Indonesia
Mont Phelps
Mont Phelps Mês atrás
“I’ll pull off the swarm, cause what we do next happens without protection”. That is what she said.
Sillimant Mês atrás
A headphone jack?! Hell yeah brother
Adam T
Adam T Mês atrás
so....? does the headphones come with a 3.5 mm or an USB-c connector?
Adam T
Adam T Mês atrás
@Ioan Mihai good news! I would the headphone is essential for my life
Ioan Mihai
Ioan Mihai Mês atrás
They come with a 3.5mm jack since the phone has one
Craze Blaze
Craze Blaze Mês atrás
Looks exactly like my a10e
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Mês atrás
I think this goes to show that Samsung made a really solid phone that year.
kelvin otaku
kelvin otaku Mês atrás
Porqueeee nao destrua essa maravilha da samsung eu aqui com um samsung galaxy s4 e voce destruindo um s10 porquee
Stefan Mês atrás
I've watched so many of these videos but never realised it actualy kinda hurts to see him rig up the phone I own myself😂😂 Also wtf i have deep fucking scratches and u dont see me going over it with those sharp ass things lol you should do a jeans test on phones too
Nazifa Dzananovic
Nazifa Dzananovic Mês atrás
Your number 4 is the same like number 5 (written) hahahahahah
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