Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

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Today, we’re taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note10.
[Next-level S Pen]
S Pen turns handwriting into text, lets you share your thoughts instantly and with bluetooth becomes your remote control.
[Next-level Camera]
Our pro-grade camera takes photography to a new level with video bokeh, Super steady technology and video editing for shooting, editing and sharing.
[Next-level Performance]
Note10 also comes with laptop storage as well as a 7nm processor and HyperFast 5G chip that lets you stream and download at incredible speed. All powered by an all-day battery.
[Next-level Productivity]
With Samsung DeX you can put your mobile world on PC and Mac while Link to Windows syncs all your files to desktop. On top of that, Knox delivers next-level security, Bixby simplifies tasks with Quick Commands and a new Android makes your on-screen experience truly intuitive.
[Next-level Display]
What's more, our Cinematic Infinity Display reduces harmful blue light without distorting color.
Introducing next-level power.
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Comentários 80
fathimath fadiya
fathimath fadiya 6 horas atrás
Could this get any better ?? I wish to have one of these ❤❤
Dante The Rebillion
Dante The Rebillion 7 horas atrás
I tried bixy for MOVIE MODE & it didnt do anything .
Ashish Chaudhary
Ashish Chaudhary 14 horas atrás
When do note 20 will be released?
Dafuq Shiiit
Dafuq Shiiit 23 horas atrás
Watching this on my Note10 Plus and I'm smiling. :) Samsung, thank you for this gorgeous smartphone.
priyasantosmart Dia atrás
This is the most futuristic phone with a pen.
wa chin yu
wa chin yu Dia atrás
I know its 2020 but I still wrather get this
Thien Kim
Thien Kim 2 dias atrás
Đẹp khỏi tả . Tui thích lắm lắm lun❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
XpStand Productions
XpStand Productions 2 dias atrás
I prefer the note 9, i rather have bezels than a giant notch
iiIDUOA7Bii 2 dias atrás
Introducing the first Samsung note phone WITHOUT i repeat WITHOUT a Headphone Jack lets take a moment of silent to the headphone jacks that didn't show up on smartphones..
Andaru Fahri
Andaru Fahri 2 dias atrás
Samsung bikin handpone compek dong kaya s10e tapi harga murah
NERVEPLAYZGT 3 dias atrás
I like note 10 than s20
christian muniz
christian muniz 3 dias atrás
The thing I love about samsung is that they have comments on
Lahoucine Ait Elarbi
Lahoucine Ait Elarbi 3 dias atrás
I want one 🥺🥺🥺
Neha 5 dias atrás
Cool and awesome 🌟 🌟
Evin Jurgo
Evin Jurgo 5 dias atrás
The unlimited crafts/hacks,crafts,pranks and more
2:23 " you can plug into ur PC or Mac " Me : wait...? Dont they hate apple
DC Curiosidades
DC Curiosidades 6 dias atrás
Regalenme un Samsung que quiero desde hace tiempo🙏😭😭
Mst Ayesha Khan
Mst Ayesha Khan 7 dias atrás
Global price?
Mr Helicopter
Mr Helicopter 7 dias atrás
lil yoongles
lil yoongles 7 dias atrás
It's sooo cool I WANT THIS SMARTPHONE but there are no headphone jack ?
Newrotecnologia 7 dias atrás
Os regalo una idea: Cuando conectamos el teléfono a la TV, tenemos una excelente interfaz: Dex. Sería genial poder movernos a través de esta interfaz utilizando el lápiz del Note a modo puntero como se hace con la consola wii o las VR de oculus en las cuales ustedes han colaborado. ¿Sería posible implementar esta función en los lápices de los próximos Samsung Note?
kurd stan
kurd stan 9 dias atrás
NOTE 10+❤❤❤❤❤❤🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
punitha karthik
punitha karthik 9 dias atrás
Note10 and 10+ is powerful spen
Radoslav Rusev
Radoslav Rusev 9 dias atrás
Samsung galaxy a 3 2016
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall 10 dias atrás
 is soooooooooooooooo mush better
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall 10 dias atrás
Worst phone ever
Movie Clips And Trailers
iPhone is not mobile
Mr Hadron
Mr Hadron 10 dias atrás
rahima khanoom
rahima khanoom 10 dias atrás
Can I talk with this thing?
Cayhan AYDIN
Cayhan AYDIN 11 dias atrás
Kulaklık koleksiyonum var geri zekalılar . 3.5 mm giriş yok
Cayhan AYDIN
Cayhan AYDIN 11 dias atrás
3.5mm kulaklık girişi yok. İdiots
Oopsitsdeleted • 92 Years and
I can barely afford the A01
Meet Jain
Meet Jain 11 dias atrás
مهدي الحسناوي
ما اسم الاغنيه
Roynaldo Janwar
Roynaldo Janwar 12 dias atrás
watching on my 3 years old Note8 :(
Lakitu Tha Boss
Lakitu Tha Boss 12 dias atrás
got 4 months free youtube premium with my 10+ now i'm hooked on youtube without ads
Paulo Mendoza
Paulo Mendoza 13 dias atrás
Im currently on note 9 should I upgrade to note 10 or wait for the note20?
swopnalogam to be
swopnalogam to be 13 dias atrás
I hope to start a channel by the reviews of Samsung products only in a various please send me one for it.
randomgennericBlogger 1234
During the keynote they just used the spen brilliant while apple had to wait for someone to hand them the remote bruh
randomgennericBlogger 1234
They missed out on "propriety knoxt level security"
منوعات يوسف
منوعات يوسف 13 dias atrás
I want that😥
Baker 13 dias atrás
Watching this on my new note 10 lite 😶
Sudhakar T
Sudhakar T 15 dias atrás
I showed this to my father that he would buy me one.... But now... I'm a proud owner of Nokia 3310😎😎😎
hui she
hui she 15 dias atrás
note 10 好用
446663ffgfff666 15 dias atrás
На моем телефоне динамик сломался через три недели 😕
坡壞players 15 dias atrás
I am note 10
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa 15 dias atrás
I'm watching this video from my samsung note 10 plus 😄, who's elso do the same
the apple is dead
Ali Hey
Ali Hey 15 dias atrás
Very nice phone best note of Samsung. I love it but if I can't buy this phone so this phone In my opinion there is no exist.
Jadon Brooxie
Jadon Brooxie 16 dias atrás
ima be honest, I feel bad for the people that dont have this phone :P Dad: *gets belt* Nana: *gets belt* Me: Having this phone was good while it lasted..... Family: starts whipping my phone
AdrenoNerd YT
AdrenoNerd YT 17 dias atrás
and the display is only 60hz
AdrenoNerd YT
AdrenoNerd YT 17 dias atrás
they don't tell you about exenos infurioty and software support! buy a oneplus 7t pro instead of this
Amy Elliott
Amy Elliott 17 dias atrás
I really want to get me one can the small note 10 do what the note 10+ can do?
OG Petro
OG Petro 17 dias atrás
Raksa No Need
Raksa No Need 18 dias atrás
Even Huawei Watch this
Un Desconocido
Un Desconocido 20 dias atrás
Note 7
tech world
tech world 21 dia atrás
Note 9: Fortnite S10: PUBG Note 10: Call of duty S20: free fire Note 20: Apex legend S30: GTA 😂
McCheesy -
McCheesy - 3 dias atrás
S40: Minecraft
TOHTEEN 13 10 dias atrás
Free fire is trash even a piece of wood can run that game
Cypguyasmr. mp5
Cypguyasmr. mp5 19 dias atrás
Free fire is available on every device
Epický Hráč
Epický Hráč 19 dias atrás
Carl 21 dia atrás
Watching this with my note 10 lol
OG Petro
OG Petro 17 dias atrás
Weird flex but ok
CoasterManiac 2004
CoasterManiac 2004 21 dia atrás
*⚠️Alerte placement de produit ⚠️*
Sanjoe Timothy Tan
Sanjoe Timothy Tan 21 dia atrás
ms' tv
ms' tv 22 dias atrás
Isn't 0:36 not s10 but not note 10?
PARADOX 818 18 dias atrás
The Night Owl
The Night Owl 22 dias atrás
Im watching this on s20+
The Night Owl
The Night Owl 18 dias atrás
@PARADOX 818 aye s20 bros
PARADOX 818 18 dias atrás
Watching on my s20 ultra🤑
Nathan Asper
Nathan Asper 23 dias atrás
That's my dream and my favorite samsung phone
Khaledur Rahman
Khaledur Rahman 24 dias atrás
Why Samsung don't design a watch like apple watch as if I can use it with my note 10 plus 😁😁😁😁
PARADOX 818 18 dias atrás
IDK I guess so people don't say they copied Apple's design
HyperQ 25 dias atrás
Love It!
• B u n B u n s •
• B u n B u n s • 25 dias atrás
this is my favorite phone 🤑🤑🤑
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 25 dias atrás
Me: what did it cost you? My wallet: everything...
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
Me buys a s20ultra My wallet 💀
Matteo Cammarota
Matteo Cammarota 25 dias atrás
I want this samsung But i can't take it
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:58 💗 👇👇👇💘
jrx project D
jrx project D 26 dias atrás
Bad product
Bhajan Singh
Bhajan Singh 26 dias atrás
I still have galaxy note 3 and running very well
Whitney Davidson
Whitney Davidson 27 dias atrás
Apple the iPhone 11 pro is the best .samsung I'm about to end this mas career Apple fan BOO Samsung watch this APPLE meh Motorola off Samsung pulls out the s pen Apple oof Apple sees this OOOOF Samsung victory Royal apple rip
Canned Dinners
Canned Dinners 27 dias atrás
Get rid off the edge please it's pointless
박진우 29 dias atrás
Watching this on my new Galaxy Note10+ this March 2020 and I couldn't be prouder that I upgraded.
OneFlayk 29 dias atrás
Wow is like
Aeon Catalan
Aeon Catalan 29 dias atrás
Richard Joson
Richard Joson 29 dias atrás
Watching on my galaxy note 10+
Vintage Chain
Vintage Chain 29 dias atrás
Me here flexing on S7 lool
مستر عباس shei5 pubg mobile
اريد جالكسي اي هذا الجالكسي بسرعه الشركه بلاش
Matías V
Matías V Mês atrás
Feels like a Umbrella Corporation advertising
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