Galaxy Buds2 PRO vs AirPods PRO [Honest Comparison] 

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So the brand new galaxy buds 2 pro are generating a lot of excitement, but more than three years after the original launch, the Airpods Pro are still the best selling earbuds on the market, so how do these two earbuds stack up? In this video, I will test and compare these two with a sound quality analysis, microphone test, feature comparison, and ANC comparison.
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Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!
Basic differences
Price: $250 vs $230
Appearance: Vote! I personally prefer GB by a long shot
Three colors vs one color
Comfort - I prefer galaxy buds (lighter, smaller, more secure)
Controls (pinch vs touch and tap)
IPX4 AirPods vs IPX7 Galaxy Buds
Both have wireless charging
Battery = 4.5/24 AP Pro, 5.5/18 hrs in Galaxy Buds with ANC
Microphone test
Customizable controls
Open Spotify
Double tap edge for volume
Gaming mode on Galaxy Buds
Neck strain notifications
Both have find my features
Siri vs Bixby
Adaptive EQ on AirPods
Audio Sharing on AirPods, and galaxy smart switching - neither has true multi-pt
Fit test on BOTH
Spatial audio and 360 audio
BOTH work with mono mode
Sound Quality
Airpods lack bass
Both are detailed
They both work with any BT connections, but there is no AirPods app for Android and no galaxy app for apple
Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
This channel is monetized via BRvid ads as well as some affiliate links. If a purchase is made after clicking the link, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to the buyer. Thank you all for watching!

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@MikeOBrienMedia Anos atrás
So which side are you on? AirPods or Galaxy Buds? GALAXY BUDS2 PRO PRIC 👉 AIRPODS PRO PRICE 👉
@ahmed2920 Anos atrás
Galaxy buds2 pro💜
@IkeMann100 Anos atrás
Just got Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Already have Buds 2. They are awesome! Great sound even without good fitting.
@kreigerbailey3550 Anos atrás
Portland, JAMAICA in the Building!!!!!!!!!
@joeyortiz484 Anos atrás
Galaxy buds2 pro baby!!
@MegaDroogKloot Anos atrás
If you would wear the airpods pro the correct way in your ears instead of put them half way in your ears they have more then enough bass 😂
@Sonchuo Anos atrás
The Buds2 Pro fit so well in the ear compared to any other buds I've tried. They don't irritate my ear nearly as much as their predecessor and are incredibly light. Just that alone makes me love these buds.
@MFizzle777 Anos atrás
I 💯 % agree with you on that.
@lvpelt Anos atrás
In terms of fit, the buds and the buds+ were ok, so were the buds2. The buds pro were just plain AWFUL.
@AllDayErrDay. Anos atrás
The fit is fantastic. I got some comply foam tips and it made the already fantastic fit even better.
@veloester1096 Anos atrás
@@lvpelt I LOVED the buds and the buds+, they really fit super well in my ears, broke the first one and recently lost the second one after a year of use... I guess I'll upgrade for the buds2pro, sacred of the missing wingtip... (for working out)
@donovan7345 Anos atrás
I'm shocked at how well the Buds2Pro stay in my ears. First pair of buds that don't fall out of my ears since the original ones with the wing tips except those weren't that comfortable. I've been going on a run with them 3 or 4 times a week and the sit flush in my ears. Great job Samsung 👏
@elvisb7246 Anos atrás
Do you know where I can buy a pair?
@Goku11723 Anos atrás
@@elvisb7246 Amazon?
@elvisb7246 Anos atrás
@@Goku11723 besides amazon
@ilzj Anos atrás
@@elvisb7246 Samsung web duh
@elvisb7246 Anos atrás
@@ilzj in store 💀
@MFizzle777 Anos atrás
Samsung has done such a brilliant job with these Buds2 Pro, fit and feel in ear was like a relief in comparison. Sounds amazing, ANC brilliant and love all it's features.
Which is better? Galaxy buds pro or galaxy buds 2 pro????
@suvendughosh2673 8 meses atrás
@@md.ashiqulislam2655 buds 2 pro
The Galaxy Buds2 Pro are hands down the best. My previous pros were just not it, but I dealt with it due to the fact I had already traded my buds live for them. But these new ones have not fallen out my ears, the sound is excellent, and no ear fatigue for st least 5 hours of studying time with ANC and 30%battery life left. Awesome video as always Mike!
@a-4paper776 Anos atrás
where did you traded buds live for buds pro2 samsung site?
@PursuerH94 Anos atrás
@@a-4paper776 he meant he traded his love for AirPods Pro
@strowix1 Anos atrás
@@a-4paper776 yes, he traded buds live for buds 2 pro in Samsungs site
@Atl118 Anos atrás
with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@yoursjuli Anos atrás
is the noise cancelling on the buds2 pro better than the buds pro?
@titandg88 Anos atrás
Wow that mic difference is substantial. I have had my AirPods Pro since they released. Definitely interested to see why the 2nd gen are like and based off that ill decide if i should still get the buds or not.
@suganipssuga3081 Anos atrás
Ima tell you right now. Airpods are dog shit. Dont buy them.
@titandg88 Anos atrás
@@suganipssuga3081 lmao they aren’t dog shit, clearly they don’t work for you but AirPods have a lot of advantages over galaxy buds. Especially if you don’t use them to listen to music much specifically
@suganipssuga3081 Anos atrás
@@titandg88 lmaoooo manz got me 😭😭 i got da samsung so da airpods be dookie asf. But in terms of connectivity nd quality. Airpods kinda suck because apple forces u ti use their products. Buds are winning imo
@arman-cl6be Anos atrás
@@titandg88 I don't want to suggest anything but I chose the momentum 3 instead of airpods for 250 bucks and I'm satisfied with the choice. They're really a solid choice for the price
@notdave5081 Anos atrás
@@suganipssuga3081 though Samsung is slowly also forcing you to use Samsung phones aswell
@121alejo Anos atrás
I love these buds. It's a bit of a bummer that they don't have multi point connection, but they do have quick connect or whatever it's called, so you don't have to put them in pairing mode, or disconnect them, when switching to another device. You just have to hit connect on the other device. I think it kinda makes up for the lack of multi point connection
@romeyrome3275 Anos atrás
Crazy thing for me is I have both the AirPods Pro and the Galaxy Buds+ and always thought overall I would push people towards the Buds+ because they were simply better overall of course apple AirPods Pro had some stuff that I would never put down and misinform people on but bang for buck the Buds+ gave the better value especially since those things stay on sell. Now that these new buds came out I might have to look in on them and decide if I’m going to make the jump and get some. (I’m in the apple ecosystem btw so don’t come with those comments please)
@privxete4089 Anos atrás
I think buds + fits still better then the buds 2 pro
@oo0024 Anos atrás
I hate both but I gotta be honest and say as far as music is concerned the AirPods Pro sound better galaxy buds have always been one of the worst on the market for listening to music
@TheHeadincharge Anos atrás
I would wait for the new airpod pros to release before making any decision.
@vlad6351 Anos atrás
@@oo0024 bruh you're lying
@shixuenchin1396 Anos atrás
@@oo0024 the worst? The galaxy buds is definitely one of the best tuned tws on the market, unless you are a bass head that only cares about bass boosted craps.
@geraldl1401 Anos atrás
Just got the Galaxy buds 2 pro in graphite! The sound and ANC is much improved. They fit amazing and are super comfortable especially for long wearing periods.
@oo0024 Anos atrás
I got them for free with my Z fold 4 and I sold them for 20 bucks
@rigorob4711 Anos atrás
@@oo0024 big L
@IIknigt0490 Anos atrás
I love Galaxy Buds2 pro, I can go on like a mile run and forget they're in my ear and they don't budge or move an itch, I had the Buds Pro before and those would chuck onto the concrete if i tried to do any running. I got the Buds2 Pro because I needed that fit and that's what the Buds2 Pro delivered along with supreme sound quality.
@PlazDreamweaver Anos atrás
Same. The Buds Pro were awful when it came to fit. They'd slide right out of my ears no matter what I'd do. Got the 2 Pro and they fit perfectly, even better than the Lives. And the sound quality is much clearer.
@brogonz1658 Anos atrás
Thank you. I used the airpod pros because my galaxy bud pros would do the same thing. I miss em tho because all of the features to accommodate my S21 ultra
@amerhakimi1426 Anos atrás
how substantial is the sound difference between the two?
@IIknigt0490 Anos atrás
@@amerhakimi1426 galaxy buds pro already had insanely good sound quality, not really anything to improve from that so they just added 24 bit audio
@Atl118 Anos atrás
@@IIknigt0490 with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@FlorinArjocu Anos atrás
Listening this on the Buds 2 Pro and I love the ergonomics (this is something they really needed to step up and Samsung did it) and the sound. The bass is really good, indeed.
@Atl118 Anos atrás
with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@former_dmcrt8614 8 meses atrás
Here we go AGAIN! This obsession with "the bass is great" BS. for a 13 minute long "review" you really need to spend more than 10 seconds on the sound quality of a product.
@christianbass10 Anos atrás
Got my Buds2Pro a week ago and the bass is not just some boom or bass or muffled stuff the sound of really well tuned. The bass is for some reason really WHOLE as if it was a food with complete ingredients. The entire sound quality is absolutely superb.
@former_dmcrt8614 8 meses atrás
"The entire sound quality is absolutely superb." What exactly does that mean? Does the midrange sparkle with acoustic instruments or vocals? Does the treble pop out while listening to Reggae or EDM? ....Something like that. Different people DO have different preferences for different genres.
@brendontaylor7545 7 meses atrás
​​@@former_dmcrt8614 And...? OP just said their opinions on the earbuds; they did not make claims about other people and what they should or should not think about the Buds2 Pro.
@elyt Anos atrás
We all know the Galaxy Buds2 Pro wins the overall design between the two. It's more, sort-of "ergonomic" to the ears. But that mic quality test straightly murdered the AirPods Pro. And I did not expect that. If these Buds2 Pro can have that kind of mic quality, then that means Samsung can achieve AirPods Pro's Transparency with just a software update. But they will likely reserve that for the Buds Pro 2. But I have to say. Samsung is killing it! Great video! 👏
@Fuq_you Anos atrás
I’ve been using AirPods for a while now, and I found that going into Settings/Music/EQ, and turning on the “increase bass” option, it substantially increased bass levels at the slight cost of sound volume. Hope this helps someone.
@cky7765 10 meses atrás
It does thanks
@blackened696 Anos atrás
I have both. The B2Ps are so damn good I just love em. APP are still great though I just don't like the stems. With the B2P I find double tapping behind my ear rather than the inner ear for volume is easier and I think its a trick many haven't figured out yet. Also that feature is off by default so enable it in settings. If I had to say one bad thing about the B2P it would be that I find it lets in a lot of wind noise in ambient mode even while walking and not that windy.
@Atl118 Anos atrás
with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@randyyeo2201 Anos atrás
@@Atl118 its u again isheep🤣
@@Atl118 I'm sorry but the B2P has those exact features too 😭
@mcdapson 9 meses atrás
​@@randyyeo2201 Indeed.
@fasilkp8791 4 meses atrás
Which phone are you using?
@fromann09 Anos atrás
I have the Buds 2 Pro, and am loving them! One feature that I found today is that they support Dolby Atmos as well as the highest level of streaming from my Tidal service. I was surprised how much I liked the sound for a show in Atmos (as well as music!)
@Atl118 Anos atrás
with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@fromann09 Anos atrás
@@Atl118 all that is fine, but still no support for lossless audio and still charges via lightning 🤦🤷
@Atl118 Anos atrás
@@fromann09 no speakers on case so easily can be lost and the netting on the buds pro 2 has been known to break easier. apple will always be better with audio as they own beats too
@fromann09 Anos atrás
@@Atl118 you do know that Apple supports its own lossless audio on ALL of its iPhones and iPads, but none of its headphones, including Beats and Airpods Max? They're not even in the realm of discussion of audio quality LOL
@Atl118 Anos atrás
@@fromann09 in the video comparison the microphone sounds clearer with the airpods pro WHICH WAS RELEASED 3 YEARS AGO. just stop. it’ll take samsung till galaxy buds pro 4 to be better then airpods pro 2
@kyialsydykova4316 Anos atrás
Just got my Galaxy buds 2 pro, and I love them. Decided to upgrade from my earbuds pro+ to these for my upcoming Bday and the sound is just astonishing. Loving the fit, the feel, the sound and the look! ❤️
@CamiDaDon Anos atrás
Do they stay in your ear?
@kyialsydykova4316 Anos atrás
@@CamiDaDon yes, they do
@former_dmcrt8614 8 meses atrás
"...the sound is astonishing." Do these companies pay you guys to write this stuff? What about something like this: the bass rumbles for reggae or EDM lovers. The midrange handles vocals and acoustic instruments amazingly. The highs or treble gives reggae or hip-hop lovers more than enough. Something like that goes a long way instead of these blasé ridiculous praises. Be specific.
@s3rz123 7 meses atrás
​@@former_dmcrt8614 dude most people are not audiophiles... They just feel that the audio is more alive with one than the other and say its better. Thats it no need to be a crybaby about it
@Azik688 Anos atrás
im really tempted for the buds pro 2 but the transparency mode on airpods pros are far superior and it got even better with the pro 2s
@dalast1woke Anos atrás
Buds pro doesn't trigger just Bixby. It triggers what ever ur default voice assistant is. So if ur default it Google assistant it will trigger Google
@arkesh110 Anos atrás
I can confirm, I was using an iPad to read an e-book and just out curiosity I tried to use Siri to put my Spotify playlist on and it worked. It also seamlessly paired back with my galaxy device once I turned the iPad off.
@GreatSirRELLius Anos atrás
Good! Who actually use Bixby? LoL
@GiovannaFlammia Anos atrás
@@GreatSirRELLius me because Bixby gets me.
@user-cf4xd6yv9i Anos atrás
@@GreatSirRELLius i do, bixby has a lot of features that most people dont know about.
@dalast1woke Anos atrás
@@GreatSirRELLius if you YT Assistant Versus u will find Bixby is like the number 2 assistant behind Google
@suziesparkle2260 Anos atrás
Just got my Galaxy Buds2 Pro free (I mean what?!?!) with my new Flip 4. First time having proper expensive buds. I am AMAZED. WOW.....they fit so well. Really comfortable and I am wearing them all day as I work on my laptop and take calls. The sound quality is incredible and the easy of use is a joy. Im in love! I am going to try them at night to see if they're comfortable enough as I love to go to sleep listening to manifesting/affirmation or some asmr etc. youtube videos. Hoping theyre super comfy.
@AlterraCorp Anos atrás
Even as an iPhone user I constantly use galaxy buds. I had buds pro and bought some AirPods Pro and immediately noticed the drop in sound quality, and returned them the same day. Waiting on my buds2 pro!
@abdullahalsaif8308 7 meses atrás
how are they? i'm contemplating if i should buy the airpod pros 2 or the galaxy buds 2 pro
@armandogomez2677 6 meses atrás
@@abdullahalsaif8308I have no idea what this person is talking about I’ve had AirPods,AirPods Pro gen 1 and AirPods gen2 sound has been awesome on all three generations ANC is mind blowning and so is spatial audio. I was watching ozarks on the treadmill first time I tried spatial audio I took the earbuds out because I thought the sound was coming from the iPad and nope it was the ear pods spatial audio is just that good.
@DannChewie 8 meses atrás
Well done Samsung. Just need to make them work with other phone brands for their full features to make it a truly great pair of buds
@HMZ991 Anos atrás
The issue with both is that you need the same brand across your setup to get the full features and sound quality (for Samsung). I hope Samsung will change its strategy in the future as this limit the consumers' choice.
@rayveneavk Anos atrás
Same with apple not just android
@AeonsOfBlight 11 meses atrás
...but Apple exists
@sathiraguruge9269 8 meses atrás
If Apple does it , why Samsung cant. Say that to apple
@wynkoop2000 Anos atrás
I know the AirPods have become a “standard” for comparison, but sometimes I wish people would include (or at least mention) the Beats Fit Pro, which are basically the AirPods Pro in a form more similar to the Galaxy buds. I have both the AirPods Pro and Beats Fit Pro, and from a performance/functionality/ecosystem perspective, they are nearly identical (the Beats Fit Pro do have a little more bass). From a form factor perspective, I prefer the Beats Fit Pro, because they stay in my ears better. Plus, they can be purchased for $180!
@danielhill1677 11 meses atrás
I recently swapped to a Galaxy S22 Ultra. And so, I am still rocking my Air Pods 1 with it which work great. My question is, should I get the Air Pods Pro or the Galaxy Buds? I absolutely hate the look of the Galaxy Buds as well as the touch controls. But they will work better with my phone. But I also have a spare iPhone SE that I can use for all of the features on the Air Pods Pro that I would be missing out on with my main phone. Would I still miss out on features when using the Air pods on my Android even with an iPhone SE on the side? Anyone have any advice on which ones to get and why?
@seraghsalam6707 11 meses atrás
I switched from galaxy to iphone a year ago and i used to have all the galaxy ecosystem now i have the apple ecosystem from my point of view both galaxy buds and airpods pro sound really good but the galaxybuds have more EQ control which is a great thing so both are great but it really come down to which phone you’re using even so i used to use the galaxy buds with mu iphone and they where great with no problem but if I switched back to galaxy phones i would use galaxy buds over airpods
@Topside27 Anos atrás
My wife and I both got the Buds2 Pro. I got the black ones; she got the purple ones. We noticed that the smallest ear tips for each one are not the same. My smallest ear tips are a little larger than her smallest ear tips. We discovered this when she tried mine on. Is this by design? Or do I need to request new ear tips from Samsung?
@CF542 Anos atrás
Buds 2 Pro are amazing for the size. I sure wish Saamy would have updated their iOS app so we can actually use the settings on an iPhone!
@tishgoldberg3386 Anos atrás
As always great report. As far as I’m concern you are one the best at doing comparisons. Keep up the great job you do.
@HDHasTe Anos atrás
I have the airpods pro with my s22 ultra. Mainly got them for the microphone quality and end up overall loving them for quality and ease of use
@samncolbyshorts Anos atrás
So did you get the buds 2 pro or not?
@alexanderg1935 Anos atrás
Same, I'm a bit wary of using android TWS products as my experiences haven't been good - particularly for work calls.
@Atl118 Anos atrás
@@alexanderg1935 with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@Atl118 Anos atrás
with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@tytv6920 Anos atrás
I like how with the prices airpods have been out for a while and are still $20 more expensive than the Samsung buds even knowing the Samsung buds are newer. Just rly goes to show how much apple inflates their prices
@felixschultz2922 Anos atrás
Actually, you can get most features on Windows and Android through the Buds manager app, both avaliable on the Microsoft store and Google play, the only things you dont really get is 360 audio, bixby and gaming mode. The rest you do. This goes for Buds2 and Buds pro as well. So Samsung wins over compatibility.
@ilzj Anos atrás
U forgot the smartthings find , it only works on galaxy devices
@felixschultz2922 Anos atrás
@@ilzj ah yes, however you can always use the earbud function where it does a loud chirping sound and this was quite smart how they managed to do this, but yeah
@AP2780 Anos atrás
I have both the airpods pro and buds 2 pro, and I find the sound of the buds is better but the transparency mode is better on the airpods pro
@1993rufus Anos atrás
I can tell there is a similar glitch that yhe Buds Pro 1 had at first, im 99% sure a software update is going to fix that in a jiffy!
@matthewhibbs6098 Anos atrás
Galaxy Buds are so much better than Airpod Pros. I switched over from a note 9 to an iPhone 12 Pro Max about 2 years ago. I went ahead and got some airpods so they would work with the Apple ecosystem. After a while using them, they kept falling out. I also got tired of Siri bothering me with every notification while listening to music. I couldn't even wear them at work because they would fall out. I ended up breaking out my old Galaxy buds and man they were so much better, even in audio, compared to the airpods. I lost my galaxy buds, and decided to try out the Beats Pro wireless headphones. They have a wing to keep them in your ear, and man those things are brutal. I've been wearing them at work for months now and they still leave my ear hurting. Today i went and picked up the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. I love the iPhone, i just upgraded to the 14 Pro Max, but Apple just hasn't sold me on the airpods yet.
@ericliu1212 Anos atrás
Got my Buds 2 pro today, I'm a side sleeper, not many in ear headphones especially wireless ones can be comfortably listen to when sleep on the side. The buds 2 pro works perfect how I need it.
@michaeldejode473 11 meses atrás
Side sleeper too and I've fallen asleep when using the Buds 2 Pro. With others I can't even lay on my side because they would be annoying me.
@paulmarsdensr1095 Anos atrás
I own the Galaxy buds Pro and I have not had a problem with them. A great video. Both earbuds do a great job 👏.
@GiovannaFlammia Anos atrás
Thank you for this! I have the pro but I needed to convince myself to trade in my pro to get the pro 2. I am a Samsung eco girl. I had an iPhone and it didn't really get me as a customer. I like customization too much.
@SlipScope Anos atrás
i reckon the white galaxy buds with the black grille look really cool, and they look very sleek in the ear too
@franklinpembleton Anos atrás
Nothing beats the AirPods for me simply because you have to PUSH to pause the music or do whatever you want to do and not just brush past the headphone gently (accidentally) to make something happen. I’ve stayed with iPhone longer than I’ve wanted largely for AirPods and how well they work together
@YuhasLol Anos atrás
This is a very good point. I can't even tell you how many times I've triggered pauses on my Galaxy Buds. It's even worse when you take them out briefly or or put in your pocket. The controls don't disable when they're out your ear (even though the buds can detect when your wearing them out not) so there's been times where I took my buds out, did something (e.g. talk to a cashier) and when I put them back in my ear, the volume turned to max volume and my ear drums get destroyed. This has happened over a dozen times and is very annoying (and dangerous for your hearing)
@therealbigdaddy Anos atrás
What earbuds when EQ'd would you say has the hardest-hitting bass while still maintaining great sound quality? I currently have the Liberty 3 Pros, but would like something with more bass (closer to the Jabra 75t's, but with better sound quality). Prefer something with an app that has adjustable EQ, but doesn't have to have ANC. Thanks!
@strowix1 Anos atrás
maybe check Sonys xm4 or seinnheiser momentum
@horizon1029 Anos atrás
I have both. Can never keep my AirPods Pro on. They fall off no matter the tip for whatever reason. My Buds2 Pro can stay on forever. And they sound better to me, especially on Clear where it sounds balanced and warm
@a-4paper776 Anos atrás
ty for ur opinion
@ilzj Anos atrás
@@a-4paper776 i read it as onion
@kobekzn Anos atrás
@@ilzj thank you for your onion
@RobertNES816 Anos atrás
I'll wait till Christmas to buy the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. I've been really enjoying the Galaxy Buds Pro. I don't have the fitment issues some people have. I can wear them all day or until I run out of things to listen to.
@invalism1931 Anos atrás
very surprised by the galaxy buds mic testing, impressive stuff
@pga0110 Anos atrás
Just bought the buds pro. Based on crinacle’s. My daily driver is iphone. But i have a spare phone which is android. And i updated the system with it. The sound is superb. 3 days of use and decided to sell my beats studio buds which turns out to be a total garbage once you listen to a good tws.
@FlorinArjocu Anos atrás
Beats were never something very good, best decision!
@thewinner4319 Anos atrás
@@FlorinArjocu THE WINNER agrees 👍
Same here, got them off his review on the buds2 pro haha I’m using an iPhone, am I really missing out on key features?
@FlorinArjocu Anos atrás
@@MiguelMartinez-yj7yu If listening and calls are your main target, not really, sound is very, very good.
@ianconklinmusic Anos atrás
My brother has pro buds 1 and I have AirPod pros. The buds 1 are nice in the ear, but I don’t know how well it compares to pro buds 2. AirPods have much better ANC and transparency
@brucegarethgeorge Anos atrás
I'm still using my Buds Plus and still enjoying them. They never fall out no matter what activity I'm busy with
@br117p7 Anos atrás
Exactly the same I love them so much
@callmemarc Anos atrás
Buds 2 Pro are much better than the first Buds Pro as far as fit and staying put.
@JamesThomas-dn6ee Anos atrás
100 💯 better
@007.M-D 8 meses atrás
Great Job Mike Thx. Do you know if there is a sound quality (treatment) difference if the galaxy buds are used with a galaxy S10 plus Exynos?
@peterlatham1645 Anos atrás
Could hear you on both videos but the Galaxy Buds2 Pro was much clearer and deafened the traffic noise better
@FanniCSIe92 Anos atrás
The headphone MUST sustain itself on the rubber, that’s how the sound works Take this example, If you touch a speaker while is playing music, You’ll notice that the sound changes, because you’re not allowing it to move freely. So YES quality sound speakers or headphones, have to move free on their flexible membrane, in order to reach maximum sound quality.
Would you please explain more about this
@AndyMac508 Anos atrás
Just grabbed my buds 2 pro. S tier buds. Best I've had
@1993rufus Anos atrás
ANC and transparency modes are not something that can be judged just yet, the Airpods have had a couple years of updates to figure out kinks, Samsung hasn't even issued 1 update. I think those 2 things should be compared in a few months after a couple updates!
@ilzj Anos atrás
Do u think samsung would fix something or make a big difference ? Lol
@1993rufus Anos atrás
@@ilzj yeah they would, because the Buds Pro 1 had similar issues at first and now they are perfect in the transparency part, ANC was never the best but was still good, Buds Pro 2 are much better at ANC than the first ones.
@JasonLewis42 Anos atrás
Yeah I think he should have waited also because the new AirPods Pro will also be out in a few months.
@mattk458 11 meses atrás
you made it sound so easy so much better than reading the manual
@tylerabusbah8819 Anos atrás
First thing I did when I got my galaxy buds 2 pros was change google to my voice assistant from Bixby. It's just so much better tapping the bud and hearing the google assistant voice compared to bixby.
@Ari_G73 Anos atrás
Honestly. I'm using my buds2 pro much more over my WF-1000xm4 even. Its more comfortable and sounds nearly as good.
@TheBBallEnthusiast 9 meses atrás
Though I'm team Samsung for phones, I'm team Apple for earbuds. The "stem" makes it easier to grab from my ear and I'm less prone to dropping my earbuds which I have done several times with the Buds. Also, I've accidentally started playing my music on the buds when trying to take them off. Last, I think the airpods noise cancellation is elite when you have nothing playing. I can literally go to an indycar race and use my airpods instead of earplugs
@ShepherdOverland 11 meses atrás
I was in the fence about airpod 3 and ended up getting buds pro2 after watching many yt videos including yours, so thank you
@morm2173 Anos atrás
I have both the buds 2 and the beats fit pro and my new favorite are the anker soundcore sport x10 ! They are the only ones with the ear hooks that stay in my ears all the time
The galaxy buds pro 2 are pretty 😍 might get them
@jnturner506 Anos atrás
Understood Mike that Airpods Pro are the go-to comparator, but I would love you to do the same comp with Beats Fit Pro. I'm 100% Apple but will never buy the Pods Pro without that bass - can you add Beats Fit Pro when you add in Pods Pro 2 comparison please? And keep the great reviews coming 😊
@rhaibi12 Anos atrás
Buds Pro 2 sound WAY better than the Airpods pro in my opinion... Also probably the best fitting and most comfortable earpods I've ever worn.
@nedofranc8979 Anos atrás
Very practical review, thank you.
@pranjaldas6763 Anos atrás
The way you explain the earbuds is super good 👍
I bought Samsung buds2pro yesterday in $ 110 and I'm very much happy to get this amazing deal since I'm a android user there's nothing batter then this I can buy right now
@NeoGuyver2 Anos atrás
You forgot to mention that the Galaxy buds will allow you to choose between Bixby or Google Assistant versus just being stuck to one intelligent assistant.
@dennmmmy 4 meses atrás
Im just stunned how the buds pro 2 doesn't ever fall out of my ear...after 2 hrs i cant even feel them in my ear stunned
@forhad-61 Anos atrás
Nice and fair comparison. Good job, man 🌟👍
@l.d_. Anos atrás
I own a pair of Galaxy buds+ (released idk, way back), and have compared them side by side to the airpods pro. Here's what I found. The sound is wayy more 'lively' and 'full' on the galaxy buds+. The bass is significantly stronger as well and overall, a MUCH better listening experience for pretty much any song. The airpods are good for podcasts and acoustic music, but again, so are the buds+, and can be customized as well to your liking. Add to that the dolby atmos in Samsung phones, and you get even better/immersive audio. Just no competition in sound. The transparency mode / ambient sound mode is definitely better on the airpods pro. Galaxy buds+ sound kinda robotic and voices feel a little farther from you. The airpods certainly feel less so. You can have a conversation with both your airpods on, but with the buds, you CAN, but you feel like taking one bud off. Haven't really tested the microphone quality myself. Fit really depends on the person, but I find both fit me quite well and are comfortable. Buds are definitely more suitable for workouts. Battery life is just overkill on the buds+ (11 freaking hours). Spatial audio is really cool on the airpods, wish my buds had the same. As for design, the airpods look like shit in my honest opinion. And of course, you get a lot of customization with the Samsungs, whereas not even an eq setting on the airpods. End of the way, I would pick my buds+ over the airpods ANY DAY, mostly because they sound far better. So buds 2 pro vs airpods pro shouldn't even be comparable imo. But then again, to each their own. Apple users will definitely pick the airpods regardless, and Samsung users will most likely pick the Samsung buds, or some other brands.
@ml3677 Anos atrás
Samsung has an app for iOS users (for the buds+ and buds live).
@simply6162 Anos atrás
Disagree with you only on one thing and that’s look. You saying AirPods look ugly is like the most stupid shiet I’ve ever heard . You can say they sound bad and all but the look is deco their strongest point. The AirPods are the most beautiful earbuds ever on 👂 period I don’t know what kind of fashion sense do you have but it’s definitely bad bruh
@MegaJojje123 Anos atrás
i have the galaxy buds pro v1 and they are amazing so i would recommend them
Thank you for the comparison that we were waiting for🙏🙏🙏🙏
@Guat231 Anos atrás
Ngl i was pretty shocked by the mic comparison. Great job samsung!👏 Edit: should i upgrade my buds2 to buds2 pro?
@laurabartha606 8 dias atrás
Having iphone and iPad do you think it still makes sense to go for the Galaxy? I have one at the moment but the old version and wanted to get Aipods, but I might go for the Earbuds.
@Bhatakti_Hawas Anos atrás
I just got my Buds2 Pro today. Worth it 👌👌 It stays in ur ear even if I headbang
@johnnyrivera7665 10 meses atrás
Was the mic comparison the transparency mode? From both earbuds? Thats one important factor for me. But otherwise great video!
@anglosaxonbreed Anos atrás
I AGREE the Samsung buds 2 pro are the better than the APPLE AIRPODS .The sound quality is better high and low notes plus noise cancelling is better too.I would say Samsung buds 2 pro one of the best on the market today for that price range
@happytrails1963 Anos atrás
Really like buds pro so would be interested in the buds 2 pro and stay in android ecosystems.
@griffin2765 Anos atrás
I want the Buds 2 Pro, but I'm leary of buying them. My original Buds Pro gave me an ear infection. Both my ears discharged some sticky pus. This seems to be an issue with some earbud owners. I ended up buying Air pods to use with my Galaxy S21+ and haven't had any issues.
@kereszt1 9 meses atrás
You're right about the airpods working their way out, I hate when I'm eating I have to keep adjusting them.
One thing you overlooked if you use both earbuds on different phone's although map pair but battery 🔋⚡ tens to drain if your using like in apple 🍎 I paired my airpods with my Samsung in it only last 2 hour's you should do a review on that
Can't wait to see the video when the Airpods Pro 2 come out. The OGs are still good but it's not really fair comparing a 2022 product vs a 2019 one.
@sydh99 Anos atrás
They are still charging 250 dollars for them which is wild so Apple clearly still thinks their best ANC earbuds
@@sydh99 been seining them for 179 usd for a while now
@KhristianM. Anos atrás
@@guilhermeluppi2700 179 for new*
@@KhristianM. it's what I said
@Atl118 Anos atrás
@@sydh99 with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
@johnm7882 Anos atrás
It's a great and fair comparison.
Samsung spends so much on R&D, it's no wonder when they focus on something, it becomes awesome.
@Puyax01 9 meses atrás
I disabled the buds touch when running. No big deal. It's up to debate. I do prefer the audio and battery Buds pro
@AhmedGhaleb Anos atrás
Excellent review👏👏
@littlsuprstr Anos atrás
The mic comparison by the road pretty much said it all.
@mmersino7363 Anos atrás
I just ordered the buds 2 pro... turning in my old Samsung buds for a 75$ credit. worth it to keep buying Samsung for me
@38skippers Anos atrás
@debjyotibanik4985 Anos atrás
That’s exactly what happened in my case.Though I love my airpods they keep falling out of my left ear when I am talking or laughing
@thetreverpitts Anos atrás
My opinion is if they're the best selling on the market is because Apple users usually only use Apple products that's what they go for cuz everything works and works perfectly and most Android users if it's Samsung or whatever. We just pick up any old Bluetooth headphones
@Yaziceed Anos atrás
I tried the normal air pods and I could hear everything around me while listening to music and I hated it
@adequatequality Anos atrás
"Some people have both phones"...bro, I promise you those people aren't worried about deciding to buy the Galaxy Buds2 Pro or AirPods Pro 😂
@willdaiss2598 Anos atrás
I am one of those people.
@kartikkumar3225 Anos atrás
I got galaxy buds 2 pro for $129 in India during the sale.
My buds 2 pro came with a static noise when ANC is on, is VERY noticable on silent ambients
Review ✨👏🌻 on the outside test it sounded like AirPod Pro louder Galaxy Buds not as loud but perhaps a little clearer
@maddys3823 Anos atrás
If I am getting Buds pro 2 for half the price as Airpods pro 2..should I get buds pro 2? I am in Apple Eco system. How much sacrifice am I making for choosing buds pro 2?
@oeo1977 Anos atrás
Those things sticking out of the apple buds make them an instant deal breaker for anyone wanting to use them while wearing a motorcycle helmet.
@soulstalker088 Anos atrás
The app you use for galaxy buds and stuff you can download on Apple so yes that 24 vs 16 bit may be true but if you use galaxy buds with apple you can download the app and have all the features
@tomyerrazuriz2496 Anos atrás
Somebody help me please, I have a doubt, personally I own an iphone so it is quite dissapointing to not be able to customize the features, taps and so on with the samsung buds, but what if I connect them to one samsung device and then customize the taps as I want them to be and then I use them with the iphone? Do the features i previously arranged go back to the way they were before I changed them? Or do they mantain the features? 😅
@sydh99 Anos atrás
So the Galaxy has better sound, better ANC, a better overall design, comes with its own separate to control EQ and most likely going to go on sale more frequently. Sounds like a sweep
that applies for samsung users mostly, more features and easier usage. If you're an apple user then the airpods are a no brainer for the same reason.
@seanlinehan1136 Anos atrás
Be real, don't sugarcoat. Across the board, not just one person, reviewers agree airpods have better anc, design is person to person, and airpods are literally on sale perpetually now that anyone using their original msrp as a reference is intentionally being ignorant misleading or stupid
@JamesThomas-dn6ee Anos atrás
@@seanlinehan1136 all the reviews on the buds 2 pro says they sound better to me that's better then anc
@shaunbrady15 Anos atrás
@@seanlinehan1136 airpods just don't sound that good man. I mean, they are 3 years old, so that makes sense. They do have good ANC and transparency modes though. This review probably should have waited until the airpods pro 2 comes out. It's right around the corner
@Atl118 Anos atrás
@@shaunbrady15 with the new airpods pro 2 sound quality is better including 2 times better noise cancellation and adaptive transparency and 6 hour battery and personalized spatial audio and finger gestures and speakers on case with customization on case to tell apart and laniard holes and 4 sizes ear tips
5:52 Samsung killed it literally
@elvisb7246 Anos atrás
I really liked this video,your voice and the pase (idk if I spelled that right)in this video is making me feel like I can trust this guy
Just bought the buds 2 pro they are awesome
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