Galaxy A50 Teardown! - Did something crack inside?

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Samsung has arrived at the intersection of Price and Power with the A50. Today we are going to take apart the Galaxy A50, to see what is under the plastic and how it is put together. Its time to review the Samsung Galaxy A50 from inside. Do you like the super colorful smartphones? or would you rather have a more conservative 'normal' colored smartphone? The A50 Durability test is HERE:
Current pricing on the Galaxy A50 is HERE:
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Small Smartphone Tool Kit:
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Metal phone opening tool:
The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
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This is the drone I use:
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Comentários 80
Luke Millard
Luke Millard 3 horas atrás
While it makes sence to get a phone with a replacable battery it also seems like at this price point when you need a new battery in about 2 years you just buy a new phkne
Doctor Vaseline
Doctor Vaseline 15 horas atrás
Watching this on my A50.
Zackery Madsen
Zackery Madsen 16 horas atrás
A clear phone would be bad ass
Tech World
Tech World 23 horas atrás
Do a samsung galaxy a20e teardown
Suddenblood666 _
Suddenblood666 _ 21 hora atrás
Why? Its bareley outdated
Alex De Jesus
Alex De Jesus 2 dias atrás
Solid color
militaryiam97 3 dias atrás
Less than 300 brand new? I paid almost 400 for mine at best buy two months ago
bryan hamilton
bryan hamilton 4 dias atrás
Snap those parts like lil legos
Mohamed Haroon rafi
Mohamed Haroon rafi 5 dias atrás
Need Teardown Case For Galaxy A50
Roman Valdez
Roman Valdez 5 dias atrás
I hope the A50 gets a teardown skin!!
Jk 6 dias atrás
Could you do a test of the Samsung Galaxy a51?
Faizan Alvi
Faizan Alvi 8 dias atrás
for a clear a50 you can heat the paint layer until the adhesive gives way
El Cazador
El Cazador 9 dias atrás
My man so rich he buys the phone and then sees if he likes it
Reagan's adventures
Reagan's adventures 10 dias atrás
I have the a50
Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar 13 dias atrás
Hey! Can you do a teardown of Mi A3?? Please.
Asad Akhtar
Asad Akhtar 14 dias atrás
Make a video on the new Samsung galaxy A51. Thanks!
iiIDUOA7Bii 15 dias atrás
My dad uses a50, bought him a wireless charger. Thought it could wirelessly charge, used it once and it did'nt work.Just found out it can't
Ahmed Moallim Hashi Mohamed
Watching on my A50😂
NoobKeks_TV • Gaming & more
So i got this pone and i really really like it. Its really really powerful for its price and does all daily taksks & gaming very well. Only Question i wont be able to find a answer for is if it can get wet without damaging the tech inside it (IP rating). Some People here on youtube say its IP 68 but other pages / blogs says its only dust resistant and has no water resistance / proof. I dont know what to believe and im scared to let it get wet by rain or when i have it in my pockets but get splashed with water (not unusual at my job)
Sam 260
Sam 260 11 dias atrás
No, it doesn't
Oliver Shutt
Oliver Shutt 17 dias atrás
I have the A50!!!
Akhil Hari
Akhil Hari 18 dias atrás
How can i get the screenshot photo of the back panel
Sanjay Jonathan
Sanjay Jonathan 18 dias atrás
Tear down the A70
Krish Mhrzn
Krish Mhrzn 18 dias atrás
Hey jack can u giveaway that fone?
TeddyBear312 19 dias atrás
I would love it if manufacturers would offer clear versions of phones. Seeing the inside has something magical to it
Devon Schamp
Devon Schamp 20 dias atrás
I'm on the A50 and for the price it's worth it.
Damien 21 dia atrás
kinda wish they put the a70 and a80 out here in the west. but I understand they were worried it would possibly get into there flag ship sales
LixisIX 21 dia atrás
Samsung: releases cord free power share Me: cries in apple
Bim-AppleJuice 21 dia atrás
The a50 which is what I'm watching this on does have a type of ois it just isn't as substantial but it helps when you have shaky hands and the battery is ok I would highly recommend the a50 and there isn't many new phones with a removable battery
Edward Reyez
Edward Reyez 21 dia atrás
How about A71? I think its more popular ng A51, people are waiting for it..
Abdo Craft
Abdo Craft 23 dias atrás
When you fail in college drawing 20th century : you will be hitler 21th century : you will be Jerry
Hello There
Hello There 24 dias atrás
can u do a70 plss
Ripp3rr Jakk
Ripp3rr Jakk 25 dias atrás
The chameleon drawing is hilarious.
Tony Beals
Tony Beals 28 dias atrás
Was kind of bummed to not see a tear down and durability test of the A20
Lil Seagull
Lil Seagull 28 dias atrás
3:46 well I’m not ready to talk about that yet... that’s amazing🤣🤣
Marcus Zuniga
Marcus Zuniga 28 dias atrás
Why is the galaxy a50 in the philippines has a glass back??
Евгений Акулинин
andi fernando
andi fernando Mês atrás
Zac, can I have this phone pls...
Arash BKH
Arash BKH Mês atrás
Can u check out A71 and A51 from samsung Plz!?
Hydro2Potato Mês atrás
what color is the phone and is it on the a51?
Patricia Marie Debil
Give me that phone my phone is not super updated , I feel like Im being left out😕
Hongo Is Irrational
yo i can i get a free phone my iphone 5 got stolen
DJ Mês atrás
2:30 phone goes up Pulls it out from the bottom
Qinx PL
Qinx PL Mês atrás
WTF, first A series was mid-up range elo smartphones A6, A5 2015, A8 2018 etc.. was medium-high smartphones level... now series A are worst cheapest bdget level like was J series a few year ago... so much worse every year... A8 was waterproof, glass body, metal frame, camera from s6 with 1.7f/, USB C, good battery time.. today A sereis is low elo like J was......... and samsung giving shit on europe.... pfff good i did that hard step and starrted buy other smartphones, google pixel(poor battery), motorolla one(too long phisically), lg g8 thinq (almost perfect.. but notch in 2k20...) and xiaomi mi a3, mi 9 (xiaomi big minus for me no waterproof... and some not have nfc), note redmi pro etc... that was best decision in my life.. dont pay much like for apple or samsung for better components, compact phones ..
Callum Jenkins-Parton
Hope lizard 🦎 is okay
Adam Zugone
Adam Zugone Mês atrás
Jerry is the Bob Ross of phones. Just a nice calm voice, making some light-hearted jokes along the way while doing some pretty impressive stuff like it's nothing.
Think Mechanically
Think Mechanically Mês atrás
Is that a NFC coil ??
X-proCat Mês atrás
Single solid colored
LouganB R
LouganB R Mês atrás
2:30 - What
Eshika Essain
Eshika Essain Mês atrás
Why am I watching this in my A50? I'm feeling bad for my phone. He's showing me that how his relative was murdered. Sad. RIP A50's relative we will never forget you
Michelle B.
Michelle B. Mês atrás
Do the a10s
adam s
adam s Mês atrás
Beautiful phone imo
Wassili Mês atrás
I don't care I have a40
you look like jhonny bhaiya😂
idella emerich
idella emerich Mês atrás
I have this phone
Eyreaus Marx
Eyreaus Marx Mês atrás
Pulling the phone up from down stage after yeeting it upstage at @ 2:28 , beautiful!!
Eshika Essain
Eshika Essain Mês atrás
Eyreaus Marx
Eyreaus Marx Mês atrás
Hardly see my phone out of the case so covers are negligible. Polychrome is novel enough to win my favor. Clear would be close second. A nice dark black or navy would be innocuous enough that my phone wouldn't stand out too much.
Rok Zavrl
Rok Zavrl Mês atrás
so galaxy a50 is budget phone and not midrange
imj3200 0
imj3200 0 Mês atrás
you could've used isopropyl alcohol when taking out the battery
Hydro2Potato Mês atrás
noice ima try that
Ricky Mês atrás
It's like peeling a scab
Gaurav Negi
Gaurav Negi Mês atrás
Clear backs !!
idkmyname Mês atrás
did that just escape by itself 2:30 thats some paranormal stuff.
Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg Mês atrás
You are really a good artist. Nice cammelian
MD. Faraz Ahmad
MD. Faraz Ahmad Mês atrás
Well now it is selling at close to $ 186 in India.
Denis pro gamer 2
Denis pro gamer 2 Mês atrás
It is a very solid cheap phone
Youssef Amr
Youssef Amr Mês atrás
2:29 pushing the baby
James M
James M Mês atrás
The headphone jack issue is why I got the S10+ instead of the Note 10.
boocraftgaming Mês atrás
"The panel would be totally obliterated with deeper grooves"
nicky santoro
nicky santoro Mês atrás
My A50 didnt come with a sim card tool. I used a paperclip but like a dummy I accidentally pressed it into the mic hole on the top of the phone. Could this have caused damage?
Hydro2Potato Mês atrás
yes you could've pushed something in and broke it
Ansemik Hodný
Ansemik Hodný Mês atrás
okay cool. now smash it against the table, you'll see what happens ;)
The Karachi Show
The Karachi Show Mês atrás
the clear plastic back would turn yellow in just a couple of weeks
Matt Janeway
Matt Janeway Mês atrás
Buy the phone with a replaceable battery because the battery has a bulge, THAT YOU CAUSED!!!!
Dvir Allon
Dvir Allon Mês atrás
Please do the a51. Btw, love the vids man
Miguel angel Madrid ramos
Watching it at my A50
Dowgo Mês atrás
Me: **watching this video on my A50** My A50: "Bro what the fuck?" Ngl the phone is a bang for your buck
Kajiini Maheo
Kajiini Maheo Mês atrás
Oneplys 7t n samsung s10 lite which is better???
Mujeeb Khan
Mujeeb Khan Mês atrás
I am watching this on my white a50
Mohamed N
Mohamed N Mês atrás
I came back to see what snapped inside
Md.Asadujjaman Rabbi
Watching on my A50.
Harry Herrera Ubilla
Why did u not do the a 70 bruh
guja petriashvili
guja petriashvili Mês atrás
I saw this video with my A50 and i love my phone very much now
Devilmonkey Mês atrás
I'd prefer a clear back choice, then a solid color. A crinkle coated/textured finish would be nice as well.
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