Gabby Petito Case Update | Was Brian Laundrie Controlling?

Dr. Todd Grande
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This video answers the question: Can I analyze and update the case of Gabby Petito?
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20 Set 2021



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Comentários 5 579
Lu Prudhomme
Lu Prudhomme 11 dias atrás
Stan is probably narcissistic word salad by Brian
Humbaba 22 dias atrás
Dr. Grande i love your informative videos and they are also help to improve my english.
Michelle Daniels
Michelle Daniels Mês atrás
Spot on, unfortunately
Faydene Reed
Faydene Reed Mês atrás
But why do these people fall through the cracks and get no help like the guy who killed students at the school after killing his Mother at home first!
Mary Lytle
Mary Lytle Mês atrás
Dr. Grande, thanks for another round of your soberingly serious excellent expert analysis, along with the sly inclusion of your deadpan humor: "Brian appeared to be reading a book...'Annihilation'...the title is what I wished would have happened to the movie, although many people liked it..."🤣
ღ  𝒻  ღ
ღ 𝒻 ღ Mês atrás
Not people in the comments section saying it's Gabys fault... My heart goes out for her and her family She was crying and was genuinely so timid that day!! i wish she was separated and talked some sense into right that moment. I knew i was abused- didn’t have the heart to accept it, but ppl kept pointing out. I'm literally crying the more i check Gabys news. Such a bright girl she seems like. His parents definitely knew how abusive he has always been! Prolly strated after she moved in w them. I honestly believe his family should be put behind bars as well. They have prepared way too much for their "innocent" son's defence.
J. Antonio Varela
J. Antonio Varela Mês atrás
To me Its Seems Like these Fools were on a Suicide Mission. I Believe Their mental Instability and desire to End it all In a Spectacular Way was their Only Real Established Bond. They Did not Love Each Other, They Needed Each Other To Validate their Own Disdain for Life. They Made a Suicide Pact Which Tied them at the Hip But Brian Chickened out ad Did Not Blow his Own Brains Out as He was Supposed to have done. I am Sure there is Video of Gaby's Strangulation Out there. Brian Plays it on a Loop to Go to Sleep.
J. Antonio Varela
J. Antonio Varela Mês atrás
@Stop the Philosophical Zombies Just To See Who'd Notice!
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
Why. Do. You. Capitalize. Every. Word?
Duel Dab
Duel Dab Mês atrás
Why is it that when a (redacted) person commits a crime it’s mental health. When it’s a person if (redacted) it’s stated as is a crime.
tyguy104 Mês atrás
I think Brian did it and nothing happened to Gabby by herself. Because I even heard when they found the body, they could've believed the cause of death was strangulation. Gabby did not strangle herself (like fell off a cliff, maybe, but it's not that). Brian was involved I believe because he is so difficult to find for the authorities to find him. His disappearance almost proves his guilt. He's flying away from justice.
tyguy104 Mês atrás
"Brian was a jealous, manipulative boyfriend." Brian heard voices (potential schizophrenic). Brian 'lost it' when he heard a voice in his head saying, "Gabby is finally going to leave you!" He killed her somewhere in Wyoming and the van in remote Wyoming with the camera (could've been near the dump site or something?). i really don't know a lot about the case and didn't go through all the details like you guys have. But I think it's strong possibility that this was some crime of passion, like a jealous murder, something like that, along those lines
Almost Censored Conservative
A codependent sociopath lost in a relationship doesn't leave their partner alone in the woods, taking their phone, bank card and van. If Gabby had her phone on August 30th while Brian was driving her van to Florida without her, her text to her mother would have been something like, "Alone in the Tetons, Brian left me and took the van and my bank card, I don't think he's coming back, can you come get me? Oh yeah, if you find me please excuse the smell, because I've been dead for three days." That Zapruder-like film placing the van 5 minutes from the murder site on August 27th is a dagger for Brian, it puts the van at the murder scene and Brian taking the van on the 30th puts him at the murder scene and leaving her for dead. Like I said before codependent sociopaths don't leave their lovers alone for long periods of time, especially not alone in the woods 5 states from home. Sociopaths and psychopaths kill their lovers because they cannot live with the idea of them loving or being with anyone else. Brian had no friends and Gabby was his whole world and she was finished with him, so he strangled her to death, drove the van home on the 30th and arrived their on the 1st. He told his parents everything and they called their attorney and planned a meeting with Brian, Mom and Dad, sister Cassie and the attorney on Sept. 6th at the campsite in Florida and planned everyone's story and Brian's disappearance. The Laundries financed everything since Brian was a jobless, brokedick murderer living off Gabby's savings from her employment at Smoothie King, so Brian is on the run and his parents are accomplices in his disapearance and hopefully a team of prosecutor's will nail them all to the cross.
ღ  𝒻  ღ
ღ 𝒻 ღ Mês atrás
@Almost Censored Conservative no innocent person needs a lawyer. They knew what they were doing. I hope they confess the truth.
Almost Censored Conservative
@ღ 𝒻 ღ If not for the flooding in Florida they would have found Brian 6 weeks ago. Shame on Brian's parents for providing really bad council for him in a time of crisis, it was their decisions that lead to his suicide at the reserve along with their brilliant parenting that by some random chance arbitrary contingency created a murderous psychopath who seldom brushed his teeth. The trurh is that the Laundries, with the proper council, could have saved Brian's life and they will have to live with that fact. The tragedy is that Brian is better off dead and they will have to live with that fact as well. Lastly, for anyone who says the world will never know what Brian told his parents about what happened to Gabby we do know this, it was so bad that Gabby had to be left alone dead or alive, and so bad that he told them he wanted to die on Aug. 13th and followed through with it. It was the Laundries who led the police to the Florida Reserve and told the police that Brian was suicidal, and it had nothing to do with Abbey's disappearence or the possibility of foul play, because if the Laundries were really concerned about foul play in Gabby's disappearance you would hope that they would hire a lawyer for Brian?
ღ  𝒻  ღ
ღ 𝒻 ღ Mês atrás
He was a real life loser and a coward!!! I really hope he's caught soon!! Gaby deserves justice!!
zack tong
zack tong Mês atrás
Interesting and seemingly informed analysis. Clearly she wasn't doing enough to get away from him so that she had a part in her own destruction. There seems to be some indication that she was afflicted by some obsessive compulsive disorder that he found irritating and wanted to suppress, but felt compelled to attempt to keep her as no one else would likely be attracted to him.
Judith Game
Judith Game Mês atrás
His parents sent him to a country that doesn’t extradite on bank fraud. CHECK AIRLINE PASSENGER LOGS
Faryalmu Mês atrás
Love the comment on the movie Annihilation lol.
Gabrielle Smith
Gabrielle Smith Mês atrás
Please remember that people suffering narcissistic abuse look crazy, like the problem and over emotional. If you see it please reach out to them and try to brighten their day. You may help them get the inner strength to walk away or call their family to tell the truth of the situation. I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse and those little comments people made recognizing my true qualities (remember the narcissist tears you down, one way is prescribing qualities that are ugly and hateful to the victim) is the reason I finally left. And if you suffer from abuse never forget who you were before that person came along.
Luis Salman
Luis Salman Mês atrás
Evil narc
francelia roman
francelia roman Mês atrás
She chose to be the submissive female pleasing a jerk , she chose to protect him ,she chose to be in an abusive relationship .
myunk nownland
myunk nownland Mês atrás
Just found out she was strangled. So looks like he's guilty.
Iya D’Tigress
Iya D’Tigress Mês atrás
Think I’m going to start all my BRvid comments with “I’m not saying this is fact. I’m only speculating what could be happening in a situation like this” lol that’s awesome. It seems like lately there’s been a lot of homicides involving online personalities. Maybe he was a jealous guy. They both were physical though, she admitted she hit him while he was driving. Sounds like 2 people that shouldn’t have been together in a bad situation where they literally had no space.
vvlmm Mês atrás
Turns out I was right, Dr Grande: strangulation.
Alloverdaplace Mês atrás
Hey! I liked annihilation movie lol
Miguel Salami
Miguel Salami Mês atrás
brian laundrie is an early stage Psychopath. There were 2 other girls in Moab who were shot to death at their "campsite" laundrie carried a gun, he may be linked to their deaths also. GOOD report Dr. Thank you!
Kelly Mês atrás
My heart breaks for Gabby’s parents and her siblings; I don’t blame the police 150% yet they should had listened to (WITNESSES) BRIAN slapped her; she made those scratches crawling thru the DS of her van to get in after being LOCKED OUT BY THIS CONTROL FREAK! She was terrified of him you could see it all over this young lady’s face. For I’ve been there done that and never again. I agree with the detective below to most degrees yet the one officer who called his superior he even stated to the other officer this could end in so many different ways and 1 could end up dead! After telling your Superior Officer Now whims the strongest between Gabby and Brian and she was terrified of him it was all over her face and she was more concerned with him getting into trouble so she took the blame for her knowing how scared of him she was. She may have needed him on the trip as a support to drive from point A to Point B; yet she was afraid to travel the roads alone. Especially with all his put downs to her! And I want Justice for Gabby NOT JUST IN REGARDS TO BRIAN (WHOM THEY WILL CATCH) BUT AS FOR HIS SCUM BAG PARENTS AS WELL-This was going to be their SOON TO BE DAUGHTER IN LAW AND THEY HAVE NO REMORSE EXCEPT HIDING THEIR SON SOMEWHERE!!!!! THEY ARE DISGUSTING INDIVIDUALS-At least the Sister spoke out; yet the lawyer won’t let the parents talk to their daughter that would be a cold day for me. And if it was my child I would had driven him to the POLICE STATION and he heard voices-Is he Schizo
Judi Christophersen
When will we get Autopsy report of Gabby
Maple Mês atrás
Just goes to show, people are so quick to dismiss abuse victims for not being "perfect angels." It's the same with Johnny Depp and Amber Herd. People say she was the abusive one because she *fought back.* Some abusers are stupid, some are smart. They know if they can piss you off, get you worked up and frustrated and upset, especially if they can get you to hit them in public, they can paint themself as the victim. Luckily for Amber Herd, the justice system understands this. You can't abuse your partner to the point of insanity and then play the victim. I feel so bad for Gabby. It must have been so horrible being trapped in that van with him constantly threatening to drive off and leave you to die. I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been. And it was her career, too.
LtDansLegs69 Mês atrás
Dude is gone as fuck.
Inspired by Beauty
Inspired by Beauty Mês atrás
STAN also means Send The Authorities Now- code for help via texting.
Józefowicz Anna
Józefowicz Anna Mês atrás
it is not quite true that "THEY WERE FIGHTING" on that day & on other occasions. As oppressor/abuser B. L. was bullying his woman. If you see her videos, often her eyes are sad (even when she smiles to camera). E.g. when she talks about "spending the day hanging in the tent (when Brian does yoga)" while they were within the dispersed camping area! Look how her eyes were puffed-up & bleary, & her eye-lids swollen - she probably spent (part of) the night crying! No psychologist has noticed that? No violence-victim analyst pointed out the state of her profound misery & constant being ill-treated or threatened?
Shelley Schneider
Shelley Schneider Mês atrás
Why didn't they put her up at hotel instead of him?? I find that weird
Redpilling with Integrity
6:22 analysis
breezyvibe Mês atrás
I just subscribed. You're heading to a million . . heck yeah!
GGE Mês atrás
Please do another update. Thanks!
RustyX2010 Mês atrás
This case reminds me of the Dorothy Stratten story.
Daisey Fader
Daisey Fader Mês atrás
His parents knew he had some sort of Mental illness. But Gabby. Was so nieve.
Daisey Fader
Daisey Fader Mês atrás
Schizophrenic paranoia very dangerous people
Daisey Fader
Daisey Fader Mês atrás
Rose is very important. Schizophrenic
Daisey Fader
Daisey Fader Mês atrás
Anilolation. Ugh. Give ideas. Though. His book.
Lam H
Lam H Mês atrás
From my perspective and I may b wrong, but I feel like if he was already aggressive , and he was because it was reported at other channel from BRvid that he was having some sort of.fight or argument with the staff and waitresses in the restaurant, if he was physically violent he's already dangerous so she Gabby slapped him in the face, it actually triggered his reaction even stronger because he's already violent. I don't think he meant to.kill Gabby, because he loves her, but he may have acted out on his impulse and without thinking .
Vicky Mês atrás
He is either in the belly of a gator in the swamp and no one will ever find his remains or he walked out of the park at night and is disguised and out in public. When Elisabeth Smart got kidnapped her kidnappers disguised her as a religious person. Brian could be wearing a Hare Krishna outfit or dressed as a Catholic Priest. I don't think his family knows where he is, or what happened. I doubt he is in any state park but in a Florida beachfront resort area. There are thousands of hotels in Florida. No one questions you if they think you are a hotel guest or hotel worker.
Vickie Albin
Vickie Albin Mês atrás
Can you do a video on Cassie Laundrie's body language?
Leo Alpha Productions
Did this dude seriously send a text posing as his gf, and calling her grandfather by his name? LMAO 🤣
Stephanie Sasso
Stephanie Sasso Mês atrás
hugo verzella
hugo verzella Mês atrás
Great job grande 👏
Gayle4s Mês atrás
On the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, there have been many heartbreaking instances of young women and girls gone missing yet to be found. Dr. Grande I would sure like for this to change. It is terrible sad.
Tim F
Tim F Mês atrás
I believe that this saga is being run on one of three scenarios - 1. Brian goes in to hiding and comes out , possibly giving himself up in CAN to local LE after the massive outrage is over and he might then get a fair trial. Giving himself up in CAN has he advantage that the Canadians will not extradite anyone facing the death penalty. 2. Parents will support him somewhere in NY or PA (where his B in law is from ) until such a time that he can illegally cross over into Canada or he makes his mind up to do something else. If he is going to go by foot or bicycle into Canada he needs to move by about mid December because that is when the serious winter snow an cold starts. That means he needs to make that move in the next 9 weeks or so. If Brian went south then he is unlikely to be in Mexico. He is far more likely to be in central America. 3. Brian is going to stay in hiding but redocument himself somehow and re invent himself. I believe that BL will now be found (if he ever is) by FBI electronic evesdropping or by somehow following the money trail (or cutting the money supply and then waiting to see the electronic traffic increasing ) . it is however noteworthy that major breaks in this case have come via social media and unintended filming, notably the Red and White Bethune video in the spread camping area (Teton National Park ) that lead to the increased searching around where the van used to be and the recovery of GP's body. As the threat from Covid decreases , facemasks will become less common and it will be much harder for BL to disguise himself when interacting with the public . The Laundries' juicer business will likely fail and other government agencies will put the family under scrutiny. THis may lead to large financial pressures on the Laundries and the inability to pay to keep BL hidden. TE. Fidler in NzL
Judith Bradford
Judith Bradford Mês atrás
The reports about her "hitting" him persistently leave out that she did so IN ORDER TO GET HER OWN KEYS to her own van-- since he was keeping her keys away from her, locking her out of her own car/home as a means of control. "You can't come in until you calm down" while he was physically depriving her of access to space that didn't belong to him. He apparently took her bank card, as well, and her ID's, all in order to control her assets as well as her vehicle/home/workspace.
Andrea Hubmaster
Andrea Hubmaster Mês atrás
Could the laundries be cluster narcissist? I only say this because of personal experience with an mentally emotionally abusive family and the description of their relationship/events sound too familiar.
czr7j9 Mês atrás
I am annoyed his parents would protect a potential murderer, even if he was innocent he should have been handed over.. If he is hearing voices who knows what he is/was thinking, he may have broken from reality altogether which may explain his odd behaviour. Still he has to be found either way and dealt with. Just a tragedy.
Victoria Stark
Victoria Stark Mês atrás
Dr Todd Grande You are very good at your analysis but you are not factoring in the mob and how they use books to murder. Tick Tock is in mob puzzle book. 200 is in Wanted Man Book by Lee Child. He killed her. He planned it long before any trip and his I stating they were engaged was bullshit. His.mother is Italian and Brian appears to have been controlled by his mafia family.
Melissa Wiggins
Melissa Wiggins Mês atrás
He was also reading invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk; its about a couple going in a road trip and one of them killing the other.
Kenia La Loca
Kenia La Loca Mês atrás
So what are the possible illnesses associated with having “episodes” and hearing voices?
Mia de Fleur
Mia de Fleur Mês atrás
I can't remember when Gabby's van was examined by police? How long it was parked in front of parent's house? T H A N K S!
Kimtheproduct Mês atrás
I was looking for the perfect breakdown not from the popular media and I have found that in your last two videos. Going to watch the third right now... great job indeed.
Martha D Green
Martha D Green Mês atrás
Did Gabby tell anythg to her family or friends about the violence and manipulation. Looks like she would have. And I would have arrested both of them. Domestic violence counseling is very effective.
Marianne Otott
Marianne Otott Mês atrás
Yes, he was, but the police hat failed to do it!
Marianne Otott
Marianne Otott Mês atrás
I think she is not only a victim by Brian Laundrie, but a victim of doing nothing or making a mistake!
ToyotaGuy1971 Mês atrás
I must not be the only one who thinks this whole story stinks like last months left-overs. It feels so _staged_ with the part about them being pulled over and all the emphasis that's been put on that. That's the part that seems so staged to me. Maybe that could explain the unusually high, dislike count for a Dr, Grande video; (the cheesiness of the story)?
ruth stevens
ruth stevens Mês atrás
Loving the yellow shirt and your humour slays me!
Jay B
Jay B Mês atrás
Ummm hello, he was doing 45 in a 15 or 20 mile per hour zone. License and registration should’ve been the first sentence from the cop smh… white privileged at its finest!!!
Cindy Finlayson
Cindy Finlayson Mês atrás
Poor Jay 😕
Zelda Zelda
Zelda Zelda Mês atrás
Like the Chris Watts security camera w that darn tree...the spider web or whatever it is...darn spider!
Carol ann
Carol ann Mês atrás
Why was Gabby left behind ??????????
M Mês atrás
ok i appreciate the serious and sensitive tone Dr Grande uses in describing very tragic cases but that comment about Annihilation was FUNNY AS HELL For real though, the Petito family deserves justice and answers about what happened to Gabby.
Jazmin Ross
Jazmin Ross Mês atrás
Don't know why but this sticks with me more than any other missing person/homicide case that I've heard for a long long time. I know this is the case for a lot of people also. Gabby needs justice and her family need answers. The worst thing about cases like this is the not knowing, and numerous questions! There are so many genuine people out there that actually give a fuck and really want to get answers for gabby's family. I hope more than anything that this gets solved soon and isn't dragged out like a lot of cases. Brian has answers, guilty or not. However in my opinion, guilty people don't run. Gabby's whole demeanor in the body cam footage is clearly signs of fear and control. I'm sad this wasn't picked up on sooner. Sorry to ramble on but as I said, this had really got to me. All my love and prayers to Gabby's family and friends xxx
Gary Craig
Gary Craig Mês atrás
Following this tragic story of Gabby Petito, I deduce Brian Laundrie as a sociopath, he played the Moab police with ease. Has total support from his parents, who enables him, (he's played them) his "artwork" is, and has been morbid! Perhaps Gabby is not his first murder. He has been a manipulative creature, perhaps we shall discover he has been so all his grotesque, and perverse life!
I.M. Hidden
I.M. Hidden Mês atrás
Analysis starts at 6:20
Wesley Carlisle
Wesley Carlisle Mês atrás
The neighbors know !!
Aida Resto
Aida Resto Mês atrás
In my opinion,she lied to the police officers about her boy friend hitting her because she started he argument first. She loved him so much and she didn't want him being arrested. She prefers to hide his aggressive behavior and lost her opportunity to save herself. The officers that stop them acted accordingly with what they had in 👏👏.
Culpability Mês atrás
He killed her on the 27th and went for a hike for couple of days hoping that the van will be discovered by the park rangers because it was parking off the designated area. Gabby's body was inside. He even tell his ride that he was hiking whilst his fiance was working on her blog in the van providing himself alibi. That's why he didn't wanted the hitchhike ride to bring him to the van. When he scooped around the area and saw that the van was still there without anybody around he realized that his plan didn't work. So he disposed of the body took the van, send a text message to Gabby's parents that there's no signal. THEN he killed the other 2 people to make it seem like a serial killer is on the loose!
grace Valentine
grace Valentine Mês atrás
“Wear a yellow shirt if you need help?” Free Dr. Grande?
stitchem7 Mês atrás
To be fair, this is one of the best vids I have seen from this creator. It seems like Todd Grande has a good idea what happened.
Not Alfie
Not Alfie Mês atrás
Talk. Faster.
Cindy Finlayson
Cindy Finlayson Mês atrás
Deborah Creisher
Deborah Creisher Mês atrás
Very detailed !
Colin Beck
Colin Beck Mês atrás
If he isn't guilty a lot of professional star gazers will lose their consulting fees.
Melanie Ashton
Melanie Ashton Mês atrás
Something from the bodycam footage that stuck out to me was when the police officer came back to speak to Brian after speaking with Gabby.. Brian asked if she said anything bad about him, and when the officer said no he looked relieved. He was scared she could have exposed who he really is but once he found out that wasn’t the case he could continue his deceptive narrative. There were so many things in that video that made it so obvious he was controlling and abusive toward Gabby :(
Lester Parfitt
Lester Parfitt Mês atrás
No brainer has I see it
Mike Milly
Mike Milly Mês atrás
“In my opinion it was a bad movie, the title is what I wish would’ve happened to the movie itself.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BloodOrange Mês atrás
Watch Annihalation again but eat 3.5g of mushrooms prior to viewing.
Estella Moore
Estella Moore Mês atrás
As usual, good job, clear and concise.
Gr8Success Mês atrás
DOG the bounty hunter will find brian dirty laundrie before FBI !
Brenda Cook
Brenda Cook Mês atrás
Dr. Grande: This tragedy is an example of two types of people who NEVER should be in a relationship with each other. In a future video will you explain why a woman 👩 with emotional anxiety about being abandoned get hooked to a guy who is an avoider? Why wouldn’t she pursue a man 👨 with a need for physical and emotional attachment? I think the attraction of opposites doesn’t lead to stable relationships. So why do women chase men who need a lot of personal space and alone time?
zzz Mês atrás
9:26 *"When one person tries to dominate the other in a relationship, that is a very bad sign. Many cases that involve one partner killing the other feature a relationship history where the homicidal partner was controlling." 10:50 "One lesson learnt from this case: Relationships characterized by manipulation, volatility and domination often have a gruesome and agonizing conclusion." This is on point. I was beaten and held at gunpoint by an ex. He also claimed to have the same "mental health issues" as Brian, i.e. he claimed he heard voices and acted strangely, as if he saw things that weren't there. I question if these "delusions" are just a sociopath's fabricated lies which are used to excuse their violent behavior toward their partner while painting himself as a victim.
Kevin Khorn
Kevin Khorn Mês atrás
Hey Dr. I may sound stupid, but I watched another BRvid video the part where Brian said Lord help me I’m innocent, ok so, in my Theory I think this is what happened, I may sound stupid for thinking this way but, I think Brian don’t know where Gabby is. Start from the beginning where police was called, witnesses stated they saw Brian slapping gabby multiple time so police interview gabby, if gabby was slap wouldn’t police see marks on gabby? But instead there were marks on Brian. Gabby said in the video that Brian wouldn’t let gabby in the car, she had crawled in the rear side. After police interview them police suggested they take time apart from one another have a breather. I’m thinking down the road they were still arguing and they came to a rest stop, where the car was founded by another BRvidr, I’m sure Brian and Gabby out somewhere arguing, and at that time Brian left her out in the wilderness, like he did earlier, drove off out of anger. In another BRvid news video A bar owner stated he saw Brian the night before gabby went missing drinking alone at the bar, talking to himself, “saying damn southerners” if I’m not mistaken. After drinking and anger issues calmed down, he probably went back to look for Gabby. Not finding her he went on his way. If she was left out in the Wilderness anything Could have happened to her. There’s animals and other people that visited the area anything could have happened just a theory. What do you think?
Kevin Khorn
Kevin Khorn Mês atrás
@Cindy Finlayson watch the video again and you know it’s fake everything is a story line made up look real. If you look at her arms carefully no tattoos and they stayed she had tattoos on her, lol I don’t even care about it anymore. fake fake fake
Cindy Finlayson
Cindy Finlayson Mês atrás
Watch the second body can video. You see her describe him abuse her & leave the side of her face with a visible cut & bruiseing
Gwendolyn Meredith
Gwendolyn Meredith Mês atrás
I think perhaps Gabby was not as knowledgeable about exotic sex (S&M) and Brian was ..then things went too far.???
Joni Roake
Joni Roake Mês atrás
If Gabby lived with the Landrieu family, they had to see the relationship between Brian & Gabby. They knew about the fights & that Gabby would leave to stay with a friend. They've lived with Brian his entire life and have seen first hand what his mental, control issues were, yet they protect him.
Bec R
Bec R Mês atrás
It’s funny about confusion over fiancé status because in the videos that I have seen I didn’t really find the couple to be that loving. Also at the beginning of her BRvid video she puts both their names but only introduces herself, maybe I missed something. I get the feeling Brian only was on the trip so that Gabby wasn’t on her own. It’s a bit of a wild theory, just a theory tho.
Valerie Jewell
Valerie Jewell Mês atrás
Just a thought.....Brian was an introvert.....Gabby forced him out of his personality.....She knew everything she needed to know about him... Gabby was trying to save others from his narcissistic rage......he was off his medication, and perhaps she denied sexual contact......he killed her out of rage.......he couldn't have her, no-one could have her.......he believed that she belonged to him.......
Valerie Jewell
Valerie Jewell Mês atrás
Sorry, Todd, you are a day late, and a dollar short.....,
TheLurkingPanda Mês atrás
Annihilation may definitely be relevant, its not a sci fi thriller its allegorical about breakups / divorce
"The title is what I wish would have happened to the movie itself" Absolutely savage.
Jacqueline Jacobson
Dr. Grande - where do you think Brian is hiding from the police?
zOOmzity Mês atrás
Why would he tell people where he would be hiding? That is the last place he will be.
Tom Praska
Tom Praska Mês atrás
Yellow, huh?
Alejandra Livingston
I believe his parents aided him. Why a parent take his son camping like nothing happened after returning home without her and with her van?
Alejandra Livingston
I think he was the killer or he wouldn't be hiding. He returned with her car and used her money. She stopped communicating with family.
Pamela Skwat
Pamela Skwat Mês atrás
He left her behind. Like. She hostage
Pamela Skwat
Pamela Skwat Mês atrás
He. Struck. Her. First. Then she was fighting back to. Perfect. Herself. He. Being abusive. Behavior. Towards her.
DeeJay1210 Mês atrás
Pamela Skwat
Pamela Skwat Mês atrás
And he did not like her you know contacting her parents uneasy about it and he did not want her even Instagram them your folks is from what she was up to
Pamela Skwat
Pamela Skwat Mês atrás
Well I noticed with all the pictures and it's and that's there's more pictures of her in the Instagram than him why is there more pictures of her and not of him and why was she pulls and more and not him and seems like he was more controlling when he started going out for dinner and then something maybe he said her you know she didn't like what she said and then she started to act up and then start getting emotional about it
Lynn Crothers
Lynn Crothers Mês atrás
Thank you so much for that insight,it is very useful
I do not believe. Brian is in the swamp land and not in the. United States 🇺🇸 I believe he is in either. Mexico 🇲🇽 or. Cuba 🇨🇺 since Cuba is across from. Florida. He is manipulating the entire 🌎 and costing everyone a lot of money. If he didn’t kill. Gabby then why is he running 🏃‍♀️? Sooner than later he will be found and when it happens I hope 🤞 he will be punished to the full extent. Brian. You can run but not hide because. God knows where you are and he will reveal your presence eventually. His mom &. dad should also be prosecuted for aiding a criminal, because they are bound to know where he is and what happened to. Gabby.
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