G-Eazy, Tyga - Bang (Official Video)

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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 80
Alyssa Herren
Alyssa Herren 16 horas atrás
this so bad wowwww
Johan Varghese
Johan Varghese 3 dias atrás
be gone.
Mohammad Molaei
Mohammad Molaei 3 dias atrás Give Me Like ✔️✔️✔️ Support Me God Bless You My new Song
Mandie Booth
Mandie Booth 8 dias atrás
This one is stuck in my head. I remember when it came out. It's crazy to think that it has been 8 months.
Maya Flores
Maya Flores 10 dias atrás
Ik Gerald is tall but Tyga seems really extremely short is Tyga short or is Gerald just as tall as the Eiffel Tower?
Charu Singhal
Charu Singhal 10 dias atrás
I'm surprised that its tyga's video and haven't 200 girls
Brandon Kitchens
Brandon Kitchens 11 dias atrás
سمر القحطاني
apex 12 dias atrás
Tyga's verse was the highlight for me
D Z 15 dias atrás
Tyga 🔥
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar 16 dias atrás
Faziel Hansildaar
Faziel Hansildaar 16 dias atrás
cesar ulloa
cesar ulloa 18 dias atrás
fuckin piece of shit this kind of music makes the youth numb and stupid
DupleX 20 dias atrás
подари куртку :))))))))))) красную please
Sammy D
Sammy D 22 dias atrás
Like it ✌️✌️✌️
Okeido Burres
Okeido Burres 24 dias atrás
tyga is the shit
juridiana92 24 dias atrás
Eh.. feel the song tryna prove too much.
BenG 25 dias atrás
cavs vs gs jerseys haha
Harkins 26 dias atrás
I just have one question, why tf was Karl Anthony Towns in this video? 😂
David Calipetre
David Calipetre 11 dias atrás
because they couldn't dunk and needed a dunker
gostyboy742 26 dias atrás
His old shit way better
Mass Sour
Mass Sour 27 dias atrás
B🤟🏻💪🏻💎🎤 tyga
AlphaWolf 27 dias atrás
Awesome! :- )
Carolina Droid 3.3
Carolina Droid 3.3 27 dias atrás
I love you G -EAZY
Kayann brown
Kayann brown Mês atrás
My favorite rapper and my favorite sport in one place 😍
Alexandru Roșu
Alexandru Roșu Mês atrás
I will tell my kids this was High School Musical 🚫🧢
Danny Andri
Danny Andri Mês atrás
My sister thought Tyga played for laykers
YES ! Mês atrás
G-aezy can look a fresh man and a guy in the 50s in the same time
Kayson Sechsdrei
Kayson Sechsdrei Mês atrás
This Shit makes Bang :D
Therealkaren Mês atrás
Lmao y'all ( 00:26 ) 🤣why is Tyga barely in the frame.
sheldog g
sheldog g Mês atrás
Tyga is the smallest there
deepvxbess Mês atrás
Ghetto space jam
Jordi Gellar
Jordi Gellar Mês atrás
How old is geazy?
Anthony Saavedra
Anthony Saavedra Mês atrás
Fuck nigga this song is dope. 😎☠️
sheldog g
sheldog g Mês atrás
Dardi rap
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Mês atrás
Kasiakom k
Kasiakom k Mês atrás
R Smith
R Smith Mês atrás
It's funny because no high-school students look like this lmao
2Savage Mês atrás
can tyga stop dhowing up in every god damn song ??
Bogdan Peretjako
Bogdan Peretjako Mês atrás
KS HunteR
KS HunteR Mês atrás
1.25x PB speed isssss wowww
Rania S
Rania S Mês atrás
“But tiger plays golf and the whole world watches”
Andrei Masini
Andrei Masini Mês atrás
Pablo rodrigo Hernandez
2:50 kirko bangz 😎
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma Mês atrás
Is that Karl Anthony Towns in the beginning?
Zo Mês atrás
J Blob
J Blob Mês atrás
Anyone filming in cali: 40 you. Wanna be in a video? E40: already here fam I swear he pops up in everything
Sharni Swindells
Sharni Swindells Mês atrás
Tyga is so hotttttt 😍😍😍😍so G-eazy
Vivek Menon
Vivek Menon Mês atrás
why is Towns in this!
Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis Mês atrás
The only reason why I put a thumbs-up because Tyga's in it
Ragheeb Qadir
Ragheeb Qadir Mês atrás
Couldn't get anyone better than KAT? This LA, get Bron.
Kolten Vang
Kolten Vang Mês atrás
You got the Kobe jersey RIP 24
live life
live life Mês atrás
Fuck hou my wat or tha highway
live life
live life Mês atrás
Ivan wachtjudie
Puls Mês atrás
Finally the team that KAT deserves. Maybe he can at least get some W's for the first time in years
lisa edward
lisa edward Mês atrás
Wait why the fuck is g-eazy hot in every music vid ?! 😍😍😭😭😩😩🔫🔫🔥🔥🔥
Going Global TV
Going Global TV Mês atrás
Tinypotatoe Mês atrás
Oh good job Tyga, there are no girls everywhere. Well. Already better than in "Taste" and "Girls have fun". *I THINK HE'S FRUSTRATED BC HE NEVER HAD A GF WHEN HE WAS YOUNG*
20&savage Mês atrás
Lately geasy is in club too often hence the song
Corey Pennington
Corey Pennington Mês atrás
He should’ve put Chris brown in the video so he can be on tyga team💯🩸
Manzil Paudel
Manzil Paudel Mês atrás
Damn , i'm back here to taste the music once , again ❤
Did I just saw Karl Anthony Towns lol
domiko1991 Mês atrás
anyone can tell me whats the name of g eazys college jacket?
JabalKaarsJabal JabalKaarisKaaris Jabal Jabal
Mr.J Jdee
Mr.J Jdee 2 meses atrás
G-eazy that game name is basketball not golf 😂
Hannah Silas
Hannah Silas 2 meses atrás
G Eazy and Tyga always gel with ease together ✔️ They also make the shit bang 👏💣🔥 2:18 ✔️ 2:37 ✔️
Coca Eduard
Coca Eduard 2 meses atrás
Coca Eduard
Coca Eduard 2 meses atrás
Gey Gerald
Coca Eduard
Coca Eduard 2 meses atrás
Hey Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson
Binish Babu
Binish Babu 2 meses atrás
MAGNUS Effect..
Frost Lynx Gaming
Frost Lynx Gaming 2 meses atrás
“Ima big dog rock big chains” ....leased birthday gift and lost a house.....
Dhanuja Boyagoda
Dhanuja Boyagoda 2 meses atrás
KAT ❤️
Sharni Swindells
Sharni Swindells 2 meses atrás
Young Vaeh
Young Vaeh 2 meses atrás
so we just gonna act like kirko bangz ain’t on the team 👀
Rokothozo Mere
Rokothozo Mere 2 meses atrás
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 2 meses atrás
🔥🔥🔥 Like if you listen to this in march 2020 This video amazing 1:57 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💘
Matteo Tate
Matteo Tate 2 meses atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *play and whatch all the time* 0:43 💞💛🔥 👇👇👇👇👇💞
Deron Jarvison
Deron Jarvison 2 meses atrás
I see karl Anthony towns
Zac Griffiths
Zac Griffiths 2 meses atrás
🔥 *Love basketball🏀🏀* 0:46 💯💕🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
Amy Grimes
Amy Grimes 2 meses atrás
G Esau you good dolg
Francis 2 meses atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this every day This voice is lovely 0:54 🔥💯🔥💃 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💓
cesar cruz
cesar cruz 2 meses atrás
Tyga the next cobey
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