FC Barcelona
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Relive the insane Barça 5-0 Madrid at Camp Nou from 2010 with Guardiola & Mourinho on the benches. The rest is history. SUBSCRIBE NOW:
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9 Mai 2020



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Comentários 100
Davis 19 horas atrás
Its almost like a guilty pleasure that I keep watching this match over and over again, in 2021 :}
And now messi look very stupid without xavi and iniesta 3 match el clasico always lose Hattrick lose
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Herla Panji Wahyuda
Herla Panji Wahyuda 3 dias atrás
Islam Ameur
Islam Ameur 3 dias atrás
No way we are going to see barca balling like this again, but at least we still have memories. ViscaELbarça.
Khuong Phanthanh
Khuong Phanthanh 4 dias atrás
5 goals = 5 stars.
Yash Mishra
Yash Mishra 5 dias atrás
Hope we win tomorrow's classico ....Vica el Barca 🔵🔴
Filthy Facts
Filthy Facts 5 dias atrás
Who is watching this to hype themselves for tomorrow?
BLACK LISTED 5 dias atrás
Messi messi messi messi
Osman Sanogo Capilla
Osman Sanogo Capilla 6 dias atrás
Esta si que eran clásicos
Moham3d Essam Abo deep
البرسا حب وانتماء
AKDUGI 7 dias atrás
Commentators Are So Biased
AKDUGI 7 dias atrás
Terrible Commentary
Natural Suntan
Natural Suntan 7 dias atrás
The dislikes are from Real Madrid's diehard fans.
ye 7158
ye 7158 7 dias atrás
The internal woolen phytogeographically escape because meteorology immunocytochemically cover opposite a filthy cello. scientific, light salesman
neonpoplazer 8 dias atrás
neonpoplazer 8 dias atrás
messi score no goal why?
AKDUGI 7 dias atrás
Cause he shit
Bohri Rahman
Bohri Rahman 8 dias atrás
Gustavo Batista Silva
Gustavo Batista Silva 8 dias atrás
Mohammed Rajouan Monir
forza barca
Ranadeep Ghosh Rony
Ranadeep Ghosh Rony 9 dias atrás
Anyone here in april 2021, to see these legends. ❤
ye 7158
ye 7158 9 dias atrás
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Psycho Football
Psycho Football 10 dias atrás
33:21 sincronia 🤣
Kaan Secilmis
Kaan Secilmis 10 dias atrás
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Stigo Rags
Stigo Rags 11 dias atrás
My favourite player David Villa
mukqoni cikocge
mukqoni cikocge 12 dias atrás
The sweet chauffeur ontogenetically remind because voyage suprisingly call since a fluttering ceramic. silent, nebulous penalty
cari duit
cari duit 12 dias atrás
i remember
Erkham Syah
Erkham Syah 13 dias atrás
Biasa yg klh tuh slalu arogan , tdk profesional sama sekali ,bayaran aja yg mahal otak nya n adab nya di dengkul ,hajahahahaha...
Eduardo Corona
Eduardo Corona 13 dias atrás
En el segundo gol, siempre a tenido ese detalle Marcelo jajaja
Yusuf Hamza
Yusuf Hamza 13 dias atrás
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Kaan Secilmis
Kaan Secilmis 13 dias atrás
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Rohit Shinde
Rohit Shinde 15 dias atrás
stupid madristas cant keep lines and then want lines man to rescue them
Wieslaw Sobocinski
Wieslaw Sobocinski 16 dias atrás
The best video
Csokops 16 dias atrás
Jesus christ the commentary is terrible
Agus Hariyanto
Agus Hariyanto 16 dias atrás
Barca Barca Baaaarca
wpl g
wpl g 17 dias atrás
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Genny F
Genny F 18 dias atrás
I'm from Indonesia👍
Maria Fowler
Maria Fowler 18 dias atrás
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Luo Gqirana
Luo Gqirana 18 dias atrás
Anyone with a view of that first touch from Xavi? I can't tell if he got it or it bounced off the defender.
Jenson Cripps
Jenson Cripps 18 dias atrás
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JUAN MARQUES DE LIMA 19 dias atrás
xavi is better than Messi
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman 19 dias atrás
Pobrecito cristiano. Nadie ha perdido más veces ante Barcelona como el. Que mala suerte
Yiran Chen
Yiran Chen 20 dias atrás
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Dat Baller
Dat Baller 19 dias atrás
Marcelo Barbosa
Marcelo Barbosa 20 dias atrás
no estadio do real vamos ver que vai ganhar
Tinda Mama
Tinda Mama 20 dias atrás
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Shane Bell
Shane Bell 20 dias atrás
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Casey Brasher
Casey Brasher 20 dias atrás
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wrdgf fhtyr
wrdgf fhtyr 21 dia atrás
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Aditya Kulkarni
Aditya Kulkarni 22 dias atrás
This Barcelona side was probably the best side to ever play football
fuzalinos shadisk
fuzalinos shadisk 22 dias atrás
This team was like wild dogs. Hunting together, attacking together, defending together.
Tibbe 22 dias atrás
Commentator is so annoying
ethan Gavilán
ethan Gavilán 22 dias atrás
Llevo 13 minutos de partido y el árbitro se ha dejado de pitar varias ocasiones que eran claras de faltas, fuera de juego, de porteria etc. Y pensar que está pitando un clásico...
Yantur Sandi
Yantur Sandi 23 dias atrás
kaya eva
kaya eva 23 dias atrás
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Bree Nguyen
Bree Nguyen 23 dias atrás
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Elbert Sexton
Elbert Sexton 24 dias atrás
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Deezee Saivate
Deezee Saivate 25 dias atrás
Awesome :)
Antonio Martínez
Antonio Martínez 26 dias atrás
Huna época extraordinaria que nos izo disfrutar y querer a nuestro barca
br2500 26 dias atrás
What was the date of this match?
Edgar Ben Joseph
Edgar Ben Joseph 26 dias atrás
I remember that day. I watched it live. It was a beautiful game. It's after this game that Mourinho started to get nasty and the Clasicos became a war zone haha These games were the pinnacle of football, watched by millions of people around the Globe. Every game was a final, super intense and dramatic. With Ronaldo, Ozil, Alonso, Xavi, Puyol, Pique, Messi, Casillas and Iniesta in their primes. It was poetry in motion. Also, it was the golden era of Spanish football with the Spain national team winning everything from 2008 to 2012. It was just beautiful.
davama 26 dias atrás
tenia razon mourinho en muchas cosas
Darknesszein in white.
Darknesszein in white. 27 dias atrás
33:19 sincronitation xd
Rene Avendaño
Rene Avendaño 27 dias atrás
0pppp 0 O9o9ooo plomo
Lacy Johnson
Lacy Johnson 29 dias atrás
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Sir Savage
Sir Savage 29 dias atrás
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Sir Savage
Sir Savage 29 dias atrás
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samuelchg 29 dias atrás
Parece resolución 144
Vasil Tsalov
Vasil Tsalov Mês atrás
Какъв проблем имате
linda pawle
linda pawle Mês atrás
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Nicolas Gnahore
Nicolas Gnahore Mês atrás
So we gonna ignore that iniesta pass?
kaka mon1945
kaka mon1945 Mês atrás
Luar biasa skali BARCELONA❤❤
Archives HL
Archives HL Mês atrás
Irfan Kurniawan
Irfan Kurniawan Mês atrás
We missed counter high pressing barca nowdays
Tinny Ho (Parent.MK.K1A2am)
The ref is a son of a bitch
Egas Salsinha
Egas Salsinha Mês atrás
Barca my Favorit ❤️❤️❤️
barto barto
barto barto Mês atrás
The abortive tea histochemically fancy because rooster locally tempt versus a vagabond backbone. parched, makeshift dolphin
Freddy Cruz
Freddy Cruz Mês atrás
Grande el Barca.
Mario A Ventura Ventura
Para llegar a tener ese mismo nivel de fuego tienen que entrenar mucho
Jafet Peralta
Jafet Peralta Mês atrás
Aquí de nuevo
Ana Karpova
Ana Karpova Mês atrás
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Barry Caminiti
Barry Caminiti Mês atrás
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Taufik Luarbiasa
Taufik Luarbiasa Mês atrás
ayo semangat FCB
Nooruddin Khan
Nooruddin Khan Mês atrás
tywanda kidd
tywanda kidd Mês atrás
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intro helmaya
intro helmaya Mês atrás
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Alxis Sosa
Alxis Sosa Mês atrás
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cooking with Berke
cooking with Berke Mês atrás
I think the biggest difference between this team and the current one is the amount of movement, pressing, confidence and bravery.
Alexis Sosa
Alexis Sosa Mês atrás
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Davinder Saini
Davinder Saini Mês atrás
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Davinder Saini
Davinder Saini Mês atrás
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Yasini Elliott
Yasini Elliott Mês atrás
W Wes
Nött.• .•Sü
Nött.• .•Sü Mês atrás
Miss !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
MR.SMART? Mês atrás
It could have been even worse
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang Mês atrás
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Goblin Gomez
Goblin Gomez Mês atrás
1:41:34 coldest walk in football history
Ateng Street Punk
Ateng Street Punk Mês atrás
Cules indonesia yang liat 2021 adakah
Ateng Street Punk
Ateng Street Punk Mês atrás
Rindu banget tapi butuh proses bang
Rezky Julian
Rezky Julian Mês atrás
Rindu barca yg dulu bangg
Tival Rasyd
Tival Rasyd Mês atrás
BTS Mês atrás
I look they dancing in the game😎
Greg Bartlett
Greg Bartlett Mês atrás
I miss this Barcelona they are not like that anymore