[FULL ALBUM] (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 - I burn (4th Mini Album)

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[EP] (여자)아이들 - I burn
Release Date: 2021.01.11
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean
Track List:
01. 한 (寒)
02. 화 (花火) *Title
03. MOON
04. Where is Iove
05. LOST
#여자아이들 #Iburn #GIDLE
#MIYEON #미연 #MINNIE #민니 #SOOJIN #수진 #SOYEON #소연 #YUQI #우기 #SHUHUA #슈화


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11 Jan 2021



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Laryok Mês atrás
1. 한 (Alone in the winter) - 00:00 2. 화 (HWAA) - 02:53 3. MOON - 06:10 4. Where is love - 09:33 5. LOST - 12:28 6. DAHLIA - 15:32
софия карали
@лануля согл
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen 17 dias atrás
Tks 😗
동그라미 28 dias atrás
한 - 00:01
최지훈 Mês atrás
광고제거 18:35
박쥐 Mês atrás
@Silvia Hijon ㅣㅊㅎ릋ㅎ Nㄱㅇ r (. ; ㅊrㅣㅡnㅏㅇㅇㅇㄱㅏㅇㅛㅎㅐ nㅇㄱㅇ, and an extremely ㅣㅇ ㅣㄱㅕ) rrㅇㅇㅡrr? ㄱㅇ nㅇㅇ the kids a vicious ㄲㅏㅐㅏnㅇㄱㄱ리
DanteDarcangelo 3 horas atrás
Solid album, no filler.
DanteDarcangelo 3 horas atrás
Lost is #1 for me (after Hwaa), who else?
삶이 힘든 23세 송우기_김마타
역시 아이들..이번에도 내 마음을 사로잡았어
Mauricio Madureira
챗빛유튜브 3 dias atrás
여긴 청적구역이구나
Ty Ki
Ty Ki 5 dias atrás
Soyeon so good
ZypheR 5 dias atrás
This is definitely my most favorite album of the year. No one can convince me otherwise.
연우 6 dias atrás
shuhwaa Dia atrás
@연우 I'm so so so sorry I thought you mean it's the end of gidle
연우 5 dias atrás
@shuhwaa This is just to avoid ads...
how to train your dragon
@shuhwaa he did time stamp to the end to avoid ads, nothibg wrong about it
Bertta Leinone
Bertta Leinone 6 dias atrás
Dahlia and lost is two bests
Lalisa p
Lalisa p 6 dias atrás
I’m not a fan but OMG is this album gooooddd!!!
Yonier Burbano
Yonier Burbano 6 dias atrás
No se porque la primera vez que escuche Alone in the Winter se me vino a la cabeza la película de Coraline y mas en la parte de "Lalalalalala" ¿Soy la única?
wellfukku 8 dias atrás
bro i fell asleep vibing to Hyuna Party Feel Love and I wake up to Gidle's Album, this is such a vibe honestly
어케헷누TV 9 dias atrás
한~ 화의~
Malki zuravin
Malki zuravin 10 dias atrás
Their best album
BLUEBOY [Gaming YT] 10 dias atrás
Isla Marilyn
Isla Marilyn 10 dias atrás
I love hwaa and lost 🔥❤
쬐윤영 11 dias atrás
노래 5번 정도 들으면 질리는 인간인데 내가 진짜 이번 앨범 수록곡 까지 20번은 들었다 진짜 하나도 안질려... 미쳤냐고 아이들 천재야 천재.... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 꽃길만 걷자 우리 언니들.. 🥺❤️
ᄋᄋ 11 dias atrás
다 빠짐없이 너무 좋다.. 무한 재생중
송월 11 dias atrás
진짜 이 사람들은 뭘해도 될 사람들이다 더 높이 올라가라 저 끝까지
Yonier Burbano
Yonier Burbano 11 dias atrás
No one: Absolutely nobody: Me all day: Shine ai ai aai and lalalalalalala lalalalalalala
SC 12 dias atrás
사실 4번트랙은 취향이 아닌데 나머지가 다 취향이라 듣다보니 외우게되네
Seannnyuu 12 dias atrás
(G)I-DLE SUCKS... at giving us bad Songs
Simone M.
Simone M. 12 dias atrás
Shuhua's vocals in the album: 1. Hann Alone In Winter: 2:01 - 2:05 3. Moon: 6:33 - 6:41 , 7:32 - 7:42 4. Where Is Love: 11:09 - 11:15 5. Lost: 13:33 - 13:47 6. Dahlia: 16:58 - 17:07 , 17:37 - 17:45 (may also be her but I'm not sure) This is just for those who have a hard time recognizing Shuhua's voice and for others to appreciate. Shuhua's voice can be hard to recognize and almost always gets mixed up with another member in lyric videos, that's because her vocal colour is a mixture between Miyeon, Minnie and Yuqi.
Stan Kpop
Stan Kpop 8 dias atrás
들깨 13 dias atrás
문은 진짜 더블타이틀이었음 좋았을텐데!!!
수진지킴이 늑대
수진지킴이 늑대 13 dias atrás
이번 앨범은 멤버들 자작곡이 있어서 조금 더 뿌듯한 활동이 되겠네요>_
Seannnyuu 13 dias atrás
If MAMA doesn't nominate this Album in the Album Of Th Year. I'm done with it. MNet Sucks
lissywashere 14 dias atrás
Come on MAMA, just a nomination will do, and a stage while you're at it
iga;`; 14 dias atrás
There is no bad songs
SOVANNA movies
SOVANNA movies 14 dias atrás
Album of The Year.
vytwo 14 dias atrás
my favorite its moon
동빈김 14 dias atrás
nazifa 15 dias atrás
aesthetic vernyz
aesthetic vernyz 16 dias atrás
Is it only me who love Hann(Alone in the winter) more than the orignal Hann(Alone)??
The Normal Gamer
The Normal Gamer 16 dias atrás
The opening sounds on the second song gives "k-drama ost" vibe, something like a hotel del luna. Am I the only one?
My favorite 1.lost 2.moon 3.hwaa 4.dahlia 5.Alone in the winter(寒) 6.where is love all great~
jesy gomez
jesy gomez 11 dias atrás
Muhammad Zainul Hasan
Muhammad Zainul Hasan 17 dias atrás
I hope hann, dahlia and lost has mv
ᄒᄒᄒᄒ 18 dias atrás
ᄋᄃᄋ 18 dias atrás
수록곡들 적어도 2개는 활동해줬으면..😥
mandu babie
mandu babie 19 dias atrás
In conclusion.... stan (G)i-dle for a new/better lifestyle
Simone M.
Simone M. 19 dias atrás
Hann Alone In Winter and Moon are my favourites
Camila 21 dia atrás
Dahlia and moon are my favs
미르 22 dias atrás
이번 수록곡은 다 미친 퀄인듯...갠적으로 문 너무 사랑합니다
Birch 22 dias atrás
The thumbnail is wrong. It should be 02. 화 (火花) not (花火).
Ana 22 dias atrás
such unique and powerfull voices, i love them so much! everything sounds so freaking interesting!
Enter tainment
Enter tainment 23 dias atrás
I think this is the best album in kpop industry (in my opinion).
Yiami Tan
Yiami Tan 10 horas atrás
@True Irony bigbang imao
True Irony
True Irony 9 dias atrás
@Joe Gahlagar Did you just call multiple award winning songs "loser", "bang x3", "If you", "fuck it", "last dance" to have bad instrumentals lol. The songs have to be similar as it has to fit the theme of the album. It is the same w G-idle's album, the songs have a very similar sounding to them unless you listen to them multiple times then you can start to distinguish them. Well, people have different opinions I guess but multiple award-winning album = repetitive and bad instrumentals.
Joe Gahlagar
Joe Gahlagar 9 dias atrás
@True Irony I just listened to that bigbang album u mention, youre right it doesnt compare to this cuz this gidle album is a million times better. That bigbang album have like 11 tracks and i listened to it all but it feels like i just listened to just 3 songs because of the same repetetive compositions and instrumentals are bad. Dont call an album good/best when the only good/best song there is the title track lol
True Irony
True Irony 10 dias atrás
@Enter tainment and also you shouldnt be claiming anything is best if ur NEW at something lol
True Irony
True Irony 10 dias atrás
@Enter tainment ah ok Bec ur statement was a bit of a stretch. This album is good but it isn’t anything WORLD shocking if yk what I mean
mrinkel 23 dias atrás
I know it's still pretty early in the year, but this just has to be a contender for the best album of 2021.
ᄋᄋ 24 dias atrás
" 한 " " 화 " 의 김성근 감독님 사랑해
곰토토{여덕} 24 dias atrás
Nicole Lang Yun Ning
Nicole Lang Yun Ning 24 dias atrás
Minnie's vocals are no joke man... Stan (G)IDLE for a better life.
또우기 24 dias atrás
우기야 로스트 넘 조아ㅠㅠㅠ
유설 24 dias atrás
정연아 24 dias atrás
시람들 다 moon 많이 언급하는데 내 최애는 where is love이랑 lost...아이들 능력치 대박이다
조한 24 dias atrás
아싸 1빠
Kairikey 25 dias atrás
This album is such a chef's kiss mwuuh
mY LiFe iS a jOke
mY LiFe iS a jOke 25 dias atrás
The transition from han to hwaa is just heavenly . Like even if i didn't know they were connected, i think i would have found a link between them , these two songs were made to be listened together , like the way they flow to one another. I litterally get chills when han ends with the sound of the wind and the rain and there's like a little moment of silence and then you here this kind of traditionnal instrument in Hwaa that i like so much ( if someone knows its name plz tell me ),it's just so beautiful ... I wish they would have kept this vibe for the other songs as well... But i mean it's Idle so what do you expect, they never keep the same concept, even in the album itself. The songs are cool tho, the ones that i like the most are dahlia and Moon. Lost and where is love aren't my cup of tea..
Rasita Tantayanurak
Rasita Tantayanurak 25 dias atrás
I’ve started becoming a neverland, I still need to know a lot of stuff and facts and like gigs and contents they’ve done, and I’m a veteran Stan of some groups so I kinda find it necessary to know a lot about the group LOL so could any veteran never lands help me, please link me stuff or state some facts about them? I would find it really helpful. Thank you!! Btw they’re SOOO TALENTED
Lunar Pluviophile
Lunar Pluviophile 14 dias atrás
@Rasita Tantayanurak Your Welcome! I said Yuqi is pronounced with the "g" sound but I forgot to make it clear that it's a "g" sound of like "Good" or "Grace", not the g sound that you would be pronounced in like the name "Giselle". So it would be "Yugi", Im sure you can find her saying it in interviews haha Edit: Here's one of their interviews I found where she says her name in the beginning
Rasita Tantayanurak
Rasita Tantayanurak 16 dias atrás
@Lunar Pluviophile I appreciate this sooo much
Lunar Pluviophile
Lunar Pluviophile 17 dias atrás
Welcome to Neverland, we are also considered as Paboland from our dearest Shuhua. (Pabo = Fool) Miyeon, Cho Miyeon: Jan. 31, 1997 Main Vocalist, Visual = Korean Minnie, Nicha Yontararak: Oct. 23, 1997 Main Vocalist = Thai Soojin, Seo Soojin: March 9, 1998 Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist = Korean Soyeon, Jeon Soyeon: Aug. 26, 1998 Leader, Center, Main Rapper = Korean Yuqi, Song Yuqi: Sept. 23, 1999 Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist and Rapper, Face of the Group = Chinese Shuhua, Yeh Shuhua: Jan. 6, 2000 Sub Vocalist, Visual, Maknae = Taiwanese I suggest just looking at a beginner's guide to Idle, but some inside jokes would be "Look at my shoes" from Shuhua, "T-shirt?" from our Meme Queen Minnie after someone on Vlive asked her "What's the tea?", "Naughty Girl" which was when Yuqi (usually pronounced as Yugi with a "g" sound) when she was showing us something on her computer and there was a file named "Naughty Girl", "Hey girl" when Soyeon was leaning on a car and she yells it at us, "My job is to seduce all the girls" from Soojin during the Oh My God era and Rapper Cho from Miyeon, not sure how to describe it just search it up and you won't regret it. Welcome to Paboland fandom!
mandu babie
mandu babie 19 dias atrás
soyeon is basically in charge of (g)i-dle (the manager basically) cause she writes and produces a lot of their songs
Marsh Mallows
Marsh Mallows 25 dias atrás
Watch their I-Talk in their channel. It will help you to know them more...
이륜 26 dias atrás
MOON만 따로 정식으로 내주세요 제발여ㅠㅠ
Winter S.
Winter S. 26 dias atrás
Lost ist so beautiful!!
K.G 27 dias atrás
Dahlia might be my favorite song ever
뿌슝빠슝 데데
뿌슝빠슝 데데 27 dias atrás
Jjk_ Bts
Jjk_ Bts 27 dias atrás
(G)I-DLE is releasing HWAA Remix with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike on February 5th 12AM EST !!!!! Get ready to stream and support this collab!
lovesick 27 dias atrás
Stan gidle for clear skin
em joh
em joh 27 dias atrás
This whole album has that fantasy-like burning winter vibe and I'm living for it
양스 28 dias atrás
달리아 존좋 ㅜㅜㅜ 수록곡중최애임 ㅜㅜ
히라「판매계」 28 dias atrás
동그라미 28 dias atrás
Moon 처음 듣고 과장없이 정말 기절할 뻔 했다 너무 좋아서
Muhammad Zainul Hasan
Muhammad Zainul Hasan 29 dias atrás
My favorite Hann (AIW) Dahlia Moon Hwaa Lost My bias G IDLE
아무개 29 dias atrás
개인적으로 4번 5번은 비교적으로 쬐깐 아쉽지만 문 달리아 한 개.쩐.다 진짜 호우 한은 안예은이랑 아이들 ㅜㅜㅠㅜ엉엉 엄청난 조합이라 믿고 듣고 문은 반복되는 발음이랑 음이 개 쩔고 달리아는 노래에서 우기 파트 달리아 달링나 라임이랑 달리아~하는 민니 몽환 보이스에 고냥 치어버림 타이틀 곡은 말할 것도 없지 특히 춤추기 적당한 비트나 한국어 가사인 면에서 제일 타이틀에 알맞는 듯 엉엉웅앵 아이들쩌러유사랑행
us레몬 28 dias atrás
@아무개 그냥 결론은 아이들 최고로 하죠 👍
아무개 28 dias atrás
@us레몬 곡은 취향 차이죠! 저도 갠적인 선호도를 말해봤습니다 전문가도 아닌지라 하하 우기 작가님 사랑해욥
us레몬 28 dias atrás
취향차이같아요ㅜ 타팬인데 345 들으러 꾸준히 온답니다! Lost는 진짜.. 미쳤어요
Serendestiny 29 dias atrás
such a good album, Where is love is my personal favorite, they really outdid themselves !!
music lovers
music lovers 29 dias atrás
Hann 9/10 Hwaa 9/10 Moon 9/10 WIL 9/10 Lost 9/10 Dahlia 9/10 Best Kpop Album so far for me ❤️ Stan Talents Stan GIDLE
NiCi Kay
NiCi Kay Mês atrás
I'm in love with LOST! Moon sounds really weird and that's totally my style
Monster Idle
Monster Idle Mês atrás
1M soon This minie album deserves AOTY
In my opinion Han is the best of this album. Because it has a lot of melody and melody is something that is dying in modern music
Too much regueton in HWAA
Aruzhan Bisimbaeva
Aruzhan Bisimbaeva Mês atrás
The most precious album of K-pop, in my opinion!
옥희 Mês atrás
이그룹은된다... 제발 신디사이저유행와서 아이들앨범떡상해서 빌보드갔으면좋겠다
Namie Meez
Namie Meez Mês atrás
i just adore how the producer lines make these songs such a masterpiece
지현 Mês atrás
닉네임 Mês atrás
Wow Wow
Wow Wow Mês atrás
Gosh this album is on repeat for me all the time. This album is sooo good my gosh.
지문 Mês atrás
다 좋은데 특히 한이랑 MOON이랑 LOST 진짜 취향이다..
아니 무슨.....노래가 이렇게 다 좋냐......?아니 말도안돼...........
김태영 Mês atrás
Anitalik Mês atrás
LOST is my fave, if tonality changed, could've been way better
[티]tty Mês atrás
CARAT DUL Mês atrás
I love this album, definitely the best from gidle
1 Hour Music
1 Hour Music Mês atrás
포근한솜뭉치 Mês atrás
17:38 여기 슈화 목소리 너무 좋은듯 머리에서 맴돌게헤
_ arial
_ arial Mês atrás
헐 한 너무 좋아 미쳣는데..???
David Troxell
David Troxell Mês atrás
Full disclosure: I stan Oh My Girl, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate other groups (Izone, Twice, Loona). (G)I-DLE didn't come on my radar until New Years Day, and I had definitely been sleeping! This album shows what happens when you give really talented people full creative control. Several things appeal to me about this group. It seems the excellent group leadership is more concerned with producing a beautifully balanced work of art then they are with selfish self- promotion. As a newcomer watching their performances, Soyeon, Minnie & Yuqi seem very unselfish and considering how extremely difficult song writing & production is, it's amazing the videos are as balanced as they are. Regarding this silly obsessive preoccupation with line distribution, I would say that with ANY group endeavor, some get more & some get less. If someone gets less in this one, odds are they'll get more in the next. As they say in NYC, "Not-for-nuthin, it is what it is." Of course there'll probably always be someone that would criticize Leonardo Da Vinci for not using exactly equal amounts of 6 colors when painting the "Mona Lisa." I'm happy for NEVERLAND, a supportive & appreciative fanbase, that can recognize a beautiful work of art when they see & hear it. (G)I-DLE, I love ya! Everyday, every night , LATATA!
Lora Jskay
Lora Jskay 7 dias atrás
Totally same as me, i love other girlgroups but not stan them. Then i end up with Gi DLE on the New year day
Pui Yue
Pui Yue 14 dias atrás
@David Troxell Oh thanks but u proceed on false assumption about my supposed prowess learning engwish cuz I lived half my life in Canada before returning to Asia. Besides, they say the female brain is good with language so maybe that's it, idk. I'm nothin special. OTOH, Yuqi's korean is apparently impressive. Happy new year.
David Troxell
David Troxell 14 dias atrás
@Pui Yue That one was an original. I`m glad you liked it! Art is art, right? By the way, your English word-choice, vocabulary, and phrasing are all excellent. It always amazes me when someone says they're just learning writes better than most native English speakers. I might go years before I see another person use the word "poignant."
Pui Yue
Pui Yue 19 dias atrás
Your comment and analogy about Da Vinci's uneven distribution of colours in painting were both poignant and humorous. Engwish is my 3rd language (native chinese speaker) so IDK whether you borrowed that clever line or created it, but either way, it was witty and, if original, pure genius! Cheers!!
Virina Mês atrás
Thanks :) You said both (with Kh) well
Monstro Azul
Monstro Azul Mês atrás
hann 8/10 hwaa 9/10 moon 8/10 where is love 9/10 lost 8/10 dahlia 7/10
Jj Storm
Jj Storm Mês atrás
i'm shocked!! this is my first album from these girls w/o skip!! love!
케이 Mês atrás
어찌 완벽하지 않을 수 있는가
뱁새 Mês atrás
한승용 Mês atrás
진짜 겁나좋다..... . ㄹㅇ말로 설명이 안됌.
개소리를 들으면 총쏘는고양이
6:10 moon 꼭 들어보세요 넘 좋아ㅜ
iez jinnie
iez jinnie Mês atrás
Dahlia= I correct???
Yiami Tan
Yiami Tan 10 horas atrás
박성호 Mês atrás
국적없는 힙합걸에서 먼가 자신의 세상을 구축하기 시작한 듯~~
박성호 18 dias atrás
난 갠적으로 블핑의 다음 선수로 아이들을 꼽았는데 머 예넨 다 되잔아~~근데 머가 문제지???
박성호 18 dias atrás
난 사장님이 바뀌었다는? 소식을 들어 먼가 달라지겠다는 동물적 감각으로 투자를 했는데 먼가 달라지면 좋고~난 새로운 걸 밴드를 만드는 것도 중요하지만 기존의 잘나가는 밴드를 키우는 역량이 더 중요하다고 갠적으로 생각~~
박성호 18 dias atrás
근데 화~의 리믹스 거...걍 노래를 빨리 돌리고 효과음을 준 거 밖에 없잔아~~~모야
박성호 18 dias atrás
신경쓰지 못했는데 이제야 뎃글을 보네...미안요~~ 소연이의 힙함이나 랩을 폄하하는 글이 아니었어 우기가 더 큰 시장인 중국에서 쉽게 돈벌 수 있는데 남아있는건 음악적 욕심이 있다고도 생각해 머 나는 이 밴드 소속사 큐브의 주식도 조금샀고 머 조금 속이 상했어~~ 불편했다면 미안해~~~
Amrel RV
Amrel RV Mês atrás
im so proud of these girls!very talented artists esp soyeon the genius multi talented queen...i cant explain it but their songs are you this instant boost that you need during your darkest grateful for their music...more success for these queens!
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SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV
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