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Could this pitch meeting BE any better?! See how the hit show FRIENDS came to be by stepping into the meeting that started it all. Subscribe to our channel:

Video by Ryan George @TheRyanGeorge

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20 Jan 2018



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Comentários 0
Arthur Mbow
Arthur Mbow 7 minutos atrás
-There’s a paléontologist named Ross -What? -His name’s Ross.
Takesis Dia atrás
Compared to his latests pitches, he's not smiling that much and no slimy tone yet... It's disturbing.
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie 2 dias atrás
It was more like "it's gonna be Living Single..... But white!!"
Falcon 86
Falcon 86 3 dias atrás
Thomas Hellberg
Thomas Hellberg 3 dias atrás
Do the Dick Van Dyck Show.
SwedishTourist 5 dias atrás
Started watching, wasn't intrigued. After 30 seconds; wait, I'll continue. After 1 minute, okay yeah this is gooooood. Get to the clapping part - thumbing up.
CARAT Mom 5 dias atrás
It would have been really funny if they had included that the original pitch was based on Living Single.
Mr Fan
Mr Fan 6 dias atrás
This video was really bland
Optimysticpeaches 6 dias atrás
Producer: So you have a sitcom idea for me? Director: Yeah and it’s called “Friends” Me: Yes sir I do???🥺
Tuffsmoygles 6 dias atrás
does it bother anyone else that he's only clapping 4 times instead of 5?
yamaneko lunardragon
yamaneko lunardragon 8 dias atrás
Am I drunk/crazy or the screen is actually shaking a bit on this one?
aniket mhase
aniket mhase 9 dias atrás
Very Nice!! Please do conjuring universe pitch meeting!!!!
ballsdynamite 9 dias atrás
TIL I'm crazy.
Nostromo 10 dias atrás
Just watched Reunion recently. This is pitch/casting spin pure gold! :D
Bainsworth 11 dias atrás Ryan doing this channel? he decided too?
CL0WN 11 dias atrás
Woe wtf? never knew the plot until now.. 🤦‍♂️
Thebuird 12 dias atrás
I always thought seeing nipples in every episode a little jarring
h193013 12 dias atrás
You should do one for How I Met Your Mother
emesteve 12 dias atrás
The clap was genius and super apt!
Elijah C Lochner
Elijah C Lochner 12 dias atrás
It feels wrong when he says “super easy, barely an inconvenience” differently. I don’t like it!
Daniel Krawczyk
Daniel Krawczyk 12 dias atrás
It’s crazy how many dirtbags there are in the world
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 13 dias atrás
I had no idea Friends was a comedy. Huh.
Ron Coleman
Ron Coleman 13 dias atrás
This pitch meeting could not be any better
David Chamberlin
David Chamberlin 14 dias atrás
Please please please please please do a pitch meeting for Bosom Buddies!
Declan Lawford
Declan Lawford 15 dias atrás
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John Doe
John Doe 15 dias atrás
I love how easy it is to make anything seem idiotic to this guy lol...can only imagine a video game rant to ride to hell retribution....all the liquid I'm currently drinking would likely find its way to my monitor due to uncontrollable hilarity.
Enrique Guillen
Enrique Guillen 16 dias atrás
And it was good
animated Man
animated Man 16 dias atrás
I’m ASSUMING that everybody knows this comes from the channel Ryan George
Mark Wijmans
Mark Wijmans 16 dias atrás
UT comments: ppl quoting lines from the video and saying they died. Social media really are the herding platforms for humanity
Solomon Russell
Solomon Russell 16 dias atrás
NOt sure if you did any of these other sitcoms: CHEERS, Nightcourt, and Seinfeld
Max Clifford
Max Clifford 16 dias atrás
I can't help but notice the computer is a 90s computer now. Amazing!
Jeremiah Burns
Jeremiah Burns 17 dias atrás
This is the oldest Pitch Meeting ice seen. I like the way it developed later on much more. These guys are far too sane.
tama chan
tama chan 17 dias atrás
The diversity one.. I mean come on.. If I see a group of black friends together will I say where is the white??? The series had black and asian love interest and black characters..
Big Texas
Big Texas 17 dias atrás
THE REAL PITCH MEETING WAS.. Ya know that show on FOX about Black friends called Living Single.. yeah.. Let’s copy that show & put on at the same day & time.. but with a White cast & call it Friends. Well destroy their season 2 & people will forget about them & that Martin show.
Divyansh Singh
Divyansh Singh 18 dias atrás
"Chandler has job" Dude cmon, you should know he is a Transponster.
JOHN GR Dia atrás
This needs so many more likes!!!
Liam Cassidy
Liam Cassidy 11 dias atrás
Ngl I read that as Trans Porn Star
Michael Shields
Michael Shields 16 dias atrás
Scott Bloxsom
Scott Bloxsom 18 dias atrás
4:30 Not going to lie, This had me! hahaha
Jon Paul
Jon Paul 18 dias atrás
Mr. Producer is not look enthusiast in here. What is the matter?
Jason Wallace
Jason Wallace 18 dias atrás
Seemed a little hostile
Oscar Nieman
Oscar Nieman 19 dias atrás
Do the reunion to friends
Take The Red Pill
Take The Red Pill 19 dias atrás
Liking and regularly watching the show "Friends" is a sign of bad taste. This is not opinion, it's a wake up call. Your protestations change nothing.
Max Peterson
Max Peterson 19 dias atrás
You need to do Supernatural.
bigcuz9286 19 dias atrás
Not a single mention of ripping off Living Single? Disappointing.
Clive Clivington
Clive Clivington 19 dias atrás
PG Plays Video Games
PG Plays Video Games 19 dias atrás
The actual reason why it is called F.R.i.E.n.D.S is that each of the letters in the word "friends" refers to each of the characters in the show. Now you know.
Noodle Guy
Noodle Guy 20 dias atrás
Coming back to an old video after they dropped a reunion episode is TIGHT
Zach Morgan
Zach Morgan 9 dias atrás
The algorithm popping this up because of the reunion special is TIGHT
Іван Синєпалов
So strange to see Ryan not smiling and tight.
Jack Morningstar
Jack Morningstar 20 dias atrás
Do the reunion!
Cole B. Ryan
Cole B. Ryan 20 dias atrás
Wow the producer used to be dick.
G. Bru.
G. Bru. 20 dias atrás
Do one for White Collar & Leverage.
Suki Jay
Suki Jay 20 dias atrás
Well, to be fair, despite the absence of woke talking points, or probably because of the absence of woke talking points, Friends is still loved to this day.
It Is Kwanza Time
It Is Kwanza Time 21 dia atrás
Ross is the boring one? Jeez u got me fuked up.
Aidan Mullard
Aidan Mullard 21 dia atrás
It is explained that because of something Monica's apartment still has the same rent as when her grandmother lived there. So the rent would be a lot less and not adjusted for inflation
Rithrius 21 dia atrás
Writer Guy about Joey: _"If he could sleep with over 50 women over the course of the show, that'd be perfect."_ Barney Stinson: _"Hold my Glen McKenna."_
tikvision 21 dia atrás
oh you mean the big bang theory? no. Friends.
Drezzy Chezz
Drezzy Chezz 21 dia atrás
"if we could have joey sleep with like, 50 women over the course of the show, that would be great" "That seems like.... alot" *Barney Stinson laughs at over 200*
NETBLOXIA 21 dia atrás
"Then Ross did a backflip, snapped the bad guys neck, and saved the day."
Spenser 22 dias atrás
This guy actually thinks sleeping with 50 women over the course of 10 years is a lot? Really? That's like five women a year. Less than one woman every two months. What a prude.
Colin 22 dias atrás
In Manhattan, apartments like that would cost like $5,000,000. I should have gotten into paleontology.
Luis 22 dias atrás
Friends is hot trash
Coasterman13 Official
Coasterman13 Official 22 dias atrás
With me in there, I'd be like DECLINE! DECLINE! DECLINE! DECLINE!
Miss Lady
Miss Lady 22 dias atrás
NYC SITCOMS BY DECADE: 70s: Welcome back kotter, barney miller (at least 2 minority characters/actors) 80s: Head of the Class (4Black, 1 latino, 1 asian, 1 Indian), Night Court (3 black, 1 Asian). 90s: Friends, Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me? Oh, I guess News Radio had 1 black person. Did nyc have a mass exodus?
Mr. L
Mr. L 22 dias atrás
Chandler has............a job
George Blair
George Blair 22 dias atrás
Rent control. That's the answer to the money "issue".
Cyberbrickmaster1986 22 dias atrás
Wayne Brady: "Mommy, how come no one looks like me on Friends?"
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters 22 dias atrás
Living Single=Friends.
King Cipher Studios
King Cipher Studios 22 dias atrás
Please do How I Met Your Mother
Lumosnight 23 dias atrás
I’d rather them all be white and be likeable than force in a token minority character who is either a stereotype or has an attitude problem.
Nikki G
Nikki G 22 dias atrás
And how do you explain a New York City where everyone is white? Shopkeepers, people on the street, every minor character?
Brandon Love
Brandon Love 23 dias atrás
After watching the Friends Reunion....
Aadish Kadam
Aadish Kadam 23 dias atrás
“The show will run for one, maybe two seasons“ …. People pining for a reunion 17 years later!
JJ 23 dias atrás
Jewish and Italian!
SlimThrull 23 dias atrás
Random clapper joke? Oh. Oh, that was clever.
X Scythe
X Scythe 23 dias atrás
Now if only they'd do a How I Met Your Mother pitch meeting
Troy Carr
Troy Carr 23 dias atrás
The actual pitch meeting: Writer: "Let's do a sitcom about a bunch of impossibly fabulous white kids who all sleep with each other!" Producer: "Perfect! Consider yourself green-lit!" 😎
NRB10ful 23 dias atrás
I don't get the Clapping joke
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 23 dias atrás
I love how they couldn't make Jennifer Aniston's eyes any bigger...
matopuk123 23 dias atrás
Writer: claps Producer: hmm. Do it again. Writer: clap clap clap clap.
Jessica Richter
Jessica Richter 24 dias atrás
Please do a Pitch Meeting for Legion... I know that's basically a niche interest request, but still... plz?
Twiztid Joker
Twiztid Joker 24 dias atrás
Ahhh friends the white washed version of living single which was a better show anyway 😆
The Faceless Question
The Faceless Question 24 dias atrás
I miss the producers smile.
The ARCHIE 24 dias atrás
Please do How i met your mother
Blue & Green Crafts
Blue & Green Crafts 25 dias atrás
Best show ever🙋
frankensteinlives 25 dias atrás
Please do a pitch meeting for Sex & The City
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner 25 dias atrás
Do always sunny in Philadelphia
Aydolov zpeed
Aydolov zpeed 25 dias atrás
Please do Trailer Park Boyz!
HoggyBear Thoughts
HoggyBear Thoughts 25 dias atrás
So you have a new show for me. Yeah its called Living Single 2. Oh I don't like that Well its about a group of friends living in New York like Living Single. Let's just call it Friends then. And we should probably just make all the characters white.
Mighty MOSA
Mighty MOSA 26 dias atrás
Watching in 2021 and comparing to newer "Pitch meeting"......... The Pitch in the dialogue has changed.
Barton Barbee
Barton Barbee 27 dias atrás
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karthi Kevin
karthi Kevin 27 dias atrás
Do a friends reunion pitch meeting
Sharath Kumar
Sharath Kumar 27 dias atrás
Guys please do the how I met your mother's pitch meeting
CHARLES LYLES 27 dias atrás
Idk.. this sitcom sounds very similar to another show in the same production studio about single who live together
Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS
When he pauses to think and says "nothing" after the clap, it reminded me of Abed from Community.
Yarbloco 23 dias atrás
true haha, that tilt
Isaac Beeby
Isaac Beeby 28 dias atrás
3:02 Wait until he pitches Two and a Half Men. Charlie Harper has entered the chat.
hitesh kumar
hitesh kumar 28 dias atrás
can someone explain me the clapping joke? is it related to FRIENDS or any old Pitch meeting?
hitesh kumar
hitesh kumar 27 dias atrás
@AJ Hey, thanks man. Now I got it.
AJ 27 dias atrás
You not got that awesome reference? Just watch the Friends tv show's intro. BRvid it if you need to. You'll see without me ruining it for you. 😉
It'sGood 29 dias atrás
I actually had an Egyptologist with a PhD as part of my friend group. So there Ryan.
janrdoh 29 dias atrás
Yeah it's 2021 and it's coming back.
Kat Kerr
Kat Kerr 29 dias atrás
I wish I could love this, nice job
zBasilisk 29 dias atrás
"Super easy, barely and inconvenience"
Brooklyn Bred
Brooklyn Bred Mês atrás
All this time I thought the show was called PRIVLEGED... or Krackers
Bojokowski Mês atrás
Complain about no bra is gay af. Not that I didn’t already think yous was gay, buh now I know
Urnd Fdj
Urnd Fdj Mês atrás
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