Free Nationals, Mac Miller, Kali Uchis - Time (Audio)

free nationals
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Official Audio by Free Nationals, Mac Miller, Kali Uchis - Time. © 2019 OBE, LLC / EMPIRE
#FreeNationals #MacMiller #KaliUchis


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12 Jun 2019



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Comentários 2 042
The Little Itty Bitty Pity Show
Kali, there’s nothing, I Mean Nothin! , that even comes near a comparison! Hands down - No Debate, ...and Don’t Even try ! Because it can’t be done! Hasn’t been done, let alone attempted to compete or bring it to the table Kali , Your The One....... The ONLY One!
Juan Mejia
Juan Mejia 7 dias atrás
I miss him so much bru
Winekyrocks 14 dias atrás
Very inspired from mac demarco some other ones
Adolfo Tristan 67
Adolfo Tristan 67 18 dias atrás
"What you won't do for love" sample at then end or is that just me?
Denise Williams
Denise Williams 20 dias atrás
loooooveee this song esp kali band ever
Nightmarish 23 dias atrás
Free Nationals and Kali Uchis should make an album together. Kali's voice complements this band's sound perfectly.
STARTER GANG 24 dias atrás
Zion Zein
Zion Zein 25 dias atrás
moi mä oon Ali! :)
bean ana
bean ana 26 dias atrás
I get chills everytime I hear mac's voice
blazed camille
blazed camille 26 dias atrás
clothilde_ hwt
clothilde_ hwt 26 dias atrás
The perfect duet🧡wish mac was still here....
Melissa Mitchell
Melissa Mitchell 28 dias atrás
Seems like this song foreshadows Mac's and Ariana's relationship/break up and shines a hopeful light to a future of them reuniting ...remember her tweet stating "...I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be. I have cared for him and tried to support his sobriety and prayed for his balance for years (and always will of course)..."
Cierra Mês atrás
“We could take it to the day that I saw you On your way to the tooppppp”
Cierra Mês atrás
I appreciate the Harmony😊 🎼🎤
Eduardo Nunes
Eduardo Nunes Mês atrás
Parabéns 🎉 tudo na paz
Sue Wojciechowski
Sue Wojciechowski Mês atrás
Sooo good to hear a new Mac song.....MISSING THAT MAN
valio verga
valio verga Mês atrás
Todos los dias escuchandote Mac!
chris shuler
chris shuler Mês atrás
Just imagine the smile on macs face while working on this, he mustve been vibin hard to this shit. That picture would be priceless
Bastian Brooks
Bastian Brooks Mês atrás
"It's been a while and I'm leaving here for now but I'll make it better when you see me..."
Bastian Brooks
Bastian Brooks Mês atrás
"It's been a while and I'm leaving here for now but I'll make it better when you see me..."
Kelli Elaine ?
Kelli Elaine ? Mês atrás
I will forever miss the talent of this man. Rest Mr. Mac Miller. Thank U for being music to my ears!
Will Saif
Will Saif Mês atrás
Scrolled through comments for a few mins didn't see any like hunters now that's how it should be haha RIP MM keep on jammin in the clouds homie
Grip Mês atrás
At least they aint milking him like XXXTENTACION. Rip to both legends.
j m
j m Mês atrás
talent, just pure talent 👏👏👏👏
brandon .pariseau
brandon .pariseau 2 meses atrás
Rip homie you will be missed and always live on
Chris Montano
Chris Montano 2 meses atrás
The 1.7k people that disliked never took the time to grow
Marlon Galeana
Marlon Galeana 2 meses atrás
We miss u
Nick Omeasoo
Nick Omeasoo 2 meses atrás
Dam, I miss Malcolm.. 😒😔
Autumn Poole
Autumn Poole 3 meses atrás
Rest In Peace Mac 🙏🏾
Lyell Browne
Lyell Browne 3 meses atrás
My jam rn
Juniorr Lopez
Juniorr Lopez 3 meses atrás
RIP Mac Miller
Cole Wu
Cole Wu 3 meses atrás
SmooveOvaEast 3 meses atrás
R. I. P Mac Miller
Jake Sterland
Jake Sterland 3 meses atrás
This is incredible. But play it on 1.25 speed..... wow
JAY OK BEATS 3 meses atrás
I feel like I'm sitting at the beach during a sunset reflecting on the beauty of life
Unknown FlatEarther
Unknown FlatEarther 3 meses atrás
Macormick best friend i had
Lavender Rose
Lavender Rose 3 meses atrás
Been listening to this for at least a good 2 hours, this is seriously a song you cannot get bored of listening to
Przepoczwarzenie 3 meses atrás
That's most appeling and funky song about toxic relationship ever x)
Carlos Valdiviezo
Carlos Valdiviezo 3 meses atrás
Excellent song the voice of Kali make more exceptional
Daphne English
Daphne English 3 meses atrás
Why does one not find out or appreciate gems like this until an artist passes away🙄 I did the same with Amy Winehouse🤦🏾‍♀️ I'm sure I'm not the only person whose done that. Guess I suffer from” living under a rock syndrome at times🤔
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