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France v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 61

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France booked their place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final thanks to a goal from Samuel Umtiti.
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10 Jul 2018



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Comentários 20 387
Canal JH
Canal JH 18 horas atrás
Essa foi a final antecipada da copa, kkkk foi um grande jogo
Keve Szlávik
Keve Szlávik 19 horas atrás
1:00-1:06 best
Alison Lourenço
Alison Lourenço 19 horas atrás
France just can win buying the cups
i will get 100,000 subscribers by only comments.
Real Madrid got Courtois.
Fired_Phoenix Gaming TV
0:06 *_Hazar_*
John Connor
John Connor 2 dias atrás
It was just like WW2 when they let Africans die fighting and the french took the credit. Now 2018 the French are back with their tactics , letting Africans play for them because they can’t hit a ball themselfs.
TheBluePotato 3 dias atrás
Lol Umtidi’s goal celebration haha
zac h
zac h 3 dias atrás
This and the argentina game was way more harder for france as croatia lost 4-2
Emanuel Haluska
Emanuel Haluska 3 dias atrás
Belgium definitelly deserved to win this match... but luck in sport was on French side
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres Dia atrás
Ehh. If you see the stats France were actually better.
Küçükçekmece Spor F.C
Orospu çocuğu Fransa ananızı sikiyim
Adriel Paixão
Adriel Paixão 4 dias atrás
*_0:58_**_ The same goal against brazil ... to do what, the world of laps, I am Brazilian and I am very proud to be_*
Krillin 5 dias atrás
Nothing but negros and arabs playing.
L' invisible
L' invisible 3 dias atrás
Nothing but Racist Nazi.
BaixaMemoria 6 dias atrás
Sy'hdow'heldkww? Ho'la Frien'ds
K C 6 dias atrás
Giroud a pas totalement fait de la merde, c'est juste qu'à chaque occasion qu'il a eue, il se faisait contrer par un tacle.
grill38 7 dias atrás
congratulations France World cup deserved!
RyuHoshi93 8 dias atrás
France didn't deserve to be in the finals, Belgium vs Croatia was gonna be best match, France was a hindrance in this match, this cup should've won Belgium or Croatia, not France!
L' invisible
L' invisible 6 dias atrás
+RyuHoshi93 Then you know that what i am saying is true😉
RyuHoshi93 6 dias atrás
+L' invisible yes, I did
L' invisible
L' invisible 7 dias atrás
+RyuHoshi93 Bullshit dude. Did you saw the entire match? France was strong they had 4 more occasion than them even if they had 40% of possession. Our Defending and our goalkeeper stop all their occasion
RyuHoshi93 7 dias atrás
+grill38 You pissed because I said the pure truth, this world cup was awful, Belgium vs Croatia would be very epic final, I wanted a new champion like them, France already won a cup but winning the same teams like France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Italy is boring. I was happy Italy is out of world cup and Germany was eliminated in group stage it happed for scoring 7 goals to Brazil.
grill38 7 dias atrás
blablabla keep quiet stupid hater you won a world cup by scoring goals
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 8 dias atrás
I think belguim is more of a competion for france than croatia
Steven_ gaming
Steven_ gaming 9 dias atrás
Koragh 10 dias atrás
once again corrupted fifa ceased the cup to the one who payed the most congratulations france you cheated your way to the first place like in 1999 when you drugged ronaldo
L' invisible
L' invisible 10 dias atrás
Once again a guy who don't like France and can't respect their Tournament. Crying because France was Strong, saying Bullshit complotist illuminati or what ever that never appened Because you don't have argument than liying.
Rene Verlaine
Rene Verlaine 10 dias atrás
3 finals in 20 years. 2 stars, and I can tell you we will win a third maybe not the next one but we will win a 3rd. While you are just playing the keyboard warrior. Allez les bleus, you have the “seum”,
Ariel Prado
Ariel Prado 10 dias atrás
Final France VS Belgium 😍
odroñaP 9 dias atrás
??? Not Is the final
Mera9one 12 dias atrás
Aha après sa osait dire que la France avait pas d’actions 👏👏
Masoud Mansori
Masoud Mansori 12 dias atrás
0:35 Pavard does not pass to Griezmann 0:50 Giroud does not pass to Griezmann 1:44 Pogba does not pass to Griezmann
Van Dong Nguyen
Van Dong Nguyen 13 dias atrás
Jarod Oklm
Jarod Oklm 13 dias atrás
ZENO SAMA™ 13 dias atrás
Suck Belgium hahaha
Mega Cat
Mega Cat 14 dias atrás
They will get revenge... MARK MY WORDS THEY WILL WIN 2-1
SkyMatsTwist 11 dias atrás
They will, I promise
Tristen Ferrier
Tristen Ferrier 15 dias atrás
Samuel umti celbratetion is the best
Sophie 15 dias atrás
Alley ley bloeu 😂
사람 16 dias atrás
와....두팀다 ㅈㄹ쎄네
Sishila Rai
Sishila Rai 16 dias atrás
France was cheater to win cup
G G 16 dias atrás
sp0uk0z0re 16 dias atrás
Quand tu regardes les actions celle de Giroud et Tolisso, bon tolisso a la rigueur tu peu te dire c'est pas role de marquer. Mais Giroud lol le cadeau de Mbappé pour un attaquant l'erreur à été son contrôle de trop et sa vitesse de tortue, il y a pas de contrôle a faire elle se tape au but sans aucune touche de balle et c'est but easy. Giroud nul a chier
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - 18 dias atrás
Good job France 💪 you was the best team during this WC ⭐⭐🏆
Rajib Pathan
Rajib Pathan 18 dias atrás
Brave Belgium
Matei Serban
Matei Serban 18 dias atrás
🇫🇷 3 🇧🇪 4
Matei Serban
Matei Serban 18 dias atrás
🇫🇷 1 🇧🇪 0
Зубр студио
Зубр студио 18 dias atrás
Have hihlights in this match ? 😂😂😂
BAD BOY XxGAMER 19 dias atrás
If belgium beaten france then theve 99% beaten croatia
Maria M
Maria M 19 dias atrás
Belgium had a really good goalie for the 2018 Russian World Cup
Jitu Singh
Jitu Singh 20 dias atrás
Belgium deserved to win
Diego A Fagoaga
Diego A Fagoaga 20 dias atrás
Umtiti’s victory walk is amazing! 😂
Nelio Damasceno
Nelio Damasceno 20 dias atrás
lose belgium
Citizen Goose
Citizen Goose 21 dia atrás
Africa vs Belgium
L' invisible
L' invisible 17 dias atrás
Racist Nazi
Le Sri
Le Sri 18 dias atrás
Belgium = Congo
JONNATHAS Lima 21 dia atrás
Vai TUMAR NO CU Bélgica
TheWolverineX2 22 dias atrás
You couldn’t get better balls sent in by de Bruyne, Mertens, and hazard. Great game by both sides overall
Bangladeshi Ligend
Bangladeshi Ligend 22 dias atrás
Actually France won the World Cup after they beat Belgium, the Final against Croatia was just a formality
RevivedSoul 5 horas atrás
Dooon think it was that easy. Croatia won 3-0 against Argentina. They also had bond of signature name having ch or sh hahaha.
Ahmad Asnawi
Ahmad Asnawi 23 dias atrás
Witsel rocket shot.
Nick Kruger
Nick Kruger 24 dias atrás
France played great in 2018.
ponce claude
ponce claude 24 dias atrás
les belges ont lourdement critiquer mais ils ont eu de la chance de ne pas s'en prendre deux ou trois….
Bas Bulckaen
Bas Bulckaen 24 dias atrás
🖤💛❤️the best by far🖤💛❤️
Nic Lemus
Nic Lemus 24 dias atrás
Congrats Africa
L' invisible
L' invisible 22 dias atrás
Racist Nazi
Muhammad Andrew
Muhammad Andrew 25 dias atrás
Unlucky Belgium...
Julius Dablo
Julius Dablo 26 dias atrás
That game expected to be in the finals because of their game
MIRAC LEGEND 28 dias atrás
1:40 look varane (4)
Simplyguys 28 dias atrás
1:34 fault for me ?
Ian Leo
Ian Leo 29 dias atrás
I remember everyone went crazy over that outrageous pass by Mbappe 1:14
Florian Das Neves
Florian Das Neves 29 dias atrás
Le geste technique de Mbappé à la 56ème (1:14) est juste brillant. Si Giroud met le but du 2-0 à ce moment-là, c'est l'un des gestes de la compétition.
Con cu Xinh xắn
Con cu Xinh xắn Mês atrás
Im vietnam like France
Yunus Ahmad
Yunus Ahmad Mês atrás
I love football
Reese Kovach
Reese Kovach Mês atrás
1:51 Spencer FC?
Ante Tadic
Ante Tadic Mês atrás
1:40 poor Varane the ball almost hit him
MikeReyesTv Mês atrás
Que viva el fútbol!
Bullex N
Bullex N Mês atrás
The final before final
FaZe Miller GamesYT
Allons-y France!!
Za Dom Spremni!
Za Dom Spremni! Mês atrás
No matter how many times you watch it, Hazards shots don’t go in.
Raijas Raiju
Raijas Raiju Mês atrás
France 🇫🇷 and, best teams
MISTER BOY Mês atrás
Apa itu ada Bendera Malaysia Emang Malaysia ikut piala dunia emang di russia
hola papu 17
hola papu 17 Mês atrás
god pavard
Mohan Zaveri
Mohan Zaveri Mês atrás
1:03 is when pogba tries to get a new dance
HN Mobile
HN Mobile Mês atrás
Tugiyo Tugiyo
Tugiyo Tugiyo Mês atrás
umtiti good
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - Mês atrás
🌟🌟 UMTITI 🌟🌟
Smriti Lamech
Smriti Lamech Mês atrás
I hope Belgium win the World cup soon..
lets vlogit
lets vlogit Mês atrás
I feel sorry for Belgium I think they were better than Croatia
Type Thorn
Type Thorn Mês atrás
definitely deserved better than 3rd place. I mean Croatia is great but Belgium and France were on another level, but Croatia was great dont get me wrong
Edison Rexhmati
Edison Rexhmati Mês atrás
1:14 That pass from Mbappe. Amazing sublime.
Ayush Saha
Ayush Saha Mês atrás
Support indian football
Ayush Saha
Ayush Saha Mês atrás
Support indian football
younes achak
younes achak Mês atrás
Fuck France
L' invisible
L' invisible Mês atrás
Fuck you
asddf435vgf Mês atrás
Why there are so many whites in the stands? Racist supporters...
malashen Mês atrás
As a local fan from St. Petersburg, I watched this game at the stadium, having paid $800 for the ticket. A rather disappointing game it was, Brazil - France would have been a cracker. The French team was good, but really nothing outstanding. Their fans were even more disappointing. Just a handful came and quickly left after the match. The Swedes showed more respect for their team in the 1/16 final. There were many more Brazilian fans who stayed in the stadium after the game cheering for their team that had been eliminated. If this were not a supposedly "historic" 1/2 WC game, I would have thought I threw my money away.
malashen Mês atrás
I still rememer the time of Platini - Tigana - Giresse - not only in relation to that generation, but also relative to Zidane's team, this France looks mediocre.
Rhea dela Cruz
Rhea dela Cruz Mês atrás
The battle of 2 french speaking countries
Max born
Max born Mês atrás
I thought lloris win the golden glove
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier Mês atrás
Tu lui règlera ton conte
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier Mês atrás
Il y a un pote qui te traite de tortue ninja
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier Mês atrás
M bappé je suis un fan de toi
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier Mês atrás
Allez les bleu
Ella Haha
Ella Haha Mês atrás
Belgium would smash Croatia.
Josh ua Jr
Josh ua Jr Mês atrás
rizzik izzi
rizzik izzi Mês atrás
Giroud ne sert vraiment a rien du tout je suis content qu'il est pleuré a la fin parce qu’il n'as pas marqué un seul but de toute la compétition , il c'est rendu compte de son manque de talent.
L' invisible
L' invisible Mês atrás
Mec sérieusement? Il a réussi à prendre les occasions. Et il a pleuré parce qu'on gagné.. T'est hors sujet.
# just do it
# just do it Mês atrás
1:59 master of first touch
Alivia Chaudhuri
Alivia Chaudhuri Mês atrás
What a boring stupid gam9
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain Mês atrás
Anyone else miss the world cup?
Paul Liu
Paul Liu Mês atrás
This was the final, the other final was suck !!
Krypto Mês atrás
Africa vs belgium
L' invisible
L' invisible Mês atrás
+bushido 596 what do you mean by that?
bushido 596
bushido 596 Mês atrás
+L' invisible unfortunately realistic
L' invisible
L' invisible Mês atrás
Racist Nazi
Hoeben 17
Hoeben 17 Mês atrás
Belgium Plays football and France not And the best player of France was the referee
L' invisible
L' invisible Mês atrás
Said the salty one because he don't have argument.
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - Mês atrás
stop crying like a girl ;-) belgium don't deserved to go in final
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - Mês atrás
Muhaimin the psg fans
Umtiti scores
Gil Eletro
Gil Eletro Mês atrás
y love you pogba
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