Fortunes of Hard Work: Why You Should Never Give Up

Rick Beato
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In the spring of 1980 something happened that was to alter the course of my life forever. I have told only a couple of my closest friends about this and no one in my family has ever heard this. I thought i would share it with you. Thank you for being here for me!

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26 Jan 2017



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Jon Parker
Jon Parker 3 anos atrás
Rick Beato, you honestly literally save people from suicide. Your enthusiasm and genuine humility is absolutely contagious. You are an embodied Angel!!!🔮
Nazmo King
Nazmo King 4 anos atrás
I’ve noticed that even the people that subscribe to this channel seem intelligent, insightful abd humble, just like yourself Rick. You’re attracting some really sharp folks. It’s one of the things I really like about this channel.
Sno Man
Sno Man 4 anos atrás
"It was unbearable but it did not deter me." Gave me chills for a month, I found this at a great time, thank you man.
chamak dewan
chamak dewan 5 anos atrás
I have no possible explanation.But when i see and hear Mr. Rick Beato, it feels like he is the Musician Godfather I never had. So, thank you Unc Beato. You are awesome.
jivan bansi
jivan bansi 14 dias atrás
Professor Beato
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 5 anos atrás
You’re welcome!
MartianTom 2 anos atrás
Hi Rick. I've just commented on your recent Fortunes of Failure video - which is what led me to this. Again, I can relate. I was clearly a bright and imaginative child, and learned to read, write and tell the time before I started 1st Grade. But I failed abysmally at school. I couldn't grasp so much of what was being crammed into us. I was bullied, labeled a dunce and a failure, and finally left at age 15 with no qualifications. I went to work as a farm labourer, which was practically the only job I could get. I accepted that I must be 'thick'... and yet there was something inside me that told me there was far more to it - and that I'd been failed rather than the other way around. Fast-forward to 23: I take an IQ test and am admitted to Mensa, with an IQ of 158. Ten years later, I graduate from university with an Honours degree in English and American Literature. I've gone on to become a published writer... and also (at the late age of 56) to discover that I have Asperger's Syndrome. This latter accounts for many of the problems I've encountered in life, right from first starting school: social interaction, social communication, methods of learning, depression and anxiety, etc. But I've come through. I gone ahead in spite of the obstacles. I've proven all those teachers, critics and nay-sayers wrong. Good message, my friend. Don't give up. Follow your own head, and follow your own path. Success and fortune are relative concepts, and take many shapes. Only by pressing ahead with life, and rising above the failures, can we truly discover what this whole thing is all about... and why we, as individuals, are here.
Anwyll Music
Anwyll Music 6 anos atrás
Hey a great story teller! That is a gift in itself.
Ash St. John Music
Ash St. John Music 6 anos atrás
Anwyll Music agreed
Paddy Cautela
Paddy Cautela 6 anos atrás
Thank you Rick ! I'm 41yo looking to finally doing a bachelors degree in music . Cheers :)
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 3 anos atrás
A-MA-ZING! Just re-started guitar after 28 years at 42, this time just for myself.
Russell Rideout
Russell Rideout 3 anos atrás
Did you do it?
Larry Hinze
Larry Hinze 3 anos atrás
Don't give up!
dasein 4 anos atrás
@Paolo Paganelli Guitar why do you want or need a degree?
Matt McIntyre
Matt McIntyre 4 anos atrás
Brian Dietrich
Brian Dietrich 5 anos atrás
Thank you Rick. It took me three tries to get accepted by the US Navy for a commision as an Officer. Never give up on your dreams!
Pherotone Studios
Pherotone Studios 4 anos atrás
How can anyone give this a thumbs down! What an incredible story and it cements the fact that you should never give up. This is an amazing channel Rick and that was an amazing story. Thank you for sharing
Barış Akpolat
Barış Akpolat 6 anos atrás
As a music journalist who lives with music and tries to learn and discover as much as possible about music, i'm really interested in your your stories. Please keep on spending time for us. Please keep on telling us your eyes opening, mind expanding stories on music. Thanks for sharing Rick.
Franco Bonanni
Franco Bonanni 4 anos atrás
Thank you so much for you story it is inspiring. Beethoven had few real lesson...and I believe he is an auto didactic. Yet his genius went a long way over. The same with Gershwin. I try my best but not enough...I play well butmy compositions are me out if you can.
Dave Pinskey
Dave Pinskey 2 anos atrás
I was listening to your story about your personal history and love how inspirational it is. How you persevered despite being rejected and how you were even accepted as a peer to play beside your music teacher, Steve is just awesome. Then when you mentioned playing at a bar in Elmira, New York, I couldn’t help but wonder if it might have been the same little bar at which a band I drummed for back in ‘84 had also played. Can’t remember the name, but will never forget that we drove all the way up from Harrisburg, PA and there was a big snowstorm that night and we wound up playing for just two girls who had braved the storm to come out and they just sat there and just quietly stared at us the whole night.When we finished playing our sets the girls approached us while we were striking our gear and said, “ You guys are the best bend we have ever seen.” To which I responded, “ Thanks, but we couldn’t really tell if you liked us or not. You didn’t clap or anything.” Anyway, that’s my Elmira, NY story. Gotta love Rock n Roll. Doesn’t matter if you play for two people or thousands. Play it like you mean it and people will love it!
MarloweDK - Bass lessons, licks and low notes
Great story Rick, and the bottom line is ever valid. Regarding myself - 30% talent plus 70% hard work has gotten me pretty far , and still now age 56, i practice al the time and learn new instruments as well
Astra 9 meses atrás
​@lotusholder sorry but have to somewhat agree with colossus here. There are countless people who have worked hard and got nowhere. There are also some that worked hard and got lucky enough to make it. But as you can probably tell, they're still in the overwhelming minority. You should realize that being underappreciated for the hard work you put into your craft is something that only happens to artists/musicians. I'd say if you have the opportunity to switch to a different career you should definitely go for it and stop wasting your time. There are a lot more failure stories than success ones in the music industry unfortunately.
Remy Elliot
Remy Elliot Anos atrás
Sorry to be so offtopic but does any of you know of a tool to get back into an Instagram account..? I was dumb forgot my password. I appreciate any tips you can offer me!
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen Anos atrás
Again....if you are trying to make me like ypu. Its working. How about F sharp!
lotusholder Anos atrás
@Downtown Billy and The New Jive Five So I stand by my statement that fulfilling one's range (and by that I mean, reasonably maxing out what's realistically possible for a person facing all of the limits in the actual world, internal and external) depends upon oneself- even if that means being a very talented musician or artist or comic or nurse or whatever, who still can't quit their day job and/or reach a larger audience because they weren't given what others were.
Peter Land
Peter Land 6 anos atrás
your humility and willingness to share gives much strength to so many other people! :) thank you!!
Dale Kay
Dale Kay 2 anos atrás
@Rick Beato Wow, the audio is so much better now. I only started following about a year and a half ago. I absolutely love your channel and can't get enough. I've been playing drums since 1999, and guitar since around 2005. I'm from Cincinnati, OH but I actually lived in Atlanta for 7 years. I was in 3 active band at one point while living in ATL. All 3 bands were different styles as well which really helped with keeping my chops up. One band was indie-psychedelic rock, one was hip-hop with live instruments, and the third was pop-rock with a slight country-ish flare and a female vocalist Sydney Eloise and her equally amazing and talented boyfriend and producer/ studio owner Damon Moon. Damon produced and tracked the other two bands I was in and it was a pleasure playing with Damon and Sydney. I truly believe her album is good enough to have made it onto the charts to this day. It was my first time playing drum parts that were wrote by someone else and it was a big eye opener and helped me greatly. Anyways---- I REALLY wish I would have known of you when I lived down there. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have met you and/or especially had the chance to record at your studio. Do you still use your studio to record projects? I've been sitting on a pile of solo songs that I've had from 2006-2020 and I've actually narrowed them all down to a 6 song EP titled "Knock, Nock, Nocturnal" but I've kinky demoed the songs on garage band on my phone and have always wanted to record them properly in a real studio setting. Keep up the great work Rick, I hope you know you bring a lot of knowledge and more importantly possibly, JOY to many peoples lives. Thanks for all the work that goes into to these videos. Sincerely, Dale Kay P.S.- Also running track helped in your trajectory of your path as well. Wild how life works.
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 6 anos atrás
+Peter Land Thank you Peter!
Skeletons Horror
Skeletons Horror 2 anos atrás
You bring so much joy to my life. I’ve been making art for 35 years and it’s not a lifestyle for the faint of heart. I can tell you’ve been through the ups and downs so your videos mean that much more. God bless you and your family! 💀🔥
Donna Oberlin
Donna Oberlin 2 anos atrás
If you want to go to music school, make sure you have a teacher who has a degree or knows what it’s like to audition. That being said, sometimes underachievers need the incentive of a failure to make them realize their potential. The sting of failure is a real motivator for some people. Look how far Beato has come just on grit alone- love it!
Hamand Vaid
Hamand Vaid 6 anos atrás
Rick, this is a grand tale of high adventure and youthful innocence, and I am tremendously grateful for you posting it. A truly beautiful story.
Lisa Eischens
Lisa Eischens Anos atrás
My depression has really been God awful this last year. I was teaching myself the guitar for 3 years until last March and now I’m trying to get myself to pick it back up and feel that joy again that comes from accomplishing something that you’ve always wanted to do. Thanks for your story.
Lucas Fagervik
Lucas Fagervik 6 anos atrás
Thank you so much Rick. I am 15 years old and my biggest dream is to become a music-composer. I learn almost everything from your videos. So again, thank you for sharing this great story
Ricky Poindexter
Ricky Poindexter Anos atrás
You should be around 20 now. How goes your journey?
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 3 anos atrás
You are already doing at least one thing right, listen to people who have walked the walk and overcome struggles. Keep going!
Stephen Lennartz
Stephen Lennartz 3 anos atrás
Hi Lucas. How is your music/composition progressing? Wishing you the very best!
Lucas Fagervik
Lucas Fagervik 6 anos atrás
Thank you. I will:)
Sean Webber
Sean Webber 2 anos atrás
Any viewers of Rick's really owe it to themselves to watch this. Such a great story.
tripp 2 anos atrás
Rick , you are the rare combo of someone who is popular & a real guy. Usually its one or the other. Thanks for spreading your knowledge and love of music.
Pip Borthwick
Pip Borthwick 3 anos atrás
I've been playing music since 1997 and never had any real success. I'm 34 now and just feel like music is my escape. I will always play and love music as long as I can. A passion for life out weighs any money in my mind. I couldn't imagine a record label on my case for a second album. I write songs when I want, for me. I'm not really bothered if people like my stuff because I've been doing it so long just for me. Music really is the greatest thing in my eyes.
Wilmer Lebron
Wilmer Lebron 6 anos atrás
Rick!! What an amazing story! It reminds me so much of my own story!! I failed to get to the Conservatory of Music from were I'm from TWICE!! But, I made it happen on the third try!! It was so frustrating and depressing but I faugh through it!! Thanks for the story! I really appreciate it!! 🎸🎶
Li 5 anos atrás
it's the last time that counts though ;)))
Juan Sebastian Cortes
Juan Sebastian Cortes 6 anos atrás
me too, i was rejected 3 times at the conservatory,
Karlo Palenzuela
Karlo Palenzuela 2 anos atrás
This the best motivational and touching Rick Beato video! And the heartbreaking blockages in our path just makes us tougher because of our calling to touch people's lives through the power of Music and Salute to Rick for keeping the fire burning! Nothing can ever Stop our creativity and this story is a testimony!
Warmer 6 anos atrás
Great story. Someone told me once, "If you want to make a living making art for yourself, give it ten years. It takes a long time to build up your voice/sound/perspective and hone it into something worth paying for."
Chris Brush
Chris Brush 2 anos atrás
Wow, this hits me in the gut! So many parallels to my own early story. As a fellow Rochesterian, I was very familiar with Fredonia and Ithaca, those were schools I also considered. I too relied on talented friends to help me learn to teach myself guitar out in Webster. I learned mainly by ear, but was interested in reading, but never really found a teacher who I could relate to. I knew I had talent, but had no idea how to make use of it besides writing songs and improvising. Meanwhile I listened nonstop to Miles, Weather Report, Genesis and Zeppelin. A couple years later, I struggled with learning and *understanding* the repertoire for college auditions. Part of it was that I didn’t see a reason to study a single instrument (guitar) to the exclusion of everything else related to music - e.g. composing, recording, arranging, soundtrack work, etc. At that time, (and in my little bubble in Webster) finding a path in music seemed abstract - literally nobody knew any more than I did. I look back now and wonder why it was so hard to get good information? Anyway, once I realized that I wouldn’t be able to compete with students who had been basically groomed for the process their entire life, I gave up on studying music at that time and gravitated toward media and film studies, which allowed me to stay involved in music on many levels. But part of me was still unfulfilled. So as a sophomore at SUNY Buffalo, I remember seeing my guidance counselor about it, and remember him telling me to give up trying to study music because the acceptance process was too rigorous and it was too late. The coda is this: a month before graduation, I ventured to the music school one day (to see John Cage - I was lucky enough to meet him and spend time talking with him in an anechoic chamber there, which is quite pithy if you know Cage’s work). Anyway, afterward I stumbled into a rehearsal studio and spoke with a professor there about my media studies and what was next for me. When I told him about my experience trying get a chance to study music at UB, he told me that my guidance counselor should have known that there is a COMPOSITION major at UB which would have been a perfect fit for me and had no audition required. I’m not blaming him, because I should have been more curious, but I’ll never forget how I felt at that moment. Such a dunce! Eventually I was able to parlay my media studies to get work in the music recording field and worked in Rochester at PCI and as a freelance engineer and assistant for film and video production, which allowed me to work on interesting recordings with top musicians. Bottom line is: listen to Rick and don’t just give up. Ask questions and question authority.
Ross Gooding
Ross Gooding 3 anos atrás
That is a fantastic story. Sometimes keeping our embarrassments private or to ourselves helps us move forward easier. Kick the mud of our troubled experiences off our feet. Tuck the temporary shame away and move on! Deep inside Rick KNEW he had the talent and by keeping his head up (and on straight) he made his ambition into reality. Through adversity man is introduced to himself. Well Done!!
HadesZerox 2 anos atrás
I'm glad you didn't quit, because you inspire us all to be better musician and actually teach us, thanks for sharing your experiences! The journey goes on!
Ukulele Foote
Ukulele Foote 6 anos atrás
As a Cubs fan and someone who quit on music once, this man is absolutely on point! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Thank you sir. Lovely story.
Brian Martin
Brian Martin 4 anos atrás
As an experienced musician of over 30 years on multiple instruments, I so very much enjoy your videos. There is little you can teach me, but there is some you can, which I appreciate. Just wanted to say "Thank You" for doing what you're doing!
Ralph Valenzisi
Ralph Valenzisi 6 anos atrás
Rick, not sure if you remember but I was one of your first students back in 87 at Ithaca . I remember many nights watching you play at places like the Nines or in the student Center and your relentlessness to make sure all of us who studied with you worked hard to achieve our goals. The passion that you instilled in me helped me in getting a degree in Jazz Guitar( I transferred out to DePaul) but your work ethic actually stuck with me and has helped me become successful in education as an administrator ( my career for the last 20 + years). It's great to see your passion has not changed - keep it up!
Lantanana 3 anos atrás
That story almost made my stomach hurt while you were trying out the first time. It is such an emotional and and scary thing to fly away from home the first time. I did not have an easy go of it either, finding my way in life. Thank goodness we only have to go through that one time. The whole time I was wishing someone had give you more guidance, but at the same time, too much guidance makes people weaklings, so perhaps it is best for it to be hard at first. I am glad everything worked out for you in the end! I am really enjoying your channel, btw.
E. Herrera Jr.
E. Herrera Jr. 4 anos atrás
Wow!! Thank you Rick! I'm 53 years old and still grinding, practicing, taking private jazz piano lessons and classical, and dreaming of becoming a professional. Thank you for your motivation! I will keep going.......I got married at the age of right away.......and the responsibilities of life took precedent over my passion for music.....but I'm in a different place now.......I'm dreaming of retiring soon from work and doing music full time.....your story is a breath of fresh air.....never give up on your dream! (I live in Massachusetts and have wondered the halls of New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music..........It's so amazing!!!)
Trondog 9 meses atrás
Oh man Rick this was a incredible story , I felt so bad for the terrible rejection from Steve the professor almost brought a tear to my eye , but your ability to persevere and focus was phenomenal I salute you Rick and thank for sharing this story with us. ….paul t
Marvin Querido
Marvin Querido 6 anos atrás
You are an inspiration. Every aspiring musician who got rejected should hear your story. Profoundly grateful that you shared this.
Ross Craig
Ross Craig 6 meses atrás
Grit, persistence, and the willingness that you have to pick yourself up and try again...Man....My man, you are a one of a kind. I'm beyond grateful in knowing that your insight on a topic is always going to be right there for when I find myself in a rut. Learning from you has moved mountains in me. You can't get something like that from just anyone. I am very happy and grateful. Some say it's the little things in life that make you happy, but this concept of what you do is no where near the same vicinity as something badass.
Satindar Chandra
Satindar Chandra 4 anos atrás
Idk if anyone else feels this way but we are so lucky to have people like Rick on BRvid. Like there is so much content on BRvid, a lot of it is nothing more than just distraction. Rick is like the music amongst all the noise.
Michelle Ellis
Michelle Ellis 6 anos atrás
Great Story.. It's in your blood and once it is, you can't deny it.. ❤
Caio Valente
Caio Valente 4 anos atrás
God really used your story to inspire others! I was about to quit playing the violin a few weeks ago, and when I put my ego aside, and started to think about all the things I learned in just one year and the way I still can improve, I stood up and continued studying! I'm a great fan of yours Rick! Keep on inspiring other people and being a great professional!
CJ E 2 anos atrás
Thanks Rick for sharing. Your story is amazingly inspirational. I’m 58, and while I never learned to play an instrument, I’m watching your educational videos to learn music - and perhaps even learn to play the electric bass (my family bought one for me for Christmas awhile back in hopes that I might learn to play it, so far it’s collected a ton of dust).
Tom Norris
Tom Norris 5 anos atrás
I don’t really ever comment on videos on BRvid, but I recently failed a big exam I’ve been studying for over the past 4 months. It’s really great how the universe seems to drop real good shtuff in front of you when you need it most. Thanks Rick
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 3 anos atrás
Nobody ever prepares you for how tough rejection/failure is regarding something your whole heart burns for, thanks a lot for sharing this story. It really pushes you towards fear of failure, shame, and all the bad feelings you want to avoid. You are such a good example of how valuable it is to work through stuff rather than looking for work-arounds. P.S.: Your parents probably knew all along it didn't go well while you carried that story around with you. :) PPS: If that video won't have you reaching for tissues the comments will.
Kass McGann
Kass McGann Anos atrás
Sometimes you need a rejection to really cement your resolve and make you realise you really want to do this. Thanks for sharing your story with the world!
Barbara Sullivan
Barbara Sullivan Anos atrás
What an inspiring story Rick. Thank you for sharing your story. Life has strange twists and turns. Funny how the universe works because your story came across to me today when I needed to hear it. My 20-ish yr. daughter is having some difficulties, one being school. I'm going to share your story with her later today. I feel it may give her some honest insight on dealing with her troubles at the moment in a positive way. Thanks.
Luca Biolzi
Luca Biolzi 5 anos atrás
You are everything I ever wanted to be. I only wish I had discovered your channel before quitting music... but I feel blessed you're out there, anyway. Your videos, tutorials and stories make my days better and musical, everyday.
John Duval
John Duval 5 anos atrás
Thank you for all you do and for these personal stories. I’ve had a similar experience though not as successful. I’ve been playing for a very long time and I’m still learning something new from you with every video. I’m of modest talent but have worked hard at it because it makes me happy and gets me through life like nothing else. I played my first gig in my high school cafeteria in 1962 and never stopped. Music is it’s own reward. Thanks man, you’re an inspiration.
musicmakelightning 4 anos atrás
May we all take this to heart. This is a gem. I almost want to say BRvid doesn't deserve this - but hey - if it inspires even one person, it justifies all your effort. Thanks.
Mike B
Mike B 4 anos atrás
Rick, I stumbled onto your channel a couple of weeks ago and I find your videos absolutely wonderful! Your knowledge of all things music from genres to instruments to history keeps me coming back. From a very young age I've been interested in music but never had the discipline to excel. I'm 62 years old and enjoy a wide variety of music. This video made me think of my 24 year old daughter. She graduated a couple of years ago with a double major, music and business. She's had her share of gut punches from people in power in the music industry but she loves it so much she dusts herself off and keeps moving forward. On another note (pun intended!), one of your videos talks about the decline of the sales of instruments and the associated decline in music stores and manufacturers such as Gibson guitars. It seems everything in which I have an interest is suffering a similar fate. I'm a pilot, motorcycle rider, amateur radio operator and guitar player. They're all struggling for young blood to stay relevant. I'm assuming there are many other hobbies and professions making the same claim. It's sad to see something that has brought so much joy to so many go into decline. Sorry to ramble on here but I honestly could have kept going for the rest of the day! Please keep the music coming!
Derek Kemp
Derek Kemp 4 anos atrás
Well over 76,000 people know this story now... So inspiring! Thankyou Rick!
finaljesus 2 anos atrás
i love that you had come full circle and taught there you are such an inspiration to me as well as other people i also love jazz and have been wanting to learn how to play it for a long time now but can’t find a teacher in my area that teaches that thank you for the wonderful story God bless you and your family always
Carlos Chafin
Carlos Chafin 4 anos atrás
Rick, that is one the the most important stories I've ever heard, anywhere. Thanks for that, I plan to share it with my students. We should talk, your story is better than mine, but the parallels are unbelievable. Rejection from music school auditions is devastating, but pulling yourself back up and following your dream is essential and possible!!! Thanks so much for having the courage to share. Amazing. ->Calros
David Squire
David Squire 2 anos atrás
What a great story! Too bad I never heard a story like this when I was younger; I'm 63 now and I never was encouraged music wise even though I have a great ear for parents wanted me to learn the accordion in the 60's and it just didn't motivate me and I gave up..I learned the guitar with friends in the 70's and although I never played as good as I wanted to be I'm retired now and am going to start taking lessons to get better so thank you for this inspiring video!
CLMKC Anos atrás
Thats a great story! I am a businessman and the hard work, perservearnce, persistence you demonstrated our charactetistics that apply to anuthing you do in life. Nothing is easy! I promised there will be setbacks, disappointments and road blocks to success. Things rarely occur the way you plan them. Things take twists and turns that you don't anticipate. When a failure occurs, learn from it, take a different approach, double your efforts. Get a mentor who has alteady accomplished what you want to do and learn every ounce of knowledge from them and apply it toward your goals. Believe in youself, have confidence, educate yourself, be a lifetime learner, work hard, be on time, show up early, stay late, form daily habits that lead to succes.
paula williamson
paula williamson 4 anos atrás
You are so tremendously knowledgeable with attention to the smallest detail, you answer the questions just as I begin to wonder, you are an genius with a flare that totally encompasses the subject of music. I graduated in 1981 with the same horrible marks. My abilities have always been my voice & piano. I had no interest in anything else. I've had the musical virus since 18 months as my parents & I traveled from the east coast, Nova Scotia & down through 27 states to Vancouver BC, with our Siamese cat " Chang" in a blue Volkswagen, lol, I sang the constantly to the radio & " Downtown " was my favourite song. Btw, Chang was the best traveler. I love what you said in this particularly awesome video. I've found that over practicing really pays off, because I'm often very nervous when playing a new song for anyone & when you can play the song on rote, you can concentrate on deep breaths to calm down. Funny, I sucked at math, but it really does relate to music & I find myself comparing algebra to positions, chord DNA & the modes with each diatonic position in a key & their relationships. You have enlightened me, Rick, & we have found an intelligence in a cool & exceptional experience that is part of the emotional fabric that dwells inside & out of our makeup. I feel very blessed. I'd love to see you do a video on Evanescences composition ---- she is amazing. 🎸
Künstlerin-DAB1995 3 anos atrás
As someone who has repeatedly failed in most things and quit so many times, this video is INVALUABLE. Thanks so much Rick!
Mark T
Mark T 2 anos atrás
I think a lot people, no matter their talents in life, can relate to your story. Thanks!
Kam K
Kam K 4 anos atrás
You are to be commended for keeping your eye on the prize and pursuing your goal at such a young age. Too many times kids the same age just do what is expected of them as opposed to chasing what interests them. Kudos to you, sir!
Ray Mitchell
Ray Mitchell 2 anos atrás
This is a powerful story! Inspiring... it shows what you can achieve if you don't give up... and how things can radically turn around. The thing that brought it home for me was that your office as a professor was exactly where your started and flunked out, it must have been surreal... WOW!!! As I imagine what that must have been likey, I have no words to express other than very awesome! Thanks for sharing.
John Rocco Battista
John Rocco Battista 4 anos atrás
Thank you for being so honest... a rarity today. I absolutely love the way you present music and life... much, much appreciated!
National Heritage Nature Park
"Anything can happen if you work hard enough". ... and when you work hard enough, everything can happen. I have enjoyed listening to you late into my African dusk. You have made a difference by adding something of great value to my perspective. Thank you, Sir. and Kind regards. Keith.
Jamie Henderson
Jamie Henderson Anos atrás
This video connected with me more than any other instructional videos I've been watching from you for over a year probably now. I went through similar struggles as a saxophone perf major through elementary high school in Atlanta and college at Troy State AL and UGA, first chair in high school and failed most my other classes except music but I was still an outsider and preferred to shoot from the hip on intuition and improvisation through my ear instead of the book but always tried to study. So many heartbreaks with family expectations to go into proper business but always and still wanting to follow my own path on guitar. I played in the 1:00 jazz bands on both instruments but didn't have the proper training. Still trying to make up for it today. High school track coach wanted me to do hurdles but I turned him down. I've taught hundreds of kids how to play guitar but I'm still so behind. Went to GIT in Atlanta in 86 with Jimmy Herring teaching and it's still a burning desire to improve and find peace with it. It's an inspiration for me to see how your intestinal fortitude got you to where you are today. Thanks, Jamie, Cartersville GA
Brian Fields
Brian Fields 6 anos atrás
Great, great story. Reminds me of my senior year, I was in the band room playing the opening runs of Chopin's Etude Op. 10, No. 12 when the choir teacher overheard and came in to tell me "You'll never get through the whole thing'. The end of the year, I walked into his choir room, sat down and played that beast beginning to end. (by the end, my band teacher was in the doorway grinning ear to ear)
I am what I eat
I am what I eat 4 anos atrás
M. - Those kind of teachers are pathetic. I had an English teacher in junior year of high school and he said to the rest of the class that I will never make it out of high school. I was constantly depressed when I was asking my class so it was scummy of him to try too hard to please others by bringing down a struggling student.
M 5 anos atrás
I always thought the discouraging teacher was a bit of an exaggerated cliche but it's crazy how common it seems to be, I think there could be a variety of reasons both for why people like that end up being teachers and the other way around.
El Trabas
El Trabas 5 anos atrás
Sometimes I think that I'm too old and it's too late, and words like yours make me go ahead. You're such an inspiring man, Rick.
BeauJames59 Lol
BeauJames59 Lol 2 anos atrás
The energy I got from this story is gonna help me all week. You're a musical Buster Douglas, the guy who wasn't supposed to qualify, then you metaphoricallly got the knockout.
Rowe Gardner
Rowe Gardner 6 anos atrás
Rick, I needed this today. Thanks for sharing. I'm 24 years young, at college for music and wondering what's going to come in the future. Had a bit of a failure yesterday which hurt my ego, similar to how yours hurt your ego. But I refuse to give up. You inspire me! Thanks so much. Really.
Mark Guertin
Mark Guertin 2 anos atrás
Nice story Rick, Never give up on your dreams. My story is I took Music theory in High School. The teacher was a bleep. She flunked me because I couldn't tell the difference between a half note and a quarter note when she played it on the piano. . To this day I couldn't tell you notes played on a piano , I can semi read sheet music. Mostly I listen to a song and can figure out the chord progressions after a few tries . I don't feel so bad after I read that Billy Joel and others play by ear.. Also when I was starting to learn to play guitar a friend who had a few years of playing told me , I couldn't play . Right then and there I decided to learn and I got better. I know I will never be a world class guitarist but I enjoy picking up a guitar and just jam . So yes for those who are discouraged about playing music or what ever fuels your life. Don't give up. Follow your passion Peace and love
Robert Charles
Robert Charles 2 anos atrás
Rick, your love for music is infectious, and again, another great Rick Beato video/story. I keep telling my musician friends to check you out. I'm shocked how many of them don't know you, so there's still a treasure trove of Rick Beato lovers just waiting to discover you and I'm doing my part to spread the word. It's no accident that your son is who he is!
Lana I
Lana I 6 anos atrás
Wow, what an inspiring story, Rick! It really shows that you can achieve your dreams if you are dedicated and work hard. Thank you for all the work you put in your videos and all the knowledge that you share with us :)
Kevin Vitale
Kevin Vitale 2 anos atrás
Everybody has a story... like Rick, I hope people can reflect and take the good, as well as the bad, and do something with it.
Scott Newton
Scott Newton 3 anos atrás
Now that is an honest and great motivating story of your life. Thanks Rick!
Gonzalo Villagra
Gonzalo Villagra 6 anos atrás
Rick, you are such a HUGE inspiration, thank you so much for everything you do
softail springer
softail springer 2 anos atrás
What a story, Rick! I’ve been playing guitar for more than 50 years now. Through all the ups and downs, the twists and turns of life it’s been the one constant for me and the best friend I ever had. I’m a pretty decent guitar player but still nowhere near where I want to be! So I work at it every doggone day and love it as much as the first time I ever picked it up!
Patrick Jordan
Patrick Jordan 4 meses atrás
You went from 5 people knowing, to 225k people knowing! Fantastic storytelling 👍
Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks 2 anos atrás
Rick brought me here from his video of this week where he talks about how failure is sometimes the best teacher. 3/22/21
Steve B's Videos
Steve B's Videos 2 anos atrás
Me, too! Great story and a great lesson.
Gelato556 4 anos atrás
Rick, you and I have a very similar story. I got rejected on my first music audition, and then re-auditioned and became a music major in the Spring of my Freshman year. As of May I just graduated with a degree in music and received an award for top student of my program. Your story resonated with me so well.
James Cullison
James Cullison 3 anos atrás
WOW! what a story of life! I am a Vietnam vet and at the age of 70 I am just beginning my musical journey. I did become frustrated with the piano but after listening to your story I am motivated to journey on! Thanks!
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 2 anos atrás
Beato is the Bach of youtube. A master and a great teacher. Thanks for everything man.
Tim Collins
Tim Collins 5 anos atrás
Hi Rick - I'm also a grad of IC ('99) and I also studied with Steve Brown, although I was not ever officially in the jazz program (I was a classical major). Steve opened his door to me and taught me everything that I used to get started playing jazz- and I don't even play guitar! Not to mention the amount of attention I paid to keeping a steady tempo..I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! This was a great video and I really enjoy your channel. Thanks for everything you do.
Tom Rodriguez
Tom Rodriguez 2 anos atrás
"Anything can happen if you work hard enough" I love you, Rick! What a great story! Thank you for sharing!
AB 6 anos atrás
Hey Rick, thanks for sharing your story. I would like to share mine, the beginning is a bit similar but I wanted to ask you since you have lots of experience. When I was 15 I picked up a guitar and as soon as I bought it, I played for 5 hours a day right from the start being self taught. I used tabs and learned my favourite songs. One year later I started singing and one year after that I also started playing piano because I had decided to start studying music. I had no ear training and I couldn't read notes. So taught myself that. Everyday, hours and hours. in october 2016 I had an exam to start studying at the music university but I failed the entry test. I'll try again next year and meanwhile I do 3 hours of ear training a day, 3 hours of piano a day and a couple of hours of studying other stuff I need. Yet sometimes I get discouraged, I ask myself "Why didn't I start earlier?" and so forth. It's like I forget the real purpose of all of this (which is simply the joy of music and composing it) and instead think that it's for the exam. How do I stay motivated? As soon as I do a little mistake I fear I won't pass the exam again. Thanks for all your videos Rick! I love them :D
Jane Morrow
Jane Morrow 3 anos atrás
Can you give us an update? How are you going now?
Li 5 anos atrás
Not Rick, but are there any music theory teachers offering group lessons near your area? Usually somebody with references from instrument teachers who prep students for exams is a good bet. You can ask about prep for the entrance exam as part of the lessons since it is a fairly common goal. Also, if you are practicing that many hours, it is inevitable that you become really proficient at playing and hearing music. Many pros don't put in that many hours daily, although many do as well. Don't be discouraged. Other commenters on this video have passed after multiple attempts.
TimeTime 4 anos atrás
Thanks for being inspiring :) Glad you found your calling and rose above all else. Shame students waste so much time on subjects that contribute so little to their true calling.
Steve MacKay
Steve MacKay 3 anos atrás
That is such an inspirational story, I can't for the life of me even venture a guess as to why it would take 30 years to share something like that but better late than never I suppose. I'm glad you now have this well established platform with which to to share such inspiration. I have given up music many times in my life and always found my way back (or maybe it finds its way back to me) but if You had made this video long enough ago that I could have come across it in my youth it might have saved me years of inner conflict. I'm sure some discouraged young musicians out there will benefit greatly from this video. I'm glad you told this story. you are doing great things for the music world and the musicians in it. You are a blessing. Never stop and thank you.
Christopher Bonds
Christopher Bonds 3 anos atrás
Thanks for this. You're a fine storyteller, and this story has the ring of truth. I was especially impressed that you didn't hold a grudge against the people who rejected you but instead kept your eye on becoming what you wanted to become. Sometimes professors focus so strongly on satisfying the audition requirements (which are there for a reason) that they can't see that someone has potential. It's all about the work ethic. When I was teaching, we would sometimes audition a student who would play an excellent audition and was super motivated. That student would then turn out to be a total disaster, missing classes and lessons, and inevitably dropping out. They didn't have what it takes.
louis p constant
louis p constant 29 dias atrás
This channel and now also your course is honestly the best thing to happen in my life in the last 10 years regarding self esteem, creativity and just general purpose in life. I cannot thank you enough. x
seiph80 6 anos atrás
another reason why I'm subscribed to your channel, not just music, but this personal sharing that really is something special. Rick thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring story. Believe me I've had ups and downs in my life so I definitely can relate, not to give up.
insaneintherainmusic 6 anos atrás
Amazing story.
tarstarkusz Anos atrás
Shame he's not being honest. He did a 2nd one of these videos and in the other one he says it was his father who drove him to the audition and in this telling it was his friends. These are mutually exclusive stories. One of them is a lie.
graeme stocker
graeme stocker 2 anos atrás
Love your music insaneintherain
Daniel Boel Nielsen
Daniel Boel Nielsen 5 anos atrás
thats crazy :D Me too with both videos
AMB514 6 anos atrás
Man we seem to be watching the same videos. Saw you on Adam Neely's video commenting too lol. Anyways, keep up the good work! I am a guitar player and currently arranging a VGM mashup for a 19 piece ensemble. Hope to work with you one day!
ReigNing TorNadoes
ReigNing TorNadoes 3 anos atrás
Thank you for your candid honesty, Rick. Very inspiring. I graduated in 1984 from Arts Magnet @ B. T. Washington in Dallas, TX. At that time it had marks of being the best arts high school in the country. Actually many very successful artists today went through those doors. Three of my friends became very famous. I was basically a rebel. I did well in school, but I had my own ideas about this whole thing. Makes me think of your story about taking off and exploring the music scene around the country. I ended up traveling as a guitarist. At 21 I thought, "this is it", this will be my life. It still is, however, I was with a band in Singapore. Lo & Behold, out of the blue I met what people refer to as your soulmate. We had the most amazing life together for 25 years. No regrets. We ended up playing in bands together, etc.. I did sacrifice where I possibly could have gone at that point. It simply changed everything. Having a mortgage and responsibilities. It was all worth it! Universe had a different plan. Cancer won the battle over her, and I pretty much lost my mind for a few years. But, I've never stopped. I refuse to give up. Music has always been a saving grace for me. So, yes. Never quit, keep going... we truly never really know what lies at the end of a chosen path. It's an adventure!
Court Marr
Court Marr 2 anos atrás
Coming here from the future to look at the full story from the past. I just have to say, starting guitar at 30 for the reasons I did, and then listening to your story, gives me hope and definitely shows what you can do / accomplish if you persist. Thanks Rick!
Jordan Tanner
Jordan Tanner 6 anos atrás
We love you, Rick! Great story! The fact that failures can actually fuel one's ambition and drive is a really important concept in life to grasp!
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett 5 anos atrás
Great story! I am 21 and barely know a stitch of thing musically. I play guitar and bass and that's mostly just covers of songs I tech myself from tabs nothing else, but this channel has helped me learn theory and what not and I am working to compose for film! Thanks -Matt
JazzzRockFuzion 6 anos atrás
Goosebumps, Rick. Thanks so much for sharing your story; very inspiring.
dubya2010 4 anos atrás
I’ve been waiting for a channel like this for years! Rick please keep it up. Love your material!
Mountain Turtle Adventures
Rick, you are a rock solid dude. I never played any musical instrument. In high school I wanted to play drums and have a band. My defeatist attitude stopped that. But I really enjoy learning from your channel. I have no regrets.I became a good listener of music though (LOL). I appreciate your work on this channel- always great and informative.
brian legg
brian legg 7 meses atrás
"Anything can happen if you work hard enough". Amen
goingtobe 6 anos atrás
Rick, you do wonderful in depth videos and share your knowledge with humanity. There are many people here that are grateful for that. Your videos are very clear and presented in a natural/real human life with no masks, which is excellent. Thanks for all the investment and willing to share.
Buddy Ratchford
Buddy Ratchford 2 anos atrás
"Endeavor to persevere"! Great story, Rick! Love your channel!
TLBM 6 anos atrás
Can't get enough of your channel. So much knowledge to offer. I'm thankful for your effort in educating people. The mix tutorials are on another level to everyone else.
enrique casas
enrique casas 6 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing this ... I re,-started playing guitar after 25 years of working at sea. Now became a member of old sea wolfs jazz band.I feel like young again.That's the power of Music
ForFun609 4 anos atrás
El nombre de tu banda mola un montón! y si todos habeis trabajado en el mar es buenisimo
Juan 6 anos atrás
Congrats man!
Nazmo King
Nazmo King 4 anos atrás
Rick you’re a great musician AND an inspirational person as well!
Daniel Grimsby
Daniel Grimsby 4 anos atrás
Thank you Rick for sharing your story with us! We appreciate what you do for us on youtube.
Mark Ward
Mark Ward 6 anos atrás
Great story, really inspirational - not only a fantastic musician but also a very gifted and natural storyteller too.
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