Fortunes of Failure | The Road Taken

Rick Beato
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9 Mar 2021



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Helium Road
Helium Road Anos atrás
Rick, something to consider: you have a studio, lots of know-how, a bunch of local musicians who often guest on your channel, and the little pieces you write for teaching usually blow us away, so why not record an album now? You don't need to tour or even play live at all, you can publish digitally on bandcamp or wherever with the option of physical media always open. It would be like the Alan Parsons Project, only cooler. The Rick Beato Project. And you could document a bunch of it and use that for more teaching on your channel. Why not?
Patrick Jordan
Patrick Jordan 2 meses atrás
MrCryptozoic 6 meses atrás
Awesome comparison. Alan Parsons is the perfect model. I'd love to hear the "Beato Project".
MrCryptozoic 6 meses atrás
@Robert Tippett It was clearly not written on a computer. The signs are all over it. Don't expect perfect punctuation or word selection by users of smartphones.
H. Mark Horton
H. Mark Horton 7 meses atrás
@David Combs you make some excellent points. We could all learn a ton from that.
H. Mark Horton
H. Mark Horton 7 meses atrás
Billy Keith
Billy Keith Anos atrás
I have cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and I was born with that cleft palate and lip. But I'm grateful for all of those things. When I first heard AC/DC at the age of 9, I knew I had to do the guitar thing. Thanks to having cystic fibrosis, Gibson guitars gave me a Les Paul through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Marshall amps gave me a cool Valvestate 2×12 and that rig put me on my path. I've never given up on music. Being sick and spending well over a year in the hospital throughout my life, is the reason I met my girlfriend who was my nurse! We've been together for 15 years now. Don't get me wrong; being sick certainly sucks, But it allowed me to rock and find love in this life. Thank you Rick. And thank you to those reading my comment. Rock on.
H. Mark Horton
H. Mark Horton 7 meses atrás
You say some great things that we all need to appreciate. And as ABBA once sang, Thank you (God)for the music.
Geron Graham
Geron Graham 10 meses atrás
Hell yeah!
1taylorgibson Anos atrás
That’s fantastic. I have never questioned my limited guitar ability but only enjoyed being able to play what i play. It gets better and better as time goes on and i appreciate that ability now that i’m older.
Rick Gruffman
Rick Gruffman Anos atrás
Yes, brother, rock on. Cool comments.
Lisa Eischens
Lisa Eischens Anos atrás
Thanks for your story! I hope you’re doing well.
James J
James J Anos atrás
My favorite Rick Beato video is now a video that isn't as much about music as it is about life. Well done, sir.
soulhealer20 Anos atrás
Great story Rick. I applied for college when I was 43 years old. I'd never had any formal training even during all of my elementary and high school. But I self-taught myself extremely well. I initially auditioned for the jazz program at Capilano College (now a university.) I should have passed the audition but after waiting my turn for 8 hours in the hallways with all the other wannabes I ran out of energy and failed. But my name was passed onto the classical program because they had openings and two weeks later, i got a call to try out. So over a period of time that spring and summer, I learned to play Vivaldi's Largo in D. I learned it from Steve Howe's album "The Steve Howe Album: Concerto In D (Second Movement)" (Vivaldi; arranged by Steve Howe) - I was very well familiar with listening to it over the years. I played it at my audition with no transcript. I was asked for one by Laars Karrio who was the Classical program director and the conductor of 2 choirs at Cap. I admitted to learning it by ear and it went over well. I was quizzed on the harmonic qualities of piano chords that he played for me and moments later, he asked, "would you like to spend 2 years at college for music?" Yay!!! I made it and am so grateful. During the first semester, at my first classical guitar lesson with the great Stephen Boswell, I showed him a transcription from one of the currently popular guitar magazines. He sort of chuckled and told me to put the magazine away. He came back momentarily with the proper classical music notation for Fernando Sor's Theme and Variations on Mozart's Magic Flute. Now that was an eye and ear opener. I still play it today but need to really relearn it. LOL. Thanks for the great share. BTW I went to college to study Music Therapy which was also great for me.
Todd Harrigan
Todd Harrigan Anos atrás
Rick not only are you an ambassador to music. You are an inspiration to all! If more people on this planet were like you. I do believe this world would be so much better of a world. Thank you for being who you are. God Bless You and your family!!!
Rock N' Roll True Stories
it's funny Rick i totally relate to your story. I went through some horrible stuff in my life that led me to youtube. It was't until the dust settled I wanted to become self sufficient.
Pariah Anos atrás
Now you capitalize on phony rock n roll drama and promote false narratives for clickbait. Congrats, I hope it pays the bills. 🤔🙄
Clarkké Peterson
Clarkké Peterson Anos atrás
@Leofred dude don't sweat it, just to even survive on BRvid nowadays you got to be so politically correct you can't even be yourself, it's ridiculous, they're censorship and wokeness alone is enough to turn anybody off, you basically have to be a robot and follow all their golden rules, and if you do that and kiss their butt then yeah, you might be successful, but at what cost. Too much of a headache, I couldn't deal with it no way.
Clarkké Peterson
Clarkké Peterson Anos atrás
You'd do better to get all your facts straight before you release your vids, not trying to be harsh just honest.
Rock N' Roll True Stories
@A G thanks! We’ve got one about the “glam era” of Aic coming out on Friday!
A G Anos atrás
Your AiC and Layne videos are phenomenal. Thanks for getting the facts right and getting the story out there. Great channel!
Tim Schall
Tim Schall Anos atrás
Thanks for telling this story. You didn't have the correct mentoring at 17 to help you handle the auditions. Shows us all that as artists, we internalize so much stuff that isn't about us. The fact that you almost quit is pretty profound. We've all been there as artists. Either through rejection, deep dissapointment or whatever it may have been. And that you didn't quit and your god given talents were eventually acknowldeged and developed - a big lesson for us all. We keep walking! THANK YOU.
Terry Curtin
Terry Curtin Anos atrás
Funny how our worst days become our best. I was a severe alcoholic and the DUIs. I needed every drop and every ticket to be alive today. Got a major label deal. ( got fired from my own band) Went on the build a huge insurance agency. A pilot. Plus a bunch of great stories. I live my musical dreams through friends who wrote monster hits. Produced huge artists. Proud of them. Life is amazing. The phone call missed. Or picked up can change generations in your family. Crazy.
Shane Savoie
Shane Savoie Anos atrás
I've really enjoyed your willingness to expose your personal aspects to us, Rick. From the story about your aunt's recent passing, introducing us to your son, and the disclosure of your learning disability, you've become more like a genuine friend than just a personality on BRvid! I rarely find myself actually caring about someone I've never met, but your character is as affable as it is admirable. I can never thank you enough for the knowledge you teach and the wisdom you share. This is my favorite channel on this dying platform.
ffggddss Anos atrás
Thanks, Rick, for telling this. Deliver it as a high-school graduation address, and you could change lives. It's all well and good to have aphorisms, like, 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade,' but concrete stories like yours, are far more compelling. They are the "stuff" of which those aphorisms are mere condensations. Fred
Bruce McGillis
Bruce McGillis Anos atrás
George Carlin taught life lessons through comedy. Rick Beato teaches life lessons through music. Well done.
Michael Olson
Michael Olson Anos atrás
@One True Morty Doesn't mean it's not true ... either. He pointed out MANY ludicrous aspects of day-to-day life WITH humor. Just because the delivery device was comedy and not lecture doesn't make it less accurate.
One True Morty
One True Morty Anos atrás
I cringe every time someone takes george carlin too seriously. He was a comedian who heckled american society like dozens of others. Just because a 100 mouth breathers under every single george carlin video on youtube post the same exact comment saying he's a great philosopher doesn't mean it's true.
Andrew Anos atrás
so corny
Acoustict Anos atrás
I love this story! The part about your wife and kids...very sweet. And us watching you today... all the best to you.
Pat Rademacher
Pat Rademacher Anos atrás
Rick, you are so versatile and inspiring. Even though the takeaway here is such a commonly-mentioned universal theme, your story is so much more relatable and encouraging than a famous quote on a poster or hearing the same things over from friends and family. I recently was rejected by a company I wanted to work for so badly and it was devastating, but now I feel like I'm ready to go out and kick some ass and see what results instead. Thank you so much for this
Fog Records USA
Fog Records USA Anos atrás
Go get 'em!
Mimi Simpjoy
Mimi Simpjoy Anos atrás
Rick I appreciate your stories. I did a score for a "film" for friends from a prestigious school and it was a total failure... But I gained some experience
Glynn Smith
Glynn Smith Anos atrás
In my 67th year I can honestly say no-one taught me as much about music theory as you have. I've earned my living as a bass player for a while - best income I ever earned (better than senior management) ..knew very little theory, I was all about shape copying, guessing and sounds right.
John Rutherford
John Rutherford Anos atrás
The content here is awesome. Over and above that, you are exactly what every young aspiring artist needs as an example. You are authentic, genuine and honest about the music. The music world seems overly populated with parrots and mechanics. Originality, creative effort and “feel” combined with technical competence are what makes great music. Thank you for sharing this insight into your experiences.
Paul Rodgers
Paul Rodgers Anos atrás
Thank you so much Rick Your message is strength to us Rick we love you
Paul Asturi
Paul Asturi Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your story, Rick. We all have stories of being rejected and it's painful. But, having the courage to continue on and focus on your goals is what success is really all about.
Johnny Franklin
Johnny Franklin Anos atrás
Moral of your story: participation trophies keep you from true participation. It's the failures, rejections, broken hearts, and humiliations in life that lead one on the road to success. True Grit.
Toby Smith
Toby Smith Anos atrás
Well said... ask the Beatles about that !
codys room
codys room Anos atrás
northeastqueensTP Tp’s the personal hardships that build character 💙💙💙
Deborah Andreivich
Deborah Andreivich 9 meses atrás
Rick, the more I learn about your story, the more inspired I am. I let disappointment, rejection & heartbreak keep me from pursuing my dream of being a professional musician for many years- but the gift of Covid, for me , was buying a piano & singing again after letting the joy of music leave my life for many years. I love your talent & thank you for never giving up.♥️
James Andrassy
James Andrassy Anos atrás
Rick, your honesty and willingness to share important life altering events goes to the point that your BRvid channel is a godsend to many of us that follow you. I can relate to that music school audition. I failed mine as well. Instead, my life flipped and found my life’s work in medicine and follow my passion for piano and guitar as an avocation. Please keep up,the great work you are doing for all of us.
Craig Fazekas
Craig Fazekas Anos atrás
I had stage 3 colo-rectal cancer, was unemployed during that time & my ex-wife betrayed both me & my mother financially....I was mortified at the time. I am now clear of cancer & have the best job I've ever had, paying the most money I've ever earned.... I can totally relate, Rick. And I thank God every day ❣❣🚬😎
Peter Harrison
Peter Harrison Anos atrás
@IVORY123100 I hope that each day brings you and your family joy and peace. With respect, PMH
Tom Rechsteiner
Tom Rechsteiner Anos atrás
IVORY123100 Anos atrás
@D As the older I have gotten . Observed life and it's meaning. I concluded . That Everyone has had some type of struggle , Some hide it , some embrace it , and some seemingly so strong in outward appearance you'd think that some might think they are more fortunate than others .. But when digging deep into understanding , A wow happens . That all have battles . That all bloom and emerge just at the right time in their lives and the miracle is .. What blooms is actually what was needed .. The miracles are streaming in everyday now . In the simplest ways . In ways I could not have dreamed, Filling me more than what is being drained from my body . It's one of those instances of " Just close your eyes and let it happen , Let The Spirit flow musically . No matter whether you feel you can or not " . No matter your skill level .. Just pour your tears on the guitar , Become almost like an outside listener ,almost like listening to someone else play . Then you can leap from the ground . Take wing and soar . It doesn't become a struggle anymore . It just happens . A little story , After I found out I had cancer one year ago and was going to have to go on this journey . I said " Let it be done " everyday . At times I would be heartbroke that something I loved was being taken from me and it was an insurmoutable end . Losing a thumb and progressively weaker . The week before amputation . I asked my woman of 21 years to come listen to a miracle .. She knew I played but never heard me play .. " I have something I want to reveal to you " and I put on my guitar and plugged into my pathetic , duct taped together little amp LOL .. I turned my back and put on a backing track and began to play . She was stunned and eyes widened when I turned around . Realizing it was me playing ... She said " I didn't know , Why didn't you play professionally ?' .. I was crying and blood began covering my strings .. and I told her after. " I wanted you to see and hear Angels flow through my hands and mind.. and I felt the time was right " .. I was as amazed as my wife , Like we were both listening to something.. To someone else play . Someone on BRvid that creates backing tracks . Way before I knew I had cancer . I'd leave comments in his comment section telling him how awesome his tracks were and how many young people he is helping around the world . Those that might be giving up on playing because nobody shows them , or they they feel they have hit a wall .. Gives them something to play too and hopefully find a way out into the universe of music . Much later I had told him through the comment section that I had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer . He asked me what particular style of music I like . .. Maybe a month later I was depressed and put on my guitar and said to myself " Just try to play " . I opened up his BRvid . and I broke out crying .. It was a song for me !! ,, Dedicated to me . I was crying and my heart opened wide and I soared playing along effortlessly . I thanked him and he later asked if I would record myself and send it to him .. I am .. and told him " I will " .. In going .. Life can turn on a dime , It can take you down roads of despair and hopelessness , But I have found that on those roads , That seem strewn with obstacles . Where roads I needed to go down and in looking back , Thankful that was considered unfortunate paths led to wide vistas of opportunity and people I got to know and befriend and love .. Had it not been for these problems or pitfalls . I wouldn't have become who I am today .. So I am grateful for life's turn of events . Even when they seem there is no way out .. Just cast your sail into a good wind , There might be hurricanes , The doldrums but one day you will land on that shore .. That is where you are supposed to be !!and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way .. I couldn't have planned it had even I tried . It's Providence . Lastly .. It has been kindness and words of encouragement that I have found in the most unlikely of places . That I believe has kept me alive , made me believe and however my story ends .. I hope the instrument I played best was the instrument of good . That I lit someone else's candle as mine was lit by another . Peace
D Anos atrás
@IVORY123100 would like to hear some of your music, I can't imagine what would come to the fingers/lips of one so close to the last big adventure (I say this with all humility and respect to your situation Ivory, and complete empathy friend). My own music and lyrics have changed notably of late as I continue to eat more and more humble pie (from a health/aging point of view), theres alot less anger (and yet, somehow a little more at rare times as well?) and hard driving rock and more 'touch the heartstrings' and reflective/advise/life sharing to hopefully illuminate others journeys through some of lifes dark periods. I hope that all that comes about for you is peaceful, comfortable, and without fear. You helped someone who was feeling really sorry for themselves for some pretty petty sh*t see alot more light than they were before reading your joyous and contagious comment. Theres far more light & brightness around me than I thought, thanks man . . .
Glynn Smith
Glynn Smith Anos atrás
I was only stage 2, Craig but I can relate to coming out of it reborn and refreshed. Good result.
George Wyatt
George Wyatt Anos atrás
Someone asked me years ago, "If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?" I thought for a moment and replied, "I like who I am today. Every experience, good and bad, has shaped who I am. Therefore, I would change nothing because I might be someone I don't like." I feel the same way today, despite all the shoulda, woulda, coulda moments. I try to work hard, learn and be kind ... and I sleep really well at night. Love your channel, Rick.
LEE TV Anos atrás
Thomas Timlin
Thomas Timlin Anos atrás
"If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?" My answer is always "My underwear." Because you can't change the past and can only move forward.
Jetplane Hollywood
Jetplane Hollywood Anos atrás
Exactly how I try to live. There's nothing more useless than regret
notbraindead Anos atrás
Congratulations, You Win!
The Creature
The Creature Anos atrás
Thank you, Rick. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Your stories are edifying to so many people - Thank you for taking the time to share from your experiences! Artists need encouragement and you are giving so much back to us all. Thank you for giving us hope. Seriously.
Patrick Webb
Patrick Webb Anos atrás
So refreshing to see a creative, kind, compasionate, caring, giving, open and honest person on such an influential social platform...thank you!
N Anos atrás
as the lyric goes, "God bless the broken road, that brought me straight to you". Great experience to share, Rick, thx.
RC32 Anos atrás
A musical career is quite a difficult one to commit to for a multitude of reasons in this day and age, but you are quite an inspiration to us all Rick. Thank you for all you do
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Anos atrás
Great story... Rick thanks for sharing. I had the tremendous good fortune to live next door to Herbie Hancock for 19 years. One day We were shooting the breeze and I asked him about his transition into the professional world of music. Turns out Herbie too had a backup plan and had been training as a mail carrier up in Chicago. That was his backup. And by the he’d already played a concert with the Chicago Philharmonic... at 11 years old. But still was not recognized enough to make a living. Then one night by chance he got a pick up gig with a trumpet player who needed a rhythm section. And the rest is history. Yes crossing paths with Donald Byrd .... made all the difference.
RC32 Anos atrás
@General Awareness Ahh ye the costs are very interesting to say the least. Remember that you can do it!
General Awareness
General Awareness Anos atrás
@RC32 I tried it 16 years ago and put it in the gig bag and my amp. I took it out last month and I had to wait on some tools as it needed a fret job. Doing it myself and 20 frets to go. This guitar was made badly for the fret work so I am fixing what caused me to give up back then. I can do D-Chord now and A-Chord to some extent then moved to the E-Chord and the issues hit me again. 400 USD for fret work for a 259 guitar in 2005? Not in 2021 for me.
RC32 Anos atrás
@General Awareness I wish you the best of luck on your journey! Guitar can definitely change a person for the better
RC32 Anos atrás
@Dirge Media yeah!
GGHansford Anos atrás
Thanks for telling your story... very powerful. They success comes from 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and you certainly are proof of that. :)
Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)
I live near two fairly big state universities and auditioned to be a voice major at both schools twice. The first time, I was actually sent an acceptance letter from the music school at the university I wanted to attend more, but the problem was I was a community college student and my grades at the time were terrible, so transferring and actually being accepted by the university itself would've been an issue. When I finally improved my community college grades and was ready to graduate with an Associate's degree, I auditioned for both universities to be a voice major again. This time, I wasn't accepted by the music school at the university I wanted to attend more, but I was accepted to the other university's music school, so that's where I ended up going.
Tom Fischer
Tom Fischer Anos atrás
I've been feeling particularly low about some of my age-related medical setbacks. That's a great video Rick. Thanks. It helps me a lot.
John Cunningham
John Cunningham Anos atrás
Great Story Rick . The Twists and turns of a Life , following a Dream .
Anthony Whelan
Anthony Whelan Anos atrás
Rick, your videos have changed many people's lives for good. What a great legacy to leave behind when you're gone. Love from Australia!
Michele Curlee
Michele Curlee Anos atrás
“...sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers...” 😉 wonderful wisdom,it has holds the framework for a great sermon!
WRXBase Anos atrás
Stunning. Thank you, Rick. This is inline with how I'm now living my life. Rejection and failure are our best lessons, and push us into amazing new spaces that we couldn't have imagined before.
Cal Bob
Cal Bob Anos atrás
Love it! Reminds me of an inspirational story about Dwayne Johnson getting cut from football, it opened other doors. I am glad for this channel, I love it. I am glad this door opened for you. I went to law school in my 50's because other doors closed. The new doors that opened have been great. Good luck, Rick, keep up the amazing content.
Pam Watson
Pam Watson Anos atrás
I love hearing Rick's stories. He is such a talented musician and he deserves wider recognition .
Kathy Myers
Kathy Myers Anos atrás
@Jake Johnson and?
Great story / well told / super interesting.
Douglas Hesohi
Douglas Hesohi Anos atrás
2.2 million subscribers and a signature Gibson guitar on the way. Well deserved for sure but certainly recognized.
Jon Trownson
Jon Trownson Anos atrás
Seriously?? I mean, I agree with you about rick. But you think 2.2 million subscribers represents a lack of recognition??
NRG Anos atrás
I think people have noticed 🤘😆
Glen DePasse
Glen DePasse Anos atrás
Profound! Yes, a lesson I've had to learn and one I wish I had had much earlier. Great wisdom Rick... Thanks Brother. BTW, your channel is awesome.
Valerie Sutton Payne
Such a sad story with such a great ending! I love to hear you talk. I love your authenticity! I have thought about my own life in the same way. Thank you for sharing so much with us.
Marc Rice
Marc Rice Anos atrás
Jamestown guy here... watched the other video you mentioned and I teared up. You're a warrior and I appreciate, beyond words, the lesson.
Marc Ludtke
Marc Ludtke Anos atrás
Another great part of this story is… when the producer called you and you had that great conversation, you got some closure on that situation. But, maybe even more importantly, HE got some closure on that story and maybe even more. He may have felt a sense of relief over the bad stuff that has been bothering him for a long time. It’s a wonderful thing when you can relieve someone’s pain. It’s a convoluted tale but you both win through mutual perspective and kindness.
Lord Dracyor
Lord Dracyor Anos atrás
When you're telling your stories and thoughts I sit here listening mesmerized! It is what you say and how you say it. You have an incredible aura! And apart from that your message is psychologically very important...because you see things that have happened in a positive way. Perhaps things turned out to be very positive in your case 😊
Shawn Bayless
Shawn Bayless Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing Rick, that is an amazing story and it sounds like you have a wonderful life. Mine is the opposite, I was young and a musician and I was giving horrible guitar lessons to youngsters just starting out when in 1992 I met a great girl and we started dating for a few weeks. Out of the blue I was offered a job as a rhythm guitarist for a local band who had just cut a demo/indy record and was about to embark on a club tour across the US. I was stoked about it and then I realized that this girl I was dating was way more important to me than I had realized so I turned down the gig, got married and we have a wonderful daughter who is about to turn twenty and is in college. I gave up guitar playing and started working in the Mechanical Engineering industry and have been there since 2000. When Covid became an issue I dusted off my guitars, put new strings on and set them up and when I sat down I couldn’t play a damn thing...I was crushed because music is such an important part of my life and so could no longer play. I was angry, in my head I was blaming being married and it was like I was lost but then my wife and daughter said “that sounded good” after I emerged from my office where I was playing something horribly. The sensation came over me that no matter how bad I was they would have my back and they are the success that is my family. Glad to hear someone else that their family is their prime focus.
Jack Runner
Jack Runner Anos atrás
Rick, that is a very inspiring story! As somebody's said: "It's always better to try and fail, than not to try and succeed."
Mr Artician
Mr Artician Anos atrás
Reminds me of the story/inspiration behind "Journeys" biggest hit, "Don't Stop Believin"'s SO true. What an amazing "journey" life is to begin with and can be, when we're open to trying different doors, paths and roads, whether by choice or fate.
gp Rz
gp Rz Anos atrás
Mr Beato, your channel is so refreshing. I’m a musician myself (self taught). since I started playing guitar and playing in bands back in late 90’s my goal was to make a living as a musician. I’m almost 40, I haven’t “made it” yet, I almost did few years back, but didn’t. Sometimes I feel like giving up and have a normal life (no band life just work and family), but I can’t. I might never be in the top 40 by the looks of it but my love for music, writing it, playing it is too much. Today I was feeling down and watching your video and listening to you refreshed my heart. Thank you for your channel, thank you for time to us. This is paid content everywhere else. Thanks.
buzz1560 Anos atrás
Rick I’m glad everything turned out the way it did because you are an amazing teacher of music!
Ted Wood
Ted Wood Anos atrás
I'm older than you and the advice you give is great. All the more for these young budding artists etc.
FuckApple FuckGoogle
So true, thanks for the pick me up! I needed that talk! We all are crushed when things don’t go the way we want! Rush said it best when they said, “ It's not as if this barricade, Blocks the only road”! I repeat that to myself a lot every day. Your a great guy who is passionate about music. Keep rolling out the good stuff!!
David Galiel
David Galiel Anos atrás
Thank you, Rick, for sharing this. Someday, I'll tell my story about how I successfully lost everything three times in my life. I know you'll relate.
Aidan Quinlan
Aidan Quinlan Anos atrás
I love all these stories Rick, I could listen to you talk for hours on the things that happened in your life
Rob T
Rob T Anos atrás
Storytime Rick is the best Rick. Change my mind.
Will_505 Anos atrás
Aidan Quinlan
Aidan Quinlan Anos atrás
NiteRider Band I guess it’s just that a lot of people probably agree I’d assume
NiteRider Band
NiteRider Band Anos atrás
I mean this strictly as an observation and not judging. Its amazing how saying nothing but I could listen to you for hours gets 250 likes. Love the internet.
Chuck Hollands
Chuck Hollands Anos atrás
Right on Aidan! I think I currently listen for hours to Rick on these things ❤
Mike Avery
Mike Avery Anos atrás
Rick… Thank you for sharing! This is an inspiring story. I’m going to ask my daughter for 15 minutes of her time to share this with her. I think this story will bring some much needed perspective to her life. There are many good lessons in your story and I appreciate you sharing. I’ve enjoyed your channel for the past year. Thanks again for all the great content. Respectfully Mike Avery
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Anos atrás
This is great, Rick. A very uplifting and introspective message about the choices we make, the challenges life throws at us and the unintended riches we gain coming out the other side. Keep up the good work!
Rody Withers
Rody Withers Anos atrás
Rick - your back stories are just the best: informative, articulate and inspiring. I’m glad I found your channel - or did it find me? You are a breath of fresh air, the brother I wished I had - a man to look up to. Thank you.
imikewillrockyou Anos atrás
Thank you Rick, I'm a lifelong musician and you inspire me a lot. Much appreciated brother.
Area Man
Area Man Anos atrás
Take note, friends. Lot of kismet in this perspective. He’s an existentialist at heart. With huge balls. Being 36 and trying to make it in the music biz. That’s harsh. Trying to be self-employed and find a way to make a living on your own at any age is brutal. I just love the idea the Rick is where he is. Lot of perseverance.
notbraindead Anos atrás
@Wendel V many years ago I watched an NHL playoff game. One of the teams was noted for being extremely hard working. The other team had a Wayne Gretsky type player. The hard working team worked like rented mules but couldn't score. The Gretsky team played basic defense and the Gretsky type player wasn't really that involved. The Game was tied and into overtime with the hard working team working feverishly in the other teams end but unable to score. Suddenly the Gretsky type got ahold of the puck in his own end and raced down the ice beating the defensemen and deking the goaltender for the game winning goal. I all happened so fast. One of the TV announcers said "Boy, that is so unfair! The mules far outworked the flashy Gretsky type!" The other TV announcer replied " hard work is no substitute for talent!"
gizmo59 Anos atrás
@notbraindead Of these attributes, the only one associated with talent would be "knowledgeable," which can be attributed to your ability to learn stuff. Of course, you don't actually become knowledgeable unless you work with that talent to become so.
notbraindead Anos atrás
@gizmo59 I attended a seminar for mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, etc,) They were asked “what attributes contribute the most to a mans success?” The group answered: 1) tall 2) handsome 3) deep voiced 4) Knowledgable , 5) extroverted. I personally am not any of these except knowledgeable. But I think I have achieved a modicum of success in my life..
gizmo59 Anos atrás
@tripp When it comes to music, I could work at it until my fingers fell off, and I till would never get to the point where even my family would take the time to listen to me. If you want to succeed in a field, yes, you have to put in a ton of work, but you need to have an aptitude in that field to begin with. That's talent. In my experience, success requires BOTH talent AND hard work to succeed. How is that insulting?
Area Man
Area Man Anos atrás
@Rico Petrilli dude, that was a great statement. Nicely said.
Ken Reid
Ken Reid Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing Rick. I would like to say I had a similar experience, but you obviously prepared for your audition by practicing, learning the songs, and working with your guitar teacher as best you could. I also applied to Fordonia (in 1980 during my senior year of high school) to get into the newly offered sound recording program but when I took the campus tour and did the audition, I did it without any preparation. So when they handed me sheet music and asked me to sight sing a song, I knew I was in big trouble. I did not take the audition seriously and responded that I thought it was a technical program, but they said performance was part of the curricula. I did not like the campus anyway and that was my justification for not feeling bad about the rejection letter. (Although I was embarrassed to make the 3 hour trip without having a clue what I would be getting into.) I have continued to enjoy music and eventually have learned how to do home recording. This early experience showed me that there are so many talented musicians who apply themselves, so I choose business as my career and music as my hobby. I am happy with the way things turned out and if I perform occasionally in public I am OK with that.
Lone Ponderer
Lone Ponderer Anos atrás
Glad I finally watch this. I'm easily distracted. LOL! I've noticed this sort of thing myself. Sometimes what feels like a failure is actual a needed step toward a success. I don't believe in fate, but I do think we should apricate what we have and not feel down about the things we maybe could have had if life went a different way at one point or another in our lives. What's done is done and realize no matter how bad or good something seems you can't really say for sure (most times at least) if it would have been better the other way.
spiidee Anos atrás
What a great story. Thanks for sharing that. The encouragement that can be drawn from it is timeless. Your channel is one of my favorite. Keep it up.
Russ Evans
Russ Evans Anos atrás
Great stories, Rick, thanks for sharing. So many of us, especially those in the Boomer generation, were raised to believe that failure was the END. I was a grown man before I learned that failure can be one of the BEST things that can happen to a person - if they understand it from the correct perspective. Like yourself, many of the things I thought would be the best for me, turned out to not be in the cards. But out of what I thought was catastrophe, a better understanding of what I REALLY believed was important and what I wanted to do in life emerged. I think we owe it to the young folks to help them understand this concept. Your stories will save many from agony and heartache over "failure" and help them to see that it was only pointing them toward the right path at the fork in the road.
MrJumboblimpjumbo Anos atrás
Nice to be sitting across the table from you Rick, it feels like we're having lunch at a cafe...with wicked amps
Toby Smith
Toby Smith Anos atrás
I know check those Orange amp selection!!!
P JHJ3 Anos atrás
God works all things together for good...
Manuel E. Itriago M.
He faces me with the wicked amps behind him while I face him with my amplitube 5 plugin. Good times
Scott Riddle
Scott Riddle Anos atrás
Oh my goodness, hmmm
KingOfKings Anos atrás
I like to imagine I’m sitting at the table telling me this story while he’s playing footsies with me the whole time
Pat Gilligan
Pat Gilligan Anos atrás
One of my favorite things is to tell others about you and "What Makes This Song Great." I start listening some days and three or four hours disappear in the blink of an eye. Thanks much for your love for sharing your love of music. Any Allman Brothers in your future?
Mike Schumann
Mike Schumann Anos atrás
Love it - my goodness, Rick, thank you for sharing your story. My only hope is that more people hear it, learn from it, and respond to their personal adversity with the same winning, unrelenting attitude you did/do. Keep Telling It!
EL-EL El Anos atrás
Inspiring story Rick thank you very much… I never heard it before, I’m glad you retold it. You’re a fantastic musician an interesting guy and you always teach me something. So thank you.✌️🎼🕉
Lima Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your story! You’re absolutely right! Failure is a gift, I too have experienced something similar! I’m in more than a very happy place right now because of what I have failed at! I love your story and I love how you educate all your student at this channel! Thank you for all you do! Thank you for failing!! 🤩👏🏻🦋
Scott Steele
Scott Steele Anos atrás
You notice that Rick telling his story he got to a point about 3/4 through where his eyes got wide, they were just looking through the screen and he was connecting with the BRvid audience in a personal emotional way. That kind of defines the root of his success as a entertainer here, he is real and is convincing as a storyteller. Honesty works and an eye to eye connection always works. Enjoyed your tale of failures and successes.
Mark McHenry
Mark McHenry Anos atrás
Yeah. Great story and the story-telling was equally great. I'm glad I listened to this.
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson Anos atrás
Recent subscriber and lover of your channel, Rick! This was a an excellent story and I’m glad you retold it for new viewers! Thank you for all you teach and all you do!
This video just made me revisit all of my failures and see how I made positive changes after each one. This is a brilliant channel!
Dru Rigney
Dru Rigney Anos atrás
Rick, I've been watching your channel for a few months and really enjoy it. I can relate to your story. I played bass in bands (Hard Rock) back in the 1980's. We payed up on the Sunset Strip and opened for bands like Quiet Riot, Guns and Roses and Motley Crue. We came very close to getting a deal (like you) but in the end it didn't work out. I got disappointed, stopped playing for many years and got into another line of work. While watching this clip, I realized everything happens for a reason. I was married during the time we were playing in L.A. and partially blamed having to come back home to raise my family and having to work"a real job" on not getting my shot. Now much "older and wiser), I realize what I could have missed out on. Raising my kids and seeing the grow up (Now my grandkids). I also went to school to be a respiratory therapist. I know that had something else interfered with this, I would not have had the skill needed during the Covid crisis to deal with that 25 years has to offer. It's a career i have never regretted. Recently, the guitarist of the band Vesuvius I played with during this time contacted me and sent me a few "old pics" of when we played. One was a of a flyer from one of our shows at a club called the Woodstock in Orange County, Ca. The band Slayer (yes the Slayer), was the opening act. At the time I didn't know it but the bass player of Slayer was a Respiratory Therapist, Tom Araya. It's a very small world.
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez Anos atrás
This is very inspiring Rick! I'm 34 and have had my share of many failures in life so far. An inspiring musician/guitar player who wanted to go to music school since elementary. I played in bands in my 20s close to getting signed. I've learned a very similar life lesson of how either life's circumstances, and/or our decisions change the entire course of our future. I am now working as an Engineer tracking and mixing mostly vocals at an Urban music studio "RichStarsRecordingStudio" in Queens, NY; as well has having my own decent home studio in which I produce music every day. When I was 31 I decided after all of these years to take courses at a NYC studio "Engine Room Audio" in Advanced Engineering and Production. I had an amazing opportunity there and learned so much about Tracking/Mixing/mastering. Unfortunately due to unexpected life altering events, my life took a huge unexpected dive into another low point. I somehow managed to get an internship at "Electric Lady Studios" which started out great but didn't work after 2 months mostly due to some negative circumstances that I was still dealing with in my life and then literally a month later Covid-19 hit and the entire earth stood still. So I eventually used that time to work my ass off and get out of the situation I was in and back into the life that I've always strived for which is making music. I feel blessed to have been through the many experiences in my life which have led me to where I am today. I've landed in a situation where I feel very comfortable. I take music very seriously and I will continue to put in the work that has gotten me where I am today. I started following you Rick in December of 2016 or perhaps shortly after that time. I've definitely have learned quite a lot of things from your vast and heavy knowledge of all things music! Personally this video hit deep. Thanks for sharing all of your great gifts with us!!! Take care!
integral Anos atrás
You are one hell of a story teller, Rick. I frequently listen to BRvid videos while taking care of two or three other bits of business in my house or office, but after the first few minutes I dropped everything and sat down to listen. Thank you for all you do and for the heart you put into this channel. It makes a difference.
Bill Carroll
Bill Carroll Anos atrás
A long time ago, I lost my "big label deal" over an argument over two percentage points between the label, management, and producer. It's been clawing away at me for decades. Given the option of what I have now and what I might have had if that deal had worked out, I;'d rather have what I have now. Thanks for helping me rethink it.
Unboxed Travels
Unboxed Travels Anos atrás
Thank you Rick for that story. Funny how when you're a certain age and you were lucky enough to end up where you are and that you're happy there, that you realize that if you didn't have all those setbacks that brought you where you are now, you wouldn't actually be where you are and maybe not be as happy. All those challenges that were so hard and at the time, might have seemed so unfair, actually guided you to your current happiness (not saying it's only external influence that does that, because of course, your decisions and hard work make you who you are as well). Life is hard, but if you managed to end up somewhere ok (or even maybe, nice), I don't many people who would say they would change anything, because that might have made them end up somewhere else. Life lays a hard road in front you, with many detours, but if you're patient and willing to give your best effort, hopefully you end up somewhere you can finally rest and be happy. So if you're on life's road and you see the sign for your "happy" exit, but it's still a little ways away, hang on. Might be hard, but hang on.
Amarok Anos atrás
Great story Rick! I can think of a pivotal point in my life that led me into four decades as a mental health professional. Some fluke, eh?
pumpupthevolume Anos atrás
Two great stories well told with wisdom and hindsight with something for all of us. Most people have those kinds of stories that got them to where we are today, maybe not as interesting but they are there. Thanks Rick for reminding us of the serendipity of life and how important perseverance is.
Peter Hunt
Peter Hunt Anos atrás
Let’s be fair. We all want the Beato Autobiography. Millions of stories to tell.
Mark Barrus
Mark Barrus Anos atrás
William Perry
William Perry Anos atrás
That would be so awesome!!
Buck Murdock
Buck Murdock Anos atrás
I'd settle for the Beato Book ! ! !
Denver Randy
Denver Randy Anos atrás
I'd buy it for sure. Rick is the Anthony Bourdain of the music industry👍
user Anos atrás
My vote's for Autobeatography
Bill Green
Bill Green Anos atrás
Life experiences coming from the heart. Work ethic and perseverance I’m sure you learned from your family. Good job. Something we all need to teach and train our children and grandchildren.
Bill Garlinger
Bill Garlinger Anos atrás
Rick, I'm in my 50s and my life is nowhere near where I thought it would be. I sometimes get a bit introspective about my choices, but have decided that I am blessed with what I have now. My failures and my successes lead me to this point. I have wondered if others have the same experiences. It's nice to see that they do. Thank you for sharing. I will continue to watch and be a fan.
Randall Goetz
Randall Goetz Anos atrás
Your experience and enthusiasm for music is almost addictive. You have such an incredible way in bringing your wealth of knowledge to us and is so much appreciated. Thank you.
John T
John T Anos atrás
Hi Rick, great story and message! I have some similar stories, maybe one day I will share more details, but for now, thank you, you are an inspiration to many!!!
kkash Anos atrás
“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education” - Mark Twain
Prophetic words.
Themightyinvader Anos atrás
@Chris Taylor you could make that arguement for anything. Philosophical quotes and literal quotes are two seperate things as well. Any quote open to interpretation you could blandly boil down to "not adding up to much".
Matthew C
Matthew C Anos atrás
@Djalma Reis I'd expect nothing less from a typical mindless NPC.
Djalma Reis
Djalma Reis Anos atrás
@Matthew C @Matthew C thank you so much for such a perfect illustration of my initial point. To the random reader passing by, please take a look. This is why we have to be very careful about quotes. When I talked about not making Twain's quote an invitation to anti intellectualism, anti science, Covid-19 denial etc., this is what I was referring to.
Jonp Anos atrás
​@Pedro Silva Why does a dog lick itself?
laurentco Anos atrás
“There is no simple explanation for anything important any of us do, and the human tragedy, or the human irony, consists in the necessity of living with the consequences of actions performed under the pressure of compulsions so obscure we do not and cannot understand them.” ― Hugh MacLennan, The Watch that Ends the Night Part of this line also happens to be quoted in the wonderful“Tragically Hip” song ‘Courage’.
jmmacb03 Anos atrás
Thanks for that. Cheers, ☮
James Watson
James Watson Anos atrás
I love this channel. I love you, Rick. Thanks for being the great/talented/honest/funny/positive person that you have become. The world is a better place with you in it.
Rich Goebel
Rich Goebel Anos atrás
I have watched a lot of your "what makes this song great" videos and really like how you have done it with so many genres. The other day, a song came on the radio that you did that on, and I was really listening it to it how you broke it down. After it ended, I don't know how but I started thinking that you could do that with literally any song and it would be brilliant. Happy Birthday Twinkle Twinkle (and the alternate lyrics) and the song's original composer Mozart. Row Row Row Your Boat Jingle Bells and the best one I imagined you doing was Pop Goes the Weasel. It was you doing an April Fools prank on your audience by doing a parody of yourself breaking down the song on guitar and keyboards, then going into great detail about the lyrics with such enthusiasm. To wrap it up, you would bring in a surprise recording of the song, and it would be an actual Jack in the Box that you would turn the crank, and express all those parts of the tune as it played, and of course the culmination would be the POP as the door pops open and the clown pops out. Hope you have a good sense of humor about this.
The Polites Band
The Polites Band Anos atrás
Rick! LOVED THIS STORY AND VIDEO ! Thanks for sharing this. I sent it to all my friends and family. I can relate sooo much to this. 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻
K Soman
K Soman Anos atrás
Moral of your story, and most stories, "The world belongs to people who can bounce back. Think not of failures, but lessons learned." Good stuff man. Keep at it.
El Desgraciado
El Desgraciado Anos atrás
@K Soman They say Alfa fans and VW fans are very defensive.
K Soman
K Soman Anos atrás
@El Desgraciado okay. Let's talk about that on a car channel, not here.
El Desgraciado
El Desgraciado Anos atrás
@K Soman FIATs are still junky. Maybe they pay more attention to ALFAs because of the increased pricing?
El Desgraciado
El Desgraciado Anos atrás
Are ALFAs super-unreliable?
David de Sola
David de Sola Anos atrás
Rick, that was the most inspiring of all the many videos I've watched from you. Applies across all facets of life, too. The importance of failure is a topic hammered in many self-help / get rich / be successful etc. I've heard much less on the importance, or perhaps better said, value, of humiliation. It's among the worst feelings in the world; and your story and your face while telling it convey it. But, so does your humility speak volumes of your character. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone; but the results... different story. Thank you for your willingness and openness in sharing.
keith shwalbe
keith shwalbe Anos atrás
Bravo Rick. Thanks for sharing this with us. . I'm so glad things worked out like this for you. . You are a good man. A great communicator. Take care, and stay safe my friend.
Lary Dixon
Lary Dixon Anos atrás
Brother Rick, It's always been about having the Passion in your very Soul, and the Fortitude to hone those skills that you know to be yours, and yours alone.. When you follow your Heart, unapologetically, you can simply Never Fail.. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but your Heart and your Soul will Always prevail.. Self confidence is your greatest tool, and your Integrity can never be taken away from you.. All that we can do, as Human Beings is to Persevere, and Happiness and Fulfillment will follow... Lary
Lary Dixon
Lary Dixon Anos atrás
Have found these principles to be true in Every aspect of my life.. Your Passion is the Beacon of Life.. It has served me well, and has certainly served You as well... Lary
Pierre Veniot
Pierre Veniot Anos atrás
Was rejected also from a music school, even though I was the best flute player of my class. Thanks to the Ste-Croix nuns. Still playing music and making a living out of it 50 years on.
Bendit1974 Anos atrás
This isn't a music story. This is a life lesson. Thank you.
Matthew Whitton
Matthew Whitton Anos atrás
Rick, that was a beautifully told, mesmerizing story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Copper Audio
Copper Audio Anos atrás
Great story and life lesson Rick. Thanks for letting us in on it. The good stuff comes from determination and effort.
Randall M
Randall M Anos atrás
Rick I really love this style of production on your videos. Shared insight to help your viewers / followers. You are so genuine and we who have been watching know there is no other way for you. Having a straight talk to the camera (to us) is so cool. Like one post said- it's like sitting down at lunch with you with cool amps in the background. I agree. We are so fortunate to live in a time where you were able to make a youtube channel and grace us all with your personality, funny anecdotes, guest interviews, and life experiences. A+ and if they ever give out awards for most entertaining and educational youtube channels- you've got my vote. Cheers!
Colin Anos atrás
Great story Rick, and a hearty congrats for the way things worked out for u. We also are glad they worked out as they did which allows us to enjoy and learn from your playing and tutorials and observations. Your family must be proud of your accomplishments and I imagine very supportive of you. It's a pleasure sharing some of your history as well as music that we all know and love. Keep up the great work and best of luck in your endeavors .
Ruddwood Studios
Ruddwood Studios Anos atrás
I needed to hear this. Thanks Rick. After years of putting it off, I finally just started a BRvid Metal Cover Channel (barely any subscribers so far, lol, but I'm putting all of my passion, hard work and being consistent as I can). It's personal stories like this that inspire and encourage people like me. Hopefully I will be able to do the same one day.
Ruddwood Studios
Ruddwood Studios Anos atrás
@Ashlyn Elkins Thaaaaaaanks!
Al Dunbar
Al Dunbar Anos atrás
Me too, and I dont even like much metal. So go ahead and change my mind.
Ashlyn Elkins
Ashlyn Elkins Anos atrás
Subscribed. Cant wait to see all of the covers you put up :)
MGsteveR Anos atrás
PLandscapesOH Anos atrás
Nick Burns
Nick Burns Anos atrás
This life lesson can be applied to just about anyone in any field of study. I have had a career of serendipity myself (healthcare to IT). Thanks for sharing this story, Rick.
Drums-N-Stuff Anos atrás
Always an inspiration, I wish I had your channel when I was in my 20s! It would’ve changed my entire trajectory in my music life!
David Freed
David Freed Anos atrás
Great stories of perseverance, modesty, and actual wisdom which I hope appeal to younger members of your audience. They are all we have to carry the tribal knowledge. I have 25 years' teaching experience across many genres, and I both understand and recognize your efforts in this praiseworthy mission. Also, you have MAD SKILLS across many disciplines. 'Warming to this old heart!
studioblogic Anos atrás
Great Sir Rick, Thanks for confirming my theory that humility and talent are inseparable twins. Live, love, create and inspire. Shaw said - "...humility isn't thinking less of one's self. It's thinking of one's self less. Thanks for everything you do to elevate the potential of world's music community. barry in Indy
Moby Dick
Moby Dick Anos atrás
Great personal story, Rick! It reminds me of when I happened to attend first grade when I was five in Knoxville Tennessee. Subsequently, we moved to Florida to a house only 100 yards from the city's Little League baseball complex, and when I came up to play Little League, I was seven while my classmates were eight. I was denied eligibility because I was not eight, and I cried and cried foul! Subsequently, I got so pissed off and ambitious to play, I practiced extra hard, so when I finally got to play, I had more skill than other players and I pitched the first game I ever played. After that first year I skipped the intermediate league and advanced to the main Little League that covered up through age 12. Due to this chain of events, I became a successful pitcher and pitched in the leagues for eight years. Even though it was just Little League, for me it was a Major League learning experience, and just chock full of life lessons that formulated my character.
Michaël Marcuola
Michaël Marcuola Anos atrás
Hello Rick! Thank you so much for this very interesting story ! It teaches us lessons of life and deal with them. Just keep on working hard and believing in oneself. Thanks for sharing !
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