Fortunes of Failure | The Road Taken 

Rick Beato
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There were two events that happened 40 years apart, one in 1980 and the other two weeks ago that changed the course of my life. "The Road Taken" is the story of how two life failures (getting rejected from music school and losing a record deal) dramatically shaped my life's trajectory and brought me here today.
"Fortunes of Hard Work: Why You Should
Never Give Up" -
"How Rediscovering Rock Music
Led Me Here - A 24 Year Overnight Success" -
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9 Mar 2021



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@thebillykeith 2 anos atrás
I have cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and I was born with that cleft palate and lip. But I'm grateful for all of those things. When I first heard AC/DC at the age of 9, I knew I had to do the guitar thing. Thanks to having cystic fibrosis, Gibson guitars gave me a Les Paul through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Marshall amps gave me a cool Valvestate 2×12 and that rig put me on my path. I've never given up on music. Being sick and spending well over a year in the hospital throughout my life, is the reason I met my girlfriend who was my nurse! We've been together for 15 years now. Don't get me wrong; being sick certainly sucks, But it allowed me to rock and find love in this life. Thank you Rick. And thank you to those reading my comment. Rock on.
@RevShifty 2 anos atrás
That sounds like a hell of a ride, and you still came out on top. That's awesome. More power to you, and I hope every day is better than the last for you.
@lisaeischens2352 2 anos atrás
Thanks for your story! I hope you’re doing well.
@rickgruffman7132 2 anos atrás
Yes, brother, rock on. Cool comments.
@1taylorgibson 2 anos atrás
That’s fantastic. I have never questioned my limited guitar ability but only enjoyed being able to play what i play. It gets better and better as time goes on and i appreciate that ability now that i’m older.
@gerongrahamgg Anos atrás
Hell yeah!
@yougoseo1580 2 anos atrás
You probably don't remember me. . .but I remember U! I was skeptical at first. . .I came to your first seminar. . .(4 Summers ago in Decatur). thinking "Is this guy for real?" You're wife showed up in the middle of the seminar With your kids Dylan et al. . .and you began to cry (slightly) when they all showed up to support you. You asked them something about a pixar movie thing. . one of the children (maybe Dylan) was spot on with the correct response~I thought to myself. . .This is a good man. . .This is a good dad. . .This guys' the real deal!" Thanx Rick! I will always follow you! You are true!
@leeanderson9486 Anos atrás
There’s something so engaging about how Rick tells his stories that I think I would buy a DVD box set of, “Rick explains how paint dries”. 👍
@jamesj7444 2 anos atrás
My favorite Rick Beato video is now a video that isn't as much about music as it is about life. Well done, sir.
@ffggddss 2 anos atrás
Thanks, Rick, for telling this. Deliver it as a high-school graduation address, and you could change lives. It's all well and good to have aphorisms, like, 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade,' but concrete stories like yours, are far more compelling. They are the "stuff" of which those aphorisms are mere condensations. Fred
@andreivich1020 Anos atrás
Rick, the more I learn about your story, the more inspired I am. I let disappointment, rejection & heartbreak keep me from pursuing my dream of being a professional musician for many years- but the gift of Covid, for me , was buying a piano & singing again after letting the joy of music leave my life for many years. I love your talent & thank you for never giving up.♥️
@MrJumboblimpjumbo 2 anos atrás
Nice to be sitting across the table from you Rick, it feels like we're having lunch at a cafe...with wicked amps
@JBrooksNYS 2 anos atrás
I like to imagine I’m sitting at the table telling me this story while he’s playing footsies with me the whole time
@scottriddle5468 2 anos atrás
Oh my goodness, hmmm
@manuele.itriagom.728 2 anos atrás
He faces me with the wicked amps behind him while I face him with my amplitube 5 plugin. Good times
@pjhj3687 2 anos atrás
God works all things together for good...
@lokiop345 2 anos atrás
I know check those Orange amp selection!!!
@patrickwebb7388 2 anos atrás
So refreshing to see a creative, kind, compasionate, caring, giving, open and honest person on such an influential social platform...thank you!
@MarcRice 2 anos atrás
Jamestown guy here... watched the other video you mentioned and I teared up. You're a warrior and I appreciate, beyond words, the lesson.
@georgewyatt2924 2 anos atrás
Someone asked me years ago, "If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?" I thought for a moment and replied, "I like who I am today. Every experience, good and bad, has shaped who I am. Therefore, I would change nothing because I might be someone I don't like." I feel the same way today, despite all the shoulda, woulda, coulda moments. I try to work hard, learn and be kind ... and I sleep really well at night. Love your channel, Rick.
@notbraindead7298 2 anos atrás
Congratulations, You Win!
@newfoundmoralclarity 2 anos atrás
Exactly how I try to live. There's nothing more useless than regret
@thomastimlin1724 2 anos atrás
"If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?" My answer is always "My underwear." Because you can't change the past and can only move forward.
@leetv6223 2 anos atrás
@timschall8643 2 anos atrás
Thanks for telling this story. You didn't have the correct mentoring at 17 to help you handle the auditions. Shows us all that as artists, we internalize so much stuff that isn't about us. The fact that you almost quit is pretty profound. We've all been there as artists. Either through rejection, deep dissapointment or whatever it may have been. And that you didn't quit and your god given talents were eventually acknowldeged and developed - a big lesson for us all. We keep walking! THANK YOU.
@johnnyfranklin8520 2 anos atrás
Moral of your story: participation trophies keep you from true participation. It's the failures, rejections, broken hearts, and humiliations in life that lead one on the road to success. True Grit.
@northeastqueenstptp5652’s the personal hardships that build character 💙💙💙
@codysroom6303 2 anos atrás
@lokiop345 2 anos atrás
Well said... ask the Beatles about that !
@Kashed 2 anos atrás
“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education” - Mark Twain
@matthewc3621 2 anos atrás
“Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education.” --- Bertrand Russell
@drdre4397 2 anos atrás
Mark twain is just a fountain of great quotes.
@Heroball299 2 anos atrás
@@drdre4397 Yeah the has some catchy quotes. They sound clever but when you unpack them they don't add up to a whole lot.
@davidmes6267 2 anos atrás
Not to mention that they don't apply at all here
@drdj2626 2 anos atrás
let's just not make that an invitation to anti intellectualism, anti science, Covid-19 denial etc.
@shanesavoie8141 2 anos atrás
I've really enjoyed your willingness to expose your personal aspects to us, Rick. From the story about your aunt's recent passing, introducing us to your son, and the disclosure of your learning disability, you've become more like a genuine friend than just a personality on BRvid! I rarely find myself actually caring about someone I've never met, but your character is as affable as it is admirable. I can never thank you enough for the knowledge you teach and the wisdom you share. This is my favorite channel on this dying platform.
@glynnsmith4560 2 anos atrás
In my 67th year I can honestly say no-one taught me as much about music theory as you have. I've earned my living as a bass player for a while - best income I ever earned (better than senior management) ..knew very little theory, I was all about shape copying, guessing and sounds right.
@TheTerrypcurtin 2 anos atrás
Funny how our worst days become our best. I was a severe alcoholic and the DUIs. I needed every drop and every ticket to be alive today. Got a major label deal. ( got fired from my own band) Went on the build a huge insurance agency. A pilot. Plus a bunch of great stories. I live my musical dreams through friends who wrote monster hits. Produced huge artists. Proud of them. Life is amazing. The phone call missed. Or picked up can change generations in your family. Crazy.
@soulhealer20 2 anos atrás
Great story Rick. I applied for college when I was 43 years old. I'd never had any formal training even during all of my elementary and high school. But I self-taught myself extremely well. I initially auditioned for the jazz program at Capilano College (now a university.) I should have passed the audition but after waiting my turn for 8 hours in the hallways with all the other wannabes I ran out of energy and failed. But my name was passed onto the classical program because they had openings and two weeks later, i got a call to try out. So over a period of time that spring and summer, I learned to play Vivaldi's Largo in D. I learned it from Steve Howe's album "The Steve Howe Album: Concerto In D (Second Movement)" (Vivaldi; arranged by Steve Howe) - I was very well familiar with listening to it over the years. I played it at my audition with no transcript. I was asked for one by Laars Karrio who was the Classical program director and the conductor of 2 choirs at Cap. I admitted to learning it by ear and it went over well. I was quizzed on the harmonic qualities of piano chords that he played for me and moments later, he asked, "would you like to spend 2 years at college for music?" Yay!!! I made it and am so grateful. During the first semester, at my first classical guitar lesson with the great Stephen Boswell, I showed him a transcription from one of the currently popular guitar magazines. He sort of chuckled and told me to put the magazine away. He came back momentarily with the proper classical music notation for Fernando Sor's Theme and Variations on Mozart's Magic Flute. Now that was an eye and ear opener. I still play it today but need to really relearn it. LOL. Thanks for the great share. BTW I went to college to study Music Therapy which was also great for me.
@pohkeee 2 anos atrás
“...sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers...” 😉 wonderful wisdom,it has holds the framework for a great sermon!
@RC32Smiths01 2 anos atrás
A musical career is quite a difficult one to commit to for a multitude of reasons in this day and age, but you are quite an inspiration to us all Rick. Thank you for all you do
@TheDirge69 2 anos atrás
ditto, my thoughts as well..
@generalawareness101 2 anos atrás
I agree. He is slightly older than I am and inspired me to try to learn the electric guitar again.
@RC32Smiths01 2 anos atrás
@@TheDirge69 yeah!
@RC32Smiths01 2 anos atrás
@@generalawareness101 I wish you the best of luck on your journey! Guitar can definitely change a person for the better
@generalawareness101 2 anos atrás
@@RC32Smiths01 I tried it 16 years ago and put it in the gig bag and my amp. I took it out last month and I had to wait on some tools as it needed a fret job. Doing it myself and 20 frets to go. This guitar was made badly for the fret work so I am fixing what caused me to give up back then. I can do D-Chord now and A-Chord to some extent then moved to the E-Chord and the issues hit me again. 400 USD for fret work for a 259 guitar in 2005? Not in 2021 for me.
@user-gt4nu8nb1i 2 anos atrás
as the lyric goes, "God bless the broken road, that brought me straight to you". Great experience to share, Rick, thx.
@thecreature1281 2 anos atrás
Thank you, Rick. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Your stories are edifying to so many people - Thank you for taking the time to share from your experiences! Artists need encouragement and you are giving so much back to us all. Thank you for giving us hope. Seriously.
@patrademacher1637 2 anos atrás
Rick, you are so versatile and inspiring. Even though the takeaway here is such a commonly-mentioned universal theme, your story is so much more relatable and encouraging than a famous quote on a poster or hearing the same things over from friends and family. I recently was rejected by a company I wanted to work for so badly and it was devastating, but now I feel like I'm ready to go out and kick some ass and see what results instead. Thank you so much for this
@fogrecordsusa7169 2 anos atrás
Go get 'em!
@reallydistracted1 2 anos atrás
Rick, young people REALLY need to hear this type of message, repeatedly, until it is visceral, in their gut. I have countless stories of people who took their perceived failure and turned it into something greater than they could imagine. I have a hundred times that of people who gave up. What a great story, thank you so much for posting, and thank you for your tireless work in supporting music. God bless!
@rico387 2 anos atrás
No matter where you go, there you are.
@peterhunt7680 2 anos atrás
Let’s be fair. We all want the Beato Autobiography. Millions of stories to tell.
@xxxdougiefreshxxx 2 anos atrás
@user__214 2 anos atrás
My vote's for Autobeatography
@denverrandy7143 2 anos atrás
I'd buy it for sure. Rick is the Anthony Bourdain of the music industry👍
@buckmurdock2500 2 anos atrás
I'd settle for the Beato Book ! ! !
@williamperry1462 2 anos atrás
That would be so awesome!!
We learn best from our mistakes or defeat. We learn to pick up ourselves from our boot straps, improve, grow and move onward and upward. Great post Rick 👍
@tedwood696 2 anos atrás
I'm older than you and the advice you give is great. All the more for these young budding artists etc.
@PFA57 2 anos atrás
Can't remember off the top of my head who said it but there is an old saying that goes like this... "We don't learn from success, we learn from our failures."
@anthonywhelan5419 2 anos atrás
Rick, your videos have changed many people's lives for good. What a great legacy to leave behind when you're gone. Love from Australia!
@user-wg4pg8eb1g 3 meses atrás
This was a wonderful story. I was a trumpet player in high school and realized that I probably could not make a living at it so I went to Rice and studied Chemical Engineering. I never lost my interest in music and listened constantly. I didn't play music for quite a while but fooled around with it from time to time. My wife of 48 years died and 9 years later I met a wonderful woman whose husband had died one month after my wife. She is a semi-professional singer here in Houston and she and the recordings of her bands and particularly her husband rekindled my interest in music. I found your videos and they had taught me a lot of the things I should have learned when I was playing. You have inspired me to try to take up music again at 79 years old. I cannot thank you enough.
@craigfazekas3923 2 anos atrás
I had stage 3 colo-rectal cancer, was unemployed during that time & my ex-wife betrayed both me & my mother financially....I was mortified at the time. I am now clear of cancer & have the best job I've ever had, paying the most money I've ever earned.... I can totally relate, Rick. And I thank God every day ❣❣🚬😎
@RPMX4 2 anos atrás
Keep the faith my good man. Congrats on your new life. You've earned it. God bless ya!
@craigfazekas3923 2 anos atrás
@@RPMX4 Thank you. Yes, it was a bad, bad time. I don't know what I did to deserve such a great outcome, but I'll take it. I also kicked an opioid addiction (pills), too- which I purposely did not mention, but just recanted on that.... This is all gravy now to me. I know full well that I could just as easily not be here. I do thank God everyday. Sometimes, I get a little twinge of what feels like survivor's guilt. As in, "why me" ? I was able to beat cancer when so many are not. God willing, I hopefully licked addiction, where others cant. Life is just so, so funny sometimes. Just how does one perceive such things ?....🚬😎
@creativesource3514 2 anos atrás
Amazing story. You were so strong to make it from that hugely difficult situation.
@peacefuljeffrey 2 anos atrás
Rock on!
@ziggyvertov1829 2 anos atrás
Yeah Craig! Feel the power!
@RespekfulFungus 2 anos atrás
I love you even more now, Rick. My sophomore year I lost a scholarship from Arkansas State’s Music Ed program. WS a trumpet major, but my heart was in my J-bass, and had never touched an upright. I couldn’t make myself practice the horn like I needed to, and there was no Bass and barely a Jazz program aside from a couple of bands. Things took a turn, and I went without or just sparingly playing for 10 years. Now here I am retraining myself, and in the beginnings of my own luthier journey. It’s been hard, really hard, but watching my kids light up when I show them something new is worth it all.
@marcelosiciliano9365 2 anos atrás
Rick ! What a lesson you gave to everyone here !!!! I´m 56 Years Old and these are the things that Kids of these generations should Learn, to never give up ! Congrats from Argentina ! Marcelo Siciliano, Great fan !
@mrartician5250 2 anos atrás
Reminds me of the story/inspiration behind "Journeys" biggest hit, "Don't Stop Believin"'s SO true. What an amazing "journey" life is to begin with and can be, when we're open to trying different doors, paths and roads, whether by choice or fate.
@ricksouthwick3463 2 anos atrás
Rick, I travelled to London from Australia in 1989 to find a Master Jeweller to teach me Victorian jewellery making techniques, on a whim, and spent 3 years under the tutelage of one of England’s greatest Master Jewellers. At times i walked around London in tears of frustration at my inability to master these skills. My mentor (Graham) nurtured me in the old school ways and from this i became a Master Jeweller my self. Finding a true mentor has change my life and at his insistence I have passed the skills on. Mentors are a key to evolution in skill. Love your channel. Rick.
@Nickc4555 2 anos atrás
The humility with which you say you hope people get something from this story is as inspiring as the story itself. Commitment and integrity are rare commodities in our world of disposable fame, but you are the real deal.
@SyntagmaStation 2 anos atrás
Take note, friends. Lot of kismet in this perspective. He’s an existentialist at heart. With huge balls. Being 36 and trying to make it in the music biz. That’s harsh. Trying to be self-employed and find a way to make a living on your own at any age is brutal. I just love the idea the Rick is where he is. Lot of perseverance.
@ricopetrilli1084 2 anos atrás
I've been self employed most of my adult life (40 years). Made many mistakes. Even when it seems hopeless, in the back of your mind there is always one last chance. Somehow you point yourself into a direction of maybe unkown but if you put yourself out there, destiny seems to find you somehow, someway.
@gizmo5925 2 anos atrás
Well, also having lots of talent doesn't hurt either.
@tripp8833 2 anos atrás
@@gizmo5925 What talent? That’s insulting. It’s about hard work not talent.
@zeth7109 2 anos atrás
@@tripp8833 i'd say both
@yallaaAIC 2 anos atrás
@@gizmo5925 Dont mistake talent for hard work.
@TermiteUSA 2 anos atrás
"His world had gone from sailing ships, To raking mom's backyard, He never could adjust to land, Although he tried so hard. We both were growing older then, and wiser in our years. That's when I came to understand, The course his heart still steered..." Jimmy Buffet, The Captain and the Kid 1970 (for Captn. Marty, Grandpa)
@mobydick3895 2 anos atrás
Great personal story, Rick! It reminds me of when I happened to attend first grade when I was five in Knoxville Tennessee. Subsequently, we moved to Florida to a house only 100 yards from the city's Little League baseball complex, and when I came up to play Little League, I was seven while my classmates were eight. I was denied eligibility because I was not eight, and I cried and cried foul! Subsequently, I got so pissed off and ambitious to play, I practiced extra hard, so when I finally got to play, I had more skill than other players and I pitched the first game I ever played. After that first year I skipped the intermediate league and advanced to the main Little League that covered up through age 12. Due to this chain of events, I became a successful pitcher and pitched in the leagues for eight years. Even though it was just Little League, for me it was a Major League learning experience, and just chock full of life lessons that formulated my character.
@robnowlin7285 2 anos atrás
Rick, I am 53 years old and learning to play the guitar. This is a long story why it took me so long. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story.
@jadanblue3927 2 anos atrás
Resiliency and adaptation are the (often not discussed) key to most successful people. You either bend your career (path) to find success in life or bend your life (geography, marital status, etc) to find success in your career. Great story Rick! Thank you for sharing. Always enjoy hearing about your time in Upstate NY, which gave birth to your incredible career.
@recordman555 2 anos atrás
"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." ~ Newt Gingrich
@brucemcgillis8682 2 anos atrás
George Carlin taught life lessons through comedy. Rick Beato teaches life lessons through music. Well done.
@Andrew-ck1gg 2 anos atrás
so corny
@psd993 2 anos atrás
I cringe every time someone takes george carlin too seriously. He was a comedian who heckled american society like dozens of others. Just because a 100 mouth breathers under every single george carlin video on youtube post the same exact comment saying he's a great philosopher doesn't mean it's true.
@michaelolson291 2 anos atrás
@@psd993 Doesn't mean it's not true ... either. He pointed out MANY ludicrous aspects of day-to-day life WITH humor. Just because the delivery device was comedy and not lecture doesn't make it less accurate.
@scottdetter 7 meses atrás
@@psd993 he is also a self avowed anti-American socialist, except when he was making millions from his albums and stand up shows.
Thank you Very much for explaining your Story of trying to get into College, actually being rejected, but Overcoming your Disappointment and Prevailing through Refocusing and plain old Hard Work. Bravo!
@bluewater3783 2 anos atrás
Thanks for being there, Rick.
@TerryPullen 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the story Rick I very much enjoyed it. My 67 years have had similar turns and one thing you learn is, don't take your foot off the gas. It's your life, it's the only one you'll ever have, so love everyone and live life at 100 miles an hour.
@DaddyDepression 2 anos atrás
It’s hard to inspire by words in a overly cynical world, but you do just that by your honesty, and skill in front of a camera, you are a good story teller Rick, thanks for allowing us in, and sharing valuable life lessons. Gold standard my man👍
@jshphysicistatyahoo 2 anos atrás
Rick, I love your stories and how you tell them. I'm so glad you are here on BRvid to dissect music for us and tell us these fantastic stories. I can't tell you how much we appreciate you.
@aidanquinlan7990 2 anos atrás
I love all these stories Rick, I could listen to you talk for hours on the things that happened in your life
@von0410 2 anos atrás
Your god dam right
@kevie3 2 anos atrás
Same Aidan
@robertchavez5483 2 anos atrás
For sure, me too
@p-Claud73 2 anos atrás
@sideshowlol 2 anos atrás
Enjoyed it the first time. Enjoyed it just as much this time around. Rich, your story is inspirational. My gut tells me that whichever way the cards had fallen in your life, good things were going to come your way eventually. The way things worked out has been great because so many of us have benefitted from all your years of determined and disciplined effort. I’m also grateful to your folks for bringing you up the way they did. Maybe they are the silent stars in all of this?
@BrianODonohue 2 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your story Rick. I started out as a music major at a community college in the 80's, but was already a husband and father. I got scared off because of the instability of music as a career for a family man, and actually went on to become a registered nurse. Here I am, 30 or so years later, and I still want to learn music. I've been blessed to keep my hands in it enough to not be completely left out, but have so much to learn. I plan on taking the time to do the basics this year and try to get a firm foundation. The kids are grown, I've got more musical stuff than I need, and I'm hoping to finally take music to the next level in my life. I appreciate your story. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Anytime you want to come back to NY, let me know and I'll take you to lunch!
@paulasturi4199 2 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your story, Rick. We all have stories of being rejected and it's painful. But, having the courage to continue on and focus on your goals is what success is really all about.
@drurigney8616 2 anos atrás
Rick, I've been watching your channel for a few months and really enjoy it. I can relate to your story. I played bass in bands (Hard Rock) back in the 1980's. We payed up on the Sunset Strip and opened for bands like Quiet Riot, Guns and Roses and Motley Crue. We came very close to getting a deal (like you) but in the end it didn't work out. I got disappointed, stopped playing for many years and got into another line of work. While watching this clip, I realized everything happens for a reason. I was married during the time we were playing in L.A. and partially blamed having to come back home to raise my family and having to work"a real job" on not getting my shot. Now much "older and wiser), I realize what I could have missed out on. Raising my kids and seeing the grow up (Now my grandkids). I also went to school to be a respiratory therapist. I know that had something else interfered with this, I would not have had the skill needed during the Covid crisis to deal with that 25 years has to offer. It's a career i have never regretted. Recently, the guitarist of the band Vesuvius I played with during this time contacted me and sent me a few "old pics" of when we played. One was a of a flyer from one of our shows at a club called the Woodstock in Orange County, Ca. The band Slayer (yes the Slayer), was the opening act. At the time I didn't know it but the bass player of Slayer was a Respiratory Therapist, Tom Araya. It's a very small world.
@billcarroll5342 2 anos atrás
A long time ago, I lost my "big label deal" over an argument over two percentage points between the label, management, and producer. It's been clawing away at me for decades. Given the option of what I have now and what I might have had if that deal had worked out, I;'d rather have what I have now. Thanks for helping me rethink it.
@dandenecke2185 2 anos atrás
Rick, I have a similar story in the same area. I ended up at Fredonia a few years later than you with one more success than all the failures. I always get back up when knocked down. I met my wife there, went the public school teaching route, and have a few wonderful children, albeit 20 & 22 years old. I couldn’t be happier as I approach retirement in that career with a few different retirement career options. Be encouraged, you are a leading voice for jazz and rock guitarists all around the world.
@pamwatson5905 2 anos atrás
I love hearing Rick's stories. He is such a talented musician and he deserves wider recognition .
@jakerjohnson38 2 anos atrás
@@jiveturkey9993 those were top guys quite a while ago my man.
@NRG2 2 anos atrás
I think people have noticed 🤘😆
@bombercountyblues 2 anos atrás
Seriously?? I mean, I agree with you about rick. But you think 2.2 million subscribers represents a lack of recognition??
@Hesohi 2 anos atrás
2.2 million subscribers and a signature Gibson guitar on the way. Well deserved for sure but certainly recognized.
@extradimension7356 2 anos atrás
Great story / well told / super interesting.
Such a sad story with such a great ending! I love to hear you talk. I love your authenticity! I have thought about my own life in the same way. Thank you for sharing so much with us.
@EssTooBee 2 anos atrás
Another great part of this story is… when the producer called you and you had that great conversation, you got some closure on that situation. But, maybe even more importantly, HE got some closure on that story and maybe even more. He may have felt a sense of relief over the bad stuff that has been bothering him for a long time. It’s a wonderful thing when you can relieve someone’s pain. It’s a convoluted tale but you both win through mutual perspective and kindness.
@commonman317 2 anos atrás
Rick, I'm a 53 year old amateur drummer. I learn songs by ear only, as I cannot read music. Really don't know a quarter note from a love note. Nevertheless, my love for the drums has never diminished. It goes hand in hand with your passion for music. Even when you explain complex guitar techniques, or music theory, I listen and really enjoy it. I'm glad you came to this point in your life, and share your experiences in these videos.
@mrtoastey 2 anos atrás
This is such a great take. Thanks, Rick. When I was briefly a music major in college, I struggled with theory. When I went to the credentialed professor (who was also a mildly successful composer), he told me: “some people get it... and some just don’t.” It haunted me for so many years. And yet, decades later, I teach ukulele to people of all ages-and even a little music theory along the way. Needless to say, I really appreciated your recollection, and the wisdom those experiences afforded you.
@rvy26 2 anos atrás
I watched this video and your previous video about your college rejection story and I deeply admire your ability to bounce back from failure. I learned trumpet for a couple years in grade school until I botched a solo piece in a recital in 8th grade and quit playing. In retrospect, I wish I got over that embarrassment and kept practicing. Moral of the story: learn to deal with failure and you can grow from it; otherwise, you'll stagnate due to risk aversion.
@boblob2003 2 anos atrás
I had a lesson with a "famous drummer" my first semester at Berklee. The guy was one of the reasons I went there. He was a no show my first lesson... no show my second lesson... totally destroyed me my third lesson. Just insulted me and didn't teach me anything. I was devastated and really wondered if I should rethink my career plans. He stopped showing up altogether and I was able to change teachers to a guy who played like Jack Dejohnette- totally inspired me, challenged me and took my playing to a new level. The next year someone I didn't know that well came up to me after a recital I played in and said, "wow, I liked your playing more than __famous drummer__". Never. Give. Up!
@wickedcoolname399 2 anos atrás
Come on, you have to out the famous drummer!
@youngandrew66 2 anos atrás
I taught a youngster for 3 yrs from scratch who took off like a rocket. When I could teach him no further I had a word with my ego and we agreed to free him to find a tutor on the 'next level'.. A while later I caught up with his father who said he'd gone briefly to a guy who'd been at a flash music college in London and was now sharing his knowledge. Aside from a 20 mile drive to Manchester the guy also charged £40 a lesson (and we're not talking a rich father here) . However from what I gathered he'd had no band or songwriting experience and was apparantly a nervous wreck due to the stress of competition in music school. My point? Experience is more important than any major 7th arpeggio. Get playing with people and start learning to play SONGS.
@duffbaker9554 2 anos atrás
Kenny Aronoff?
@lamper2 2 anos atrás
You're not angry enough to name him? i would
@roomdog40 2 anos atrás
Dude, gotta name him.
@mrsockmonkey1969 2 anos atrás
At 51 I have enough life experience now to look back at the disappointments and rejections as gifts from God. He knows the course for your life and the corrections needed. We should thank God for unanswered prayers because something better will come if we ask for direction. Always give thanks for the struggles because the strengthen our resolve and make us better. I’m thankful for you and your inspirational story.
@raymondspadaro841 2 anos atrás
I am touched by your story at a time in my life where I have just turned 60 years old. I am about to start over in a new state, have to find a new job and a place to live. Looking back at a life devastated by drugs and few accomplishments. Your story gives me hope for the future. Thanks Rick.
@e.g.systems6146 2 anos atrás
Your honesty is wonderful. I watched an interview with Misha Mansour recently in which he also said (paraphrasing) There's SO much luck in life, so when you fail, don't worry, get up, try again, you might blow the doors off (not "The Doors", obviously) and when you win, don't think you're so smart, it may have been blind luck, just take it, and make the best of it. You have been very honest about your life's ups and downs, and we are richer for it. You are the best example of "if you want to be rich, then give all you can".
@Acoustict 2 anos atrás
I love this story! The part about your wife and kids...very sweet. And us watching you today... all the best to you.
@jadawin71 2 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing. I sent this to my 16 year old son. I have similar stories and I think it's really important for young people to understand that life is going to smack you around (and a lot of it will be self inflicted) but things generally work out if you don't give up.
@gprz843 2 anos atrás
Mr Beato, your channel is so refreshing. I’m a musician myself (self taught). since I started playing guitar and playing in bands back in late 90’s my goal was to make a living as a musician. I’m almost 40, I haven’t “made it” yet, I almost did few years back, but didn’t. Sometimes I feel like giving up and have a normal life (no band life just work and family), but I can’t. I might never be in the top 40 by the looks of it but my love for music, writing it, playing it is too much. Today I was feeling down and watching your video and listening to you refreshed my heart. Thank you for your channel, thank you for time to us. This is paid content everywhere else. Thanks.
@Freq412 2 anos atrás
Rick, Thanks, I needed that! I learned early on: Just don't ever give up on what you want out of life. Your story gloriously affirms this.
@smith3126 2 anos atrás
Thanks for reminding me that there's always an up side to failure and rejection.
@Blackcreekstudios 2 anos atrás
The challenges life throws at us are the rare gifts which allow us to show what we are made of. Thanks for sharing.
@michaelobrien8219 2 anos atrás
family is such a blessing - but we often don't see it until later
@PierreVeniot 2 anos atrás
Was rejected also from a music school, even though I was the best flute player of my class. Thanks to the Ste-Croix nuns. Still playing music and making a living out of it 50 years on.
@johnrutherford8026 2 anos atrás
The content here is awesome. Over and above that, you are exactly what every young aspiring artist needs as an example. You are authentic, genuine and honest about the music. The music world seems overly populated with parrots and mechanics. Originality, creative effort and “feel” combined with technical competence are what makes great music. Thank you for sharing this insight into your experiences.
@paulrodgers8605 2 anos atrás
Thank you so much Rick Your message is strength to us Rick we love you
@jpbliss1 2 anos atrás
Thanks, Rick, for sharing these stories; there are a lot of folks who need this. It's a commonly held belief that rejection or failure is the end. It's not. "Why do we fall?" "So we can get up again." The process/journey of "getting up" does more to make us who we are than any successes or failures we experience. As a professor for 26 years, I often tried to make that point to students at all levels. Failures and rejections nearly made me quit my career in the early stages. With support from my friends and colleagues and the grace of God, I learned from the experiences and succeeded. Keep up the great work!
@mikeburdette6633 2 anos atrás
So many people need to see this video Rick. It not only tells us about you, and how you got to where you are in life, but also the last part especially for the younger generation or really anyone that needs to see that anything is obtainable if you put in the work. The path may not be direct, and you may not even see that you will reach you goal, but you CAN DO IT, with the right attitude and the right work ethic.
@randarmax 2 anos atrás
Rick I really love this style of production on your videos. Shared insight to help your viewers / followers. You are so genuine and we who have been watching know there is no other way for you. Having a straight talk to the camera (to us) is so cool. Like one post said- it's like sitting down at lunch with you with cool amps in the background. I agree. We are so fortunate to live in a time where you were able to make a youtube channel and grace us all with your personality, funny anecdotes, guest interviews, and life experiences. A+ and if they ever give out awards for most entertaining and educational youtube channels- you've got my vote. Cheers!
@bmansk8520 2 anos atrás
I looked up your old band on spotify and honestly one of the best records I have every heard. As some who really dose not like 90s era music I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it!
@hisoverlorduponhigh90 11 meses atrás
I love how these stories are actually nice human realities. Thank you Rick.
@gordonmills2748 2 anos atrás
You just never know. I was working as a struggling radio DJ in a small town when I got a call during my afternoon show. The guy was the program director at a #1 station in the big town. He said "what are you doing?" I said I'm doing my show. He said "wouldn't you rather be doing your show on my station?" Wait, what? He was in town and listening, and decided right then and there he wanted me to take over afternoons from him as he was moving to mornings. He wanted me to start right away. I said I need to think about it. He said "great, I'll call you back in an hour." I told my boss what happened, and he said "if you don't take that job I'll kick your ass!" I went from eating no brand mac n cheese and ramen noodles to being the #1 afternoon show on the highest rated hit music station (by audience share) in the country. Life is weird sometimes.
@nothing55rk 2 anos atrás
Lessons learned.... Make you're life you're own, because no one else is going to do it for you... you're an inspiration sir!
@russevans3586 2 anos atrás
Great stories, Rick, thanks for sharing. So many of us, especially those in the Boomer generation, were raised to believe that failure was the END. I was a grown man before I learned that failure can be one of the BEST things that can happen to a person - if they understand it from the correct perspective. Like yourself, many of the things I thought would be the best for me, turned out to not be in the cards. But out of what I thought was catastrophe, a better understanding of what I REALLY believed was important and what I wanted to do in life emerged. I think we owe it to the young folks to help them understand this concept. Your stories will save many from agony and heartache over "failure" and help them to see that it was only pointing them toward the right path at the fork in the road.
@robgail5225 2 anos atrás
Love it! Reminds me of an inspirational story about Dwayne Johnson getting cut from football, it opened other doors. I am glad for this channel, I love it. I am glad this door opened for you. I went to law school in my 50's because other doors closed. The new doors that opened have been great. Good luck, Rick, keep up the amazing content.
@alpenglow123 2 anos atrás
Rick, Thank you for showing us that humility is a virtue; that every success is preceded by a failure; and, the assessment of your own strengths is key to success.
@deusx5583 2 anos atrás
Thank you Rick for sharing and giving me hope as a 58 year old musician to keep pushing on and I just put my studio together and keep it moving
@davidselders1513 2 anos atrás
@ronviejo4994 2 anos atrás
I have always loved this one.
@jeffreyleonard7210 2 anos atrás
"Now and forever"
@larsscholz3762 2 anos atrás
John Lennon, right?
@jeffreyleonard7210 2 anos atrás
Yes! We all aim to be on that "One after 9:09", yet nobody told me there'd be days like this ... :-)
@cluelessbaj9563 2 anos atrás
@@larsscholz3762 yeah , beautiful boy to be exactly right
@newlenmedia 2 anos atrás
This is now my favorite Rick Beato video! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story. I needed to hear this.
@McLeod2022 2 anos atrás
Danke for the share. My ed is completely different but my experience ...can relate. I lost my grandfather in my sophomore year and it slayed me. I failed. Dropped out. He was my father figure. And you don't fail or drop out if you want to be accepted at a top tier med school. The record will haunt you like a rap sheet ... long story short, I found myself, having failed chem, having dropped out for 6 mo to move furniture while I got me head back in line, I found myself teaching at a great Univ with my mentors who saw in me promise, even through the train wreck. And I had the great privilege of teaching hundreds of students, some who were like me, at that edge, just holding on, trying to figure it out. That struggle made me a better teacher, person, man, friend, et cetera.
@martyambron1264 2 anos atrás
I only recent found your channel by happenstance. I enjoy music, never learned to play an instrument to much regret. I thought maybe at age 60 I would learn to play guitar but soon realized I have no ear for scales, nor time as I am taking online classes for my degree. Many of us have similar stories of roads not taken, mine being the decision to get out of the Navy and regretting it for many years only to go back in at the young age of 41 and finish my career. Like you I can see that the decisions I made 30 years prior led me towards a better path I am on now, though I didn't see it then.
@joey15151 2 anos atrás
That's honestly a really awesome story that I am really happy to hear. It feels like most of the stories people tell anymore are all just these embellished "victorious" and "triumphant" type of tales where everything goes well. But I think that more of us are used to these kinds of experiences with some degree of failure and it having made an impact on us down the road. I started college with a very rare opportunity to join a business program that only have a freshman acceptance of 0.05-0.1%. But this wasn't something I liked at the time so I just took a huge range of classes including a 200 level guitar course (after testing out if the 100 level class). For most people, this would have been the start of a different story but I had a really difficult childhood and wasn't nearly as emotionally developed as I should have been. Within about a month of class, I challenged my guitar teacher (a PhD grad student) and, well, he got really pissed off at me. I ended up getting a 98% in my guitar class but before I was able to apply to the music program, the rest of my classes apparently also had "grades" for those who did their work and, allegedly "showed up." Around that time, I had started dating a girl I knew from high school and she moved in with me. I dropped school and we found out that she was pregnant right before I went to sign my contract for the army. After a decade, I finally decided to pick my guitars back up and relearn almost everything. We took a long time to get back to where we both were in the late 2000s but with a lot of new challenges. I went from actually doing recording sessions and touring band auditions to giving all of that up to be a father. And even though I still have feelings of regret about all that, I decided to take on the task of making these two boys into outstanding young men who didn't have the abusive background that their parents both had. And because our youngest has a rare genetic condition that left him physically and mentally disabled for his entire life, I've shifted more of my musical focus into playing things that he has always enjoyed and found relaxing. He can't speak but when I play the acoustic guitar for him, he is absolutely entranced. I may not have lived up to the potential I had when I was younger, but I think that the best investment we can make is in helping others. Even if it's just an audience of one special needs kid who was given a bad hand in life, I feel like I learned to play guitar specifically for him deacdes in advance without any clue as to why.
@HereXEG 2 anos atrás
So true, thanks for the pick me up! I needed that talk! We all are crushed when things don’t go the way we want! Rush said it best when they said, “ It's not as if this barricade, Blocks the only road”! I repeat that to myself a lot every day. Your a great guy who is passionate about music. Keep rolling out the good stuff!!
@integral 2 anos atrás
You are one hell of a story teller, Rick. I frequently listen to BRvid videos while taking care of two or three other bits of business in my house or office, but after the first few minutes I dropped everything and sat down to listen. Thank you for all you do and for the heart you put into this channel. It makes a difference.
@markrowden2617 2 anos atrás
Thank you for this. So powerful, sincere, generous, authentic, original, experienced, sensitive and wise.
@markstudden9090 2 anos atrás
Terrific. There are many reasons to find fault with the internet and what it brings to our homes, to dispair about the lowest common denominator rubbish that's out there in bucketloads. But my faith in the ability of the internet to deliver honest human stories told by honest human beings is rewarded whenever I see another post from you, Rick. Many thanks!
@frankdion2174 2 anos atrás
This is the type of story I tell my students got to make your own way...Big thx...
@BobGaydos 2 anos atrás
I really hope your youngest viewers watch this video. I didn't learn to embrace failure until I was around 42. I like to think that may the reason 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. As always, thanks for sharing, Rick. I would love to sit around in your studio for hours, guitar in lap, drinking beer, noodling about and talking about whatever.
@chrisbarnes8867 2 anos atrás
THANK YOU Rick for sharing your story. A young person will hear this awesome story. An older person will also.... but feel it louder.
@Bendit1974 2 anos atrás
This isn't a music story. This is a life lesson. Thank you.
@jamesandrassy8612 2 anos atrás
Rick, your honesty and willingness to share important life altering events goes to the point that your BRvid channel is a godsend to many of us that follow you. I can relate to that music school audition. I failed mine as well. Instead, my life flipped and found my life’s work in medicine and follow my passion for piano and guitar as an avocation. Please keep up,the great work you are doing for all of us.
@jdavis6355 2 anos atrás
Rick I discovered your videos late last year and I have to say you’re easily one of the top 5 youtubers for me. You’ve opened my mind to music and life in ways I didn’t expect. Thanks for all you do.
@liliturtle4740 2 anos atrás
Rick.. I just stumbled on you top 20 riffs..and then fell down the rabbit hole of a man who's trials and tribulations are jaw dropping..I get a sense of a religious feeling from your stories that entertwine..continuing. .remember that saying..when God gives you lemons.make lemon aide..YOU ARE BLESSED!
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