Forging a SWORD out of Rusted Iron REBAR

Almost Perfect Restoration
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Well, This Sword took me almost two month to make and this was not easy to make it such perfect. A lot of people asked me to make Sword so i tried to make most perfect Sword that i can.

Blade Length: 35 Inches
Handle Length: 12 Inches
Overall Length: 47 Inches

All the Processes are below of making this beautiful Sword:
It took me almost two days to prepare and hand forge Rebar piece into a long iron Strip and this was my most Hard forging ever. I don't have any power hammers so all the forging i did with my hands as well as other metal processes and turned a rebar piece into an 50 inch long metal strip.
I make most of grindings of steel strip with my Angle grinder and turned the strip into a well ballanced workpiece. I also
did a lot of hand sanding with a help of abrasive to remove the edges and almost all the roughness of the blank.
v. I made diamod blade type by hand sanding.
v. Hand Sanded the Blade to remove roughness.
v. The Hollow Ground was done manually which makes all the counstruction more lighter and stronger.
There is a proven and professional way to harden a Sword and that is
Heating the whole surface placed into a Fire evenly to a critical temperature. After that Quench the heated detail in oil. Now the steel is hard but fragile. Tempering is the best way to increase Toughness of the sword.

The Handle contains of three parts.
v. POMMEL: Purpose of pommel is to ballance all the counstruction and to force more energy during a hit.
v. Cross Guard: A nice brass piece which protects hands, it is also needs to be sealed by Spacer.
v. Wood: Any piece of light wood would be nice for the handle which could be wrapped with some soft leather strips.

Forging a SWORD out of Rusted Iron REBAR

Always wear eye protection while working with grinders.
Always wear gloves while sanding blade.
Stay Focused.

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Almost Perfect Restoration

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12 Ago 2022



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Comentários 967
Almost Perfect Restoration
This is the most Hard forging i have ever done,
Absolutely stunning for the amount stuff you had access to. However, there's something I think you missed and it's a small part, easy to fix. It looked like you made the handle circular. Usually, bladed weapons in general have oval handles so that one can feel the edge alignment in the hand.
J Staatzy
Unbelievable! This is the definition of making do with what you have! I had my doubts when you started to forge but I stand corrected. What you accomplished with the tools you used is unreal. Well done 👏
Boondoggle T
the fact you made a beautiful blade with hand tools and no fancy workshop makes this sword even more special. Beautiful workmanship, elegantly simple and a timeless design.
Iwontgiveyou Myinformation
i think this is very beautiful. i also enjoy, the semi primative proccess. i've seen the forging or making of much more complicated looking blades, but i honestly prefer this one. it's simplicity makes it beautiful
Diego Fernandez
Un trabajo increíble!! He estado pensando en hacer un espada, en mi caso solo como adorno ya que no tengo tanto conocimiento del oficio de herrería, y por falta tiempo no podría trabajarla para darle tanto nivel de detalle , pero ahora me entra la duda, y justo tengo una viga de hierro de ese exacto grosor 😋😋
Creative in Head
It looks very elegant and aesthetically pleasing! Nice work 👍
This is one of the coolest things I have run across on BRvid in a long time!
Buck Hedges
I'm impressed. I was under the impression that rebar was always a milder steel. I have a friend who is forging a blade out of rebar. Since we were using my forge, I gave him the two-handed sledge hammer and I got to hold the steel. It still took us 2 days.
Adrian Doeven
Great vid.
Cido Ribeiro
sensacional; você é um artista 👍 👏👏👏
Brian Falls
Very nice job on the sword forging sir!!! You now have a new subscriber. Well done!!! That is a beautiful sword to say the least and you have shown that you don't need a bunch of fancy tools to make it happen. Just some perseverance, imagination and determination along with some scrap metal. Amazing work.
Very beautiful! Heads up, the handle of a sword is traditionally less of a perfect cylinder, more oval in cross section, for ease of grip and control of the sword. Super cool sword though, major chops!
Petar Đ
Very impressive how you did a nice hollow grind with an angle grinder
Kristopher Ostling
That sword is beautiful! Really nice job man.
Great looking sword and you did an excellent job making it also!
Alejandro DelaRosa
Sensacional 😍
Tommy White
Absolutely beautiful. I would be so proud if I made that.
This is so cool! No massive fancy forge with heavy duty equipment, just pure craftsmanship… and some power tools lol
I enjoyed this more then the other sword making channels no fancy expensive equipment very impressive
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