Forging a BOW out of Rusted Leaf SPRING

Almost Perfect Restoration
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Almost Perfect Restoration
Almost a month of work, tons of sandpaper and infinite number of hours, Here is some of the Best moments of this Bow (video) 01:17 forging 03:01 shaping 03:50 making Big Furnace 05:37 hardening 06:17 tempering 06:31 making arrow 07:49 Hand sanding 08:37 making bowstring 09:49 making handle 12:57 Final product
OWL_MULLET Dia atrás
13:48 misses target with flaming arrow.
Nelson Pires
Nelson Pires Dia atrás
Myle Fury
Myle Fury Dia atrás
You should go into forged and fire competition.....just saying.....🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Alex Rogers
Alex Rogers 2 dias atrás
Question, why did you make the furnace using that kind of brick?
fondos , alabanzas y predicas cristianas
I yo iiiiyttyyy ok ya ok y
An CHAY SOKHIENG 3 horas atrás
Routine every day
Routine every day 5 horas atrás
Very nice
DR. Feelgood
DR. Feelgood 6 horas atrás
it looks great! i imagine it must be pretty heavy though. when you run out of arrows, you can always use it as a club.
Axn3d 6 horas atrás
His forearms are absolutely huge wow amazing
shobhit dangi
shobhit dangi 8 horas atrás
Not almost it’s a perfect restoration 👌
Codmghostyt 9 horas atrás
I know many of u peops don’t know what is spring leaf it’s an old shocks for trucks and jeeps ofc u know Willis jeep
Kartik Esports.
Kartik Esports. 10 horas atrás
Evgeniy Petrovskij
Evgeniy Petrovskij 10 horas atrás
а зачистка вручную 21 век что нет у вас пемзы круга на болгарку
Evgeniy Petrovskij
Evgeniy Petrovskij 10 horas atrás
я бы титеву делал из тросика а ваш порвется факт
Raj Krishna Shahi
Raj Krishna Shahi 10 horas atrás
I need a weapon like this
Ayesha Putri
Ayesha Putri 10 horas atrás
lyfza meme
lyfza meme 11 horas atrás
he didn't use that bow to shoot
GyBer 13 horas atrás
13:45 lemme guess, this was filmed in australia?
Jayant Sapkale
Jayant Sapkale 14 horas atrás
0:35 vernier caliper dead 💀
Klovn 15 horas atrás
Единственный минус который я нашёл, это то что тетива расположена слишком близко к рукояти, из за этого в момент выстрела может прилететь по руке. Да и в видео автор не показывал лук в момент выстрела, и я думаю именно по этой причине.
BIDUAN TOGEL 18 horas atrás
Skill super 😍😘👍💕
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan 19 horas atrás
Shamsuddin Shahed
Shamsuddin Shahed 21 hora atrás
I need this!!
Hay ho TV
Hay ho TV 21 hora atrás
Việt Nam điểm danh Chắc chỉ có mỗi tôi lạc đường ♥️
Hay ho TV
Hay ho TV 21 hora atrás
Kendall Dalton
Kendall Dalton Dia atrás
*hunger games whistle intensities*
MrCrosas0010 Dia atrás
Dude, you didn’t show the bow actually firing the arrow. Wtf ?
Jack Avalon
Jack Avalon Dia atrás
That's nice black soil you have there. You could grow some good veggies in it.
Kiwi Animations
Kiwi Animations Dia atrás
Parent: what are you doing? Kid: making a baby dragon out of dirt! Also the kid: 3:57 But other than that great work! That bow was beautiful :)
Jonny Doe
Jonny Doe Dia atrás
I gave you a dislike and subscribed to your channel. And here’s why I did that: You took the wrong approach in building the bowstring. You should have done a continuous loop. Much safer and stronger. You took the wrong approach in building your arrow. You failed to mention the draw weight of your bow, and that was the sole reason I watched it all. Draw weight gives a bow purpose: hunting, target shooting, or recreational use (short range low accuracy shooting). But you made an awesome looking bow, you took an innovative approach to an historic replica bow type, and you are highly skilled. So for that 👏 👏 👏. I love when someone takes an innovative approach to an old craft, such as making replica bows. When it is the right approach (not like the strings). I am looking forward to see more bold undertakings like this. I like most of your vids, but as and archer, I have to point out the good with the bad. Keep up the good work!
Suresh Patel
Suresh Patel Dia atrás
Wow 👌
बिके,चेय,नल Jatav
ऐसा धनुष तुझे भी वन बाना है। कितने कुपन लोगे
Amar Nath
Amar Nath Dia atrás
Master piece
MR BEAST Dia atrás
3:04 this is too much i think sorry
The person reading my commentary, I wish you and your family good health and good luck!
Sk. Shreyas
Sk. Shreyas Dia atrás
The Giant
The Giant Dia atrás
Apka pass her chiz rust vali hai kya Ex:- turning a rust iron nail into a sharp knife 2) turning a rust wite into a sword etc. 🤣🤣😂😅
Влад Харламов
It's a perfect Bow! Nice👍
Айтуар Туржан
Dharmendra Rathod
Very beautyfull
Mubin Bhoraniya
Mubin Bhoraniya Dia atrás
Hau Guite
Hau Guite Dia atrás
It's great, I like it for hungting in my village,but no chance to find like that bow and arrow in my area👍,so great bro(sir), keep it up.
Mohan Meena
Mohan Meena Dia atrás
धनुष खरीदना है कितने में मिलेगा
anand Rohilla
anand Rohilla Dia atrás
aisha seth
aisha seth Dia atrás
@8:00 I know that motion.
VC Chavan
VC Chavan Dia atrás
I have made it because of you thank you but I don't know how to use bow and arrow
Max 2 dias atrás
Not even one scene of you actually shooting it? Did it fail that miserably? 😂😂
Power Friends
Power Friends 8 horas atrás
he did one tho
laugh hyena
laugh hyena 2 dias atrás
the re-curve on a bow occurs due to the string tension and it is not the natural shape of the bow without the string. This bow will have a poor Draw. this is like a Dress sword - functional and beautiful, but not a weapon of war.
Maddy the cute Kitty
Maddy the cute Kitty 2 dias atrás
i want the tiny weapons they are perfect for my figures I make
Pinky Chaudhary
Pinky Chaudhary 2 dias atrás
You have 6 million views You can easily afford a gas forge
Joseph Dorey
Joseph Dorey 2 dias atrás
This is a thing of beauty! Do you have any measurements of it's width and thickness at different points along the bow? Or of its draw weight?
Joseph Dorey
Joseph Dorey 2 dias atrás
@Almost Perfect Restoration thanks :)
Almost Perfect Restoration
Thank you, thickness of steel is 6.5mm in middle and slowly going to 5mm on the ends
Pratama permata channel
Wah mantap
Safety Flip Flops
Safety Flip Flops 2 dias atrás
Why is there no shooting footage of the bow? Not even an image of the bow in full draw. Only some arrows flying that could have come from any bow...
Tristan Ribeiro
Tristan Ribeiro 2 dias atrás
This bow is really, REALLY beautiful. I love its look. Great job
Mr. VDG 2 dias atrás
God amazing
Visbysnr1 2 dias atrás
damn that beautiful mate!
Ravi Jkr
Ravi Jkr 2 dias atrás
how to order it
BASARKE 2 dias atrás
what can i say bro.except that its awesome.
Dipto Boss
Dipto Boss 2 dias atrás
The salty chicory maternally smoke because mary micrencephaly influence towards a unadvised ground. divergent, noisy step
Dhansu chora
Dhansu chora 2 dias atrás
This bow price sir
Kaleb Anderson
Kaleb Anderson 3 dias atrás
Wow earned my sub. Thank you
Quoise 3 dias atrás
Plot twist: the metal broke off camera
Lewis Wereb
Lewis Wereb 3 dias atrás
There is NO bow that is as beautiful or as downright comfortable and as nice to shoot as a double recurve bow. Put all the silly strings and weights and pulleys etc etc on a "bow", make them weigh as much as a pick-up truck and cost about the same but you can't improve perfection. A bow is a bow, and a wheel is a wheel. Nothing needs to improve.Change, yes, but improve, no.
Khaled Alouit
Khaled Alouit 3 dias atrás
Good job
danietkissenle 3 dias atrás
So what dose it draw to
John Procidano
John Procidano 3 dias atrás
Your craftsmanship is outstanding.
Nathaniel Barton
Nathaniel Barton 3 dias atrás
8:25 “As all things should be”
Сергей Лошаков
WTF? I watched 14 minutes of video to see you shooting off-screen with a sport bow from the store?
@Music From Heart
@Music From Heart 3 dias atrás
Sir I want this bow
Saurav Biswas
Saurav Biswas 3 dias atrás
Sir u are awsome
Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh 3 dias atrás
Hey you are Kalu kabardia
Rasik - Ranjan
Rasik - Ranjan 4 dias atrás
Nice work
John Stack
John Stack 4 dias atrás
Give the guy a break! It's a beautiful piece of artwork not a functional hunting bow. I love to hunt elk with my modern compound and traditional yew wood long bow. I would like to build a combination wood n stainless steel hunting bow. Nice video, good filmography.
Dusty Harris
Dusty Harris 4 dias atrás
Pretty,but didn't actually see it work.
Kareem Vitar
Kareem Vitar 4 dias atrás
How many minutes metal takes,to becomes yellow of heat?
Muhteşem bir emek var ortada, tebrik ederim. 🇹🇷
Lean 4 dias atrás
Alguien que me lo de para mi cumpleaños? No? Nadie? Jajaja
Vasile Bogdan
Vasile Bogdan 4 dias atrás
Pice of art
Durje Kar
Durje Kar 4 dias atrás
I won't to bige nife
Ayushman Sethy
Ayushman Sethy 4 dias atrás
I can agree that making bow is hard
Troy Oliver
Troy Oliver 4 dias atrás
10:28 does anyone else find the sound this part makes strangely satisfying?
Joseph Ramirez Jr
Joseph Ramirez Jr 3 dias atrás
Your mom does ya
MR London
MR London 4 dias atrás
A work of art, excellent job. But can you get an animal with it and eat it?
Dragostan Gaming
Dragostan Gaming 4 dias atrás
His hard lead to his subscriber
Dragostan Gaming
Dragostan Gaming 4 dias atrás
Can i buy it
santosh sarathe
santosh sarathe 4 dias atrás
सेल्स के लिए है तो कीमत बताएं
Jany Roy
Jany Roy 4 dias atrás
Suparp .
FireGang Gaming
FireGang Gaming 4 dias atrás
Can you make crossbow pls
Jany Roy
Jany Roy 4 dias atrás
Forst class man .
Lilredwafflezz YT
Lilredwafflezz YT 4 dias atrás
So this is what people do when they take all the scrap metal
k 5 dias atrás
Level 100 craftsman Level 100 archer
kirpal singh
kirpal singh 5 dias atrás
Make khanda
Luiz apelão
Luiz apelão 5 dias atrás
please can you make one for me my name luiz
Omnilinkstrife 5 dias atrás
You never see the bow after the measurements. Did the artisan actually fire an arrow from the bow that was made?
Highlander Blair
Highlander Blair 4 dias atrás
Also notice he missed the shot he recorded
Uthman Ayantola
Uthman Ayantola 5 dias atrás
can you pls make me one ??
Алексей Лапацинский
Народ, объясните пожалуйста, зачем закаливать рессору? 🤷‍♂️
Narender Rajput
Narender Rajput 5 dias atrás
Bhai ji hme mil skta h kya dhanush
He’s Not Bad
He’s Not Bad 5 dias atrás
Flawless apocalypse aesthetic
Zurida Abdul Manan
Zurida Abdul Manan 5 dias atrás
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻good job
masail e fikka with wajeeh ur rahman
I want to take this I am very curious
Anand Kalyan
Anand Kalyan 5 dias atrás
can we purchase this
Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh 5 dias atrás
After watch arm of this man. 😎
Blaine Lucas
Blaine Lucas 5 dias atrás
i am 60 and i love it
Lovely Akter
Lovely Akter 5 dias atrás
Qoqoo 1
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