Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler Drag Race: One Of Them Gets ANNIHILATED!

The Fast Lane Car
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(Thanks to and ) The 2021 Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler 4xe bring a healthy dose of power to the table - each putting out well over 300 horsepower. Which one is actually quicker in the real world, though? Andre and Roman find out in this drag race, with a third contender (because why not)!

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27 Jul 2021



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Comentários 1 317
The Fast Lane Car
The Fast Lane Car Mês atrás
Brought to you by Manscaped: Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping with code FASTLANECAR at
David Klimmek
David Klimmek Mês atrás
Put 33" tires on the Bronco an knock 3 sec off the 0-60 times. I love my 35" tires tho.
David Klimmek
David Klimmek Mês atrás
Bronco all the way! Best SUV out there.
Kirt Hedquist
Kirt Hedquist Mês atrás
Nathan doing a manscaped video! I Have to wash my eyes and ears out to get rid of that image!
Robert Lucas
Robert Lucas Mês atrás
@Polk Nole hence why I said hybrid.
Polk Nole
Polk Nole Mês atrás
@Robert Lucas The Jeep is also a truck with a gas engine. It just has extra.
Jonathan Kohut
Jonathan Kohut Dia atrás
So they put a heavier, less powerful gas powered vehicle with much bigger tires up against a hybrid, lighter, more powerful vehicle with much smaller tires to turn in a drag race. What did everyone expect to happen? And why are people shitting on the Bronco for not outperforming a vehicle that has more advantageous specs in every category?
ben low
ben low 2 dias atrás
I love how much power current 4 cylinders make but I don’t like the idea Of them being in rugged off road vehicles
DADventureTV 3 dias atrás
Most pointless race ever. Slowest down a hill in lowest gear much more interesting
Juan Nieves
Juan Nieves 6 dias atrás
FJ is over all quality
Junaid Muhammed Illias
Wrangler 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
soul discretion
soul discretion 10 dias atrás
Run it with the same size tires and camera viewing the dash....
Andrew Quest
Andrew Quest 9 dias atrás
The bronco 2.7 Wildtrac did a 6.2 0-60. TFL wasn't honest with this test.
Co1eTrain84 10 dias atrás
i just testdrove one with a 2.7TT the thing is a rocket compared to what i was expecting
UndefeatedGaul 13 dias atrás
Piece of shit bronco can’t beat a 30 yr old FJ or stop. Impressive
dankcatvacs 26 dias atrás
that toyota 4.0 is no slouch!
Top Videos
Top Videos 28 dias atrás
14 years old and still strong comparative .. Welcome to the most lazy company in the world Toyota 🚩
Orange Crush
Orange Crush 29 dias atrás
Until your out in the wilderness and that jeep runs out of electricity!
Johnny Olivero
Johnny Olivero Mês atrás
I knew the Bronco is 🗑
kirkade Mês atrás
Just proving Jeep is greater then Ford 😂
Citizen Park
Citizen Park Mês atrás
When did off-the-lines speeds matter for trucks/suvs??? If anything, wanna see how they do in the turns/slaloms.
Boostang Mês atrás
This is bad for Ford, twin turbo v6 and a old n/a V6 almost beat it, 0-60 in 10sec is horrible. They really need to fix the tune, or atleast give it the f150 2.7 tune
X Factor Outdoors
X Factor Outdoors Mês atrás
Test is goofy. Tires sizes on all 3 vehicles are different. Gearing is different in all 3 but no mention of it. Just a video to get non car people rattled up it seems. Kinda like the ole Chevy vs Ford arguments.
Zainab Alansari
Zainab Alansari Mês atrás
Fj cruiser 😘
F C Mês atrás
Can I just say I don’t appreciate being forced to watch a minute plus long ad that’s not marked as an ad? Onto the vehicles: Ford has had 25 years to perfect the Bronco and has been working on this for at least a decade. Within the first month on sale, they have already had to cease deliveries due to problems and tell everyone that picked one up with a hard top that they’ll have to have their roof replaced. Ford quality is horrendous. People talk garbage about Tesla but Ford is worse. They’ve had over 100 YEARS longer to perfect their production processes and still can’t build a well made vehicle. Wtf? Also, that acceleration time is trash. Either something is wrong with that tester Bronco or Ford needs to go back to the drawing board.
News that matter
News that matter Mês atrás
Bronco as fast a 15 year old Toyota lol. Not to knock Toyota. I just purchased my 3rd 4runner. But I'd assume thr bronco would be faster. Jeeps time is impressive.
00 Coyote
00 Coyote Mês atrás
I was personally considering a new drag car and these three were the final competitors for my money. Thank you for making my decision that much easier!
Brian Chan
Brian Chan Mês atrás
The FJ Cruiser's exterior still looks so modern
Rockytop VFL
Rockytop VFL Mês atrás
Toyota should bring the fj back!! WITH A REMOVABLE TOP!!!!!!! if they would of had removable tops they would have sold a lot more
AirborneSoldier America
Not a drag racer, so did not care if the Bronco came in 2nd place or last for that matter. But to buy 1 of these, for me the Bronco or Toyota will be in a tie place, and a 50/50 draw. But sorry Dodge and Chrysler fans, I had way to many mechanical problems and real bad luck for me to buy another Chrysler or Dodge product.
Kingswood7189 Mês atrás
While I cant say I've experienced the same (mine and my wifes chryslers/dodges have been awesome and reliable and thirsty lol), I respectively wouldnt expect someone to keep to buying the same problematic (to them) brand over and over.
V A R U N Mês atrás
Crystal Rogers
Crystal Rogers Mês atrás
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yehuda hilel
yehuda hilel Mês atrás
hmm, check out Middleton Motorsports video for the 1st edition 0-60. somehow they got 8.125...
Mario Jimenez
Mario Jimenez Mês atrás
Thats wasnt a fair trial since electric tork its completely diff from regular combustion
Mark W
Mark W Mês atrás
10.21 sec for 593' BIG DEAL thats not even an 1/8th mile so your looking at like a 25sec 1/4 OH MY
Index Mês atrás
That Fraud eco thrasher is slow pig.
justin time
justin time Mês atrás
You slammed on the brake before the finish line.
Zach Sheets
Zach Sheets Mês atrás
Well the bronco isn’t geared for fucken street racing especially the manuals… but they got the auto. I would have gone stick all day with that 98:1 final gear ratio
Zach Sheets
Zach Sheets Mês atrás
@mikea hiooi You do realise the bronco was engineered to do what it does off road. Not try to drag race has the highest gear ratios out of any of the vehicle they showed. It’s geared for torque not speed.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Mês atrás
My mom's Sienna minivan is quicker than Bronco, and it comes with AWD
Brandon Humphrey
Brandon Humphrey Mês atrás
Bronco is the better choice
David Klimmek
David Klimmek Mês atrás
Can't wait to get my new Bronco Sasquatch 2.7L Ecoboost! Superior SUV all the way. Not a race car! These guys are funny.
Hector Ramon Mendoza
That's not a fair comparison...
Outlaw 2177
Outlaw 2177 Mês atrás
Nothing can conpare to the torque of electric drive lol
Shane Mês atrás
Ummm neither vehicle is made for the drag race, how about race in the desert with and without dirt roads, sagebrush run?
A Shadomar
A Shadomar Mês atrás
I'm waiting my rubicon 4Xe
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
Instant torque of electric is hard to beat.
Bryan Russell
Bryan Russell Mês atrás
Bronco vs FJ race looked so incredibly SLOW, and Roman was having trouble staying on the track? HOW!?
Willie Mês atrás
Next video, muscle cars pull travel
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Mês atrás
Thanks for make these videos. I’m glad you guys got a Bronco.
CAO Designworks
CAO Designworks Mês atrás
Did anyone expect the bronco to beat the 4xe? Have we learned nothing of electrified drive trains?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Mês atrás
It's electric, what do you expect
Randy's Restoration
I "was" a huge new bronco fan until I saw this! 10.2 0-60 on the Bronco with the 2.0L Jeep over 3 seconds quicker? What a absolute TURD in the power department. Big fan of the 2.7 Eco tho as installed one in a 1966 F100 4x4. Bronco being 5200 lb just too big n heavy for the engine. Needs a 5.0 TwinTurbo for starters . .
Al DiPaolo
Al DiPaolo Mês atrás
Maybe next time you bring the FJ TRD edition with the stock supercharger. Pretty sure you would have a real race on your hands..
Chan Young
Chan Young Mês atrás
They only beat FJ by inches. I am impressed by Toyota.
drifter666 Mês atrás
My mom's Sienna minivan is quicker than Bronco, and it comes with AWD
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
A Jeep, bronco, and Land Rover go up a mountain and only two survive. OH GEEE I wonder who didn’t make it back down LOL.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
Rubicon Wow!! Good Run!!
Rob M
Rob M Mês atrás
The crappy sound of the Ford fake motor sound from the stereo speakers
pink sprinkles
pink sprinkles Mês atrás
Instead of racing them take them off road. That's what I wanna see!
Brutalford Mês atrás
Turn off that junk ass electric motor and put it on gasoline and see which one's faster but let's not do that because then Jeep would look weak and we already know you guys are sponsored by Jeep
Brutalford Mês atrás
Yeah but the difference is is that you can mod the Bronco and give it over 400 horsepower and make that transmission come alive and make it a lot faster and more efficient and make it last longer. Because let's be serious here Chrysler has never been known for reliability sorry Chrysler but it's the truth let's see in the last 15 years you have had problems with Transmissions engines rear ends and well let's be honest quality. Chrysler is the cheap quality hot rod that has a short lifespan. The only reason that jeep is a part of Chrysler is because Jesus the only profitable section of Chrysler. It is still junk it will always be junk you can put a Hemi in it you can put a 750 horsepower Hellcat engine in it and it still will be junk because it's still Penstar and it's still Chrysler
Rag Dag
Rag Dag Mês atrás
You guys should host Top Gear - Real Guy edition!
Scotty Ellis
Scotty Ellis Mês atrás
Instant torque of electric is hard to beat.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Mês atrás
Can you guys find another track to do your test on, this golf kart track just isn't enough.
lupehn Mês atrás
Do you recommend the bronco or 4xe
lupehn Mês atrás
@Polk Nole and that is?…
Polk Nole
Polk Nole Mês atrás
It's pretty obvious which one is the better buy.
Dan Rundell
Dan Rundell Mês atrás
I'll race my 2020 ford escape awd against your jeep
ricky bolog
ricky bolog Mês atrás
Ford messed up by not putting the 5.0 v8 in the bronco. 10 seconds is so slow. I understand the bronco isn’t built for speed but 10 seconds is embarrassing. If dodge came back out with the ramcharger then we all know it would be hellcat swapped because dodge actually has enough balls to put v8’s in vehicles unlike ford....😂
2.7 Boosted up
2.7 Boosted up Mês atrás
It's electric, what do you expect
Mac Smith
Mac Smith Mês atrás
WTF A drag race, who buys these types of vehicles for this, nobody Let’s take the 911 up the trail next, what a crock of 💩
Travis Coombes
Travis Coombes Mês atrás
Hopefully the new jeep engine isn't junk like the 3.6
Hot Cheetos
Hot Cheetos Mês atrás
It be cool if Nissan made a new xterra to compete with these
Not You
Not You Mês atrás
The Broncos dumb… JEEP ALL THE Way 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
James Daple
James Daple Mês atrás
Rubicon Wow!! Good Run!!
James Daple
James Daple Mês atrás
It was close in impressed with the old fj !!
MCMLXXVI Mês atrás
I'm trying to understand the point of this. First off, who is ever going to drag race one of these and secondly, one vehicle has an electric boost. Not really comparing apples to apples. Maybe wait till Ford releases an electric version of the Bronco and redo this thing then. You dont see anyone rolling up with a Mach E to one of these. How about you put that Wrangler and the Bronco on uneven rough dirt surfaces and re-run that drag race. I'm sure the outcome would be completely different, or maybe a standard Jeep with the V6.
Arkham Squad Gaming
I mean really did you OJ lovers really think you were gonna murder somebody and then win a race lol 😆
corey Mês atrás
Oh yeah we’re all looking to buy a Bronco to do some drag racing lol.
Eric Miranda
Eric Miranda Mês atrás
John Paul Martincic
i'd like to see the 4xe vs the 392
b1lf Mês atrás
Does the manscaping kit come with a rear locker?
LMacNeill Mês atrás
Probably the least-surprising result ever -- the 4xE Jeep beating the Bronco. LOL. That electric motor in the Jeep throws down all its torque at 0 RPM, whereas the Bronco has to build up torque at higher revs, like any other turbocharged gasoline engine. What *was* surprising is the 0-60 time of that Jeep at 6,000-feet above sea-level. 7 seconds?!! And that's REAL 0-60, not "leave out the first foot of travel" 0-60, too. Very VERY impressive for such a heavy vehicle at such high altitude.
Rhy Dynamic
Rhy Dynamic Mês atrás
Bronco has a programmed break-in period like what the C8 Corvette has.
Andrew G
Andrew G Mês atrás
God that's slow, has it got the 3 cylinder ecoboost in there. forgot towing or even 4 adults in the Bronco.
J Edgar
J Edgar Mês atrás
WOW! Glad I canceled my Wildtrak after seeing how slow that 2.7 is
David Klimmek
David Klimmek Mês atrás
Ur foolish if you canceled any order. Me thinks your BSing.
Awesomeness 369
Awesomeness 369 Mês atrás
Y no test in 4 wheel drive???
MSTRCHIEF143 Mês atrás
The Bronco's time doesn't make any sense based on the powerplant. It moves heavier F-150s nearly 4 seconds quicker. It has 35's, but also much lower gearing. I could see a second slower due to tire weight alone, but that's it. There may be an undefeatable traction control, or an abs issue, as those brakes shouldn't have locked up.
Bob Maxwell
Bob Maxwell Mês atrás
Guess it would have been unfair to have the New Land Rover Defender in this race then guys?🤔Always good to make the Defender look bad,exclude it when it would look ridiculously good! You guys are getting a bit predictable.
Andrew Agaloos
Andrew Agaloos Mês atrás
Would you guys consider putting in chapter markers?
adamguzzo94 Mês atrás
Bronco pulls 0-60 slower than my almost 20 year old 3/4 ton. What a joke
TJ Mês atrás
That was super disappointing for the Bronco. I mean 35" tire on the ranger is significantly quicker with the 2.3.....
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Mês atrás
Can't wait until the Jeep get an I6 again! It won't be bullet proof though😶
Todd Gibbs
Todd Gibbs Mês atrás
I clicked on this post for the sole purpose of making a comment. I love most of the comparison videos this site does. I have to believe that there must be people that care about drag racing vehicles that have nothing to do with drag racing. When I buy a Jeep, I think about the balance of daily driving and off road. I buy a truck, the balance is between daily and towing. I can’t wrap my head around drag racing the Jeep/Bronco class of vehicles. Who has this comparison in mind when choosing between theses vehicles?
Colt Hansen
Colt Hansen Mês atrás
Such a dumb comparison when you have an electric vs gas. But still fun to these guys race!
TheRaptorWrangler Mês atrás
7:04 I am a HUGE Bronco fan and my soul was taken away... Although the Jeep had an electric motor so, instant torque.
2,000 Man
2,000 Man Mês atrás
Race Bronco against Colorado ZR2.
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Mês atrás
Stangmode did better with his stock Bronco.
Woodrow Call
Woodrow Call Mês atrás
Who wouldn't expect an electric car to win?
Adam GT40
Adam GT40 Mês atrás
The Bronco isn't meant for that. Take it off road and see who is better!
Redlegs Mês atrás
Should have ran the 4xe just electric.
Resist The System
Resist The System Mês atrás
Jeep slapped that Broncos a**!
yashar azimi
yashar azimi Mês atrás
nice video but why not land rover defender 😉🇬🇧💪🏻
Manta Racer
Manta Racer Mês atrás
Not much to brag about vehicles... 😜
John See
John See Mês atrás
ICE isn't going to beat electric motor assisted in a drag race... Unless there is a big difference. I'd like to have seen the motors turned off then retry for a comparison of the ICE only too.
Pernell Robertson
Pernell Robertson Mês atrás
Now we need the 100 miles mpg test loop. On both of them. With Jeep in hybrid.
Josh Canziani
Josh Canziani Mês atrás
You guys should get the bronco tuned and see what it does I bet it would beat the jeep
Julian Cowell
Julian Cowell Mês atrás
I mean a electric car VS gas ???? 🥴 A waste of 9 mins
david kalfa
david kalfa Mês atrás
This is not a correct comparison It is impossible to compare an electric vehicle to a gasoline or diesel vehicle
J R Mês atrás
Qoyota for shame
Jager's 4xFORD
Jager's 4xFORD Mês atrás
Apples and oranges
Polk Nole
Polk Nole Mês atrás
Is it? Why? With the Jeep, you can drive to California and back without a charge too.
Albert Yoder
Albert Yoder Mês atrás
Maybe put someone who actually knows how to drive a new Bronco in the Bronco?
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