Football Furious - Crazy Moments 17

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Comentários 80
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel 3 dias atrás
Sebastian Vettel 5,4 bi seguidores
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel 3 dias atrás
Esse Canal é brasileiro ?
rodrick o
rodrick o 5 dias atrás
8:12 son
JS1 7 dias atrás
Pick a fight with sissoko? Bad idea...
Нужны подписчики, чисто для бизнеса Кавказ
Лучшие голы лига чемпионов 2020года
유하유하 11 dias atrás
3:55 Who??
R.R 12 dias atrás
Русские есть ?🇷🇺
Rifaz Jordan
Rifaz Jordan 12 dias atrás
Hot air balloon
Viktor Andersson
Viktor Andersson 17 dias atrás
8:12 we found Heung min Son
Junior BERNAL 18 dias atrás
No se comparan a la copa libertadores xD
Tiélo 19 dias atrás
Não vi nenhum vídeo do diego MMA Costa ! Ele sempre ta metido numa confusão kk
bebo butter
bebo butter 19 dias atrás
Livepool got a reality check
Imrancr7 Hakim
Imrancr7 Hakim 21 dia atrás
Fuck of robertson acah bagus baruah belum orang sapu dia satu kali nk tunjung taring
AvaGirlie 21 dia atrás
Football Furious
MH0709 23 dias atrás
Too many over-paid little boys. Cowards.
Mason Samuels
Mason Samuels 23 dias atrás
Football Furious - Crazy Moments 34 (Thiago Messi and Cr7 Junior square off)
Mason Samuels
Mason Samuels 24 dias atrás
If Roberson tried that with me, I'll literally murder him ...
Angel Perezthegoat
Angel Perezthegoat 24 dias atrás
Mason Samuels 😂
Adel KYA
Adel KYA 25 dias atrás
Horrible editing
YVNGFLAKO 25 dias atrás
We can all agree Robertson is a bitch
Jordan Kent
Jordan Kent 25 dias atrás
wow they were really looking to hurt ronaldo
Alex Körner
Alex Körner 26 dias atrás
FergiDunk 26 dias atrás
Sissoko would've wiped the floor with Robertson lmao
Kai Productions
Kai Productions 27 dias atrás
Alidiack RONALDO
Alidiack RONALDO 27 dias atrás
4:05 wow that supersized me Mane fighting?
sonder 28 dias atrás
2:35 dele thought rudi was going to help him up so he put his hand out too, but rudiger slapped it lmao but they ended up helping eachother after all
Falzh Mês atrás
3:00 wtf
Scaly Mês atrás
Polski komentarz
Hakimi lol
Aditya Rosandy
Aditya Rosandy Mês atrás
Just trash talking, no punch at all wkwk just kidding
Palpatine The Senate
If they punch card is a reward🤣🤣
Patrik ɛҳ3
Patrik ɛҳ3 Mês atrás
wtf is wrong with mane
Shenphen Zangpo
Shenphen Zangpo Mês atrás
Spectacular Spaghetti
In my opinion, football is so much better WITHOUT fighting.
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
They made the dirtiest clubs in the world play the world cupof the clubs ,Lmao.whether loserpoop or the other latinos clubs ,no style no football only a bunch of dirty runners .
top top
top top Mês atrás
축구하는 새끼들은 다 개새끼들이고 개쓰레기 들이다
Sharath Chandra
Sharath Chandra Mês atrás
Imagine the behaviour next season of Robertson, Alexander and Henderson when they win league this year.
Sheha Afeef
Sheha Afeef 5 dias atrás
@Eoin the can't understand the range of our players. Still living by thinking about referees assist
Adam Behery Jr
Adam Behery Jr 6 dias atrás
@Mr M Coz he is is.
eirini ッ
eirini ッ 14 dias atrás
Matko Matko mane definitely isn’t as bad as henderson though. they all need to learn from van dijk tbf
Ikmal Firdaus
Ikmal Firdaus 21 dia atrás
these kind of behavior already show they will not be in their prime more than 3 years
Sharath Chandra
Sharath Chandra 26 dias atrás
@Eoin No one is criticizing his game, he is very good. But hitting opposite player deliberately, mocking him with wicked smile, be arrogant in winning games makes him unlikable, so unlike Van Dyke
Magnetic Mês atrás
Everyon has such toxic players. I fucking hate Holgate especially
jae ppo
jae ppo Mês atrás
Junior Portugal
Junior Portugal Mês atrás
Se eu fosse jogador e apanhasse igual o Neymar, seria expulso direto! Pq cada chegada dura e daria um soco na cara e mandaria ir se fud... 😂😂
Super Kitty
Super Kitty Mês atrás
SAM7IHD Mês atrás
Top fera🔥🔥
Mar Te
Mar Te Mês atrás
che noia... i veri uomini sono in 3° categoria! non cadono per il vento
Kostas Panouso
Kostas Panouso Mês atrás
Mane is an absolute asshole
Aiden Mês atrás
You don't beat players like Neymar by playing football, you beat them by playing like the Wimbledon side of 1988
mark butler
mark butler Mês atrás
Watching the italians and Brazilians go down like they've been shot is sooo funny. Give them the oscars they deserve and keep the cheats off a football pitch.
Emílio Branco
Emílio Branco Mês atrás
@mark butler yeah good point, you're right, sorry for the misunderstanding
mark butler
mark butler Mês atrás
@Emílio Branco that is deceiving the game officials. Gaining an advantage by deception, by definition, is cheating. Getting hit in the knees and going down holding your face is deception. Getting a small tap on the ankle and rolling so far down the pitch you end up in the coffee shop on the next street is deception. If you have to deceive to gain an advantage, you are a cheat.
Emílio Branco
Emílio Branco Mês atrás
@mark butler simulation is when you fall and is not touched, they just try to force yellow card, strategy, may look dirty, but it is what it is
mark butler
mark butler Mês atrás
@Emílio Branco In football speak it's called simulation and it's not allowed. So your knowledge as well as your integrity are severely lacking. Oh well!
Emílio Branco
Emílio Branco Mês atrás
@mark butler but thats not cheating man hahahaha, if it was, i would not be allowed, i think your just mad, calmd down bro, thats really not that necessary
Anas Mohammed
Anas Mohammed Mês atrás
mos fuc]]]
Liam Limitless
Liam Limitless Mês atrás
Most of it is dumb.
Pedro Batista
Pedro Batista Mês atrás
Os flamenguistas de merda querendo brigar com os jogadores do Liverpool kkkk nem tem moral
Cissokho Boubou
Cissokho Boubou Mês atrás
Boubou cissokho
Lalrengã Chørei
Lalrengã Chørei Mês atrás
Mehmet Akkiraz
Mehmet Akkiraz Mês atrás
0:29 uff🤕
Rajvirr Purii
Rajvirr Purii Mês atrás
Robertson is a dick
Elies Embarek
Elies Embarek Mês atrás
6:00 what is this song ? Pleis
Gimmo Var Her
Gimmo Var Her 21 dia atrás
Believe IT
lean stream
lean stream Mês atrás
Why didn't robertson go after sissoko. Smh. Fake tough guy.
Keaton Duffield
Keaton Duffield Mês atrás
And yet today I get red carded for swearing, wow the game is ruined
Moysés Levi
Moysés Levi Mês atrás
A do neymar só podia ser brimcadeira
F_Y_N YT Mês atrás
Things footballers need to know 1. Don’t fuck with Robertson. 2. Don’t fuck with van Dijk
Drexl Spivey
Drexl Spivey Mês atrás
This is hilarious when you go from watching ufc highlights to watching this.
Kashifuddin Ahmed
Kashifuddin Ahmed Mês atrás
5:52 I'm surprised neymar didn't go down.
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 24 dias atrás
That guy was getting bodied by neymar lololol
Leith Alrefee
Leith Alrefee Mês atrás
He used some insane ball control though
vexx con
vexx con Mês atrás
Ola Galaaen
Ola Galaaen Mês atrás
So many try to dive when ramos tackles because of his reputation but he handles them like a boss
Pascal Schwarzer
Pascal Schwarzer Mês atrás
7:14 damn that hurts
daquan94 Mês atrás
Bro don’t put hakimis fights in here , nothing fucking happens in any of em
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez Mês atrás
3:41 parese que esta jugando futbol americano wey no mames 😂
Tuscany Trek
Tuscany Trek Mês atrás
sigh...why not flatten the guy instead of trying to connect to each other with the forehead....
Семён Мишунин
03:00 Song?
김봄겨울가을 Mês atrás
01:07 흥민이 툭! 반다이크 대노ㅋㅋㅋ
이준서 Mês atrás
반다이크 손흥민 밀지만 않았어도 ㅋ
라오 Mês atrás
NIEL Mês atrás
Yaourt Maison
Yaourt Maison Mês atrás
Always same clips on every BRvid channel.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Mês atrás
Una flta asi que se ase anotar el numero y cobrarsela venganza purs
Devil Of heaven
Devil Of heaven Mês atrás
I've noticed a lot of these are everton
Mhd Shahmi
Mhd Shahmi 25 dias atrás
Devil Of heaven mnvmkiiiiioooiiooppqqnnoikkkjk
William Goodlad
William Goodlad 27 dias atrás
And Robertson
dmgjggjg Mês atrás
전범풀 애새끼들 인성 수준봐라 ㅋㅋㅋ
berto wolf
berto wolf Mês atrás
me hace gracia como los jugadores de hoy en dia ala minima ya se tiran o se hacen los actores cuando yo jugaba a noser que me hicieran daño de verdad yo seguía con la jugada ya podían darme en la espinila o en las costillas o donde sea solo me hacían un poco de daño yo seguía parecen maricones hoy en dia
Valik Valik
Valik Valik Mês atrás
херня реклама ы ти херня
Lewis Redmond
Lewis Redmond Mês atrás
Scoot mc to manny deserved that
SquirrelzUnitedz Mês atrás
6:03 GG for the assistent for stepping in...
Pesarini xd
Pesarini xd Mês atrás
Salih KAYA
Salih KAYA Mês atrás
nice video bro
Simone Martinelli
Simone Martinelli Mês atrás
Cuadrado is a pathetic first one to commit foul, first one to spin and fly when barely touched. and italian "referees" ALWAYS give him way
Antonio Papa
Antonio Papa Mês atrás
Liverpool bad club of all time FORZA JUVE
lucas Ezequiel
lucas Ezequiel Mês atrás
80 veces el mismo vídeo pones, unas ganas de rellenar para llegar a 10 minutos.
Snapp YOUTUBE Mês atrás
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