Food Theory: Stop Drinking Milk! (No Really, Stop!) 

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Milk, the healthiest drink you can choose for your body outside of water... right? WRONG! Well, sort of. Today, I'm breaking down all of the LIES from the big dairy industry and what milk actually does for your body. Get ready to cast that cow aside and start sipping something NEW!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, and Bob Chipman
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#Milk #GotMilk #MilkCommercial #MilkMeme #Nutrition #Food #FoodTheory #MatPat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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7 Fev 2022



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@skepticmantis Anos atrás
Next Episode: Matpat determines whether an apple a day TRULY keeps the doctor away. EDIT (1 year later): HE FINALLY DID IT! Try to find my comment on the latest video LOL.
@konokiomomuro7632 Anos atrás
Conclusion would be like: it helps but it alone can't.
@kylens1 Anos atrás
Maybe I just like MatPat cuz I’d watch the whole thing.
@SStudiosCO Anos atrás
Shhh, dont let him hear you!
@gqsmooth1969 Anos atrás
It depends on how hard you throw it.
@@SStudiosCO on todays theory we determine whether the red spherical fruit we all know and love can TRUELY keep your medical prescriber away from you for some time.
@XzaroX 28 dias atrás
I'm from Eastern Europe and I've never seen a single milk ad lol. I drink milk because it's tasty. It also is the best way to cool your mouth after eating spicy food.
@dominojachas2763 Anos atrás
Nobody can stop me from drinking milk. I love it as much as Mat loves Diet Coke
@user-py4jx9kl8f Anos atrás
You don’t have to stop if you don’t want to
Just wait, there's gonna be an angry cow with a baseball bat outside your window soon, and when you reach for that milk, it'll break your knees in lol. (But yeah go for it, just don't drink more than 8 glasses a day, you can end up with health issues)
@miguelferrari7610 8 meses atrás
​@@bobthegamingtaco6073 so 2 orb3 mugs of coofe with under 50% milk a day is okay? Cuz thats what i drink
@bobthegamingtaco6073 8 meses atrás
@@miguelferrari7610 definitely
@Varaldar 8 meses atrás
​@@bobthegamingtaco6073 is bones are so dense it would just break the bat over his kneecaps
@hdi5949 3 meses atrás
Milk is my lifeline. I had to cut down on my milk dosage because I was drinking too much, I can’t just STOP
@brettcampbell5991 2 meses atrás
I think all of us little stinkers and Greg’s would love drew and Danny to unpack all of those videos for us lol
@jh9391 Mês atrás
I have the same issue but orange juice! Can't stop! Love it! 🍊
@flightloungebeats Mês atrás
When big dairy gets wind of matpats video 😂😂😂😂
@handsomeorange198 Mês atrás
I hate milk so I don't understand
@kimberlypatton205 Mês atrás
Dairy of all forms IS good for me and I love it. I am healthy at 63 because of it and I dont care what anyone says… argue with the Scandinavians and their health, good skin and strong bodies. Generations of great milk stuff cant ne wrong.
@ef3001 Anos atrás
I remember how one coworker humorously expressed his lactose intolerance to us: "I can't drink milk. If I drink milk, everyone in this room will be bolting for the exit."
@dorhinj23 9 meses atrás
You got cow-workers? Ranchers are the backbone of Mericuh
@zenkim6709 9 meses atrás
LOL! I've been telling people a variation of that line for yrs now, as so many of them *still* can't wrap their heads around the idea that ANYBODY might or could go "cold turkey" by ditching all dairy products, even milk. Other Dude: Seriously, how can you *not* drink milk?? Me: Because if I do drink milk, everyone in the room is going to regret it.
@Sample_Text. 8 meses atrás
why can't he just tolerate it
@sawyer303 7 meses atrás
That’s why I stopped actually, did not happen all the time just sometimes. I don’t think i’m intolerant as i could drink until 18 or so, but I don’t like it anymore
@thefollower89 7 meses atrás
I’m lactose intolerant and I love milk, lactose free milk, and cheese too but for that I take a lactase supplement
@madelynrogers3434 22 dias atrás
Finally! Thank you for talking about this. Sick of the milk drinkers thinking they’re the normal ones 🙄😂
@teathomas Anos atrás
I’m glad the conclusion was, “You don’t have to drink milk to be healthy” and not, “Stop drinking milk” I like my chocolate milk damnit.
@russiancheems2275 Anos atrás
My choccy miluk
My breakfast for around 20 years AND COUNTING
@Omega-X Anos atrás
EXACTLY AND cheese. I understand his point but there are moreimportant factor like more chance to break bone i understand that but cheese ice cream chocolate milk i think bones are less imporntant than my cake or cheese pizza or MY CHOCOLATE MILKKK
@HavocBlack Anos atrás
I can't drink anything with with alcohol anymore so my drink when I am down is now chocolate milk. It works pretty well
@tbonea1sauce Anos atrás
Thanks now I don't need to watch it
@henrylin2815 Anos atrás
The sheer amount of people calling Mat out for not doing his research properly while not doing any themselves is actually kind of funny.
@OhNoTheFace Anos atrás
More sad, as arm chair theorists usually are
It’s hilariously ironic considering 90% of them came from Ann reardon, who only disagreed with about 2 sentences in this video. And they’re acting as if this entire video is wrong, so they’re basically calling Ann dumb and telling her to do her research.
@anica7438 Anos atrás
saw some in many film theories, sadly.
The video itself is fine, milk won’t give you super bones and teeth, the problem is with clickbait thumbnails, coming into this video with the idea that milk is very bad and you should stop drinking it because of the thumbnail is misleading when the conclusion of the video is “you don’t need to drink milk”
@francisdhomer5910 Anos atrás
I look at his videos the way I look at all informational videos on here. A good place to start. He can only do so much research for each video. Otherwise he could only do one or two videos a year. Just this video, do you know how much information he would have to sift through to do a well balanced video? Even a one sided video. He makes them fun and possibly makes you want to look more into whatever he is talking about.
@Nana-vf7bc Anos atrás
Fun fact: You are searching for the hate comments Matt addresses in his response to "How to cook that"
@DavitoMartinez Anos atrás
@nicdasl8497 Anos atrás
i infact am
@andressilva15 Anos atrás
How did u know?
@clips9643 Anos atrás
@antagonist5070 Mês atrás
Hey, I don’t like the taste of milk, so I see this as an absolute WIN 🤣
@pjduker05 Anos atrás
From roughly the age of 3 years old to my adolescent teen years I drink a lot of milk. Usually with Lucky Charms. At the age of 17 I had to get a test of my bone density, according to the doctor, my bones were dense enough to likely catch a small bullet (like .22 caliber). Of course the doc never suggested I was bullet proof. But all that said, I'm 35 now and I can't drink a lot of milk. Thanks to this video it now makes sense why I can't handle it as I did as a kid.
@Blaquer17 Anos atrás
I’m the only brother out of three who didn’t have a lactose intolerance at a young age, so I drank way more milk than both of them. Now we’re all in our 30s and I’m nearly three inches taller than either of the other two. Our diets in adolescence were virtually identical outside of my greatly increased milk consumption. I’m also fatter than both of them too, so maybe it’s not all good?
@masterraccoon2883 Anos atrás
@@Blaquer17 idk.
@masterraccoon2883 Anos atrás
@@Blaquer17 skill issue i guess.
@midnightdeirdre Anos atrás
Last year I tried regular egg nog for the first time in a long time--made me feel so sick! Light Egg Nog by Hood is delicious, plus Lactaid Egg Nog!!!
@nevaehlumiere5418 10 meses atrás
I actually prefer the taste of nondairy nog..... not sure if it’s soy nog or almond nog. It’s just not as thick, which I do like! It’s more like a milk consistency.
@IsamBitar 7 meses atrás
The only reason I drink milk is because I absolutely love the taste of it. And as all things in moderation, it’s good for you.
@schultz8122 7 meses atrás
honestly though. milk tastes good.
Ye lol
@flightloungebeats Mês atrás
more big dairy shills 😂😂😂😂
@TheChosenOne462 29 dias atrás
in moderation? how many glass?
@MegaFazbear 19 dias atrás
There he (La ele)
@bluehoodieart7315 Anos atrás
MatPat: due to evolution, most people with higher lactase are genetically mutated Me: *develops lactose intolerance in my 20s* just as nature intended!
@Mica_cosplay Anos atrás
Me too, got some intolerance since last year.
@fireblaze8491 Anos atrás
At 20 ? I developed it at 10...
@fireblaze8491 Anos atrás
@@Chicken-coop so I'm less mutated, neat
@RoseyVamp Anos atrás
This was very well informed and from a Biochemist perspective you did a great job explaining the lactose/lactase process. Although there were some mistakes made, I know most were addressed in a later video. It’s believed that the microbiom of your gut can play a huge role in the potential for developing certain diseases and ailments as well so the way your body breaks down the materials you consume does have a big impact on your health.
You have an anime profile picture mate.
@nicolebriggs1114 4 meses atrás
Agreed. Consider the addition of casein allergies as well.
@Shadow1Yaz Anos atrás
This video, its follow up, How to Cook That and Brew's video about milk gave me a really fun afternoon. I don't think any plagiarism or lies were present in any four of these vids. They were all really well made and informative.
@johmlemon532 Anos atrás
I know right! Yesterday I spent some time just watching all of them to see the other opinions and what went wrong and such
@dorin497 Anos atrás
those hate comments are the reason why you teach the metric system and unit conversion in school.
@johmlemon532 Anos atrás
@@dorin497 lol
@Lunaluvskitties 7 meses atrás
I never liked milk 🤢 oat, soy, almond and coconut milk is delicious and so underrated
@gerogogo9186 Anos atrás
Wherever your thoughts lie on this topic, I think it’s really important to think/investigate what you are consuming and the motives behind the ones selling it. I love Matpats videos. It’s very fun to listen to while still being very educational.
@glenjennett 6 meses atrás
I've always wondered who was the first guy who looked at a cow's udders and said, "I want to try some." I am lactose intolerant, but I still enjoy ice cream and I can eat cereal. Sometimes I do pay the price later, but not always. In moderation, I can consume dairy without any problems. One thing I heard that disturbs me is that when a cow gives birth, the calf is taken away from the mother in order for her to keep producing milk longer, for our benefit.
@thecoco.9boy-er8ow 6 dias atrás
that is crazy and sad
@goj-bh1cm Anos atrás
Matpat: “Don’t drink milk!” People with lactose intolerant: “I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you”
i'm so far ahead of him that i circled back around and drink milk anyway sdmsdmdsm
@40watt53 Anos atrás
Lactose-free milk smirks from around the corner.
@marcuspaul4319 Anos atrás
I'm still gonna do it.
@fatpotato317 Anos atrás
My 3 year old self really did myself a favor for deciding I would never drink milk again
@RAIN-zz7mr Anos atrás
@@makethestorylast1842 yesss LMAO
@hellocloverkitty Anos atrás
I remember in my college class on large animals (we talked a lot about cows), it's not actually the lactose itself that causes most people issues. It's the A1 beta-casein protein does. Milk has A1 and A2 beta-casein, however some cows have been bred to exclude A1 beta-casein. Some people who struggle with lactose intolerance can drink milk from cows bred this way. My professor for this class was a cow farmer so he was very passionate about the subject.
@kumiho4970 Anos atrás
Yep. I drink sheep and goat milk exclusively for that reason.
@CMZIEBARTH Anos atrás
This is true and the Food Theorists should keep researching and learn about A2 milk and also raw milk because they could then make an awesome followup video. I could give a lot of info here, but this is just a BRvid comment.
@Talismantra 8 meses atrás
kinda the other way around re breeding to exclude a1... it's more that the few breeds that have the a1 producing mutation are high-yield milkers (Holstein-Friesians), while traditional small-dairy or family cow breeds tended to be jersey/guernsey in comparable localities. a2 is present in most true milks produced in mammals (ours included) and is handled just fine in our enteric system into adulthood (yes, separate issue to whether you inherited LP mutation) a1 isn't handled well at all, according to bunch of anecdote and some small scale epidemiology studies, no proper experiments on human cohorts of course.
@godnyx117 4 meses atrás
I also heard that goat milk doesn't have the A1 beta-casein It seems his research wasn't very well done.
@calinamingo6798 Anos atrás
As someone who is Lactose intolerant I wish schools would offer a alternative to milk for the meals, the lunch ladies would also yell at me for not having milk on my tray even though I couldn't/wouldn't drink it.
@StephieBshort 9 meses atrás
I know this is 5 months late…if you have a child with lactose intolerance you can make a request with the school for a milk alternative or for lactose free milk. Different schools offer different alternatives. It’s too late for you but just in case you ever have some kids it’s good to know.
Ours did. Juices and tea.
@curtisthomas2670 4 meses atrás
A certain party is against that and called it woke
0:21 Shame on the person who slapped Mat. They had no rights to do that!
@cass2000 Anos atrás
I thought this video was very eye opening and researched really well! Loving the channel and so many of the videos they are a staple in our family since they are so educational and yet produced well enough that it engages my siblings and helps them to understand in a fun and entertaining way. Thank you and your amazing dedicated and talented team, I am so grateful to have these videos in my notification box!
@learnmaths3329 Anos atrás
Hmmm.... This comment is overly positive and is uploaded AFTER matpats response video....... AM I SMELLING SOME *FISHY BUSINESS?*
@cass2000 Anos atrás
@@learnmaths3329 haha that's certainly fair 🤣. I didn't comment when I originally watched the video because I honestly did think it was a good video and that it didn't need any support from me. Having watched the response video, the other channels video and then watching this one again I felt like like commenting in support for it to spread some positivity. Especially since everything I said in my comment was honest despite it having been commented afterwords and not on my initial watch through. I often comment positive things on his and others videos though 🤷🏻‍♀️
@insanevictor 9 meses atrás
When I was 15 I would run a lot, particularly long distance. I would drink 1 liter of whole milk with pan dulce (Mexican bread) about 3-4 times a week. Felt super great, never had any effects. This was back in 2002. Now at 35, it’s a hit or miss… a bowl of cereal can bring some major bubble guts, but a pint of Ice cream will be no problem
@MontanaWeatherby 9 meses atrás
Try Raw milk! “ Lactase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose into digestible form. Raw milk facilitates the production of lactase enzyme in the intestinal tract, and thus it makes sense that so many people have reported improvements in lactose intolerance from drinking raw milk.”
@CrispyToast Anos atrás
Congratulations. You angered the skeletons.
@nygelnutmeg Anos atrás
@gaygranolabar1127 Anos atrás
Ooh, a verified account
@thisdead6645 Anos atrás
Hey toast👋
@TreyNitrotoluene Anos atrás
And the entire Indian Subcontinent.
he's gonna have a bad time
@MegaCatGirl13 Anos atrás
Grew up in the Netherlands aka the land of milk, cheese and butter. Thought I had IBS for over 20 years until it turns out I was just lactose intolerant and had been poisoning myself for years!
@kyellverdonschot9922 2 meses atrás
I just hate the taste of milk(as a fellow non-flying Dutchman)
@patyluna821 Anos atrás
I've never happen to see the culture of "Drink your milk" here in Mexico. More like an ingredient and a guilty pleasure for smoothies and cereal. But My family did drink a lot of milk since during their childhood they lived in a small farm and didn't get enough variety of food or money to the record.
@TheBuffaloFlats 7 meses atrás
I drink 600 calories of milk 4 days a week. Im in my mid 20’s. I’ll never quit! I need my milk!
@sandshew4158 Anos atrás
I use to drink milk regularly, then started to become semi lactose intolerant. As long as I can remember I would get bad leg cramps, did some research and I didn't have enough calcium so I took supplements. No cramps and I feel way better than when I had just milk
@linguineluigi9787 7 meses atrás
Man, just lemme enjoy my choccy milk 😂
@PleSeagr Anos atrás
Therapist: *repairs my relationship with food so I can eat* Food Theory: *ruins my relationship with another food item* Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Now I imagining Thanso in a counseling meeting.
@XiELEd4377 Anos atrás
Well, all things in moderation. We can't lean too much in extremes either, yanno?
@axowelp Anos atrás
I’m glad that your therapist is helping you with your relationship with food tho, good luck :)
@merriquelynn866 Anos atrás
I’m glad your therapist is helping you. I hope you’re happy and find a healthy balance in all things.
@truckdriver8945 Anos atrás
If you the creator where any type of threat to American Marketing you would have been taken down. Now let's think into what you are saying
@j.n.valacka5264 Anos atrás
It's actually rather weird how I can drink milk (and I mean whole milk bought from a lady that grows cows) with everything. And I do mean everything, fish, red meat, poultry, salads, pizza, lasagna, anything (after, before and during). My grandma stares in horror every time I drink it with fish since that's unheard of for her. It tastes good so it is what it is.
@LoneWolf6063 Anos atrás
@VinOnline Anos atrás
Nothing wrong with that.
@amityyy1311 Anos atrás
i too drink milk with literally everything i eat
I absolutely love the video for speaking the truth behind milk but I honestly thought it would get lots of backlash since there are so many people who freak out when you talk bad about milk or people who just don't believe/understand the science. Unable to be persuaded but this gets straight to the point with truth
@ashvikvarghese737 Anos atrás
this aged badly
@hardhvee2331 Anos atrás
@@ashvikvarghese737 he wasn’t lying, the backlash was from idiots who didn’t even understand what he was saying and hated for no reason
@ashvikvarghese737 Anos atrás
@@hardhvee2331 no see he said this before the backlash began and was saying there was much less backlash then he expected
@mikaelacash3791 4 meses atrás
I stopped drinking milk somewhere around 10 years ago because I decided to join a choir and heard that dairy increased mucus production (which I later found out was false but I'm still glad I at least thought it was true) and it's astonishing how much better I feel without it. I haven't gone back to drinking dairy milk since then and now only use almond milk with my protein shakes.
@HiddenRealm 3 meses atrás
Placebo. Unless you're actually mildly lactose intolerant this whole time or something.
@roryrennie1896 2 meses atrás
If you think it’s smart to substitute milk for almond milk you must be mentally slow
@mikaelacash3791 2 meses atrás
@@roryrennie1896 I feel sick when I drink regular milk. I wish I didn't, but I do. Cope.
@donrob7779 Anos atrás
The vegetables listed at the end have phytic acid, oxalic acid, and tannins. All of which not only decrease absorption of nutrients from the foods their attached too but can also interfere with other foods eaten with them. Also oxalic acid binds to calcium and causes kidney stones.
@dancesmokesmile344 2 meses atrás
You should actually stop drinking whole milk when you’re an adult, according to the science teachers I had here in Norway growing up. It has something in it that can actually block your intake of calcium, so your bones can get more brittle. The countries that drink most milk have more brittle bones, just look at Norway 😅 The lighter the milk the better, apparently. So less % is better for you than whole milk
@hatsukoishino3472 Anos atrás
Matpat: “Don’t drink milk!” Dani and his community: "Disintegrate into dust"
@Faris-mt2rb Anos atrás
Dani2 : oh no
@sebastianpecuch Anos atrás
Good one
@moodymoosh Anos atrás
Oh god no i didnt sign up for th
@jmgames2734 Anos atrás
Get this to dani
@spongeballsman Anos atrás
i wont be suprised if this is gonna be on dani2
@nyxh-p2603 Anos atrás
Came to see how many people have watched the 20 minute video about the 3 and a half minute segment of a 20 minute video touching on 20 seconds of a 13 minute video. Hope to see the tide of this comment section turn around. It's crazy how rabid the internet gets and how much "I hate MatPat and Theory channels" etc comments there are. Keep up the great work as usual Team Theorist.
@cheese7400 Anos atrás
The switched teams harder than Italy during WW2 💀
@rm177545 Anos atrás
Just finished watching his response and I had no idea what was happening on this comment page until now. MatPat does not deserve the crap they throw at him, honestly. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Same here plus kinda was looking for the ones stating he had misinformation a lot to ask what exactly did he misinform about
@learnmaths3329 Anos atrás
@@cheese7400 LMFAO TRUE
@siliconhawk9293 Anos atrás
i have no clue wtf is going on king telling me.
@danielcurtis1434 Anos atrás
There’s nothing you could say to make me stop drinking milk!!! I’m a dairy addict and all the scare tactics won’t stop me!!!
@waynsmith9538 2 dias atrás
I can definitely weigh in on this one! For 1 yr I only drank milk, I ate no food at all. In addition sometimes I drank chocolate milk. My body transformed completely. I was 34 yrs old then. I went from 260 pounds, 68 inches tall, with no muscle. To 165 pounds, with much more pronounced muscle definition. I still feel great from my all milk diet 10 years ago.
@RetR0-SAS Dia atrás
How did you survive wothout any food bro
@Mina_Meow Anos atrás
I'd love to see a second part to this that takes a closer look at other dairy products, including whey (not the powder, the drink as it comes from cheese production, maybe flavored with juice, at least that's how we drink it here, no idea about the US) since according to my little research, whey seems to have a lot more beneficial effects
@dorianfalc 9 meses atrás
I drink a gallon of whole milk every week. I’m 53 and can’t imagine giving it up. Oh well!
"When human babies pop out, they're not fully cooked yet" -MatPat, 2022
Yeah when they pop out you gotta season them and ripen them a bit more before putting them into the oven.
@alanthepianoman Anos atrás
Yeah what the freak was that about 😅🤨
@JTSquirrel Anos atrás
@@SilverKnightGoAnimate Huh, Food Theory idea: Why is it called an oven if you off in the cold food and out hot eat the food
@yo-ma-ma5598 Anos atrás
Exactly why fire was invented
@wmdkitty Anos atrás
They still have a lot of development to do that most animals do while still in the womb. Why? Because we have big heads and small pelvises, and birthing underdeveloped (relative to other animals) young was the compromise.
@jamalkamran2907 Anos atrás
i love how i just sit down and have some cereal with milk with me to relax and matpat posts this
@Avilaas 9 meses atrás
me watching this video while pouring (literally) a liter of milk into my cereal
@nolesy34 9 meses atrás
Hehe 👌🤣 me too Mmm crunchy milkshake
@jubialex1583 8 meses atrás
I pretty much only drink milk because it has more calories and protein than water for my protein shakes. Plus it tastes better that way. My bones aren’t strong because I drink milk, they’re strong because I put actual stress on them by working out.
@griffinlowell9543 27 dias atrás
Actually raw milk, or grass fed/grass finished is actually good for you. It has a lot of good vitamins/nutrients. And if milk upsets your stomach, get an A2 protein version, it will digest a lot better. If you do it right it is a lot better for you than any plant based milk.
I fed my kids plenty of dairy when they were little. But as they hit puberty they became lactose intolerant, so stopped drinking it. I don't think it did them any harm, while they had the natural ability to digest it, but the moment that changed I took it off the menu. Strangely, both their Dad and I can drink all the milk we want, but the twins can't.
@FunkkyPanda69 6 meses atrás
The deadly wafts in the air was certainly a sure fire sign I bet lol
@@FunkkyPanda69 Oh yeah
I used to get mad whenever the school tried to pressure me into grabbing a milk at lunch because I was never going to drink it because I was lactose intolerant and if I was going to use up my small dairy level, it was going to be for something more special than plain old milk. Besides, my mom would would fill me up a bottle of juice or water for me to take to school to drink at lunch. They gave me a bunch of you don't have a doctor's note nonsense. Now that I'm older, I realize something even more ridiculous than people trying to force me to grab a milk I wasn't going to drink. The milk came with school lunches, if you wanted water, you had to pay money outside of the lunch. Which is ridiculous since all the kids were being taught water was the healthiest drinking option.
@agsilverradio2225 Anos atrás
They made you pay for water? Couldn't you just take a bottle, and fill it at the water drinking fountain or sink?
@water834 Anos atrás
@@agsilverradio2225 in my school water costs a dollar and the fountains are closed due to covid
@jennytaylor3986 Anos atrás
Bruh, that's insane. The heck is wrong with your school?
that's super messed up?? coming from a person who also experienced that occasionally as a kid
@grantalexander5812 9 meses atrás
One of the benefits of milk you didn't mention is is great macro breakdown. Its high in very good quality protein rated even higher then beef on the DIAAS scale. Thats one of the reasons I keep drinking it all day. It hydrates, like water, but also provides good proteins, fats and some carbs.
@robertleigh6799 8 meses atrás
Doesn't it actually hydrate you more then water
@JoyBoy--SunGodNika 8 meses atrás
I drink around 1-1 5 liters of milk a day. The concerns around prostate cancer later in life is scary however
@matowakan 7 meses atrás
@@robertleigh6799 tastes better
@SilkBath 7 meses atrás
Your body is going to pull water out of the milk so if you’re already dehydrated you want to drink water so there’s less effort in your digestion. But technically you want electrolytes so even pure water is debatable.
@audiotaker88 23 dias atrás
As someone who LOVES beans and broccoli (not together.), I see this as an absolute win.
@SockMan17 6 meses atrás
Me (a lactose intolerant person drinking milk and eating ice cream rn): im 4 levels ahead of you bud
@Mewomewoo Mês atrás
Got me scared a little there, I drink milk a lot (mostly because I was told as a child you'd get tall by drinking it or whtver they used to say.) And I REALLY like chocolate milk, thanks mat, for not ruining my favorite drink!
@davidsandrock7826 8 meses atrás
What if I just drink milk because I love it as much as Matpat loves Diet Coke?
@zamas4884 Anos atrás
Hey Matpat, remember the episode of Jimmy Neutron where he invented the best candy in the world and everyone got really addicted to it? Is it possible, and if yes, how would "the most addictive candy" look like and what would be in it?
@ONomeManeiro Anos atrás
The most addictive candy would literally be a drug. So it's crack
@anishogale7574 Anos atrás
I can see that definitely becoming a food theory episode
@makinunowaes7824 Anos atrás
Dani is not happy with matpat
@einienj3281 Anos atrás
I have one in my mouth already, a nicotine tablet, with minty freshness.. 😁
Well actually yes, lots of sugar has to be in it because if you look it up sugar is one of the most addictive thing on earth. now are you saying everyone gets addicted to the candy after one bite? If so than you’d need to have a lot and I mean A LOT of sugar to make someone addicted now if we want to expand the ingredients list than we could add in some actual drugs like coke.
@Fraggle369 7 meses atrás
As a kid, milk would hurt my tummy and I didn't know it was the cause. But after drinking it so often my whole life, I have zero problems with it. My body adapted to handle it.
@godnyx117 4 meses atrás
And I thought I was the only one! Actually, my tummy would hurt some times when I used the microwave. I think I got rid of that after a point in time.
@Incariuz 7 meses atrás
I drink milk for additional protein, but really, I don't drink that much, at most a cup a day on the day I do consume it, which isn't that often. It's not my main source, it's just supplementary, or to cook some recipes. I'll always take chicken and other meat sources for protein over dairy, though I do like adding cheese to some foods too, just for flavor.
@ff7omega 4 meses atrás
No matter what, I'm not gonna stop enjoying the occasional glass of milk. Had to slow down on my near gallon a day habit because I was calcifying my heart valves. Moderation and vitamin k2 supplements took care of that.
@zechariahkelly9763 19 dias atrás
Actually the consumption of milk was made popular after WW2, since milk was fast and cheap to package up for the military, the big cooperations of that time invested lots of money in milk, but after WW2, tge demand dropped by a lot, but since the big cooperations invested a whole lot into it, the government made a deal with them to help promote milk so they don't lose all their money
@jukesdtj656 7 meses atrás
Cool story bro, anyway I'm gonna keep drinking milk not because I care about nutritional value but because I find it to be a good drink with great pallet cleansing properties which makes every bite taste fresh and let's me eat spicy food without suffering for it for too long.
@jester4569 Anos atrás
I never cared about the "make bones stronger" thing, actually my mom HATES milk and I only drink it because I think it's really tasty
@CoolestFish2103 Anos atrás
Same. Just my mum didn't hate milk in fact she got angry at me for not drinking it.
@urahomosexual Anos atrás
Same besides the mom hating milk
I love how when he said “were no cowards” and then people just start coughing lol
@tullymahin Mês atrás
I can't stop. It is just so undderly fantastic!
@SupernaturalExplorer 8 meses atrás
I grew up on milk, but from the ages of 12-17, I was utterly obsessed with chocolate milk. I would drink gallons every week. When I was 13, I grew 6 inches in height in one summer. I went from being average height, to 6'7 by the time of 17. People asked me all the time: how did you get to be so tall? (Everyone else in my family are under 6') I said: tons of chocolate milk, cereal with whole milk, and kraft dinner.
You really think it was the milk that made you grow taller… bro it’s genetics lmao
@SupernaturalExplorer 8 meses atrás
@@randomrealestateinvestor1694 I used to think I was a mix up at the hospital, as the tallest in my entire family is 5'11. That also includes previous generations (I did my research). Ive asked other people around my height, if they drank tons of my milk when they were young..they all did, and still do. So yes, I think milk is the main reason, not genetics.
@sarahjo9975 8 meses atrás
Being tall is tough. Focusing on heart health helps to beat the statistics. If so, a long life is still possible (body pain is inevitable, though. Speaking from experience).
I distinctly remember my elementary school cafeteria having been covered in "got milk?" posters. It was the exclusive decoration besides the food pyramid. This should be good.
@whomstisthis6126 5 meses atrás
I love milk and will continue to drink it no matter the consequences. Twenty years of my life and I am still a milk boy
@ceilinh6004 Anos atrás
MatPat: Stop drinking milk. Me, a lactose intolerant human: One step ahead of you there.
@isuccnewton2654 Anos atrás
You are 4 parrallel universes ahead of him
@DuranmanX Anos atrás
We were all lactose intolerant
@otaku3OBSESSION Anos atrás
Im 22 and became pretty lactose intolerant this year, and I keep making the mistake of eating a lot of cheese since it composed of like, 40% of my diet before I stopped making lactase. I suffer :((
@m.p_racism Anos atrás
Ever heard of lactose free milk?
just tolerate it dude
@AA-vl3gu Anos atrás
Pasteurization actually kills a lot of enzymes that makes milk more digestible and healthy. This subject could be talked about differently depending on if youre talking about pasteurized and non pasteurized.
@amelliamendel2227 Anos atrás
Well since there's a gestapo which refuses to allow raw milk in any form.
@adaritter9597 Anos atrás
It depends on how intense the pasteurization is- big brands tend to run their machinery hot to get it done quicker, which breaks stuff down more
@honeysauce5244 9 meses atrás
You could get non pasteurized milk. Oh wait it is illegal in all ways.
@PANTHERA369 9 meses atrás
Raw Milk Is Amazing
@jjfeser7022 9 meses atrás
MatPat Would you do a video if there is some sort of shake you could make that has all vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calories a human would need in a day?
@Brukner841 7 meses atrás
absorbing so much in one shake is hard, nutrients fight to get absorbed, you'd need two or three per day Ideally, but you could have all the macros and micros you need in a very dense cream, but you'd be so hungry for most of the day, until you adapted. I speak from experience, sometimes it worked great, other times it gave me bad indigestion.
@DosYeobos 7 meses atrás
I love milk. There is nothing that can make me stop loving milk and dairy products, yogurt, cheese, ice cream. Lucky for me I digest it very well. I could literally eat nothing but dairy all day and my tummy would be just fine.
@abdullahhafez9863 2 meses atrás
It's 4 am , and I am really feeling down , I watch mat , and it gives me some good felling so thanks . It's weird, I know ,but I am a lonely person, somehow this helps me
@tanyaroberson9629 5 meses atrás
My grandmother drank milk every day and lived to be 102. But she was Dutch and German. I drink a lot or mild too and am very healthy so far.
@rxm.1n Anos atrás
Yo Matpat, I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy when I was a wee little lad. This basically meant I couldn't have any sort of dairy products. Also, don't get mixed up, dairy allergy and lactose intolerance are NOT the same things. I just wanted to mention that LOL
@haroldinho9930 Anos atrás
You sound like you’re trying so hard to act Scottish/Irish
@EnderSword262 Anos atrás
Yeah I have like 10 food allergies I know what you feel
@ev342 Anos atrás
“I’m a little lad who can have berries not cream”
@jessienerdis4179 Anos atrás
I was allergic as a kid but grew out of it. Since late high school I have been lactose intolerant. Fun stuff
@rapsidy8769 Anos atrás
I love milk. I don’t really care if it’s bad for me I got through 2-3 gallons of skim milk a week. Couldn’t give it up even if you said it had arsenic in it, I’d die living a happy life full of milk.
@mayganphynix8267 11 meses atrás
This is very sad. Mostly considering the negative impact Dairy Farming has on our fellow animals (wild animals too), and the environment.
@mr.pumpkin6035 11 meses atrás
Sounds like a unhealthy addiction to me mate...
@putinsgaytwin4272 9 meses atrás
I'm jealous, I hate milk and wish I drank more
@plaidear1458 9 meses atrás
That's disgusting 💀 u drink more milk than you do water
@OblivionIsBliss 2 meses atrás
Everytime i think "ok, enough theories for today-" there's always another theory video on my feed and i cant help but click on it. Help me.
@sebastianfierra167 2 meses atrás
I am already lactose intolerant, but I still drink milk.
@ByeByeButterfree 7 meses atrás
We had to cut out milk for a couple of years, because my family is so lactose intolerant. We just bought a jug recently and it tastes so much like liquid mozzarella cheese after having almond milk for so long. 😂
@gracieceja47 4 meses atrás
@healthydoseofnoah485 10 dias atrás
Man, this video made me want to drink so much milk.
@rachelalan07 Anos atrás
Calling new born babies "not fully cooked" is one of the best things in this world
Where I'm from we call them crotch dumplings.
@sunna_3114 Anos atrás
Disclaimer I haven’t watch the video yet but I have not drank milk in a while I was vegan for about a year but even before that milk wasn’t really good for me so I drank lactose free milk and then after I became vegan then I stuck with oat milk and now I’m just pretty much does oat milk for everything since I don’t like normal milk so can’t wait to see what this video brings
Been drinking milk for 18 years, now it's been 3 years my stomach has suddenly become sensitive and I embarrassed myself at school, gassy and bloated from holding in...
@Syd904 4 meses atrás
As a person who is the definition of a genetic mutation (Red hair, blue eyes, pale, and left handed!) And am having trouble with milk, this is honestly no surprise to me!
@johnpeace971 9 meses atrás
I eat/drink so much dairy that I think about 60% of my daily food intake is milk. I have no problem digesting it because I've always ingested this much dairy, and have never given my body a chance to argue about it
@TheGremlin85 7 meses atrás
I'm sorry you can't convince me to not drink milk. I'm basically addicted to it
@jessicagalvin4598 Anos atrás
Summary: While milk is not vital for growing up healthy, there’s no reason not to drink it. Unless, of course, you’re allergic/intolerant, vegan, etc.
@ItsLadyJadey Anos atrás
Aside from the potential transfer of hormones.
@joshuamirabal3617 Anos atrás
Exactly. Dairy is a great dense package for energy and nutrient needs it’s just not necessary
@Kost-ld6nx Anos atrás
Well actually you have a higher risk of heart disease, acne, and cancer as well
@bryaneberly3588 Anos atrás
Veal is a product of the dairy industry
@elenaji4649 Anos atrás
what if I like drinking it
@chestnuut2364 Anos atrás
where i live back in the 20th century, children didnt get enough to eat and didnt get calcium so they introduced free milk in schools. The children that didnt get the milk would have bendy legs (their bones weren’t strong enough to hold their body weight). Nowadays no one has this issue 🤷🏽‍♂️
@Star_energy 9 meses atrás
More of a reason for me to stay alergic to milk
@CoolShark_ 4 meses atrás
Me on my way to drink the entire gallons worth of Milk.
@hellazein 7 meses atrás
It's better to balance out the food with high oxalates and pair it with ones that are calcium-rich. Kidney stones are not great to have lol well informed video!
@avasdv 4 meses atrás
Try carnivore. The water is fine
@anthonycardona8595 4 meses atrás
Me enjoying my milk while matpat is talking about milk
@bebopjelli2 Anos atrás
Something that doesn't come up often in these theories, that I would like to see more of, is cost. In this one, alternatives are given to milk for calcium and vitamin D. Is it cheaper to get the supplements or the milk? I suppose one big theory episode on whether we should all just be consuming supplements and Matrix mush (everything the body needs) or keep eating food would be better. Is it possible to just live off of supplements and what would that do to a person? Is it more cost effective, are there any health risks, has any food theory videos been made about this topic? (Fairly new to the channels, still working my way through them)
@amyness3452 Anos atrás
This widely depends on region.
@MilwaukeeWoman Anos atrás
I'm the US vitamin D supplements are cheap. Milk has vitamin D added from supplements, anyway. Might as well skip all the gross things and natural sugar and calories in milk.
depends, you can make your own oat milk from oats at home and it wold work out cheaper if you bought in bulk.
That is something that I have been wondering for years and would be really interested in. There are times where I don't feel like eating. Eating is such a chore and do it because I obviously have to to survive. If I could just jug some pills that would be cool.
@bebopjelli2 Anos atrás
@@MilwaukeeWoman Well, those extra calories are an added bonus. You can find the natural milk with fewer/no additives as well. So it may be more worth while to get the milk which has more than just one nutrient. I'm also not sure of what it takes to process supplements so that may be a factor as well. With milk, it's a matter of raising the cows, getting the milk, and a bit of processing for sterilization, separating cream, packaging, and I'm sure something else I'm not aware of. I would guess it's easier just to get milk.
@zombiekiller281 Anos atrás
This is factually correct, but I still shall not stop the consumption of milk, I like it.
@sb2h 7 meses atrás
Nah, milk is insanely good for you.
@drac124 7 meses atrás
Then what is the point of getting informed?
I used to drink milk a lot when I was younger until I went with the plant-based
@amarug 9 meses atrás
i like milk and i still doubt its 'bad' for me. i also dont believe its super healthy, when i grew up, no one ever forced me to drink it or told me it was healthy. however i never drink it, since i can't be bothered with buying it, carrying it and then extra calories. i have been drinking 99% tapwater only my whole life (in Switzerland, so the quality is very high)
The weirdest thing is only me and my mom are lactose intolerant, while the rest of my family can handle it just fine
@gabem9445 18 dias atrás
You’ll never stop making me drink milk. Ill die with good bones and calcium and lactose intolerance
@ZelanteVR Anos atrás
MatPat: “Don’t drink milk you’re supposed to be lactose intolerant!” Midroll ad: “Milk is the best thing EVER for your body!”
@archerelms Anos atrás
Did you actually get that ad? Dang XD
@agulol6492 Anos atrás
Fr, got an ad for milk too
I also got a milk ad
@royalmaskie4014 Anos atrás
Got an add blocker...
@maxurmon Anos atrás
as somebody that drinks around a liter of chocolate milk in a daily basis, i wonder if the continuous consumption of milk affected in me not becoming lactose intolerant, or it is just a coincidence and there was a posibility of my body just deciding that it didn't need a protein that is using in a daily basis pd: the daily liter is not an exageration, i swapped my water consumption for chocolate milk consumption because i have no self control pd2: 25 years old btw, might still develop lactose intolerance in my 30's or 40's for all i know
@aphsychopath7690 Anos atrás
Jesus Christ, a liter of chocolate milk a day?
@suarez6969 7 meses atrás
I will never stop drinking milk MatPat no amount of evidence will ever change my mind
@TophBeifong-sx4dm 4 meses atrás
Also matpat: *continues to drink a glass of chocy milk*
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