Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

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I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#GroceryStore #Survive #LockedIn #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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17 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100
Brundage 44 segundos atrás
But wouldn’t you run out of liquids?
youtube_addiction23 42 minutos atrás
My mom is severely allergic to mushrooms. I don't think that would help.
chelsxxeaa 47 minutos atrás
um id die cause i need my insulin
HostileTakeover2 52 minutos atrás
Most likely Evan also has vacuum sealers, which will extend some life even further. Additionally there are countless jars, some with food in them some empty, that he can pickle and candy, and do some canning himself. So with help from a pressure cooker (sold in many grocery stores and also available in the preparation areas), many sealed jar meals can be made from meats & veggies that would otherwise go bad even after preserving initially.
Liam dan
Liam dan 58 minutos atrás
Well 2,000 calories a day is recommended Evan could probably survive on 500-750 calories a day
Emre Alkan
Emre Alkan Hora atrás
My supermarket also has soil. What if you used the potatoes to grow more potatoes? Would also work with onion since both are very easy to grow. The supermarket has many windows so sunlight is not a problem. You can make bread out of potatoes once you boil them and mash them, so he could use his fire which is close to the window to make bread or at least stretch out the flour supply by mixing potato and flour like in the medieval ages. In my opinion, if planned right and all works out with the crops, he could survive his entire life in that supermarket. He could also use all the spices in the supermarket which were never mentioned. But still a very great video since many of these things mentioned in the video never crossed my mind!
IIEdog Hora atrás
Bird box explain??
MR.SLAYER , Hora atrás
Open window is actually a microsoft window
Syed Tayub Ali Akbar
So now i know how to survive
Brodie Brenna
Brodie Brenna Hora atrás
You underestimate the difficulty in propagating mushrooms... Especially cremini. Your numbers for mushroom propagation also bring on some assumptions about what else is growing there and you need a constant steady supply of a specific type of composted substrate... Different substrates will result in a variance in the bioefficiency which can result in vastly lower yields. In non-ideal conditions you can very quickly require 10x to 100x the amount of space to get the same yield of a crop of mushrooms. I do indoor grows of cremini and enoki mushrooms and am going to do an outdoor grow of oysters this summer (gonna try and avoid spore lung)
Brodie Brenna
Brodie Brenna Hora atrás
You would also need to sterilize human excrement before using it as a substrate and for some mushroom species human excrement will be toxic for unless heavily composted first to get rid of excess nitrates... Too much coffee grounds can also be toxic for mushrooms for the same reason. Finally, mushrooms are around 90% water and if you don't maintain surface conditions then they won't grow and will just abort. You cannot use yield values under ideal conditions to predict yields in non-ideal conditions
Mr. lollylolol
Mr. lollylolol 2 horas atrás
I'm actually shocked at how loyal Evan and theorista were to each other, especially theorista I really expected it to be a "top 10 anime betrayal" type ending.
Isaiah M
Isaiah M 2 horas atrás
Food theory idea: how long can you last on frozen meals from the grocery store
Scribbling Joe
Scribbling Joe 2 horas atrás
With all the processed food Evan's going to be eating I doubt he'll live 60 years.
richard ellis
richard ellis 2 horas atrás
I feel like drinking all that alcohol would have killed him lmao
Corinne 2 horas atrás
The questions specifically said LOCKED IN a grocery store so it’s kind of dumb to add rules about power & water but then say you can catch rain water. If the point of the question is to truly limit you to resources within the grocery store then the answer to the question really just relies upon how much water is found in a typical grocery store because that would run out long before food.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 2 horas atrás
Why do I feel like this is info I need?
Bri 2 horas atrás
Did you forget the limited supplies of water?
dominic awada
dominic awada 3 horas atrás
Guilherme Faleiros
Guilherme Faleiros 3 horas atrás
You can actually dig a hole in the ground to get to the soil and farm lol. Plus in the first days you can eat 20k calories/day of food that will spoil so you become a fatass and store the otherwise lost calories
0sn4ke0 3 horas atrás
Now just wish poor man doesnt go crazy in the first 10y...
Retz 3 horas atrás
Some things I think you missed: - These stores usually have back freezers in the back that are super well insulated and super cold, so if Evan was smart he could get all the quick spoiling food and move it all to the freezer, limiting the amount of time the door is open to the absolute minimum so it stays as cold as possible. He could also move all the bags of ice, frozen peas, and other frozen products into the freezer to keep it colder for longer. - Evan could slowly get soil from outside overtime and make a big garden on the roof of the store using all the seeds and gardening supplies that are already in the store. - Instead of eating the dog food and other pet food Evan could use this food to trap wild animals and get fresh meat that way. - If it was a Walmart or any other store that sells guns, he could also use the guns to hunt wild animals. - You didn't take into consideration food lost from pests such as Rats and bugs that can get into food. Evan would have to store the food somewhere pests cant get to them. - There are other ways of preserving foods such as pickling, Evan could have pickled a lot of vegetables using vinegar and made them last a lot longer that way.
gregory grimm
gregory grimm 3 horas atrás
Stupidity at it's finest ever.
Alexander O'Brien
Alexander O'Brien 3 horas atrás
simply grab a mini frige
Alena M
Alena M 4 horas atrás
matt, your mom works at my local bank and idk if u know this but she is clueless as to how famous u are hahaha
JellyGuar 4 horas atrás
This could be an anime, and I’m sure lots of people would watch it
Mark 5 horas atrás
I don't know if I missed it but how would Evan get water for hydration? Is there enough pre packaged liquids to survive that long?
LYNAY LGWAYH 5 horas atrás
he'll just have to make his diet 70% of the same mushroom.. ever tried frying up a pound or two of mushroom and eat that by itself? you dont want the last fork.. now imagine eating 70% mushroom at morning at night etc. ooh mushroom. you'd be super depressed from the fact that ur spending 67 years alone.. but then also the fact that ur eating the same food every day for those 67 years. id bet he'd drink all that vodka and suicide after max 20.
Wyatt Rownd
Wyatt Rownd 5 horas atrás
Well he won’t even be able to see so he can’t do anything
the running man
the running man 5 horas atrás
Imagine this but you're Trapped in mall of America instead of your local grocery store
Mamkajiwin 5 horas atrás
What’s up Broski 🦋
Beat Rice Kelly
Beat Rice Kelly 6 horas atrás
Lol Always Thought About This
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz 6 horas atrás
Theorista looks kinda like Marzia
Aaryan Paul
Aaryan Paul 6 horas atrás
well if It was brother, He would be screwed! He hates mushroom!
dyhawk2 6 horas atrás
Water supply was not addressed
x x
x x 6 horas atrás
Spoilage is not something you have to calculate. The reason is that stuff will go bad while there are piles of food left to eat. So what you want to calculate is how long the eternal foods will last at maintenance level cal intake. Now if you can't drink out of the toilet (AKA no water access) all you have to calculate is the drinkable liquids in the store. Keep in mind that things like cans of soda will lose contents over the years. At 10 years you may half half full or less cans. At 10 years some may even be empty. Hard alcohol has 0 nutritional value. If you live off of only vodka you lose weight in a hurry (60lbs of muscle in 6 weeks in my experience). This is also the joke about Skinny Girl Vodka as you are just paying more for less vodka as the full test still will not put weight on you. Liqueurs and low test stuff can give you calories and questionable nutrients. Hard Liquor is also a lousy substitute for water as it dehydrates you. Farming is a non-starter. As liquid is your bottle neck already, your garden is dead. Urine? Anyone who has peed in the office potted plant knows that urine kills plants in a rather short amount of time. So while using you excrement, food that went bad, and torn up cardboard boxes, kitty litter, etc to make soil, may seem like a good idea, it is a wast of calories from the effort put into something that will fail. If you had power you could look at distilling your urine, but you don't. How long you live is also most dependent on who you are. Are you The Mountain from GoT or are you a petite woman? Sure it is not as big a difference as if the calories mattered but a big man will still go through more liquid.
Moonstrike The Hybrid
Moonstrike The Hybrid 6 horas atrás
Food Theory Why is there less big league chew around and what gum took it down???
alicizationash 6 horas atrás
Theory Idea: can you actually survive in a place like candy land?
Nick has a channel
Nick has a channel 6 horas atrás
What the heck since when was food theory a thing?! 😮
Playing with a Super Twist
How about how long could you survive in a candy store
Green Lime
Green Lime 6 horas atrás
Plot twist(without Theorista returning) Theorista died a year after Evan locked himself in the store. How did she die may you ask? idk zombie aliens or something ig
fartzani tarzani
fartzani tarzani 7 horas atrás
how long can you survive in mcdonalds???????????????
flandrble 7 horas atrás
Ashens would be proud.
Max Michaels
Max Michaels 7 horas atrás
How long until Milk goes from expired to poisonous, if that can happen?
Jack Mcfakie
Jack Mcfakie 8 horas atrás
irmb5teS 8 horas atrás
What about water?
Thanasis Lilis
Thanasis Lilis 8 horas atrás
But what if the power came back?
Dudes In Action
Dudes In Action 8 horas atrás
How bout locked in a costco?
The Grim Commentator
The Grim Commentator 8 horas atrás
Food idea: how long can you survive without eating carbs and sugar
Leem 8 horas atrás
8:24 was not expecting matt patt to use a modern meme in a video
Nekore Vie Death
Nekore Vie Death 9 horas atrás
Is it possible for another theory like this but instead we are trapped on a fast food establishment?? 🤔
Grace Duffy
Grace Duffy 9 horas atrás
Are you not James fom the odd ones out??
Měiwèi húntún
Měiwèi húntún 9 horas atrás
If everything was restocked and stuff and the situation was just like it is today, you could really technically live there the rest of your life ... !
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa 10 horas atrás
Food theory: how long can you survive in locked Bunker
stekaman 10 horas atrás
very useful vid ever in this channel
Colt Holloway
Colt Holloway 11 horas atrás
If the world is post-apocalyptic, how can you unsure the rain water is safe to drink if it even does rain anymore? I was just curious.
Billioski Lemme smash
Billioski Lemme smash 12 horas atrás
theorista lowkey looks like marzia
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 12 horas atrás
You forget all the rats you coud eat too lol all grocery stores have them bone appetite
Nicholas Dionne
Nicholas Dionne 13 horas atrás
Bugs🤔 cuz roaches survive nuclear apocalypse
David 13 horas atrás
between all these pounds and feet, I am surprised calories are used in here :D
Daniel McHugh
Daniel McHugh 14 horas atrás
The biggest issue would be rats and other animals coming into this store
Golden Mini Gun
Golden Mini Gun 14 horas atrás
Remember that sleep
nervsouly 14 horas atrás
There is a critical problem with the whole window tactic: You can`t just leave it open with all the zombies roaming the streets.
Abram Carroll
Abram Carroll 14 horas atrás
Carcinogens are formed when oil goes rancid. Although there isn't much more danger in eating it then say food cooked at very high temps(grilled), after decades of eating nothing but, he will be consuming lots of carcinogens and will probably develop cancer.
Bryana Perry
Bryana Perry 15 horas atrás
Maybe the real Theorista was the friends we made along the way.
Liam Siviter
Liam Siviter 15 horas atrás
First thing I would do is clear the freezer section of ice and anything else not useful. I would then open cardboard boxes on frozen multipacks to save space and get as much fresh food in there as I could.
Robert Watson
Robert Watson 16 horas atrás
Life time supply of sprouting potatos growing by them selves from compost of rotten veg
PixelGaming 2020
PixelGaming 2020 16 horas atrás
Stores have tons of ice. You can probably just place some meat in there, which will give you some more protein for a while. This will probably last a few days before the ice melts. Also, when the ice starts to melt, you can just use it as extra water.
Lakker94 16 horas atrás
Food theory idea: for scientific reasons i swear, how long can a cannibal last, or a better question can a human survive off of only Human for meat? If so, how long?
Evan Daniel
Evan Daniel 16 horas atrás
That’s a good name
Imani Windom
Imani Windom 16 horas atrás
Could you use the compost pile to grow new foods like produce?
Ferdabank 17 horas atrás
I wanna know where evan got all that information
Francis Thrones
Francis Thrones 17 horas atrás
Food theory idea: if a zombie apocalypse were to happen what food would be the best to live on.
dua ahmad
dua ahmad 18 horas atrás
I have so much respect for how much work this takes.
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 18 horas atrás
10 yrs easy
anefu 18 horas atrás
ForkUp 18 horas atrás
Are we going to account for the weather of the outside world? If he doesn’t have AC or a heater working, wouldn’t Evan be in trouble when it’s really cold or really hot?
InfraRed Tiger
InfraRed Tiger 18 horas atrás
If the window is open so he can cook the meat, why doesn’t he leave through the window
Hudson Hill
Hudson Hill 18 horas atrás
I’ve asked myself this question at night for years.... “video comes out “.... nice
Joshua Greenaway
Joshua Greenaway 19 horas atrás
Youd only be in there till they open in the morning LOL yall thinking too little
The Opera Triple Axel
The Opera Triple Axel 19 horas atrás
Goot to know... Actually is useless... Thanks.
Roy Ybarra
Roy Ybarra 19 horas atrás
Id die within months because asthma
wpgspecb 19 horas atrás
Is that hoovies garage in the thumb?
Cantere Gonda
Cantere Gonda 19 horas atrás
Why doesn't Evan put the meat into the ice machine or where they store the bags of ice?
AMV tunes
AMV tunes 20 horas atrás
What if the electricity never went out Because the whole store runs on solar energy how much does survive then
ashton cunningham
ashton cunningham 20 horas atrás
Use salt to cure the meat and if you .. could technically can too if you had way to get heat
Some Asian Dude
Some Asian Dude 20 horas atrás
if you had a Walmart and Home Depot combo in a suburban area you could practically start a colony
savannah M
savannah M 20 horas atrás
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." -John 3:16(bible) "the wages of sin is death"-Bible. Therefore God the judge has given man the death sentence due to man's sin, but because of God's mercy, he gave himself(god incarnate/jesus)to die on a cross for the sins of the world. That means he paid our fine and if we trust in him God can legally let us go guilt free in court/judgment day and have everlasting life with Him!
The Early Kick With Austin
The real questions are what isle would you spend the most time on and how much weight would you gain?
Jay’s Fortune
Jay’s Fortune 20 horas atrás
“Why you late”
TheSiren Dragon
TheSiren Dragon 20 horas atrás
Just imagine if you are illergic mushrooms 🥲
Jessica 20 horas atrás
You’re talking a small average food store. Ahem. Enter: Walmart garden center. 🤣
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 21 hora atrás
I've watched someone eat 70+ year old peanut butter from WWI and WWII MREs and they weren't rancid. Peanutbutter has a longer shelf life than you think.
Nelson Aquino
Nelson Aquino 21 hora atrás
How about the one on the back storage or something. I think you forgot to include those.
David Trogdon
David Trogdon 21 hora atrás
Quick question, is this only including food on the shelves or food in the back room too?
VIOLET VOIDS 22 horas atrás
The real answer is, you don’t survive, you find something that can break glass
Just Me
Just Me 22 horas atrás
Yo, farming’s kinda op I think the need to nerf that
Robert Jank
Robert Jank 22 horas atrás
If Evan is able to make a fire, then he would be able to can the meat and vegetables in the beginning. He would just need a Dutch Oven and some glass jars. I’m pretty sure he can find all of those in a grocery store.
Tom Beedall
Tom Beedall 22 horas atrás
I'm not familiar with this channel. I thought he was gonna actually get locked in a store. I'm disappointed
Andrew 22 horas atrás
thank you.
JC G 22 horas atrás
Did Evan shower?
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