Food Theory: Are Doritos a RIP OFF?

The Food Theorists
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Have you ever opened a bag of chips and thoughts, why is there so much empty space? Did I just pay for mostly air with a side of chips? You are not alone! For years, I've thought I was getting ripped off with each delicious bag of chips. Today, I want to find out if that is true and I am starting with the biggest culprit of them all - Doritos!

Disclaimer: At 11:56 , the Breakage Rates for the More Chips Bag and the Average Bag are accidentally swapped; the More Chips Bag Breakage Rate is actually 79.8%, and the Average Bag Breakage Rate is 74.9%.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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12 Jun 2021



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The Food Theorists
The Food Theorists Mês atrás
Hey Theorists! In the video at 11:56, the Breakage Rates for the More Chips Bag and the Average Bag are accidentally swapped; the More Chips Bag Breakage Rate is actually 79.8%, and the Average Bag Breakage Rate is 74.9%. Sorry for the mix up!
Twig mations
Twig mations 7 dias atrás
Mats_45king 3945WRZ
Mats_45king 3945WRZ 7 dias atrás
YeS 1.1
YeS 1.1 8 dias atrás
Ever Exlex
Ever Exlex 13 dias atrás
GrubHub lore is gonna end with The giant delivery box of doom exploding
Ever Exlex
Ever Exlex 13 dias atrás
@keth 1871 SpongeBob was taken by the hooks
Mac Wade
Mac Wade 28 minutos atrás
Great video Matpat!
Malwina Korga
Malwina Korga 7 horas atrás
Fun fact:the air in the chip bags is made to presurve the chips taste and crunch(Like when you leave it out it becomes soft and bland) Edit : I writ this comment before mat said ot sorry😢
Psalm Nathaniel S. Bartolome
is no one gonna talk about the fact that at the intro matpat had 2 left hands...
Eimantas Samavicius
Eimantas Samavicius 20 horas atrás
I like Matt's humour 😀
SuperMarioChase 23 horas atrás
This is late, but he has 2 left hands during the intro
Daniel Ramlogan
Daniel Ramlogan 3 dias atrás
Ole and Lays in Trinidad are a scam
Pro Drew
Pro Drew 3 dias atrás
I really want Doritos now.
Jonas Hillen
Jonas Hillen 3 dias atrás
why do ships in a bag an not some kind of box.
London Jomant
London Jomant 3 dias atrás
I’ve been watching you for 3 years
D33p Strand3r
D33p Strand3r 3 dias atrás
The whole green m&m's had me laughing hardcore
Frank Bank
Frank Bank 3 dias atrás
I’d take 266 fully broken Doritos in my bags
Slish Slash
Slish Slash 3 dias atrás
Is it just me or are those doritos looking kinda *T H I C C*
D'antoinette M
D'antoinette M 3 dias atrás
I want to see your funding 🤔😕
Zackary Strange
Zackary Strange 4 dias atrás
Honestly I'd rather have more chips with more breakage than less chips with less breakage
Mason Predmore
Mason Predmore 4 dias atrás
what about party sized bags, they seem to have the same amount of chips and more air
Miranda Hoffman-Giles
Miranda Hoffman-Giles 4 dias atrás
I’m more upset that the bags weigh 21g less than the package states! That’s 11.7 missing chips!
Michael Tison
Michael Tison 4 dias atrás
9:47 I love Ben Shapiro!!
Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio 5 dias atrás
God bless everyone Jesus loves u
darklord12345679 5 dias atrás
Comment about the chocolate rabbits: I actually prefer the hollow ones. The solid ones are too difficult to bite through.
Friend 5 dias atrás
Shout-out to Pringles for not selling air and hurting my hand
Merv Joseph Bierria
Merv Joseph Bierria 5 dias atrás
Matpat just ate 100 and 60% of bags worth of Doritos I hope that sounded right
Alex Okurka
Alex Okurka 5 dias atrás
That's a good thing when easter bunnies are hollow
Vanisher 5 dias atrás
Him: 78% of air you're breathing right now is nitrogen Me: *in a space suit with 100% oxygen*
InfinityTower 5 dias atrás
Fun fact: 100% oxygen is actually pretty bad for you unless you're in an emergency situation like hospitalised or it's for a short time. It's technically both slightly corrosive and poisonous.
Miyah 6 dias atrás
Your voice helps me get to sleep 😳☺️
Jerry Vids
Jerry Vids 6 dias atrás
My dad used to work at frito-lay. He said that the reason that chip bags have so much air is supposedly to keep the chips fresh.
Merrill King
Merrill King 6 dias atrás
I ate a chocolate Bunny that is solid
Gamer girl
Gamer girl 6 dias atrás
Shout out to pringel for never selling us air
MenacingPylon 6 dias atrás
3:14 Cries in argon
Pan D & Fox E
Pan D & Fox E 6 dias atrás
I didn’t know Matpat had two left hands
Toss Me an Arnie
Toss Me an Arnie 6 dias atrás
0:29 never knew Matt had two left arms haha
Stephani Samaniego
Stephani Samaniego 7 dias atrás
Fun fact, two people died in a FritoLay warehouse
Ivan Felipe
Ivan Felipe 7 dias atrás
But putting more air jus makes it deceptive since you think the whole bag is full just see the party sized Dorito bag is very big but the the chips inside are the same as a full normal bag :(
KRIZCOP 7 dias atrás
at the very start: why does he have 2 left hands?
Swingpower 7 dias atrás
Great video as always Matt... But why is it, when I get a chips bag from a local business that there is way more chips in the bag than in Doritos? What is the explanation behind that? If this theory is true, how can other companies put more chips in their bags?
Jasty Poke'gamer
Jasty Poke'gamer 7 dias atrás
I mean...i found a completely full bag of ruffles, chips went all the way to the top, and this was one of the big bags, and ive only found 1 bag of doritos that full
Kevin Guevara
Kevin Guevara 7 dias atrás
Would, as a factor, you say the amount of cheese on a chip matters to why they break?
Sajan Massner
Sajan Massner 7 dias atrás
They are a ripoff I ate an entire bag in only two episodes of avatar ugg how cheeeeepp
SapphiVre 8 dias atrás
For a sec I though matpat said "facts don't care about you feeling" 😂💔
ROBLOX 8 dias atrás
Doritos has air in it so when you open the bag, the Doritos don’t splatter all over the place. They did it too rough though. For Pringles, its a can, not a bag.
Jude The Dude Gaming
Jude The Dude Gaming 8 dias atrás
AS i east dorritos on my gaming chair lol..
Soda Tea
Soda Tea 8 dias atrás
Dont even tell me about the large doritos. The small bag of doritos are 93% air and 7% chip
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch 9 dias atrás
Tom Crowell
Tom Crowell 9 dias atrás
@the food theorists, but what about cardboard tubes like Pringles? Does that make it a better value to buy Pringles instead?
Nathan 6 dias atrás
Depends how cheap Pringles are in your area if it's 3 dollars or under I would say yes
AshNotSeen 9 dias atrás
so if im getting this right. we get 33 un broken chips with the more chips bag and more broken chips, and we get 33 unbroken chips in the average bag. w h a t?
kylesmlg4940 yeet
kylesmlg4940 yeet 9 dias atrás
Why do Americans call crisps "chips"? It's weird
Satomii 9 dias atrás
Why is nacho cheese RED in the US but ORANGE in europe? Paprika flavor is PURPLE in belgium but RED in germany
Alexx 9 dias atrás
they are sold by weight , btw not volume
gogy the octopus
gogy the octopus 10 dias atrás
When u take a litlle bag of lays: 20 chips 1 unbroken 2 to bigger 17 broken
Butter Anderson
Butter Anderson 10 dias atrás
I'm literally eating Doritos as we speak😂😂😂
Bryan Ochoa
Bryan Ochoa 10 dias atrás
0:26 HA!
WolfPlay013 11 dias atrás
hmm yes. tasty air
Fred McElwaine
Fred McElwaine 11 dias atrás
This is makeing me hungery
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor 11 dias atrás
is 9:49 a hint at the new channel... SCIENCE THEORY!?
Long Huynh
Long Huynh 11 dias atrás
This is like watching a lab report in a video format
Bag of Doritos
Bag of Doritos 12 dias atrás
Dude What the Air
Vince A.
Vince A. 12 dias atrás
the 133 fully intact doritos factor assumes none of the chips break during production in the factory. i bet a good portion of the broken doritos happen then.
R 12 dias atrás
Doritos should give us bigger bags then at the same price!
Wapak 12 dias atrás
9:48 Is that a tease for a 4th channel: Science Theory? :o No one talk about this :v
TransAm2k4 12 dias atrás
Yes go for the fitness theory... need to burn some of the calories from trying your theories at home!
Phillip Vector
Phillip Vector 12 dias atrás
9:48 Wait.. Did Matt drop what the 4th channel is going to be?
Lucas Felix
Lucas Felix 12 dias atrás
Lets pay respect to pringles because he dont sells air and sell pure chips
Franz Zabala
Franz Zabala 12 dias atrás
The perfect Doritos bag doesn't ex~ 5:25
Geoffrey Devereaux
Geoffrey Devereaux 12 dias atrás
I adore this episode. What I really like is that regardless of the outcome you still post the video. Adds more validity to the channel 👍
hot cheetos
hot cheetos 12 dias atrás
but... i dont like doritos
chriskit 12 dias atrás
Secret disclaimer at the end credits: " This video is sponsored by Flay's Chips-- " just a prank but that'd be some dystopian type stuff.
Conrad Chester
Conrad Chester 12 dias atrás
Why Doritos dropping their chips 8ft from the ground. Just don't
CopleyTheFett 12 dias atrás
Test the 3D Doritos. The bags I've opened have been mostly air, but the chips aren't really broken much at all.
Ravek 12 dias atrás
Also important to note, Food is generally sold by Weight not Volume
Kieu Diem Ngoc Vi
Kieu Diem Ngoc Vi 13 dias atrás
The deep act previously carve because shoulder disconcertingly matter anenst a interesting afternoon. square, petite hovercraft
Miguel Florencio
Miguel Florencio 13 dias atrás
No one is talking about 9:50??
Senator Joseph McCarthy Was A Communist
Doritos are owned by Frito Lay, whose workers are on strike at the moment for better wages. There's another reason not to buy Doritos (at least until the workers win their fair wages).
Senator Joseph McCarthy Was A Communist
Get the Aldi brand for $1.35 instead.
Brian the Saitama
Brian the Saitama 13 dias atrás
Me open lays: why there only 10 chip?
SimDoughnut 13 dias atrás
1:11 Okay I gotta ask, are you still using the dorm room fridge you had in college? I only ask because I've never ever had a problem fitting a pizza box into my refrigerator before. I literally don't know anyone who has ever had that problem.
Liam Keil
Liam Keil 13 dias atrás
did anyone catch the ben shapiro reference lol “science doesn’t care about your feelings”
Ayden Nash
Ayden Nash 13 dias atrás
laughs in big fridge
Venosite 13 dias atrás
I opened a Doritos bag the was all the way FULL
Coleton Stephenson
Coleton Stephenson 14 dias atrás
I thought it was for crispyness
Ivory Barksdale
Ivory Barksdale 14 dias atrás
My estimation of all those Doritos you ate by yourself by reducing with up to by 2- 2.5 times or more by So called large bags with the 16% chips by you could save some paper 📈📉📊🧾📝📄📰🔖📜📃📑🗞🗺Or do more by Reducing You know that saying From Dell Do more for less. Any “But hey that’s just a theory A Food Theory Bon appétit.”
JL Lamons
JL Lamons 14 dias atrás
Yea but some other chip brands know exactly what they doing
Darth Marr
Darth Marr 14 dias atrás
Wait a minute how many left arms does Mat have in the intro?
Pretty Guardian
Pretty Guardian 14 dias atrás
Is the nitrogen gas the reason potato chips smell like farts when you first open the bag?
Gabriel Angelos
Gabriel Angelos 14 dias atrás
Pringles have the most fair ammount of chips in their containers
Cady Elsharkawy
Cady Elsharkawy 14 dias atrás
Chips are just.. Flavored air
Caleb Choo
Caleb Choo 14 dias atrás
Contact Doritos and get lifetime free chips!? 😆🤣
Txc_ 116
Txc_ 116 14 dias atrás
Wait isn’t air from the Doritos bag better than regular air meaning we are being scammed ?
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall 14 dias atrás
As a former warehouse worker I can tell you the breakage is all in house during loading
ioj21585 14 dias atrás
Is Science Theory (9:47) the fourth channel?
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic 14 dias atrás
i hope those workers get to bring a perfect bag of Doritos fresh off the line, back home every once in awhile.
Dima El-Boghdady
Dima El-Boghdady 15 dias atrás
This what happens when we go to a store: Mom: by the big bag a share it with brother Me and my brother: mom half of it is empty Mom : WHAT!!! Us: were getting scammed ME LOL🤣🤣
BerBerBos 15 dias atrás
what about sour patch kids
Beercan77 15 dias atrás
I like how he calls them 'Nacho Cheesier' even though it CLEARLY says NACHO CHEESE on the bag. I remember 'Nacho Cheesier' on the bags in the 2000's.
Theo Taylor
Theo Taylor 15 dias atrás
Plot twist: Doritos bribed the crew with bags filled with more chips so they’d fudge the numbers
BARRICADE 23 15 dias atrás
Ruffles always be loaded
Fluffy Ingot
Fluffy Ingot 15 dias atrás
Wait... the outro... when MatPat said bon appetite... there was no crunch... Why?
yuki shi
yuki shi 15 dias atrás
One time, I got a perfect Doritos bag, no broken Doritos.
Mawablem 13 dias atrás
I SuperYolo2006 I
I SuperYolo2006 I 15 dias atrás
Ok guys, this is it, the last part of the theory circle is science theory
TheAdvertisement 15 dias atrás
Admit it, we've all squeezed a Doritos bag to try and make it pop.
C.W. Rudy
C.W. Rudy 15 dias atrás
In the cold open, Matt reaches for the bag of Doritos using one of his *TWO* left hands.
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