Fontaines D.C Cover Of "Pixies - Gouge Away" LIVE STUDIO Radio one

Blue Tram Lines
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18 Fev 2020



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David Ryan
David Ryan 2 anos atrás
You won’t hear a better cover of this song. Brilliant interpretation without trying to be the Pixies.
A$AP-BUBBY 5 meses atrás
Mikey Hawthorne did a good one
Fauzan Azhar
Fauzan Azhar 11 meses atrás
The promise ring did it better
meow Anos atrás
check nation of language's cover! also very amazing
sly mars
sly mars 2 anos atrás
this is one of my favourite Pixies tunes, and this cover is bloody brilliant! love the darker feel they gave it
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
sure is a darker version but i love it
Diptis Halder
Diptis Halder 2 anos atrás
A rather good cover. They make it sound like A Forest by The Cure in parts.
Hungry Penguin
Hungry Penguin 5 meses atrás
Just imagine Fontaines DC covering A Forest.
MysticEdge4 10 meses atrás
*Find the girl while you can*
bhamacuk 2 anos atrás
Unexpected choice of cover but the lads did very well. The guitars and overall arrangement is top notch. Vocals do a good job of making the cover their own.
bhamacuk 2 anos atrás
@Blue Tram Lines maybe it's because the pixies doesn't seem to fit in with Fontaine's typical style. I did wonder how they'd handle the vocals but it was good.
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
yea for sure i think it works well, some very mixed opinions here though
p 2 anos atrás
My 2 fav bands together...what a find. Amazing!!!
Molemouth 7 meses atrás
How lucky we are
Anselmo Echeverria
Anselmo Echeverria 2 anos atrás
Fontaines D.C. fueron una de las grandes sorpresas del año pasado, para muchos su disco de debut "Dogrel" fue uno de los más destacados de 2019. La banda de Dubín bebe de del post punk británico más enérgico, con la rabia intacta. Hace unos días concedían una entrevista a la prensa de su país y adelantaban algunas ideas dobre su disco de reválida. Lo hacían coincidiendo con su actuación en la BBC Radio 1 donde ofrecía su particular versión del tema de los Pixies. En aquella entrevista explicaban: "Existe cierto sentimiento ensoñador en él. Cierto sentimiento que refleja una realidad que es muy confusa, y que agrede de forma no directa a tus sentidos" - cuenta el guitarrista Carlos O’ Connell sobre el contenido de este próximo disco. "Algunas de sus canciones son bastante uptempo y upbeat, pero muchas de ellas también son algo lentas y ligeras. De la misma manera que hicimos en «Dogrel», nos hemos permitido introducir cualquier tipo de sonido que sentimos como «nuestro» en el álbum. No nos gusta definirnos por un único sonido porque creo que eso es algo bastante irreal". El músico también promete que "cualquier persona que compró "Dogrel" amará este disco. Pero también creo que aquellos que no se pillaron «Dogrel» también lo amarán. Ese disco fue muy específico, y tuvo cierto sentido para nosotros en el momento en el que lo creamos. Era un trabajo bastante específico, y un trabajo que mucha gente rechazó. Pero creo que este disco… Sé que no puedes complacer a todos pero creo que estamos presentando algo en este LP que no se ha presentado hasta el momento" Música independiente novedades.
Mark Gibbs
Mark Gibbs 2 anos atrás
Good take on a great song. Love that it is their own interpretation. Brings a completely different feel to it. Great.
Loob Annebullen
Loob Annebullen 2 anos atrás
Grian's voice has a lovely softness here - nice contrast with the overall feeling of menace
Amy 2 anos atrás
Honestly think they should release this cover
Pamela 6 meses atrás
I'll give it a third. Would make an excellent black Friday RSD release on 7" vinyl. Just a suggestion...🖤
Molemouth 7 meses atrás
Heavily second this
Peter Norris
Peter Norris 2 anos atrás
Two of my favourite bands. Love it!
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
so so good
Francisco Aurélio
Francisco Aurélio 2 anos atrás
Belíssima versão!!
Grzegorz Hetman
Grzegorz Hetman 2 anos atrás
They chose the same way that Patti Smith did covering "Smells like teen spirit". Which is actually a cover of "Gouge away" too.
achZay Okeeffe
achZay Okeeffe 2 meses atrás
Drew 2 anos atrás
Grzegorz Hetman, yeah that was a good song, both actually. I see what you mean there
cool name
cool name 7 meses atrás
Here's the lyrics for those that want to belt it out Gouge away, you can gouge away Stay all day if you want to Missy aggravation Some sacred questions, you stroke my locks Some marijuana if you got some Gouge away, you can gouge away Stay all day if you want to Sleeping on your belly You break my arms, you spoon my eyes Been rubbing a bad charm with holy fingers Gouge away, you can gouge away Stay all day if you want to Chained to the pillars A 3 day party, I break the walls And kill us all with holy fingers Gouge away, you can gouge away Stay all day if you want to
Paul 4 meses atrás
One of my favourite songs by The Pixies and I just got into Fontaines D C. This cover is amazing
Fats Torvolay
Fats Torvolay 2 anos atrás
These guys are brilliant! The most captivating new band I'v heard since Kasabian first came onto the scene.
LowDeadVolume Anos atrás
Could've been one of their song, changed the vibe, meaning, not even thinking about the Pixies when I hear this cover, amazing
Jim M
Jim M 3 meses atrás
This a tremendous cover. Nice job
Emma Holland
Emma Holland 2 anos atrás
Superb band. A joy to listen too 😻
MesrineQc c.
MesrineQc c. 7 meses atrás
this is an Awesome Band , we will hear alot from them for a long time i think !
Liam Tolley
Liam Tolley 2 anos atrás
Grians voice on this is class
bing bong
bing bong 11 meses atrás
Black Francis' yelp is so iconic to the original but Grian's disaffected vocals honestly work so well here. Great version!
Neil Walsh
Neil Walsh 2 anos atrás
Hope they make this cover a regular feature on the live circuit, could be a real cool addition
Pol O Gallachoir
Pol O Gallachoir 2 meses atrás
Was at that gig he mentioned. Great band covering a great band.
Ben Ibbotson
Ben Ibbotson 2 anos atrás
Wow! Two great bands.
nWo4life 2 anos atrás
Would love to hear them cover a track by the fall
Moophette 10 meses atrás
I would kill for Grian to sing "Totally Wired"
Rental Snake
Rental Snake 11 meses atrás
I think a tune by The Stranglers would be interesting too.
nWo4life Anos atrás
Would be the classical for me
Francis O'Sullivan
Francis O'Sullivan Anos atrás
Dead beat descendant.. I reckon
seanbaite47 2 anos atrás
Maybe they should start with 'Irish' (for the Fall cover) ?
mdforsgren 2 anos atrás
Loved the original beyond description. This? I like this very much, too. Less power but the excellent music comes through so well.
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
totally agree
Jenny Paget
Jenny Paget 2 anos atrás
Excellent, I hope you guys release this.
Ness Cooper
Ness Cooper 2 anos atrás
Great cover! Wonderful
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
Amazing band
leo calostros
leo calostros 2 anos atrás
that's how you make a cover, i love it
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
glad you enjoyed it
Deris 2 anos atrás
The band themselves shared this video on their Instagram You've been recognized!
Josh Ide
Josh Ide 2 anos atrás
Blue Tram Lines bruh
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
Ah thats so cool. What a band!!
The Tommy Montejano
Never heard a better cover of any song in my life
dicbrain906 2 anos atrás
this is amazing!
Dan Gulino
Dan Gulino 2 anos atrás
Nice version, Well done
S H 2 anos atrás
Not bad. Really made me wanna listen to the original which is so excellent.
Jason Bostic
Jason Bostic 2 anos atrás
Fantastic cover
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
i think its great too
Francis O'Sullivan
Francis O'Sullivan 2 anos atrás
Love This Version..Thanks Fontaines D.C....May i suggest a cover of I Just Wanna By Blue In Heaven..Another GREAT Irish Band!!!
Aynal Smith
Aynal Smith 11 meses atrás
grow up they wont see ur comment its a random re upload u werido
Frank Coughlan
Frank Coughlan Anos atrás
Great Song by a great band...
Will Catlin
Will Catlin 13 dias atrás
Bernard A
Bernard A 9 meses atrás
Great job reinterpreting the song
Daniele Tort
Daniele Tort 2 anos atrás
Great great cover thank you for extracting
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
So happy to share it with like minded music enthusiasts and fans
zeratul78 Anos atrás
what a great interpretaton of a great song
OABLIBNOBI 11 meses atrás
Maestros versionan a maestros.
Mike Wood
Mike Wood 11 meses atrás
Huge pixies fan.also getting i to the fontaines.this cover is great.
Tylko Muzyka
Tylko Muzyka 8 meses atrás
i love it...
David Campbell
David Campbell Anos atrás
So strange being Irish listening to this being sung with a Dublin accent, while I love Fontaines DC there’s no surpassing Black Francis hollering manically down a mic, particularly on Gouge Away.
Bolid La Rochelle
Bolid La Rochelle 2 anos atrás
Felipe Chicangana
Felipe Chicangana Anos atrás
Andy Monkman
Andy Monkman 2 anos atrás
Nice version. Cheers for uploading
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
Pleasure, more to come soon
sean Mangan
sean Mangan 2 anos atrás
So hard to cover Pixies, like their take on it, hope they play it in the Marquee.
Laddie 2 anos atrás
The crossover we all needed
Molemouth 7 meses atrás
dasdogful 9 meses atrás
Best rock band in the world at the moment - love the crappy train station DART backdrop.
Pamela 6 meses atrás
Brilliant version. Never imagined it darker than the original. 🖤🔥
marko gavrilov
marko gavrilov 5 meses atrás
Its a one big cover, as someone said it not trying to be Francis, same good as Idles cover of Damaged goods, and im so sad that they were not played it in Zagreb this summer.
LEWIS TAM MILLAR 2 anos atrás
music starts at 1:02
Carlos Pires
Carlos Pires 2 anos atrás
Top cover!
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
totally agree
Dave Green
Dave Green Anos atrás
Both of the bands that I won't get to see in July 21 😭 Was at the lansdowne rd gig too and have a cd of it, great night
Todd Richmond
Todd Richmond 2 anos atrás
This version pretty much removed all my favorite things abt the original.
Scar Hz
Scar Hz Anos atrás
Themusicman Anos atrás
Is there any thing these lads cant do ..
Katharina Maerbacher
Katharina Maerbacher 10 meses atrás
It starts at 1:03 This is how much I love you
D van Rooyen
D van Rooyen 2 anos atrás
Very trippy.
Phil_Insane 2 anos atrás
He missed the sha la la, other than that excellent 😁
William Leary
William Leary Anos atrás
Not too shabby.
Felipe Martínez
Felipe Martínez 2 anos atrás
I miss the spontneusness, the fury and that sinisterly childish Kim choir
zephcat2006 2 anos atrás
has mezclado eng+spa? btw , like this cover, has the dark 80s feel guitars and sin el contrapunto de kim, se hace el tema mas siniestro, menos explosivo
Jonathan 2 anos atrás
In 3:57 Grian sounds a bit like Chris Martin
mgmegt Anos atrás
When you just find this for the first time...
Pablo Isusi
Pablo Isusi 2 anos atrás
Rowland Stuart Howard brought me here. Great taste!!! no doubt.
Sacha Crow
Sacha Crow 2 anos atrás
Ecléctico Iconoclasta
this cover sounds like 1986
Evie 2 anos atrás
came to here everyday since you uploaded it ;)
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
Thank you :D
Celt Mc Celt
Celt Mc Celt 2 anos atrás
My daughter sent me here . She’s got taste
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
And now so do you ;) thanks for listening
2 anos atrás
Just perfect,I think
2 anos atrás
i can’t imagine their second album: )
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
i agree
Harry Revelo
Harry Revelo 2 anos atrás
Awesome band, but they butchered Gouge Away
Mark Graham
Mark Graham 2 anos atrás
I have the album and saw them in Newcastle last month and thought they were great. But have to agree with Harry this is not a good cover. Doesn't even sound like fontaines dc.
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
each to their own i suppose
Patrick Fortier
Patrick Fortier 7 meses atrás
What's with the French name: Fontaine? I like it.
Man no thing to lose
Man no thing to lose 10 meses atrás
'll take mine straight up! Fuckin A...Risky biz won't have it any other way. Other way?is there other ways? DK don't give a fly in SHIT!li love these gentlemen.
Austin1125 2 anos atrás
This fucking rips
Sean 2 anos atrás
upload their cover of a rainy night in soho they did on bbc ulster a few months back
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
im trying to locate it
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser 10 meses atrás
Very Stone Roses-ish.
Paul Cawley
Paul Cawley 2 anos atrás
There's a good reason Pixies go for the quiet/loud formula - to avoid this.
Knob Turner
Knob Turner 2 anos atrás
Precisely.... I only lasted 30 seconds.
Esteban Dido
Esteban Dido 2 anos atrás
don't care, just enjoy.
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans 2 anos atrás
Wolf Doctor I thought this too. Good cover but dynamics are too integral to Pixies tunes to leave out
TrainInVain 2 anos atrás
Gouge Away with all the explosive power that makes it great stripped out. Why bother?
Dan Gulino
Dan Gulino 2 anos atrás
@jonny26281 I love the original so much but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the way they did it
jonny26281 2 anos atrás
Dan Gulino I think this version is more sinister than the original
Dan Gulino
Dan Gulino 2 anos atrás
I disagree, I think this is a brilliant interpretation of it. Sounds claustrophobic and almost Joy division esque
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 2 anos atrás
Even Stephen Malkmus would call this sloppy...
Aksel Bierman
Aksel Bierman 2 anos atrás
Malkmus stopped being sloppy ever since Pavement ended......still love him though.
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 2 anos atrás
Pablo Isusi Yawn
Pablo Isusi
Pablo Isusi 2 anos atrás
@Michael Watson I ve seen them. I was lucky as Kim was still in the band. And it is not The Pixies, it is Pixies, without the article.
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 2 anos atrás
Pablo Isusi I suggest you go and see the pixies.
Pablo Isusi
Pablo Isusi 2 anos atrás
@Michael Watson it was Dreadful Great
Mark Newbold
Mark Newbold 2 anos atrás
Pat Boone Sings pixies
kevy kev
kevy kev Anos atrás
skip to 1:00 to hear the song
Atlas Jonathan Bennet
Very Joy Division
Hew Ster
Hew Ster Mês atrás
Song play @ 1:03
Davie C
Davie C 2 anos atrás
Decent musically but I'm not convinced by the vocals, sorry.
gar j
gar j 2 anos atrás
Jaysus that was muck
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
Help a small low key channel with subscribing :) [Edit - Thank You All So Much For The Support, Means A Lot!]
mactastico 2 anos atrás
Na am sorry but this is class
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn 7 meses atrás
Being a huge fan of this song,,,I don't care for the cover
Iamhereblossom 2 anos atrás
Eugene Kelly
Eugene Kelly Anos atrás
Prima donnas
a b c
a b c 10 meses atrás
this is below unnaceptable, they butchered the song, many garage would bands perform way, way better tham this crap ... you don't come to las vegas and talk to a man like moe green like that
Ronnie Moe
Ronnie Moe 2 anos atrás
I bet they won’t be covering any of the new pixies songs 💩
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
@Michael Watson wow
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 2 anos atrás
I’m sure Black Francis has thrown songs away. I’m sure they are still better than this shit. Probably the worst thing I have ever heard, ever! Pixies B-sides are better than this band. Pure garbage.
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
@estala oooo
estala 2 anos atrás
Pixies are dead
L Lemon
L Lemon 2 anos atrás
sounds like oasis trying to learn a pixies song
L Lemon
L Lemon 2 anos atrás
@Blue Tram Lines it wasn't.
Blue Tram Lines
Blue Tram Lines 2 anos atrás
Not sure Irish sounds Mancunian if your comment is directed at the vocals
helmar rauschkolb
helmar rauschkolb 10 meses atrás
Fook me blind.....
Man no thing to lose
Man no thing to lose 10 meses atrás
When n where i WILL,mandy
Carsten Bohemus
Carsten Bohemus 2 anos atrás
Pathetic cover of a great song.
Vending Machine Bud
Vending Machine Bud 2 anos atrás
I liked they're take of it
Felipe Martínez
Felipe Martínez 2 anos atrás
estala 2 anos atrás
Not bad not bad but................dont repeat the joke again
Luke HT
Luke HT 2 anos atrás
Well that was disappointing
Dr Cheeks
Dr Cheeks 2 anos atrás
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