FNF R.A.M. But - Different Characters Sing It (Everyone Sings RAM)

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Hello! Today I'll show you a new different characters singing video and this time I've made it on R.A.M from the VS Hex Mod but different Characters Sing it. On every turn a different character sings RAM.

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Thanks to YingYang48 for the Hex Mod -

Thanks to GenoX & Blantados for some of the voicebanks -
GenoX -
Blantados -

Voicebanks credits:
Rosie - Blantados
Whitty - AjtheFunky
Garcello - AlexGamingSW

Mods used:
VS Hex -
VS Kepler Observation Unit -
VS Rosie -
VS Space Boyfriend -
VS Bad piggies -
VS Nonsense -
VS Flippy -
VS Cyrix -
VS Sasha -
VS Tabi EX -
VS Kapi -
V.S. Bob and Bosip -
Mid-fight masses -
VS Springheel -
V.S. Ambion -
VS Sans -
VS Salad Fingers -
Smoke em out struggle VS Garcello -

Playable Mods:
Red from angry birds Over BF Mod
Playable Whitty -
Playable Tabi Ex -
Playable Kapi -
Playable Garcello Tired -
Playable Sarv -
Other playable characters are by me

GF Mods:
Rasazy over GF -
Chiaki Nanami as Girlfriend -
a small red-ish cat over gf -
Chara from Undertale over GF -

Friday Night Funkin R.A.M.
Friday Night Funkin RAM But Every Turn a Different Character Sings it
FNF R.A.M. But everyone sings it
RAM But Every Turn a different cover is used. But different character sings it.

Thanks For Watching!

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23 Jul 2021



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Isabella Sophia Izquierdo Faez
Hola buenos días adjunto envío y borrarlo inmediatamente se me olvidó decirte algo
CalleXman6 12 horas atrás
ha spring heel short
Vijay Gupta
Vijay Gupta 18 horas atrás
I like this song this cool song
Sebastian Arias
Sebastian Arias 22 horas atrás
God song
MaiDer Lee
MaiDer Lee Dia atrás
MaiDer Lee
MaiDer Lee Dia atrás
Elizabeth Vega
Elizabeth Vega Dia atrás
La parte de angrybirds me encanta
diego ozelame
diego ozelame Dia atrás
Eu não falo inglês, eu falo português.
khadheeja Moosa
khadheeja Moosa Dia atrás
Lets just appreciate the fact that they put sasha from amphibia in this.
BeatDrop 2 dias atrás
1:50 Somebody plz make this it could be on this or any song
victorya Apelian
victorya Apelian 2 dias atrás
This gives me good old vibes
Flippy Frogs
Flippy Frogs 2 dias atrás
This right here "tears up" IS A MASTERPIECE
Timothy Jodoin
Timothy Jodoin 2 dias atrás
1:16 Amor The Here Comes The FBI :)
Timothy Jodoin
Timothy Jodoin 2 dias atrás
0:52 Flippy :)
Timothy Jodoin
Timothy Jodoin 2 dias atrás
0:42 My Favorite Mod Kapi :)
Timothy Jodoin
Timothy Jodoin 2 dias atrás
Please Make Majin Sonic Sings Ram
Timothy Jodoin
Timothy Jodoin 2 dias atrás
0:19 Angry Birds and the best part
Уличный футбол
TABI YT Y MAS 2 dias atrás
Jeremy rea
Jeremy rea 3 dias atrás
No se porque pero cada ves que lo hoigo me tranquiliso
jake 3 dias atrás
Why cosmic so sus if he hit the arrow down 0_0
♥ itzyaboi_cuddles YT 🍦
of course k.o.u and rosie sounds great also flippy and sarv and selever and witty
ペドロ 3 dias atrás
Raziel The Goblin Slayer
Can we just get a full version of this with just Cyrix and Whitty, seriously though they sound so good
Robertus Somo
Robertus Somo 3 dias atrás
Hashfi Allegro 🅒
Hashfi Allegro 🅒 3 dias atrás
1:14 1:46
danilo tag-at
danilo tag-at 4 dias atrás
CasualCypress13n 4 dias atrás
Vocals Please :3
Hashfi Allegro
Hashfi Allegro 4 dias atrás
1:46 epic moment
Алексей Тимошенко
remember when there is only R.A.M and "Hello World"?
renita joseph
renita joseph 4 dias atrás
I did not like the person which is a zombie
raio vvv
raio vvv 5 dias atrás
Dingle doggo
Dingle doggo 5 dias atrás
0:58 who are those two?
KapiYT 5 dias atrás
Kapi Me
KapiYT 5 dias atrás
Hi Tabi
𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕖_𝟡𝟘1 ඞ
0:46 Now we need Hex to sing Beethoven
lulu metwale
lulu metwale 5 dias atrás
i like angry birds 0:21 and this does it
Công Trìu Trần
Công Trìu Trần 5 dias atrás
Piggy in the fnf
Công Trìu Trần
Công Trìu Trần 5 dias atrás
fliqpy in the fnf
Công Trìu Trần
Công Trìu Trần 5 dias atrás
Sans in the fnf
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 5 dias atrás
#mongo e drongo
Grammar Police
Grammar Police 5 dias atrás
BaNevi [Gacha Life]
BaNevi [Gacha Life] 5 dias atrás
1:07 what is name?
The. battle
The. battle 5 dias atrás
Victorya Apelian
Victorya Apelian 5 dias atrás
This brings back good vibes i love this so muchhhhhhh
Hansen 7785
Hansen 7785 5 dias atrás
I love part its Amor and bosip sound good tho
kean cuyson
kean cuyson 5 dias atrás
i hate the mod died out preety quickly bc no more updates and no more whitty
Gloria Rolón
Gloria Rolón 6 dias atrás
F̲a̲l̲l̲e̲n̲ ̲R̲o̲s̲e̲
1:14 , 1:22 what are their names?
Lucky Roxas
Lucky Roxas 6 dias atrás
Go mango Go banjo Go bango Go tango Go lambo
Nathan 6 dias atrás
I love how some ppl include some underrated mods here, like for example the Vs Sasha mod, Springheel, Ambien, Bob & bosip, and so on.
King Axolotl262
King Axolotl262 6 dias atrás
Retrospecter makes this and all songs better change my mind
겜티비의scp 6 dias atrás
0:30 0:40
Jorge Palacios Coral
Jorge Palacios Coral 7 dias atrás
0:58 saben cmo se llama?
ItzSprinklz 7 dias atrás
Rosie’s part is just perfect
Its•charlotte -w-
Its•charlotte -w- 7 dias atrás
Tabi always spawns in the most random place 😭😂
Фортнайтер 7458
Anthony Omoregie
Anthony Omoregie 7 dias atrás
the song is stuck in my head i really like it
Maggie Eubanks
Maggie Eubanks 7 dias atrás
Who's the one with the guitar?
matias adriano sanchez
Sadif world
Sadif world 7 dias atrás
Мехти Константинов
0:35 who's this?
Cassidy Wood
Cassidy Wood 7 dias atrás
Why am I bopping my head to this?
VipeWarrior 7 dias atrás
1:22 Bosip's voice is soo good!!!
Kõsoku RuNashi
Kõsoku RuNashi 7 dias atrás
I always use this song for studying or drawing
El Isaac
El Isaac 7 dias atrás
Ocxso = recuerdos de latam
Dragos Ivanoiu
Dragos Ivanoiu 8 dias atrás
Love when nonsense and kappi sing
Lola Sofia .Cabrera
Lola Sofia .Cabrera 8 dias atrás
scartch the cat
scartch the cat 8 dias atrás
Hex Bf Bad p Real p Kou Monter Nonsense Kapi Taro Flippy Rosie Sasha Amor Bosip Sans Tabi Freind Selever Sarv F Tankman Dad hex Witthy Garrcello
xXNumberblocks 100 The Cooler And The CreatorXx
1:30 my favorite part
Uragan's Gaming
Uragan's Gaming 9 dias atrás
kou sounds like an alien
Ameera and ayan gaming
PH. GAMER 9 dias atrás
Deimos 9 dias atrás
Someone should make a mod about me, we already got hank and tricky!
leonidas gomez
leonidas gomez 9 dias atrás
Алихан Нургалыев
0:51 top
Алихан Нургалыев
1:15 top
Алихан Нургалыев
1:46 top
✨ Sherlock holmes  ✨
Did anyone notice Chiaki?
shaurya chandel
shaurya chandel 9 dias atrás
Your video copy be happy animations
PurpleFoxed . . .
PurpleFoxed . . . 10 dias atrás
Bendy tube gaming
Bendy tube gaming 10 dias atrás
is it an real mod?
fnf simp2008
fnf simp2008 10 dias atrás
Sans:who are you- Tabi:ur gaster blaster
Mohamed Akil
Mohamed Akil 10 dias atrás
0:10 Hex 0:14 BF 0:18 Piggy 0:23 Red 0:26 Kou 0:34 Space BF 0:42 Nonsense 0:46 Kapi 0:50 Springheel 0:54 Flippy 0:58 Rosie 1:07 Sasha 1:14 Amor 1:23 Bosip 1:30 Sans 1:33 Tabi 1:35 Ambion 1:38 Selever 1:40 Sarvente 1:43 Salad Fingers 1:45 Tankman 1:47 Cryix 1:55 Whitty 2:08 Hex & Garcello The minutes of Mods
DINAN AHMAD ZAYDAN 10 dias atrás
hatsune miku
hatsune miku 10 dias atrás
This so good job UwU
chara dreemurr
chara dreemurr 10 dias atrás
charas animations at 1:31 are great
Nicolas Rojas
Nicolas Rojas 11 dias atrás
link mod of hex Everyone Sings RAM
DJ Fazbear 100!
DJ Fazbear 100! 11 dias atrás
1:14 sounds lit!😎
German Sanchez
German Sanchez 11 dias atrás
The pig and red bird one sings like angry birds looks good And Cool
Opheebob ̄‐ ̄ ๑ᄆ๑
SirHackGaming 12 dias atrás
Btw I love amphibia Sasha is basically my favorite character
P Pee
P Pee 12 dias atrás
I love hex🥰🥰🥰🥰
K C 12 dias atrás
I love seeing Mr. Springheel in videos like this
Penguin man XD
Penguin man XD 12 dias atrás
Nonsense voice so good
Ballistic Whitty
Ballistic Whitty 12 dias atrás
I Think Amor Was Good
Son goku
Son goku 12 dias atrás
Where link mod
Neon Hats  Brawl Stars YT
よか 12 dias atrás
Normani - Wild Side (2021 MTV VMAs)