FNF comparison Battle -ALL Phases of fnf Characters Friday Night Funkin Animation COMPLETEEDITION#1

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FNF 캐릭터 페이즈 비교 배틀 프라이데이 나이트 펑킨 애니메이션 컴플리트에디션 모음집 1탄!
FNF comparison Battle - ALL Phases of fnf Characters Friday Night Funkin Animation COMPLETE EDITION #1

FNF 캐릭터 페이즈 비교 프나펑 컴플리트 에디션! 페이즈 비교 모음집 #1
프라이데이 나이트 펌킨 애니메이션 Phases of FNF Character COMPLETE EDITION 01

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FNF comparison - ALL Phases of fnf Characters
Friday Night Funkin Animation Battle COMPLETE EDITION #1

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4 Out 2021



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Comentários 4 491
Holy the phases actually look kinda good
Carlo Capuano
I like so much the phase 4 of Sarvente in Taki and her. Can you do GF and BF phase 1 to 4 on next time please? Anyways, great video
Love how server is sitting with hyper energy
Mah Wan
Maybe sarvent is a nun but she is a demon ^_^
YEEET! Oh hi.
Awesome tune I really like you!!! Mostly about because you show phases and you actually give music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mah Wan
Boyfriend is a werewolf wait what a wolf >_<
I can’t be the only one who wants the Mid Fight Masses and the Agoti and Tabi and the T A K I S to be a actual skin mod thingy something something :)
Ain Aleeya Mohamad Faizal
Love how she was scared of taki when she has chainsaw 🎥
Big Riem
Can you make more of these videos they are very very cool🥰
Brittney Clark
When she was little she looked sooo cute
I love how when bf leveled up to level 2 he was the same height
Edward F Berlanga
I Love The part that it shows bf and sky
calvin paul
I love it
Lauren Brown
Skid and pump are so cute 🧡
the only non-bad one is selever and raz
Katherine Rojas
Hola Le queda muy bueno
걸프가 나오면 진짜 좋겠는뎅...(중간에 흑화스카이도 넣어주심 정말 감사하겠습니다:3)
ariyan_ agt
ariyan_ agt 14 horas atrás
Elizabeth Ramirez
I love this video💞
Stevie Rae
I realized when sky sings at the first one at phase 2 her microphone vanishes into thin air
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