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Omg we're going to Thailand!!! Hope you love this traveling vlog!! Get ready for epic vlogs!! Hehe love you guys!! -Alisha Marie
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15 Jan 2016



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Minnies Dream centre
Minnies Dream centre 8 dias atrás
I was born in Thailand but I came to Australia when I was 3 and Every year we to Thailand about like 4 times✌️🥰
Itsann Avocado
Itsann Avocado 14 dias atrás
my phobia of flying would never let me go to thailand
Mythili Rajendra
Mythili Rajendra 10 dias atrás
Faisal Alolowi
Faisal Alolowi 22 dias atrás
Thailand is extremely dangerous for Saudi’s
Jen Jen TUBE
Jen Jen TUBE 22 dias atrás
My parents are thai and i love Thailand it’s amazing
Jeannie Evelyn
Jeannie Evelyn 2 meses atrás
When you are the kind of Chinese that cant hold a pair of chopsticks accurately... Alisha, you nailed to hold a pair of chopsticks accurately!!!! I guess i need to practice how to use a pair of chopsticks accurately... ( though i am a Chinese )
Mya the Gymnast
Mya the Gymnast 2 meses atrás
michigan does have a really good one. i live half an hour away from it
Taida Mašič
Taida Mašič 2 meses atrás
Flying to slovenia🥺💫
Ashley Dedini
Ashley Dedini 5 meses atrás
Thailand is amazing
Grace mc085
Grace mc085 5 meses atrás
Is it just me that makes airport vlog playlist before they go on holidays
Jada Kepkie
Jada Kepkie 6 meses atrás
Chicago has the rainbow tunnel. I think?
Pornchai Phisarnanukunkit
its 2019 and i'm still watching this cuz I LIVE IN THAILAND YEYEYEYEYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Skylar Mackenzie
Skylar Mackenzie 6 meses atrás
You NEED to do a travel essentials video like Ashley did!!!!!!😍
Lindsey Grace
Lindsey Grace 6 meses atrás
Why does Ashely look so good with out makeup
Oyuka's channel
Oyuka's channel 6 meses atrás
anyone 2019 also remember when her name was nit alisha marie vlogs
Remarkable Recipes
Remarkable Recipes 6 meses atrás
I live in Thailand and the food is gooooooooooood
Natalie clark
Natalie clark 7 meses atrás
l love Thailand
JASLZFreeman 7 meses atrás
how come I just saw this btw I love Thailand so much
omituinen parsakaali
omituinen parsakaali 7 meses atrás
My mom lives in thailand and im on a plane to thailand now😅😊😊😣😁👍👌👌
Galaxy kitten Gamer
Galaxy kitten Gamer 8 meses atrás
Of course! Thailand is mostly known as " the land of smiles " I'm in Thailand :^ And half Thai :>
Jessii Jade
Jessii Jade 8 meses atrás
what type of cameras are you girls using .. there cuute
Olivia 9 meses atrás
im going to Thailand in 2 days . Ahhhh
Waheeda Ali
Waheeda Ali 9 meses atrás
My shortest flight ever was 10 minutes
Reuben Jack
Reuben Jack 9 meses atrás
Alisha: do you see this? Do you see this? Me: THEY SPElT YOUR NAME WRONG!!!! Alisha: They’ve got the the red cups!!! Me: Oh 😂😂😂
Lattecat 9 meses atrás
I love airport/airplane vlogs idk why... ❤️😂✈️
Najae,Madison and Meagan
I always wanted to go to thailand when my aunts went
Nikki Fig
Nikki Fig 10 meses atrás
The airport you were talking about wasn’t Michigan it was O’hare.
Yoruhana kesshō
Yoruhana kesshō 10 meses atrás
I'm her thai fan and like...why I've never seen this video before!!!
that's the tea.
that's the tea. 11 meses atrás
*i’m flying from Australia to hong kong in 2 days and i’m so excited*
-Tham- -Minecraft-
-Tham- -Minecraft- Anos atrás
JAMES COOPER Anos atrás thai smile flight to bkk...
Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen Anos atrás
I’m going to Thailand in December ## ####(personal)
Naresh Sharma
Naresh Sharma Anos atrás
I went to Thailand last month and in 2012 ☆☆☆
Addison Malow
Addison Malow Anos atrás
Hahah fun❤️
Raja Hazim
Raja Hazim Anos atrás
gacha studio nightcore
Thailand is my birth place but I live in lreland
Sunshine Hyung
Sunshine Hyung Anos atrás
I go to thailand every year and its really hot there
Amy Baker
Amy Baker Anos atrás
Can we just appreciate that they were standing in front of air New Zealand???
Ayatal Abbas
Ayatal Abbas Anos atrás
whatching this in 2018 and when alish showed her phone it said her old utube username and i was just like MEMORIES!!!!!
Jason Join SCP please
ุัดพีีพกครับดีรจนาเทค ริเรรดรรเิ่ท I live in 🇹🇭 be creative it is hot
Laia Boodhoo
Laia Boodhoo Anos atrás
I think you are going Thailand and Hawaii
Molly Arrowsmith
Molly Arrowsmith Anos atrás
I went to Thailand in 2018 and it only took me 8 hours but we live in Australia 🇦🇺
TIFFII T Anos atrás
Oh wait thats my country!!!
• P H A N T O M •
Isla Mcfarlane
Isla Mcfarlane Anos atrás
I’m going to Thailand soon and i am in 2018
ella f
ella f Anos atrás
I have to unsubscribe from your account 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Megan Petitpren
Megan Petitpren Anos atrás
Omg she shouted out Michigan yasssss. We are the forgotten State
Caroline Anos atrás
does anyone know what editing app she uses
Unyamanee Drawong
Unyamanee Drawong Anos atrás
I'm from Thailand
Mary Salya
Mary Salya Anos atrás
I am halh thai and live in the town where there is nothing!
Bella Richardson
Bella Richardson Anos atrás
ahhh im about to go to the airport and im watching alishas travel vlogs im going to Portugal!!!!!!!!
Venuxzd Anos atrás
OMG i am your thai fan😱
Pretty Basic
Pretty Basic Anos atrás
I wish Alisha was a guy and my bf So my type ❤️
TaeTae Pie
TaeTae Pie Anos atrás
Thabk you for going to thailand and im thai
Fah Vilai
Fah Vilai Anos atrás
My name is Alicia and I love Thailand and from thailand
Jessica Johny
Jessica Johny Anos atrás
Misty EJ
Misty EJ Anos atrás
i’m going to thailand this summer !!! so excited!!! tag if u c this plz luv u
minecraft girl
minecraft girl Anos atrás
Alisha can you go on cebu in philippine
Khaojao's World
Khaojao's World Anos atrás
I live in Thailand! Can you come to Chiang Mai?
Quinn’sLife *
Quinn’sLife * Anos atrás
Shout out to Michigan yassss:D
Jae Rockss
Jae Rockss Anos atrás
I love you so much Alisha 💕😘😍
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