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Ahh today we fly home to LA!! SO excited to be back in California!! Hope you liked today's traveling vlog!! Love you guys! xo -Alisha Marie
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28 Jan 2016



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mikro beam
mikro beam 11 meses atrás
OMG. I am so hyped for this
Britney Bazancruz
Britney Bazancruz Anos atrás
Britney Bazancruz
Britney Bazancruz Anos atrás
Im 15:(( i can with a slip required 🤣but i need someone
Britney Bazancruz
Britney Bazancruz Anos atrás
I wanna travel to LA im from tx lmfaoo
Britney Bazancruz
Britney Bazancruz Anos atrás
Are you allowed to take just a backpack for clothing????
ernesto ortiz
ernesto ortiz Anos atrás
Tokyo 😐🚄🚅🚄🚄🚄
Josiah 101
Josiah 101 Anos atrás
how the hell you gonna say LAX isn’t beautiful 😭
I love your travel video from Japan to the USA! I would love to go to Los Angeles one day!
Reese Caitlin
Reese Caitlin Anos atrás
I’m going to la tomorrow and I’m stuck on a plane for 11 hours! And I hate I say *Hate* plane rides!
Tejon Kennedy
Tejon Kennedy Anos atrás
3:38 no lie I was literally smelling coffee
jin’s fried noodles
When Alisha sneezed i immediately had to sneeze lol
Brian Choi
Brian Choi 2 anos atrás
Hahah love how energetic you are despite being tired. Hope you had a rad time in LA !!
Jacqueline Juarez
Jacqueline Juarez 2 anos atrás
She drinks like 5 coffes a day lol no hate 😂
Travel Boy
Travel Boy 2 anos atrás
2:57 did she just say okasa instead of osaka? 😂
Sasha L
Sasha L 2 anos atrás
Never get to an airport too early. Let me just say: 7 hours waiting in an airport, before getting on a 14 hour flight. NOT.FUN.
David Jorden
David Jorden 2 anos atrás
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Kiran palande
Kiran palande 2 anos atrás
Your beautiful
Rethabile Galeemelwe
Rethabile Galeemelwe 2 anos atrás
Elly Wills
Elly Wills 2 anos atrás
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jenniferly_ 2 anos atrás
Alisha I'm going to Thailand Bangkok
Taylor Bacon
Taylor Bacon 2 anos atrás
where is Mia?
What did you use in ur intro!,,, the song??? Can't get the lyrics
Lea Lizi
Lea Lizi 2 anos atrás
Were is Mims?❤😭
Beth Rainsford
Beth Rainsford 2 anos atrás
@alishamarievlogs where was mia
Chelsea Handaka
Chelsea Handaka 2 anos atrás
now i want starbies.
mini zoella
mini zoella 2 anos atrás
Isabella B
Isabella B 2 anos atrás
Pocky sticks are bae!
Hailey Atkinson
Hailey Atkinson 2 anos atrás
where was mimes
Jerwin Brillante
Jerwin Brillante 2 anos atrás
why you always like starbucks
where was mia
Trinity Davis
Trinity Davis 2 anos atrás
Where was Mia when you guys flew back to L.A ???
Bening_rose:v 2 anos atrás
At 5:18 iwho else saw Jakarta in the map?! Becouse i did! Is in the bottom left of the map :) near bankok but lower =D thanks!
Get up and walk. Your butt will be sore when ur stuck on the plane 😔
Nice acrylics
Erick Solorio
Erick Solorio 2 anos atrás
whats the song in the intro called, because its catchy
Solangie B
Solangie B 3 anos atrás
Where is Mia
Elizabeth Mazur
Elizabeth Mazur 3 anos atrás
Solangie Banegas she stayed in japan
Michelle Febriani
Michelle Febriani 3 anos atrás
btw guys where is mia
Elizabeth Mazur
Elizabeth Mazur 3 anos atrás
Younggirl channel101 she stayed in japan
Romy Cohen
Romy Cohen 3 anos atrás
Tesoro Levy
Tesoro Levy 3 anos atrás
Song at 0.09?
xROSY girl
xROSY girl 3 anos atrás
go check ma chanel
Hilde Kraiss
Hilde Kraiss 3 anos atrás
i love you😁😗
XGzX ELITz 3 anos atrás
What Airline was Osaka to LA?
HalfMoon 4
HalfMoon 4 3 anos atrás
I remember when I went on a plane! IT WAS AWSOME!
The Unicorn Vlogs
The Unicorn Vlogs 3 anos atrás
She said Okasa instead of Osaka xD I relate so hard! I live in Japan and I still say stuff like that lol ^^
cocinando con juan delgado angarita
Wheres mia i miss her a lot
Elizabeth Mazur
Elizabeth Mazur 3 anos atrás
cocinando con juan delgado angarita she stayed in Japan
isabel gill
isabel gill 3 anos atrás
What city in la do you live in ???????
Karina Tarsadia
Karina Tarsadia 3 anos atrás
Where is Mia and you look so pretty in this video 🦄❤️
Elizabeth Mazur
Elizabeth Mazur 3 anos atrás
Karina Tarsadia she stayed in Japan
lolo Mo
lolo Mo 3 anos atrás
what is the name of the music that was in the first??
Althea Marzan
Althea Marzan 3 anos atrás
your like so rich jk
Althea Marzan
Althea Marzan 3 anos atrás
you have so many trip
Roxy Leo
Roxy Leo 3 anos atrás
Do u wear glasses to see far away or because u like them? And u gals r so lucky that u got to go to different countries but it must've cost a lot of money to do that.
Miranda2Marvels 3 anos atrás
she says not gonna lie so much lol
Emmy Ruth
Emmy Ruth 3 anos atrás
Alisha said,sooo we landed on OKASA .. haha
Tyra Olivia
Tyra Olivia 3 anos atrás
OML Alishia your life is so amazing!!!!!!
hannah best
hannah best 3 anos atrás
whered she get her pink bag from?
Tatiana jamille Santos
Where's mia
ava padrique
ava padrique 3 anos atrás
Where's Mia ??
Leila and Stich
Leila and Stich 3 anos atrás
OMG I know this was like 3 months ago, but benge watching this, and Im Japanese, and its so funny hearing Japanese words in the background, cause I know what they mean!! LOL. IM going to Japan in 3 days! So excited
Hi I’m TT
Hi I’m TT 3 anos atrás
What song that you use?????
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warrior 3 anos atrás
Ur vlog ALWAYS short
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