Flying to Ireland for the First Time! | Norwegian Air Croatia to Dublin

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We say goodbye to Europe as we make our way towards the UK for our 60th country - Ireland :)
We always love visiting the UK as you guys know but this is a first for us - going on a road trip around the North of Ireland. Our first stop is Dublin where we flew in from Croatia on Norwegian Air.
After checking into our hotel at the Trinity City Hotel we headed out to find the oldest pub in Dublin...and realised it was the weekend so it was packed.
Luckily next door had the tastiest sea food chowder and fish and chips for which we collapsed in our room afterwards as we had been up since 5 am.
Hope you enjoy this Ireland series - it has just begun :)
Where we stayed: Trinity City Hotel Dublin -
Thanks to Tourism Ireland:
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Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!
We also run a travel, tech and lifestyle blog over at if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest.
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Comentários 60
Flying The Nest
Flying The Nest Anos atrás
UK here we come :)!! Excited to show you more of one of our favourite spots! First stop Ireland!
PaddyKraut 5 meses atrás
Ireland is not part of the UK you idiot
Cian O'Malley
Cian O'Malley 11 meses atrás
Are you guys brother and sister?.
Karen Delaney
Karen Delaney Anos atrás
Ireland is NOT apart of the UK! Sensitive issue to Irish people. We are a complete independent country from UK.
Alex Golding
Alex Golding Anos atrás
Ireland is not part of the UK. Northen Ireland is
veronicadredd22 Anos atrás
Why exactly do you think Ireland is part of the UK ? It has been neigh on 100 years since fought a war of Independence and won 5/6 of our island back , come on do a bit of research
Norma Flynn
Norma Flynn 2 dias atrás
I live in Ireland
Sarah O’Grady
Sarah O’Grady 12 dias atrás
U could say euro and not euros also we’ll come to Ireland oh and kids bus fir is one euro
Danielle Devine
Danielle Devine 20 dias atrás
Love the high school musical reference
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh Mês atrás
Different Colors
Different Colors Mês atrás
Are ye from Croatia?You have the best video mate but you should like all of my videos and don't forget to subscribe to my channel
Different Colors
Different Colors Mês atrás
But you can comment and press the bell icon if you want to
Aujwalya Jyotizit
Aujwalya Jyotizit Mês atrás
Your Papa has such a good baritone !
J Corrigan
J Corrigan 3 meses atrás
The oldest pub in Ireland is Seans Bar ,Athlone County Westmeath FACT
Aural Abuse
Aural Abuse 3 meses atrás
Can't believe you 2 stayed in the trinity city hotel. I watched all your Ireland videos and really enjoyed them and all the time you were a few meters away. I work in the fire station right next door. I probably woke you up one morning while testing the sirens 😳
Realta 140
Realta 140 4 meses atrás
Hope you guys had a good time in Ireland🇮🇪 I’m so lucky to live in this country
Stu Schaefer
Stu Schaefer 4 meses atrás
niamh o'flynn
niamh o'flynn 5 meses atrás
Not the oldest pub in Ireland. Oldest pub in Dublin
Azurite GlowingStar
Azurite GlowingStar 5 meses atrás
I wanna live in Ireland! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Aoife Shields
Aoife Shields 6 meses atrás
Laughing at the fact the song joe mcdonnell was playing in the background when they went to the irish pub
Kelleyn Rothaermel
Kelleyn Rothaermel 8 meses atrás
What is Steve's sister's name? I thought her name was Chleo, but then it just sounded like he said Claire or is Claire her real name, and Chleo and nickname???????
Flying The Nest
Flying The Nest 8 meses atrás
It’s Chleo!
Lara Agron
Lara Agron 9 meses atrás
Brittney Loose
Brittney Loose 9 meses atrás
My sister recommended your channel a couple weeks ago and I liked your videos so much that I had to start from the beginning! Three years down, one to go!
Flying The Nest
Flying The Nest 9 meses atrás
Omg wow!!! You are amazing ✨
Naci Karataş
Naci Karataş 11 meses atrás
Watching your videos is a lot of fun and thanks to you I'll take action now instead of being passive.
Grace Magill
Grace Magill 11 meses atrás
Yeo 🇮🇪❤️ ahah I got soooo excited watching this
K8 11 meses atrás
Ireland is NOT the uk... Irish people hate when u say Ireland is in the uk ( there is a lot of history to it)
William Flynn
William Flynn 11 meses atrás
Fuck off nobody gives a shit
Violet Kelly
Violet Kelly Anos atrás
Oh my god I’ve stayed in trinity hotel before and my uncle is the head chef there!
Classically Grace
Classically Grace Anos atrás
I love going back and watching your videos in order!! Can you guys add more playlists? It makes binge watching so easy!
Classically Grace
Classically Grace Anos atrás
Flying The Nest ahh, I just found all of them! Thank you!!
Flying The Nest
Flying The Nest Anos atrás
Of course! We have playlists for all countries we visit. Anything else you want?
O R Anos atrás
the pub is the oldest in the world and the oldest is in west meath which was built in 900
Joe Clear
Joe Clear Anos atrás
I'm from Dublin YAY
Joe Clear
Joe Clear Anos atrás
Omg I'm Irish
zulfiqar abbasi
zulfiqar abbasi Anos atrás
nice to see
danielle corcoran
danielle corcoran Anos atrás
I live in Dublin:D
dalyr32 Anos atrás
Oldest pub ireland is in athlone seans bar....
Beth Taylor
Beth Taylor Anos atrás
How do you afford to do all this
Helena Shepherd
Helena Shepherd Anos atrás
That high school musical reference made day!
niamh o'flynn
niamh o'flynn Anos atrás
Sean’s Bar in Athlone is oldest pub in the world. It was opened in 900 AD
missy mason
missy mason Anos atrás
Beautiful places. Love the food.
missy mason
missy mason Anos atrás
Amazing amazing couple
My Heart Takes Me To
Amazing video! Great job!
Barwaq Habarwaa
Barwaq Habarwaa Anos atrás
I mean to Dublin ❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💕
Mc RHINO Anos atrás
here is a great saying for irish people who may leave ireland but ireland will never leave you come vist kilkenny you be always welcome
Courtney Obrien
Courtney Obrien Anos atrás
I'm from ireland
keandric 2
keandric 2 Anos atrás
I want to go to Ireland SO BAD. Even though there are Many beautiful countries that are "bucketlist" kinda places, for me Ireland has been at the Top of my list for like 30 years, ever since I was like 7 years old (yes, even topping places like New Zealand, although it along with the UK and Switzerland are right there behind Ireland for my top ones) . Don't remember what started it, but ever since I was a kid I have just been Enamored by Ireland * __ * =D
I Just Want to Travel
Just came across your page and I'm obsessed! My husband and I will be going to Ireland at the end of April. THIS makes me even more excited!
Leah & Matt
Leah & Matt Anos atrás
I am new and you are really amazing 😉
Leah & Matt
Leah & Matt Anos atrás
An new and you are the best
Dave Hammond
Dave Hammond Anos atrás
great to did trip to ireland - you should visit in the mid year (june ) as the sunsets and warmer weather make the wild atlantic way sightseeing awesome !!!! come back !!
Saskatoon Girl
Saskatoon Girl Anos atrás
It would not have been a pub then it would have been an Inn
Aline B
Aline B Anos atrás
haha "this is not what i want" reminded me instanstly of high school musical :D
grace Feck
grace Feck Anos atrás
Ireland is not apart of the uk there is a lot of history there and we hate the English so say the Emerald Isle tryna help x
Samantha Gaudet
Samantha Gaudet Anos atrás
Can I please know what the dates you were there ? We are planning for mid October to mid November and I’m worried about the weather.
Samantha Gaudet
Samantha Gaudet Anos atrás
Lisa B all the info helps. We did the UK last fall during the same time period. I think I’m worried for nothing.
Lisa B
Lisa B Anos atrás
I'm living in Ireland at the moment and you can literally have all weather conditions on 1 day! E.g. I went to Dublin for a weekend, it rained cats and dogs on Saturday and sunshine all day on Sunday. So weather can be good even in November! Bring a coat and hat, especially at the sea it gets really windy. Hope I could help you :)
Showkat Hossain
Showkat Hossain Anos atrás
I am visiting Ireland next year, this video is very helpful. Thanks
Tijana Banjac
Tijana Banjac Anos atrás
i wars onn dubai airport
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Anos atrás
Great vlogs guys 👍
SpongeBoy Scub
SpongeBoy Scub Anos atrás
‘Every corner here is the Irish pub maybe that’s cuz your in Ireland melt
Shaneyouknow Anos atrás
Hey you two, so amazing that you guys are visiting Ireland. Me as a dutchie lived there for two Years In cork and in Dublin. I just moved back to the Netherlands since previous July and it is amazing that you guys are going to travel to the if you want to visit any cool places around Dublin or if you’re going to Donegal or Belfast please also visit Dun Laoghaire it’s a bit in the south of Dublin but it’s like only 15 minute drive or so, so that is amazing as you can have a beach walk. Also if you have the time, you guys also have a car go to Wicklow Mountains there you just have a amazing forest area we can do so many activities. Oh and just saying I am gay, so if you want to visit the oldest gay bar of Ireland especially because it’s a catholic country you should visit the George bar it was near the restaurant where you guys were eating. And if you go to the north when you are arriving with the aircraft and you were landing towards Dublin airport you were passing or flying over a round attached island that is attached to the island itself and that is Howth and near that you have Malahide that is also amazing because you can go up through the hills in the mountains and you have an amazing and beautiful coastal view. Please do a shoutout in your vid and please follow me :)) shaneyouknow is my Instagram and I love you two so much!! Kisses from me and have so much fun 😘 💖
Megan Dodson
Megan Dodson Anos atrás
😂 i got your high school Musical reference love you guys! ❤Watching from USA
louise wallwork
louise wallwork Anos atrás
I took my parents to Dublin for their Christmas present in January. We did exactly the same! Went into the pub and it was jam packed :-( we actually ate in your second choice pub for an Irish Breakfast as our apartment wasn't to far away
Jam Straight
Jam Straight Anos atrás
Your dad has the best voice! He needs to be narrating documentaries!
Sagan Anos atrás
Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula is a must.
Tabark Najeeb
Tabark Najeeb Anos atrás
This amazing, come to Malaysia 😍
Citadel Twitch
Citadel Twitch Anos atrás
Sean's pub in Athlone is the oldest in Ireland
- FardeenXD
- FardeenXD Anos atrás
Twitch Dillyto it might be the oldest in the world
Chris Benson
Chris Benson Anos atrás
I am from northern ireland:)
Niall T
Niall T Anos atrás
A pub with a green neon light outside it is not an Irish pub. usually in America
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