Flying To Australia To Put A Slice Of Bread On The Floor (EARTH SANDWICH)

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we're so happy to be back.. who's looking forward to weekly videos again?!


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20 Jan 2019



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Comentários 100
V1CS F Dia atrás
Only these two can look at how much 1st class flights are... £7000 so I'm sat here thinking fuckinellllll and then fast forward and they are both flying first class.... WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAANNNN!!!
Shawn Li
Shawn Li 3 dias atrás
So Qantas didn't let you put their kangaroo tail on your video ;)
TheOneMerlin 4 dias atrás
Your dads name is denim
Lil Bantzz
Lil Bantzz 5 dias atrás
Legends say the bread is still there
Wizock 9 dias atrás
This is legit the ultimate sandwich. Like the only way it can be topped if they made the solar system into a sandwich. If you actually think about how astronomically impressive this is.
Haydn Secker
Haydn Secker 11 dias atrás
Imagine your friends asking where you’re going for the day and you say I’m going Australia
Ross Mitchell
Ross Mitchell 12 dias atrás
8:12 Rommel eating that just cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣
tyku Magcian
tyku Magcian 12 dias atrás
Nread smells like yugioh cards what do yq meannnnnnn
Jewish Hitler
Jewish Hitler 13 dias atrás
7:01 good luck finding my dad
Bennett Kinneberg
Bennett Kinneberg 14 dias atrás
We missed the flight there and back bruh
Benjamin Thek
Benjamin Thek 15 dias atrás
this is f**king legendary
Peter Wickendon
Peter Wickendon 16 dias atrás
Or get a job
Friðrik _____
Friðrik _____ 16 dias atrás
Anyone realises the riot by XXXTENTACION in background?
Ćørń Øń Thë Ćøb :3
I wish i could see you
516 Craigy
516 Craigy 17 dias atrás
TGIF dare everybody that disliked likes it NOW
officiall leah
officiall leah 17 dias atrás
Whos watching this in quarantine thinkin OMG CHINAAAAAA THEY GUNNA GET VOVIIID
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen 18 dias atrás
The hardest part wasn't going to Australia it was making the actual bread.
Taylan Hussein
Taylan Hussein 18 dias atrás
8:02 Communism
Kevin O'Sullivan
Kevin O'Sullivan 18 dias atrás
Please go to Ireland to cork and give spuds
Ben Maclean
Ben Maclean 20 dias atrás
Who's watching in 2020
Nathan Geddie
Nathan Geddie 20 dias atrás
He hasn’t got to eating me yet
MrCringeFest 21 dia atrás
Oh my god i just realised that I’m part of a sandwich now
Cristian Soto
Cristian Soto 21 dia atrás
Who else misses the world being normal
Edward Mortimer
Edward Mortimer 22 dias atrás
You have such a brummie accent
Ian E
Ian E 22 dias atrás
About to do something.. See's a video titled 'Flying To Australia To Put A Slice Of Bread On The Floor' Me: Watching TGF 'Flying To Australia To Put A Slice Of Bread On The Floor' I didn't like the vid, it was disappointing on the Aussie side.. I'm awaiting TGF to hunt my parents down and maybe I'll subscribe.
Patrik. K
Patrik. K 23 dias atrás
All the flat earths this is a lie
DeclipseRiser 23 dias atrás
Yo, Go to Egypt, get on top of the giza pyramods, get yourselfs some nice gifts, and pet the sphynx!
dixxi 24 dias atrás
I wonder how mouldy the sandwich is by now (2020 shiiiit)
The Correct Way
The Correct Way 25 dias atrás
Everyone from Melbourne and New Zealand feeling left out from this sandwich
how tf do I have 25 subs
It's hard to believe that TGF put the bread where I walked a couple years ago. Thats mad
EmanWilsonYT 26 dias atrás
I’m from 2020 and I wonder if they’ve eaten it yet. Now that I think about it, then eating this earth sandwich is the final disaster of 2020
Jack Sharples
Jack Sharples 26 dias atrás
iixAngel 26 dias atrás
Chav check 6:20
V.S.Sacred 372
V.S.Sacred 372 26 dias atrás
Stop u r polluting the earth with ur pointless unnecessary flights
Dr.CrostyCrocs 27 dias atrás
do a space sandwich
Archie Wibberley
Archie Wibberley 27 dias atrás
I don’t get how people dislike this
Jizsty 28 dias atrás
I wasn’t in the sandwich I’m in NZ lower than Aussie like if ur from NZ
Adam McRae
Adam McRae 28 dias atrás
Well when u hunt them down can u tell them about me I’d like to see them
J Gronkk
J Gronkk 28 dias atrás
They say don’t forget to subscribe like oh yeah fuck I forgot to subscribe 🤦‍♂️
Always anonymous 123
Always anonymous 123 28 dias atrás
Ur childish
Gustav Wickers
Gustav Wickers 28 dias atrás
i really hate that he talk like that mmmmmmm hate him
MrN0tFunny 29 dias atrás
And 2020 is a shit year Edit: For reference 5:03
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 29 dias atrás
I don’t even wanna think about how much shit is in this sandwich
LamboBeast 29 dias atrás
I live in Australia, I ain’t paying 7k for a flight
EdoFredoMacko 29 dias atrás
y did u go in winter
EdoFredoMacko 29 dias atrás
mcrive100 eiiii lets go maxy haha I just wrote this today lmao
mcrive100 29 dias atrás
Yo I just saw u in the comments its me max
Flynn Cullen
Flynn Cullen 29 dias atrás
"this is not a joke" he says whitest flying to Australia for bread
Venom_Grim 29 dias atrás
7:13 , how big chungus ate the world
Dr pepper 54
Dr pepper 54 29 dias atrás
How long did it take imbetween the time of leaving the house to arriving back in the uk
Josh Bloomfield
Josh Bloomfield 29 dias atrás
lmao didnt know you used s-x in the outro
Cloud Fox
Cloud Fox Mês atrás
me high telling my friends we are part of an sandwich them telling me i'm just high TGF literally flying to Australian to make an earth sandwich and telling me i'm part of it me "they all said i was crazy" i don't know what this is i just though it was funny
Cooper Marino
Cooper Marino Mês atrás
You could have called me because I live in Australia
dxisy_0968 _
dxisy_0968 _ Mês atrás
But how did they take bread through security
Laudika Monaghan
Laudika Monaghan Mês atrás
I really hope they made it a holiday as well
Kyan Ellis
Kyan Ellis Mês atrás
Lengands says the sandwiches still exist
Next Video: “Flying to Australia to breathe Australian air”
Memoo 22
Memoo 22 Mês atrás
I'm part of the sandwich !!
Daniel Taofitau
Daniel Taofitau Mês atrás
Come to Brisbane 😂
Jacob Quadrio
Jacob Quadrio Mês atrás
So does that mean the entire world is inbread
Adem Murad
Adem Murad Mês atrás
Whoever edited this vid deserves mad props
Littlelauey Dwelling
So wasteful didn’t even finish the sandwich disgusting
Calum The Penguin
Calum The Penguin Mês atrás
It’s only 2 pieces calm down
Archie Sargent
Archie Sargent Mês atrás
Subscribe to bum and jeff
Pjr2 Yt
Pjr2 Yt Mês atrás
4:17 - sad 4:29 riot just me?
ZM Games
ZM Games Mês atrás
Hunt my parents then massive forehead
OllieHornet Steadily
I think birds ate the bread in England so there was only world on untoasted toast
Archie Platt
Archie Platt Mês atrás
How do you no that both peace’s of bread are a lined
Jess strong
Jess strong Mês atrás
Next go to America an say to Logan Paul u lost then go home
H T Mês atrás
My guy said one piece of bread on one side of the planet and another on the other side the planets a sphere
Tomek Mês atrás
Hello and welcome to the TGF Cafe what would you like to eat today. Oh yeah bro can I have the earth sandwhich.
Millie Andrews
Millie Andrews Mês atrás
Ones gunna be soggy and ones gunna be toast
Sandazz Mês atrás
Im Australian
_GEKEEZZ _ Mês atrás
What I’m confused how the fuck did they get riot by x in the video I thought it came out in 2020 I might be wrong tho
Nicholas Turner
Nicholas Turner Mês atrás
🤔Like why would you want to go back to cold rainy place with clapped out beaches and people...
Kaylee Ward
Kaylee Ward Mês atrás
Can you do it again so I can visit you
snipeGAMING Mês atrás
Love the content keep it up
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson Mês atrás
There talking about how expensive first class is yet they're in it. 8:53.
N1TRO Mês atrás
Ren why are u gay
Reuben Dickie
Reuben Dickie Mês atrás
jay and romell are the only people who can make bread making enjoyable
Orjnr I rjijbbf
Orjnr I rjijbbf Mês atrás
You’ve invaded my homeland this means war
Jungle Mania
Jungle Mania Mês atrás
Slazos sandwich was better
Jack Harding
Jack Harding Mês atrás
my mans is a sket
Nathan Tomlinson
Nathan Tomlinson Mês atrás
Why do u talk like that it's so annoying
Minecraft Doctor Who Adventures
Go to Africa to drink water TGF do it
Mary gleeson
Mary gleeson Mês atrás
A homeless person will probably take it and eat it or birds will eat it
Sherri Brown
Sherri Brown Mês atrás
:People in a airplane Not in that sandwich
Alfred Kainano
Alfred Kainano Mês atrás
JAY: bro i just want to go on the pane not some mosquito latched on to me CHLOE: WAT DO U MEAN?
Tyler Foley
Tyler Foley 2 meses atrás
old times when you could travel :(
Julie Lawler
Julie Lawler 2 meses atrás
No one saw the chloe getting changed in the background. Just me okay
Kelsie Tams
Kelsie Tams 2 meses atrás
The song in the backround at 4:55 was called ‘RIOT’ by xxxtentacion
Jun le Gaming
Jun le Gaming 2 meses atrás
Earth sandwich
T-rex gamers
T-rex gamers 2 meses atrás
I can't belive that they senpt 1000 pounds to put a slice of bread on the floor
Liam’s Life
Liam’s Life 2 meses atrás
2020 anyone?
ellis Roberts
ellis Roberts 2 meses atrás
Go to the north pole and put a slice of bread on the ground and that go to the south pole and do it there
The Dolphinator
The Dolphinator 2 meses atrás
Should have gone to Melbourne
George Maccall
George Maccall 2 meses atrás
Fly to Sweden to fry an egg in ikea
Recycling Guy
Recycling Guy 2 meses atrás
Imagine finding the peice of bread on the floor now u would be like WHY IS THERE A PEICE OF BREAD ON THE FLOOR
Techno Funo
Techno Funo 2 meses atrás
When yuh realise there’s penis on the sandwich
Yt_Biggin 2 meses atrás
A squirrel prolly ate that bread
XBL_Digging 2 meses atrás
go to china to shout corona
LitlePacMan13 2 meses atrás
Can you make another gluten free one?
L O W K 3 Y
L O W K 3 Y 2 meses atrás
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