Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep

Joana Ceddia
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The one thing I learned from this trip to Anaheim was how much of a monopoly Jojo Siwa has on glitter clothing. If there was a small child anywhere in vidcon, she had her hair in a bow and was wearing the sparkliest jacket you could imagine (all from Jojo Siwa's line of loud clothing, of course). I mean, good for her, but isn't it terrifying that there are currently 44 million of her bows out in the wild at the moment? That's insane. She can literally create an army of 5 year olds in glitter uniform. What can I say; the end is near my dudes.
I mean, I have nothing against the kid; she can keep doing what she's doing. What she has to stop doing though is pretending to be some sick hybrid of Elton John and Freddie Mercury during her live performances:
- No.
- Never.
- Stop it.
- It smells bad.
I'm sorry Jojo, but you are not, have never, and never will be either of those singers. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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16 Jul 2019



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Comentários 9 036
Tsumugi_aro Mês atrás
She’s not actually in the US for vidcon, she’s in the US for the Area 51 raid
ii_ happïnëss
ii_ happïnëss 9 dias atrás
Tsumugi_aro Beejesus Crust 33k likes
Sophia Nicole
Sophia Nicole 12 dias atrás
stupid kaito kin
stupid kaito kin 17 dias atrás
Tsumugi_aro d a n g a n r o n p a
Slime Time
Slime Time 17 dias atrás
Lol it ain’t happening yet but it’s funny congratulations on being pinned by the way
Peppa Pig Lyrics Daily
Peppa Pig Lyrics Daily 18 dias atrás
Jade M. Pls don’t say sis
Do Do
Do Do 3 horas atrás
What are her white shoes with the yellow plants?
Mayra Cabanillas Velazquez
For y'all that are trying to figure out what the she said at the end this is the time and what she said. 12:41 - 12:42 " Suck my left toe horizontally from the ceilling"
Sophie Yu
Sophie Yu 23 horas atrás
“That make sure you’re not an alien from outer space” Well jokes on them cuz the aliens from Area 51 are gonna SWARM that place on September 20th
Lillie Gearheart
Lillie Gearheart Dia atrás
When she said "hEllO HeLlO, Is ThIsS ThE PoLIcE" i got a phone call. And they just kept spamming me
Carolina Aguirre
Carolina Aguirre Dia atrás
Emmzey's Art
Emmzey's Art Dia atrás
I'm eating an avocado tortilla watching this my mom is questioning my existence...🥑
Izzy Dia atrás
So we aren't gonna discuss the poem at 12:41
Karina Lemus
Karina Lemus Dia atrás
Joanna you should have open the Bible because Bibles have money in them only if you see them at hotel rooms
Avital Sarao
Avital Sarao Dia atrás
for everyone wondering about her name it’s joana campos ceddia she says her middle name in her get to know me tag
Peppa got Spice
Peppa got Spice 2 dias atrás
Lions hunt at night and mostly sleep in the day, and nobody calls it a gazelle its probably called a water buck,kudu,sable or impala also eland, and yes I am 11year old girl and I am in the bush way to much😂 and no I don't live in the bush but rifa camp there were elephants by our doorstep with hyenas and wildcats
Maggie Closinski
Maggie Closinski 2 dias atrás
00:10 you look like John Deacon from Bohemian Rhapsody music video
Brenn 2 dias atrás
No i will not suck your toe horizontally from your ceiling jOaNa. 😤
Parsa Mousavi
Parsa Mousavi 2 dias atrás
Its %100 her teeth that makes this channel hilarious
Paige_is_a_Person Beep Boop
Are you going next year???
Sanam Singh
Sanam Singh 3 dias atrás
I hate the ear aches that come with air travelling
What is my life
What is my life 3 dias atrás
so y'all are ignoring the fact that her dad walk to target with a red shirt.....
Gustavo Costa
Gustavo Costa 3 dias atrás
Jayden Krug
Jayden Krug 4 dias atrás
Are you going to let the wild bamboozle you or are you going to bamboozle the wild
Marissa Ancira
Marissa Ancira 4 dias atrás
Anime Writer
Anime Writer 4 dias atrás
“This is what happens when you walk into hell.” Me: I thought that was high school 😂 (Haha ha...ha I’m not funny)
Jennifer Wisniwski
Jennifer Wisniwski 4 dias atrás
That’s the airport I always go too
Susana Barrera
Susana Barrera 4 dias atrás
Why did she drink the milk so aggressively
Phil Conway
Phil Conway 4 dias atrás
2 hours of sleep is nice to an insomniac... imagine 5 days straight no sleep =(
jessie smallacombe
jessie smallacombe 4 dias atrás
xX GachaKyraPlayz Xx
xX GachaKyraPlayz Xx 5 dias atrás
Can we all just pause the video at 12:07 and just realize how beautiful Joana actually is?
Percyiro No
Percyiro No 5 dias atrás
Joanacsheyvdvdyevvegsgvsgs ceddia
b r i a u n a
b r i a u n a 5 dias atrás
suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling
b r i a u n a
b r i a u n a 5 dias atrás
i have the same grey shorts you see presented on joan’s tushy at 9:12
Lucinda Palmas
Lucinda Palmas 5 dias atrás
Lucinda Palmas
Lucinda Palmas 5 dias atrás
Wait, they sell food at Target?
Megan Marshall
Megan Marshall 5 dias atrás
I love her but the hacking and coughing drives me up the wall with actual disgust. Why? I get it. You’re funny, you’re pointing out the obvious and doing everything a filmography er would hate.. but it’s GROSS!
Ava Bingham
Ava Bingham 6 dias atrás
R we gonna talk about her name
Alia Bill
Alia Bill 6 dias atrás
When we raid Area 51 we will all be wearing aritza
Fresh Out The Oven
Fresh Out The Oven 6 dias atrás
The way she said "OW" kills me 😂😂
Linn Vo
Linn Vo 6 dias atrás
Suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling... I-😂😂😂
Isabella Costa
Isabella Costa 6 dias atrás
I only now realised joana talks like an old lady
Isabella Costa
Isabella Costa 6 dias atrás
: D
: D 6 dias atrás
peachy_ milk
peachy_ milk 6 dias atrás
at the end, it says, 'suck my toe horrizontially' I. yes.
Bethany Craig
Bethany Craig 7 dias atrás
Girl if you suffer from airplane ear like I do - and I mean SUFFER like 10/10 pain when a plane descends - try some of those "earplane" ear plugs. They slow the pressure change process within your ear so you have more time to adjust. In addition to that, take a pseudoephedrine before each flight in order to open up your sinuses and Eustachian tubes. This works for me every time and I have not had any problems since employing this method.
Bethany Craig
Bethany Craig 7 dias atrás
If you have anxiety during flights however skip the pseudo. Being a stimulant / similar to an amphetamine it can increase stress levels.
did i stutter
did i stutter 7 dias atrás
Joana. PLEASE COME WITH US TO AREA 51. Bring your arsenal of Nerf guns for the weaponless. And eat lots of acorn squash and avocados the night before so you’re not RAVENOUS. Wear your yellow pants as a distraction for the guards. WE NEED YOU.
Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson 7 dias atrás
9,001 comment Love you!
Ashley Lovelace
Ashley Lovelace 7 dias atrás
I feel like if you wrote down everything you said in this video it would be the hardest story in the world to read
Cassidy Smith
Cassidy Smith 7 dias atrás
Caroline Baughman
Caroline Baughman 7 dias atrás
I can’t believe she thought pulling out her tiny microphone in the bathroom was a great place to do an update But i love it
Ally Jo Dearing
Ally Jo Dearing 7 dias atrás
wheres your microwave i dont have one WHY NOT
Strawberry 7 dias atrás
Somebody’s in the stall beside you and is hearing you film... epicccc
NOT Marshmello
NOT Marshmello 7 dias atrás
1:12 same Joana
Dum Gamer Boi
Dum Gamer Boi 7 dias atrás
There was an earthquake in ca 6 days earlier so WHO ARE YOOUUUUU
ella gerner
ella gerner 7 dias atrás
The concept of grapes in a chicken sandwich is horrifying, I’m sorry you had to experience that
Moonessence1 5 dias atrás
ella gerner 😂😂☠️ it’s soooo good!
Kellie Keithley
Kellie Keithley 7 dias atrás
if anyone didn't know what that split second said it said "suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling" -Joana Ceddia 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lysippe2006 8 dias atrás
why does my my tummy hurt
bunny beanie
bunny beanie 8 dias atrás
I also drink milk when I wake up and I have to go to holidays
Nouryy David
Nouryy David 9 dias atrás
Billie:wherearetheavocados Joana:uh,**i ate them**
Hockeygirl 05
Hockeygirl 05 9 dias atrás
Nobody: John Cena: "suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling"
alex avalos-dominguez
alex avalos-dominguez 9 dias atrás
My name is Alejandro my dudes
Wolfie ArtDrawz
Wolfie ArtDrawz 9 dias atrás
when you said that you edit with Imovie I cheered with joy!!! >:OOOO (I use Imovie for editing all my animations and school videos)
Lexi 4806
Lexi 4806 9 dias atrás
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWEEEE find the W you wont Jonh Cena " Joana Ceddia snaps" im sorry for using your name in vaiiiin "turns into ashes" my job here is done :) says Joana Ceddia(aka Jonh Cena)
Gina Titterton
Gina Titterton 9 dias atrás
“There has to be a way to exchange Freddie Mercury for Lil Pump, there has to!“ hahaha I think I just wee’d
charlotte Griffiths
charlotte Griffiths 9 dias atrás
who saw 12:41
Chiiri 9 dias atrás
*Suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling*
Chiiri 9 dias atrás
*Suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling*
Is Walter
Is Walter 9 dias atrás
momodoesdance 9 dias atrás
Maybe they’re hiding Walt Disney himself at Area 51... 😮
I'm thinking about a good username . . .
Eilish Lover
Eilish Lover 10 dias atrás
Even her Avocado Tortilla is from Artesia
AuraMoon 10 dias atrás
Suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling. Joana, explain.
Ella Preena
Ella Preena 10 dias atrás
Did anyone catch that tiny writing at the end ?...I MUST KNOW WHAT IT SAID
l LIKE TURTLES and darkness
oh lord i h8te scary movies
MJ and Sky YT
MJ and Sky YT 10 dias atrás
U not I lol
Samantha Cabagnot
Samantha Cabagnot 10 dias atrás
Is she canadian?
The Classic Magda
The Classic Magda 10 dias atrás
Hey girl can you check out my BRvid channel and then maybe we can do a collab soon
Kay Lambz
Kay Lambz 10 dias atrás
levi cured my depression .
I live in Anaheim lOlOsKsKs 😂🤠
Potato Hailey
Potato Hailey 11 dias atrás
Nobody: Joana: SUcK My LeFT ToE HorIzOntally FrOm tHe ceILIng
Captain Leo Meows
Captain Leo Meows 11 dias atrás
When joana puts on that white dress she looks like Carrie😂
Emily F
Emily F 11 dias atrás
nobody: not a single soul: not even James: not even the Cookie Monster: Joana: suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling....
Im_ Cxutie
Im_ Cxutie 11 dias atrás
Your pantry’s Joanas stomach
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